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The most idiot thing

I have coven and I went back to classic because I wanted to be a witch. I had a witch scroll. I played 5 games to get witch. So then, it comes
Name: CerealKiller
N1 I control someone into himself and learn he was trans
I open the wiki and look for invest results
I prepare two fake wills one LO and one invest
D2 I got random lynched by a bunch of idiots because of my name

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Attack: none Defense: none
Goal: lynch every criminal and evildoer
Alignment: town protective
Summary: you are an officer who wears vests for protection

Abilities: on even nights you can choose to wear a vest

Attributes: -on odd nights you will use your vest, granting you a basic defense
-You can only wear a vest on an even night once

Investigation results
Sheriff: your target is not suspicious
Investigator: your target is a bodyguard, godfather, arsonist, or officer
Consigliere: your target wears vests for protection, they must be an officer


Win one game as the officer

Win five games as the officer

Win ten games as the officer

Win twenty five games as the officer

So you’re the traitor?
Be saved from the shot of a vigilante by your vest

Lucky vest
Get attacked and saved by your vest on an even night

Get attacked by three or more players while using your vest in one night
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The Town Of soup

Me and some new friends just created something xD
Post image
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Attack: none Defense: none

Goal: win with the mafia

Summary: you are a master of persuasion who works for the mafia
Alignment: mafia support (unique)

Abilities: convince someone to join the mafia

Attributes: -you can only manipulate after one member of the mafia has died
-the manipulated targets role name will appear red upon death
-you can only manipulate once
-if you are roleblocked you convince your roleblocker to join the mafia
-you cant manipulate a unique role
-if you try to manipulate the serial killer you die
-if you try to manipulate any evil role to join they will not
-if your manipulation fails it is not used

Investigation results
Investigator: your target is a spy blackmailer jailor or a manipulator
sheriff: your target is suspicious
Consigliere: your target manipulates people to get them to side with the mafia, they must be a manipulator


Manipulate yourself

Good liar
Win one game as the manipulator

Win five games as the manipulator

Ran outa names for achievements
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• 4d

Game crashing n1

Don’t know if it’s just me, but every time the game enters might phase, it crashes. Just updated my game to the newest update. Also it’s on mobile.
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Mimic (coven mode)

Attack: none Defense: none

Alignment: coven support (unique)

Goal: win with the coven

Abilities: copy a member of the covens ability

Attributes: -you can only copy three times
-on the necronomicon your visits became invisible to people who can see visits (spy, tracker, and lookout)
-you do not get the results of the mimic but the person you copied does
-you face negative effects of using the covens abilities if there is any

Invest results
Investigator: forgot coven invest results
Sheriff: your target is suspicious
Consigliere: your target copies others abilities, they must be a mimic


Mimic yourself

Win one game as the mimic

Win five games as the mimic

Win ten games as the mimic

Win twenty five games as the mimic

Potion thief
Mimic a potion master
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Faction wars

Role list

Coven leader
Random coven
Random mafia
Town investigative
Town investigative
Town protective
Town support
Town killing
Random town
Random town
Random town

Would only work in coven (obviously)

I just think that having 3 factions in one match would be pretty fun
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• 2/14/2019

Flexibility with the necrocomicon

I think that members of the Coven should be able to give the Necrocomicon to another if one so wishes.  This should be added because having Necro while being Cl is more dangerous than is beneficial because BGs and Trappers can kill you and Doctors are notified of attack which could draw your presence out if not mentioned already.  Another reason why this change should be made is because the HM is basically an astral mafioso and not a "Coven Arsonist" like it was ment to be.  I realize that Necro is ment to give lone coven members a leg to stand on but sometimes I think some coven members are more effective than others with Necro.
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• 2/12/2019
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• 2/11/2019
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• 2/10/2019
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• 2/10/2019

A bloody story...

(Ok this is not what happened in a game its more a fanfiction for say)

Part 1

In the Godfather Office...

Mafioso:Boss!!i got her!!she is tied on a chair!
Godfather:I don't care...
Mafioso:this is the investigator!!she was going to found out the consort!! coming

The Mafioso showed the poor beaten Investigator...she was bleeding a lot...her brown hairs were dirty becayse of the blood...she was looking evrywhere with her green eyes...she couldn't escape

Luna: ...wha..what do you want from me?
Godfather:we know that you are the investigator...and we need your informations...

The Godfather put his hand on the cheeck of this girl...she immediatly said

Luna:i will never help the Mafia!!do whatever you want but i will never say anything!!
Godfather:is that so?alright your job...

The Mafioso shot her in the belly and they leave her outside...they were sure to have killed her...she woke the forest...she seemed to be healed...but something changed...herself

Luna: that's how they wannt to play...

She stood up looking around her...she was capable to heal herself

Luna:oh not a investigator a serial killer now...

Part two coming soon...
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• 2/10/2019


Neutral Chaos



Goal:enchant evryone to win the game

Summary:you are an signer who can enchant people

Abilities:enchant one person per night

-when you enchant someone he won't be able to talk during the day and during the night
-when you vote against someone he will vote the person you vote against
-you cannot enchant the plaguebearer, juggernaut and another Siren
-if you die evryone you enchanted will be free
-If you're jailed,roleblocked or in a duel with the Pirate you will enchant the Jailor/Escort/Consort/Pirate
-you cannot enchant yourself

Investigator results:
Transporter Escort Consort Hypnotist or Siren

Sheriff result:your target is not suspicious

Consigliere result:Your Target can cast a spell on people.They must be a Siren


A new enchant
Win 1 game as Siren

A danger for the town
Enchant more than 5 people

An good signer
Win 5 games as Siren

An professional of enchant
Win 10 games as Siren

The Queen of Oceans
Win 25 games as Siren

Is this really powerfull?
Try to Enchant Yourself

Another Signer met
Found another Siren

More informations
If there is 2 sirens they won't know it like 2 serial killers and they can be just 3 sirens and its only in the coven

The winnings conditions
Serial killer=kill
You may spare anyone else


It was during an cold night...the pirate was having a duel against an poor Medium
The Medium has picked an defense against the rapier but the pirate shot her...

The Medium was almost dead...The old pirate threw her into the ocean...the deads scared ghosts had no one else to give informations

Investigator Boy:no please stay alive!you have to tell them that The sheriff claim is false!!
Psychic Girl:my visions showed my that it was either him or that girll!!god where is the doctor?!
Mafioso Boy:this sheriff claim have defense!!Emily please we know this is the werewolf!!
Emily: ........*mind:i know town needs me but...why do i fell peacefully?

But something changed...when the moon rised, the body of the girl suddently changed...she turned into a siren and she was healed

Emily:what...happened?!what happened to my legs?!and where is evryone?!why am i in the ocean?!
???:don't are an siren were the perfect opportunity for me to create something powerfull...maybe even more than that...juggernaut or something like that...what a mess with that thing...
Emily:wait...who are you?
???:oh...I am your creator!

The mysterious girl had black marks on her arms,legs and even her face...her skin was all grey...she was hearing a black dress...her hairs were really long black hairs...but the most terrible was going to happen

Emily:why did you create me?
??? not really a not really real for say...
Emily: ...what?
???:*get a creepy face*i am your mind...

Emily got a terrible pain in all over her body...she was screaming in the dark blue ocean...the fishes were escaping and she just got...broken...

Emily: perfect now...

The Siren went on the surface...she needed to hide her true form...luckily for her a little girl was passing...she was a witch

Emily:hey kid! I need your help!!

The little girl was surprised to see a Siren but she wasen't afraid and walked to her

Little Girl:how can i help you?
Emily:I need your help...i have to hide my Siren form!
Little Girl:I can help you with that but don't tell my mom i went outside
Emily:I won't, I promise
Little Girl:good!

The little Witch cast a spell on the Siren but she didn't got her legs

Emily:what happened?
Little Girl:the spell worked you will find your legs on the rising sun this is all i can do for you
Emily:well...i guess this is fine...thank you kid
Little Girl:see you in the morning!*smile and walk away*

When the Day arrives

The young Siren turned into a human...she hurried to go the others houses and see who died

The Sheriff Claim: ...poor guy...he was the Spy
Emily:how did he died?
Jailor Boy: ...the vigilante killed him because she was..."witched"
Vigilante Boy: ...I fell so bad now... will be okay Steve
Steve:no its not!!there is a werewolf and the Mafia!!
Emily:The Jailor killed someone so your're not alone to having killed someone!!
Evryone: ...
Jailor Boy:lets just skip the vote...

During The Night

The Jailor decided to jail The Siren...

Jailor Boy: ...role
Emily:im the Medium!!
Jailor Boy: ...i don't trust you
Emily:wait I-

The Girl turned into a Siren,she suddently showed a creepy smile at the jailor

Jailor Boy:wha-
Emily:*start to enchant him by singing*

The Siren successfully enchant him and making him letting her free..the poor guy had no more control on himself...

The Siren walked to the Pirate...she wanted her revenge so badly...

Old Pirate Boy: ...what do you want and-oh my god!!
Emily:i know what happened almost killed me but don't won't remenber a single thing about yourself
Old Pirate Boy:you won't!!after all what i went through-

Emily didn't let him talk any longer...she enchanted him too...she forced him to kill a very horrible way...

Emily:I know people will suspect me...i need to move out...the retributionist was supposed to bring back the investigator...*run to the Transporter*
Transporter Girl:hey Emily what can i do for-

Emily had no time to waste...she immediatly enchanted her to make her move to another town where evrything was even more cahos...where the Coven was...the begining of her chaos has just started...
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• 2/9/2019

Mafia win

I was godfather when N2 mafiaso gets killed by a vet and N4 Framer killed by a bodyguard. Sheriff checked me but I was ns so no one suspected me (classic BTW) so vet killed a jester and a Sk
Skips some boring nights...
It came down to me and Vet
Vet said nothing so I stalled him for a night
He used his alert and try to trick me for thinking he was afk
Next night I killed vet and we won
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• 2/9/2019

Role adjustments

Adjustment 1: when all mafia / coven die spy should become a lookout, this would stop spy from just being useless after those factions die with neutral killing still alive

Adjustment 2: make jester appear suspicious to sheriff, this would allow jester claims to be a lot easier and make jester wins more common also jester would realistically act suspicious

Adjustment 3: if a vigilantes last bullet kills a town member they don’t shoot themselves, this would just be realistic because they wouldn’t have a bullet to shoot themselves with
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• 2/8/2019

Embodiment of God

New Faction : Occult Society

Goal : Depending on your occult you will have to use different strategies to win

All Gods : Mithras, The blood god (win by becoming immortal, to become immortal you must sacrifice one of your occult members, and have atleast 2 members of the occult to come with you, to gain more members you can convert players like vampires)

Hecate, the witchcraft god (win by forming an occult society of witchcraft, and visit players at night to find books to study of witchcraft and the steps to immortality)

Fa, the god of destiny (win by forming an occult society and attract attention to yourself, by sounding important in the town, make 3 or more players visit you to tell them their destiny, to become immortal with you, after doing that you will have to overwhelm the town with confusion and drive them mad, for he town to step out the way and to worship you and praise you)

Abilities: Ritual, perform a ritual every 2 nights, when a player visits you, they become a believer of the occult. (this apples for Mithras and Hecate, but Hecate can search on nights to perform rituals, does not apply with Fa however) Destroy : send a believer to attack someone who is bothering you, if they fail, like death immune or healed, your believer will die.

Backstory: “My useless education... what am I worth for?” The man grumbled. He was put into this world for a reason... what if... what if there was something more?... He find myself dreaming of immortality, The man grew restless and wanted a perfect life of immortality, He found a job, made money, and now will spend that money to follow their dream, to seek immortality and be worshiped in another world or become a living god on earth, the man chuckled and said “I got my first meeting with my best friends, this is going all to plan so far” the man grinned.
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• 2/7/2019


Attack: basic Defense: basic

Abilities: choose someone to kill at night

Attributes: -on odd nights you will eat your target, cleaning their role
-you will know the eaten targets role and will
-if you are roleblocked you eat your role blocker
-if you are interrogated by a sheriff you eat the sheriff

Investigator results: medium janitor retributionist or cannibal
Sheriff results: your target is suspicious
Consigliere results: your target eats other humans, they must be a cannibal

Alignment: neutral killing


I need a dentist
Try to eat an immune target

Amateur chef
Win one game as a cannibal

Extreme cannibalism
Eat a cannibal

Professional cook
Win five games as a cannibal

Master chef
Win twenty games as a cannibal

Other details: when a target is killed and eaten it will say “they were eaten by a cannibal” but if they weren’t eaten it will say “they were killed by a cannibal”

There was a blizzard that was freezing cold the two friends shivered as they kept moving forward after their home was destroyed by the mafia. The mayor of the now destroyed town was walking with a survivor, they both survived by hiding and waited for the mafia to leave. They walked for days with a lack of food remaining from home, one day later the mayor fell to the ground because of how cold he was, the survivor immediately tried to help the mayor up but the mayor stayed in place “I’m not gonna make it” he mumbled “you have to eat me if you wanna survive” he then pulled out a knife from the dead serial killer from his town and handed it to the survivor. The survivor was reluctant but knew what he had to do, so he pulled the knife up and lunged it into the mayors head and began cutting up his body and took a bite slowly, he was disgusted but he still wanted to live. After eating he felt good as he kept walking through the blizzard and saw a man in a wagon “HEY” he screamed at the man, the transporter then led the wagon to him and gave the survivor a hand then pulled him in “why is there blood on your mouth?” The transporter inquired “I don’t wanna talk about it” the survivor replied “ok do you need to go anywhere?” The man asked “take me to the nearest town” the transporter began driving to his town which was closest. When the survivor arrived as the fifteenth member of the town he desired to eat more flesh.
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• 2/7/2019

Centurion (plz don't hurt me)

Defense: None. Attack: Basic

You're a master at combat, but also get mad at yourself very easily. You have a token you can use three times. it's called "intimadate". When you use this in the day. You intimadate everyone. Maf and sk cannot attack you. (Last thing because this role is trash.) You can attack someone each night. Unlike sk, or vigil you're blade breaks on N3, you get very mad at yourself and dicide to take it out on someone. So you kill someone with your bare hands. If they are town. you turn yourself in next night because of guilt. It will not change anything the jailer sees. Then he dicides what he does to you. If jailer is dead you let it go. If jailer is alive and keeps you alive you can fix the blade which will take one night and you can use it for the rest of the game. You can still fix your blade if jailer died.

(Forgot role) You're target is great with a blade, they must be a Centurion!

Investigator: Mafioso, jester, or Centurion.

I can't remember any other investigator roles. Will edit when I figure out.

Role: Town Killing
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• 2/7/2019
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• 2/7/2019


Summary: You are a masochist who loves getting hurt

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Goal: Get yourself killed (Not lynched) and kill your killer or anyone else in his faction


Attributes: If you get killed you can choose to kill your killer or anyone else in the killer's faction.

If you get killed by a killer that is not in a faction, you will lose

Information: Actually, it doesn't necessarily mean that you can know who is in the faction, you just choose who to kill, you will receive a message if he isn't in the faction or if he isn't the killer

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