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• 6/18/2018

Role Idea: Drugs Maker (No name)

Story: Drugs Seller was a young Vigilante once, his shooting skill always get him to lucky. And 1 day has come, he found drugs maker, the drugs maker throw him a drugs in the face so he can't not use the gun anymore. But he shot the drugs maker and the Drugs Dealer force him to be the Drugs Seller. He ran away from Town of Mystery (i made it up) and he discover... Town of Salem. he don't have gun, bullet or even the knife so he sell drugs for a living.
Alignment : Town Protective
Attack : None
Defense : None
Abilities :
- Choose 1 person or yourself at night to give them drugs.
Drugs :
- Drugs of a defense of Basic
- If your target can visit and attack people, their attack will increase to Unstoppable if their attack is Basic.
- Drugs will not be active if your target is a Doctor.
Attributes :
- You can only give or use drugs twice.
- Your drugs will attack your target with a Powerful Attack on the another next following night.
- A Vigilante will gain Basic Defense if he kill a non-Town member with your drugs.
- If you visit a Coven Leader with their Necronomicon, they will lose their Basic Defense
Investigative Results :
- Sheriff : Your target is not suspicious.
- Investigator : Your target can be Doctor, Drug Seller, Disguiser, Serial Killer, or Potion Master!
Consigliere/Coven Leader : Your target make their target's bodies feel powerful. They must be Drug Seller@
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• 6/21/2018
I’m gonna be honest, I really like this! Although the idea is wacky, this town member can buff the other townies, which is something we have not seen before. Great idea! I’m up voting this!
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