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File:Role_Cards.png|thumb|161x161px|All Role Cards]]Hay un total de 33 roles en Town of Salem (Pueblo de Salem), Separado en 3 categorias: Pueblo, Mafia, and Neutral . Estos últimos incluyen 7 unicos Roles.

La lista oficial está se encuentra en el link: (En inglés) [1].

El sub-foro oficial a cerca de los roles: (En inglés) here.

Roles del Pueblo

Todos los habitantes del pueblo tienen como objetivo "Linchar a todos los criminales y malvados" (Todos los integrantes de la Mafia y algunos Neutrales tales como: Asesino en serie, bruja, hombre lobo, vampiro(s) y ejecutador

Alignment Rol (Abreviación) Descripción Único
Investigación Detective (Detect,Det) Investigate one person each night for a clue to their rol.
Guardia (GU) Haz guardia en la casa de una persona cada noche, y ve quién los visita.
Sheriff (Sher,SH) Revisa cada noche a una persona para buscar actividad sospechosa
Espía Listen in on the Mafia at night, and hear whispers.
Town Killing Carcelero You may choose one person during the day to jail for the night. yes
vampiro Cazador (VH) Check for vampiros each night.
Veterano (Vet) Decide if you will go on alert and kill anyone who visits you. yes
Justiciero (Vig,Vigi) Choose to take justice into your own hands and shoot someone.
Town Protective Bodyguard (BG) Protect one person from death each night.
Doctor (Doc,Dr) Heal one person each night, preventing them from dying.
Town Support Prostituta (Esc) Distract someone each night.
Alcalde Gain 3 votes when you reveal yourself as Alcalde. yes
Medium (Med) Speak with all dead people at night.
Revividor (Ret,Retri) You may revive a dead town member. yes
Transportista (Trans) Choose two people to transport at night.

Mafia Roles

The 9 Mafia roles all share the goal to "Kill anyone that will not submit to the Mafia", which includes the Town, any Neutral Killing roles and vampiros.

Alignment Role Name (abbreviation) Description Unique
Mafia Deception Maestro del disfráz (Dis,Disg) Choose a target to disguise yourself as.
Falsificador Choose a person and rewrite their last will at night.
Inculpador Choose one person to frame each night.
Limpiador (Jan,Jani) Choose a dying person to clean each night.
Mafia Killing Padrino (GF) Kill someone each night. yes
Mafioso (Maf,Mafio) Carry out the Padrino's orders. yes
Mafia Support Chantajista (Ch,Chanta) Choose one person each night to blackmail.
Consejero (Consig) Check one person for their exact role each night.
Consort (Con,Cons) Distract someone each night.

Neutral Roles

The 9 Neutral roles each have different goals, and some of those are compatible with the goals of the other teams, meaning that some of these roles are able to win alongside them. It's worth checking the goal descriptions to see who you can potentially ally with as a Neutral.

Alignment Role Name (abbreviation) Description Unique
Neutral Benign Amnesiac (Amn,Amne,Amnes) Remember who you were by selecting a graveyard role.
Survivor (Surv) Put on a bulletproof vest at night, protecting yourself from attacks.
Neutral Chaos vampiro (Vamp) Convert others to vampiros at night.
Neutral Evil Ejecutaodor (Ej, Ejec) Trick the Town into lynching your target.
Jester (Jest) Trick the Town into voting against you.
Bruja Control someone each night.
Neutral Killing Arsonist (Arso,Arson) Douse someone in gasoline or ignite all doused targets.
Serial Killer (SK) Kill someone each night.
Werewolf (WW,Were) Transform into a Werewolf during the Full Moon. yes

Upcoming Roles

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  • People often type out their role's in-game description to prove their innocence. This is not cheating, but looked down upon.>[1][2][3][4] This strategy will be nullified, as BlankMediaGames plans on making all role cards visible from inside the game.[5]
  • Becoming a certain role is entirely up to chance, depending on the list of your game mode. Scrolls allow you to increase or decrease these chances.
  • The ideas for the Falsificador and vampire roles were originally suggested by the community.[6]



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