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Example usage for the Serial Killer, output see below:

{{Infobox neutral
|nameandicon=Serial Killer (SK) [[File:Achievement Serial Killer.png|thumb|50x50px]]
|alignment={{Neutral Killing}}
|avatar=[[File:SerialKiller.png]][[File:Tutorial Guide.png|150px]]
|type = Killing
|priority = 4
|attributes = [[Night Immunity]]
|special = Attacks [[Roleblocking|roleblockers]]
|sheriff=Your target is a {{Serial Killer}}!
|investigator=Your target is covered in blood. They could be a {{Doctor}}, {{Serial Killer}}, or {{Vampire}}.
|consigliere=Your target wants to kill everyone. They must be a {{Serial Killer}}.
|summary=A psychotic criminal who wants everyone to die.
|abilities= Kill someone each night.
|attributestext = If you are role blocked you will attack the role blocker instead of your target.<br>You can not be killed at night. 
|goal=Kill everyone who would oppose you.
|winwith = {{Serial Killer}}<br>{{Survivor}}<br>{{Witch}}
|mustkill = {{Town}}<br>{{Mafia}}<br>{{Vampires}}<br>{{Arsonist}}<br>{{Werewolf}}

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