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In Town of Salem, most roles in the game have Night abilities, e.g. investigating, killing or protecting. Abilities are a key part to the game. Most abilities are Night abilities and can only be used during the Night. Some roles have few or no abilities, but have special attributes instead, such as the Executioner. The Jailor, Mayor, Pirate, and a dead Medium have Day abilities.

Night Abilities[]

To use your Night ability, click the button Guard Player - Unity.png next to a person's name during the Night. (You can sort the table below by clicking on the small arrow next to a heading. Some roles like a Transporter or Disguiser require two buttons to be clicked for their Night ability). Your action will be done based on your role's priority. Image example is the Bodyguard's ability.

Priority is the order in which a role's action happens during the night. The lower the number, the earlier in the night the action occurs. Abilities with higher priority may affect abilities with a lower priority (for specifics, see Roles). Day abilities always have a higher priority than Night abilities. Some roles will still be unaffected by higher-priority abilities because of the role's attributes or qualities.

If an ability causes a visit, a Lookout can see the visitor, an alert Veteran/Stone Gazing Medusa will attack their visitors, an Ambusher or Crusader will attack the visitor, a Trap on the target will trigger, and the Werewolf/Pestilence/Juggernaut (after second kill) will attack visitors to their target.

Below is a table showing every role and its priority.

Role Name Night Abilities Visit? Restrictions Type Priority 
Bodyguard Protect your target from one Attack and kill their attacker. yes Protection 3 RoleIcon Bodyguard.png
Protect yourself with a vest. no 1 use Protection 3
Crusader "Protect" your target, killing one random visitor. yes "Protection" 3
Doctor Heal your target. yes Protection 3
Heal yourself. no 1 use Protection
Escort Prevent your target from using their Night ability. yes Manipulation 2
Investigator Determine possible roles of your target. yes Information 4
Jailor Execute your prisoner. Astral RoleIcon Jailor.png 3 uses (0 uses after executing a Townie)

Unable to execute Night 1.

Killing3 5
Lookout Watch your target at Night to see who visits them. yes Information 4
Medium Seance a living target when dead. yes 1 use Special 1
Retributionist Resurrect a dead Town member and use their ability on another player. yes(Dead target) First target must be a dead Town player, can only use each player once before that body rots away Special 1
Sheriff Determine if your target is suspicious. yes Information 4
Spy Bug a target's house and see what happens to them at Night. yes Information 6
Tracker Track your target to see who they visit. yes Information 3
Transporter Switch your targets, making their visitors visit the other instead. yesyes Manipulation 1 RoleIcon Transporter.png
Trapper Place a trap on your target's house. You will deal a Powerful Attack to one attacker and give your target Powerful Defense for one attack. Reveal the roles of all visitors. yes Traps take one Night to build. Protection 1
Vampire Hunter Check a target, dealing a Basic Attack against them if they are a Vampire. yes Can only attack Vampires Killing1 5

Go on alert, dealing a Powerful Attack to all visitors. Gain Basic Defense.

no 3 uses Killing2 1
Vigilante Shoot your target. yes 3 uses

Unable to shoot Night 1

Killing1 5
Godfather Command your Mafioso to attack your target. noRoleIcon Godfather.png Living Mafioso, not role blocked Manipulation 5 RoleIcon Godfather.png
Attack your target. yes Mafioso dead or role blocked Killing1 5
Ambusher Lie in wait outside your target's house, dealing a Basic Attack to one visitor. All visitors will know your name. yes Killing1 1
Blackmailer Prevent your target from speaking the next Day. yes Manipulation 3
Consigliere Determine the exact role of your target. yes Information 3 RoleIcon Consigliere.png
Consort Prevent your target from using their Night ability. yes Manipulation 2
Disguiser Disguise any Mafia member as the role of your second target. yesyes Information 5
Forger Rewrite your target's Last Will and role. yes 2 uses Information 3
Framer Change the investigative results of your target. yes Information 3
Hypnotist Plant a false memory in your target's mind. yes Information 3
Janitor Hide your target's Last Will and role from everyone else. yes 3 uses Information 3
Mafioso Attack your target. You will always attack the target of the Godfather. yes Attack the Godfather's target instead of own RoleIcon Mafioso.png Killing1 5
Coven Leader Control your first target to visit your second target.

Necronomicon: Also deal a Basic Attack to your first target.

yes(first target) Manipulation (Killing1 with Necronomicon) 2
Hex Master Hex your target, changing their investigation results.

If all living non-Coven players are Hexed, automatically deal an Unstoppable Attack to all Hexed players.

Necronomicon: Deal an Astral Basic Attack to your target.

yes(Astral with Necronomicon) Information, Killing1,3 3, 6RoleIcon HexMaster.png
Medusa Choose to Stone Gaze, killing and cleaning all visitors.

Necronomicon: You may now visit people to Stone Gaze them instead of choosing yourself.

no(yeswith Necronomicon) 3 uses (self) Killing2 3, 5RoleIcon Medusa.png
Necromancer Control your first target to visit your second target.

Necronomicon: You may select yourself as your first target to deal a Basic Attack to your second target.

yes(Dead Target) First target must be a dead player, can only use each player once before that body rots away Manipulation

(Killing1 with Necronomicon)

Poisoner Poison your target, which will deal a Basic Attack against them the following Night if they are not healed.

Necronomicon: Your poison can no longer be healed by a Doctor.

yes(initial poison) Killing1 5
Potion Master Kill Potion: Attack your target.

Reveal Potion: Determine the exact role of your target. Heal Potion: Heal your target.

Necronomicon: Your potions no longer have cooldowns.

yes Each potion has a cooldown of three Nights (counting the one you use it on) Killing1, Information, Protection 5, 4, 3
Amnesiac Become your dead target's role. no 1 use Special 6
Arsonist Douse someone in gasoline or ignite all doused targets. yes(noif igniting) Killing3 3, 5
Guardian Angel Keep your target alive. Astral 2 uses Protection 2
Jester Haunt a guilty or abstaining voter after being lynched. no 1 use Killing3, RoleIcon Jester.png 1
Juggernaut Attack your target. yes Full Moon Nights only (before first kill) Killing2,3 5
Pirate Duel your target. yes Cannot duel the same player twice in a row Killing2, Manipulation, Special 1
Plaguebearer Infect your target. yes Special 5
Pestilence Kill your target and their visitors. You will kill anyone who visits you automatically. yes Killing2 5
Serial Killer Attack your target. yes Killing1 5
Survivor Protect yourself with a vest. no 4 uses Protection 3
Vampire Vote for a target to be converted to a Vampire yes(if youngest) Cannot convert two Nights in a row Manipulation 5
Witch Control your first target to visit your second target. yes(first target) Manipulation 2 RoleIcon Witch.png
Werewolf Kill your target and all their visitors. yes(only target) Every Full Moon Killing2 5

1 This role has a Basic Attack. It will kill roles with no Defense.

2 This role has a Powerful Attack. It will kill roles with Basic Defense or lower.

3 This role has an Unstoppable Attack. It will kill roles with Powerful Defense or lower.

RoleIcon Bodyguard.png If two or more Bodyguards protect the same target, they will counterattack in the order in which they joined the lobby.

RoleIcon Consigliere.png The Consigliere is not affected by the Framer's ability.

RoleIcon Godfather.png The Godfather chooses a target but does not visit this target. This command can be role blocked or controlled.

RoleIcon HexMaster.png The Hex Master's Unstoppable Attack will automatically trigger even if they are role blocked or killed, provided that all living non-Coven players are Hexed.

RoleIcon Jailor.png The Jailor will always visit their target when jailing them, whether or not they execute.

RoleIcon Jester.png The Jester will only deal an Unstoppable Attack to someone if they are lynched. They can only do this once, and the haunt cannot be transported.

RoleIcon Mafioso.png If the Mafioso is commanded by the Godfather and controlled by a Witch, the command will take precedence since the Witch only chooses what target the Mafioso votes for.

RoleIcon Medusa.png Upon receiving the Necronomicon, the Medusa's priority will shift to 5 when they directly visit a player to stone them.

RoleIcon Transporter.png If two or more Transporters transport the same target, the transports will occur in the order in which they joined the lobby.

RoleIcon Witch.png If two or more Witches control the same target, only the Witch who joined the lobby last will control the target.

Night Abilities[]


Investigation is an ability is used by roles to gain information about other player's roles or actions. This is an ability that usually can be disrupted by other roles, such as the Transporter or the Framer.

It should be noted that the Trapper is not an investigative role, its main point is to protect people. The information of what roles visited your protected person is only side info, therefore making it an Investigative/Protective hybrid role.

Roles that can investigate:

Roles that can investigate indirectly with their ability:


Attacking is an ability used by players to eliminate opposing roles. This can be stopped by Healing or Defense if the value is equal or higher to the attack. Some roles can only attack after specific occurrences in-game or some roles may be prevented from attacking after specific occurrences in-game.

Roles that can directly attack:

Roles that rely on other actions to attack:


Healing/Protecting is an ability used by roles to prevent their target from dying. Healing and Protecting will give Powerful Defense, enough to protect from most attacks. Protection usually involves the killing the attacker while 'healing' at the same time.

Roles that can heal/protect:

Roles that indirectly heal by using their target:


Disruption/Manipulation are abilities used to roles to affect other role's abilities. They can include role-blocking, manipulation (framing, dousing, disguising, etc), disruption (controlling, roleblocking, blackmailing, and transporting).

Manipulation is where players affect opposing player's info. They usually tend to target Town Investigatives and mess up their results to confuse them. They can also give out false information/get rid of info to confuse opposing players even further.

Roles that can manipulate:

Roles that can indirectly manipulate by using their target:

Disruption is where players affect other player's actions or ability results. This can cause confusion, but are easily found out because of their unique Night alerts to whom they target. Disruptions include: Controlling, Blackmailing, Transporting, and Roleblocking. Roles that can disrupt:

Unity Roleblocked.png

Roleblocking is a form of disruption where a player's Night ability is 'blocked' by another player that can roleblock. This causes the target to not be able to use their ability, and thus their ability having no effect for the current Night. This can be overridden by roles with role-block immunity. Super roleblocking is very similar to roleblocking, but with a few differences, being that Serial Killer can't kill their original target, and they can kill the targets they roleblock.

Roles that can roleblock:

Roles that can super-roleblock

Roles that can indirectly roleblock by using their target:

Non-Visiting Night Abilities

These are abilities that do not involve visiting another player for an effect to happen. These abilities are usually limited to a few support/benign roles or an attacking role with a special attribute. Some occurrences can happen in-game to give a role Astral (an effect where their ability registers, but bypasses any other roles's effect on the same target).

Roles that do not visit with an ability:

  • Bodyguard (can put on a vest for basic defense)
  • Doctor (can self heal for powerful defense)
  • Medium (can speak to the dead at Night)
  • Godfather (can command the Mafioso to deal a basic attack on a target)
  • Guardian Angel (can protect their target for powerful defense)
  • Survivor (can put on a vest for basic defense)
  • Arsonist (can select self for an ignition of all doused targets)

Note: Jailor's visit of jailing is Astral.

Roles that do not visit after special occurrences:

Other Night Abilities

These are abilities that do not fit into any other categories, these are abilities that are all limited to one and one role only. All these abilities involve visiting. They include: Infecting, Converting, and Remembering.

Roles fit with their corresponding ability:

Special Labels[]

Image Name Role Appears on Seen by 
SpecialLabel Disconnected.png Disconnected N/A Disconnected players Everyone
SpecialLabel Doused.png Doused Arsonist Doused players The Arsonist that doused them
SpecialLabel Executioner.png Executioner Currently unused Currently unused Currently unused
SpecialLabel GenericTarget.png Your Target Executioner & Guardian Angel Executioner and Guardian Angel targets The Executioner / Guardian Angel who has the player as their target
SpecialLabel GuardianAngel.png Guarded Guardian Angel Players who have been protected by a Guardian Angel Everyone
SpecialLabel Hexed.png Hexed Hex Master Hexed players The Hex Master
SpecialLabel Necronomicon.png Has Necronomicon Coven The holder of the Necronomicon Coven members
SpecialLabel YoungestVampire.png Youngest Vampire The youngest Vampire Vampires
SpecialLabel Trap Building.png Building Trap Trapper A Trapper who is building their Trap The Trapper
SpecialLabel Trap Ready.png Trap Ready Trapper A Trapper who is ready to place their Trap The Trapper
SpecialLabel Trap.png Trap Set Trapper Trapped players The Trapper who had Trapped them
SpecialLabel Rotten.png Rotten Retributionist & Necromancer Corpses that have been used by a Necromancer or Retributionist The Retributionist / Necromancer that used them
SpecialLabel Poisoned.png Poisoned Poisoner Poisoned players The Poisoner
SpecialLabel Plague.png Infected Plaguebearer & Pestilence Infected players The Plaguebearer / Pestilence
SpecialLabel VIP.png VIP Town The VIP in VIP Mode Townies
SpecialLabel Lovers.png Your Lover N/A A player's lover in Lovers Mode That player

Day Abilities[]

Only 4 roles have Day abilities, which consists of 3 Town roles and the Pirate. To use your Day ability, click the button next to a person's name during the Day. A message will appear after you have selected a target.

Role Name Day Ability Visit? Restrictions Ability Type
Jailor Choose a target to jail at Night, and choose to execute them after Night 1. no Loses all executions upon killing a Townie, 3 executions Role blocking, Special
Mayor Reveal yourself as the Mayor of the Town. no 1 use Special
Medium Choose a target to seance on the same Night, speaking to them privately. yes 1 use, only usable when dead Special
Pirate Choose a target to duel at Night. yes Cannot duel player twice in a row Role blocking, Special

Day abilities are limited to only a select few. They are used by roles who are selecting a target for their Night ability or, in the Mayor's case, revealing.

Roles With No Abilities[]

Role Name Visit?
Executioner no
  • Executioner is the only role in the game without an ability. Your only goal is to get your target killed by lynching.