This page explains how to gain Achievements and gives strategy and tips on how to accomplish them.

General Edit

The achievement "Close Call" is earned when you are acquitted by a tie vote. This is much simpler than it sounds.

  • Any late game scenario where there is one more Townie than Mafia and you are Town, in a scenario where you are Town and are voted up, convincing the last Townie to vote "innocent" on you will make sure you end up with this award.
  • You can also earn this achievement if NO ONE votes at all, so if you scare the Town into thinking you are a Jester, or simply post a very long Last Will very slowly will force people to think for a long time. Thus, making you have a good chance of succeeding, although this strategy may also end up getting you lynched easier.
  • If you are a confirmed Townie, or perhaps a Neutral Benign or successful Executioner who hasn't picked a side, you simply can ASK for the achievement. Then you can side with whoever gave it to you.
  • If you are a Jester in late game, and there are only 2 opposing sides left, each with one player, getting voted up and having both players cancel in the last second to not die from you can get this award, at least as consolation for not winning right then.

To get the "Marathon" Achievement, a game must last Ten Days or more. It's easier than you think.

  • You can get this in practically any gamemode, but try to avoid Rapid or Classic.
  • A Vampire game is one of the best you can have, because it takes them a long time to convert and gain majority.
  • A game with 3 immune roles trapped together is also great since if they can't decide on who to lynch, the game will continue (for example, an Executioner who has won, with a Godfather and a Serial Killer).

Town Edit

Mayor Edit

There are several ways to get the "Incognito" achievement.

  • Dying without revealing but still having Town win will get you this achievement, so if you are killed at night early on, DON'T LEAVE!
  • If your role is asked, claiming some other Town Support role, such as Medium, and faking results can earn you this achievement if the Town decides to lynch other people first. If you are put on trial, simply reveal to avoid game-throwing, unless there is proof you have been confirmed to be innocent already. However, be wary of Jailors and Vigilantes.

To get the "Faith in The Town" achievement, you also have several pathways to success.

  • If you wish to start a Mayor game, ask to be voted up and to be voted innocent, to get this achievement and then reveal immediately after.
  • If you are voted to the stand, claim to be an important Town role, such as Retributionist (it is a Town Support role, so you will most likely not be counterclaimed, although it is possible to claim to be a Jailor or Doctor and hope you aren't counterclaimed). If it looks like you will be declared guilty around the 15 seconds left mark, reveal and try again later.
  • This achievement normally comes with time, as Mayors generally have no info so stay quiet, and get vote up by eager Mafia.

Escort Edit

To get the "Dangerous Work" achievement, you have to role block the Serial Killer.

  • This can be achieved in many game modes, so it's easier to get.
  • You can just randomly role block, and eventually find them.
  • You can role block someone you think is the Serial Killer. Make sure to keep a will, as it can either clear someone's name or out the Serial Killer when you do die. If you don't keep a will, it may be counted as game throwing to intentionally die.

"Hey There" is a very easy achievement, all you need to do is role block someone.

  • Just do your job, and you'll get the achievement.
  • If you're pirated, you can still role block, so pick an option then pick someone to role block.

To get "I Look Good!" You have to role block yourself.

  • You'll need the help of a Transporter, Witch or Coven Leader to do so.
  • An easy way is to whisper to one of these three roles to either control you into yourself or transport yourself and your target.
  • If possible, attempt to contact a Transporter, because contacting a Witch or Coven Leader may be seen by some as game throwing.

Transporter Edit

To get "Can't Touch Me!", you have to transport yourself.

  • This is fairly simple, just select yourself and then select a second target.

To get "Stop Hitting Yourself", you have to transport an attacker and their target with each other.

  • Late game, with any 2 players it's pretty simple. If you have a high priority target like the Mayor left you can easily pick the target.
  • You can always just go off of luck.
  • You can get "Can't Touch Me!" at the same time if you know who will attack you.

Retributionist Edit

To get the "Welcome Back Doc", "Encore" and "Second Chance", you need to avoid being a target for any killing roles until you can revive the role you want. There isn't much strategy to it besides that, so simply hoping that one of those roles die early is the best you can do.

Medium Edit

To get "Talk to a Pyro", "Talk to a Psycho" and "Talk to the Mob", you need to pick up on any leads you can. Try to Scum Read and look at Death Notes. If someone seems to be talkative and asking for leads, they may be trying to blend into the Town. If you think that someone is obviously an Arsonist, Serial Killer or Godfather, talk to them.

  • Note: some may think of it as Game Throwing to talk to them instead of sharing information with the Town.

Jailor Edit

To get "Flawless Executioner" (execute 3 non-Town members in a game) try playing Rainbow Mode, since the role list has Jailor, Veteran, and Any as the only possible Town role slots. You cannot execute on Night 1, so you need to survive until Night 4 to get this achievement.

Vampire Hunter Edit

The achievement "Constantine" is earned by killing two Vampires in one night.

  • First, you would have to identify someone as a Vampire without staking them. This could be done in many ways.
  • You would need to lure the Vampires into trying to bite you, while checking the suspected Vampire. For tips on luring others to you, use the Veteran page.
  • Alternatively, you could just use luck as coincidences do happen.
  • Keep in mind that staking the same Vampire twice will still get you the achievement.

Veteran Edit

The achievement "Massacre" is obtained when you killed 3 people in one night.

  • The most obvious and effective way is to bait people (especially the Mafia/Neutral role) and then go on alert the upcoming night.
    • You need to be careful, as spamming the chat might risk you to be reported for spamming, lynched by the Town, or executed by a Jailor. A Vigilante might shoot you and die because you are on alert, causing another Town drawback.
    • An additional drawback of hunting for this particular achievement is that you may kill an important Townie visiting you while you went on alert.
    • The easiest mode to do this is on classic, as inexperienced players will fall for the bait and visit you.

To get the achievement "Not Paranoid" (win without going on alert the entire game), you will need to not use your ability the entire game.

  • It might feel tempting to leave, but as long as you were not targeted or died earlier in the game (without going on alert, of course) you can still win with the Town. So if you died earlier, don't quit yet! The Town might win and you'll get the achievement!
    • Note: This will also allow you to unlock the achievement "Lucky Paranoia" (win without killing any Townie while on alert.)

Vigilante Edit

The achievement "Why Won't They Die?" is earned by shooting 3 targets with Defense. This achievement can be earned in several manners. Most of the strategies of this achievement are similar to the strategies of "Perfect Shot" which is won by shooting 3 non-Townies. These two achievements are often earned together because Perfect Shot does not require you to kill your target but only to shoot them.

  • Shoot anyone you know isn't Town. If there is a Survivor claim, shoot said person (it doesn't matter if they use their bulletproof vest or not, you will still rack up necessary kills). If someone seems to be a Jester or Executioner, shoot them. Play wisely and don't be afraid to waste bullets on roles with Defense, if you need to.
  • If you find someone who has Defense in any mode, shooting them 3 times in a row will earn you this achievement. Note that this may seem gamethrowing, as it is needless to shoot the same person 3 times in a row unless they were transported during it.
  • If you are lucky enough to be a Vigilante in Rainbow Mode, perhaps using a Scroll and having a lot of patience, you can find targets with Defense extremely easily, assuming you survive until Night 4.

To get "Ouch" (shoot yourself at night), try playing Vigilantics, as some Witches make people target themselves. Note that Vigilantics is not a popular mode, and it is often easier to do so in ranked due to the large amount of games. Some Witches tend to hide their control and control a revealed vigilante at the last second in order to gain majority. This achievement is difficult to get, as most of the time Witches tend to use the vigilante to kill 2 Town members instead of one.

Lookout Edit

To get the It's a Party achievement, try playing All Any, Rainbow Mode, or Custom Mode.

  • Try selecting players who are suspicious, as they are most likely to be visited.
  • It is also easier to get this achievement earlier in the game because there are more players, so think fast.

Spy Edit

"Saw it coming!" requires you to to see that you get visited by the Mafia, and not be role blocked the same night.

  • You can simply earn this by hoping a Mafia member visits you.

"Too many Mafia" is a tricky Achievement to unlock, as it requires the presence of 4 visiting Mafia roles who all visit in one night.

  • While you technically need to see 4 members of the Mafia visit in one night, most members of the Mafia include a Godfather along with a Mafioso, and if only 2 other members of the Mafia are present, then there is no way to unlock this achievement. If you have some way to control the role list, your best bet is to only have 1 Mafia Killing role, and 4 other members of the Mafia.
  • Ranked, Ranked Practice, Classic Mode, Rainbow Mode, and obviously Vigilantics has role lists that make this achievement impossible to get, so Custom Mode, Rapid Mode, or All Any must be entered. Mafia returns is also useful to get his achievement, although there are less Random Town slots.
    • While the chances of having 4 or 5 members (because of an Amnesiac) of the Mafia in All Any are rather high, keep in mind that if the Mafia has a Mafioso and/or multiple Forgers and Janitors who almost never visit the same night, then the chances of getting the achievement are still near to 0. The best you can hope is to have 5 members (because of an Amnesiac) of the Mafia who all have different roles and therefore likely to all visit the same night.
    • Rapid Mode is less favorable to Custom Mode as the fast pace may cause members of the Mafia to not have enough time to perform their night actions.

Investigator Edit

The achievement "Who am I?" can only be achieved with a Transporter or Witch either swapping you with your target or controlling you into yourself. To get this achievement, play any game mode which has a Town Investigative, and Town Support or Neutral Evil.

  • It is easier to get a Transporter to help you though since the Witch is an enemy of the Town.
  • It may be seen as Game Throwing to get help from a Witch.

Sheriff Edit

All three achievements (Got you!, Not Suspicious and Busted) are gained throughout normal game play.

  • It's in your best interest to go for Got you! and Busted first, because that is what will make you useful to the town.
  • All Any is easier to get Got You!, since there can be more than one Serial Killer.
  • If you've caught all of the Mafia, feel free to leave one alive for a night to investigate a Townie and get the achievement.

Tracker Edit

Double Vision is most easily acquired by tracking a Transporter.

  • If there is a confirmed Transporter, it's worth tracking them. They may turn out to be a Hypnotist claiming Transporter, in which either way you get a reward.

Around the Block can be gotten rather easily.

  • If you bring up evidence or vote against the Mafia/Coven, whilst knowing who may kill you, you can try to be extremely helpful and bait them into attacking you.
  • You can track anybody you think may want info on you.
  • You can ask for your night target to visit you.

Stalker is fairly easy to get too.

  • If there's someone you suspect is a killer, track them for 3 nights. If their visits correspond to the bodies, you can be sure you've found the murderer. This is the most helpful way to get the achievement.
  • You can also just randomly track the same person for 3 nights.

Psychic Edit

To get "The Sight" you will need 6 visions in a game. You need to make sure you don't get role blocked or die.

  • When you reveal your visions to the town, make sure to get a Town Protective on you.
  • You can choose to not reveal at all, but this may be considered Game Throwing.
  • Ask for a Crusader to make sure Consorts don't mess with your visions.

To get "Blinded By Love" you must be role blocked 3 times in a single game.

  • If you reveal in a game with a Consort, and ask for a Town Protective, if it's not a Crusader it's a surefire way to be role blocked.
  • You could ask an Escort to help you, but some may consider that to be Game Throwing.

Doctor Edit

Stitch Yourself, earned when you heal yourself, is a tricky achievement to get. You only have one shot to heal yourself each round.

  • Being helpful and slightly outspoken may help your chances.
  • Revealing your role could be a good idea too, as Town Protectives are a rather high priority to kill.
  • If a killer seems to be irrational, attempt to provoke them. Keep in mind when doing so not to bully or spam.
  • You could just rely on luck, as of course coincidences happen.

To get "Need Medical Attention?" you have to heal someone successfully.

  • An easy was to get good quality tips on this is to visit the Doctor page, as healing someone is your main job.
  • If a high priority target other than the Mayor reveals, like the Jailor, heal them. Killers will target them eventually because of such a threat they pose.
  • If someone is rather helpful, heal them. Revealing information makes them dangerous towards killers no matter their role.
  • Healing revealed/confirmed Townies is a good idea, as they are also a priority.

Getting "Where does it hurt?" requires 3 heals in a single round.

  • Following the same steps as "Need Medical Attention?" will always help.
  • You could rely on luck, as there are always coincidences.
  • Persistent killers are your best friend for this achievement, as it doesn't need to be a new person each heal.

Bodyguard Edit

To get 'Tango Down', you need to kill the Godfather while protecting the target. You would need either the Mafioso to be absent, jailed or role blocked.

  • Custom matches are great for this.
  • Figuring out who the Mafioso is (if there is one) and teaming up with an Escort or Jailor can force the Godfather into the open.
  • Teaming up with a Doctor and killing off the Mafioso with your protections also leaves the Godfather without a pawn to hide behind.
  • Figuring out who the Mafioso is and getting a Vigilante to shoot them is a great idea, as it proves who the Vigilante is as well as getting the Godfather to be the killer.

'Bulletproof' takes precise timing and careful guesswork to figure out when you'll be attacked.

  • A possible strategy is to play like a Survivor, focusing only on living until the achievement is yours. This may be considered game throwing not going to the most obvious target to protect.
  • Asking a Vigilante to help you along can work, but it would cost the Vigilantes time and bullets.
  • Making yourself out to be a target/baiting can help get a Killer to target you.
  • Claiming Survivor day 1 may get the more careful evils to target you, or get a Vigilantes shot on night 2.
  • You could rely on luck for this achievement.

'I'll save you!' is earned through protecting someone successfully.

  • You will have to guess who will be attacked and then protect them, so using regular Bodyguard strategies will work. Going onto the Bodyguard page can help you find specialized strategies for this.
  • High priority targets like the Mayor and Jailor are likely to be attacked, and pretending that there wouldn't be a Town Protective on them can get risk takers to attack them.
  • People with provocative names are likely to be attacked, so protecting them early game can help.

Crusader Edit

To get Blessing of Protection, you have to protect 5 players in a game.

  • Normal Crusader strategies work fine for this, as you have no need to stay in the shadows like an evil role.
  • Roles Lists with a lot of visiting roles work well as you can also bag Just A Flesh Wound at the same time.

Getting Just A Flesh Wound requires you to attack 5 players in a game.

  • As stated above, roles lists with many visiting roles work the best for this achievement.
  • Visiting suspicious players can get you the achievement, but you will most likely kill a lot of Town Investigatives along the way. Try to avoid this strategy as this could be seen as gamethrowing.
  • Visiting confirmed Townies is a great way to nail more evil roles and get the achievement. Semi Confirmed Townies are also an even idea as evil roles will believe there won't be a Town Protective role on the player.

Unholy Mistake requires you to attack Pestilence.

  • If you are lucky enough to get Crusader in Lovers Mode, if your lover isn't the Plaguebearer there is a guarunteed Plaguebearer just begging to turn into Pestilence and attack.
    • They will eventually have to go for you or your lover to win. Gently attempt to keep them away from you so there's a higher chance you can attack them. Remember, if you and your lover have the majority needed to lynch the Pestilence, do so because the win is not worth the achievement, and it can be seen as gamethrowing to stand in the way of your lovers win for it.
  • The higher the chance of Pestilence, the better the chance of this achievement. All Any can be swingy so anywhere a Plaguebearer is confirmed you should go.
  • Pestilence will most likely go for a revealed Mayor as no Town Protectives can stand in their way properly (as although you will stop their attack that night the Mayor is open for attack the next night, and they will still get a kill). Always protect a revealed Mayor if a Pestilence is about, or even if there isn't a Pestilence.

Trapper Edit

For Disinfect This Trap you must have Pestilence visit your target.

  • Pick someone likely to stay until late game, as then your trap won't be wasted and Pestilence will be summoned before your target dies.
  • Pestilence will go after a revealed Mayor as that is the only role that can win against them in a 1v1, so make sure to trap the Mayor.

For Multi-Trap you have to trap 3 players in a game.

  • The quicker your traps are triggered and destroyed, the better, so trap people who will get a lot of visiting traffic.
  • You can destroy your traps alone, but it takes a night to do so and then another night to build one, so placing your traps on busy targets is a better idea.
  • Always try to trap semi-confirmed Townies as evil roles target them since they aren't confirmed but are a threat.

For Anti Magic Trap you have to have the Coven Leader visit your target.

  • Anyone who has claimed a powerful to control role in the day chat (such as Vigilante) you should trap, as these players will soon become the Coven Leaders brand new toys.
  • If someone is complaining about repeated control, trap them to save them from their torment.
  • Anyone who has a lead on a Coven member will be controlled to stop them from finding out anything in the night, so trap them.
  • Once the Coven Leader has the Necronomicon they are able to kill players, so anybody who poses a threat is next on the control list. Use this to your advantage.

Mafia Edit

The easiest of the three achievements that can be earned by winning a game in which none of your faction is killed at night or through lynching is considered to be the Sicilian Mafia.

Mafioso Edit

To get Micheal Corleone you must be promoted to Godfather.

  • In this case, a bad Godfather is your best friend. If they get themself under suspicion (which they most likely will) or if your Mafia agrees to buss them (hang them to confirm one of you as a Townie, you'll be promoted in a second.
  • Many times the Godfather can be killed by a Werewolf or Arsonist accidentally, and if you aren't also killed by the Neutral Killings you're getting promoted quickly.
  • In normal gameplay many times you'll be promoted, so this achievement is easy to get.

To get Loyal Servant you have to get to the end of the game without dying or being promoted.

  • For this, you will need the opposite of a Micheal Corlone earning Godfather. You both need to fly under the Town's radar, or else a promotion or your death will kill your chance of an acheivement.
  • If you don't have a Godfather in the first place this is easier to get, because all you have to do is not die.
  • All general strategies on the Mafioso page can prevent death, unfortunatley you cannot directly effect the Godfathers playstyle.

Godfather Edit

The Godfather, unlike most roles, has only one achievement other than winning 1, 5, 10 and 25 games as the role. This achievement is called Mastermind, and is earnt by winning the game without dying.

  • For this achievement, you have to have a good and co-operative Mafia.
    • If you have a threat to your life (and win) in your team, buss them. Explain to them that you are making yourself a "confirmed Townie" by hanging them, and that their job is to trick the Medium. This gives you a much better chance of winning and surviving, so if a player isn't following the team strategy bussing is a great outlet. Use with caution, though, as you cannot afford to lose too many teammates.
  • Being spawned into an All Any round as a solo Godfather can also net you this achievement if you can win.
    • For this kind of round, you are essentially a Serial Killer. A solo-killer with basic attack and defence. You luckily get the advantage of detection immunity, better claim space and the ability to trick the Town that there is multiple teammates. Use Serial Killer strategies mixed with Godfather claiming strategies, both found on their respective pages.
  • Any gamemode that has the Godfather in it you're confident with you should go for.
  • If you are playing Coven Lovers, you can win as a Godfather in a Lovers Win. Target all those without lovers to end the round quickly and net you the win.

Ambusher Edit

To get Surgical Precision, you have to ambush a Doctor.

  • A Poisoner being in the game is your best friend. If a victim claims poisoned, ambush their house and you are sure to hit a Doctor.
  • If a role like the Jailor reveals, there should be a Town Protective heading to them. Picking off the Town Protectives is a great way to help your team and grab the achievement along the way!
  • Only ambush a Mayors house if your Mafia needs it, as a Doctor is unable to visit them.

To get A Fatal Error, you have to ambush a Werewolf.

  • If the Werewolf drops any clues in their Death Note, follow the hints.
  • Anyone who has Basic Defence and seems to pose a threat to a Werewolf will be targeted, so ambush them.
  • If you are planning to remain under cover until your can become Mafioso, but want this achievement, make sure you only amush on Even/Full Moon nights.

To get A Diseased Blade, you must ambush Pestilence.

  • Unlike when trying to get Surgical Precision, targeting a Mayor is a great idea, as they are the only role to win against Pestilence in a stalemate.
  • Anybody who has an idea of who Pestilence is, you should ambush. Pestilence should try and get them out of the way as soon as possible.
  • If the Medium has told you who a Jester is haunting, and they don't die, don't prepare an ambush at their house, and if you're willing to forfiet the achievement, get them hung.

Blackmailer Edit

To get "Gag Order" you have to blackmail the same player 3 times.

  • If there's a Townie who could have important information against you or your Mafia, this achievement is simple. Make sure the information never sees the light of day, and you'll nab this achievement soon enough.
  • You can also blackmail a random player, but beware, you could blackmail an ally.
  • Classic Salem is often your best choice, because in Coven games a Crusader could end your reign of silence.

Getting "Oops" requires you to blackmail a member of the Mafia.

  • You need the help of a Transporter, Witch or Coven Leader.
  • Always go to a Witch first, because some may see going to a Transporter or Coven Leader may be seen as game throwing.
  • Try not to ask a Coven Leader, because they will find out your role. If they work out you were going for this achievement, half of your team or more could be busted.

Getting "Self Conscious" is often at the same time as "Oops". You will need to blackmail yourself for this.

Consigliere Edit

Getting "How'd that happen?" involves you investigating the Godfather.

To get "Uh Oh", you have to find a Veteran.

  • Unlike the name suggests, you do not have to visit them on alert. So don't waste nights trying to be killed.
  • Investigating Veteran claims can either lead to either a Veteran who hasn't scored a kill or an evil role.
  • If a Veteran does kill people, they often reveal it was them. Investigate them and it's sure-fire to find the Veteran.

To get "Kill him, quick!", you have to find the Sheriff.

  • Anybody majorly contributing to the Town could be a Sheriff waiting for info on your team mates.
  • Sheriffs will out themselves if they've found a Neutral Killing or a fellow Mafia member. You have a clear path once they find either one of those.
  • Sheriffs may try to lay low, so investigating quiet players may work too.

Consort Edit

The achievement "Dangerous Profession" is easy enough to get in a game with a Serial Killer. You can try to get this in any game mode that has a Neutral Killing and a Random Mafia/Mafia Support.

  • To try and hit the Serial Killer, role block anyone the Mafia finds has Basic + defense. Make sure your teammates are on-board with this, as trying to get the achievement may be seen as Game Throwing. Make sure if it's not a confirmed Serial Killer in the role list, to let the Serial Killer kill someone before you role block them.

Disguiser Edit

The achievement "Slippery Chameleon" is rather easy to get, and if you play your cards right you can get it with "Master of Deceit" through the same strategy.

  • Simply disguise every night, and avoid players that may seem to be a Veteran, or even targeted by a Werewolf, if you cannot reliably claim there isn't a Werewolf in the game. After three nights, you will have "Slippery Chameleon", and if you do happen to die afterward, you will get "Master of Deceit".

Forger Edit

Derailed involves sucsessfully forging the will of an Investigator.

  • Luckily, Investigators have to out themselves to become useful, meaning they'll make themself obvious and a clear target for any killers, your Mafioso or/and Godfather included.
  • In most gamemodes, Investigators can be present, so you have a lot of choises. Pick a gamemode you feel comfortable in and that you know that the Town is easily decieved in.

Counterfeit Connoisseur is earnt by simply forging a will.

  • All Forger strategies work for this achievement. Simply play the role the best you can.

Whoops! and Could it be worse? are two achievents that can be earnt together. Whoops! is earnt by forging a will on a Mafia member.

  • You need the help of a Witch, Transporter or Coven Leader for this achievement. When getting the help of a Witch or Coven Leader, you have to know that member of the Mafia will die on the night to get their help.
  • Go to a Witch first and formost for help in exchange for their safety, since going to one of the other two roles can possibly (or in the Coven Leaders case, definetly) out your role to them.
  • A Transporter is your second course of action, as they can guarruntee the death of the member you're forging if they go with the Mafia Killings choice as a target, as well as that they don't directly get your role from it.
  • Only go to a Coven Leader if necessary. If you're going to the Coven Leader, make sure they have the Necronomicon make yourself the target (ask them to control you into yourself), because you will get two achievements and only out one member (who is already dead by the time they find out your role).
  • If you're going for another member, ask for their approval first and formost, and make sure all members are okay with you killing another member.

Could it be worse? is achieved when you forge yourself.

  • You need a Witch, Coven Leader or Transporters help for this.
  • You can achieve Whoops! at the same time as this, so try for this before trying to get Could It Be Worse?
  • A Transporter is your easiest way to achieve death, if you know who your Mafia Killing is targeting that night.
  • A Witch is a good idea, but you need to rely on a Vigilante, Neutral Killing or Neutral Chaos role for it to work.
  • Coven Leaders with the Necronomicon can guarruntee your death when controlled into yourself, so it is possible to go to them for help. When claiming aloud, claim any role where they have a self visit achievement.
  • Always ask if your Mafia is fine with you dying before directly trying for this achievement.

Framer Edit

"That was pointless" (frame a member of the Mafia) and "Whoops" (frame yourself) are two hard achievements that are commonly earned together.

  • The only way to get these is using a Transporter or a Witch.
  • You'll only get "Whoops" if a Witch controlled you to frame yourself.
    • If the Mafia is in contact with a Witch, you can ask them for this achievement.


For the "On Strike" achievement (win the game without cleaning any bodies), it is effective for you to still have the Mafia doing their business successfully.

  • It is also possible to get this achievement if you die early but the Mafia still win, so don't leave if you die!

"Impossible!" (cleaning yourself) can only be earned if there is a Witch or a Transporter and you accidentally attack yourself.

  • It may be tempting to ask a Witch to help you clean yourself, but note this is gamethrowing unless you will win anyway or your Mafia friends agree with it. This almost always is achieved accidentally.
  • Bear in mind that if this achievement has to be earned with either two Witches, which doesn't exist on ranked, or a Transporter.

Hypnotist Edit

Cluck Like A Chicken involves hypnotising 5 players in a match.

  • Setting up your claim means utelization of your hypnotisim if you plan on remaining in your investigative results.
  • Basic Hypnotist strategies work for this achievement.
  • You have to survive until at least night 5, so make sure the Mafia has no reason to bus you and that you stay out of the way of Town Investigatives, Coven Leaders and Potion Masters.

Look Away and You Were Confused are commonly earnt together. Look Away is earnt by hypnotising a member of the Mafia.

  • You will have to be controlled by a Coven Leader or have your target swapped by the Transporter. Unlike the Non-DCL roles, you don't have any completely gamethrow-free ways of getting this achievement, so make sure you tell your Mafia what you're doing.
  • Go to the Transporter for help first and foremost. They don't directly get your role when they help you out.
  • Only ask for a Coven Leaders help before night 3, because on that night they gain the ability to kill you. But be careful, because once they know your role you've easily become fodder for them to gain the "Confirmed Townie" status among the Town. Out them in your last words if this happens.

You Were Confused is achieved by hypnotising yourself.

  • Once again, the Transporter is the safest option out of your two choices. No revealing and no death, simply perfect for your achievement. You can easily claim Escort getting 'I look good!'.
  • As with Look Away, make sure your Mafia teammates know what you're doing, it's always best to have clarity in the team.
  • Some players may believe it best to sacrifice themself and go to the Coven Leader after they get the Necronomicon rather than risk them using you to become a Confirmed Townies. Make sure to ask your teammates if they're okay with you dying before asking for the achievement.

Neutral Edit

To earn Pacifist in Training (win with half of the Neutral roles) and Indifferent (win with all of the Neutral roles), try playing these modes:

Amnesiac Edit

"I Am Who I Am" is an achievement that is extremely difficult to earn in certain modes and extremely easy in others.

  • This achievement is the easiest to get in All Any and Rainbow Mode because there must be another Amnesiac who must die before you, AND you must live long enough to remember Amnesiac.

"Still Neutral" also depends on the role list.

"Taking Sides" should be earned at the right time. (ie. when the Mafia have a majority or you feel like supporting them.)

  • If you select a Random Mafia when all of the members of the Mafia have died, you will remember yourself as a Mafioso since you are promoted, along with gaining the achievement.

Guardian Angel Edit

Devine Intervention needs you to save your target.

  • All basic Guardian Angel strategies work for this, unless you prefer to sit back and wait to become a Survivor.
  • The popular 'Save Night 1' strategy is good to get this achievement.
  • There isn't very much strategy to this achievement other than using one of your two protections, so go ahead and do whatever.

From Beyond The Grave is earnt by saving your target while dead.

  • Jester strategies can apply to get you dead in the first place.
  • Aggressive Townies and killers are your best friend when it comes to getting you into the graveyeard.
  • Once you are dead, it's just a simple matter of clicking a button, not much thinking required. Make sure to use the protection when you think your target will need it though, because the backup win as a Survivor isn't an option anymore.

Revitalized needs you to purge both dousing and poisioning from your target.

  • This means you need both a Poisoner and an Arsonist in the game, and your target can't be said Arsonist or a member of the Coven without a Transporter to get them to douse themselves or be poisioned.
  • Since you and your target won't know when an Arsonist douses them, unless your target is an Arsonist themself, you don't have much to go on.
  • Since you can't predict the Arsonists douses, you will simply have to wait until your target claims poisoned to the Town and hope for an Arsonist to have doused them.

Survivor Edit

To get "Trusting a Psycho" (win with a Serial Killer) and "Kevlar" (have your bulletproof vest save you from death), try playing Rainbow Mode

  • With the large quantity of killing roles, you are likely to get attacked if you used your bulletproof vest the first four nights. Winning with a Serial Killer is harder; try paying attention to player's role claims, players who have Defense, and who claims to have been repeatedly controlled by a Witch.

To get "Not Afraid" (win without using a bulletproof vest), you should claim to be a Survivor on Day 1 and claim that you will not use your bulletproof vest the entire game.

  • There have been reports of bugs where a player chooses to use their bulletproof vest, then change their mind before the night is over (and the game registers it as not using a single bulletproof vest the rest of the game), but still do not earn this achievement. Attempt to avoid clicking the button to use your bulletproof vest unless you are sure that you should use your bulletproof vest.

"Kevlar" (have your bulletproof vest save you from death) can be earned simply by using your bulletproof vest when you think you may be attacked.

  • However, if a Vigilante or/and Doctor is looking to be confirmed, you could ask to be shot and then use your bulletproof vest to earn both the Town's trust, get an achievement, and confirm a Vigilante. Just hope an Escort or Consort doesn't join in on the fun.

Arsonist Edit

To get "Disco Inferno" (igniting 5 or more people in one night), you'll need to douse 5 or more people before igniting them later.

  • Additionally, dead people who were doused earlier will still be counted when you ignited, so don't worry if your target was dead the next day. Be patient and don't bring suspicion onto yourself!
  • Also be careful: a Lookout will see your visits, a Bodyguard will kill you if you were caught dousing people, so make sure to douse them first.

Acquiring "It's Getting Hot in Here" (where you need to ignite yourself), you'll need to be doused by another Arsonist and not clean the gas off you, then igniting.

  • Afterward, press the button next to your name to ignite all doused targets. You'll be ignited immediately and get the achievement. You will die, but hopefully, the other Arsonist can save the win, allowing both of you to claim victory.
  • This also works when another Arsonist ignited you after you were doused.

Igniting a Serial Killer and the Godfather on the same night or on different nights will make you unlock: "There Can Only be One".

  • You should play on Rainbow Mode or All Any to get this, then continue to douse people as usual before igniting them. Remember, if another Arsonist has already doused them, you could just ignite them immediately.

Juggernaut Edit

Getting "level up" requires you to gain all of your abilities by night five

  • Attack players who you suspect are evil or will not be targeted by a Werewolf or a town protective role
  • Remember to attack people who you suspect to have basic defense as your powerful attack will bypass their defense

To get "Out of Control" you must kill a player in jail

  • You must have your unstoppable attack to do this so make sure to have that before attacking
  • Try to target someone you believe will be jailed such as a revealed Mayor

To get "I’m the Juggernaut witch!" you need to kill the Coven Leader

  • Attack who you believe is the Coven Leader as even with their basic defense you will kill them
  • You can try and claim a town protective role to make the Coven Leader target you but this might get you killed by Medusa
  • If you have your rampage attack you will kill the Coven Leader if they attempt to make you target yourself

Serial Killer Edit

Getting "Dexter Morgan" (kill the Jailor who jailed you) requires getting jailed and having the Jailor not choose to execute you, resulting in you killing the Jailor.

  • You do not have to totally convince the Jailor that you are innocent, only that the risk of executing you is greater than the reward.
  • Try to claim a Town role, as many Jailors will execute any Neutral claims. Survivors and Executioners are common claims for a Serial Killer and a Godfather to explain your Defense. If the Jailor executes a Townie, he loses all remaining executions, but if he executes a Neutral role, he will only use one execution and will have eliminated a player that could potentially harm the Town.

Getting "Psychopathic Pact" (win the game with another Serial Killer) is the easiest to get in Rainbow Mode (where there are two Serial Killers in the role list).

Werewolf Edit

To earn "Rampage", try playing a game mode with a lot of visiting roles, like Custom Mode, All Any, or Rainbow Mode (if you can manage to be a Werewolf in that Game Mode, it is rather unlikely. If you want this achievement from Rainbow Mode, you will need scrolls for it be in a timely manner.)

  • Try visiting anyone who is suspicious and will be visited by a lot of Town roles, or someone who talks a lot or is helpful to the Town, as many evil roles will most likely visit them.

"Triple Threat" is rather complicated and requires a lot of decision making.

  • As modes like Ranked and Ranked Practice cannot have 3 Neutral Killing roles, this achievement must be gained in either All Any, Rainbow (with lots of luck), Custom, or Rapid Mode. Custom Mode would be your best bet as, if you are the Host of the game, you can make the role list have a Godfather in it, as the Godfather cannot attack unless there is no Mafioso.
  • Try attacking those who are very active and harmful to evil roles, as these people will most likely be killed off by evil roles.
  • If you think the Godfather may be attacked by a Serial Killer and doused by an Arsonist, or some other way around, you may want to risk attacking the Godfather, but be wary that you might not get the achievement and ruin your chances to get it later in the game.

"Jailbreak" is also rather difficult, as you must be suspicious enough to be jailed, or simply randomly jailed, but not suspicious enough to be executed.

  • Obviously, you need a Jailor for this role to work, so Ranked, Ranked Practice, or Custom Mode are your best bet for this.
    • Having a Retributionist in game also helps as they are likely to revive the Jailor if they die early.
  • Make yourself appear on the Jailor's radar, either by not talking enough, talking too much, or some other action. Just get the Jailor to jail you above all else. Once jailed, make sure they do not execute you by delaying them or putting off their suspicion long enough for them to let you live.

Executioner Edit

Getting "Quick Execution" (get your target lynched on day 2) is difficult since most experienced Townies will dismiss such attempts as a bad Executioner.

  • Claiming Sheriff and accusing your target of being a member of the Mafia (especially in Classic Mode) will probably not work, as you may be counterclaimed by another Town Investigative, or your target may convince the Town that he was framed. If you don't get your target lynched the day you make an accusation, you will likely never get them lynched (and will also not earn the achievement). If the Serial Killer or Mafia target you, they will know of your Basic Defense and may alert the Town in their Death Note.
  • Claiming to be a Lookout and saying that your target was the only one to visit a Serial Killer's or the Mafia's victim might work, as your victim cannot claim that they were framed. However, as mentioned above, getting your target lynched that Day is critical, as the Mafia or Serial Killer may attack you and alert the Town.
  • Of course, simply voting up your target might work. Some evils may end up voting with you, although successfully reaching a guilty verdict is highly unlikely. This works better with an inexperienced Town.

Getting "Live once, die Twice" (get your target lynched twice) is also difficult, since your target will be a confirmed Townie after being revived.

  • To get your target lynched the first time, use the normal Executioner strategies.
  • To get your target lynched the second time, try claiming that they have been turned into a Vampire. To make this claim believable, Vampire, Random Neutral, or Any must be on the role list. It helps if either a Vampire or a Vampire Hunter has died (Vampire Hunters only appear in game with at least one Vampire). Claiming to be a Lookout and saying that your target was visited by a confirmed Vampire might work, unless you have already claimed another role (possibly to get your target lynched the first time) or if players have concluded that you are an Executioner.
  • You may also hope that your target lives until a faction has the majority or that your target gets into a 1v1v1 situation, then ask the Mafia or other team to lynch your target to get the achievement.

Getting "Popular Target" requires you to be attacked five or more times in the game. To do that, you would need to lure the Mafia, Serial Killer, Vampires, and Vigilantes to you. For tips on luring people to your home, see the Veteran page.

  • Getting four people to attack you would only mean one more attack is needed. To do that, make the Jailor to jail and execute you, making up your fifth attack. For tips on that, see the Jester page.
    • However, people are probably going to say that you had a higher Defense value than their Attack value. When this happens, say you were jailed. This will almost certainly lead to an execution by a Jailor. In that case, you would get the achievement.
    • The easiest way to get it is when Godfather, {Serial Killer}}, and you are left alive. This is guaranteed to get you attacked many times before the Game is decided by you.

Jester Edit

Arsonists Evil Spirit, Godfathers Phantom, and Serial Killers Specter requires you to haunt one of these 3 roles.

  • Scum Reading is invaluable for this, as it can clue you in as to which role is which.
  • If any of the 3 roles above are forced into a stalemate, it's your best oportunity to ask to be lynched. If the Godfather is one of those two roles, they will happily say yes. Pity is a great outlet for lynching. Since Vote-Pulling no longer works, you may have the opportunity to kill either.
  • Although it is mean, tricking the Mafia is a great idea for Godfathers Phantom. If you ask the Mafia who their members are to vote innocent on every Mafia member (Say it's helping them and helping you if the member gets shot). Then, try and deduce their leader, and once you're lynched, haunt them.
  • If you like to go with luck, then all basic Jester strategies are viable to get you the opportunity to get these achievements.

Witch Edit

"Double-Edged Sword" requires a lot of Town roles and obviously a Veteran, so playing modes like Ranked, Ranked Practice, and most of all Custom Mode or Rapid Mode are your best bets.

  • Control people every night, and force people into others who seem to be Veteran-baiting. Control any confirmed Town you know as well.

"Directing the Blade" requires a Serial Killer to be controlled 5 times, so having a Serial Killer is essential, making things like Ranked and Ranked Practice not the best choice for this.

For "Two Birds, One Stone", play Vigilantics with a group of friends as it just consists of Vigilantes and Witches.

Pirate Edit

On a roll requires you win 2 duels in a row.

  • You cannot lose one round, so make sure you know what you're doing.
  • Making a deal with the Town to kill their suspicious people in return for life and a free win.
  • Use your Death Note for mind games. Tricking your opponents narrows your chance of losing.
  • All basic Pirate strategies work for this, as your goal is to win, so check out the page for more strategies!

Duelist needs you to win 5 duels in a game.

  • Losing is an option in your duels, but death isn't. Make sure the Townies don't have a reason to kill you.
  • Only duel a known Serial Killer if you know they've given up. If they haven't, they'll try their best to trick and kill you.
  • Striking a deal with the Town like in On a roll is a great idea.
  • You cannot agree to become a pasifict once you've won, so make sure that they don't expect you to stop dueling once you've won 2 duels.

But You Have Heard Of Me requires you lose 10 duels in a game.

  • This actually requires a bit of strategy, as you have to survive until night 10, as well as not having a winner until night 11.
  • You can only get this with a long game. Escorts and Consorts are your best friend for slowing down the game.
  • Being upfront and honest with the Town is actually an option. Say you're going for the achievement and reveal what attack you will use each night should get you this achievement. But beware an agressive Town, as although you agreed to be completely passive, a Vigilante or Jailor may spell the end of your master plan.

Plaguebearer Edit

To get the A Virulent Plague achievement, you must have every player infected by day 5.

  • Try to use a Coven Custom round with a lot of visiting roles.
  • Play a game without many players. The less there is, the easier it is to infect them all. Coven Custom is also ideal for this as it gets not many players.

To get Invincible, you must have a Jailor attempt to execute you.

  • Going into a gamemode with either a Town Killing, Jailor, Random Town or Any is essential. You must also have a Neutral Chaos, Plaguebearer, Random Neutral or Any slot along side it.
  • You have to make sure you become suspicious enough to Jail after you become Pestilence. You have to strike a balancing act, and avoid the noose as much as possible. After this, make sure your false evidence for you is bad enough to execute for.

Getting Unholy Strike involves the same strategies as the Werewolf achievement Rampage.

  • Play Coven game modes with a lot of visiting roles.
  • Visit suspicious players, as a lot of Townies will visit them.
  • Visit helpful players, as a lot of Evil roles will target them.

Vampire Edit

Getting Blood Lust is often by accident, as it's simply converting one person.

  • All Any is good for this, or anything with a Neutral Chaos slot will do.
  • Go for someone you think is Town. Hitting a Coven or Mafia member won't help you.

Getting True Blood requires you to gain a full team

  • You have to either be the first Vampire, or the second Vampire after the first one has died.
  • Blood Lust is also often gained along side this achievement.
  • All Any is good for this.

Grave Endeavors involves having no Vampires die the whole round.

  • Bite players you see are playing well, as they most likely won't get killed.
  • Biting semi-confirmed Townies is a good idea, as they'll have Town Protectives on them. However, if a Vampire Hunter tries staking them, the jig is up.
  • Another strategy could be to not bite anyone. If you believe biting someone else will cost you the achievement, you can try and survive alone.
  • Don't bite revealed Mayors, because if someone tries whispering, or they have to vote, they'll be caught.
  • Don't try and let everyone win if you have four Vampires. If it's a Townie and your whole team left, don't lynch one of your own to hand them a victory with you. Just lynch the Townie.
  • Play a Custom game with as little killing roles/people as possible.

Coven Edit

Coven Leader Edit

"A Helping Hand" requires the player to get the control target get stoned by the Medusa.

  • This achievement is easy to get as it's a common strategy in Classic Coven.

"Influenced Infection" requires a Pestilence and a controllable target

  • For this achievement you need to control a player to the Pestilence. If you find the Plaguebearer, keep him alive until he becomes the Pestilence and then control a player to him. This is easier in Classic Coven.

"Kill Command" requires the player to command a Jailor to get the Jailor's target executed.

  • If you find the Jailor and know who he may jail, control him and make him target the jailed person.

This is very effective if there is a revealed Mayor, as you know their role and can easily get them jailed.

Note: This achievement is bugged in as one could get the achievement even if they controlled the Jailor to a person who was not jailed. It's not confirmed if this has been patched.

Hex Master Edit

Whammied involves killing 5 or more players in your final hex.

  • You have to aim for players likely to survive but unlikely to be protected. Members of evil teams such as the Mafia have less of a chance to die, as well as Town members who have claimed a role and proved themself which is not a role that threatens evils.
  • People with a Guardian Angel are prime targets for hexing, as the Guardian Angel will protect them without immediatley killing you in the process.

Backfire! needs you to hit a fellow Coven member with your hex. You need the help of a Transporter for this.

  • If a Potion Master or Coven Leader identifies a Transporter, you can try and get their help for the achievement. Most players go along with helping for achievements, and you don't need to tell them which achievement you're going for.
  • Making yourself the Coven member who is being hexed can prevent a Transporter from working out that you're going for a team achievement if you ask for it.
    • Do keep in mind that some members could think of it as gamethrowing for you to hex either one of them or yourself.

Curse the Gods needs you to hex Pestilence. If you do not have the Necronomicon you will die from this.

  • If a Potion Master or Coven Leader identifies a Plaguebearer, ask them to keep the Plaguebearer alive for you to attempt this achievement. Once the Pestilence summon message comes up you can hex them.
    • Try to make this person your final target, so you can start the final hex once you die.
  • If evidence comes up against someone, but they are not lynched, you can hex them.
  • You can hex every player until you get the Pestilence. You will know because if you live as you will have the achievement pop up on your screen. You will get lucky eventually.
    • If you do survive this, tell your Coven so one of them can confirm themself and get the Townies trust, or tell the Town yourself and confirm youself.
    • If you die, tell a Medium. Remember, although it is helping the Town to tell them, it also helps your Coven. If you plan on lying to the Medium, use this bit of information first, because if they do hang the Pestilence the Medium will trust you more.

Poisoner Edit

Blight is obtained by posioning 5 people in one game.

  • This means you cannot in most situations remain undercover. You have to start poisioning rather soon because if you're in a quick round, you won't have the 5 end of the game nights to kill on.
  • General Poisoner strategies can be used for this achievement, just play as normal.

Last Meal is obtained through your target dying in jail.

  • You need a Jailor to be in the game for this achievement, so Custom is a good mode if you can guaruntee both roles will be in the game.
  • Try to avoid poisioning the Jailor, as they cannot jail themself.
  • Luckily, jailed targets cannot be healed, so they will die once in there.
  • If you believe a player will be under suspicion the next day, poison them and make sure they aren't lynched. This will get the Jailor right onto them.

Delayed Paranoia is earnt through your target dying on alert.

  • You have to target the Veteran for this, which is risky since you don't know when they will alert. There also has to be a Veteran in the round, so Custom is good for this.
  • If your Coven Leader has found a Blackmailer you can use them to keep the Veteran quiet about their poison.
  • If the Veteran is kind, they will alert for you once they've been poisioned. Don't count on this though.
  • If you have the Necronomicon and the Town knows it, the Veteran might alert once they know they are poisioned since they may aswell try to take any killers down with them.
  • You can also trick the Veteran that the Doctor (if there is one) is a Potion Master. They'll alert to get rid of the threat and give you the achievement. This works best if a Potion Master has killed someone, so they know one is in the round. Make sure that if you have a Potion Master they don't actually visit the Veteran or else they'll survive and you will lose a teamate.
  • Poisioning a confirmed Veteran is a good idea, as Town Protectives will leave them to defend themself, leaving you clear to poision.

Potion Master Edit

For The Horseman, you have to use a reveal potion on Pestilence.

  • If there is someone you suspect, use the potion on them. You may be right.
  • If you are forced to be a kingmaker and have no way to win (eg: You vs Pestilence vs Werewolf), hang the role that is not Pestilence (ask them both to claim and hang the non-Pestilence claim. Remember not so say who you'll let win or else they'll both claim Pestilence) and then investigate them. Although Coven will not win you'll get the achievement as a make-up gift.
  • If there is enough players for the Coven to win, but someone is being lynched who you know isn't the Pestilence, hang them anyways and bait the Pestilence into attacking you, and investigate him so he wastes a night on you.
  • Whilst revealing the Pestilence, you will die as a result as any roles that visit Pestilence get attacked.

For Natural Remedies, you have to sucessfully heal a Coven member 5 times.

  • If you know a member is being attacked by the Mafia once you have the Necronomicon, heal them, and the Mafia should try attacking the one night past the initial attack. Heal them again that night so that you can rack up 2 heals towards your achievement.
  • Whenever you have a Heal potion ready and a Vigilante is asked to prove themself by shooting your teammate, heal them for another point towards the achievement. If you are forced to claim Doctor and put it in your will you healed them, if asked why, say that you thought they were innocent and didn't want to lose two Townies.
  • If you see a Necromancer accidentally send a ghoul to a Coven member, heal them or risk the loss of a teammate.
  • Sometimes, it's up to random luck whether your Coven members will be attacked and you heal them at the right time.

For The Trifecta, you have to use all 3 potions in a game.

  • Try to use killing potions later into the game, so that people don't realise there's a Potion Master in the game, giving you more claim space.
  • When you don't have the Necronomicon, you can aim for the Natural Remedies acheivement, then try to use a killing potion later for this achievement.
  • All basic Potion Master strategies can be used for this achievement, so visit their page for more tips.

Medusa Edit

There are only 2 Achievements for Medusa.

  • The Achievement 'Rockin Party' has to be achieved when 3 people visit you. Try to bait people like a veteran into you and see if you get many stones. The Coven Leader can help you by controlling somebody into you.
  • Note that Because you baited and Many people died, a smart Town member will realise that you are the Medusa baiting others into themselves.

Be careful that you do not bait killing roles like Vigilante or Serial Killer, as you will also die along with them.

To gain the Achievement 'Stone Wall', you have to stone a revealed Mayor. You have to have the Necronomicon to do this, as the Coven Leader cannot control the Mayor to visit you.  

  • You have to be careful that you do not encounter any Bodyguards or Crusaders, otherwise you will die.
  • Try to get rid of the Town Protectives before you do this, just to make sure that you do not die.
  • It is currently Unknown whether who the Necronomicon goes to after the Coven Leader, so the Coven Leader has to die in order for you to get the Achievement.

Necromancer Edit

All four of the Achievements are all resurrections of corpses, which all generally happen in normal play.

  • To get 'Renewed Bloodlust', you simply need to revive a Serial Killer and use the body on somebody else. This is easily achieveable through normal Coven ranked or Ranked Practice
  • To get 'Blood Moon', you need to reanimate a Werewolf. This is also easily achieveable through Coven Ranked. Note that to use the body successfully, you need to use the body on a {[Full Moon}} night, otherwise nothing will happen.You will still gain the Achievement though.
  • To get 'An Extinct disease', you need to reanimate Pestilence. This is normally achieveably through Coven Classic, there is no Plaguebearer in Coven Ranked. However, you will have to wait until the Pestilence dies, which takes a long time as they need to infect everybody first.
  • To get 'Revived and Rejuvinated', you need to reanimate a Dead Doctor and use them to heal yourself/ other Coven members. This is a Relatively Easy achievement to get, as Doctors are very common in Coven Ranked.