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It was a cold room, distant from the rest of the world. Cigar smoke abundant in the air, the translucent substance masking two figures sitting across from one another. "You seek me, and you have found me, what's more, before I could find you. I'm rather impressed." Vocalized an Italian man, puffing on a cigar, he drew it down to an ashtray, and relieved it of its duties. It had fulfilled its purpose; much like every goon and mafioso in the past had for him. "I was unsure to who else I could seek. Truth is," the figure smiles menacingly, "When I broke out, my urge to kill was too much for me to control. Who better than The Godfather?" Mused a raspy voice, the smile enduring through the comment.

Utter silence filled the room, and the smoke began to dissipate. The Godfather rolls his tongue around in his mouth before speaking rest assuringly, "Very well Mr. Serial Killer, I'm a family man. I'll take care of you, but in return I ask of one thing." The Serial Killer's smile widened, "Oh?" He asked faintly, "That you treat this family, as they are, family, more so than even your own, capisce?" Replied the man across from him, a serious look on his face. The Serial Killer shrugged, "My family died, I killed them, but I can assure you that won't happen. So long, you keep me... 'Occupied.'" Said the Serial Killer in return.

A grim smirk formed across The Godfather's face, and he leaned back in his chair, propping his feet on the table between the two; placing a cigar in his mouth, and lighting it, the male spoke, though gibberish in sounding, still audible, "I have the perfect place for you, my friend," he continued on, shifting the cigar away from his lips, "and I think you will fulfill its purpose rather well." The words echoed in the back of the Serial Killer's mind, as he leaped from the bushes tackling a nosy Lookout, digging his knife into the unsuspecting victims chest countless times. A crazed look filled the murderer's eyes, as he laughed admiring his victim's demise. The Godfather watched from afar, a satisfied grin on his face. "Only those who admire you from a distance will know, my sweet Ambusher." (credit)


  • You can choose to lie in wait at someone's house each night. You will deal a Basic Attack to ONE random visitor.
    • Other Mafia roles cannot be attacked
    • However, the Ambusher is able to attack the Town Traitor.
  • All visitors to your target will learn your name (even if Disguised).
  • Therefore, Mediums can prove to be a major threat. The message is: "You saw [Ambusher] prepare an ambush while visiting your target."
  • All visitors who visit your target will learn your name, even if they don't die. If two or more people visit your target, at least one other person will know your name, since the Ambusher can only kill one of them.
  • When all other Mafia Killing roles die, you will be promoted to a Mafioso.
  • You cannot select yourself or another Mafia member to lie in wait at their/your house.
  • Your visit is a passive visit, meaning you will not be attacked by any Bodyguards or Traps on your target.


  • As an Ambusher, your goal is to kill off Town Protective roles and Lookouts to open them up for the Mafia to kill directly. This means you should focus on people who you know won't be visited twice but at least once. This can open them up for the Mafia to kill later. Two kills per night can be a major help, especially if the Mafia needs the majority as quickly as possible to win.
  • Target important confirmed Townies. The Town would likely protect them allowing you to be able to kill them. This will always help with big hindrances such as Lookouts and Town Protective roles.
    • If you know that the Doctor is healing a Town role, visit the person that they are healing. You will kill the Doctor and leave the Townie vulnerable. This is also a recommended strategy with Bodyguards.
  • You only kill one visitor to your target and you are revealed to all visitors, so be careful who you ambush. Randomly choosing a target early on is not a good idea, as it reveals your name and likely won't have a huge impact on the Town.
    • It is usually smart to ambush people who are usually quiet as you may hit a Town Investigative.
  • Targeting an early Mayor reveal may be tempting, remember that they often have multiple visitors, which risks exposing you (Also applies for "TP/LO" callers ).
  • Targeting a player that left the same Day/Night is generally pointless aside from tricking Spies, as you'll generally have a better chance of ambushing someone by targeting another player. The only exception to this is if a Janitor or Forger decides to visit that player and you want to protect them from a potential Crusader.
  • You should also try to target the possible targets of Town Investigatives. Waiting around a suspicious Townie or possible Neutral Killing can take them out. Try visiting a person who has been accused of "being suspicious". This will most likely guarantee a hit against a Town Investigative role but still be careful of those being extremely suspicious as they, most likely, will be visited by more than one person, giving away your role. Beware, because Werewolves also use this tactic.
  • If someone claims to have visited your target, but you didn't attack any visitors, that player could be an Executioner, a Neutral Benign, or a rival evil role. You should reveal this to the Mafia at Night to decide what action to take against them.
  • If there's an Escort roaming around and you lack a Mafioso + Godfather combo, predicting who they'll role block next and ambushing them can take out a dangerous role that can guarantee a loss if they find your killer.
  • You are the only Mafia Killing role that can kill a Transporter with little risk. By placing an ambush on the the Transporter's house, you can deny them the ability to protect themselves, and they'll be killed by you if they try to transport themselves. However, the Transporter can be useful for messing up the Town Investigative roles, so try to weigh the benefits and risks before ambushing them.
    • If a known Survivor claims to have been transported the day after they reveal, consider targeting the Survivor. There's a very high chance that the Transporter will transport them again to act as a "human shield" and you'll be able to kill them without the risk of the Transporter swapping the Survivor with a Mafia member. You may also have an easier time encouraging the Survivor to side with the Mafia later on by doing this, if they are indeed a Survivor.
    • Make sure to note if the existence of any Mediums are in play, as they will certainly reveal you provided you kill the Transporter.
  • You are also the only killing role (aside from a Vampire Hunter) that cannot kill or harm your own teammates by any means. A Witch/Coven Leader, Transporter, and even a Necromancer cannot force you to attack fellow members of the Mafia.
  • You can also try to attack the same target as the Godfather/Mafioso if you suspect that someone might also visit that target. You may kill a Lookout or an Escort doing this. Keep in mind however, that the same target may have multiple visitors, exposing you.
  • If somebody claims poisoned, you should always consider if it's worth it to ambush them. If there is a Doctor in the game, they are more than likely to visit that poisoned target. However, when you or one of your Mafia friends gets poisoned, you might need that Doctor. If the target claims poisoned on the same night the Poisoner died, however, it is usually safe to ambush them, as the Poisoner can no longer cause any harm to your team (unless there is a Necromancer). When the Poisoner obtains the Necronomicon, this all becomes obsolete, as the Doctor can't heal their targets anymore and won't waste their time trying to do so.
  • If you are dealing with Vampires or Coven members, you can single-handedly take them out yourself if you know who they would go for. Vampires want to go for open targets to convert, and the Coven wants to kill off or investigate roles that may do them harm. Waiting around these targets can take them out with the added bonus of their teammates not knowing who the Ambusher is (unlike the Medusa) provided that there are no other visitors when you kill them.
    • If you manage to kill a Vampire, have the Mafia attack/role-block your original target the next night. If they weren't killed, there is a high chance of them being a new Vampire themselves! However, they can also be an immune role, so place their name in your Last Will or Death Note to out them and divert attention in such cases.
  • If you don't really know who you should ambush, consider visiting the same person over and over again. You are more likely to hit someone if you stick to one player, as at some point, someone will probably decide to visit that player.
  • If one of your Neutral allies has fallen under suspicion, you can use this to your advantage and target your Neutral ally. You can kill a Town Investigative visiting them, or even a Vigilante who decided to shoot them by doing this. Do note however that you do not grant your target Powerful Defense, meaning you cannot save your Neutral friend if they're attacked.
    • If you are paired up with a Witch, you can simply choose to lie in wait outside the Witch's house while they control some Townies into visiting them, allowing you to kill reliably, similar to how the Coven Leader controls Townies into visiting the Medusa. If there is a risk of the controlled player being a killing role, you can simply have the Witch control them into someone else while you target the Witch's second target.
    • You become more of a pseudo-protective role when paired with a Witch, as they can control you into visiting your Mafia teammates. If a member of the Mafia has fallen under minor suspicion, you can ask the Witch to control you into visiting that Mafia member to ambush a suspicious Sheriff or Investigator. It also has the added bonus of potentially clearing your Mafia friend since Ambushers normally cannot visit members of the Mafia.
      • This has some extra caveats, if the Mafia has their only kill-capable Mafia role locked down by an Escort, you can ask the Witch to control you into visiting the Escort's target to kill the Escort and free up the Mafia's main killing role.
  • Although rare, if you're in a case where the Mafia is stuck against a Bodyguard/Doctor combo, you can break it as Bodyguards only protect from one direct attack. Just simply place an ambush on the Bodyguard. You'll kill the Doctor and leave the Bodyguard vulnerable.
  • Be careful around people who are baiting. It may be tempting to want to go on someone who seems to be acting strange, but even if they aren't a Veteran, Medusa, or a baiting Pestilence/Werewolf, they are more likely to be visited by multiple people, and thus your identity may be revealed.
  • If needed, you can cancel with a Crusader to kill each other, although this is a last resort.
  • Your passive visits allows you to safely trigger Traps to allow the Mafia to kill without risk. In addition, if you visit the Trapper's target on the Night they Trap them, not only will you waste their Trap, but you'll kill the Trapper visiting them as well.
  • If there is a Medium in the game, tell the Blackmailer to repeatedly blackmail them if you manage to kill someone. This will prevent your identity from being revealed by the Medium, their Last Will or most importantly, from their séance; rendering them unable to reveal you. You can also take advantage of this and try to ambush anyone visiting the Medium to kill a Lookout, Spy, or even a Transporter visiting the blackmailed Medium. Do note however, that this can backfire if the Blackmailer was role blocked, the Medium was jailed, or another Medium exists.
    • You can also tell the Godfather/Mafioso to kill them. Doing so will prevent your identity from being revealed in the event someone sees you and dies. However, they may still séance a player and tell them about the Ambusher, but it will give you an extra day. 
  • Be aware that if you end up attacking an immune role, there is a high chance of your identity being revealed in a Death Note.
  • When claiming a role, try to claim a Town Protective role or a non-visiting role as it gives you more credibility than something like a Town Investigative where you cannot do much to prove yourself.



  • 3.3.0
  • 3.2.4
    • Temporary Defense given by certain roles through game mechanics now give attackers the message "Your target's defense was too strong to kill.".
    • Reanimated Ambusher will no longer attack roles that attempted to visit but were role blocked.
    • Added message "You ambushed someone who visited your target last night!".
    • The Ambusher's role icon has been changed. Old one was Achievement Ambusher.png.
    • Added Ambusher's circled role icon (RoleIcon Ambusher Circled.png).
    • Introduced.
    • Ambusher now has passive visits.