Avatars are the characters that you can play as in the game.

Default Skins

These are the default characters that every player will have access to:

Youtube Skins

In honor of the Youtubers that helped make Town of Salem popular, they received their own skins. Only Alpha/Beta players will have access to these skins.


  • Beta had ended on December 15th of 2014. Players who had created accounts before mid June of 2015 still had received these skins, with the exception of TheTeshTube.

Premium Skins

These are the skins that you can buy from the in-game store using Points or with US currency:

Exclusive Skins

These are the skins that cannot be owned unless given a redemption code from a Kickstarter:


  • Montgomery Moneybags was obtainable by pledging $25 or more to BlankMediaGames' second Kickstarter, which ended on October 18th of 2014.
  • Millicent Moneybags and Crimson Reaper were obtainable by pledging $35 or more to BlankMediaGames' third Kickstarter, which ended on May 26th of 2016.
  • White Reaper was obtainable by pledging $25 or more to BlankMediaGames' fourth Kickstarter, which ended on December 22nd of 2017.
  • Monty Moneybags Jr was obtainable by pledging $250 or more to BlankMediaGames' fourth Kickstarter, which ended on December 22nd of 2017.

Special Skins

These are the skins which may be obtained by completing a specific task:

  • Grim Reaper may be obtained by referring 5 friends.
  • Steambot3000 may be obtained by owning the Steam version of the game and linking your Town of Salem account to Steam.
  • Ten Carat Tim and Marigold were rewarded to players who had reached the Gold Rank in Ranked Season 2.
  • Judge may be obtained by becoming a judge for the Trial System.

Unreleased Skins


  • The Dexter avatar is based off Dexter Morgan from the TV show Dexter.
  • The Crimson Katana is based off the ninja characters from the game series Mortal Kombat; specifically, Scorpion's weapons and Ermac's color scheme.
  • The Tamer skins are references to the mobile game Pokémon GO, representing the three team's leaders.
  • Barthule of Far River is based off the Hobbits from the Lord of the Rings books and movies.
  • John Voxelthorne (and the associated map and pet) are references to the popular video games Minecraft and Roblox.
  • The Headless Horseman skin is a less horrific version of the legendary monster in Ireland, Dullahan.
  • The Nosferatu Skin is based off of the 1922 horror movie "Nosferatu".
  • The Uriel skin is based off the archangel Tyrael of the Diablo game series.
  • The Beelzebub skin is based off a demon with the same name hailing from Abrahamic religions. His name is also used in Christianity as an alternate name for the Devil.
  • The Brock Smith skin is based off the Marvel Comics character "Blade".
  • The Necromancer skin is likely based off the DC Comics character "The Enchantress", specifically her design from the 2016 film Suicide Squad.
  • The Candy skin is a direct reference to "Jessica Rabbit", the femme fatale of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? a film made by Amblin Entertainment & the Walt Disney Studios that was released in 1988.
  • Yuan Itor's name is a pronunciation respelling of the Latin word 'ianitor', from which the word janitor is derived.
  • Ms. Direction, or Miss Direction, is a reference to the word 'Misdirection'.
  • Not all avatars have the same dominant hand. For example, if you compare the Firebug and Dexter avatars, you will notice that Firebug holds his torch in his right arm (revealing that he is probably right handed), but Dexter has the knife in his left hand (revealing that he is left handed). By this logic, we can say that out of all 66 avatars, 25 are right handed, 11 are left-handed, and 30 are unknown.
  • As of now, it takes exactly 60,520 Town Points to purchase every single Avatar without Merit Points. It sums up to approximately $234 USD based on the currency's root value (260 TP equals $1 USD).
  • Users may potentially find unreleased animations by searching in the Public Test Realm's swf files. Users can do so by adding "PublicTestRealm" to the url of a file.
  • Only 6 avatars are gagged in the "Burned at the Stake" death animation: Lycanthrope, Prince, Knight, Archer, Queen and Necromancer.
  • When the Jester avatar is paired up with the "Burned at the Stake" death animation, the Jester will start smiling and emit a screech. It is the only skin to provide a unique animation when paired with a specific death animation.
  • The Robot Santa Skin has a special Death animation, where a Sleigh Crushes them to death.
  • The Uriel skin has a unique death animation which, when lynched, she will fly upwards into a ray of light.
  • The Beelzebub has a unique death animation when lynched, in which he engages in battle with Uriel and ultimately loses when Uriel thrusts him with her sword in the head.
  • The Steambot 3000 Skin has a special Death animation, where they violently shake until they explode.
  • The Grim Reaper, Crimson Reaper, and White Reaper skins have a special Death animation, where they descend into a portal beneath them.
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