• Slugkitty

    Feeling a little inspired

    February 19, 2019 by Slugkitty

    The world is white today.

    A thick, white blanket covers the ground and the sky, and both are so white I can hardly tell where the ground ends and the sky starts. The trees hunch over, saddened at the thought that they cannot ever leave behind their roots. The sky sends down gifts in the form of tiny snowflakes that mesh together, knitting the fabric of another layer of blanket.

    A few fresh feet of snow has fallen overnight, and it is perfect to ski in.

    My blades cut through the powder as I zoom down the hill, my goggles turning the world into a bright orange. I swerve past those who tried to move as fast as me but lost their balance and are now in a heap in the center of a run. My poles dig into the snow as I urge myself to move faster, faste…

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  • PsychoticAria

    I wanted to play Coven VIP so I did. I joined and the game was already 15/15

    so I rolled crus and game began

    i was VIP! cool. but i was also crus. a person named Lime claimed on vip so I claimed on them. Then a Gamethrower, Saint German came along and repeatedly claimed Erika is VIP just over and over again--I was Erika! Then someone, Neon, repeatedly said Erika is VIP over and over again as well. Fuck, I thought. "Let's hope Lime is actually crus, i thought, or I'm so fucking dead."

    Next night, I'm on Lime. I was worried that they were Coven, but I killed PM that night that attacked them, so obviously they weren't. "Well, the coven knows who I am," I thought, "but at least it's crus on crus. We'll be invincible." 

    For a few nights we went on li…

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  • PsychoticAria

    discord servers

    January 6, 2019 by PsychoticAria

    Discord Servers

    [1]  ToS [2]  ToS Trial Group
    [3]  /r/townofsalemgame [4]  ToS Community Discord
    [5]  Coven [6]  Salemverso

    there is no real OFFICIAL TOS Server but these are a few nice ones.

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  • Addfire


    December 27, 2018 by Addfire

    Starting Note: Hello! Thanks for reading this, and presumably from reading the previous one, which you can find here, although I honest to goodness have no way of knowing for sure whether or not someone reads this unless they *cough cough hint hint* leave a comment, which, ya know, is really what keeps me going I generally don’t continue writing stuff unless I’m getting at least a little bit of positive reinforcement out of it- otherwise I just sorta burn out.

    I think I’m gonna call this series Shell. Hopefully you’ll see why by the next chapter?


    “A new kid, you say? I mean, that’s good to know, but I don’t see exactly how it helps our goals…”

    “Boss, he’s seeing things. Thinks he’s going insane. I think he could be close to a Spill, an…

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  • TheInterestedDoge

    rang through of his house, barely. boy, lying face so. A red, the boils that boy

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  • Addfire

    A New Kid In Town

    December 9, 2018 by Addfire

    Starting Note: Hey! I lost progress twice in a row while trying to write this but I guess that’s just my cross to bear. Anyways, for those of you who either snoop around on the wiki’s blogosphere or were here last year, you might have spotted a piece of work called ‘Everyday life in an Everyday World,’ where I was just trying to write a small fun little slice of life thing. It was informative because I realized that I suck ass writing things with small stakes. So this is gonna be… sort of similar to that… except I’m not gonna lie to myself and this is going to be big.

    The opening is sort of kind of stolen from a webcomic named Paranatural, but hopefully this comes into its own. I’m also not fully sure what’s gonna happen as I write this– so…

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  • ZedKiller13

    There isn't an exact way to DESCRIBE it. In a blatant view, I popped in the wiki and starting making a major difference. That difference and my loyal subjection into editing the wiki and making a lot of pages into the way they are today gets you a good reputation. Now I didn't go out and do that just because I wanted users to respect me, I just felt I had a purpose and that came out of it.

    All for fixing a god damn spelling mistake on the page two years ago. That's what got me here. Same with Live! Chat, before it died.

    The amount of users I've seen come and go changes a person. Used to have multiple users here who I was able to chat with and a lot of other stuff.

    I feel like I am straying away farther from other users in the long run as ti…

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  • TheInterestedDoge


    November 26, 2018 by TheInterestedDoge

    Hey. This is a blog. I'm trying to find out how Wikis work. This is kind of a test.

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  • MewSeeko

    The Blood Moon

    November 1, 2018 by MewSeeko

    On the dark night of Halloween, a little girl plays the piano, with dark eyes. She clearly doesn't want to be there, and every note gets louder and louder as her hands refuse to play a chromatic passage correctly. After smashing the keys into oblivion, she hears laughter outside of kids playing. She sighs. 

    "Mom, can I go?" She lifts up her mother's phone and shows the time. It was 7, and dark out already. 

    "Already?" The girl's patience was done. 

    "Yeah, I think I want to go. See, it's already late." She grumbles. She storms up the stairs and looks through the closet. No costume this year, just like every year. No ideas, she wasn't creative enough. No friends to go to, they all left her. And so, she went out to trick or treat by herself, as …

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  • JailorWitch

    The executioner grabbed his bags and looked back at his past.

    He was a former jailor, executing the proper people, carrying the town. Until town betrayed him.

    He wanted revenge, which ended up making a townie as his target.

    That one member always leaded him to get kicked out, leading him incorrectly, they tried fixing their mistakes, but that executioner will never forget that day.

    He always pushed him dead, the executioner chuckled and laughed as his target was hanged.

    Sooner or later, he went on to the next townie, but he realized one thing. His taget soon died, making him feel guilty, laughing at his pain as he saw his former target. So his new goal was dying like his former target.

    The former jailor soon got hanged, ending his life in guilt.…

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  • ChickenNuggert1

    Game isnt working?

    October 12, 2018 by ChickenNuggert1

    Hello, this is ChickenNuggert.

    For some reason, the game isnt working.. I dont know why? Can someone confirm that this isn't working, or is it just me? I even made another account (ConfirmedMedium) which isn't working either. I'm hoping nothing bad happened :( I just got coven a month ago.

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  • Gking10

    I'm back!

    September 25, 2018 by Gking10

    I've been gone for a pretty long time, but hey, I'm here again.

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  • TheMonoOne

    so this is a thing

    September 16, 2018 by TheMonoOne

    ummmm so blogs are a thing

    soon i will make a custom DLC idea

    all roles will be thoroughly tested in an IRL tos game

    so expect that


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  • CarbonChillo

    I just played a game of ToS and i was Jailor. N1: Jailed Howard Claimed Spy turned out to be disguiser. 3 mafia left the game. Town voted on me even tho there was NO JAILOR CC'S, Town has majority and they all voted Guilty cause i was doused by Arso N1. Town thinks they did a Good job. This WASN'T CLASSIC IT WAS RANKED PRACTICE. Im tired of this. Then i played another game were i was Bg, I protected the Other Bg, he died protecting someone. In my head i was saying this hurts my Bg Claim.Someone Forces me to claim and i say BG and they vote me up i was Inno'd. Jailor Jails and Exes me. Someone that voted me up to stand said "If you were guarding him you would of died not him". Im like do you even know how the game works? If you dont then yo…

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  • JailorWitch

    So what if a crusader and ambusher existed in the exact same game?

    and they chose the same target? Would they both die or one or the other? (No TP, no nothing on them, just both of them.)

    What would happen and if other roles were on the targeted person, (Besides TP) what would happen?

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  • Gob47


    September 5, 2018 by Gob47

    hey this is gob messing around on blog (which is just gob backwards with an L)

    let's talk life

    so i'm asian and so that means i have asian parents (duh)

    but one thing is that since my parents can afford it, and it's america, i get much music education (playing piano/violin/drums), swimming and biking a lot, and MATH

    Math. Well math isn't hard unless you couple it with the fact that IT'S LINEAR ALGEBRA and YOU'RE A FREAKING JUNIOR IN HIGH SCHOOL

    like other people ask me why i'm good at math, and i'm like getting annoyed so i end up replying with:

    (Quote of the Century) "Being good at something doesn't mean you can do it, but that you can do it fast."

    anyways i have a pretty average life apart from that actually

    yeah this'll wrap it up for this 

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  • SlightlySpicySoySauce

    Second ever game, lots of interesting stuff happened.

    Gamemode: Classic.

    Role: Mafioso.

    Named myself "AFK". Often self-deprecates.

    When the tip said that I better claim Vigilante, I instantly decided to. Easy to convince.

    When Godfather said "I guess he's really afk", I instantly began chatting like crazy. Prone to criticism.

    On Day 2, I said I'm Vigi even though a person was just murdered by a Vet. Often not paying attention.

    I miraculously avoided dying and being lynched for 3 days straight, even though I got 3-4 votes each time.

    I said I tried to shoot Deodat Lawson on Night 4, the night when this guy got jailed. Also, when we were planning who to kill on Night 5 (the night I died), there was 3 non-mafia players remaining, and instead of killing 12…

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  • SlightlySpicySoySauce

    Alignment: Town Support

    Ability: Selects a person at night to make his whispering visible to everyone the entire next day (or also this night). The said person wouldn't know that his whispering is visible.

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  • JBoyAdvance

    The wonderful world of Salem is a mystical place, full of very good people, also very evil people. Some are there for the money, some are there for genocide, and some are there to take back what was rightfully theirs. But we'll focus on one person in the Town of Salem who is not like the rest. That person is the Serial Killer.

    The Serial Killer during the day claims to be the best doctor. He can mend any injury, heal any wound. But at night, he's a well-oiled killing machine, wanting to kill all, no matter status, threat, or kindness. He creeps to a person's house each night to "protect" them. Is he sincere with his claim?

    All tremble in fear. Who may be next? Is it me? Only the Serial Killer ever truly knows who's next.

    But what happens…

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  • Goodbye9

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  • MilkyWay90

    Whenever I try make a forum post, it redirects me to a page named "Undefined", can somebody please offer a solution?

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  • ZeDieN1Masta

    I've edit 5 pages now :D

    I've edited the Medium, Escort, Transporter, Bodyguard and Vampire page

    15 more til I'm eligable

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    This is still being made.

    Welcome to role debating, where you take Town of Salem roles and debate of which one is the best.

    These can be added to or changed when required.

    Rule 1: No picking jailor. It is too broken.

    Rule 2: Depending on whatever it is, you might be able to debate over any role you pick or one picked for you (depends on host(s)'s choice). You can not have the same role as someone else

    Rule 3: You must debate why your role is better than another player's role, this will be on multiple rounds. There might be multiple winners or one winner.

    Rule 4: Winner of debates will be decided on multiple judges.

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  • Yami riku

    My Sock Obsession

    June 17, 2018 by Yami riku

    I'mma draw ToS related socks til I get bored. Keeping them here for storage.
    Inspired by FlorkofCows

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  • TheRetroPioneer

    [deleted for a change in opinions and confusion]

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  • Spoon King Gus

    So, recently in my times of playing (I really only play all any, as I enjoy the variety in gameplay it offers), I have disovered a hatred for a certain role. Such a hatred exists out of the role simply being toxic (unhealthy, bad) for the game (gameplay wise too it's usually ineffective, but that's not my current point), to the extent that I desire it's complete removal from the game. I understand how much removing a role could impact the game, but simply changing this role couldn't work due to the core identity of the role being the toxic portion. Fixing this role would practically be making a completely new role. The role I'm reffering to is the Vampire.

    So, what's wrong with vampire? In theory, vampire sounds like one of the most creative…

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  • TownofSalemMurders

    Powers: Thatsmuggamer -

    • Has the power to turn into any fictional book character, and use their powers.
    • Has the ability to persuade anyone into doing anything
    • Mastery of Guns, Hacking

    SpacedefenderX -

    • Can turn into a metallic dragon
    • Can instill bravery and courage into even the worst of Cowards
    • Mastery of Swords, Ranged, Magic

    TownofSalemMurders -

    • Can turn into Ishaaq Al-Zilli, Prophet of Shadows, a divine being with the power of Shadow Manipulation, Shadow Teleportation, Shadow Defense, Shadow Attack, Shadow Cloak, Shadow Spell, and Shadow Suck.
    • Immortality
    • Mastery of Swords, Technology, Magic

    The Smug Chapter

    Thatsmuggamer had a name, and he used it to its highest potential. He was super confident, getting out of situations like there was nothing to be…

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  • MemeDaddy1233

    Before I start this, this Blog is sponsored by WolfZee.

    Wanna play some Mafia RP with the best players ever? Then join the link before. Also, use code:Meme for a free soda.

    Now that's gone out of the way, let's discuss the failed movement, Bully Hunters.

    A Bully Hunter is a gamer (Most of them, if not all are female) who hunts down "bullies" in CS:GO, hoping to stop Sexual Harrasment by killing the guy over and over again.

    You go to this website/app and if you are being bullied and have a vagina(If you are a male gamer, you couldnt summon one), you can call upon a Bully Hunter to join your game and then kill the guy who's harrasing you. 

    Now where do they fail?

    1. This doesnt stop harra…

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  • Addfire

    Chapter 5 – Sales Pitch

    Edwin was about to burst with excitement. Today had so many things going on that were just... that were so new and so fresh and he still couldn't get over the fact that he, Edwin Dolofonia, had managed to get into Regus' Institution For Young Souls, and not only had that happened but he had also managed to befriend Magu Ludus. So Edwin was living in high cotton. 

    Not only was Edwin in Regus' institution, not only was Edwin best friends with Magu Ludus who was going places and who was going to take Edwin places, and not only had a new kid come into the school who Edwin could also befriend, but today was the day of the Club Fair! 

    The math class ended, and Magu and Edwin got up together and forced their way through the h…

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    Day 2:

    Claim lookout and that you got controlled to visit yourself and saw the witch visit you.

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  • Createsans


    April 17, 2018 by Createsans

    How do people pick out their roles? Is it an edit quantity thing or what?

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  • Createsans

    Me vs.Pestilence

    April 17, 2018 by Createsans

    Game: Reveals there's a Pestilence in the game


    Most of the time, I'm like this. If we fail to lynch Pestilence, which we've never failed, I strongly feel I'm gonna die.

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    1) On night 1 if he does nothing, RNG randomly changes his role into one of the other 3 TP.

    2) Done.

    1) Make crusader allowed to visit himself.

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  • HAWAIIANpikachu

    Now I know what some thoughts you might be having.

    How drunk/high are you?


    Oh dear lord he's bored again.


    But now, here me out please, I know that while this is literally one of the worst claims you should ever claim. But you're the framer, one of the more s**t roles in the game, you gotta live a little and not instantly alt+F4 out of the game. If you die it's not a big loss if you managed to confuse the rest of the town.

    1) There's a mayor.

    2) Jailor gets quickly confirmed.

    3) TI gets quickly confirmed (preferably not spy)

    4) TP doesn't instantly get killed early.

    1) TP dies pretty much instantly.

    2) There's a spy.

    3) You getting killed.

    4) There's a sheriff.

    1) Wait for a role to confirm themselves, Mayo…

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  • TownofSalemMurders

    Time: Unknown 

    Setting: Salem, Massachusetts, Salem Bar. 

    Chapter 1: Aftermath of the Ooga's. 

    ZedKiller13 wipes sweat off his forehead. "You sure that was the last of the sock-puppets?" He said, spitting out the last word as if he despised the word's existence. In another place, another time... that would've been a word for child's play. Here, it was another name for criminals. Vandals, revivers, de-railers, the lot. They were unrelentless and unforgiving to even the tiniest mistake. 

    "Hopefully so" Salem replied. Salem was a newcomer to the Town, but a helpful one. He alerted Zed to most of the new threats, such as Ooga Booga, Ooooooga Booga, PHAT NIBBA, and more. However, there was peace at a cost. A friendly among them, a casualty, Thatsmu…

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  • NoCarbonRequired

    Before I start, I want to say this: These calculations are all just pure numbers. You can't just use these as they don't represent the human aspect.

    Ok, so we all know that Crusader is awful. If you want to see more, just look at the - The word UnSafe is written purely for formatting, I know it is incorrect

    I'm sorry if some of it is a bit sloppy, but DEAL WITH IT

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  • Enlay123

    First blog

    April 5, 2018 by Enlay123


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  • Weirdbutcoolgamer

    A quickly Made post of a new cager for new jailor claims

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  • Tinylad

    A blog.

    March 17, 2018 by Tinylad

    I'm trying to figure out how antidisestablishmentarianism affects the psychological impact on people with amnesia who theoretically should not know what the Church of England is, however if they do this theory does not apply to them. If told about beliefs such as the aforementioned antidisestablishmentmentarianism political position, they are technically in a state of hypnosis as they are told information which they have no reason not to believe. They will probably support antidisestablishmentmentarianism. This could lead to the Church of England retaliating with possible accusations of blasphemy, which would lead to the person with amnesia being forced into a dilemma; be part of the smaller side, or go against what they believe in. Assumi…

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  • Poly's Confusion

    You should love Poly because he is Poly

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  • TownofSalemMurders

    Back due to popular demand ...reasons, here we go!

    Chapter 6

    Last time on Dragon Salem Z...

    "Sir, I mean, sirs, we found this body of Dom Hawkins, on your lawn. Any explanations?" The police officer asks. Tyler begins crying.


    "Ummmm... no?" Salem puts up a very weak smile. He tries to pass it off, but the police officer won't budge.

    "Sure you didn't, and my name isn't Officer Polypies, 73rd Memelord." the officer says.

    "He was here the whole time, honest!" Tyler says, but it's too late. Polypies raises his gun at Salem and...

    BOOM! The door behind the officers burst open and the debris make it similar to a sandstorm. Everyone is blinded. a blue-haired figure runs in. "Come with me" He says in an awfully young and tiny voice.

    "Sure, why the hel…

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  • Mrcreeperfun

    Guys, Im not Getting Enought Attention.

    Kudo and Comment if u cri everytim

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  • Yami riku

    Guide to Editing Images

    February 26, 2018 by Yami riku

    This is a very quick tutorial to teach the basics of editing images once a user is familiar with their tools. When uploading avatars and pets to the wiki, I take screenshots and I edit out the background. This quick rundown will teach you how you can do that too.

    Don't have Photoshop? Use which is free!

    Once you arrive at the page, scroll down til you see the "PIXLR EDITOR" and select to "LAUNCH WEB APP".

    Get familiar with the tools on the lefthand side. Play around with them for a while. If you hover over a tool, you'll see a name pop up which tells what the tool is. It takes time to remember where everything is but once you have it down, it's smooth sailing.

    Once you play around, you'll notice "Layers" on the righthand sid…

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  • TownofSalemMurders

    And the winner is... 

    Charmander with 5 votes! (as of 5:42 PM CST, 2/24/2018)

    Coming soon!

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  • Bridgette12433

    Hey,im here to ask a question.

    Is the Blast Off animation obtainable by Random Brew or do you need to buy it?

    Im asking because it looks so cool and i want it so bad,and i dont want to buy TP to get it.

    If not,then can you get TP from Random Brews?



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  • SpacedefenderX

    Knights of Akolion

    February 13, 2018 by SpacedefenderX

    Just a small storyline I am going to write, will include the wiki people as characters.

    Current characters:

    Chrispynuggets as Marcus Thomas, a tall long black hair and hazel eyes man that is ambitious, has a tendency to forget that other people have their own goals and smart.

    Salem Murders as Throamos Stonesword, a man that keeps to himself.

    Mushromancer as Leo Paethos, a weak but intelligent knight with bad luck

    Fenris Blackburn, the Knight Of Winter

    Dragon Blackburn, the Knight of Summer

    Sam son, Tough, long brown hair, and tall.

    Jallybwan as Anna Frostbite, sultry and masochistic, with very little care for anyone.

    Addfire as Elain Preston, with hazel eyes and brown hair. She sincerely wants the best.

    Denerii as Logan Firebrand, a bumbling oof goo…

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  • Bambino86

    TOS, The Story. Day 1

    February 13, 2018 by Bambino86

    Sheriff: The wild west was one thing… But nothing could prepare me for what would happen next… It all happened so quickly… They came… He came…

    He looks up

    Sheriff: You can’t trust them... You can’t trust anyone…

    Cut to Serial Killer talking with the Investigator

    Serial Killer: Hey! How are you doing?

    Investigator: I’m doing fine! What’s your name?

    Serial Killer: I’m Dexter, I’m Salem’s well known Doctor!

    Investigator: I’m Max, I used to solve crimes, before I retired, that is.

    A grim smile stretches across Dexter’s face

    Serial Killer: That’s nice… How did you solve those crimes?

    Investigator: Well, you always fit the pieces of the puzzle together, and then the picture just pans out…

    Serial Killer: Kind of like homicides? You just put the facts togeth…

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  • Denerii

    Wiki Office: Cont’d

    February 13, 2018 by Denerii

    ((Hey Guys, sorry 4 the delay))

    Bambino: Denerii stop memeing

    Denerii: no

    Bambino: *slaps denerii*

    Denerii: oof

    Bambino *slaps again* stop saying oof that’s a meme

    Denerii: oof

    -cuts to night-

    Bambino: *slaps*

    Denerii oof

    -cuts to private ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) shot of Denerii and Bambino-

    Bambino: So I’m an accountant... and Denerii’s the... something...

    Denerii: what was i?

    Bambino: hmmmmmmmmmm

    Haw: k guys we’re gonna go to the carnival and its totally not because we have to look good in front of the viewers and we don’t need to find more people

    -cuts to carnival-

    Creepy old man: hey kids wanna go on my carousel ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Bambino: no

    Salem: but i’m actually salem

    Bambino: no

    Salem: y tho

    Haw: hey do you want to work for us

    Salem: no

    Haw: I’ll ride on your carousel ( ͡°…

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  • Addfire

    Chapter 4 – To Work, We Go

    Archie was in a sort of shock. He had walked in, and the teacher didn't even care about attendance, or... or anything? Just, 'go bananas'? He sidled up to Liz– he didn't know anyone else, and while he was sure Kristian would help, Kristian sort of intimidated him. 

    "Psst," he whispered. She was engrossed in her notebook, getting smudges of ink on her fingertips. Was she writing with a pen? That seemed inefficient... what if she made a mistake? "Hey."

    "Yeah?" She asked, in a volume that would technically be called an outside voice. Then she blinked and pulled a pair of earplugs out of her ears. "Sorry, what?" 

    "Wait," Archie hissed, "Shouldn't we be whispering?"

    "I'll hear you either way," Mr. Holden– Jim– said. 

    "You w…

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  • TownofSalemMurders


    February 10, 2018 by TownofSalemMurders

    An Unlikely Adventure
    Episode 1, Prologue
    Michael was... unique. I mean, everyone's unique. But Michael, he was a sort of different that nobody had ever seen or heard of. You see, Michael comes from a long line of mystics. Wizards, Witches, Psychics, stuff like that. So it wasnt unheard of that a newborn in the family had a special power unique to only them. A long time ago, Michael's family were respected and well-known for their deeds toward humanity. They would give blessings to the less fortunate, the needy, and supply them with provisions. But a great evil swept over the land and things went horribly wrong for the family. They became shunned and were prosecuted for the most basic stuff, and they slowly hid away from society. Some went u…

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