• Yami riku

    Shelboo's Spoilers

    June 11, 2020 by Yami riku


    There will be two sound effects added. One is a jail cell closing and the other is a jail cell opening. Probably for when a person gets jailed at night so they notice that they've been jailed.

    Or was this already added? I wouldn't know. I haven't played in ages. Can't go to jail if you don't play.

    -shelboo, 10-Jun-20

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  • It's galaxy man

    My Role Idea

    April 4, 2020 by It's galaxy man

    The Plague Doctor would be a Town Support role, tasked with eliminating the Plague, this role is meant to act as a counter to the Plaguebearer.

    The role would work as such.

    The goal of the Plague Doctor would be:

    Eliminate the Plague from the Town.

    The PD's ability would be:

    Select a Patient to visit, (unable to visit on N1.)


    -When you find a person affected by the Plague you will cure them of the Plague, the Plaguebearer would be informed of this as well as the affected, you are unable to visit if:

    You are RB'd

    You are jailed

    Your patient is jailed.

    If you identify the Plaguebearer you will be able to deal a powerful attack the next day in an attempt to stop them. (you cannot cure/visit other patients while doing this)

    The messages for th…

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  • Potion masters

    Veteran “The war was long and brutal and I'm glad I got out safe but it feels like there's something out there and it wants to get me.” As the veteran goes to bed he is scared there is something coming for him. He takes out his weapon and sits quietly. “BAM” the gun fired at the town Mafioso. The next night the veteran notices that he has enough supplies for 2 more alerts. He sleeps through the night and realizes that the town hung the doctor yesterday and the bodyguard died protecting him. During the night he went on alert and nothing. The next night he alerted again and BAM he shot The Godfather and the janitor. The veteran walked out the house knowing the mafia were dead.

    Bodyguard “The general always said that there is no sacrifice to…

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  • ZedKiller13

    Looking back on that other blog thread, I'm happy I deleted it. Complete understatement and I had plans to delete that for a long while. Only held back because of the memories of users who commented on it. Shame.

    When you complete a task, or a challenge, or a quest, or a mission, or an edit, or discover something new, you always have a desire to be thanked for it, right? A little appreciation. Something that someone tells you in recognition of your own achievement. When someone does, it makes you feel good inside. And when someone doesn't respond to the post, or only a few people do, it isn't much of a big deal. Most of the time, at least. Sometimes it sucks when your post is ignored, or barely talked about, but that happens in a wiki.

    The i…

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  • Denerii


    February 1, 2020 by Denerii

    I've been trying to tell you. I don't know why you didn't listen.

    It's not my fault! He registe-

    It IS your fault. You know what? I'm not willing to put up with this anymore. ALL of this is your fault. You started everything, and you won't even try to fix it.

    I AM trying to fix it! Why won't you listen? Hello?

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  • TheLastHappyPotato

    The Mayor has been infected with a fatal plague by a Doctor planning to become a god among men.

    Doomed to an unpleasant death, the Mayor must choose a successor among

    Unfortunately for this sleepy town, the Mayor has devised a method of determining a successor, whilst hopefully purging this town of its more... malevolent dwellers

    16 of the towns shadiest and/or profilic residents have been selected to participate, but only one may become the next Mayor

    The rules:

    Each player starts with a role, abilities granted by that role, challenge rankings granted by that role, and 20 health.

    Each day shall consist of 5 phases

    - The Morning Phase, in which everyone may select one of the available rooms to enter, gaining a benefit based on the room they choos…

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  • TheOneCloudMan

    Town of Salem - TOCM

    January 17, 2020 by TheOneCloudMan

    Hey everyone TOCM here,

    I just wondered if everyone is enjoying themselves in the game lately

    I recently got a friend into it and been happy that the game is still as good as its always been, at least in my opinion

    Its actually becoming a boxing day tradition for all my cousins and their GFs to get together and play it.

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  • Dongarinos

    No seriously, do you guys actually want me to start uploading these things as blogs because I uh- I can do that.

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  • Dongarinos

    No but seriously.

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  • TheInterestedDoge


    November 19, 2019 by TheInterestedDoge

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  • TheLastHappyPotato

    W OOHOO!

    I 'll Probably leave this Unedited

    ( Unless it's my 4,000th edit or someting)

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  • ZedKiller13

    This is a reference guide for those who want to engage in editing and fixing up the Town of Salem Wikia.

    There are multiple factors to look forward to and some key icons to look out for, and there are parts that can be edited to add better quality to the passage or text itself, even if the quality is minor.

    I will go over these factors and how to tackle them directly.


    This specific factor is very easy to look for. When scrolling through a page, look out for red lines underneath any words. Those words are spelled incorrectly and can be easily and quickly fixed. These can become prevalent because while editing that red line does not appear and you may never know you spelled something wrong directly.

    For grammar, this takes some t…

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  • TheLastHappyPotato


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  • Yami riku

    Role Ideas

    September 2, 2019 by Yami riku

    Newer threads listed at the top.
    Table may be filtered by clicking on an arrow by the column's name.

    Thread Creator Role Faction
    396914 Inspector Town Investigative
    396742 IMAGIRRAFE Ninja Town Protective
    396726 TheRetroPioneer Huntsman (2) Town Investigative
    396411 Scholar Mafia Deception
    396407 Smuggler Mafia Support
    396149 GenocideNotAUndertaleReference Faceless Mafia Support
    395994 Huntsman TheRetroPioneer Town Investigative
    395941 Ghost Town Support
    394270 Insurgent Neutral Killing
    390335 HyperSwag506 Confiscator Town Investigative Read more >
  • Yami riku

    Linking to reddit
    SoS Vigilante Skin:

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  • Pokechurin

    Monthly Blog

    August 6, 2019 by Pokechurin

    Before, I had the concept of putting a monthly blog of an issue of the wiki or the game. This didn't go anywhere because I went on a very long break again. So, instead, I'm just writing about random subjects I'm passionate about. My bio will change based off of what I write for my blog. So basically, my blog will be what's in my bio. 

    My personal Provinces Of Canada Rating: 

    10. Manitoba:  I really hated my experience in Manitoba. Many compare it to Minnesota, but Minnesota hasn't destroyed its major lakes like Manitoba (Lake Winnipeg is an absolute algae dump). The state is relatively flat and doesn't offer many beautiful views or canyons. The one National Park we visited, Riding Mountain, was very lovely and featured lush forests. It was …

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  • Jdnow


    July 27, 2019 by Jdnow


    What is it?

    Is it a term to describe lost hope

    Thanks to somebody?

    A feeling?


    I honestly think that...

    That betrayal is a thought

    A thought that

    Causes distrust.

    Due to an act.

    I guess that Archer doesn't know what it is.

    I think i shall rally up the others.


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  • OnlyShots

    A Guide For The Beginning Wikian and Wikitexter:


    Hello there! This will be a guide for all inquiries (that I can think of) on wikitext! If you have any additional questions or want something added to this, please comment below, or leave a post on my message wall. 

    First of all, what is wikitext? 

    Wikitext is a type of text code that fandom forum/pages support. It allows users to make their text fancy or more sophisticated, or make things like tables, or insert links in words, and much more! Overall, it is a really useful tool to help organize information, emphasize points, or just make your text look cool! Wikitext can also be used to organize a lot of information and direct people to pages, like templates or infoboxes (which are…

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  • TheInterestedDoge


    July 12, 2019 by TheInterestedDoge

    _ + ___ = ____






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  • Psychopathotical

    {DISCLAIMER}- You are allowed to disagree with me. But please be civil in doing so. There is nothing personal against anybody here, and I encourage debate. Don't get pissed with me for my opinion.

    This July 4th, I would like to remind you Americans at the lack of patriotism in your country.

    Why did you even bother revolting? Everything you had! It was so great! But now you have gone and thrown it all all away in the face of authority. 

    Your founding fathers had a perfect society in mind. No Taxes, Property Rights, a Constitution which overruled any other laws and protected your freedoms from the face of fascists or communists or any other authoritarian regime.

    Not only do you have people calling for gun bans and buybacks, people calling for sp…

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  • Jdnow

    Jdnow:Hey, maybe you should read part one before reading this. Click this line to see it . Aslo, credit to Ghosty for creating the original GOW series. And here's permission that I can make sequals to part one.  Now, on with the GOWR!

    Continuing from where we last left off


    Desert enters the temple

    Desert:This is rather small for a temple.

    The doors close from behind Desert, and the floor slowly starts moves downward

    Desert:Is this an ancient elevator?

    A few minutes later, Desert has seemed to arrive.

    Desert:What is this place? This is a strang- Huh?

    Desert notices another pestistal similar to the one he found when he woke up.

    Desert:Ok then

    Desert yeets the Sheika Slate at the pestistal, which catches it

    Desert:What does it do?

    Sheika Slate…

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  • Jdnow

    Jdnow:Ok ok! I know that Ghosty was the one who made this, but he gave me permission to do this. Here's proof.  Also, here's the original post . Now without further ado, let's get into the memes

    GhostyFlareEruption, DesertStorm11, Jallybwan, and Vertroyer were playing a round of Smash Ultimate. It was a team battle, with Ghosty and Vert on team red, and Jally and Desert on team blue. There was a pile of money between them. It was down to just Desert and Ghosty, who had one stock each. Ghosty pulls a smash attack as kirby, and K.Os Desert's Joker butt.


    Jally hits the ground in complete idiocy, and Vert jumps on Ghosty

    Ghosty:Told you that Kirby was OP as heck Desert!

    Desert:Guess so. Well, Something should be …

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  • Rxqluid1234's2ndaccount

    So I got Jester one game,which made me sad since I dislike the role.I played ranked practice.(In case you might be witness to this awesome jester play,my name is Copytrot in game)I said d1 "talking d1 to not die",because I claimed medium (med curse xDDD) and it helps attract some townies who could protect me from the evils that got attracted too.N1,i was transed,and d2,transporter whispered to me that he saved me from mafia and revealed himself.LO said he saw me get visited by 4 players,1 of them is the transporter,and the other 3 were some TIs.I acted like a townie but put myself under small suspicion.N2,I got jailed and claimed medium to him.He believed it.Transporter tried transing me again.But then d3 comes and jailor dies to sk with a…

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  • TheInterestedDoge
    Each individual droplet was a cold strike to his scantily protected skin. The wind worsened the feel, as he shivered throughout his journey to the house beside his. He entered the small cottage with minimal effort to keep quiet; nobody inside would be able to hear a door open in this weather, even if they were awake. Beforehand, there was no sign of a light on, nor a window open. They were asleep. Paranoid of someone else in the house, or potentially someone watching over him, he swiftly crept into the nearest room: a small kitchen, surrounded by cabinets and a table with some bowls and silverware. They were laid out as in preparation for a feast, yet there were no traces of food on them. They were clean.
    Questioning why he had stood there …
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  • Psychopathotical

    Welcome to my new rant page, Josh's unpopular opinion, where I spout my nonsense in a little safe space.

    First on my agenda. Pride Month. Why?

    Why a month? A whole month? THIRTY FUCKING DAYS. 

    I may seem unnecesarily annoyed, and I am. But what I fail to understand is the amount of support why are obligated to feel. In some cases, we are mandated to support it. 

    I do not have anything against homosexuals.

    I am not against homosexuality. Do what you want behind close doors. Fuck a cow, if it consents. 

    When it gets to the point where it gets shoved into my face, im annoyed, so annoyed I have to start a series of rants on a wiki page.I get annoyed when LGBT+ characters are mandated in entertainment. I get annoyed where everything pushes a politica…

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  • TheLastHappyPotato

    (Yeah this was a thing once, multiple people added to the story)

    The Survivor attempts to wave a vest around but is devoured by the Werewolf

    The Pirate and the Coven Leader gang up on the Disguiser, but he pretends to be on their team

    The Serial Killer charges the Medusa who attempts to use her stone gaze, but is Foiled by the Consort. The Serial Killer seeing the Consort decides to Stab her instead, but the Transporter transports the Consort with the Medusa, forcing the Serial killer to kill the Medusa.

    The Potion master and the Doctor keep healing each other until they get away

    The Trapper builds a trap on the Mayor in an attempt to forge an alliance but the Jailor headshots him. The Jailor's gun then dissapears for killing a Townie

    The Janito…

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  • Onehappypepper

    Royal Gamemode

    May 12, 2019 by Onehappypepper

    Attack: None  Defense: None

    NameMonarch (Town Royal) Unique

    Summary: A great ruler with a severe hatred for criminal kind.

    Abilities: None


    -Every will see you as a Monarch.

    -You can not be Jailed and your doubloons can not be banked.

    -you can select yourself twice to force a onto you.

    Goal: Lynch every criminal and evildoer. 


    You cannot find evidence of wrongdoing. Your target seems innocent.
    No results.
    Your target is royalty of the town, they must be a Monarch

    Extra information:

    -Only that can visit you at night are and .

    -Monarch Can not be whispered to.

    The point in the Monarch is for it to appear in the Royalty gamemode in which a full team of 4 Crew members will hunt down the Monarch, Only will know who the monarch is. 


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  • TheInterestedDoge


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  • Onehappypepper

    Attack: Powerful  Defense: Basic

    NamePirate Captain (Crew Chaos) Unique

    Summary: A greedy outlaw of the seas that will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

    Abilities: Choose a player to plunder each night.


    -You can choose to Plunder a player at night.

    -You will attack any witnesses.

    -You can talk with Crew members at night.

    Goal: Succesfully reach 4000 doubloons


    You cannot find evidence of wrongdoing. Your target seems innocent. (Only if they are not plundering)
    Your target could be ,, Pirate Captain, or
    Your target is the fearsome plunderer of the seas, they must be a Pirate Captain

    Appears as evil in results.

    can see who the Crew visit at night

    Extra information:

    -Roleblock immune

    -Pirate Captain takes 2× the ammount of a regula…

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  • Onehappypepper

    Attack: Basic Defense: None  

    Name: Sorcerer () 3% chance

    Summary: You are an evil sorcerer with the gift of powerful magic.

    Abilities: You may use a spell on a player each night. 


    -You can choose to use a Fireball spell towards a player at night.

    -You have a mystical barrier that Heals you once.

    -Veil spell will restore your Healing barrier after two nights. 

    Goal: Kill all who would oppose you. 

    Mechanics of spells: you can choose one of the spells available each night to use against a player.  

    (Offensive) Fireball: Delivers Basic attacks towards a player (and 1 other person who visits that player.) (No cool down.)

    (Defensive) VeilYou restore your healing barrier.  (Available two nights after you are attacked)

    Secret spells. 

    (Support) Confusion: …

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  • TheInterestedDoge

    plz wait while I c&p something

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  • TheInterestedDoge

    test edits

    April 4, 2019 by TheInterestedDoge
    • hello
      • world
        • it is me
        • sam
    • jk lol u thot my name was sam irl
      • punkd
          • lmao


    Coven Expansion

    Town of Salem - The Coven (DLC)

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  • Zikry2


    April 4, 2019 by Zikry2


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  • Rasengan66

    BM Chapter 1

    March 29, 2019 by Rasengan66

    eeee this is bad and also BM changed like a lot so I'm removing this yay

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  • TheInterestedDoge


    February 28, 2019 by TheInterestedDoge

    This is the 2nd test for my wifi connection

    Also a notification that I'll be back to this in a min, since the trip was shorter than expected

    your challenge if you, for some damn reason, decided to visit this page is to count ALL the number 4s and post them upon my message wall


    30 83 97 91 68 23 85 11 32 37 70 69 99 8 58 6 62 1 20 36 48 57 18 45 90 21 13 35 79 53 61 10 9 40 72 59 82 60 71 14 95 94 56 42 28 15 49 7 27 38 52 33 54 19 31 17 63 39 46 76 41 67 64 34 86 12 24 25 88 65 66 26 44 55 16 100 80 43 2 77 84 78 51 98 81 96 5 89 22 73 50 92 47 75 4 93 3 87 29 74

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  • Soyuz 11


    February 21, 2019 by Soyuz 11

    Remember the good ole "town wins" test? I'm doing an all any version! Pure Chance (sorta)! It shall be tally marked.


    ww: I

    Maf: lllllllllllllll

    Town: llllllllll

    coven: llll

    DRAW: ll

    Wamp: l

    jest: ll


    arso: llll


    sk: lllll

    maf: llllllllllll

    vamp: llllll

    Town: lllllll

    arso: l

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  • Slugkitty

    Feeling a little inspired

    February 19, 2019 by Slugkitty

    The world is white today.

    A thick, white blanket covers the ground and the sky, and both are so white I can hardly tell where the ground ends and the sky starts. The trees hunch over, saddened at the thought that they cannot ever leave behind their roots. The sky sends down gifts in the form of tiny snowflakes that mesh together, knitting the fabric of another layer of blanket.

    A few fresh feet of snow has fallen overnight, and it is perfect to ski in.

    My blades cut through the powder as I zoom down the hill, my goggles turning the world into a bright orange. I swerve past those who tried to move as fast as me but lost their balance and are now in a heap in the center of a run. My poles dig into the snow as I urge myself to move faster, faste…

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  • PsychoticAria

    I wanted to play Coven VIP so I did. I joined and the game was already 15/15

    so I rolled crus and game began

    i was VIP! cool. but i was also crus. a person named Lime claimed on vip so I claimed on them. Then a Gamethrower, Saint German came along and repeatedly claimed Erika is VIP just over and over again--I was Erika! Then someone, Neon, repeatedly said Erika is VIP over and over again as well. Fuck, I thought. "Let's hope Lime is actually crus, i thought, or I'm so fucking dead."

    Next night, I'm on Lime. I was worried that they were Coven, but I killed PM that night that attacked them, so obviously they weren't. "Well, the coven knows who I am," I thought, "but at least it's crus on crus. We'll be invincible." 

    For a few nights we went on li…

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  • PsychoticAria

    discord servers

    January 6, 2019 by PsychoticAria

    Discord Servers

    [1]  ToS [2]  ToS Trial Group
    [3]  /r/townofsalemgame [4]  ToS Community Discord
    [5]  Coven [6]  Salemverso

    there is no real OFFICIAL TOS Server but these are a few nice ones.

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  • Addfire


    December 27, 2018 by Addfire

    Starting Note: Hello! Thanks for reading this, and presumably from reading the previous one, which you can find here, although I honest to goodness have no way of knowing for sure whether or not someone reads this unless they *cough cough hint hint* leave a comment, which, ya know, is really what keeps me going I generally don’t continue writing stuff unless I’m getting at least a little bit of positive reinforcement out of it- otherwise I just sorta burn out.

    I think I’m gonna call this series Shell. Hopefully you’ll see why by the next chapter?


    “A new kid, you say? I mean, that’s good to know, but I don’t see exactly how it helps our goals…”

    “Boss, he’s seeing things. Thinks he’s going insane. I think he could be close to a Spill, an…

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  • TheInterestedDoge

    rang through of his house, barely. boy, lying face so. A red, the boils that boy

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  • Addfire

    A New Kid In Town

    December 9, 2018 by Addfire

    Starting Note: Hey! I lost progress twice in a row while trying to write this but I guess that’s just my cross to bear. Anyways, for those of you who either snoop around on the wiki’s blogosphere or were here last year, you might have spotted a piece of work called ‘Everyday life in an Everyday World,’ where I was just trying to write a small fun little slice of life thing. It was informative because I realized that I suck ass writing things with small stakes. So this is gonna be… sort of similar to that… except I’m not gonna lie to myself and this is going to be big.

    The opening is sort of kind of stolen from a webcomic named Paranatural, but hopefully this comes into its own. I’m also not fully sure what’s gonna happen as I write this– so…

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  • TheInterestedDoge


    November 26, 2018 by TheInterestedDoge

    Hey. This is a blog. I'm trying to find out how Wikis work. This is kind of a test.

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  • MewSeeko

    The Blood Moon

    November 1, 2018 by MewSeeko

    On the dark night of Halloween, a little girl plays the piano, with dark eyes. She clearly doesn't want to be there, and every note gets louder and louder as her hands refuse to play a chromatic passage correctly. After smashing the keys into oblivion, she hears laughter outside of kids playing. She sighs. 

    "Mom, can I go?" She lifts up her mother's phone and shows the time. It was 7, and dark out already. 

    "Already?" The girl's patience was done. 

    "Yeah, I think I want to go. See, it's already late." She grumbles. She storms up the stairs and looks through the closet. No costume this year, just like every year. No ideas, she wasn't creative enough. No friends to go to, they all left her. And so, she went out to trick or treat by herself, as …

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  • JailorWitch

    The executioner grabbed his bags and looked back at his past.

    He was a former jailor, executing the proper people, carrying the town. Until town betrayed him.

    He wanted revenge, which ended up making a townie as his target.

    That one member always leaded him to get kicked out, leading him incorrectly, they tried fixing their mistakes, but that executioner will never forget that day.

    He always pushed him dead, the executioner chuckled and laughed as his target was hanged.

    Sooner or later, he went on to the next townie, but he realized one thing. His taget soon died, making him feel guilty, laughing at his pain as he saw his former target. So his new goal was dying like his former target.

    The former jailor soon got hanged, ending his life in guilt.…

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  • ChickenNuggert1

    Game isnt working?

    October 12, 2018 by ChickenNuggert1

    Hello, this is ChickenNuggert.

    For some reason, the game isnt working.. I dont know why? Can someone confirm that this isn't working, or is it just me? I even made another account (ConfirmedMedium) which isn't working either. I'm hoping nothing bad happened :( I just got coven a month ago.

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  • Gking10

    I'm back!

    September 25, 2018 by Gking10

    I've been gone for a pretty long time, but hey, I'm here again.

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  • TheMonoOne

    so this is a thing

    September 16, 2018 by TheMonoOne

    ummmm so blogs are a thing

    soon i will make a custom DLC idea

    all roles will be thoroughly tested in an IRL tos game

    so expect that


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  • CarbonChillo

    I just played a game of ToS and i was Jailor. N1: Jailed Howard Claimed Spy turned out to be disguiser. 3 mafia left the game. Town voted on me even tho there was NO JAILOR CC'S, Town has majority and they all voted Guilty cause i was doused by Arso N1. Town thinks they did a Good job. This WASN'T CLASSIC IT WAS RANKED PRACTICE. Im tired of this. Then i played another game were i was Bg, I protected the Other Bg, he died protecting someone. In my head i was saying this hurts my Bg Claim.Someone Forces me to claim and i say BG and they vote me up i was Inno'd. Jailor Jails and Exes me. Someone that voted me up to stand said "If you were guarding him you would of died not him". Im like do you even know how the game works? If you dont then yo…

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  • JailorWitch

    So what if a crusader and ambusher existed in the exact same game?

    and they chose the same target? Would they both die or one or the other? (No TP, no nothing on them, just both of them.)

    What would happen and if other roles were on the targeted person, (Besides TP) what would happen?

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