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The Coven are a faction exclusive to the DLC add-on. Being a diverse set of multiple roles, all members of the Coven specialize in witchcraft in any way possible and have the possibility to kill anyone they desire. Knowing who their teammates are similar to the Mafia, they can single-handedly take out four or more innocent Townies in one night alone, a devastating blow. They can discover the roles of their rivals and their allies, and can easily wipe out a whole Town in days.

Unlike the Mafia, the Coven focus more directly on killing and prohibiting their targets rather than deception. Only a few roles and the Necronomicon can keep the Coven safe from any Town Investigative or Town Protective roles, or simply being lynched themselves by the more probable Town majority. Thus, the Coven need to kill off targets quickly, but that may create desperation for those who oppose them.

Despite their massive killing power and abilities, they all can get pinned down equally by multiple roles, killing or blocking alike. Only a few Coven roles can bypass the lure of an Escort, Consort, or even a swashbuckling Pirate, or avoid to be killed by any means necessary. The Necronomicon is simply a help to the Coven; if they are discovered, they most likely won't survive the night.

To win, the Coven must rely on who to kill and when killing would be available, and who to ally with. Rivals such as the innocent Townies and the dominant Mafia won't stand down without a fight, and any Neutral Killing roles out there won't hesitate to destroy their faction.

Roles in the Coven Faction Edit

Role Name Role Alignment/Category Role Description
Coven Leader
Achievement Coven Leader
Coven Evil You may choose to control a player and use their ability on another player.

With the Necronomicon, your first target is dealt a Basic attack, and you also gain Basic defense.

Hex Master
Achievement Hex Master
Coven Evil You may choose to hex a player each night. If all non-Coven players left alive are hexed, they will all be dealt an Unstoppable attack.

With the Necronomicon, your hexes become Astral and you deal a Basic attack to everyone you hex.

Achievement Medusa
Coven Evil You may choose to Stone Gaze at night, turning everyone who visits you to stone, erasing their role and Last Will. You can only stone gaze three times.

With the Necronomicon, you gain unlimited Stone Gazes and can now visit players to turn them to stone.

Achievement Necromancer
Coven Evil You may reanimate a dead player and use their ability on another living player. A dead player can only be reanimated once.

With the Necronomicon, you may perform a Basic attack against your target by selecting yourself as your first target.

Achievement Poisoner
Coven Evil You may choose to poison a player each night. Poison may only be cured by a Doctor or Guardian Angel.

With the Necronomicon, a Doctor can no longer cure poison.

Potion Master
Achievement Potion Master
Coven Evil You may choose to use a healing potion, a revealing potion, or an attacking potion each night. Each potion has a 3-day cooldown.

With the Necronomicon, your potions no longer have cooldowns.

The Coven will receive the Necronomicon on Night 3, increasing the strength of the person who obtains it. The Coven Leader will always receive it first; if they are not alive or one does not exist, it is given to another member of the Coven randomly. However, if the Coven Leader dies and an Amnesiac remembers the role of the Coven Leader, then they will inherit the Necronomicon once the member who currently possesses it dies. Whoever has the Necronomicon becomes Detection Immune to the Sheriff, but the Sheriff can still find other members of the Coven.

Dealing with The Coven Edit

  • Coven Leaders usually claim Lookout, so be very careful with Lookout claims. If someone claims controlled and a Lookout will has them visiting another player, it's possibly a Coven Leader faking genuine results.
  • Hex Masters don't have any Town-based claim-space with their investigation results. Someone who may be claiming to be framed or hexed, or if they claim Jester, may be a Hex Master. Have a Vigilante or Jailor kill them, especially if they claim to be a Jester.
  • Medusas commonly claim during the day and focus around baiting people to visit them. If someone asks for any Town Protectives or if they claim Psychic, and multiple roles are stoned the next day, that person is more than likely the Medusa.
  • Necromancers commonly claim Medium or Retributionist. Since they visit their reanimated target, a Tracker can quickly spot them as a Necromancer, and Spies can confirm their existence quickly.
  • Poisoners usually claim Sheriff. In addition to this, their targets are often outspoken about being poisoned. If you are a Lookout, unless you want to find out who the Doctor is, don't watch the poisoned player, and watch someone who you believe it is in the best interest to poison. Mayors are often the target of poison. 
  • Potion Masters usually claim Doctor; however, they cannot heal for 2 nights after healing (until they have the Necronomicon). If a Doctor claim suddenly stops healing poisoned players for 2 nights, or the Poisoner isn't active for 2 nights, there's a Potion Master afoot.

Trivia Edit

  • The Coven is the only faction without a direct roleblocker.
  • All Coven roles are Unique Roles.
  • In the Public Test Realm, there used to be a now-scrapped Coven Support alignment. Most notably, the only known role to fit in this alignment was the Potion Master.
  • The Coven is the only faction not available in Classic mode. It can be accessed through The Coven DLC.

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