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Please make sure that all added role lists are possible.
Any lists found to not be possible to start the game with will be removed.
For roles setups which can only be done in the Coven expansion, please
post them in the Custom Setups (Coven) article.

PSA: Anyone may edit this page and add their own setup. You do not have to put it in the comments - you can just directly edit it into the page.

Custom Setups are a fun way the Host can set up a Custom Mode game. Below is a list of some setups people have made. If you know any other fun setups feel free to add them to this list below.

If you do not like the setups below, a good way to think of a great setup is to center it around one role, like the Serial Killer. How to center it around the role is easy, just think of ways it could be countered (Sheriff, Investigator, Escort, Jailor.) Then put roles which help the Serial Killers (Neutral Evil, etc). Thus you have made a great setup which many will enjoy as all the roles will surely be useful.

Please try the setup first to see if it is possible, or lasts at least three nights (Unique roles are unique, maximum of 15 players, minimum 7, no more than 4 Mafia, no more than 4 Vampires, and at least 2 opposing teams).

As of Version 1.5.10, it is no longer possible to have more than 6 of one slot in Custom Mode/Rapid Mode.

Balanced setups Edit

These setups have Town, Mafia and Neutral roles.

Crazy Claims By ImKurama

A “little” bit of everything (By BasicCuber)

This is based off of Amnesiac revenge but is still quite different and really fun.

You could always change one of the random towns into a Serial Killer for even more chaos :).

Balanced Vampires (by Gangster8192)Edit

This is like a ranked match but a Vampire Hunter and a Vampire are confirmed to be in the role list.

Variation 1: Replace 1 Random Neutral for an Amnesiac

Variation 2: Replace 1 Random Neutral for another Vampire

Teams of TwoEdit

Mafia and Town compositions can be changed. Players may say that Town will never win, but Town victories are possible.

Best of Both Worlds (old) (By My OC Grunkle Stan Lee)Edit

Mafias vengeance (new) (By My OC Grunkle Stan Lee)Edit

The point of this game mode is for the Mafia to be at its best but have no claim space. The Mafia can create claim space by stealing roles with the Janitor.

Choices (By MrLohr)Edit

Rolling Dice (By WaterLemon)Edit

Shot in the DarkEdit

Fingers Crossed (By Raven1207)Edit

Random modeEdit

Fill the rest with Random Town,Town Investigative,Town Support,Town Killing,and/or Town Protective

Framed? (by Ramerion)Edit

This makes it so, to the Investigators, 7 people have the Framer/Vampire/Jester results, not including if one of the 3 Framers frames a target. Will be hard for Sheriff/Investigator. The Mafioso is made relatively easy to find, although a Vigilante could be mistaken for Mafioso. Vampire whittles down the Mafia, helping the Town, and hurting the Vampire team, since they can claim to be framed when Mafia is around. Everyone will be VERY cautious to lynch because of Jester. Also allows the Investigator to easily find out who the other townies are, allowing them to work together.

Role (by WaterLemon)Edit

This list is centered around the Investigators asking roles in whispers, and the Blackmailer can hear it. This means the Investigators have to be careful as to whom they ask the role of, and every role has an evil counterpart when using Town Support but including Town Support may leave the Mafia messed up with two Blackmailers. This role list does, though, let the Blackmailer claim Investigator alongside the normal Spy claim.

Vampires (by the town idiot)Edit

This list is all about ways to get rid of Vampires without a Vampire Hunter. Amnesiacs will play a huge role in this, and should probably be found rather quickly. The Jailor and the Mayor are critical in this set-up, as well. If there are 2 Vampires, the Mayor and Jailor can take them on, without executes.

Variation (by Duckgamer123)Edit

Friday 13th: (from Smugzy)Edit

The point is you can only kill Jason during the day, while everyone who visits him and role blocks him dies, thus allowing a ton of death. The Transporter is for fun.

Rainbow Custom (by AlphabetR)Edit

Town of ConfusionEdit

Balanced 1 (by seth1299)Edit

People are InsaneEdit

Amnesiac Chaos (by WyvernElement)Edit

Mafia vs VampiresEdit

Paint the Town RedEdit

Amnesiac's CurseEdit

Consider switching out 1 Neutral Evil for another Random Mafia

You Choose (by SnokeSloth)Edit

This is centered around the Amnesiacs' choice and Amnesiacs having a large presence in the game.

The Spider Tree (by Aeroface)Edit

Overview: The main gimmick of this setup is the "tree" of categories. Each of the 5 Amnesiacs can choose the role that fits into that category (save for unique roles if they spawn) and fill the gap that has left already. However, Amnesiacs will have to choose quickly due to the setup; because when a Townie dies, their category is basically revealed with their role, making it extremely hard for evil roles to claim a role. While it sounds like the Town can easily win, the result of the match is decided by the roles that people remember. If you have any feedback for the setup, just write it in the comments section. Thank you!

BURN IN HELL (from Smugzy)Edit

SUGGESTION: I would switch out the Sheriffs with 2 Investigators, as the Sheriff results will always be innocent with this role list. - LM93

Blackout (by Aeroface)Edit

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions in the comments section. Thank you.

Who's there?Edit

Chaos All Around (by Exqiron)Edit

Don't Everyone Shoot at Once... (by HookshotHotShot)Edit

Smugzy's Variation: Replace Amnesiac with Veteran

More Chaos: Replace 2 Survivor with a Witch and a Mayor

Long Combo? Too LongEdit



Season 1 Ranked: Edit

Variation Edit

Remove 1 Town Support, Add 1 Random Town OR 1 Town Protective

You Choose Edit

8, 3, 4 Edit

Balanced Edit

Variation Edit

Supports are Underestimated Edit

As a variation, remove 1 Town Protective for a Town Investigative, and changing a Town Killing to a Jailor is acceptable as well, though there is a 2/3 chance of getting a Jailor anyway so it is somewhat redundant.


Witch Hunt Edit

As a variation, remove 2 Town Protective for 2 Town Investigative so that the Consigliere and the Witch have claim space.

Variation Edit

Honorary Mafia: Edit

The Mafia uses Consiglieres to find the Witch and team up. For the Mafia to be successful, it must figure out a way to communicate the Town roles that it obtained from its Consiglieres to the Witch. For the Town to be successful, it needs to rally behind its confirmed members as well as cleverly position its Lookouts.

King of the Hill Edit

Witch Playground Edit

How to Lie Edit

Detective Work Edit

As a variation, remove the Medium for an Executioner to add tension and throw suspicion on the Town Investigative claims.

Variation Edit

Variation 2Edit

Town's Revenge Edit


Find the Serial Killers (See Top)Edit

Variation 1Edit

Variation 2Edit

A Standard Town (by baddestwheel) Edit

Feel free to modify this setup to your liking, when selecting in game.

Seance? Or Control? (By Andreaslag) My default Custom mode. Please make variations if you want.

  • 4 Medium
  • 1 Jailor
  • 2 Doctor
  • 1 Godfather
  • 1 Consigliere
  • 1 Mafia Deception
  • 2 Witches
  • 2 Amnesiacs
  • 1 Serial Killer

9-4-2 Edit

Variation Edit

Rainbow! Edit

Note: It needs to be set up exactly in this order for the rainbow to show.


Variation 2Edit

Variation 3 Edit

Varation 4 Edit

Variation 5: Edit

Variation 6: Edit

Variation 7: Edit

Variation 8: Edit

Variation 9: Edit

Town vs Mafia vs Vampires Edit

Alternatively, one of the Town Supports can be removed in exchange for space for both the Neutral Evil and Neutral Killing.

Variation 1: Edit

Claim To Victory! (by timothy558) Edit

Ranked Needs More Claimspace Edit

Replace a Town Investigative with a Random Mafia if your party is full of scumreaders and actually plays whispergames.

Normal Ranked MKII (by Levilevi1)Edit

Nobody Left to Trust Edit

One for One Edit

HAWAIIANpikachu Land (by HAWAIIANpikachu) Edit

Your Pick (by HAWAIIANpikachu) Edit

You Choose Edit

Who's Who? Edit

Russian Roulette (by 360NOSCOPESWEG (Jim Holden)) Edit

Vampires Galore Edit

The Council Edit

Who Let The Beasts Out?Edit

Four Horsemen (by Tormental) Edit

Pure Randomness (by pucca25) Edit

The Best of Five Worlds (by sarysa) Edit

Advanced Vigilantics (by sarysa) Edit

1337 (by cuaroz) Edit

Variation: If you are having a hard time getting a lobby with exactly 14 players, just add a second Any at the end of the list, and pretend that everything is still fine. (You can also edit each specific role if you want, just as long as the numbers of members of every "type" are 1, 3, 3 and 7.)

Shot in the Dark (by cuaroz) Edit

Amnesiac's Nightmare (By cuaroz) Edit

Here, the Amnesiac are forced to remember the most hated and most useless member of each faction. (At least the lucky ones who even get the chance before they die)

... N/s... N/s... N/s... (By NephalemDemon174) Edit

There is a Town v Mafia variation of this in the "Town vs. Mafia" section below. heheh.

A Bad Day to Be A Sheriff (By GhostyGuy619) Edit

A Little Help Here? Edit

Déja Vu (by LemmiSlams) Edit

Truth and Fiction (by LemmiSlams) Edit

Investigator Results (by EnderGame301) Edit

Variation 1: Host can choose his own Investigator results.

Note that: This list is sided towards Town (8) at the start, but with the Mafia (3) and the Neutral Killing (2) You must get an evil killed as town or you lose. Especially with the Neutral Evil (1). Meaning you have 6 Evil roles. The host plays a big part in this list as he chooses the Investigator results. The list used to have a (Investigator, Consigliere, Mayor) result. But was removed because it is too OP. The Amnesiac plays a major part in the winning of the game. Killing them can RUIN your teams chance of winning

Battle of the Ages (by Raven1207) Edit

Mafia (by evilolive) Edit

Controlled Chaos (by Diesel0307) Edit

Variation: Edit

Serial Killer Hunt by MLGSquadStuff Edit

Variations: Edit

TownMafWW by ImPaulPCG Edit

Variations: Edit

NK Ranked by SentinelNexusEdit

You can replace 1 Random Town for a Neutral Benign for a bit more fun.

Town's Worst Nightmare (By LM93)Edit

For an alternative version with the theme of Amne's Revenge, replace the 6 Random Townies with 6 Amnesiacs.

Ideal Ranked Practice (by LM93)Edit

The only change from normal Ranked is the replacement of the Neutral Evil slot with a Random Neutral, allowing for interesting scenarios with a Neutral Benign, second Neutral Killing, or even a Vampire possibly lurking about, and opens up a slight possibility of a Vampire Hunter appearing. In addition, you may still get a normal Executioner, Jester, or Witch. I would recommend that the Developers should make this change, as it would make Ranked and Ranked Practice a little more interesting.

Town vs. Mafia setups Edit

Tactical Town vs. Mafia (by GordianGames) Edit

  • 10 amnes
  • 1 sk
  • 1 gf
  • 1 random maf
  • 1 jailor 
  • 1 invest
  • this only works on mobile

Why Do I Feel Guilty?! (By seth1299) Edit

Were You Going to Use Your Ability? (by seth1299) Edit

Who Can We Trust? (by seth1299) Edit

... N/s... N/s... N/s... (By NephalemDemon174) Edit

This is a Town v Mafia variation of an earlier edit called the same thing.

"No, It's You!" Edit

Played Yourself (by irlkanji) Edit

The Transporters will hold total control over the Town, provided that they switch all the right people. Alternatively, you could switch out Neutral Evil with Neutral Killing for a little bit of extra chaos.

Everybody's Unique (by mathew995) Edit

I Can't Hear You (by Raven1207) Edit

It's a Party! Edit

A Game Of Deception, Politics, And Arson (By BrokenDoor)Edit

Process of elimination Edit

The idea behind this one is the Sheriffs and Consiglieres gather info on who the Mafia/Town are, and direct their killing teammate's toward them. Amnesiacs can remember any Town or Mafia role to increase the chaos and help one side win, while the Jesters are there to heavily discourage lynching unless as a last resort.

The Salem Sampler Edit

  • 1 Godfather
  • 1 Mafia Support
  • 1 Mafia Deception
  • 1 Jailor
  • 1 Sheriff
  • 1 Veteran
  • 1 Town Investigative
  • 1 Town Support
  • 1 Town Protective
  • 1 Random Town
  • 1 Survivor
  • 1 Neutral Killing
  • 1 Neutral Evil
  • 1 Random Neutral
  • 1 Any

‘’’The New TK’’’ ‘’(by: ESN 64)’’ Edit

The idea is that Medium can act as a TK role by trying to manipulate Jesters into haunting a certain person, this of course is very difficult to do and the Medium must be very careful on how they try to do it

Also, HUGE credit to Shaded Eel for helping me with this, the original list i had was trash

You may make almost any variations to the list that you want to suit your preference, some examples are below

‘’’Variation 1’’’: Replace a Sheriff with an Amnesiac

‘’’Variation 2’’’: Replace a Town Protective with a Jester

‘’’Variation 3’’’: Replace the Sheriffs with Town Investigatives

‘’’Variation 4’’’: Replace the Janitor and Disguiser with Random Mafia

Town vs. Neutral setups Edit

A New Mafia In Town (by GordianGames)Edit

Make sure that your lobby knows that Serial Killers are part of the same team.

London Calling (by otterotter)Edit

Yes, the Godfather technically is Mafia but in this it functions as a 2nd Serial Killer that doesn't win with the first.

Everybody Wins! (by Kr33p3rK1ll3r and editor)Edit

The whole point of this setup is that everybody wins Day 2. The Mayor reveals Day 1 so the Vampires know who to bite. With everybody now either a Vampire or a neutral (no faction) role, the Survivors and the Witches win with the Vampires! Everybody wins!

It's Town vs. Neutral because, well it's one Townie against 14 Neutrals. Although it really isn't vs. because you all are working together. Still cool for grinding MP. Feedback can be placed in the comments section.

Night 2 (by sum1stolemyname)Edit

WW attacks N2, Jailor can exe N2. Everything goes down by N2

War between Worlds (by Heatwaving)Edit

Arsonist Hide and Seek (by GordianGames)Edit

Spies are able to see Arsonists cleaning the gas off of themselves, so they are not useless despite there being no Mafia. If you think a Town role needs removed, replace it with Spies.

Don't Die On Me! (By Shanka DaWanka)Edit

Or you can have 2 Serial Killers instead of an Arsonist

Dead and UndeadEdit

Neutral's Party (by ItsKathy Fate)Edit

...Role? (by Seth1299)Edit

Amnesiac OP? (by Seth1299)Edit

Nobody Can Save You Now... (by Lunos)Edit

Trick or Treat (by Monty6400)Edit

Replace 2 Executioners with Survivors, and 1 Jester for Random Town.

(C)Old WarEdit

Mind GamesEdit

All-Out WarEdit

Mafia DownEdit

Happy Town Massacre (by TheKlikluk)Edit


Pyromaniacs (by Fixedsys)Edit

Which Witch Is Which? (by ZathusTheMageV)Edit

The Witches would be able to control Vigilantes, Lookouts, Jailors, and Investigators, messing withTown. No one will know on which Witch... is which.

You can add it in this order for a symmetrical role list:

Scene Out of a Horror Movie (by Asew54321)Edit

Or if you want convenience:


You can replace the Vampire Hunter with another Serial Killer, and two of the Random Town with a Vampire Hunter and Vigilante.

Monster Hunters (by LemmiSlams)Edit

Burning Town (by Lightning711)Edit


If town is struggling, replace 1 Arsonist with 1 Random Town

You could also try replacing 1 Neutral Evil with 1 Vampire

No u (by ncboots26)Edit

Everyone will accuse everybody of being Serial Killer. Try to decipher who the actual Serial Killers are. Neutral Benigns are filler and can be replaced with Vigilantes to combat the eventual jesters.

Investigator or Executioner? (by Dani16458)Edit


If you don't want a Medium, you may replace it with another Executioner or another Town Killing.

Where's the Wolf at? (by Sarcze)Edit

As the Investigator result is Executioner/Sheriff/Werewolf, it's quite hard to find out which is the Werewolf. Even if the real Investigators call out people, Executioners can claim as Investigators and call out their targets as well.

Killer Chaos (by Aurachanneler)Edit

This is a role list meant to be chaotic, but fun. I will accept constructive criticism.

Bloodbath (by irlkanji)Edit

It's anybody's game! Anybody can be attacked at any time, so best to hope you have a Doctor healing you. With a Town majority, it's an easy win- provided you can keep the Sheriff alive.


Blood Soaked Moon [Classic] (CrazyCow47)Edit

===This is basically a copy of the Classic Game Mode, with 1 twist; The Mafia are replaced with Neutral Killings. The original Serial Killer slot is replaced with another Townie, as to add at least some relief to the mass killing that will happen. Prepare for a quick game.

Vampires And Hunters Who am i? (By UrsoDasNeves)===

This is basically a mode where amnes can decide if they help town or vamps,the downside is,if vamps dont have majority and all amnes remembered who they were its impossible for vampire to win,unless it takes 10 days,so its a draw (sorry if i did something wrong i never edited something before so sorry if i messed up with the page)

Vamps Vs Town (By BJSkywalker)

Vampire Vampire Vampire Jailer Vampire Hunter Town Killing Town Killing Town Killing Town Investigative Town Investigative Random Town Random Town Witch Nuetral Killing

This is an alternate to the Vampires palace game mode. This features 5 Town Killing roles. This also has a 2 TI to help the town find out the bad guys. Then there are RT for claim space and to help the town more. There is also a Witch and Nk because... Why not?

Choose your Fighter (by DanTheManTheDan)Edit

A fun Neutral Killing list, where there is plenty of roles out to kill the Town. Town Protective & Random Town are good spaces for Neutral Killing roles to claim a role, & the Town Support can easily throw off the Neutrals. There is also some Random Neutral slots to add some extra variation to the games. ;)

Edit: Changed 1 Town Support to Neutral Benign due to Town winning most games.

Mafia vs. Neutral setups Edit

Controlled (by Raven1207) Edit

Last Man Standing (by TehLonelyNinja) Edit

Ultra Mafia v Neutral (by Shanka DaWanka)Edit

Serial Justice (By TehLonelyNinja) Edit

It's all about the lynch (By AphrodiUmbreon)Edit

The Sleepless Mafia Edit

Evil Diversity (by LeDirt) Edit

Variation Edit

Town of Evil Edit


  • You may choose to remove 1 or 2 Mafia in place for another Neutral role. Or even replace a Neutral role with 1 other Mafia.
  • The Survivors are basically "citizens", however they may choose to side. If you are in a party with people who hate Survivors, replace them with other roles, or keep them to see how they react.


Context: The town is in chaos. The Mafia has taken over. It is up to the Arsonists to destroy the order. The Witch and the Survivors must side with the Mafia so that they can survive until the end. However, they may also decide to turn their back against the Mafia in the last minute to join the Arsonist revolution.

Trust Issues (by Rogonoc) Edit

Choose your weapon (by mudPi314)Edit

If you have Coven replace Mafia roles or some Amnesiacs with Coven Leader, Hex Master, and Random Coven and replace one Amnesiac with Neutral Chaos. Feel free to make your own variations.


Replace Jester with another Neutral role that will make the game fun, like Witch, Arsonist, Pirate, Plaguebearer, or Juggernaut.

Variation 2Edit

Replace some Town or Neutral roles with more Amnesiacs.

Vampire Convertion (by Labobo)Edit

Chaotic Evil (by WobberTooth)Edit


Replace one Amnesiac with an Arsonist, if you think that many amnesiacs is boring.

Variation 2Edit

Replace the 5 Amnesiac with 5 Jester for an even more chaotic round.

Specialized setups Edit

These setups attempt to create a more simple gameplay by focusing on fewer different roles.

Vampires vs. Humans by SaxtremeEdit


  • Vigilantes:
    • Do not random shoot, as this could kill any chances of Town winning the game. Only shoot people who are acting suspicious, are confirmed to be a Vampire by an Investigator, or if you need to shoot or you lose.
  • Doctors:
    • Earlier in the game, you want to heal Vigilantes and Investigators, as you and other Doctors have a self heal. However, near the end of the game, you may want to have a chain of Doctors healing each other.
  • Investigators:
    • Investigate people who haven't claimed or are acting suspicious. Be sure to not reveal until you have every Vampire confirmed or if the Town MUST kill a Vampire. Otherwise, the remaining Vampires could convert you quickly, causing you to get lynched.
    • When putting the results of other players in your will, put them as either Town or Vampire, not as their actual role. Since Vampires already know each other, you're giving them information on who to kill.
  • Vampires:
    • Try to prioritize biting Investigators first, as they can call you out with ease. While you may feel tempted to only bite Vigilantes next, keep in mind that Doctors can constantly heal each other, so do this with caution.
    • Unlike in other modes, you can easily claim any role that's available. You can claim Doctor by not killing, you can easily claim Investigator as you know who the other Vampires are, and while it seems difficult to fake Vigilante, remember that if there's a confirmed Vampire, most Vigilantes would shoot them at once, and you could easily claim any of these.

Flame Versus Iron (by =^--^=) Edit

Note: this setup was made to be versatile for many numbers of players

Doctors Vs Serial Killers (by KinhT) Edit

The New Vigilantics (by KinhT) Edit

Transporters magic (by ALBARICOQUE980) Edit

Should I Attack (For Rapid Mode Only)? (By Shanka DaWanka) Edit

Executioner Much? (By Shanka DaWanka) Edit

Vigilantics Extreme (By EpicToast2005) Edit

Basically Vigilantics, except with Executioners and Jesters to confuse everyone about who to lynch, and also trying hard not to get shot by the Vigilantes/Witches.

Spy or Blackmailer?(by Saxtremegaming) Edit

Only one setup rule: Amnesiac MUST remember Blackmailer, thought I could put six Blackmailers

Murder Mystery... Literally (by Saxtremegaming) Edit

Sheriff is detective, Mafioso is murder, Vigilante is the gunman, and Spies and Escorts are innocent.

Neutralmania (By Shanka DaWanka) Edit

Neutral Free For All (by Raven1207) Edit

The Taking of Sides (by Davimar) Edit

One Chance (by FirePyre) Edit

There's a Vampire Hunter, because he will automatically become a Vigilante with one bullet. The entire point of this is that the town gets one chance at victory.

The Godfather's town Edit

LaLa Land (by FirePyre) Edit

There is only one rule: The Transporters must transport two different people every night.

Flamers vs. Backstabbers Edit

How do sks kill anyone? by hanging them?

The town of no investigative roles (by seth1299) Edit

Why will they not die? Edit

VIP / Protect the King! Edit

Council of Amnesiacs (by Joodie) (named by baddestwheel) Edit

Killing Free For All (by MattBab4) Edit

Killing Free For All Reborn (The Better One) (by MattBab4) Edit

Who ARE You?!!! (by timothy558) Edit

Variation Edit

Variation 2 Edit

Vampire Chaos (by ChamAlien) Edit

Variation: Edit

You can change Random Town to another Town roles.

Until Dawn (By TehMorganator) Edit

Vampire V. Town V. Mafia (by dude22072) Edit

Let's Heal Up! (by timothy558) Edit

Serial Killer Tag Team (by timothy558) Edit

Twilight Edit

The Magicians in Town (by Levilevi1) Edit

It's a Zombie world out there (By HAWAIIANpikachu) Edit

Insane Asylum (By SamTheWox) Edit

Note: This list only has 14 roles. If you wish to add a 15th role, Jailor might be a good choice to represent the asylum cells.

Lookout for the Mayor, Doctor! (by Kleask10) Edit

Denial of Service (by MegaBlaziken721)Edit

Masters of Disruption (by MegaBlaziken721)Edit

Neutral Roulette (by SBuddy99) Edit

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (by Asew54321)Edit

Neutrals Only (by Raven1207) Edit

I am using my own discretion ( by Darth1Vader ) Edit

Tired of not being able to unleash your unstopable attack as you are afraid of killing a fellow towni ? Feel free to execute enyone you jail in this setup !

Will the jailor terrorise all these Neutral killings ? Will the serial killers be fast enough to get him down ? Can you survive this fight ? or will you burn to death as the arsonists strike from nowhere ?

To Lynch or Not to Lynch ( by Mikemk ) Edit

Also known as "To Reveal or Not to Reveal." Beware: Amnes will want to lynch survivor claims.

The Good, The Evil, The Confused ( by GamerOf125 aka 125 )Edit

Optional: Switch last Amnesiac with Any for more chaos

Themed setups Edit

These setups are themed (i.e. based on subjects such as video game franchises, TV series and historical events, to name a few) and are not necessarily balanced in any way.

Homestar Runner (by =^--^=) Edit

Variation 1

Variation 2

Feel free to mix and match the variations within reason.

Bad Boys (by Raven1207) Edit

Variation 1

Variation 2Edit

Variation 3Edit

Variation 4Edit

Variation 5Edit

Variation 6Edit

World War II (by MegaBlaziken721) Edit

Pizza Party (Five Nights at Freddy's) (by Tormental) Edit

Baywatch (by Tormental)Edit

Dead of Winter, The Long Dark (Board Game, made by HAWAIIANpikachu) Edit

9 hours, 9 people, 9 doors. (Video Game, made by HAWAIIANpikachu) Edit

Fiery Passion (By SaltyLikeAnAvocado)Edit

Trust me or not (NateNate60) Edit

Town of Death (By Thundermaker300) Edit

Survival of the Fittest (by I comment on thingz) Edit

COUP(By DeadLockX) based on the game named COUP Edit

This is basically a custom game with coup roles.

Tell me what role should I change! :)

Amnesiac's Revenge (DanTDM12) Edit

Transporter Fun by A Fandom UserEdit

Only One Shall Prevail (by ZedKiller13) Edit

Who let the dog out?! (by ZedKiller13) Edit

Begone, T H O T by KarpToEndAllKarps Edit

Rock, Paper, Scissors in ToS by a Fandom UserEdit


(The Neutral Benign and Neutral Evil can be in a reversed order)


Brazzers Town by FreezeKirby(... No, I did not name it. I accepted it though.)

  • 1 Jailor - (Bad Cop.)
  • 1 Mayor - (Corrupt Mayonnaise.)
  • 6 Escorts - (Simple Workers.)
  • Lookout - (Cameraman.)
  • Godfather - (Runs the Town's biggest Industry.)
  • Consorts - (Workers with a secret agenda.)
  • Serial Killer - (Rejected by every Worker and gone insane.)
  • Witch - (The Lunatic's only admirer. Or maybe works for the one who pulls the real strings.)

Variation 1Edit

Note: This is a slight variation of "BEGONE T H O T" that I sort of came up with, but more extreme. Again, I chose not the name, I just accepted it because it fits.

Halloween (By LM93)Edit

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