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Town role stories

Bodyguard stories

The Bodyguard was struggling to make a living, and with the new dangers of a Serial Killer and the mafia and he being one of the few town members that have a gun he decided that he could make a quick buck or two protecting people, it would be a dangerous job…..but it was better than starving. Now he was making a living on patrolling peoples homes for protection in exchange for money, it paid well and so far on every night he had in the past their was no need for protection, was a good deal for him at least. It was like every other night he had experienced, 1:00 AM, just standing at the side of the house, listening and watching for any strange occurrences, however, this night would be his last. He heard a fast and loud opening of the door and sound of running footsteps, the BodyGuard rushed into the house, pulled out his gun, yelled “Freeze!” at the Mafioso going into the target's room, the Mafioso turned around and shot the BodyGuard, the BodyGuard, falling, shot the mafioso three times, he felt truly happy at this time, despite the intense pain. He helped a fellow town member from the mafia. The BodyGuard stopped caring about the money, and he did his services for free as time went on; he liked the idea of helping the town. He had finally completed his goal; he closed his eyes, with a smile. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to isrlygood)

The Bodyguard shifted his cigarette from one corner of his mouth to the other and placed his kevlar vest over his undershirt. He was certainly going to need it tonight, he thought. He carefully set the smoldering cigarette in an ashtray as he strapped the vest tight. It had a few dents in it from previous close encounters. He tucked the cigarette back into the corner of his mouth and grabbed his white dress shirt and began to button it. "Gonna be one hell of a night," he chuckled to himself, "one for the record books for sure." He took an extended drag before grabbing his suit jacket. His mother always did say he looked good in pinstripe. But this was going to run smoothly, he told himself. His target and him had discussed the protection plan in depth. No way a single assailant could get him, and that's something the Bodyguard was willing to bet his life on. After checking his pistol he slide it into his jacket pocket. He picked the comb off his dresser and made some minor last minute adjustments to his balding hair. He placed it down and stared into the mirror. He could see his age finally catching up with him as his eyes drifted to his favorite thing on his dresser. He picked up the framed picture of his deceased wife and gave it a quick kiss before putting it back down. He extinguished the cigarette into the ashtray with one hand as he put on his sunglasses with the other. He grabbed the tacked-up picture of the Mayor and walked out of the door. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to InsaneSmile)

Two years before...

It was a wet and stormy night. Two members of the Mafia were huddled in a dark alley. The Godfather was jailed, while the other members were framing, distracting, and blackmailing. As the shivering Mafia in the alleyway attempted to discuss their plans, there was a CLICK! Then a BAM! The Janitor slid down the wall he was leaning against, unconscious. The blood mixed with the growing puddles of rainwater. There was then another distant BANG! of a gun, and suddenly, it was only the Mafioso, huddled in a dark corner of an alley.

The next day, the Godfather showed up dead in front of his cottage, executed by the Jailor. It was only the Mafioso left, who was utterly horrified and wished to be forgiven for his sinister deeds. He was sentenced to jail for two years.

Present Day...

Released from jail, the Mafioso is now part of the town. Wishing to utilize his old skills, he became a Bodyguard and so every night, he would protect his fellow town members from death, at the risk of his own life. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to wrathfulweasel)

The Bodyguard had spent 30 years of his life serving the military as a highly-ranked soldier and defender, and now is retired. He spent his life looking for another job, one that would need him badly. He seeks that job, and finds it in the Town of Salem. He had heard that there had been many murders in that town, and investigations about them. He knew they needed his help. He had arrived at Salem, and every night, he would visit someone and stand there guarding them all night, making sure he or she was kept alive, even at the cost of his own life. And for his own protection, he had one bulletproof vest from his former military job which would allow him to survive one night at the cost of his services to those in need of protection. (unregistered contributor)

A quiet, unassuming man, the Bodyguard watches his target closely to make sure no would-be attackers come near. The moment a threat is spotted, the Bodyguard springs to action, taking the bullet in place of its intended victim. As he lies dying on the ground, the Bodyguard musters the last of his energy to raise his own gun and, with accuracy and discipline that only a hardened soldier could possess, avenges himself before dying. (unregistered contributor)

The Investigator chuckles to himself for being so clever, and points an accusing finger at a bewildered old man. When the rest of the town follows, the old man panics, and quickly reveals a certificate that only a true mayor could possess. Everyone voted the mayor innocent, and the old man sighed of relief and walked off the gallows. The Investigator sheepishly apologizes. That night, the Mafia team gathered up. The Godfather was determined to set out for the Investigator, because if he interrogates another person that is Mayor or Godfather, he'll know they are absolutely the Mafia! The Mafioso is uneasy about this plan, and neither the Disguiser nor the Janitor set out to the Investigator's house with the Godfather. When the Godfather was near the Investigator's cabin, he saw the Investigator outside the house. Perfect timing. The Godfather aimed his gun at the man and shot twice. He heard the sound of the bullets hitting on target. The Godfather smiled, nodding in triumph, and started to turn to leave, until he saw another bullet whizzing at his face. It was too late to react, and the Godfather sunk to the ground, motionless. Ten feet away, the Bodyguard also lays down on the ground, dying. He closes his eyes and smiles. He has done his job. He saved his fellow town member. (unregistered contributor)

The Serial Killer slips silently inside the Doctor's house. His shadow slips over the hall walls as he searches for the bedroom. All is quiet outside; everyone is asleep. He grins and licks his lips in anticipation of the slaughter that is to come, toying with the blade of his razor sharp knife. The Serial Killer ghosts into the bedroom, stalking to the side of the bed. He raises his blade over the prone figure, eyes glinting with malice and joy at the same time. As he brings the blade down, and iron hand clamps down over this forearm, halting the descent of the knife. A large figure, clad in body armor stands behind him, cocking a revolver. The Serial Killer, recovering with cat-like speed, reverses the knife and buries it deep in the Bodyguard's chest. The iron grip weakens, and the Serial Killer turns to flee. As he reaches for the doorknob, his vision turns red. Somewhere far away, he hears a bang, and then his world tilts to the side. The next morning, the sun shines upon the tragedy; The Doctor couldn't save the Bodyguard in time. (Credit to SOURCECODE01)

The Investigator, weary from sifting through refuse stood before the town in the early morning. His finger was directed towards an elderly man, whom he immediately labelled the Godfather. Desperate, and without any other leads, they put the man on trial. The old man rebutted this accusation by producing a certificate that was awarded to him when he was elected as the Mayor. As he left the stand, he asked everyone to place a paper with their name and occupation into a box that was being passed around, where he would spend the night mulling over the results. When night fell, the Mafioso was sent to pay the Mayor a visit to destroy all of the incriminating evidence. As he broke the lock to the old man's door, he drew his gun and began his search in the Mayor's study. Surely enough, the target was huddled over his desk, passed out after a long night's work. Suddenly, a man steps from the shadows and reaches for the assailant's gun. A single shot rings out, fatally wounding the protector as he falls to the ground in a puddle of his own blood. The Mafioso recovers and trains his firearm on the Mayor, but is shot by the dying man with the last of his strength. The Bodyguard gives the Mafioso a twisted grin before succumbing to his injuries. He has done his job.

Years of working with the Mayor as his most trusted agent, the Bodyguard is a huge threat to anyone that dares to bring panic, misery and corruption to Salem. Equipped with a vest, and a special revolver entrusted to him for many years of service, he will stand by anyone and protect them, no matter what the cost. If his target is ever threatened, he will take his own life and take the bullet, but not before he avenges himself; by shooting the attacker before the Bodyguard draws his final breath. (credit to Squiddington)

The Bodyguard sat down enjoying a beverage thinking about what happened to the other Bodyguard in town. He thought for quite some time. He thought, "If I save someone's life, I'll die, but the evil doer will as well. Should I have this job? Should I risk it?" The next day one of his partners, the Sheriff, died. One more kill that he could've prevented. the next day, he protected the one person he cared about. The Mayor. He goes to his house, and, the lights flicker. They suddenly turn all the way off. He hears a cackle from a raspy voice. He knew that voice. It was the Vampire. The Vampire attacks him and he fights him off until the Vampire Hunter came and fended off the vampire. He was bit. His vision fades away, and he says, "Thanks for the help. Tell Salem..... I love them. All of them." The Bodyguard slowly dies in the Vampire Hunter's hands. The Vampire Hunter is who he protected, but that day, everything didn't go the way planned. The Vampire was dead and all, but.... but...... The Vampire Hunter saw her only friend die. Fionna..... Fionna saw.... her only friend.... die. In her hands. (unregistered contributor)

Ever since the death of his wife he was never quite the same... He began living his life for others instead of himself thinking it would somehow make up for what he was unable to do for her years ago. He walks people home each night to talk partially hoping the conversation will fill the emptyness inside him. All of a sudden an attack from nowhere! The bodyguard shoots him point blank with a pistol and the attacker drops lifelessly to the floor. The bodyguard is unharmed but just stares at the body and drops the gun... before the person can say thank you he collapses to his knees leaning over the body and crying. "Are you okay?" they ask. He can't hear them... he's too far gone. "I could have... I could have saved us both" He picks up the gun slowly to his head. "But you did!" All he can see is his wife's body motionless on the ground "I love you... I love you baby I'm so sorry..." "no, don't do it!" darkness (unregistered contributor)

The Secret Service has a plaque in their main hall that commemorates its greatest agents and their efforts; but one man isn't on that list. The Bodyguard is the premiere specialist in protection and his years of service have gone unawarded at his request. He is a modest and humble person that regularly steps into harms way for those he has been tasked to protect; after which he escapes into the shadows before anyone can thank him. Armed with a bulletproof vest and a handgun, the Bodyguard will protect his charge and kill the attacker; or die trying. (credit to Ace2369)

The Jailor had the last mafia in front of him. The Investigator had confirmed he was a leader among men, and this man had no way of revealing himself as a Mayor. With that, the Jailor began to execute the Godfather, but he made it as painful as he could to avenge the Sheriff, who had been found by the mafia. The Godfather's cries of pain did not go unheard, however. It was a full moon. And a certain snarling beast of a Werewolf was prowling. It heard the cries of the Godfather and was drawn to them like a moth to a light. The Werewolf forced its way into the jail. The Jailor looks up with surprise, turned to fear while the Godfather bleeds out. The Werewolf pounces, but something catches him. A Bodyguard. The Bodyguard tackles the Werewolf to the floor, who snarls and rips into the Bodyguard with its sharp claws. The Bodyguard refuses to succumb so easily and draws his pistol, firing it into the Werewolf. Regular bullets barely faze it however, and the Werewolf pushes the Bodyguard off with brute force. The Bodyguard staggers back, then yanks a single solitary silver bullet off the chain around his neck, loading it into the pistol. The Werewolf leaps, the Bodyguard aims...and fires. The silver bullet hits the Werewolf square between the eyes. However, the Werewolf was bringing its claws down into the Bodyguard at the same time, slashing his neck open. The Werewolf collapses instantly and the Bodyguard clutches his bleeding throat loosely, before falling backwards. The Jailor tries to call for the Doctor, but said Doctor was busy protecting the Escort that night while she went looking for the Serial Killer. The last thing the Bodyguard manages to gurgle out to the Jailor is "We make a good team..." before he succumbs to his wounds at last, knowing the town is safe from any more Werewolf attacks. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

No doubt about it, the war had toughened up the Bodyguard. He had enlisted at 18, pressured by his patriotic parents. After 5 years of preperation, Bodyguard made his first tour. Suddenly he found himself in transport to the frontal camp in the desolate desert that his country decided to bring peace to. How could anyone live in this sand trap? thought the Bodyguard, This place is little more than a- BOOM! The Bodyguard couldnt finish his thought. There was a shrill screaming in his head. He yelled out, but he couldn't even hear his own scream. He looked over, and saw his squad showered in shrapnel. And he wept; Wept as the Jeep on his arm broke it; Wept as the medics carried him off; Wept as he was brought into a town in Oregon to be seen by a superb doctor that lived there. "He'll make a full recovery, but he can't go back to war," said the Doc. "He can stay with me." Bodyguard recovered, and sooned learned that Salem, as the locals called it, was a hive kf villany. Fearing for the doctor's life, Bodyguard took up arms every night inside the Doctor's house. Finally, after the Doc saved a brutally wounded man from death by the mafia, there was a slow creaking as the Doc's door eased open. Bodyguard tensed up. This was night my preparation pays off. Bodyguard steadied his hand as he took aim at the Doc's would-be assailant. Then the knife pierced his gut. The Serial Killer had shown up, and the Mafioso was no where to be seen! "Nice try you grizzled fool. Guess I wss to quick for your old bones!" BANG! The Serial Killer dropped to the floor, his mouth agape. Although the Doc was unable to save Bodyguard, everyone beamed with respect as the Serial Killer was announced dead. They read his will. It was composed of six words: No one likes a smart-ass. (credit to Soxman223)

The Bodyguard nursed the stub of his cigarette, leaning motionless against the wall. The Jailor was inside, getting better acquainted with the Godfather, but the Bodyguard was sure the Mafia wouldn't take this lying down. Movement in the bushes caught his attention. Flicking away his cigarette, the Bodyguard went for his gun. Dimly, he heard the Mafioso fire. Felt the impact of the bullet, a sledgehammer to the gut. He ignored it. He had a job to do, and he was going to damn well do it. He fired, once, twice, three times. No use saving ammunition, not now. He knew what a gut wound meant. Staggering backwards, he fell heavily against the wall, sliding down it. The Mafioso's corpse stared reproachfully up at him, but the Bodyguard smiled, as everything faded to dark. He had done his duty.

The Bodyguard used to be a paranoid Veteran who had alerted every night to make sure nobody comes to him, attempting to kill. However, one fateful night, the Veteran had killed the Mayor, who had been witched to visit him. That was when he realized that this way of life was too dangerous and that it was better to die protecting other lives that were more valuable than his own.

Now, he has become a Bodyguard, protecting the Jailer every night. He realizes that eventually, someone was going to attack the Jailer, and someone did. One night, as the Bodyguard was outside the jail, alert for any sudden movements, he saw a shadow lurking towards the jail. When he realized he was a Serial Killer attempting to kill the Jailor, he aimed his gun at him. The Serial Killer, being a psychopath, had no qualms but to stab the Bodyguard to get at the Jailer, but as the Bodyguard cried in agony, he fired the pistol and it hits the Serial Killer on the head. Seeing that there wasn’t a doctor ready to heal him, the Bodyguard slowly bled to death, but as he did, he was proud of himself. He had killed the dreaded Serial Killer for everyone else. He smiled and passed to eternity. (Credit to ADYJ)

Faithfulness, that simple word described how the Bodyguard acted. His faithfulness knew no limits, he would protect anyone who asked for his protection without any fails, despite his life would be the cost. No matter if it was an obedient Mafioso, a psychotic Serial Killer, a mysterious Arsonist, a bloodlust Vampire, or even the rampaging Werewolf, he would stand before them and brave enough to raise his gun.

The training he had went through for the past ten years made him strong, both mentally and physically. Initially, he was an soldier who was sent onto a war, but he stopped fighting after his wife died on the war. Since then, he was struggled to make a living, but he decided to helped others by selling protections. The paid went well, by far no Bodyguard's target had been attacked.

However, one night, it was a very chaotic night. The Doctor was busy preparing her tools to visit her neighbour, she didn't even paying attention towards a man who brought a gas can. The Bodyguard was hiding near by, and when the Arsonist was about to doused the house, the Bodyguard immediately dashed and tackled the Arsonist towards the ground. "You've got some guts to douse the Town's Doctor in gasoline. As long as I am here, I won't allow you do that!"

The Arsonist, of course, not decided to give up without a fight. With his strength, he pinned the Bodyguard and put both of his ash-stained hands onto the Bodyguard's neck, strangling him. The Bodyguard was struggling, but the Arsonist's grasps were far stronger. The Arsonist then had no choice but to burn him: burn the Bodyguard. He doused the faithful man and lighted a match, then he threw it onto the Bodyguard's body. The Bodyguard screamed in pain as he felt his body burnt slowly, the heat was torturing him really bad, while the Arsonist only laughed looking at the burnt Bodyguard.

The Bodyguard on the other hand, refused to give up easily. As the Arsonist picked up his gasoline can and tried to douse the Doctor's house again,he took a pistol from his jacket, and shot the Arsonist on his head. The Arsonist's body slumped backwards, and blood pooled on the green grasses, staining them into a reddish colour. Gasoline smell filled the air as the can of gasoline spilled over the grass and drenched his dead body.

Even with his body burning and the Doctor couldn't saved him, the Bodyguard was happy. He was happy to protect the Doctor, his wife's old friend. As his sight went blurred, he had a vision of his wife, telling him that he had done very well and thanked him. The Bodyguard closed his eyes and smiled peacefully, as tears of joy flowing down his cheeks. The next morning, the Doctor was shocked to saw the corpse of the Bodyguard and the Arsonist, unaware that the Bodyguard died protecting her. When the Town told her what happened, the Doctor cried and couldn't forgive herself for being unable to save her friend. Despite that, she thanked him from the bottom of her heart for saving her. (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

A strong man was in front of the Mayor's door. He was paid to keep a watch and protect him. The BodyGuard thinks of the possible threats that could attempt to assassinate the Mayor: The organized crime known as the Mafia, the psychotic Serial Killer, who would be angered if he couldn't kill someone, the pyromaniac that wants to see everything burn, or that myth about a big wolf mauling people. The BodyGuard takes a deep breath and decides to smoke a cigarette.

He looked at the moon. It was a crescent moon. Good thing that the so-called "Werewolf" isn't here the BodyGuard thought to himself. He then starts to reflect on his past, known for protecting people and living for another day, just for the town to assume he's either the head of the Mafia, or the known Arsonist. But this night was his final night.

As soon as he tosses away his cigarette, a man pushes him on the floor. The Mafioso then barges in the Mayor's house, aiming his Luger at the mayor. The Mayor closes his eyes and doesn't bare to watch what will happen. But the BodyGuard has tackled the Mafioso on the floor. The BodyGuard takes his gun and shoots the Mafioso in the head. He gets up and walks away. "BEHIND YOU!" the Mayors yells, as the Mafioso stabbed the BodyGuard in the back with the bayonet attached to the Luger. "May the mafia live on. Long live the mafia." The mafioso chants this until he bleeds out to death.

The BodyGuard knew it was over for him. The Mayor cried, watching as his protector bleeds to death. "Save this town. Do it for everyone. Do it for me." the BodyGuard says, as he closes his eyes with a smile on his face. (Credit to GhostyGuy619)

The bodyguard was once a wild man who would do anything for money. He saw a poster that shows "If you can beat Randy Russeltough, you can win 200 dollars! Sign up at 124 Conch Street, Benny Button". He went to this place and signed up. After training for two weeks, he went to the place again to defeat Randy Russeltough. While going there he stumbled upon a criminal. A policeman was chasing the criminal, telling Bodyguard "Hey you, buff guy! Help me get that criminal!" Bodyguard ignored this however, and went on to the match.

It was his first match. He never felt so nervous in his entire life. When the match started, Bodyguard charged at Randy, but he missed, hitting the side of the ring, and got stuck. Randy grabbed him and repeatedly punched him in the face. Bodyguard got weaker and weaker, and he was starting to pass out. He remembered the money though, and his mama, which he loves dearly. He was able to block the punch of Randy, he kicked Randy's groin so hard, Randy passed out almost immediately. Bodyguard won the prize money.

When he got home, he saw his mama dead. He looked at the CCTV footage and found the criminal, the same one from last time, stabbing his mama. He made a vow to defeat all evil-doers and criminals. Twenty years later, he was protecting the mayor from the Mafia. He heard the Mafioso bust through the house, awakening the Mayor. The Bodyguard saw the Mafioso's face, and thought it looked awfully familiar. It was actually the criminal who killed his mama. He shot the Mafioso in the heart, killing him, but the Mafioso, before it was too late, shot the Bodyguard two times, one in the head and one in the heart. The Bodyguard said his last words "I will finally see you again, mama." He almost died, but the Doctor healed the Bodyguard and Bodyguard saw the end of the mafia. (Credit to Scrooch)

At night, a gun being loaded and cocked is heard from a house in the square. A door silently creaks open, and someone stealthily tip-toes to another house. He carefully knocks on the door. The door opens...

"Ah, there you are," says the Mayor. "The Bodyguard, right? I think you'll be a good protector. You've done your job well for a few people, I've heard." The Bodyguard chuckles at the compliments, then does his job. Looking out the window and clutching his gun, he watches for intruders.

He remembered what happened when he first guarded the others. The Investigator, the Escort, and the Jailor. No attacks, and he has made a good sum of cash. Little did he know what would happen this evening.

As the Bodyguard keeps looking through the window, he sees a silhouette step out of a house. He cannot recognize who it is, but, looking closer, he finds out that he has a gun. The silhouette approaches the Mayor's house. "You'd better hide," says the Bodyguard. "Somebody's gonna shoot ya." Following the Bodyguard's instructions, the Mayor ducks behind his couch.

The Bodyguard quickly sets the room to make it seem like the Mayor had just gone to sleep. As the intruder steps in, the Bodyguard also ducks behind the couch. Peeking out of his cover, the Bodyguard knew exactly who it was. "This guy's the Mafioso, huh?" The Bodyguard thought.

The Mafioso turns on the lights. "You'll never over-vote us," said the Mafioso. The Mafioso cocks his gun, looking around. Eventually, the Mafioso thinks. "He's probably asleep. I'll check the bedroom." As the Mafioso climbs the staircase, a "CLICK" is heard. Looking around frantically, he sees nothing. But that is when the Bodyguard and Mayor jump out of their cover. BAM!

The Mafioso instantly falls down the stairs. But he gathers the last of his strength and fires at his target. The Bodyguard, however, determined to let the leader live, jumps forth to protect the Mayor. The Bodyguard hits the floor, face-first. "Finally done my job," he thought. He closed his eyes, ready to rest.

However, the instant he closes them, he hears the sound of the door being burst open, quick footsteps, someone stumbling, and a case being opened. A little later, he opens his eyes again. He looks up into the eyes of his best friend.

"Thanks, Doc," says the Bodyguard. (Credit to Idelac)

“The general always said that there is no sacrifice too great. I never made a living in the army or at any other job, so I sell protection for a livin.” The bodyguard stands outside the house of the town mayor. He watches and protects people from any attacks, but he Has no medical skills. He is always careful of who he strikes and if they strike him. He hears the mayor screaming for help as the serial killer stands in front of him. Right before the serial killer strikes ``whack” the bodyguard strikes him with the baton. Before he delivers the second blow he is stabbed by the killer. The serial killer laughed before stabbing the mayor but with the bodyguard’s final action he grabs the killers weapon and kills the attacking serial killer. The mayor rushes outside screaming for a doctor but the bodyguard laughs and says “there is no sacrifice too great” (credit to potion masters)

Doctor stories

With many years of training with surgical precision and bio-medical research as a combat medic, the Doctor is an innovative surgeon skilled in healing even the most traumatic of injuries in just a single night. When he retired into a humble life as Salem's local physician, the Mayor immediately accuses the Doctor for possible association with witchcraft due to his miraculous ability to heal himself in critical condition and banishes him out of fear that the Doctor is secretly planting a curse on the his patients. As he is forced into exile, he swore to never heal the Mayor for his corrupt accusations. Years later, rumors of murder in Salem were spreading and the Doctor now swears to come back to Salem and secretly check up on potential targets of murder, even if it costs him his life. However, he is aware of other rumors of an Arsonist incinerating people, which he cannot save because the fire would burn the victims' vital organs before he can heal them and that the flammable gas used cannot be washed off in any way. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to Kiyosen)

Most people would shy away from cutting open other humans to help them as a profession. But the Doctor does not. He was first drafted into the Vietnam War, but he was against killing. Although he was given an option to stay out of the war, he decided to offer his skills as a trauma doctor. He saw many kinds of terrible wounds, but he could heal just about all kinds. He had but one weakness—burn wounds. When the war was over, he went back to his hometown of Salem. When he learned that there were murderers on the loose, he decided to make secret house calls every night so that he can perhaps save some of his fellow town members. However, when the Arsonist shows his face, the Doctor realizes that he was still at a loss for the burn wounds he inflicted. And when the Mayor formally reveals himself, the Doctor refuses to help him for political reasons involving his support of the Vietnam War. But when he saves other town members from certain death, the entire town congratulates him on a job well done. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to Anonymous0726)

His first-aid kit dangled from his lanky fingers as he ran to his destination, the full moon beating down on his head. Time was of the essence. The town Doctor wasn't prepared for what he saw inside of the broken-down grey house. He kicked open the door, exhausted from his healing duties. His father was a Serial Killer, but he had taken a different interest in knives.

The house reeked of blood and…the Doctor sniffed. It smelled like dogs. He cautiously stepped further into the house, only to see a man splayed out on the floor. Layed out on a table next to the man were three tattered vests; three signs of a Survivor. The man looked around the room, confused and slightly scared. He set his kit down next to the twitching man, not daring to look at the almost-corpse; after he had gotten his tools out, though, he was forced to.

The man's torso and legs had been torn open by a Werewolf. He grabs the needle and string from his kit and swallows down bile, ready to sew together the remains of this death-fearing man. This was the Doctor's job; he had to heal and then lurk in the shadows. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to BonnieMcKee)

After two tours as a combat medic in the latest world conflict, the Doctor is an expert healer and he loves to make house calls. Boasting degrees in surgery, radiology and several more, the Doctor can heal just about any wound the human body can sustain. Although he willingly heals the rest of the town, he refuses to heal the Mayor due to conflict with funding. He seeks to save people from death in just about anyway he can, but has still not figured out how to stop the one person that can scorch bodies beyond healing: The Arsonist. (credit to Ace2369)

The Doctor is an expert medic with over 20 years of medical experience. As such, he can treat any wound, from minor injuries, to severe wounds. However, his experience in treating injuries does not help against the burns of a known sociopath that lurks throughout Salem; The Arsonist. He has also been confused as a Serial Killer many times, as Investigators have spied on him "playing with knives".. (credit to Squiddington)

The Doctor goes over to the patient, a Lookout. She says, "Now don't be climbing on too many roofs, because that leg needs to heal! Serial Killer got you good!" The Lookout then walks out the door, with a bandage on. The Doctor thought to herself, "My life is PERFECT!" Then one night, she didn't think of healing HERSELF. She woke up the next day not breathing and she questioned it. "How has this become of me?" She then reveals her secrets of healing, potions, and helping others in her last will. (unregistered contributor)

The doctor walked up to the quiet, seemingly empty house. She stepped onto the porch, preparing to open the front door when she saw that it was ajar. Cautiously, she stepped into the house. She made her way around, searching for a possible patient. Then she found him. It was the mayor, laying in a heap on the floor. He was bleeding from his stomach, and had tears streaming down his cheeks. He called to the doctor for help. He had been stabbed by the serial killer who had left him to die. The doctor dropped to her knees and began to give the mayor some first aid. After all, saving people's lives was her job. (credit to LittleMissFanGirl14)

The Doctor goes to visit the house of a Spy who had verified himself to the town. The Investigator had testified for the Spy's identity and the Jailor had jailed the Investigator to protect him on this night. As the Doctor steps into the Spy's house however, he noticed the Spy wasn't home. Curious, the Doctor walked around the town for a while before hearing a faint groaning noise. He followed the sound and found the Spy bleeding in a bush with numerous bullet-holes in his body. Startled, the Doctor rushes to his aid and employs his use of emergency first-aid he had learned a long time ago. A bloody note next to the Spy simply read "WITNESS!" so the mafia had intended to kill him immediately. The Doctor was smart though and always kept medical supplies on his person as a pre-caution. After a few close calls, he manages to patch up the Spy enough to get him home for proper treatment. Next morning, the Spy comes out of his house, much to the mafia's dismay. He gets the town's attention and successfully identifies one of the mafia, to which the Sheriff confirms. Thanks to the Doctor's well-timed first-aid, the Spy was able to live long enough to get the Mafioso lynched before the town, the very person who had tried to kill him just the night before. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

The Doctor goes to visit the house of a Sheriff who had verified himself to the town. The Investigator had testified for the Sheriff's identity and the Jailor had jailed the Investigator to protect him on this night. As the Doctor steps into the Sheriff's house however, he noticed the Sheriff wasn't in his room. Curious, the Doctor scurried around the house looking for the Sheriff. He heard a sound of rustling in the kitchen, so he followed it, in it he found the Sheriff and Mafioso clawed by something really viscous. But the Sheriff was also shot, and the Doctor knew who had shot him. Thankfully the Doctor saved the Sheriff but as he turned to leave, he found out what had clawed the Sheriff and the Mafioso, it was a Werewolf. At that very moment the Werewolf had killed the Doctor. But the doctor was happy to know that he died saving one very important ally, the Sheriff. And the next day the Werewolf was sent to the gallows. A very good night and day for the Sheriff that had his life saved by the doctor who risked everything to save him. (unregistered contributor)

"You'll be the next Doctor Oz," they said, "Just sign here." Little did he know, the "TV producer" was just the mayor of a rinky-dink town in the west named "Salem". Uggh. I knew I should have bought a lawyer. Now, instead of cute secretaries and Million dollar salaries, he gets rustic cottages and a fifteen-person community that he would have to baby sit. HIM, the best doctor in the world, would have to treat colds and tetnis. He slept restlessly, and he swore he heard gunshots. Nah, not here. Not in this nothing of a town. But then morning came. The Doc walked the path outside his house that lead to a fake Gallow. All for show, right? he thought. Then he saw the bodies. Caked with blood, they contained multiple barbaric stab wounds. It appeared his talents were needed. Nights went on, and after 5 grueling nights of war-class medic work, both the town and mafia were reduced to there leaders, the Godfather and the Mayor, going into the sixth night after the Doc arrived. The Doc couldn't help remembering the mayor had brought him to the town. The more he thought, the more he dreaded his job for tonight. A little TV will soothe my mind, he thought. But, when he turned it on, the only channel broadcasted to this god forsaken town was showing a picture that drove The Doc over the edge. It was Doctor Oz. It was over. The mayor signed his own deathwish 6 days ago. And the Doc left town to the symphony of ear splitting screams from the man that destroyed his life. (credit to Soxman223 )

After leaving the Salem Hospital after 5 years as the "shitty" intern, The Doctor leaves for a house in the Town of Salem. Finally finding the house his parents left behind, The Doctor walks in to find a dusty house layered in medical equipment. Picking out what is important, The Doctor lets the town know about Daily Checkups at his household. The first night, His first patient showed up. As he was patching the stranger up, The stranger said his thanks, grabbed a scalpel, stabbed The Doctor, and left him for dead. The wound was bad, but was not dangerous. Patching himself up, the bombing realization kicked in. He had helped a killer. The Doctor set himself a goal, To help any town members, allowing one self check-up to save medical equipment, and to see the ends of a serial killer. Too bad, he had no medical equipment for burn wounds. (Credit to Setpep)

The Doctor just got expelled from his medical school when he was accused of vandalizing the school property. He knew that he was innocent, but nobody believed him. Of course, it was his name that was painted in front of the school. After the doctor left the school, his only thought was "I was framed!!!"

Now back in his hometown, Salem, the Doctor had disappointed the entire town. The Mayor, fearing that the doctor had not learned “proper” healing, decided to forbid the doctor from healing him, but allowed the doctor to heal others only if they approve. Everyone else accepted, pleasing the doctor.

Now, the Mafia has come into Salem after destroying so many cities they have recently invaded. At the same time, the Serial Killer has to Salem, ready to murder anyone in his way.. The Arsonist has also moved in, vowing to burn everyone to death. It was time to put the Doctor’s skills to the test.

The Doctor had been partially successful. The Mafia shootings and the Serial Killer’s stabs were healed by the doctor every night. However, the Doctor had left school too soon and had not learned how to heal burns. As the Mafia and the Serial Killer has failed each and every time thanks to the Doctor’s refined skills as a surgeon, the Arsonist comes to power. He is the one enemy that the doctor dreads. (Credit to ADYJ)

She only wished one thing and nothing else: to save other people lifes. This deep desire had been exist since she was a child, just like what her parents do to the others and herself. From what she believed, people who couldn't save other people didn't deserve to live. And as she became a young adult, she spent twelve years practising and studying about human's bodies, biological research, and how to treat injuries perfectly and quickly, even in just one single night.

As she moved to the Town of Salem along with her old friend Samuel who just retired from war, she became the Doctor who warmly treated anyone for free. However, when the Mayor found out about her precise and miraculous treatment, he threatened to cut her clinic's funding and banished her due to accusation of Ann using witchcraft to treat her patients. Lucky for Ann, Samuel and the Townies refused for her to be banished. But until today, Ann refused to and swear to never treat the Mayor again.

When the Mafia and Serial Killers invading the Town, most of their attempts were failed. Her fingers precisely stiched all of the wounds carefully and neatly, closing all the death from her patients. As for pre-cautions, Ann prepared a first aid for herself in case someone tried to kill her. She did had one enemy that she couldn't combat: The Arsonist. Ann dreaded him so much because she couldn't do anything to save someone who already burnt to beyond recognition.

However, she seemed to regretting one thing: being unable to save Samuel. He died, protecting her from the Arsonist and taking him down along. Ann was glad that the Town is safe from the Arsonist, but she couldn't forgive herself for her foolishness. "If only I head to your house... I can save you in time instead of see your body lying here. But deep inside, thank you. Thank you so much Samuel..." Ann thought to herself as tears falling down from her eyes.

Despite what happened, she picked up her medical equipment and went out again. Ann kept treating all those who seeked help from her, so the same tragedy happened to Samuel wouldn't ever happened again. After all, she was the Doctor of the Town, and the same thing wouldn't ever and allowed to happened again as long as she still alive. (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

Before he rests, he opens his case for any missing equipment.

The Doctor had had a scarring past, as the Mayor had cut the hospital's funding, and accused him of witchcraft, for he had an uncanny ability for healing, but he knew he was no mage.

He waited for any struggles, but nothing happened. Exhausted, the Doctor climbs into bed, and waits for the next day. A few hours later, he hears a faint creak of a door opening. "Definitely not my door," the Doctor thinks. But the same door opens again, and two bullets are heard.

The Doctor jumps up, grabs his medical equipment, and rushes for the Mayor's door. Inside, he finds two bodies, the Mafioso's and the Bodyguard's. He wasn't going to let his best friend die. He opened his kit. "Why are YOU here?" barks the Mayor.

"There's no time for that, I have to save your protector!" the Doctor shouts back. Performing his routine, he surgically heals the Bodyguard and waits for him to awaken. His eyes finally open to see the Doctor, and thanks him.

"All in a night's work, and I've proven I'm no witch," says the Doctor. (Credit to Idelac)

The Doctor lost a patient, and his reputation. Calling in a favor to his old friend, he was given a job at the Salem General hospital. Whilst visiting the Sheriff, a member of the mafia shot him in the shoulder. Without the doctors help he would have died. The morning after the sheriff walked into the town square, proclaiming - "I was attacked! The doctor saved me" (Credit to KathosTheGreat)

Escort stories

Red cloth slips off of the Escort's shoulder as she tiptoes through the door. Her silk dress is but a blanket, wrapped around her body like a towel toga. Her bare feet sink in the cream carpet as she peers into his bedroom, windows with sills of glimmering gold, scarlet wallpaper encrusted with polished rubies, down mattresses bursting with feathers—a far cry from the crumbling brick orphanage she grew up in, where ivy crept up the foot of her bed as she slept on a tattered cot. A lone knife sits on his bedside table and a gun is mounted above his head; under it, a plaque proudly declaring 100-0-0. She scoffs and her plump lips upturn. All this wealth and pride, yet not a single penny for the poor who hunch over in their tents, the children wrapped in cold beached uniforms, those huddled around meager fires. Yet her scorn will be gone when he wakes, and he'll find an angel blessed with high cheekbones and ginger hair that cascades down the center of her back. She stands there until he opens his top drawer with a single finger. A dollar slips over its wooden lip and, the remnants of her grudge melting away, she walks to his bed without a hint of apprehension. Tonight it's a Godfather, tomorrow the uptight Mayor, the next the coarse Survivor—money speaks in this town of chaos and the Escort is all too willing to listen. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to Moonbird)

Her high heels clicked on the pavement of Salem, her stride confident. A fur coat and fire-red lipstick gave her her trademark look. In the depths of the darkness stood a stranger, a deranged fellow with several stains of red on his shirt. She took caution, and reminded herself of the mace in her purse, then stepped forward. The sway of her hips and her alluring step didn’t get the attention of the lurking man, but she ventured further to tap on his shoulder. “A hundred for a night, Mister Lonelyhearts.” He did not turn to her, the streetlight somewhat illuminating his face; all she could see was a grin that looked like it could curl to his ears.

“It’s a good offer,” she says, trying to act coy; after working as an underling of the Mafia’s very own Godfather for several years, she was talented in the art of seduction. She had learned the ropes a long time ago when a previous Consort taught her; she decided to strip a little in the middle of that very street.

The man soon turned to her, and the wanted poster that she saw earlier flashed through her brain. The psychopathic trademark grin and the stained clothing only led to one thing. Before she could put her skimpy top back on, the Serial Killer she tried to distract whirled and ended her life. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to BonnieMcKee)

Stepping off the Broadway music scene and into an early retirement, the Escort is a beautiful muse that is as distracting as she is crafty. She uses her wily charms to keep even the most hard-working persons at home and distracted. The Escort will go wherever the going is good, whether that be the Mayor's house, the Godfather's or even the house of a man claiming to show her tricks with a knife. (credit to Ace2369)

The Godfather was fuming. The Vigilante had gotten a lucky shot on his Mafioso, and he aimed to get the Vigilante back before he could find the mafia's Framer as well. That fool had revealed himself to the town, like he was expecting a parade in his honour for shooting the Mafioso. He instructed the Framer to frame the Jester, in hopes the town investigative found it and decided to lynch him, thus hurting themselves. The Framer nodded and walked out, while the Godfather prepared the very weapon he'd passed onto the Mafioso before. He would get the Vigilante back for this. Before he can leave however, the lovely Escort finds her way into his home. Completely distracted by her looks, he stops what he was doing while the Escort encourages him to share a drink with her. The Godfather decides a drink wouldn't hurt, and humours her request. As they're almost finished with their drinks however, a shot cracks through the house and hits the Godfather square in the shoulder. The Vigilante was taking another guess. The Escort, startled quickly runs out of the house, yelling that somebody had been shot. The next morning, the Escort reveals to the town that she had kept the Godfather home all night and nobody had died. The proven Vigilante confirms he shot the Godfather, and yet there the Godfather was, still alive. Before the Godfather knows it, he's on trial with confirmed townsfolk designating him as the Godfather. The Escort cheekily blows him a kiss, exclaiming "Better luck next time, sweetie." and it's the last thing the Godfather sees and hears before the rope tightens around his neck and he is hung. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

A young performer waiting for her big break to join a theater troupe, The Escort makes sure she's ready for her auditions by practicing nightly in her neighboring town members' houses. She'll pirouette for a Doctor about to make a house call, or twirl for the Vigilante, about to take out his gun. Whoever is entertained by the Escort, they seem to forget their troubles, motives, and strong determination to get their job done for the night. Few in the town can find the strength to ignore the charming performer's smile, but only the man with knives in his backpocket can muster the strength to kill the pestering Escort. (Credit to Anna the Merchant)

The paparazzi was to much for her! After the extreme success of her new song, Big Green Snake, Icky Mirage retired to a small town of 15 in the foothills Oregon. It didn't take long for Icky to realize that this town was more than it seemed. It was most likely the worst town in the United States, and Icky loved it! Just like Detroit, she thought. So in accordance to this, sbe lived her life as if she was back with Troy in Detroit. She searched out the most filthy man in the town. First was the Godfather. She bragged about her prowess at catching bad boys in her web of love. Then, they went and hung him! They thanked her for stopping the deaths from the Mafia menace. Well, Icky needs a new boy. So, she went and found herself and even badder boy, the Arsonist. Again, she wrote a song and sang it on the stage. "My boy Hobbs is the biggest, best liar, Never gave sweat, not even perspired, But give him a match, and boy he'll light you on fire!"

Then, he was dead. Again the town thanked Icky for ending of the Arson threat. Icky sighed. She really couldn't keep a boyfriend. (credit to Soxman223)

The loud jazz song fills the air as the woman dances around, seducing every single one of the audience that comes to see her. Her orange hair waves with passion, her cherry lips curls into a bright smile and her black eyes glistening in joy. When she finishes her dancing, the room is filled with so many cheers and claps. She bows gracefully and walks from the stage, blowing a kiss for them.

She is the Escort, a beautiful woman who dances around the Town of Salem. She is used to be a dancer on the night club, but ever since the Mafia and Neutral Evildoers invade the Town, nobody is allowed to going out after late night. Of course, it affects her payment and joy, which is drained to the limits of them. At least for her, she wishes to help getting rid of the evildoers, so she and the Town can go to the club again. She missed her friends there, after all.

So that night, she settles it all down. Putting her favourite red dress, her make up, and her high heels, she goes out that night. The Escort is confident in her dancing skills, so she uses them to distract them from their usual night activities. One man looking grim, locks his door and when out, only to changes his mind when he sees her.

"Oh there my dear. Having a workout so late?" She asks him, her tone is so sweet it is irresistible, the man just stares at her, widely, before inviting her into his house. All night, they have a really good time, from drinks, humours, dancing, anything that keeps you away from your usual works. Only that night, both of them sleeps together in the mysterious man's room.

With a quick movement, the man stabs her with his bloody knife, whirling and ending her life. Her scream, however, doesn't go noticed by the sleeping citizens. The sounds of her flesh and blood splattering are like his lullabies, until when she doesn't breath, he stops it. He cleans the knife on her already stained dress, before he carries her body in a princess carry. He puts her body down and looks at her with a saddened look.

"I'm sorry... If only you visited someone else besides me tonight, you wouldn't be dead like now..." He kisses her cheek before went away. Unknown to the Escort, the man she charmed is the Serial Killer who she wishes to be gone. How she wished she can rewind time back or someone be there to help her... (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

At night, the Escort steps out of her home. She listened to those who had suspected others. She goes to the house in front of her. A gentle knock, and the door opens. Little does this townie know what he's in for.

After a little bit of arranging the furniture to form a sort of stage, she dances for her spectator. She has done this for years, and it is her job. He pays the Escort some money for his dance. And as the Escort walks contently out his door, the Vigilante abruptly realizes he forgot to deliver some justice and shoot the suspected Mafioso.

But things go awry one night. She sticks to her routine, dances for many people, and she's made lots of cash in just one week. She decides to finish off the week by dancing for the Doctor, and things go as she expects. The Doctor asks if the Escort would care to sleep with him, and the Escort takes him up on the offer.

The Escort fell into the trap. The Serial Killer manages to stealthily unsheathe his knife. (Credit to Idelac)

She wanted to be an actress, but no, she simply couldn’t. She is “just” an escort. She was just going to the Godfather’s house to do him. As she walks the avenue, she meets the Salem mayor.

“You know the drill.” The mayor said.

She hated the mafia. They were rich and unjust. She could not stand such people. She resisted the urge to cry tears of vengeance as the Godfather’s house is just a block away.

“Don’t cry, Allison. Your makeup might get ruined.” She said as she walks in her high heels and red dress covered in a jacket.

She was born in a poor family of five in Texan town. It is quite obvious from her southern accent and her loud, country girl attitude. They were all just. The mayor of their town is known to have a large mansion, speculations have it that he is corrupt. She could not stand the idea. Why would he live a lavish life off of taxes while they struggled to eat just paying for the overpriced taxes? She took the matter into her own hands. A mere 19 year old see her younger siblings, all asleep. She wore a red dress, some makeup and red heels.

“It’s show time.” She said.

She walks steadily as she approaches the mayor’s house. She walks inside, and the mayor is at the front door.

“Come right into my bedroom.”

She entered the bedroom and she saw the revolver on the mayor’ desk.

“I’ll just go to the bathroom.” The mayor said.

She silently gets the gun and hides it at her back. The door opens.

“What are you holding at your ba--”

Gunshots fired. The bodyguards rush to his room as the escort escapes through the window. She had to escape the town. She took the train to Salem

As she reaches Salem, she never swore to hold another gun, for she knows the power can be abused.

“At least here in Salem, the mayor is just. Unlike the mayor at my town.” She whispered to herself as she cried at her grief for her loving family she left.

“Don’t worry my siblings, it’s for you. It’s for the good.” (Credits to amercelo)

The sun is barely below the horizon when the Escort makes her move. A young, beautiful woman with blazing red hair, stunning blue eyes and rounded cheeks, the Escort makes use of all her tools to get what she wants. She wasn't invited to the daily discussions of the magistrates of Salem (and why would she? According to them, she's a little girl who doesn't know enough.), but she has done some snooping herself. She isn't naïve; she knows about the disappearances and mysterious deaths of the town's members. Starting from the Mayor, they have been dropping like flies. And the sleuthing of the Escort has led her to believe that the man that lives at the end of the cul-de-sac just a couple houses away from her own is responsible for the murders of her friends and family.

She walks down the street, gathering her fur coat tightly around her--it is a cold evening tonight. Her heels clack along the rain-slicked road, matching the pulse that roars in her ears. She knows what she must do. She doesn't want to do it, but she must. It is the only way this man could be exposed for his heinous crimes.

A couple deep breaths later, she arrives at the door of the run-down house. A hand in a white glove reaches out, shakes, hesitates, then knocks three times with firm resignation.The pulse in her ears grows with every second of waiting on the porch. The wind whips her hair into her face, and the idea that was once ingrained into her head falters, but her feet remain planted into the ground, stubbornly refusing to carry her back to the safety of her home.

The door softly creaks open before she can change her mind, and she is so sure the man behind the door can hear the steady drumming of the pulse like a timpani crescendoing into a triumphant climax. Then the flash of silver that reflects the fading light of the sun causes a single, electrifying chill to run up her spine. A silver blade plunges into flesh, the timpani softens into a single vibration, and the Escort is no more. (Credit to Slugkitty)

Investigator stories

Working as an undercover genius underneath the sheriff, the investigator sets off on his quest to bring the mafia and the serial killer to justice. Hiding behind a voice filter, he searches the night for clues towards the end of the dark days, alone, just how he has always preferred.

However, it seems that his time was short lived, for he never had enough evidence to convict the doctor of being the serial killer. He had, that night, spied a large knife left all on its lonesome, on a worn wooden workbench. The janitor had cleaned up so many bodies that he had no idea if the serial killer was dead or not. Eventually, he went in with all guns blazing, putting his luck on the line, accusing the doctor of being a serial killer, to no avail. They lynched him, and the investigator was surprisingly quiet after that. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to WCHpon3)

The Investigator carefully selects the person in question by day, then sneaks off to the house of the accused at night. Peeking in through a open window, he is stunned to see knives lining the walls of the house, blood-stained and gleaming in the moonlight. That's all the investigator needs to see before he leaves quickly. He is convinced he has found a Serial Killer, and makes sure to call him out by day. The "Serial Killer" panics and quickly claims he is a doctor, doing his job. With the help of the Town, the "doctor" is quickly lynched, as the Town crowds around the person as they look for hints of their role. Medical files fall out of the pocket of the dead body, as medication is loosely held in the dead man's hands. One person slowly looks up and points an accusing finger at the Investigator, before loudly and clearly stating: "Lynch him." (credit to FlamingCatzIce)

Notepad and pen in hand, the Investigator goes off at night to the house of a fellow member who has raised suspicion in the Town after a chain incineration of an Arsonist. Through inspection of the house, he finds just about all he needs to confirm the suspicions: the distinguishable smell of gas. He knew that the Town's only Transporter had died to the hands of the Werewolf, and with no Amnesiac to wander the graves of the dead with any hope of remembering his Transporter days, he jots down the person as the Arsonist. The following day, the suspected is uncovered and lynched, and the Investigator walks away, patting himself on the back for a job well done. (credit to Phentom Foxeh)

In the streets of Salem, a man in a trench coat prowls the night in search of clues. The Investigator is a former police detective with years under his belt of stopping governmental corruption. Using his keen sense of perception, he examines his target's home, habits, business and trash to determine their role in utter secrecy. His relationship with the Sheriff is a tenuous one because he fears corruption, but finds allies in the Spy and Lookout. (credit to Ace2369)

The Investigator was born a bright and inquisitive child hired by the Mayor in times of crisis as a private eye who gathers information for the town. Using his brilliant mind and the art of deduction and process of elimination, the Investigator tracks and narrows down the last Mafia. He develops a suspicion on a fellow man who he decides to investigate tonight. Upon visiting said man, he discovers he owns weapons. He proclaimed, "They could be a Veteran, Vigilante, or Mafioso". With the Mayor's support and the bodyguards and doctors looking over him, he announce this to the town, and despite the man's defense, the man turned out to be the last member of the Mafia. The Mayor congratulates the Investigator on his hard work and the Investigator goes home a tired man, yet rewarded with driving the Mafia out of the town. (unregistered contributor)

A former police officer opens the cold door handle of his " humble abode." He prowls the street, looking for clues, visiting his target's house, and trying to find out what their role is. He looks in the window and he sees multiple people. The people are talking about..... other people dying. He turns around and a firm voice startles him. It was a Werewolf. The Werewolf goes for his head and eventually succeeds. The bite is on his forehead, and blood is seeping out. He visits the Doctor's house and gets the wound stitched up. He then speaks words of wisest wisdom. " If there is no one to investigate, you are useless. But if you find out how to investigate someone in a new way, the situation will present itself." He then slips past the shadows and goes back home. The last words he speaks are the ones that lynched the evil. He said, "He attacked the Jailor, therefore, he must be the Serial Killer." He then has no excuse and is lynched, going for a win for the town. (unregistered contributor)

The Investigator surveyed his target carefully during the day. He seemed like he wanted to be anywhere but here. Fidgeting a bit and looking back at his house with uncertainty. Why? The Investigator aimed to find out. Night fell upon the town and the Investigator readied his equipment to find out what he could about this person. He sneaked through the back door of his target's home and carefully into the basement, turning on his flashlight. What he saw confirmed his suspicions. Weapons lined the walls, from big to small, ammunition stacked up next to desks or in boxes. He couldn't have been a Vigilante, the Vigilante killed himself a couple nights ago after shooting the Veteran. There was only one last possibility. Quickly, the Investigator withdrew from the basement, sneaking back out the rear of the house. Next morning, the town is delighted to find the body of the Godfather in the middle of the street. The Jailor had executed him. Unsurprisingly, the one person who didn't look at all enthusiastic about seeing the dead Godfather, was the same person the Investigator checked the night before. He noted this, and while the town talked among themselves, the Investigator stepped forward and spoke up. He was ready to accuse the Mafioso, who was now the Godfather. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

Salem. A place of happiness. Where children played, where the sun shone, and where the hanging noose swung in a slight breeze in the middle of the town.

Salem. A place of sadness. Where the Mafia roamed rampant, where the Serial Killer stabbed innocents, and where the hanging noose swung in a slight breeze in the middle of the town.

His friend was dead. Falsely accused of being a Serial Killer, lynched in the town square seconds before a Lookout burst into the town square, waving a taxi license with his friend's name on it. He had been an innocent Transporter.

His mother and father were dead. Burned to ashes by a man in a gas mask with a can of gasoline in one hand and a box of matches in the other.

His wife and children were dead. Killed late one night by a rampaging werewolf, who had ripped out their hearts and eaten them, while he'd hid, trembling, in a closet.

He was sick and tired of the false accusations. Sick and tired of the innocent dying.

So he gathered supplies. A magnifying glass. Binoculars. Fingerprinting dust.

And one night, he set out into Salem's streets, to peer into the windows of villagers in a desperate attempt to prove them innocent or guilty. He saw...

A collection of serial killer weapons. Saws, knives, syringes of deadly liquid. Or perhaps... A doctor's laboratory. Amputation saws, scalpels, antibiotics.

A Consort's red dress, covered in blood from the men she'd charmed into letting down their guard, so her friends could stab them. Or perhaps... An Escort's red dress, with lipstick smears from her work to protect the town.

Which story would be right?

A genius, a detective. That's what he considered himself. The man known as the Investigator has been working with his best friend, the Sheriff, combined their forces to stop evil. They both lynched the Blackmailer, who threatened to show a secret only the Investigator kept between the Sheriff and him, the Serial Killer, who reeks of blood, and finally the Disguiser that faked being a Medium.

"It's a good thing we work together." said the Investigator. "Yes it is. At this rate we can stop evil from happening." the Sheriff responded. "Our next case is to go to that house." the Investigator points at a straw house. "You got it. Get ready for a night." the Sheriff says, as he leaves. Get ready for a night? What do you mean by that? the Investigator thinks. He decides to not care and prepare for investigating.

The Investigator is looking at his own files he made so far: The Medium, which he knew about because of the Disguiser, the Jailor, who kept private with the Investigator, and a file which he questioned. The file reads that there were guns lined up in the home. Not to mention there was a lighter and gasoline can. He knew that the Sheriff can't figure out if the Godfather is the head of the crime or just a simple member of the town.

There's a knock on the door. "Come on. We gotta get to investigating." the Sheriff shouts. Pushing himself out of the chair, the Investigator starts to open the door and go to the straw house.

The Sheriff stands in front of the door, with the Investigator standing at the window. He still couldn't get the phrase out of his head: Get ready for a night. But nonetheless, he peek through the window, gazing his eyes upon a completely flawless women. He writes in his notepad: "The girl is absolutely beautiful. I have no idea if she's the Escort late at night, or the dancing Consort, working for the organized crime". He see the reflection of the window showing a full moon and the Sheriff asks questions through the window. The Investigator then takes his eyes on a cart. Before he could write his next note down, a howl comes from inside. "What the hell was that?" he says.

He then looks at a beast inside the home, mauling the women to death. "No. No. No. No. NOOOO!" This was the secret the Blackmailer knew about: The Sheriff's transformation. The Sheriff--no. The Werewolf breaks half of the house down. He looks at the Investigator. "It's me, your partner!" the Investigator yelled. The Werewolf could care less. He mauls the Investigator to death. "I was just getting started" the beast speaks, and howls at the gaze of the full moon. (Credit to GhostyGuy619)

The Investigator steps out of his home, and he sees the Sheriff do the same. Together, they find evidence in an attempt to reveal the Mafia. So far, they have only found innocents, and when they were voted up, they would defend the accused together. And in every defense, the accused was pardoned.

Several times had the Mafia tried to kill them both desperately, but the Doctor had healed them every single time. The pair was not surprised, as they had revealed themselves to the Doctor.

The next night was the night the duo had longed for. Investigating one house, the Sheriff and Investigator finally find a member of the Mafia. That day, they accuse the "Townie" they had found. She was hung, and the pair realized they have made a grave mistake.

The Medium was framed. (Credit to Idelac)

A grimly determined expression crosses his face as he peers in through the window.

Everyone always tells him he's far too young to be involved in this mess. This isn't some game for such a young child, they said, this is serious business, and getting involved means your life can and will go on the line. But he can't just sit here and let it all just happen! He's 9 now, halfway a grown-up!

He has to help. He can't just sit here and let the meanies who killed his parents go free. He'd read, under the covers by the light of a flashlight, about so many people as young as him who solved epic mysteries- now's his chance to be just like them!

There's blood splattered all over this person, and they look like they're sharpening a knife. Maybe it's that scary guy who loved killing, or maybe it's the nice doctor who will heal almost any wound. He's still not that good at what he does- he is, after all, a mere child, and terribly inexperienced.

But what he lacks in years, he more than makes up for in spirit. He's young, but not too young to make a difference.

(Credit to: Oofouch (talk) 06:13, October 2, 2019 (UTC))

Jailor stories

The sun had set. People moved along the paths and roads of the nighttime streets. One figure, his hand moving to turn the doorknob and enter a house, found himself in handcuffs and hauled away under the cover of darkness. He would not be in his bed that night, nor out doing his duty. Instead he would find himself tossed into a small jail cell with stone walls and a barred window above a locked door. A voice comes through the bars, in a sovereign tone, "What is your role in this mess?" The figure, alone in the cell, sweats and looks from the cell door back up towards the bars. The voice sounds again, compelling and potent in its ultimatum, "Claim your role or you will die."

Handcuffed and nervous, he calls out, "I'm the doctor! I was only trying to help someone."

It didn't work. He could hear the sound of a gun being taken out of its holster and cocked. The sovereign voice of the Jailor sounds again, "You know... I had a visit from the doc yesterday. It wasn't you." The door opened. The pistol aimed. The cuffed figure never saw the light of day. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to Eldresh)

The day has just ended, and the night has just begun. A voice whispers to the man, "Come with me." "Hey, let go of me. Who are you anyways?" "You are under arrest. I am the Jailor. You need not know me by name. I know who you are, but I must know what you are." They talk throughout the night, and the person answers all of the questions straightforward. The Jailor, finding no fault in him, releases him the following morning. The following evening and night, the cycle repeats. But this person will not tell the Jailor what he is. The Jailor threatens to execute him, but the man refuses to comply. Somewhat reluctantly, the Jailor leads the man to his private chopping block, where he ties down the man. With one swift motion, he chops of the man's head. In the morning, the town searches the man's house and determines the man is a Serial Killer. The Jailor pats himself on the back, congratulating himself on a job well done. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to Anonymous0726)

After hearing news that the Mafia killed the other guard at the town jail, the other guard need to step up his game and use the jail wisely. He decided to name himself the "Jailor." However, he needed the Mayor's permission first. The Mayor agreed to allow him to be the "Jailor," but he is only allowed to jail one person each night, can only execute up to three people in total and he will lose his executing privileges if a town member happens to be executed. In addition, the Jailor was not allowed to execute on the first night as the Mayor believed that a night one execution would be too risky in terms of executing a town member. The Jailor was excited to jail his first prisoner. He first asked for his role and the prisoner claimed Doctor. He was not able to execute since it was night 1. The Jailor did not have a reason to execute his prisoner either. However, sadly, he found himself dead, and before he blacked out for good, he wrote down the name of the prisoner, what role he claimed, and that if I jail a Serial Killer and choose not to execute him, he attacks me. The entire town saw the Jailor's last will the next morning and the Serial Killer was lynched that day. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to chitownmvp01)

The Jailor, a hardened ex-warden of one of the country's toughest prisons was asked by his childhood friend, the Mayor, to come to Salem to help with the threat of the mafia. Now he secretly detains suspicious people in a cell under his house, rendering them useless for the night while he squeezes information out of them. Taking every precaution to preserve his identity (including voice modifiers and blindfolding suspects), the only thing that makes the Jailor shudder is the thought of jailing the man with the knives. (unregistered contributor)

Specialising in restraint, the Jailor swoops down on his target and has them locked up before they can say "I am blackmailed". From there, the target is questioned and if the Jailor doesn't like what he hears, he has been given the Fifth Freedom by the Mayor to execute on sight. He's been called crude, brutal, dominating and even sociopathic, but one thing is for sure; the Jailor gets results, whether you like it or not. (credit to Ace2369)

The Jailor was once a young adult, he was still with his father during this time. His father was the town's hero, he was strong, smart, stealthy, and strangely, a master at restraint, he would also do the executions of any criminal for the town with his axe. The Jailor's father was teaching him the ways and traditions of the family, by this time, his training was almost complete to be just like him. One day, the town was attacked, new people who had joined the town was apparently a part of the Mafia, out of nowhere, the Godfather shoots the Sheriff in the back of the head. Then, the Mafioso was the sniper and he started shooting the town from a distance, the Jailor's father then restrains the Mafioso, the Mafioso didn't notice until it was too late for him. Then, right before The Jailor's father executes the Mafioso with his axe, a Serial Killer creeps out of the woods and stabs him in the back. With his father's last breaths, he mustered up the will to restrain him, but didn't have enough strength to finish the job. The Jailor then followed his father's footsteps, during this time, the Mafioso, rolled away during the encounter. The Jailor then came upon his father's corpse, with his axe in his hand. The Serial Killer says, "Whoever that guy was he just tried to kill me, can you please cut me loose?", The Jailor then said, "That man was my father! Tell me what happened!" He then picked up his father's axe and laid the sharp part of the axe on the back of the Serial Killer's neck, the Serial Killer began stuttering out of fear, the Jailor then said, "That's what I thought." Then, he executed him with his father's axe, he then inspected to find out what had happened, he then found out, the person he had just killed was a Serial Killer. He then left his home town, he never looked back, for he knew, it can never be the same again. (credit to Minecraftstyle09)

After 10 years of you being a bodyguard the Sheriff inspected him making Salem's new jailor. With your years spent on being bodyguard you didn't have much money only allowing you to build a small jail with one cell plus and eletric chair. At first the Sheriff didn't approve but then when the Godfarther and Serial Killers came the Sheriff was glad he choosen you. (credit to Georgethepigmonster)

The Jailor sips his coffee as he stares at the papers on top of his table. They all belonged to the people he had executed. “Please, I beg of you, I am simply the Transporter!” His prisoner pleads, grabbing the fence getting in the way of his freedom and shook it violently, trying to get the Jailor's attention. The Jailor, however, did not lay a single eye on his prisoner. As the prisoner was shaking the fence violently, something fell out of his pocket: a lighter. At once, the Jailor had finally laid eyes on his prisoner, noticing what had fallen out of the man's pocket. He was an arsonist. The Jailor opened the drawer to his right and took out a gun of a Mafioso he had executed. The Jailor stood up and aimed the bullet at his prisoner's head. The prisoner's eyes widened when he realized he was being executed on the spot. The Jailor glares coldly at his prisoner. “You may fool the town, but you can never fool me.” (credit to AzureSeptember)

The Jailor stepped in front of the bars detaining his target, arms behind his back. He leaned close and surveyed his prisoner for the night. Almost immediately, the prisoner spoke. He called himself the Lookout. The Jailor rubs his chin thoughtfully, his face hidden underneath the brim of his hat. He asked the Lookout for what he saw the past couple of nights. The Lookout was all too eager to respond. He mentioned the Sheriff had been visited by two people the night he died. The Jailor was convinced, until the Lookout spoke the Jailor's name as one of those who had visited the Sheriff that night. The Jailor had jailed the Doctor on that night to protect him. He smirked and shook his head at the "Lookout" who raised his eyebrow at the Jailor. "No." rebutted the Jailor, "I did not visit the Sheriff that night." and with that, he takes his hat off to reveal his face to the "Lookout" whose eyes widen in fear. The Jailor reaches for his holster, revealing a revolver, putting it square between the liar's eyes and firing. Next morning, the body was found in the middle of town. After a search of his pockets, a set of forged documents were found. The "Lookout" was actually the Framer. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

It was a dark night and the jailor was heading to the vigilante`s house to have some tea. All of a sudden, he hears a scream. The mafia have struck again. He runs to the vigilante`s house and sees him lying on the ground. He holds him as he whispers his dying words. "Steve." Determined to bring justice, he accuses Steve but no one believes him. He heads to the mayor`s house to address his concerns. "Ok" the mayor says. "I will let you take this into your own hands. Talk to Steve at night. I give you permission to preform execution, but if you are wrong, that right will be taken away. I do, however still trust you to find leads since you are headstrong." The jailor walks to the jailhouse, permit in hand, Steve in the backseat of his car. "Tell me what you did last night" he says. Steve replies "I was taking care of my wife. She`s dearly sick and I don`t know what to do." "Oh, Allysa`s sick" the jailor asks. "Very" Steve responds. The jailor turns around, gun in hand, finger on trigger. "Your wife`s name is Brooke." (Credit to CindyZhengForev)

The Jailor sat in the graveyard, looking at the grave of his friend, the Vigilante. He had been cleaned, but the Jailor knew what he was, as he was his friend. The Mafia had killed him. The Vigilante had given the Jailor one thing though: his gun. One bullet left, as he had shot 2 other Mafia members before his death. One bullet. The Jailor thought to himself, and finally came to a conclusion on who the Godfather might be. That night, the Godfather awoke at midnight in a jail cell. The Godfather was surprised. Suddenly, he heard a voice. "What are you?" asked the Jailor. The Godfather's Janitor had told him about who the cleaned person was, and he thought he could lie. "I'm a Vigilante." he replied. A gunshot rang across the streets, and the Jailor went to investigate from the window. A body flew out the open door of a house, and a mop fell from the limp corpse. The Janitor had visited a Veteran. That was good. Only one Mafia remained, and the Jailor knew who it was.

"The Vigilante is dead, and you will join him soon." The Jailor said.

The Godfather jumped to his feet, and reached down into his pocket. He pulled his hand out, and tried to pull a trigger that wasn't there. He realized in horror that the Jailor had confiscated his weapon. The Jailor smirked. He picked up the gun from his dead friend, and aimed it at the Godfather's head. The Godfather's eyes were filled with terror, and he stammered a plead to live. But the Jailor wasn't manipulated so easily. He pulled the trigger, and the Godfather's body slumped to the ground to the jail floor. (Credit to User:DrivingPrune1

A bodyguard that outlived his target to protect, all to a consort. Being to have killed before with 3 rounds in a Magnum left, he sets up construction. Within about two days, He made a cage out of thick, steel bars from roof to floor, with the room for one occupant. Each night, the New Jailor jails someone every night, knocking them out with a cloth with certain liquids when inhaled, causes unconsciousness. When jailed, there is no sitting pretty, the rookie Jailor will ask you for information about your job. If you seem suspicious, You can leave.. With a bullet in the head. Only reason for you to be shot? Well, you can't lie to a Jailor! He will absorb all the given information, and will sieve the lies from the truth. "You may be a claimed Escort, but my believe in that lie, is none. See ya in hell, Consort." the Jailor said when he found the Consort that stopped him. With 2 bullets, he continues, until stabbed by a Serial Killer, that stuck his arms through the bars. (Credit to Setpep)

A weary towns person peers into the dark streets of Salem. He could have swore there was something there... Never could be too careful in this town. He chuckled and kept walking. He was just imagining something. Just to be safe, he picked up the pace. Suddenly, an arm from behind yanks him back and attempts to shove a cloth over his mouth and nose. He shakes his head violently, squirming and doing whatever possible to get away. A rough voice breaks the silence. "You're going to make this hard for me, ay buddy?" The man tries to scream, but before he gets anything out, his head is slammed against a wall.

Bound, in a cell, and with a terrible headache, the prisoner sits up. Across from him, on the other side of iron bars, sits a shady figure at a table. He stutters. "S-sir, please, I'm inn-" "Oh you're innocent, are you? We'll see about that. What are you?" Afraid, his breath quickens. "My name is-" "I said WHAT ARE YOU." Afraid, the Godfather claims the only role he could. "I-I'm the mayor! I said that yesterday to the town!" "And you didn't reveal because..." The Jailor tapped his foot on the ground. The Godfather went blank, but then thought fast. "I made a deal with the doctor! If I reveal, then I can't be healed. Even ask the doc! I was attacked last night, and healed!" The Jailor only laughs and raises his gun. "The Doc was here last night, bud." And with one shot, the Godfather's body hits the cement floor. (Credit to Happyme212)

This man may seem like one of the random innocent townsfolk you see day in, day out, but inside his house hides a dark secret. In his basement is a small jail cell with nothing but a rock-hard chair with wires and straps, a ring hanging from the roof, as well as an open squat pot. There is also a desk, a bloodstained block, a control panel with many levers, and a large innocent-looking cabinet. However, inside the cabinet holds items that will shock anyone who looks inside. In the cabinet are items of all kind. Guns, whips, ropes, billy clubs, handcuffs, swords, knives, chemicals, cloths, even a large axe.

This man is the Jailor.

Every night, he kidnaps someone and interrogates them to find out their role and darkest secrets, then makes his conclusion. If he deems the person innocent, he lets them go the next morning with an apology for wasting their time. If not, he opens the cabinet and selects a weapon or moves a lever on the control panel. He then kills his hostage with whatever he feels like using for that night. People call him ruthless, sadistic, cunning and evil, but they all agree on one thing: that whatever he does is for the good of the town.(Credit to Cptrockets30)

When the Jailer moved to the Town of Salem, he was shocked to see so many murderers going around n Salem, shooting, stabbing, and setting on fire. He wanted to be a Vigilante, who would shoot everyone he found suspicious. However, nobody was suspicious, and random lynches were often, leading to innocent town members to be wrongfully killed.

After going through this for four days, the Vigilante (latter Jailor) wanted real leads as to who the bad guys were, so he went to the mayor for advice. After a long meeting, realizing how nobody seems to be heard and that no claims of roles were made, the Mayor gave the Jailor permission and money to build a jail and interrogate the person. The Jailor was allowed three executions, but would lose executing privileges if he executed a town member. The Jailor agreed.

Now, the town is back in town. The Jailor had taken control of the town and all murderers are now dead. The town can finally sleep in peace.

Slowly, as he walked upon the murky puddles of water, he pulled out a busted lighter for his damp cigarette. Just now had he arrived to Salem, with his overjoyed little sister bouncing around in the bedraggled, unstable carriage, and now he had just noticed a... rotting... hopeless corpse.

"Kelvin was brutally murdered last night." Shouted the irritating announcer, with his low, emotionless voice travelling to the citizen's ears, another thing Edmund regretted when they came to Salem.

"He was the investigator of this town, shot by the Mafia."

So the nosy 'detective' was targeted by the idiotic Mafia, such a waste of a night; Edmund thought. In addition to the bothersome noise, he had to deal with the naive town. While some just minded their own business, most would but in and talk about stupid things, like gossip. Despite the fact that Edmund cursed the talkative citizens and would rather just stay inside with his paper and quill, the brainless mayor had decided that the morning cycle has to be spent outside, even if there was lightning and showers hammering down at every footstep.

Luckily, dusk had just settled. As everyone said their goodbyes, farewells and their prayers, Edmund's sister jumped onto him.

"Can I go to Aunt's house with my dolls?" She said, with a lovable smile and cute voice. Messing up her hair, Edmund allowed her sister to go, skipping all the way there.

He didn't want her to see what was going to happen tonight.

Entering the fresh, new house, he rubbed the used cigarette into ashes and slowly blew it away to the harsh winds. Closing the doors, he grabbed and clutched the nearby lantern, strolling down the stairs into a gloomy, damp cellar. The lantern filled the room with a luminous glow, while the insects quickly scuttled into the hidden cracks. Opposite to Edmund was a shadowed figure.

As Edmund walked closer, the light shone upon the deep bruises and bleeding cuts; it was hard to get him here. Putting on a jet-black cloak and robes, he took the bucket of water and splashed it onto his "prisoner". Instantly he woke up, heavily breathing.

"Wh...wha... Who are you?" He muttered, staring at Edmund.

"I am the Jailor. Speak who you are or else..." He droned back, gripping the revolver in his pocket.

"Whoa... O... Ok. I'm the Doctor of this town, as you can see from my equipment." Swiftly, he revealed his briefcase, full of tongs, prescriptions and medicine. "At night I go around to others to see if they get injured." Edmund didn't believe it one bit.

As quick as a flash, a steel, bloody revolver was pointed to the prisoner's head. "You could very well be our serial killer... Speak one more evidence to prove you are a doctor."

"I know your daughter" The captured man spoke. "She's a wise girl."

"What do you mean?!" Edmund's voice got louder and angrier.

"I was protecting her last night."

A moment of silence appeared in the cellar. Gradually, the rusty handgun dropped down. Concealed, Edmund picked out an old, creased photo of Edmund and her at the beach. Smirking at the photo, he pocketed the revolver.

"You can go." And that was the last of his words

The knife cleanly sliced into his head. As he plummeted down to the stone-cold floor of the cellar, he remembered that day with his little sister.

Hours later, 3 people entered.

"Looks like we were beaten to it..." Mentioned one of them, tall and well-fashioned, wearing a clean suit.

"But there's nearly no mess, we don't need to do much." Sputtered the other, an average-sized foreign man, with a Spanish accent. "But can she do the work?"

The third dropped her briefcase, dolls and make up flying everywhere.

"She can."

(Credit To ChickenPieNuggetz)

Most people would panic when facing a killer in front of them, but for him, it was just a part of his job to protect this Town of Salem. He kept a calm, neutral, and sovereign demeanour towards his prisoner. Lucky for the hapless citizen, most Townie didn't know that he was the one who knocked out people and hauled them onto the jail to find out if they were innocent or guilty. If the prisoner was innocent, he'd let them go and provide a protection towards who couldn't protect themselves, but if the prisoner was guilty, the bullet would be put onto their brain.

This man was the Jailor, a prison guard who secretly detained suspects. In the day, he was a kind and wise man who talked like normal Townie, but in the night, he secretly dragged someone towards the jail and threaten them to tell their role. The Town could be fooled by the Mafia or the Neutral Killers, but he wasn't easy to deceive. The sun had set and people went home after the latest lynching.

That evening, the Sheriff had successfully identified the Mafioso and the Mafioso got lynched just like his fellow Blackmailer who lynched the previous day. One man, who just about to did his night activity, suddenly found himself restrained and knocked out with chloroform. He was tossed onto the jail cell, which only filled with chair, a barred window, and a small bucket filled with water.

After the Jailor put blindfold and restrained the prisoner, he splashed the water onto the prisoner's face, making the prisoner wake up. "Please! I am innocent!" Said the prisoner in fear, with the Jailor replied, "You're innocent, right? Then what's your role?" The prisoner shaking in fear, nervously replied, "I... I am the Investigator!" He believed the prisoner claim, but the prisoner accidentally spoke up the Jailor's name as Bodyguard/Godfather/Arsonist.

The Jailor laughed a little as he opened the blindfold of the prisoner, revealing his face and caused the prisoner tremble in fear. "You did a mistake for claiming as an Investigator, buddy," the Jailor spoke with a sovereign tone as he took his handgun which he used to execute the Serial Killer a few nights ago, aimed at the "Investigator" head and pulled the trigger. The "Investigator" immediately slumped forwards and the Jailor calmly dragged his body.

As the prisoner's house was searched, he was found as the Godfather. The Jailor calmly nodded himself for the job he had done. Now, the only thing to do was to jail and execute the "Bodyguard" claim, as the real Bodyguard and Doctor already confirmed. (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

The sun is setting behind the hills. The town had a good day today. They have lynched the Consort that kept that kept the Investigator busy. But thankfully the Sheriff's interrogation to the so-called Escort had put his evidence that she was a sworn member of the mafia. The town knew that the Sheriff needed to interrogate some more in order to bring justice upon the Godfather and Mafioso.

Everyone blessed each other a good night. Everyone...except for one man, who was sitting at the table, getting knocked out by a piece of wood that me found. Lying on the floor almost unconscious, the man with the wood piece ties him. He is put in a blindfold and a piece of cloth has covered his mouth. "HELP! SOMEONE!" but he couldn't do anything about it.

Eventually, the person who captured him removed everything on him and pushed him into a dark, wet cell. This man was known as the Jailor. The one who would throw others into a cell like this, and asks a simple question. "I need to know your role in this mess." the Jailor says. "I...I'm the Lookout." he stutters nervously. The Jailor shook his head, grabbed his ear, and stood him next to a miniature noose. "Give me the information you have and I will reconsider." the Jailor says. "I say Giles Corey visit John Proctor. I swear."

The Jailor drops down. "You can go. I have all the evidence I need to know that you are innocent." he says. "Let me help you up." he says. The Jailor puts out his hand. The detained man then pulls out a knife and stabs his hand. The Jailor drops on the floor in pain. "I can't believe that actually worked. Well, it's time for you to DIE!" the evil Serial Killer laughs evilly and drives his blade into the Jailor's throat. (Credit to GhostyGuy619

"So," A gruff voice echoed through the cell, "what is your job in this mess of a Town?"

A shorter man in a white button-up shirt sat alone in the cold, dark room, blindfolded and trembling. "I-" The man hesitated. "I'm- I'm the Doctor!" The man yelled into the empty room. "I swear!" Beads of sweat ran down his forehead, soaking the overused blindfold tied over his eyes. His hands were tightly tied behind his back, and he nervously struggled to loosen them, to no avail.

The large man on the other side of the heavy door watched him closely as he shook. He pondered the reaction from the so-called Doctor. His anxiety made it extremely difficult to read him.

He thought back to another person who had acted this way. The Medium. He remembered the moment perfectly, it felt like only a few days ago when he had thrown her in this very cell. She had been acting like this man, but she had seemed too... calm. Even though she had seemed nervous and scared, he had noticed a crack in her act. He had executed her. She had been the Forger, and the Town rejoiced in another Mafia member's death.

He shook his head and focused on the man in the cell, the usual questions running through his mind. Could he be evil as well? If he executed the Doctor, he would never be trusted again. Should he take that chance? As the man in the cell struggled to loosen his restraints, he started panicking, thrashing around and pleading to be released. The stool he sat on threatened to fall over at his movement, but he soon grew tired, and stopped. He was silent, the only sound that could be heard was his heavy breathing.

The Jailor rubbed his chin in wonder. He couldn't find anything wrong with this claim. He checked his notes and looked back at the man inside the room. All he wanted was to be released.

The Jailor added a few words to his notes, and breathed out a sigh. There was a sound of a metal latch moving and the heavy door between them opened. The Jailor stared into the darkness of the cell for a split second, and had no time to react as he saw the flash of an invisible knife as it slipped into his ribs. He grunted in pain, and nearly blacked out as he hit the floor. The other man stood over him, an inhumane smile on his face as he pulled the knife out of the body below him. He scribbled his own note onto the Jailor's paper, and shuffled quickly out into the moonlight. With his life flashing before his eyes, the Jailor drew his last breath as he read the note.

"You thought you were a step ahead, but it seems to me that you are still two steps behind."

(Credit to DesertStorm11)

During the day, a helpful townie, at night the Warden of Salem. He went to William Philps' house and hauled him off to the Jailors own jail cell, 'What are you, William?' he asks. 'I am a doctor' William replies, the Jailor raises a gun to his head. 'I have had many doctors and nurses come into my prison. What makes me believe you?' William doesnt reply, the Jailor then released the trigger and dragged the body back into his house with a note next to his corpse. The town looked at the Jailor's evidence and reasons for killing William and then saw a knife in his clothes. He was the serial killer at large,

the Jailor then walked to his next targets house and detained his next prisoner to be. (Credit to endergame301)

As someone leaves their door to do their business, they get knocked out the moment they set foot into the square. When they wake up, they feel a lead weight tied to their leg, and they are behind bars. A voice sounds.

"You have been jailed for conspiracy against the Town. What is your defense?" The prisoner hesitates. They didn't want to die, but they wanted to keep their role a secret.

"Then I have no choice," boomed the voice. A figure gets up from its chair. A gun is taken out from its holster. The cell is opened, and the prisoner panics.

"I'm the Veteran! I don't want to die!" The Jailor seems suspicious of the Veteran's claim. After some deduction, he doesn't change his mind. He talks one last time before he does his job.

"I thought Veterans don't leave their homes." (Credit to Idelac) ———- The mysterious figure stepped towards the suspected mafioso. He had been seen by the lookout entering the house of the mayor, and the next day he layed dead on the ground.

 The jailor grabbed the mafioso, and handcuffed him in quick succession. Ignoring them pleading, he entered the prison, and threw him into the first empty cell he could find. 
 “Confess,” cried the masked jailor, watching the panicking figure in the cell. “Why shouldn’t I shoot you?”
 The figure said in a quiet voice, too low for the Jailor to hear, “I’m medium.”
 “I’m the medium!” He cried. “I see dead people everywhere! I hear them I need my sleep! Don’t shoot me!”
 The jailor hesitated, before unlocking the cell. “I believe you, buddy.”
 The Jailor watches the figure walk away. Before he exits, however, he turns around and asks to see the Jailor’s face.
 The next day, everyone mourns the loss of a trusted townie. The Medium looks at the Jailor’s corpse before splitting into a smile.
 The fake medium, the mafioso, turns away to meet the Godfather.
               (Created By MagnusBorn)

The Jailor has detained several members of the town that he had suspected were evil. He has ratted out many murderers and ended the reigns terror several members of the mafia had begun. He was used to poking holes in his detainees' claims, pointing out information that didn't add up, and silencing those who had posed as a danger to the safety of the town.

But his prisoner tonight was...odd. The Jailor could not find any evidence of him being a hinderance to the town's welfare, and yet, he He was too laid-back, leaning against the rotting walls of his cell, playing with the chain of his handcuffs, and easily answering each and every one of the Jailor's probing questions.

Blue. That's what the Jailor saw as he studied this strange man. Blue...a seemingly innocent man, but not completely green to signal his innocence. Blue to signal the unknown, and purple flags to label him as different.

The Jailor, though detaining members of the town against their will, still had a moral compass. He wouldn't execute anyone who he deemed to be innocent. After all, he was a respected member of the town. If he messed up and executed someone who could have potentially defeated the mafia single-handedly, the town would never recover, and it would be all his fault. And now, with at least two different murderers on the loose, he couldn't afford to mess up.

Still...he stared at his prisoner, who stared back at him. The prisoner smiled, showing off a perfect set of whitened teeth, but his dark black eyes were shallow and cold. Just glancing up at his eyes sent a chill down the Jailor's spine, so his own eyes fixated on the man's nose. That was it--his black eyes seemed off. No one's eyes were that black. But that was it. There was nothing else off about him--just his eyes. The Jailor drew in a deep breath, marking the man as what he had claimed to be--a doctor who visited the Jailor regularly to check if he was okay--and removed the blue and purple flags he had set in his mind.

The sun peeked over the horizon, and the Jailor reached for his keys, unlocking the bars of the cell, then nodding at the man solemnly and twisting the key into his handcuffs. The click of the catch releasing signaled the sigh of relief as the day broke and the Jailor would be free to report the man's innocence to the rest of the town.

A hint of metal caught the Jailor's eye, and, more confused than surprised, he looked up at the man, his eyes wide...for there was a knife embedded in the Jailor's chest. The Serial Killer grinned, color entering his eyes, and danced away, his handcuffs clinking against the metal bars.

Red. That's what the Jailor saw as he inched his way to a piece of paper and a pen. He had found the murderer too late, but he still had time to warn the town. A gasp left his lips as the warmth of his hands turned his stomach over, but he shakily grasped the pen and wrote his information down for the town to receive. After doing all he could, he collapsed beside the paper, the sun falling through the cracks in the ceiling of the prison and lighting up his face so he didn't just see red but yellow, yellow and white and brown and, gradually, black.

The man desperately tried to plead his innocence on the stand, but the proof could not be hidden beneath his good looks and demeanor. The noose tightened around the man's neck, the Serial Killer was silenced, and the Jailor was avenged. (Credit to Slugkitty)

Lookout stories

He knew that virtually all of the Mafia scum and some of the out-of-town maniacs preferred to work in night's mask of darkness, so sure that their deeds would be unseen by the sleeping citizens of Salem. Fortunately for the hapless townies, the Lookout works the graveyard shift night after night, repeatedly attempting to catch them red-handed. A former night watchman, he decided that the best way to keep an eye on the criminals of Salem was to beat them at their own game, so he slips seamlessly into the environment, keeping a watchful eye on his slumbering neighbors for any unexpected visitors, all while keeping attention to himself as low as possible. And tonight, his diligence paid off: the next day, his target is found dead in the town square, the town beauty cruelly stabbed to death by the Serial Killer at large. Just as the town erupts into chaos as suspicion falls onto the Escort's last client, the Lookout silences them all before putting out his findings. With his leads, town moves to lynch the Escort's lone visitor despite denouncing the Lookout and vainly trying to defend himself. And as he draws his last breath, a bloodied dagger wrapped in a parchment fall out, defending his actions in a way only a psycho could. The Town breathes a collective sigh of relief, and the Lookout feels elated for just a moment before he slips back into his usual focused demeanor, and into the shadows. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to Juuhazan)

The Lookout stands by the wall of the recently revealed Mayor's house, holding a cup to his ear. It may be silly looking, but it's effective. Listening carefully, he hears talking. Not the sound of a fight, but it could still be suspicious. The door creaks open, and the young man flattens himself against the wall of the house, almost invisible. A young woman walks out, smiling. He recognizes her as the woman who claimed to be the Medium just that morning. What could the Medium be doing with the Mayor? She must have been lying.

The next morning, the Lookout shares his findings. The Mayor says nothing, and quickly votes against her. The rest of the town votes against the so-called Medium as well, and all vote guilty. She yells at the town, fist claiming the Lookout is maf, then claiming to be the Jester. The Lookout grins, proud of himself, as the woman is revealed to be the Blackmailer. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to Aliria)

The Lookout takes another sip of his coffee, he grows dreary. He knows he must not fall asleep, he must keep watch over the Mayor's house, to spy any unwanted visitors. Just as he thinks "No one is going to come", he sees a fleeting shadow from the corner of his eye. He perks his head up and scans around, suddenly revived. When he cannot find the person again, he grows worried. When he hears the scream, he grows panicked. Just then, he spies a female figure, wrapped in a black cloak, slink out of the now-open front door, and creep away, through the bushes and undergrowth. He knows that face, and is stricken with sadness when he realizes is belongs to Mary, his sister. He lays his face in his hands and cries, then stops, knowing he must turn her in. (credit to Cameron Barry)

The Lookout knows who comes in and who comes out. She follows a suspicious man and sees what happens. The Lookout equipped with binoculars, a notebook, and a lot of pens. She looks at who visits the suspicious one. Two people visit. One is a gal who looks like an Escort, the other is the Investigator. The Investigator leaves before the suspicious man comes back. The Escort was not so lucky when the man picked up a knife... and slashed the Escort down. The lookout realized what happened after the escort dies. At morning she told the mayor about the horrible crime. No one except the invest followed, until she finally convinced the mayor and saved the town from a knife in the head. (credit to tiffanyclarke123)

A van rolls to a stop outside the house in question and the Lookout begins his work. Tapping into street cameras and phone calls, he never loses sight of his target. A master of surveillance, the Lookout uses the latest in technology to observe his chosen target. All clandestine meetings are recorded and co-conspirators are documented, making it impossible for the target to even sneeze without the Lookout knowing. He occasionally does work for the Spy and Investigator, but his true motivation is the currency that keeps his van gassed, his computers running, and his favorite past time alive: people-watching. (credit to Ace2369)

She lurked in the shadows of Salem, camping at the bushes far from the house, but close enough to see. If you looked carefully, you might catch a glimpse of her binoculars shining in the bushes, but only just. For the lookout takes caution in making sure that she stays undetected. It's her only job in this cursed town: to keep the residents safe. And although she may guard the wrong townie, tonight she got lucky. Wary as ever, she spotted 2 men enter the house she swore to guard that night. Two flashes, and then silence. It's amazing how quickly the murders are over. She made sure she saw them for who they were, so she crept out of the bushes, taking cover behind the trees to get a closer look. She was sure she identified them, not for their roles, but for who they were.

The next morning, the town's doctor laid dead, shot twice by the Mafia. While the town started talking to each other, panicking as some provided evidence while some tried to divert attention to others, she calmly stated that she saw the two perpetrators enter his house last night. While they tried to cover themselves up, one saying they were the Sheriff or something similar, the town just kept glaring at them. While the Lookout's claims were dubious, they were the best shot they had. That morning, one man was hanged and the other was reserved for the Vigilante's bullet.

She lurks in the shadows of Salem, camping at the bushes far from the house, but close enough to see. If you looked carefully, you might catch a glimpse of her binoculars shining in the bushes, but only just.

The Mafia sure didn't. (credit to VeneraSurvivalGuid101)

The Lookout quickly made his way to the Investigator's house. The Investigator had called out the Godfather earlier that day, and with the Jailor and Doctor dead, he was in a lot of trouble. He clambered his way up the Investigator's house and crawled along the roof, until he was over the front door, looking down. He was betting someone was going to try and finish off the Investigator tonight for sure, and so he lay down to hide himself as best as he could in the dark of the night, and waited. He waited five minutes. He waited ten minutes. He waited fifteen minutes. He waited twenty minutes. His eyes never left the front door, not even for a split second. After about an hour or two, there was a rustling noise behind the house, and it did not go unnoticed by the Lookout. Carefully, he maneuvered his way across the roof to the back of the house and watched. A shadowy figure emerged from the undergrowth and disappeared through the back door of the Investigator's house. He only saw him for a split second, but he knew from the shape of their head just who that person was. He had called himself the Medium earlier that day. There was a gunshot and a cry of pain. The Investigator had been shot, and the intruder quickly zipped out the back of the house. Less than five minutes later, another figure approached the back. The Lookout knew this person as well, from his height or lack thereof. He had called himself the Sheriff and had a large, tall hat to compensate for his small stature. A minute later, there was a strangled cry from the house and this figure too disappeared. The Lookout hurriedly wrote down who had visited the Investigator on this night and kept waiting, but nobody else came. The next morning, the Investigator was found dead with both a bullet wound and a stab wound. Both mafia and Serial Killer had taken a turn on him. The Lookout quickly consulted his notes to check the names of both people and then exclaimed his findings to the town. The Serial Killer was lynched that day, while the Mafioso was shot dead by the Vigilante, both killed thanks to the Lookout's dedication to watching the Investigator's house all night. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

The man had always been told that he had sharp eyes. Eagle eyes. Maybe he was born with them, maybe not, but he knew he had to use them to help the town. He threw on a jacket and climbed up to the roof of his house. His eyes locked on the investigator’s house. The Investigator had almost been lynched the previous day. In a panic, he'd verified himself as Investigator using his findings as evidence to save his own skin, while at the same time painting a huge target on his back for the Mafia. The Lookout pulled out his pad of paper, watching. Watching. Sure enough, the Lookout saw two people slide silently into the investigator’s house, people he recognized.

His blood ran cold. One of the men was his next-door neighbor. The Lookout would recognize him anywhere! He shuddered, a chill running down his spine that had nothing to do with the frigid night air, but returned to his job; he had work to do. He recognized the other man, too. He lived four houses down. Now he carried a bucket and a long-handled mop. The door shut, and a gunshot rang through Salem, blood splattered the window. The Lookout bowed his head, allowing himself a second to grieve for his friend and colleague, before raising his head and continuing to stare at the house. The windows were wiped clean and the two departed. He scribbled the names of the Investigator’s fatal visitors on his pad of paper and flipped to the next page, ready for the next night keeping watch. The Lookout’s watch was finished, and dawn was breaking. He climbed back down the ladder, recording his findings in his will, just in case the unthinkable happened, and grimly waited for the sun to rise. He felt he should have done more, but would make do with lynching the mafia scum that murdered his friend, and keeping constant vigil over the town of Salem. (Credit to HookshotHotshot)

The Spy had overheard a conversation between two men, one who was the confirmed Survivor, thanks to the Consigliere's foolishness, and the other who claimed Bodyguard but suspected to be the Arsonist. The suspect Arsonist had told the Survivor of the plot to douse a certain person, however, the Spy had overheard and told the Lookout, as well as the victim in question. As the day ended, the Lookout decided to watch the victim in hopes of catching the Arsonist.

That night, the Lookout stealthily crept to his target's home, hiding in a bush. He carried nothing but a pair of binoculars and a notepad. Once he got there, he saw someone with a machine gun creep in. That man must be the Mafioso, as the Jailor was jailing the suspect Godfather. A gunshot then rang out. More people came to visit the man in question, carrying various items. More gunshots. He counted them. One, two, three... Eleven people in total came to visit his target. Then he saw his target peer out a window and look at him. With a shotgun barrel pointing at him. That, and a flash was the last thing the Lookout saw in his life.

The next day, the Lookout's spirit saw thirteen dead bodies on the ground. One was himself, one was the Arsonist, and one was the Godfather. The rest he did not recognise. The Mayor then asked the man who went on the killing spree who he was, and he replied "I am the Veteran." The Lookout then realised: he had been watching a heartless, paranoid war hero who could kill dozens, then calmly announce the event the next day. He had died needlessly. However, the evildoers had been driven out of town.(Credit to Cptrockets30)

The Lookout was once a girl who loved to study about astronomy and wanted to become space observer, however her dream were crushed when her lecturer was killed by the Serial Killer. Since then, she had nothing but hatred inside her, wishing the Serial Killer to be executed, or at least got lynched. She did aware that she couldn't kill him, since he was immune and a bullet couldn't be put onto his head. So, she packed up her things; binoculars, notebook, and pen on her small bag. Her lecturer always taught her how to checked her surroundings very quickly and efficient without being noticed.

With the Mayor's approval, she able to watch someone at night to saw who visited them. She put her binoculars, silently looking at the surroundings of her target's house. Suddenly, she saw a man covered in blood, holding a weapon on his hand. Recognising the face, she knew that he was the Serial Killer who killed her lecturer. How could that man who claimed Doctor carried a bloody knife with a twisted grin on his face? She thought to herself, anger built inside her, but she had to be calm and kept watching her target.

Surely enough, not long after that a loud scream heard and blood splattered across the window. The Serial Killer left the target's house and she immediately wrote down her findings on her notebook. She could hear a loaded gun behind her, however before she could turn back, she was shot by the Mafioso. The Lookout was unconscious, but the Doctor managed to gave her the timed first aid and she able to fully recovered in no time. The next morning, the Framer was killed by Godfather who had been transported. Nice, she thought to herself, and her target, which was the confirmed Sheriff, was found dead, stabbed by the obvious Serial Killer.

"That man who claimed Doctor was actually the Serial Killer! I saw him stabbed the Sheriff last night, and he also killed my lecturer!" The Lookout shouted while pointing her findings last night, and the Serial Killer of course countered her, "No! I'm the Doctor! You must be an Executioner claiming Lookout!" She then countered him again, "I was visited by the Doctor after the Mafioso shot me. And that Doctor WASN'T you!" No matter how many times the man claimed Doctor, the Town decided to lynched him as the real Doctor revealed.

When the "Doctor" breathed his last, a bloody dagger fell out of his jacket pocket. The Lookout grinned as she cried, she had finally got the Serial Killer lynched. Her revenge finally achieved, and as the dusk greeted her, she returned to her house and prepared her things again. She decided to watch the Jailor who asked her to watch him as he had the Mafioso in the jail. She knew that death could always waited her, but she was glad to helped the Town lynched all the evildoers. This was her job, and she did it with the hardest efforts. Of course, when observed carefully, the glimpse of her shining binoculars could be seen on the bushes. No one else could notice them except the ruthless Veteran... (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

Once a child who saw his mother get brutally murdered, this young man eventually got hired by the mayor to see what happens to the town at night. One day, he watched the towns doctor and saw that the supposed "Investigator" visited him. In the morning the doctor was found dead in his house, the town started to accuse someone about the doctors death. But the lookout was better then that and called the "Investigator" out on the murder. The supposed Investigator begun to say he was framed and the lookout is a liar. But eventually the town put the investigator on the gallows and when he died, a gun was found in his clothes.

The Lookout went home, happy.

He would look at everyone at night and catch more murderers red handed. (Credit to endergame301)

He had mastered stealth. At night, he manages to leave his house without any noise. He runs through the grass without making the blades rustle. And he climbs roofs with no creaking. He is the Lookout.

He repeatedly does this act of stealth in hopes of catching a crook red-handed. But so far, he had caught nobody. And sometimes, the Town accused him of being an Executioner, but always gave him another chance. Some people visit. A Serial Killer comes and stabs his unlucky victim. Afterward, there were no more visitors...

...or so he thought. He sees somebody move toward the house the Lookout on, but the figure disappears, as if he teleported away. The Lookout couldn't shake the feeling that something strange was afoot.

Looking around in panic, he sees nobody. Nobody in the square, in the grass, or hopping roofs. He goes back to watching. And that was when his job was over. Someone lands behind him, a gun is cocked, and only one word is heard.

"Boo." (Credit to Idelac)

Mayor stories

The elderly man sat up and continued to read the hate mail from the delinquents. All with one message, and that message promising death. The Mayor took this as a grain of salt. Death, BAH! They were just kids that hated his policies and rules that, in fact, kept them safe. Kept them safe from what? Why, the dreaded ruffians in fact. Those conniving killers were a pain in his run but he knew that they were afraid of his power. Such threats would not get to him. In fact, it would only strengthen his resolve to better secure the town. He knew he had support, from the day he would reveal himself as Mayor, he knew he would have the town behind him. Until then, he'd let those no-gooders laugh at the Mayor's 'cowardice'. No, he wasn't a coward. He was simply waiting for the right time, and when that time came, he knew that those who opposed town would tremble. Oh how we would savor victory. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to axlorg89)

As election time started, there was two contestants. The newly chosen Mayor, and the former Godfather. There were riots of course, and two different groups. One group voted for Mayor, the other group voted for the Godfather. But after it gone too far, groups started killing each other. Little do they know, election results was hidden for the good of the town. Both groups were disappointed that they couldnt learn who was elected. One night, Mayor secretly entered into the rooms where elections where made, and he saw that he was elected and also saw the badge. Taking it with himself, Godfather also entered the room after him. After seeing that he wasnt elected, he was angry. By that moment, Mayor always blamed himself for the mafia corrupting the town. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to EdmundMcGaben)

One day, the Mayor woke up. He thought that something was off within the town. After he got dressed and ate breakfast, he walked around Salem, examining for any issues within the town. After walking around for about an hour, the Mayor found a blood-filled note hanging on the door of someone's house. It said, "Beware, we are coming to kill you too." The Mayor quickly deduced from the note that the Mafia are hiding within the town limits. He needed to take action quickly. The faster the Mafia get eliminated, the better. Sprinting to the church, the Mayor rang the bell and shouted, "Everybody! Go to the town hall immediately!" When he arrived at the town hall, he encountered 13 confused faces, anxious to know what was going on. The Mayor came up to the podium and revealed. "I am the Mayor!" he yelled. "I have found evidence that the Mafia are among us! We must kill them quickly before they kill all of us! Please come into my office one by one to tell me your role! Everybody must do this! If you do not, you are hampering our efforts and I will not hesitate to get you lynched!" (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to chitownmvp01)

After a long, stressful campaign, one candidate is selected to lead the town. This candidate is the Mayor, and after settling a few problems, he goes off to one of his three vacation homes and relaxes until he is called back because of a problem the people cannot fix. After observing and gaining information as a "regular" townie, he reveals as the Mayor and uses his mastery of politics to successfully lynch a Mafia member. Sadly his reign is short-lived. He knows that his childhood rival, the Godfather, must be in the Town of Salem and surely will try to kill him as he hears of this. The Mayor cannot get the Doctor to heal him due to money issues and later, late at night on his first day back, his fears are confirmed. The Godfather, along with his Disguiser and Janitor have come to kill him. (unregistered contributor)

After a long campaign, one candidate from the Town of Salem is elected to lead the town. The Mayor enjoys his privacy, keeping quiet and vacationing in one of his three favorite vacation homes, until the town is threatened. Once revealed the Mayor commands respect from all Town members and uses his mastery of politics to carry more weight in voting trials. In this exposed state, he becomes the target of the 2nd Runner up to the mayor electoral committee, his rival since childhood; the Godfather. (unregistered contributor)

The Mayor and the Godfather stood opposite each other, the bodies of three people around there as well. The Serial Killer, having commit suicide over lynching the Jester the day before, the Medium, who was the Serial Killer's final victim, and the Jailor, who had been the Godfather's latest kill. The Godfather sneered at the Mayor, who didn't say nor do anything in return. He would finish off the Mayor tonight, and claim the town for the mafia. For ages, the two remaining townsfolk stood across the courtyard from each other, staring each other down as if it were a standoff. The Godfather was curious, though. He didn't know who his last kill was going to be. An Escort? A Doctor? The voting period begun. The Godfather pointed his finger at the Mayor, voting for him. The Mayor leered at the Godfather, then pulled out some documents. The Godfather narrowed his eyes. What was the Mayor doing? The Mayor then held out the documents. Certificates verifying himself as Mayor. Immediately, the Godfather knew what was going to happen, and he was quickly shunted into the circle where his Framer had been lynched just two nights prior. The Godfather was too surprised by this sudden turn of events to say anything. The Mayor raised his fist...and turned it into a thumbs-down. He would not forget what the mafia had done to his town, and he certainly would not let the Godfather get away with it. The Godfather was only able to glare at the Mayor with hatred before the stool was pulled from underneath him and he was lynched like his comrade had been, just before. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

It had come down to this. He only stood in silence as the Godfather looked at him. The only other person was the Jester, who had survived until now.

Voting began. The Godfather pointed at the Jester, hoping that he could break the tie. The Godfather's opponent looked at the Jester, but he did not vote him. Instead, he gave the Godfather an icy stare. He points at the Godfather. The Godfather laughs at his effort to win single-handedly. Little does he know what he's in for.

He pulls out a certificate. The Godfather and Jester stare in shock. He had pulled off his "Stealth Mayor" plan, and voted against the Godfather. In a heartbeat, the Godfather is lynched, but the Jester sits down, depressed he could not achieve his goal. The Mayor mocks the dead Godfather with one simple question.

"You thought I couldn't win single-handedly?" (Credit to Idelac)

She couldn't help the tears that stung her eyes as she sat at her desk, hoping against hope they wouldn't come for her today.

Where had she gone so wrong? Why had she let it all go this far? People were dying now, nobody could feel safe in her beloved little town, all because of her negligence. That wretched mafia, the crazed serial killer, all of them, came to wreak terror and havoc, and it was too late to do anything about it.

... Or was it?

No. NO! She couldn't fight, she couldn't do much, but she had to do something... She threw one of her drawers open and dug inside them frantically, trying to grab official papers. Her plan cemented itself- she would reveal her identity, and take command. Nobody knew who anybody was, understandably- fear ruled in this town, now, but... Even if it would put a target on her back, she was okay with that. For this once-peaceful town she loved so much, there is nothing she wouldn't do.

She couldn't do much, but at least she could lead.

(Credit to Oofouch (talk) 18:39, October 3, 2019 (UTC))

Medium stories

She waits until night, then grabs out her crystal ball. The magic words are spoken, foreign to others but oh so familiar to her. The opaque ball clears, now translucent in nature. The town has called her foolish many times for messing with "fake magic", but they know not of its true properties. Words from the souls of the dearly departed appear. She shifts through their own personal conversations to find the one talking to her. A Sheriff had found on his last night a member of the mafia, but had been too late to write it in a will. They say dead men tell no tales, but that is not true for the Medium. She tells her fellow townspeople next day of the Sheriff's final confession. The mafia member is hanged, the townspeople cheer, but this victory did not come without a price. She is shot the next night, no doubt by the revenge-seeking mafia. Her life is over, but her job is not. In one final act, she seances a trusted member of the living, and shares what final information the dead hold. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to HOM3STUCK413)

The Medium was not a buxom, soulful woman with beads around her neck, but just a regular Townie that walked among the rest. Raised in a family of Pagans, the Medium knew nothing but otherworldly experiences and spirituality. After the latest lynching, the Medium shut the door behind them, careful not to disturb the order of the things she had around the house; it was important.

She grabbed five candlesticks and stood them in a circle, ready to begin the process. The death of their latest Townie struck them all by surprise, but what got them even more was the fact that nothing of theirs was to be found. The Medium lit the candles and began to chant. Whispers surrounded her, and soon enough, they were clear enough to hear. Scared that the dawn of the next day would come before she could finish, she immediately asks the last will and testament of the mysterious victim.

"A Janitor has cleaned me," the dead man explained. "I'm the Sheriff, and the man posing as a Retributionist is a Werewolf!" The Medium tries to listen, but the sun began to rise and the voices became more and more faint. She scribbles the information onto her last will, ready to confront the town with the dead man's identity. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to BonnieMcKee)

Night falls as the Medium lights a single candle centered on the wooden table. She makes herself comfortable in the chair and picks up her quill she already bought along with the parchment and ink well, before she asks any spirits to make their presence known by flickering the orange flame from the candle. At first there is no response so she repeats her request. Finally there is a flicker; she asks if they were the latest victim of the mafia's murderous tendencies, tapping once for yes and twice for no. One tap: that means the spirit in the Medium's company was the Sheriff who visited their killer but never had the chance to confirm their role or their name. She instructs the apparition to possess her hand and write the name of the killer. The spirit obliges as the Medium watches the supernatural being reveal the name of their Executioner one letter at a time. However, she suddenly slumps forward. While the Godfather pulls the knife from the Medium's lifeless corpse, the Janitor eradicates any evidence of her occupation and their boss' name on the parchment.

The next morning one of the town's people hears a disembodied voice reveal the name of the Godfather. They pipe up in hopes that the other residents believe such a wild accusation. No matter how much the Godfather tries to defend themselves with lies, the towns folk decides to imprison them for the night.

Luckily they lynched a Serial Killer a few days before and since then one person died by the mafia's hand every night. Those who remained alive yesterday were present today, no one died. The spirit of the Medium watched the town hang the Godfather, before she vanished into the afterlife with the knowledge that the town could at least avenge her, the poor unfortunate Sheriff and many others who died by their hand. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to Tashi-Cat)

After many years of spiritual transcendence, the Medium decides to walk the streets of Salem and speak with its ill-begotten dead. Performing a Seance, the Medium speaks to spirits and converses with them. The Medium's power is greatly undervalued, for the dead have a habit of spilling all of their secrets. (credit to Ace2369)

Sneaking out into the night, the Medium rushes to the dark Salem graveyard. He pulls out an ancient tome, and begins his work. Reciting the mysterious words written inside, white mists slowly pour out from the shadowed gravestones. They are the spirits of those that died in earlier days. The Medium coaxes the dead for information, hoping to gain at least some hope to hold on to. The spirit of a Lookout then speaks up, stating the Godfather's identity. With a small thanks, the Medium turns to head back, but the Mafia have struck again as a silent bullet in the night ends the Medium's life. The information does not end there, though, as later that night, the Medium rises again to whisper his last knowledge to an Investigator. He then goes back home to his grave, resting happily, knowing that the Town will survive. (credit to NinjaScore and an unregistered contributor)

The spirit's mouth began to move. He spoke swiftly and urgently with meaning. The medium listened to him carefully, picking out the important details of his talk. The medium recorded all the data and sent the spirit away after properly thanking him. The medium went to leave the room when she saw a woman with a knife standing in the doorway.... The next day, the medium watched as the information she received was put to good use. Even though she had died at the hands of the serial killer, the information the Investigator's spirit had given her led the town to lynch the arsonist. The medium's spirit smiled gleefully. All that was left for her to do was seance the jailor, then she could go peacefully into the night. (credit to LittleMissFanGirl14)

The Medium returns to the graveyard once again, visiting the grave of the Investigator and performing a ritual. The grave reacts and a white mist trails from it. The spirit of the town's Investigator is coaxed out and the Medium speaks, asking him what his latest results turned up before he was killed. The Investigator is all to happy to answer, revealing the identity of the Serial Killer. The Doctor in the grave next to the Investigator confirms for the Medium that this must be the case. The Medium thanks them and prepares to leave and return to their home. The Mafioso however, has other plans for the Medium and fires his pistol once, twice, thrice at the Medium, each shot landing before fleeing. The next morning, the Sheriff identifies the Mafioso successfully, getting him lynched and leaving just the Sheriff, Veteran, Jester, Serial Killer and Jailor. That night, the Medium uses their powers from beyond the grave to speak directly to the Jailor. The Medium divulges the information originally intended to be passed on, and the Jailor acknowledges, while having the Jester in jail. The next morning, the Sheriff is found dead, sure enough. The Veteran and Jailor point fingers at the Serial Killer, but the Jester refuses to aid the town in lynching him and instead points fingers at the Jailor along with the Serial Killer. The voting results in a stalemate, but the Jailor is not done yet. That night, he jails the Serial Killer, repeats the information the Medium passed onto him as evidence, and made one of his bloodiest executions yet, as payback for the Serial Killer killing his friend, the Sheriff. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

The Medium knew that the Jailor had been killed by the serial killer he had jailed, but nobody would believe her. The town thought her "magic" was smoke and mirrors, trickery and deception that had almost got her killed when she was still a kid. The Medium reached to grab her crystal ball and blew out her candle. The crystal ball glowed eerily, casting shadows all around the room. But the medium was not afraid. "Old friend, is he really the Serial Killer?" She whispered aloud to the empty room. Her crystal ball went black as the dead Jailor answered. "Yes Medium, please tell the town to hang him so that I can rest easy." The Jailor replied. The Medium hung her head, and was about to drift off when another voice piped up. "Medium, don't forget that Cotten Mather is the godfather!" The spirit of the Jailors son, the Spy reminded her. "Yes, sure thing." The Medium replied. She set her crystal ball back in place and walked outside to breathe some fresh air. "Woman ought not to play fairy tale." The Arsonist said as the timbers of the Mediums old wooden house collapsed in a fiery heap. "No, help!" The Medium called. "Doctor!" The Doctor rushed over along with the Bodyguard, but the Medium was already burnt to ashes. The next day debates occurred, and in the end a Vampire was hung. Who will the town listen to?" The Medium pondered. The doctor, her fiancé was her choice. That night the Doctor could hear the voice of his dead fiancé. "Honey, please tell the town that Cotten and Samual are evil." A voice echoed from the shadows. The doctor, who was practicing at home knew that this was the Mediums final message from beyond the grave. "You can rest easy now sweetie. The town can rest easy." The next day the Serial Killer was hung, and the Arsonist incinerated the Godfather and afterwards was shot by the Vigilante. The Medium closed her eyes and drifted away, knowing that all the sacrifices weren't pointless. (Credit to IzzyLee511)

It had been on a stupid dare that the young woman bought the set of Tarot cards and an “ancient” charm necklace and agreed to practice an old voodoo ritual her friends had found. It had been just an idiotic test of bravery; the girl hadn’t expected anything to happen. However, no sooner had the last mystic word of the chant left her lips than her mind was flooded with thought, thoughts that weren’t hers, thoughts of regret, pain, and vengeance. Mist billowed around the room before collecting into vaguely human shapes. In a panic, she ordered the spirits to name themselves.She started to sob hysterically as they identified themselves as friends of hers, friends who had died in a spree killing a few days earlier. The spirits kept her company and whispered to her throughout the night, telling her that she was needed in a small town by the name of Salem, before fading as the sun rose and promising to return, come nightfall.

The spirits had been right. The small sleepy town was a host of unsavory characters. A crazed maniac cut a new victim to ribbons each night, an arm of the Mafia had made themselves known with bullets and threats and blood, and strange howls rang through the night, signaling more massacred members of this town. The town was going to need her, because plenty of poor souls were going to die. The Medium settled in warily, running her hands over the old, worn Tarot cards she still kept, the same set that had changed her life. As the sun began to set and the moon took its place, she spread out the cards and chanted as the departed souls of Salem rose from the mist that surrounded her, the spirits of the Sheriff, the Investigator, and the Mayor. The Medium smiled and listened to their untold tales, their findings and their observations, knowing that she could help the town when morning came. And she knew that even if she didn't live until the morning, the spirits would keep her company. (Credit to HookshotHotshot)

For most people, it is a really dangerous dare to interact with supernatural or mysterious beings, since they can cause insanity, wounds, or even death. But for the Medium, it isn't dangerous at all. The words the dead spoken are the key which can bring hope towards the Town of Salem. Not much people trusts her, however, since they always believe that "dead man spoke no tale", meaning that the words Medium speaks are white lie. Despite that, she always put the words of the dead close to her heart like a treasure.

After the latest lynching, she goes home quicker than usual, closing the door behind her. The Medium turns off all of her house's lights, standing in front of the large mirror near the living room, and lights a candle. She chants the words that are foreign to others, but so familiar for her. The whispers from the dead can be heard across the room, and the faces of the dead appears in the mirror. She hears all of the words carefully as they are speaking.

"Medium, I'm the Sheriff and Alice, the woman who is posing as a Bodyguard is the Serial Killer!" The Sheriff speaks with a worried tone and the Medium replied, "I'll make sure the Town know this information, Sheriff. Any more info my friends?" The dead Lookout then speaks, "Edward and John visited the Jailor when he died. They are the Mafia member!" The Medium writes the words of the dead on her will, when suddenly a loud knock is heard from the door.

"I'll be back soon, my friends." The Medium smiles and opens the door, but much to her surprise, she is shot in her chest. The Mafia has visited her, but before she blacked out for good, she uses her last strength to keep her will safe, close to her heart. The morning comes, and it is found out that The Mafioso and the Arsonist has been dead, shot by the Veteran. The Mayor sees her will, and with that Edward is lynched by the Town. He is the Godfather who ironically killed her, while John is executed by the Jailor.

When the night comes again, she uses a secret magic that she learnt from her father: to speak with someone else after her death. She chooses to speak the Mayor, and the Mayor is surprised with the voice of the Medium. "Hello Mr. Mayor, I just want to tell you that Alice is the Serial Killer and Sarah is the last Mafia Member. I hope that with all of these information... The Town will be alright and peaceful like once." The Mayor tears up a little, but he said, "I'll surely tell them Medium. You can rest easy now."

For the last time, the blood of the sinners and innocents are spilled. Alice is lynched for all the evil deeds she has done and Sarah is shot by the Vigilante, who seeks revenge for killing his old friend. From the horizon, she watches the Townspeople cheering for the death of the Mafia and the evildoers. She then smiles with tears flowing down her face. "Thank you my friend..." She whispers to all of them before passing into eternity; even though she will never be able to live with them again, she's happy that the Town will be okay from now on. (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

She opens the gate to the graveyard. She brings out her crystal ball, summoning the deceased townies and opening a conversation with the dead. Every night, she gets to talk with the Sheriff, Escort, and Doctor.

The Sheriff tells the Medium who he interrogated last and they are a member of the Mafia, the Escort says she was stabbed by the Serial Killer she last visited, and the Doctor backs up the Escort's evidence, knowing how the Serial Killer had claimed Doctor, and yet was believed. She promises to tell the town tomorrow.

That day, the Medium gives her info to the town, and the Mafioso was lynched. The Jailor handled the Serial Killer. But the Godfather takes revenge for outing his loyal servant.

But the Medium has saved one last trick for the day she knew would come. She tells the Jailor who killed her and asks him to execute them. The Jailor listens to her, and saves the town.

When you take revenge, always expect karma. (Credit to Idelac)

Retributionist stories

As darkness falls, a young boy walks home hand-in-hand with his mother. The Medium gently tucks her son in to bed. The boy drifts off to sleep. The only noises heard that night were a knock at the door and a faint scream.

Awakening the next day, the innocent child stares in anguish at the body of the woman who raised and loved him. As tears fall from his face, he calls out, hoping to wake up from this nightmare. Receiving no relief to this pain, the weeping boy staggers into the town square to share the horrific news. Returning home that night, the broken boy collapses onto his bed. Falling asleep, the boy looks up at the stars and wishes and prays to be with his mother again.

As the sun rises on Salem the next day, a young boy walks into town hand-in-hand with his mother. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to BraveVesperia)

She paces her room in frustration, who to chose who to chose. Who was the most valuable, and who could be valuable again? She hated having to measure her friends life to a mere amount of worth, they were all close to her. Alas, she could only bring one back from the dead. A wand given to her long ago by a kind wizard. Only one use, but a powerful use indeed. She sighs and tries once again to size up her friends. The sun is rising, she knows she must choose quickly. As the first golden rays of the sun appear on the horizon, she rushes to the graveyard, wand in hand, heart racing, her decision made. A Doctor who had helped the town tremendously, but had not thought to help himself. She kneels down by his grave and bows her head. "You were a noble Doctor, may you have life once more." She points the wand at the Doctor's grave, white light streaming from the wand and into the body below. She leaves as quickly as she came, returning to her house as the town, plus a Doctor back from beyond, rise for the day. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to HOM3STUCK413)

The night is dark and cold, and she is sure a murderer lurks in every shadow. In one hand she holds the key to the morgue, which she stole this morning, in the other she clutches her silver dagger. With shaking hands she unlocks the door, throwing anxious glances over her shoulder. Finally the rusty lock moves. Within seconds she can open the door, rush inside, and then close it behind her. It's dark there but she doesn't dare to turn on the light. Instead she fumbles her way down the corridor, until she reaches the room where the bodies are stored. It's cold in there, which is no surprise. Usually, only one or two of the metal tables have somebody lying on them, but tonight almost all are occupied. She walks among them, checking the tags tied to their toes, until she finds the right one. She pulls back the white blanket covering the body and is greeted by a familiar face. 'Hello friend,' she whispers, and then pushes the dagger into the bodies chest. The silver dagger glows with a bright light for a few seconds. When the light disappears it's gone. 'Welcome back.' Her friend opens their eyes. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to Norling)

Silently pacing around from one end to the other, his gaze falls over the fallen of the town, silently pondering what would be there in the afterlife. As he was talking with some of the victims, together with the town Medium, his mind keeps dwelling off to an old tome he had with him for many years, one he was ever given by a white witch when he was only an acolyte. In a small burst of light, his eyes widen as he remembers the book clearly, and walks over to one of the dead bodies. As he opens the old tome, he holds his other hand over the head of one of the bodies, with a clear white light emitting from it. "I am sorry to disturb your rest, my old friend, but it is not yet your time." (credit to Knuffeldraak)

Working with ancient magic long forgotten by any Witch, the Retributionist performs magic that can turn the tide in the Town's favor. Ressurecting one target of choice, the Retributionist drains all of his magic in this glorious act of god-like power; rendering his physical body no different than the average Town. (unregistered contributor)

The first Retributionist grew up with a Witch. Not a bad Witch, more like the White Witch. Her mother had the hands of God, the magic of no one else, and the beauty of a princess. Then one day, Salem didn't really think she was a good witch. Her mother was burned (since she was a witch), all of the arts of magic in her daughter's hands. She started digging in the notebook on the day it was supposed to be her mother's 1028th birthday. She then discovered one little page. It was titled "The Arts Of Reviving." She dug into it deeper, and deeper, and deeper. She now knew how to do a SPECIAL magic. Reviving. She would be known as the Retributionist, and she would have the gift of giving a second chance in life. She gave that chance to her mother. She was turned into a proper witch, and she and her mother became healers, retributionists, and potion makers. The first retributionist was a mentor, and she had students. The most curious were the ones to be real retributionists some day, one day. (unregistered contributor)

Time was running out for the town. It was down to the Retributionist, the Godfather, and the Jester. The Retributionist had only one shot. He had to make it count. He paced back and forth along the graves, carefully thinking. He thought about the Jailor. He could execute the Godfather and bring an end to this chapter. But the Jester was in the Godfather's pocket. They'd lynch the Jailor in the morning again. After another half an hour wandering back and forth among the graves, he stopped and looked at one. Why didn't he think about that before? He quickly knelt down, setting his tome down and preparing the ritual. He whispered quietly to himself, the chosen grave glowing white. Then a hand forced its way through the dirt. Slowly, the occupant rises from the dirt, coughing and spluttering as he spits dirt out of his mouth. The Retributionist smiles at him, happy with his decision. Even if the Godfather shot him when he went back home, he knew that this would be the one decision that turns the tables on the Godfather, whether the Retributionist lived to see it, or not. As the resurrected person gets to his feet, so does the Retributionist who offers his hand out for a handshake. "Hello again, Mayor. Time to get some revenge." (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

Investing her time within Magic from the dead witch had paid off, she turned out to be a better witch than anyone ever was. If she had a nickel every time a Townie died, 5 nickels would lay within her hand. With the crime of these killings still unsolved, she didn't think with her mind, but with her heart. "Who had the most injustice done to thee?" She asked. Before even asking herself, she knew the answer. Hanging an innocent was the worst injustice, she shuddered at the thought that the Veteran was betrayed by his own town, and to think she, SHE thought he was guilty? Surely, the Veteran was it. She dug the grave out, and with the last of magic she had gained from the witch, she gave the Veteran another life. During the day time, she was discovered to have done things to the Veteran which gave him life again. Some claimed her to be a witch. "No!" The Mayor exclaimed as he rose up. "She is a Retributionist." (credit to Nedly)

The young woman buried her face in her hands. There had to be a way to do this. Something, anything, that could help them, or the whole town was doomed! She thought about it, the faces of everyone they'd lost flashing through her mind. They had all been so good at things. The kindly old Mayor, able to sway everyone's opinions and unite them towards a common goal, the doctor and his unparalelled skill with an injury, even the old Veteran who lived at the edge of the town had been more help than her, shooting the Serial Killer when he came looking for prey. She curled her hands into fists thinking about him. How that man at the jail had trusted him, and instead of being thanked, had just gotten murdered for his trouble by the very man he'd set free. She knew in her heart that he could keep everyone in the town safe, if only he hadn't been killed so horribly, so thoughtlessly. If only...

It was stupid. Pointless. Thinking about it wouldn't help any, but she kept it up. The Jailor's warm smile, his arms strong but not intimidating. The more she thought, the more it ached, until she couldn't take it anymore, until she cried herself to sleep.

The next morning, at their town meeting, there was a familiar face. There was also one less familiar face. The Jailor explained that, in the afterlife, the dead Sheriff had told him who was responsible for the killings, who the Godfather's pawn was. They wouldn't kill the Mafioso, no. Then the mafia would just elect someone to take his place. With the only person willing to get their hands dirty trapped, however, the rest were slowly weeded out. And then, once each of them had been dealt with, the Jailor finally put a bullet in the Mafioso's head.

She should have been happy. Finally, the town was safe. But the Retributionist missed all of her friends. No matter how hard she thought of them, how much she begged and pleaded with every diety she could think of, it appeared that the Jailor was the only one who would ever come back. (Credit TehMorganator (talk))

The weary middle-aged man collected himself, grabbing a large stone cross-like artifact from beneath his bed. The Retributionist opens his door as silently as possible, trying his hardest not to make a sound. He breathes a heavy sigh of worry, as he hastily makes his way around to the back of his house, being as stealthy as possible, hoping to avoid the night’s evils. When he finally feels safe around the backside of his home, he breaks into a sprint, running toward the old graveyard in the forest on the outskirts of Salem.

The powerful mystic sets up his ritual there, in front of the Jailor’s grave, stabbing the giant artifact into the ground directly in front of the tombstone with all his might, so that it loomed over him and everything else he planned to set down. Throwing off his pack, he carefully removes and places runes, artifacts, and bones in a circle around the recently filled area where his allies’ body lies. Fall leaves floated down gently as a soft cool breeze picks up, carrying the plants as dead as this mellow places citizens across the air.

He waited for the moon to rise to the point where the intersection of the cross splits it into four even quadrants, segmented by the arms and head of the massive relic. The shadow from his artifact lined directly down his face, a perfect blackened line to seemingly cut it in half.

“Ego veni ut vitam tibi alter locus. Placet spiritibus, et educeres de conclusione dicimus suscipiet munera mea custodi. Et dabimus vobis maxima parte. Tibi gratias ago, sodales,” he prays an ancient verse to the spirits of past town members whom now reside in the graveyard. “REDEMPTION AWAITS!” he shouts in finality at the moon, yanking the giant cross from the ground as it begins to vanish in a ball of light. The man stares down, as the arms of the Jailor break through the soft dirt only recently thrown upon him. The Retributionist waited not to see his old friend… especially if it meant the Mafia may track him down too. As quickly as it all happened, the Retributionist was gone. (Credit to ZathusTheMageV).

Rain poured as the Retributionist rushed towards the graveyard, afraid of being seen by anyone. Her face looked so sad, she had to chose wisely who should come back or who shouldn't. She had a book, containing the arts of revival which she learnt from her mother. Her mother was a kind Witch who she praised and loved so much. However, when the Salem Witch Trial began, her mother was tortured and burned at the stake, just like other Witches, no matter what kind of good or evil deeds they have performed. Since then, she inherited all of her mother's things, and when she was 18 years old, she found the book that read "Arts of Reviving People". However, she could only bring back a Town person and then, she couldn't used that magic anymore.

The Jailor has been lynched by the Town he worked so hard to protect, since he was already been blackmailed and couldn't utter any defense, while The Medium and the Investigator had died by the hands of Mafia and Serial Killer. The rain finally stopped and the moon shone the graveyard dimly. So much injustice in this Town she loved, as tears flown down her cheeks. But, she had no choice. She wiped her tears, took a deep breath, and opened her book. The spell on the book was foreign to others, but familiar to her. She walked to the Jailor's grave, stood in front of it, and started to cast the spell.

"The first elder falls, the second one arise. Ye whose mouths were muted by injustice shall spoke now, and ye who suffered must now rejoice. I grant you a place for you, ye who have no place for return. With this soul and body, I hereby given you a second chance for live. NOW COME! YE REVENGE SHALL BE GRANTED! " As she finished the spell, she raised her hand and the hand of the Jailor broke through the soft dirt. Please with the results, she immediately left the graveyard. As morning came, the Jailor had came back to the Town, much to the Mafia's dismay and the Town's joy. She smiled as she hugged her mother's book and shed a tear of happiness. Her job was done here.(Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

As the dying rays of the sun pierced through clouds, a young boy walked home hand-in-hand with his mother. She tucked her son into bed, giving his hair one last ruffle before going back downstairs to commence with her job. With half the Town dead and the majority of those being Townies, she had to be even more on edge. She placed her crystal ball on the table, staring into the world of the dead.

"The redhead's the Godfather, Medium. You have to lynch him!" The Investigator said urgently.

Behind him, the Framer cackled. "Oh, no. Your dear Medium won't be able to tell the Town."

"Why?" The Investigator asked.

"Because she's getting killed tonight."

The Medium lurched up, scrambling for her will and knocking the crystal ball from its holder as the door burst open.

Upstairs, the little boy shot upright as the gunshot echoed through the house. He raced downstairs, only to find a cold body, an open door and a black-clothed figure retreating into the shadows outside.

"No, Mama." The boy whispered. "You can't be gone."

But she was gone - glassy gaze, stone-cold skin, and gunshot wound.

Stricken, the boy wept as he buried his mother in the graveyard, his nails filled with fresh dirt, his tears falling drop by drop onto the brown soil. He stood up with a heavy heart as the sun rose, golden rays falling onto his mother's gravestone.

That night, after a day of listening to the town bicker over who the Godfather was, the boy returned to the graveyard and stood there, silent and solemn. Then, slowly, he knelt down, clutching the gravestone. His hands glowed faintly with a power he did not know he had. Emotion swelled in his heart - sadness and loss for his mother carved a cavity in his chest. He'd never imagined a life without her. He wanted her back. In the cavity, rage took up the space. He was furious with the Godfather, with himself. With himself, for not being able to protect his mother. He didn't just want her. He needed her.

Under his fingertips, the gravestone quivered, shaking violently until it fell away from the boy's hands, cracked down the middle. A ghostly light lit up the his face as the earth trembled, and a blast of power nearly knocked him off his feet.

A figure stood before him, tearful, radiant and wearing the most brilliant smile the boy had ever seen.


As the sun rose, the boy led his mother back into the Town.

(Credit to Appelle Chincherrin Dappelle)

A father and child walk into their small home at night. The boy goes to sleep, while the Medium attended to his job. He listens to the dead, and accuses the people the dead are suspicious of.

The Godfather gets his revenge for lynching his Mafioso. He kills the Medium, and the boy startles awake. Dashing down the stairs, he sees his father dead. Tears flow from his eyes as he carries his body into the square next day.

At night, he buried his own father in the graveyard. Each day, he visits the gravestone, until one night, he decides to take action. He studies the art of retribution, in a desperate attempt to revive his father.

Finally, he masters the spell. He makes a final trip to the graveyard, and sends all of his magic into the dirt. He waits a while. Nothing happens.

Just as he loses hope, a blind ray of light shines through the ground. The light grows brighter and brighter, until the determined boy has to block his eyes with his arm. Finally, a hand moves through the dirt. The Medium finally gets to the surface and sees his boy. He stares in shock.

"I know you're shocked, but the Retributionist has given you another chance." (Credit to Idelac)

Xe took a deep breath, and stepped into the graveyard, giving an acknowledging nod to the Amnesiac, hidden in the shadows, before looking over the restless spirits.

Salem was a focal point for unimaginable power. Power that gave the deceased voices to the Medium, and power that would bring them back.

Xe was already exhausted just thinking about it, and xe knew that this miracle would come at a terrible cost to xem... but it had to be done. Who should it be? The Doctor, who could heal even the worst of wounds before the morning came? The Mayor, who the town united around, or the Bodyguard that had protected her until his last breath? Or maybe the Jailor, who had demanded so much information from the town before their untimely end by the hands of the Serial Killer they set free?

Whoever it was, xe knew one thing. The tide would turn once again in favor of the Town, and xe will have made xyr mark in this bloodied war.

(Credit to Oofouch (talk) 19:08, October 3, 2019 (UTC))

Sheriff stories

The old west was wild, but it never prepared the Sheriff for what he had to face. On the run from the mafia, the battle-hardened Sheriff knew his only escape was to fly far away from his homeland, and start a new life in the quiet town of Salem. But as he took the long journey by road to this town, the mafia were constantly on his trail. He soon realised that his own business should've stayed his own, because the mafia began to kill an innocent town member each night in an effort to weed him out of hiding. But the Sheriff stood his ground, and knew that surrendering was no option - he had to fight them, and find these evil-doers through the grueling interrogations he performed each night. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to Santa07)

The softly snickering shadows that snuck along the streets had always haunted the Sheriff, even as a child. Years on the force apprehending small-time criminals had earned him the respect and trust of the townspeople. He was the face of the law, someone the townspeople could trust and the Mafia could target; Investigators could smell the Sheriff's thirst for justice from miles away. Prowling the alleyways in the dark of night, the Sheriff learned how to tell if one of his good citizens was really a good citizen or if they were suspicious. Though very few criminals escaped his grasp, he was very easily tricked by his headstrong personality and a Framer's deceitful expertise. When voted to power alongside the Mayor, the Sheriff knew the time had come to finally catch the only two criminals to evade him, the Arsonist and the Godfather. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to SuperBlondie)

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a cop, just like my father. Law enforcement has always run in the family. As a child, I remember the late nights of Dad coming home and talking to us at the dinner table. "Son, it's my job to keep the streets clean and safe, so you and the good folks in Salem can live their lives without fear." My father took pride in his work, and I took pride that my dad was the one who wore the badge. Dad was good at his job. Too good. When the Mafia started feeling the pressure after he found one of their men, the Godfather took a hit out for him. I remember the day the town found him shot on the street in the town square. Everybody pointed fingers, but we all knew the culprits. On that day, the town lost a hero who stood tall for what was right. On that day, I swore a vow to my father to continue his work.

It has become my job to protect Salem from the bad guys who walk these streets. I won't rest until the town is safe for the next generation. The badge that my father wore now sits proud against my chest. There is no mercy for people who try to hurt the innocent citizens. This is my town now. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to WingedGolem)

Elected with the Mayor during voting season, the Sheriff is an expert at his trade, reading people. A mere glance at his target tells the Sheriff everything he needs to know: whether or not the target is suspicious. He knows all of the law abiding citizens and seeks to take down the only criminals that elude him to this day, the Godfather and the Arsonist. (unregistered contributor)

As another Mafia is lynched, the Sheriff notices a man looking grim. He trudges back to his house, grumbling. The Sheriff notices this, and decides to pay the man a visit early the next morning. "Sorry for my intrusion." the Sheriff said to the man. "No problem Sheriff", the man replied, "what brings you to my humble abode?" "Well, I just wanted to talk," said the Sheriff. The Sheriff stared the man down with his piercing eyes. "How does it feel to see another wretch given justice?" the Sheriff spoke, smiling. The man was silent. He averted his eyes from the Sheriff, his face red with anger poorly hidden. The Sheriff stood up and walked out the door. "I'll talk to you again soon", he said as he left - tipping his hat respectfully. Another Mafia was lynched that next day. It was a good day. (unregistered contributor)

As another member of the Mafia is lynched, the Sheriff notices a man looking grim. He trudges back to his house, grumbling. The Sheriff notices this, and, in turn, stays up late. As the 12 strokes dong throughout the Town, the Sheriff sneaks up to his house. As the man leaves the house, the Sheriff pins him against the wall and starts asking him questions. The Sheriff's training in interrogation eventually causes the man to break and divulge that he's a member of the Mafia. The Sheriff lets the man go and disappears back into his home until the sun rises. The Sheriff announces his findings to the Town which leads to the man's execution, further weakening the threat of the Family to the town. (credit to Aurum Nummus)

Elected with the Mayor during voting season, the Sheriff is an expert at his trade; reading people. A glance tells him if they're suspicious, noticing small details such as blood or unusual sweating, and a quick trip to the interrogation room gets him exactly what he needs to know. Being forced undercover due to the threat of murder, he knows all of the law abiding citizens and seeks to take down the only criminal that eludes him to this day; the Godfather. (unregistered contributor)

The people gathered around to observe the latest death in the town, a nasty looking stab-wound in the Jester. Some of the town shook their heads, others shrugged off the death. It's not like he was important to the town, anyway. The Sheriff however, surveyed each and every member of the town, looking for some sort of clue. His gaze rested on one person. The Medium, having fallen long ago, had seance'd him the previous night, saying the Investigator who was also dead, claimed this person who the Sheriff was staring at, is one who works with knives. While his first assumption was that it was merely the town's Doctor at first, doubt started to set in as he looked at the thinning numbers in the town. He would have to find out tonight, for sure. Night falls over the town and the Sheriff sets out for his target's house. He forces his way in without even knocking, finds the occupant and forces him up the wall, demanding information from him. His target falters at first, caught off-guard by the sudden intrusion and hostility and claims himself a Doctor, but the Sheriff has been trained to observe a liar, from the sweating to their pupils dilating. He looked around the place. There were knives in the house, and the Sheriff was certain this person was not who they said they were. Regardless, he exited the house and reported the results of his interrogation, suspecting his target as a Serial Killer. The next morning, he is quick to call out the suspected Serial Killer, who tries to claim himself as a Doctor. The real Doctor reveals himself however, as well as his will. The town instantly descend on the Serial Killer, put him on trial and lynch him. As his identity is confirmed as a Serial Killer, the Sheriff breathes a sigh of relief. With the mafia long-gone thanks to the Investigator and Escort, the town is finally safe. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

Armed with nothing but a pen and paper, blindfold, the Sheriff tipped his hat so it covered his eyes, and adjusted his badge. He set out into the dark night of Salem and knocked on the door of one of the Town's key suspects. A bleary looking man looked opened the door, squinting at him. The Sheriff stared him down, assessing his behavior, the way his hands were sweating, and the crazy look in his eyes. "May I come in?" the Sheriff asked, bringing out his pen and paper. The man gulped and gestured for him to step into the house. A bad smell filled the house as the Sheriff walked through the house, reminding him of dead bodies. He sat down at the creaking wooden table in the middle of the man's house and gave him a smile.

"So, let's start easy. I'm gonna ask you some questions, and you'll answer them." he explained. The man gave a tiny nod of his head, shaking like a leaf. "What do you think of all these nightly killings?" the Sheriff smiled at the man. He knew this always revealed character. "I... I don't know." the man responded, putting his hands behind his back, "I guess it's a bad thing. No one likes it when people die every day." The Sheriff jotted down the man's answer, raising an eyebrow. "Oh? Well then, how would you like to help these poor people?" he questioned. The man was silent for a moment, before taking a deep breath. "I... I could like, heal them?" the man said in a hoarse whisper, his eyes darting around the room like there were monsters lurking in the corner. "Hmm... well then, final question and then you can go." the Sheriff says, leaning in towards the man, "Are you scared that a certain Serial Killer may come to attack you at night? Or the Mafia? Few of us Townies are trained to protect ourselves at night..." The man shrugs, avoiding his gaze. "I can protect myself just fine." he says, his voice shaking. The Sheriff finishes his notes and sets off towards his own home.

All that lying, that faded attempt to act innocent, it could only mean one thing. The Sheriff checked his will, writing down the man's name, and beside, "Serial Killer". One less evildoer to deal with in this damned Town. (Credit to Moonlightpetal (talk) 15:00, June 18, 2017 (UTC))

Two people step out into the darkness. The Investigator and Sheriff work together to find the evildoers. But so far, they have only found innocents. But this has not been a setback. Each time they are accused, the duo defend them, and they are pardoned.

Killers have often tried to put a stop to this so they will not be revealed, but the Doctor shows no signs of letting the team die.

But in one interrogation, someone seems awfully suspicious. The duo accuses them, and they are lynched. As the dead victim's role is revealed, the pair recoils in horror.

The Medium was framed. (Credit to Idelac)

Spy stories

Swift as the wind, the ex-ninja ran through the streets of Salem, entering a black forest. He dashed through the woods, graceful as a cheetah, until he saw a light ahead. He slowed down and expertly hid in a tree, silent as a thought. With the aid of his acute sense of hearing, he listened to the Mafia members discussing their future plans of terror and murder. The Spy clenched his hands, knowing that he could kill a man in thirty five different ways... but he couldn't. This was a group of armed men, and he was merely a weaponless man with some knowledge on killing. No - it would be better to let the town know who the perpetrators are, so that they could dispose of them instead.

In the daytime, those who he expected to die were lying on the ground, dispatched, in front of their houses. The Spy walked around, listening to everybody talk, knowing what everyone was whispering about. Using this information, he was able to judge who sounded like who... and who was part of the Mafia. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to wrathfulweasel)

Being a Spy was the biggest blessing and curse ever. At first, it had been fun, especially when somebody revealed a secret. The next thing the Spy knew, he was trying to block out the noise because he just wanted some good night sleep. BUT NOOOOO, THE MAFIA HAD TO TALK SO FREAKING LOUD AT NIGHT. It was amazing that nobody else could hear it because the Spy was sure that they've been talking on the other side of his house. The Spy hated these loud noisemakers and just wanted a restful sleep so he vowed that he would make sure that they tremble in fear for disturbing his nights. So the Spy did some investing of his own, paying attention to what they talked about and who they visited. It wasn't until one of them slipped up and called other by their names did the Spy knew he had them. Not only one of them, but the most loudest of them all. The next day, the Spy had successfully claimed his role to the town and lynched the mafia. It got better, the Doctor said he would behind that night to make sure he wouldn't get attacked, but the best news for the Spy was that no one made a peep that night. For once, the Spy had slept peacefully. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to axlorg89)

Salem was once a glorious city. That is, until the mafia struck. Now, deep in the forests in the outskirts of Salem, there are sounds coming from within. Making sure they were alone, the mafia plan out their next moves. They decide to go after the most threatening targets, the Sheriff and the Investigator. However, little do they know, there was someone else that night. Someone who wasn't invited. Someone who the mafia dread. The figure dashes away from sight right after the meeting finishes. The Spy has infiltrated and received info about the mafia's targets. The Spy was one of the most renowned figures in Salem. He was always the one to accuse the people, and most of the time, he was right. However, this one particular day, the Spy made a fatal mistake. He accused the Mayor and he got shamed. After this foolish act, no one ever heard from him. That is, until recently. The Spy went into hiding, deciding to redeem himself and make sure he made no more mistakes. The Spy underwent rigorous stealth and speed training to become who he is today. And now, he has been reborn. The Spy rushes back to Salem, prepared to tell the village what he heard. However, what the Spy doesn't realize is that the mafia know someone is always listening. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to calcaldeds)

Silent as the nights go, a master of stealth, the spy creeps behind walls and hides in the shadows to lurk on his unsuspecting victims. The Spy listens in carefully, with audio recorders all around; the Spy's keen ears and paranoia keep him from being caught by the Mafia. But, if the Mafia have learned one thing, it's that there's always someone listening. (unregistered contributors)

Black-listed by the CIA after a failed double agent mission, the Spy is an expert at covert operations. Using his espionage skills the Spy silently taps into the Mafia's communications network and listens to their plans. GPS trackers slipped onto known Mafia vehicles tell him where they're going but not who is in the vehicle. (unregistered contributor)

The Spy carefully left a bug hiding in the corner of the room of what he suspected was the Godfather's house, then quickly retreated from the place, waiting to tune in at night-time. Sure enough, the mafia arrive, one by one and the Godfather wastes no time in issuing his family orders. What sounded like an inexperienced Mafioso lets slip a name, causing the Godfather to angrily rebut him and demand he be addressed properly. One of them goes to the Jester's house. The other goes to the Vigilante's house. The Spy jotted down the orders he had heard and more importantly, the name. When the sun rises, the Vigilante was found dead. The Spy had an idea, but before he could speak, the Investigator piped up and identified the Mafioso. The Spy also makes his voice heard, declaring the name the Mafioso had let slip. The Lookout added in that he had watched the Jester's house that night and saw one person visit the Jester. The Spy assured the Lookout that that person was the Framer, as one of them set out for the Jester's house. The Doctor whispers that he highly doubt the Spy is who he says he is to the Jester. Even though he's across the courtyard and anyone else wouldn't hear a sound, the Spy picks up the Doctor's whisper clear as crystal and re-assures the Doctor that he can hear him whispering doubts, convincing the Doctor he is real. The town lynch the confirmed Mafioso and the Jailor jails the Godfather, then executes him. The Framer meets the same fate as the Mafioso on the gallows the very next day. Thanks to the Spy confirming the Godfather and Framer's identities, the town wipes out the family's presence inside of two days. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

After watching another member of the Mafia lynched, he sneaks to the Mafia's headquarters at night... He was determined to get the final mafia member lynched, but a shadowy figure appeared behind him, with a shining gun in the figures hand, The Spy quickly runs to hide, and rights in his last will "The Last mafia member must be St-" The figure had shot The Spy well he was righting in his will. The sun rises and the last will is being read, then a town member points out... "Only one persons name in this town starts with St... Steve..." The last words from Steve were "Goodbye... Salem..." the rope around his neck tightens, and Steve died, but later that night he talks to the Medium, the Medium listens to him closely, Steve says "Jack is the Arsonist..." The Medium then assumes that Steve was once the Consigliere, but got promoted to Mafioso after the Godfathers death. The next day, Jack is lynched. Steve was correct, and with that, the final evil in the Town was killed. The Town celebrated the victory. (unregistered contributor)

The Godfather is the richest man in Salem. Every night the whole mafia gathers in his basement, secretly. But one of the servants is listening. He hears everything they say. When he can see one of them going out to someones house he follows him. unfortunately he can't see their faces because of the hoods that on their heads. One day the Consigliere investigates the man. The night after the spy hears the godfather says his name but in that day a bodyguard is protecting him. The mafioso dies. The spy gets more scared about following at night because the mafia might see him. until one day the godfather himself come to kill the spy. He is dead but in his last will the names of all mafia members are written. The town executes them. the town is now peaceful. The crime is defeated because of a man worked as a servant and listen to the mafia every night. (credit to lordpotato1)

The night in Salem is very tedious, dramatic, and climactic. One man takes advantage of this. A silent sleuth in the night, the Spy cloaks in the shadows and bushes near the Godfather's home, peering in on their conversations. "Well then, Gentlemen, kill the man on Wall Street and disguise as him. Then report back tomorrow night. Got it?" Two men sitting next to him nodded their heads. But the spy knew all too well what was going on. With stealth, bravery, and luck, the spy crept back to his house at night, graceful as a swan. "Next morning, we're gonna have quite a situation." He said with a chuckle. (Credit to User:Bkfootball)

Using her ways for informational gain, she sneaks into the mafia's meeting hall. Finding a perfect hiding spot can be hard, but the shrubs that are grown inside are well enough. Hiding within the shrubs well after the day had ended, the godfather appears around 1:00 in the morning. He walks to the front door and allows the others in. She hears about 3 mafia members. She scribbles lightly on a piece of paper what she can hear. (Night Three Notes: Odd, they will not give names, just framer and godfather and such. Oh yea! I got a name! The godfather ordered the mafioso to kill someone. The framer is going to... my house?! Hope the investigator hasn't visited... Wait. They know of a spy? I hope to god it isn't me.. That may be why the framer is visiting me..) As they start to depart, the godfather says, "Find out who the spy is.. We need not to lose me or one of you." She is surprised and scribbles down before waiting to leave (They know I exist, just don't know me, good god.) All the mafia members leave, Excluding the godfather. The godfather waits for the members to leave. He speaks up and says,"Spy, You must know that your hiding places are not the greatest, appear one more time, you will be on the chopping block." and leaves for the night. She thinks, HE KNOWS ME? Oh god...

Next day, Walking out of her house, the conversation starts with the investigator.. He knows or suspects me of a mafia member. Fucking framer... she tries to defend myself and claim this is foolish reasoning. She is voted up by the town's votes. While on standing trial, She reveals her job. She is a spy and got information that may help get a mafia member. The jailor says prove it under his breath.. so she proves it and dumbfounds the jailor. She is voted innocent and released, voting up the supposed mafia member. He claimed spy as well.. she whispers to the jailor,"He can't prove it." Before everyone put in a vote, The accused shouted, "I CAN PROVE IT SPY!". For a defensive battle, she asks the accused to say what she exactly said. "You said 'Prove it to us' to the jailor." She was almost caught off guard, but knew that is not what she said. "You just lied to the town, The conspiracy against the town is true. you are trialed to public execution!" She said. As his will and whatnot is read, he was the framer. It is proven in the framer's will that she was framed that night. The day ends at a close.

Night four rolls around and she hides in a different spot so the godfather does not find her. The godfather walks into the mafia's meeting hall and lets in the mafioso. They sit at the table and discuss the next target. (Night Four Notes: They want to target me next.. oh god. The godfather has ordered the mafioso to kill me, Well then this is my final notes. The godfather is -----) The notes end there. (Credit to Setpep)

He used to be an ordinary townie. But one night, he couldn't sleep. Four voices had forgotten to keep their tones down, and the townie couldn't help but listen. He hears the Godfather first.

"We need to get rid of the Investigator. Sooner or later he'll reveal us. Mafioso, kill him for me, and Janitor, you clean him to hide his identity and evidence."

The townie heard each word clearly. He recoiled in horror as the Mafia left their hideout. What could he do? He decided if he could actually find out if the Mafia would actually clean the Investigator.

That night, he proclaimed himself as the Spy. He stealthily dashed around Salem until he was behind the Investigator's house. He saw the Mafioso kill him, and he saw the Janitor clean him. He didn't know who did it...

...but at least he knew what the Mafia can do. (Credit to Idelac)

Transporter stories

The Transporter is obsessed with inventions, gears, oil, and springs. Her nights are whittled away by fantastical ideas and what-ifs, has-beens and will-bes. Experiments involving carriages and hot air balloons produce steam powered chariots, which she forces upon prospect customers. Lamps hang from rotting wooden posts strew across the village, interlinked by a web of wires that wrap around every doorframe and gutter. She often mumbles to herself as she passes by the bakery, drawing attention from the local Investigators and Consiglieres. What could this Salem belle be planning for the innocent baker? When they discover her identity as a Transporter, they may think that she's the pyromaniac who lit up City Hall, or perhaps their investigations will go awry and she will be revealed as a Witch - who better to burn at the Salem stake than a sorceress who thickens the air with a filmy black smog? But there's always a chance that she will continue to evade capture by riding in her unique chariot, yet will leave behind a trail of bodies, Mafia, Jester, and town alike. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to moonbird)

The Transporter had a love of cars early on, and would go on to love it all the way into adulthood. Growing up in a town as a child without transportation means and the wish to do good for his town, the Transporter vowed to be the first to introduce transportation means into his beloved town. Now an adult, and in need of a job in order to make cash, the Transporter has opened a transporting business. One tragic day, in the middle of a transporting job for a town client, an evildoer caught up with the Transporter and killed his client. That scarring moment led the Transporter to solidify his goal in becoming a town supporter. To this day, he made it his mission to safely deliver his clients. His business became one in town, where he supports fellow town members, attempts to trick any bad guy to attack themselves, and wants to help them make quick getaways from evildoers. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to Tealer)

He was once a simple street racer. Never strived for wealth or power. All he wanted was to drive without any restraint. Somehow news of him reached the Godfathers ears and his whole life took a turn. The Mafia told him he would just be the getaway driver and in exchange he can get all the cars he wants and drive as fast as he can. Everything went smoothly for a while. He would drive and would not think of what the others were doing. It was just him and the open road. But then one night he got distracted. While he was waiting in his car an Escort caught his eye. Never in his life has he seen such beauty. He instantly fell in love, but his night of passion was cut short. Turns out his Mafia brethren were in a crazy old Veteran's house and they would have needed his help. His foolishness caused the death of a Mafioso and a Disguiser. The Godfather wasn't happy. The next day appointed he appointed the driver as the new Mafioso and sent him to kill the Escort. He had no choice... He had to do it... When the morning came he got to his senses and swore he would never love nor kill again. He would try to get the Mafia to kill each other by switching people around at night. His plan only works every once in a while, but he does not care for the lives of others. The only thing on his mind is REVENGE! (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to PotatoPatrick)

The Transporter, a middle-aged, polite and quiet person. However, behind closed doors he is building the newest form of transportation. He says his soft-spoken and kind goodnights, before shutting his door and booting up his hi-tech computer. On his screen flashes names of of the people living in his humble town, whom he selects two, and the machine works its magic to switch the people's locations. Oils from the machine spurt out in protest against this near-magic task, covering the Transporter. No one knows the science behind this mastermind's work, and by day, he returns to his calm persona, acting like nothing happened, as the Janitor lays dead, killed by his own Mafioso. However, the oils that covered the Transporter got him mistaken for an Arsonist, leaving the genius to be hung at the end of the rope. (credit to FlamingCatzIce)

The Transporter is a mild mannered taxi cab driver within the Town of Salem. They regularly force their farers to enter the cab, using their quick, fast action persuasion, and swap their farers' locations. They can regularly thwart the plans of the Mafia having them attack their own members and leaving them at the gate of a Serial Killer and Arsonist. However, this may also cause more harm than good for the Town by switching their intended targets. (unregistered contributor)

The Transporter smiles politely at his passenger as he disembarks the taxi. The Godfather thanks him, then enters the Mayor's house to do his work. Unbeknownst to him, however, the Transporter had already moved the Mayor to a safer location. The next day, news quickly spreads about a murder in the Mayor's house....only, it wasn't the Mayor who was killed. The Transporter watches the Godfather's alarmed expression with secret glee as his Mafioso's body was brought out of the building, having been killed by a member his own Mafia boss. The Transporter speaks up, and the real Mayor condemns the Godfather to death by hanging. (unregistered contributor)

The Transporter stops his vehicle and his passenger steps out slowly, thanking him. The passenger passes by another member of the town who the Transporter flags down and encourages into his vehicle. The new passenger thanks him as they drive off. Meanwhile, the mafia have planned a hit on the house the first passenger just entered. They knew the Investigator lives here, and the Mafioso is sent in to do the dirty work. He finds the house's occupant and fires repeatedly at that person several times before quickly disappearing. The next morning, the town comes out to the courtyard...and so does the person from the targeted house. The Transporter had messed up the destinations and dropped the Executioner off at the Investigator's house, and the Investigator at the Executioner's house. That same day, the Investigator divulged his important information: The identity of the Godfather. The town tried and lynched the Godfather, much to the Mafioso's dismay. He secretly promises to avenge his Godfather, starting with the Investigator. Unfortunately for him, the Investigator gets another ride from the Transporter who again messes up the passenger destinations. The next morning, the new Godfather is beside himself with fury when he finds out he shot his Framer. His rage does not go unnoticed by the Jailor, who jails the Godfather for the night, although lets him go when he claims he's a Transporter. After realizing nobody died that night however, the Jailor reports this to the town, and the new Godfather joins the old Godfather in the gallows. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

A young man sits down on the sidewalk weeping. He is homeless, and has no way to support himself as all his family is dead and he doesn’t fit in with any of the most wanted jobs. He is a relatively ugly man, so becoming an escort was unlikely. He doesn’t have the education to run for mayor, so that possibility doesn’t exist either. This young man also doesn’t have a chance at becoming a vigilante, as his lack of intelligence caused him to shoot his own cousin dead with a gun. However, he soon notices a small sign that is recruiting carriage drivers. Fascinated, the man runs to the recruit office immediately.

Ever since that day, the man has been obsessed with transportation. Each night, he pulls out his carriage, and switches two people, swapping both of his targets locations while they sleep. Whether he is feeling greedy and making the Serial Killer attack the Witch or simply switching two random targets, this man vowed to help the town remove all of the evildoers from Salem so nobody would end up having a miserable beginning like he did.

This man is the Transporter. (Credit to Mudkip755).

The Transporter scoffs at the remarks about him "killing another person". He was used to them by now, for in his line of work you'd expect a few dead bodies. Tonight, it'd be him and the Mayor. He sworn that he'd "either die honorably, or get lynched trying". During the cover of the night, he knocks on the mayor's door and says "I'm here to transport you". The mayor gets in his vehicle and the Transporter takes him to his house, and then returns to the Mayor's house and sleeps there. Later that night the Mafioso sneaks in to the Mayor's house, and stabs the poor transporter. Shortly afterwards the Transporter drifts on into the great beyond, happy, knowing he died honorably. (Credit to Bowserishere).

A Survivor learned that the Mafia was going to attack him. He wasn't going to let this happen, and he had a new trick up his sleeve. In one night, he learned how to transport people and became the Transporter.

Sure enough, a Mafioso came in and was about to shoot the Transporter. He recoiled in fear, but he used his transporting skills, and somehow, the Mafioso shot himself.

After recovering from his initial shock, he used a simple but infuriating taunt:

"Stop hitting yourself." (Credit to Idelac)

Vampire Hunter stories

The Vampire Hunter was a normal person like everybody else, there were always rumors of Vampires, he did not believe in them, later in in the year he heard of people acting strange, being incredibly sensitive to light, he then started hearing about disappearances and then actually about vampires taking over towns, obviously no he knew they were real, there were so many towns people, good people, taken their lives by force and making their lives into a race for who get's blood and who doesn't. "if this continues there will be more vampires than they can feed on, all the people on earth will be vampires and starve to death" he said to himself. Others have tried to kill vampires with normal guns, they failed. he studied the history of vampires, their weaknesses and strengths, he packed up and moved from his home, and traveled to towns that were overtaken by vampires, armed with bag of garlic, holy water, a wooden stake, a silver knife, he was going to end the vampire bloodline, before it was too late. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to isrlygood)

When you were a small child, your father was the town Vigilante, and always got his target. One night, there was a knock on your door. This being strange, your father put you underneath the bed and grabbed his gun. As soon as he opened the door, the person grabbed him and flung him against the wall. He bit into his neck with his two pointy teeth, and drank the blood spewing from it. Your father, with the little of the strength you had left, he grabbed his gun and hit the monster upside the head with the back of it. The monster quickly fled, but your father was in extreme pain. His gun fell to the ground, and his teeth started getting longer, and his bright blue eyes were getting darker. He said to you, "Son, save your old man... It's time you protect this town, go straight to the Sheriff and tell him there's a vampire," and handed you his gun. As tears began to fall from both of your eyes, he lifted the barrel to his head. You pulled the trigger, and the gunshot woke the whole town. The run to your house, finding you crying next to your father's body. You looked up, and noticed who the monster was, as he was grinning from ear to ear. You told no one, and decided to take things into your own hands. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to mitchellbeast)

At last, he had finally gotten it. He held it up, hands trembling and eyes fiery with the urge to kill. In his hands was a long-awaited silver bullet. It was gleaming, ready to take the life of a Vampire. The Vampire Hunter planned to avenge his weasel, which was cruelly and mercilessly torn apart by a Vampire. A Vampire. Merely thinking of them makes the Vampire Hunter want to shatter something. The Vampire Hunter would never get that brutal image of his weasel out of his head for the rest of his life. As the Vampire Hunter lowered his hands, something flashed at the corner of his eyes. Clutching the bullet with his sweaty hands, his head immediately swiveled in that direction. Nothing. Slowly, quietly, he loaded his gun with the special bullet. He had one bullet. One chance. And this was his chance. He would kill the vampire tonight. He cocked his gun, ready to kill. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to wrathfulweasel)

In the corner of a damp room of a dilapidated house crouches a young man with keen observation skills. Being an introvert at the party which once took place in the living room, he had locked himself into a small room upstairs. Little did he know, his family had invited a vampire as one of the guests and in the short time, that vampire massacred everybody in the living room. He comes down, feeling hungry and hopes to sneak past the racket to take some crackers and cheese. The Vampire was gone, and left a bloody mess behind, which the man unknowingly steps in. He looks down to see the corpses of his parents and their friends, mutilated, with the traditional bite of a Vampire on their necks. Wetting his jeans, he quickly grabs the food and runs back into his solitary room, and cowers in the corner. He sits for several days, praying for his life. A rat shifts in the closet opposite him, causing a small shiny object to fall out. Upon inspection, it is a small silver cross. Filled with a new resolve and detetmination, the Vampire Hunter sets out, with a solemn vow to eliminate the Vampire prowling around his town. (unregistered contributor)

In a room with no window in the corner lies a man. He just watched Transylvania and decided that the movie was mediocre. He decided that he couldn't take the clichè Count Dracula characters anymore so he grabbed a silver cross and a stake. He watches people to see what movies they watch, if he finds out that the movie was somehow related to vampires, he will end that person's life for taking his 8 dollars and 2 hours of his life. (unregistered contributor)

The first Vampire Hunter had a friend. Not really a normal friend, but a friend. The Vampire Hunter's name was Fionna, and the friend's name was Dill. Dill always wanted to do the things that included GUTS. "GUTS?" Fionna asked herself. 'Is he CRAZY?" Dill wanted to do it, and Fionna was his friend, so she did it with him. Then one day, Dill didn't show up to school. Or Geniveve. Or Johanna. She wondered. "Was Dill up to something?" Dill came back to school, and Fionna smelled his breathe. It reeked of.... blood. Geniveve or Johanna never came back to school... Dill then said one day that he wanted to show Fionna something in the woods. When they got to the woods, Dill turned around. He bared his teeth at Fionna and went for her neck. Fionna grabbed a nearby tree branch and swinged it at Dill. Then she saw Geniveve and Johanna's bodies. She rushed over and looked at them. She knew she had to. Fionna had to kill her best friend. She rushed back to Salem and told them on the podium. When everyone got to the site, Dill was gone. Fionna hated vampires. Fionna hated Dill. Fionna hated her best friend..... Dill still roams the forest of Salem and quenches his thirst every night, in search of Fionna, trying to apologize. Fionna doesn't want to have anything to do with Vampires. And every one of his Vampire brethren.... would die under her wrath and the ones that followed her. (unregistered contributor)

Having to only be at a young age, the Vampire Hunter was innocent and young, when his village was attacked by unknown predators of the night. The Vampire Hunter never really understood who was the predators until the night where he heard the screams of his parents, only to rush into their bedroom with their dead bodies on the floor. After realizing the death of his parents, he looked up and saw the fangs of a Vampire, smiling back at him as the predator got away in the night. From that day, the Vampire Hunter vowed to get rid of the horrifying vermin called 'Vampires'. (unregistered contributor)

A man enters his home on a cold winter evening. He hears screaming from his and his wife's room. He grabs his trusty shotgun and violently runs up the stairs. The screaming continuing and only getting louder as he comes near. He walks in on his wife with a strange, pale and tall man. Having been caught cheating, the man lets out a violent shout, and fires at the strange man. He doesn't die. She screams, gets out of bed, and starts running towards her husband. Another shot is let loose. The woman falls to the ground. The strange man immediately grabs his clothing, states that he is a vampire, and displays his fangs once more, and proceeds to jump out the window. The man then goes to his wife, he's holding his wife angrily, only asking, "Why?", and vows to get revenge. He suits up. Vampire ready, stake in hand. His only thought, to get revenge on the vampire who killed his wife. (unregistered contributor)

On a rainy night, as the hunter stepped out of his house, he was greeted with a familiar face down the road. A man who you had once knew years ago. Reminiscent, yet sinister, with a dark haze surrounding his body. As his eyes slowly meet with the hunter's, he vanishes into the night, leaving behind nothing but a gust of wind. Behind him lay the hunter's beloved wife, lifeless and supine, drained of her blood and beauty. His cries that night rang through every neighborhood, yet no one could hear. He swore to this very day to find the Vampire and kill him, or die trying. (credit to NinjaScore)

One day, as the vampire hunter walked out of his house, he saw a man who was once his friend feasting on the blood of his wife. He tried to pry him away from her corpse with brute force, but the vampire escaped his grasp and disappeared into the night. As his pained howls echoed into the darkness, he made a pledge to find the vampire and destroy it or die trying. (credit to Bobsjobisfob)

One day as the vampire hunter walks out of his house he sees a man who was once his friend feasting on the blood of his wife. He tries to pry him away with brute force but alas the vampire is to fast for him and escapes. He pledges to do whatever he can to find the vampire or die trying. (unregistered contributor)

The Vampire Hunter was once a dismissive man until his house and family were burnt to the ground by a dark, mysterious, and bloodthirsty force. Paranoid and thirsty for revenge, he lurks around the town of Salem, seeking vengeance on any unlucky Vampire and find the ones who destroyed his life. (credit to NyxSoul)

There was once a boy who was very social and had many friends that he loved so much. They would all hang out together. However, one fateful night, while the boy was cooking (with garlic) He heard his friends scream. He then grabbed a gun (with silver bullets) and ran to the house (with the garlic in his hand).When he arrived, he saw the dead bodies of his friends, he then noticed that they had lost all their blood. Afterwards, when he went to go get help, he saw the culprit, the vampire. He threw the garlic and shot the vampire dead. After that, he vowed to kill every vampire in Salem... (unregistered contributor)

The Vampire Hunter used to be a man who worked a dead-end job at a processed meat department. He worked hours and hours on end handling blood-soaked beef to make hamburgers. However, all the time he worked he realised more and more that he was being cruel; all the bloody beef he worked day in day out he knew came from innocent slaughtered cows. One day, he cracked. He knew he was doing wrong and would tend to a cow farm outside of town. Destined to be there permanently, he would do his best to keep his cow farm, and those who resided there, safe from all harm. But... then it happened. A Vampire raided his house. He brutally slaughtered all of his bovine and sucked all of their blood clean, to the point the skin was on the bone. The thirst-quenched vampire was leaving the farm when he was blown to pieces by a shotgun. The farmer raised his gun in rage as he smashed all of the vampire's bits into pulp. Heartbroken, desperate, and slightly insane, the Vampire Hunter would move to Salem in sorrow. He would never again let anyone harm his charges. (credit to Octometaknight)

The Vampire Hunter sits in his room holding a bag of garlic with a stake. He knew that if the Vampires convert everyone, he would be hung to the gallows. He had to stay focused. He looks at the gun his best friend, the Vigilante, gave him after his death. There was only one bullet left, after he shot the Blackmailer, that threatened to show a item too personal for the mayor, and got a lucky shot on one of the Vampires, right after getting shot by the Mafioso. The situation then escalated with the Vampire biting the Mafioso. But the Mafioso bite was different. He was evil blooded, and was not converted. He ended up bleeding to death right after being found by the Executioner who tricked the town into lynching the Investigator.

"No time to slack off. It's time to take charge." said the Vampire Hunter, as he sneaked behind a tombstone, secretly listening to the Vampires. "I say we bite the Mayor. He may lose his power, but he doesn't need to organize votes if he has us." one says. "What about the town beauty? If our youngest is distracted, that would be a major road block." another one speaks. "I guess we should go for the Escort, then." the youngest speaks. The first one groans and decides to do so. "Fine then. I'm still mad at you that I had to abandon my crystal ball, though." The Vampire Hunter then soon realizes that the Medium was converted. "Time to go." he says, as he leaves.

The Vampire Hunter waits outside his door to see a bat fly into the Escort's home. "That's my cue." He says, as he knocks on the Medium's door, holding garlic bread. The so-called Medium invites the Vampire Hunter in. "Would you like a piece of bread?" the Vampire Hunter asks. "No thank you. I am not hungry." he responds. "At least take one bite." "No thank you." "Can you open your mouth then?" the Vampire stares at the Vampire Hunter. The Vampire lunges at the Vampire Hunter. In a attempt to bite him, the Vampire Hunter drives a stake through his heart. He kicks him off his body. "The Vampire bloodline ends. I know you converted the Escort. I'm sadly gonna have to kill her next." The Vampire tries to say something, but ends up dying before he can say anything. "This ends." (credit to GhostyGuy619)

He was a normal citizen. He had lived in another town, which had a Vampire problem, which nobody could fix. Nothing could stop them.

Before long, he was the only one left. The only people around him were the four Vampires. Night forced the remaining five into their homes, and the Vampires launched one final attack... but the citizen was not there.

He ran away from home, fueled with determination. He desperately wanted to escape and avoid the cold Vampire's bite. He felt grief for all his friends... but he could not accept it.

Several days passed before he found Salem. It was already corrupted.He knew that the Vampires were going to attack. He desired to save Salem, and studied everything a Vampire is weak to.

At this point, he made an oath. "I will never forget... Four men, each having a thirst for blood. They took my town from me." He crossed the point of no return.

"I swear to you, lost citizens, I, the Vampire Hunter, will avenge you. This madness will end." (Credit to Idelac)

Veteran stories

The Veteran laughed in the darkness. Afraid of the dark, no way. Afraid of the monsters in the bed? The man with his hand on trigger of a gun laughed nervously. He wasn't scared of anything he had told himself. Sure he was a past war time hero, but he was so used to ambushes and life threatening situations that it made the man simply neurotic. His heart pulsed with ever sound that was made and just a simply shadow would make him pull the trigger. Yes, he was this scared of death. How could he not, seeing so many die in horrible ways. All he knew from being kidnapped and miraculously escaping his enemies was that there was no mercy. His thoughts suddenly stopped at the sound of a door creaking open. Sweat began to show on his face as the steps started to become louder as it headed his way. Heart pounding like crazy, he lifted the gun up to the door. Suddenly the door opened and he pulled the trigger. The stranger had dropped and so had his sense of worry. It was done. It was over. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to axlorg89)

The pain in his knee flared up again. The Veteran scowled at it. He didn't mind the pain, but he could have done without the memories it brought. The cursed Battle of Barrow Hill. He shuddered. So many people died that day. Yes, they had won ultimately, but the price for victory had been high. The Veteran had seen friend after friend fall to gunshots or explosions, unable to save them. After the war he had settled in a small town called Salem to find some peace, but it wasn't meant to be. Lately town members have been disappearing, sometimes found brutally murdered in their homes. "Human nature never changes", thought the Veteran. He knew the shape of the world, knew how it worked. But he'd be damned if he accepted it without a fight. Jaw clenched he dismantled and cleaned his old rifle. A fine piece of craftsmanship from years gone by. Old as it was, it still packed a punch. "And so do I", thought the Veteran. "Sooner or later they'll come for me. And when they do, I'll be ready." With a satisfying clicking sound he put the last piece of the rifle back together. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to Erzberger

He runs through it again in his head. He was only 18 when he was drafted into the war, no man, no he was a boy, should have to go through that. He given a gun and a direction, and was sent off. Supposedly a mindless killing machine, but it's not that simple. When the war finally ended, after watching both friends and enemies die slowly and painfully in front of him, he was the same. Nobody would be the same after going through what he's seen. Yet, according to the government, he was ready to just go back to society. He wakes up screaming in a cold sweat, and reaches for the .44 revolver in his nightstand, just in time to hear the door creak open. BAM! He shoots and the person in the doorway staggers before falling, and quickly another comes through the doorway, BAM! A second shot rings out, and another figure comes through the door, again he shoots, BAM! No matter how many he shoots down, they just keep coming. Only when he's out of bullets do the figures stop coming. When the sun creeps out from behind the clouds, the Veteran finally moves from his bed, and he hasn't slept all night. He checks the bodies, to see he's killed the Mafioso, Disguiser, and Janitor. But he also got the Sheriff, Investigator, and the Transporter. He can't tell if he's done more good or bad, but he doesn't care. He just knows that there will be more sleepless nights in Salem. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to williamthered)

The Veteran goes home a happy man knowing that there is one less Mafia on the loose and has been hung thanks to him. He turns off his light and goes to his chair for a nice cold drink sitting in the dark. Outside, the Godfather wants vengeance for his killed family member so he decided to take matters into his own hands, telling his Disguiser to clean up the mess once he is done and take his place. Sneaking into his house at night to stop from being noticed by the other townsmen, he sees the man enjoying his drink and walks up behind him pointing a gun at his head, saying "You killed my men... now it's your turn." Firing his gun, the body falls flat on the floor only for the lights to turn on. It turned out to be a dummy. The Veteran stands behind him, and only says one word before pulling the trigger; "Boo." Later on the Disguiser comes over to make an outfit out of the clothes the Veteran left behind only to find his Godfather dead on the floor. The last thing he hears is the sound of a firing pin release. The Veteran calmly drags the bodies into the street for the Town to see the next day. (unregistered contributor)

A crazed woman sits outside her brightly-lit porch with a loaded shotgun, eyeing anyone that walks past his house. She used to be a renowned general in the army, now on an early retirement after her mind went crazy after seeing her best friend killed in action. He aims her gun at a nearby Escort, but the Escort runs away in fear before she can pull the trigger. Her mind constantly grinding about her friend, she doesn't notice the Serial Killer creeping up behind her. Before the sociopath raises his knife, she quickly twirls around, smacks him in the head with the butt of the shotgun and knocks him to the floor. His bleeding, and barely alive body writhes in pain as the Veteran aims the gun at his head. She mutters the final words, "Goodbye, old friend." as he shoots his head clean off, and drags his lifeless body to the middle of the town... (credit to Squiddington)

The Veteran was once known as a hero from a long forgotten War. He came back paranoid that everyone was out to get him. On some nights when it is at its worst the Veteran grabs his trusty rifle and aims the barrel at the door, killing anyone who dares to enter. However, after three nights like this, the veteran realises he is safe and calms down. He vows to never pick up his rifle again no matter what the case. (unregistered contributor)

Try as he might, the Veteran could not shake the past visions he had of sleeping during the war and his camp getting ambushed by enemies in the middle of the night. He barely made it out alive and since then, the Veteran has had trouble controlling his paranoia. Tonight was a sleepless night for the Veteran, as the memories returned again. He felt really bad, like it was going to happen. Another part of him thought he was being too paranoid. Still, the Jailor and Escort had been killed last night. Finally, the Veteran decides to stay up tonight, having being unable to get a wink of sleep. He yanks down the blinds around his windows, turns off all the lights of his house, and prepares a dummy in the form of pillows dressed in his clothes and bed sheets for arms and legs. He places it in his kitchen, slumped on the dining table and prepares an audio recording of himself snoring, placing it under the dining table. He intentionally placed a desk lamp on its side, still on as if to suggest he knocked it over when falling asleep. Then he grabs his favorite rifle, one he used to survive in the trenches and hides himself behind one of his couches against the wall. His training had taught him how to hide himself effectively behind cover and leave the enemy unaware of his location. He waited, and he waited. At long last, he heard the sound of a door opening. Someone was coming into his home, just as he suspected they would! There was a shuffling noise as the intruder was drawn to the kitchen where the snoring emanated from. Carefully, the Veteran sneaks into a good spot. There is a cocking noise, and the figure speaks up, holding a pistol to the back of the dummy. "Boss said to put you down, you rat." The Veteran leaps up, looking for the source of the intruder's voice, right as the Mafioso pulls the trigger. The shot rings out through the kitchen and the muzzle of the Mafioso's pistol flashes, lighting up the kitchen as well as the Mafioso. The Veteran only needs that split second of light to find the Mafioso's head and fire, putting a bullet clean through the Mafioso's head. The Mafioso collapses, and the Veteran quickly drags the body upstairs to his room to hide it, shuts the door again, then returns to his hiding place. Within ten minutes, the door opens once more and another figure enters the kitchen, drawn to the uninterrupted snoring. The Veteran listens and waits. There is a sharp noise of a knife being unsheathed and the Veteran sees the figure bury a knife in the dummy's back, the desk lamp lighting up the Serial Killer's hand. With lightning fast reactions, the Veteran follows the lit-up arm to where he suspects the Serial Killer's head is, and claims his second kill of the night. The Veteran repeats the ritual of dragging the body up to his room, shutting the door, and waiting for any more intruders. However, nobody else decides to intrude on the Veteran for this night and as the sun rises over the town, the Veteran finally leaves his post, now knowing that any more intruders will see the obvious dummy now. He disassembles the dummy, shuts off the recorded snoring, and drags the two bodies into the centre of town, before putting the blinds over his windows up and his rifle away. His night of paranoia had been well worth it, after all. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

They all thought that he was just a paranoid and delusional war hero, who came back not the same person he once was. They all thought… that he was crazy, and would just shoot anyone who entered his door. He would do that, yes, but he played his cards the best he could today. The Veteran was a lot more cunning than anyone in the town thought, and he had put a target on his back today for the sole reason of attracting the baddies right to his door.

He entered his house the same way as every citizen, good or bad did. But little did the town know that tonight he’s peeking his senses and going on alert. He exited the back door and climbed the ladder to the top of his roof, rifle in hand. He lied down on his stomach, aiming the gun down toward the stone path leading toward his doorstep. He watched, as at least ten of his other fellow town members wandered their way silently around the circular town of Salem, avoiding the light, and each other. He didn’t care about them, but in fact, those who approached his abode.

He lowered his gun for a second to shuffle the sweat out of his sandy brown hair, and raised it again to see a shadowed figure cloaked in secretive clothes begin to stride their way up to his door, just turning onto the stone path. The Veteran gave a small breath of internal laughter at the idiocy of this murderer… as he gritted his teeth and pulled the trigger. He laughed louder now, standing up, and slid down the ladder. He didn’t care who he killed, all that mattered was that they were dead. He placed a final note down on the body, and kicked it onto the ring of stone surrounding the gallows. The message of the Veteran stood strong the next day: “Never mess with a seasoned veteran while he’s sleeping, fool,”. (Credit to ZathusTheMageV).

The old war veteran got his gun ready. The Spy, having listened in on the Arsonist talking to himself, had told him that the crooked pyromaniac was planning to douse him that night. The Veteran had many close friends and family killed by the Arsonist, and he didn’t want to be the next victim to the deranged man. He pondered why the Arsonist was such an evil guy; maybe he had grown up in a rough family, or maybe he was fascinated with fire all his life and one day took his interests too far? The veteran started to wonder if the Arsonist maybe was truly a nice guy, but it wasn’t long before he heard someone walk through his door. The Vet grabbed his gun, ran towards the foe, and shot him down. Smiling, he looked down at the dead body. However, his pride soon turned into terror, as the corpse in front of him was not holding gasoline, but rather a surgical kit. (Credit to Mudkip755).

Shotgun in hand, the Veteran hides behind a crude barrier made from furniture and random pieces of junk. He had been a hero in the war, when he was drafted in, he was unadorned, but now he was decorated with shiny gold medals and highly revered by his fellow comrades. Most of which had died fighting for their cause. In horrible ways that no one could imagine. Land mines, flamethrowers, even spartans' pits had been used to kill the Veteran's comrades one by one. He had personally witnessed most of these killings, and went insane after watching blood splatier and flesh rip countless times. Yet, doctors from both the military and commercial worlds had deemed him fit to go back to society. With no social skills, as well as having a tendency to stay up all night and shoot anyone who enters.

The Veteran thinks back to the deaths of his buddies. He remembers a particularly grisly one where a flamethrower was involved. This thought leads his mind to thinking of the Arsonist, who prowled the town with a can of gasoline, a wooden stick and a lighter. The Spy had overheard the Arsonist telling the Survivor about his plan to douse the Veteran, and so the Veteran had decided to go on a killing spree that night.

The door opens, and a man armed with a machine gun strides in and begins looking for his quarry. The Veteran points his gun at the person and pulls the trigger, and the man's head explodes. Then, a man with a bloody knife walks in. Again, a trigger is pulled and a head blown to atoms. Another two people, one carrying makeup and another with a mop. Turned into corpses. More people then start coming, carrying various items, like bulletproof vests, surgical gear, crime scene kits and condoms. One person even carries a wand. Another in a police uniform. But still no one carrying gasoline. Out of curiosity, the Veteran looks out the window. There, in a bush, someone with binoculars and a notebook. Transmogrified into a corpse within seconds.

As the night drags on, no one walks in, yet the Veteran keeps his gun at the ready. Finally, at about five in the morning, a man wearing an asbestos suit and carrying a jerrycan walks in, whistling. As he unscrews the cap, the slide of a shotgun is racked. As the pyromaniac turns around to face the source of the sound, the sickly grin of the Veteran is the last thing sees before a brilliant flash of light erupts from the tube.

The next morning, the Mayor, Survivor, Spy, Jailor, and Vigilante are shocked at the carnage. Thirteen people had been killed the previous night. One, who was the Godfather, executed by the Jailor, and the rest by the man standing across from the Spy. The Mayor walks over and asks for the man's identity.

"I am the Veteran."(Credit to Cptrockets30)

The Veteran was an ex-war hero who was praised among the former military for his brilliant efforts a long time ago. A lot of medals were placed onto a glass cupboard, proving his success and amazing wartime skills. However, great success didn't come with a price; he had went onto immense training and very hard situation, ambushed a lot by the enemies, as for the worst he had to watched his allies died in the war one by one, he barely made it due to his friends' efforts. The long time war had left a mental scar on the Veteran's heart and mind, made him onto a paranoid citizen as he always thought that people would come to kill him. Lived in the Town of Salem with lack of social skills, he was a bit antisocial towards the Townspeople. He was so scared of death this much, so he grabbed his shotgun and decided to go on alert. Unknowingly to the Veteran, the alert on that night would be his last alerts he ever went to.

It was a full moon that night. Loaded shotgun on his hands, he tried his best to not be distracted and fell asleep all night, not wanting to die. One by one, people came into his house, carrying various items such as machine gun, train case containing make-up and latex, mop and bucket, magnifying glass and notepad,even an envelope containing his darkest secret, all of their heads were shot and their corpses were thrown out from the Veteran's house. More people came again,one had a surgical kits, one had bloody knife on his hand, one had a gasoline can and a lighter, one had crime scene kits, all of them were turned into corpses and their body fallen in front of the Veteran's house.

Until finally, the Werewolf came into the Veteran's house. Shocked with the sudden appearance of the beast, the Veteran aimed his shotgun at the Werewolf. It had no effect, the Werewolf slashed the Veteran with its razor sharp claws, then it pounced him before threw him against the wall very hard. Blood flown from the Veteran's wounds and mouth, splattered across the walls and floors. However, the Veteran refused to succumb to his wounds, he grabbed a silver bullet from his pocket; a gift from the Vampire Hunter who already died due to Mafia, but not before telling the Veteran to kill all of the Vampires and be aware of the massive beast of the Town. He loaded the silver bullet onto his shotgun, cocked it, and before the Werewolf managed to finish him off, the Veteran shot the Werewolf's head and the Werewolf finally stopped moving.

The bleeding Veteran then leaned against the wall, knowing very aware that he'll never survive since he already killed the Doctor and the Bodyguard already died in a duel with the Mafioso. As his heart slowly stopped beating, his thoughts were filled with the face of the Townsfolk who accepted him into the society, despite he was very paranoid of being killed by them. The Vigilante, who noticed the Veteran's house filled with corpse, found the dying Veteran and tried his best to keep the Veteran alive. "Old friend... Don't worry, justice already served.. Everyone will be alright now..." The Veteran said with his dying breath, for the first time, he had never felt so paranoid about death. He knew that he'd died in honour, protecting them from the evildoers of this Town. He closed his eyes and smiled peacefully, he was finally be able to met his allies again on the afterlife. The Vigilante could only cried as he held the dead Veteran's body on his arms. (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

A man sits in a dark room, counting bullets. He chuckles to himself, for he will not die tonight. Hell, he survived a freaking war, survived while all of his friends died. His eyes glaze over for a second, remembering. The man shakes his head, and rubs his eyes, he needs to be alert and ready for the killer to sneak in. He takes a pillow and puts it under the sheets, making sure it looks just like a sleeping person. Then he pulls up a chair, sits down with his pistol in his lap, and lights a cigarette. He waits. And waits. And waits some more. He is sure that the killer is coming tonight, but it is getting later and later into the night. He finally puts out his cigarette and is about to move the pillow and climb into bed when the door slowly creaks. The man quickly sits back down, checks his gun, and attempts to silence his pounding heart. A dark form slowly creeps over to the bed, only distinguishable by a dim beam of moonlight. The figure raises his arm over his head, and the glint of a dagger is visible. Suddenly a shot rings out. The figure staggers, clutches his chest, and looks towards where the veteran is sitting hidden in a complete shroud of darkness. Another shot rings out, and another, until the pistol has no more bullets. The killer slumps over on the bed, defeated. The veteran stands over the murderer, his legs weak, and hoists him over his shoulder and begins to carry the body to the square. He smiles to himself, knowing one more evil has been snuffed in Salem. (Credit to Mack The Knife)

The Veteran awoke with a start. Sweat poured down his skin as he remembered. The gunshots, the pain, the screaming. It was embedded into his head, repeating and repeating like one of those old tapes on repeat. Years ago he had been in war, shooting his gun wildly as his comrades fell around him. The advancing army had come closer to him, their own guns raised, their lines of soldiers charging at him... no. He tried to stop thinking, but it was no use. The Veteran sat up, pushing his blanket off of his bed, staring at his trembling hands. They were calloused and dotted with scars. Great. More reminders of the war. He had come to the Town of Salem for peace, yet how could he, when at night, killers stalked through the streets... The Mafia, the Werewolf, the Serial Killer... they were all just embodiments of war reminders.

The Veteran slipped out of his bed. They were coming to get him. Tonight. His heart was racing as he replayed the gunshots in his head, saw the Serial Killer's maniac smile, and imagined an Arsonist dumping gas on him. His old rifle, tucked in a wooden case under his bed now had a use. He was going to get the killers before they got him. Holding it tightly, he aimed it at the door, ready to shoot. There was a loud creaking as the door opened. The Veteran closed his eyes and pressed the trigger. BOOM! He heard the silent gasp as a body fell to the ground. But just as he lowered his gun, another figure appeared at the door. And another one. The Veteran shot blindly, hearing screaming, the thumping of his fellow soldiers as they fell to the ground. He was no longer in the present. All he was thinking of now was war. But then, he heard the last body fall to the ground and he stopped shooting.

But no matter how many evildoers he had killed, he knew he would never be safe. Salem would never be safe until they were all gone. Packing away his gun, he resolved to take it out again another night. He would never sleep easy until the Town was no longer plagued by evil. (Credit to Moonlightpetal (talk) 00:26, June 11, 2017 (UTC))

At night, he enters his home. He never said a word. All he wants is to live a lone life. But there is something that still haunts him to this day.

When he goes to sleep, he experiences a flashback. He fought in the war. Sure, he was a hero, but he saw friend and foe alike die, one after the other. He couldn't bear to die himself. And that is when he awakens.

The Veteran makes it look like there's nobody home, and he hides behind a barricade made of furniture. He will not get a wink of sleep tonight, and the Veteran readies his shotgun.

After waiting five minutes that felt like an eternity, two people finally come in. The Veteran's prediction was right, after all. They were planning to kill him.

He waits until the pair enter the room the Veteran is in. The Veteran jumps out and shoots both evildoers. He inspects the bodies, but there's no time. Another person comes in. He shoots the unknown attacker.

This time, he gets to find out who he killed. He shot the Mafioso, the Serial Killer, and the Doctor. As he finds out who he killed last, he recoils in fear.

"It'll be even harder to survive now..." (Credit to

“The war was long and brutal and I'm glad I got out safe but it feels like there's something out there and it wants to get me.” As the veteran goes to bed he is scared there is something coming for him. He takes out his weapon and sits quietly. “BAM” the gun fired at the town Mafioso. The next night the veteran notices that he has enough supplies for 2 more alerts. He sleeps through the night and realizes that the town hung the doctor yesterday and the bodyguard died protecting him. During the night he went on alert and nothing. The next night he alerted again and BAM he shot The Godfather and the janitor. The veteran walked out the house knowing the mafia were dead. (Credit to potion masters)

Vigilante stories

An ex-police officer is enraged by the increase of crime on the streets of his town. While he was fired for his violent and rash methods, he has a strong sense of justice. As the death toll in the town rises, his anger only grows as he finds the criminal's identity is obvious. That night, he makes his final, heavy decision. If the law won't take down this fiend, he'll have to do it himself. He fishes his pistol out of the end table beside his bed, loading it with two bullets. One to kill, and one for backup. He usually didn't miss, but it paid to be cautious. Using the shadow of the night as his disguise, he sneaks into his suspect's house to find them cleaning a bloody knife. I knew it, he thought, his lips curling in disgust at the sight. Letting out a quiet, steady breath, he raised his gun and pulled the trigger. His suspect hit the floor, all signs of life disappearing from their body. Pleased with the results, the man slips back into his home and climbs into his bed. He sleeps soundly, feeling as if a heavy weight had been lifted from his shoulders. The following morning, a panicked frenzy meets him in the square. The Doctor had been discovered dead in their home after doing surgery on a wounded patient. Nausea washes over him. The Doctor. He had killed the Doctor. Self-preservation pins his lips together during the day, and misery drags his feet back home that night. He finds his gun resting on the end table, just where he had left it after slaying an innocent soul. The weight returns, crashing down on him heavier than before. One bullet left. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to TheDetectiveL)

The Vigilante was a simple man at first, he was running for Mayor, and had a nice family and kids. But when he began to crack down on organized crime, his family was murdered as a direct threat to him. Ever since then he's realized the legal system was a joke. The Jailor would murder a town member and get killed by the Serial Killer, the Sheriff couldn't tell the difference between the head of the crime family or a Lookout, and the Investigator can't tell the difference between a Serial Killer and a Doctor! Even the position he once vied for was corrupt and dangerous, not to mention oft held by imbeciles. Now he's taken the law into his own hands, willing to kill for it. But, sometimes he hinders the town more than the law. If he kills someone that is part of the town, even an idiotic Sheriff doesn't deserve to die. Just last night he shot the Investigator and he can't deal with the guilt. He ended the life of a law-abiding citizen in the name of justice. Now there is only one way to give those he's killed justice, taking his own life. He has the own weapon for himself, and now, haunted by the ghost of his victim, he's too guilty to carry one. I'm sorry. BANG! (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to williamthered)

Taking the law into your hands hadn't been the plan. No, not at first. As the Sheriff's right hand man, you were sure that you would bring members of The Family to justice. Serial Killers, Werewolves, Witches. No person or creature against the town would escape you or the Sheriff's watchful eye. Gun always at the ready, you were more than ready to rid the town of evil. Until one day, when left at the office alone, you found it. A large envelope with the Sheriff's name on it, stuffed to the brim with cash. Your stomach plummeted when you recognized The Family's insignia gracing the seal. Dropping your badge on the desk, you walk away from that life, promising yourself that you would do whatever it takes to deliver true justice to the town of Salem, your trusty gun at your side. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to BloodOfInk)

A man stands alone with his head wrapped in a silvery cloak. He has only one goal- death to those who killed the Town. To kill the Mafia is his plan. He slowly makes his way to the house across the road, knowing exactly what to do. He opens the door. As his boots click across the wooded floor, he sees a woman standing in the corner of the room, a bloody knife in hand. He slowly clicks the pistol and takes aim at the figure. One moment passes and then BANG! The woman falls to the ground, blood trickling from her head. Without stopping to regret his decision, he flies out the door, returning to his own home. The next day, the woman is lying dead on the streets. To his shock, medical forms are scattered all around her and pills from her bag are strewn across the floor. It was clear she was a Doctor. With the heaviest guilt, as night falls, the pistol is put against the head of another victim... himself. (unregistered contributor)

Known to many as the man wearing "Hockey pads," the Vigilante prowls Salem's streets at night in search of justice. Armed with the pistol his father gave him before he was whacked by the Mafia, the Vigilante ignores the town's rule of death by lynching and takes a shot at whoever he deems evil. If he spills innocent blood, however, the next bullet from his gun will end the grief that plagues his mind. (unregistered contributor)

The Vigilante doesn't like the rule of death by lynching in the Town of Salem, so he decides to bend that rule. Picking up his gun and loading it with his 3 bullets but also a secret bullet that he found in the grave of the fellow town, he prowls the streets of Salem, shooting anyone he deems evil. However, if he finds out that he had shot and killed a fellow town member, he will use his final bullet the next night-the one that ends his life. (unregistered contributor)

The Vigilante angrily pleads his case to the town, pointing at the woman who he suspects being the Mafia member who is responsible for the latest casualty in town. Many people vouch for the woman, and any attempt to get her hung is thwarted by the setting sun. As the Vigilante goes home with his head down, he sees out of the corner of his eye the woman grinning at him, taunting him, as she walks to her home. The Vigilante desperately wants justice to be served, with or without the town. As the moon creeps behind the clouds, the Vigilante slowly opens his father's old wooden chest and retrieves an antique pistol. “Three bullets left? I'll put ‘em to good use dad, I'll make you proud”. Adrenaline pumping through him, he quickly rushes out the door, runs to her house, kicks in the woman's door, lines up his shot and fires a bullet at her before she can react. The Vigilante flees to avoid detection, but not before noticing the woman's belongings, and how they don't seem like something a Mafia member would have. As the Vigilante returns home, doubt and guilt flood his mind, what if she really was innocent? Sick to his stomach, he desperately waits for the sun to come up, to be able to see what the woman truly was. (credit to Aurum Nummus)

The Vigilante left the Mayor's house, angry. The Vigilante was pleading with the mayor to give him permission to shoot a suspected mafia. The Mayor denied him. The Vigilante stomped home, angry. He was so mad, that he could not sleep. Lying in bed, he turned around to his night stand. A small revolver was gleaming in the moonlight. He picked it up, and looked at the suspected mafia's house. The Vigilante smiled a maniac-like smile. When his deed was done, the Vigilante comes home, with a feeling of dread. As the sun rises, to his horror, he realizes the true identity. The Vigilante went home, and all the Town folks heard that night was a loud gunshot.

A little boy comes running out of a burning building. The Arsonist did this. And the Mafia helped. His father and the rest of his family died in the fire, never to be seen again. He serves for justice. He fights for Salem. Every person he kills, he ALWAYS uses his pistol that his dad gave him for his 10th birthday. The pistol is capable for many things, killing, justice..... guilt. For if the boy, now a man, kills someone innocent, he takes it as killing himself. He says to himself, "I mean, why not? I killed them. I can't take it back." He then kills himself, having children and a wife, and says goodbye in his last will. The note says, "Goodbye, my precious family, and have a good time without me. Always serve justice. And never, EVER, give up to the mafia. To the evils, to the murderers. And protect Salem, Tophios (his son), and always go with your heart." The children cry, the mother weeps, and Tophios remembers. He remembers the pistol. He had to get it back! He goes to the crime scene again, and reaches over to the pistol. There was a tag on it. It's name was..... Tophios. He, HE, was named after a pistol. An important pistol. A pistol that would serve for the years to come by in Salem, killing people that seemed suspicious to the Vigilante, The Ones That Follow Their Heart. (unregistered contributor)

The man threw down his hat angrily upon entering his home. How dare they fire him! He was the town's best investigator and they fired him even after having proof that the "transporter" was really the arsonist! But now he was going to take justice into his own hands. The man opened up a small box, and pulled out a pistol. It had three bullets left in it. Three bullets for three enemies. The man smiled bitterly. Now it's time for the arsonist to pay. (credit to LittleMissFanGirl14)

The Vigilante looked between the two arguing townsfolk carefully. Both were claiming to be Lookout, and both had presented very convincing log notes to verify themselves. Of course, there was no possibility of them both being Lookout, as a Transporter was confirmed as a random, so one of them was fake. But which one? He couldn't tell, and neither could the town. The Sheriff and Investigator had both been killed by Serial Killer and mafia respectively. The Jailor was torn between the two, as was the Vigilante and the rest of the town. Night fell and the town members retreated to their homes, hoping all would be revealed. The Vigilante sat at home, playing with his revolver. He opened it up. Three bullets. He had three bullets. He closed it again and looked outside at the town. He rubbed his chin in thought. This argument between those two claiming Lookout couldn't go on any longer. He had to intervene, if the Jailor wasn't going to. The town was doubly unsure as well. He got up out of his chair and walked outside. It was a cloudless night, a full moon hanging over the town. As he walked, he was still lost in thought, trying to think of which Lookout was lying. He was playing Russian roulette here, but if nobody took action about this, the town would slowly lose their people, until the mafia outnumbered them. He looked between the houses of both claimed Lookouts. One, then the other. He checked his revolver again, looking at one of the houses for a few seconds, before nodding. He'd made his decision. If this person was indeed the Lookout, he will take his own life next to the Lookout. If he wasn't, he will have done the town a huge service. He puts his hand on the door handle, looking back at the house of the other person who had claimed Lookout. No. He'd made his decision now, there was no going back. The Vigilante gritted his teeth and stepped inside. The occupant was inside and looked up with interest. He greeted the Vigilante calmly, asking what he was doing. The Vigilante said nothing, staring at this Lookout for a few seconds. Then he thought about something. If he was the Lookout, shouldn't he be watching somebody's house? As the Lookout asked if the Vigilante was okay, the Vigilante reached into his holster and produced his revolver, making the Lookout recoil in fear. The Vigilante raised his weapon at the Lookout with uncertainty and a glint of fear in his eyes under the possibility that this was the real Lookout, and after what felt like an eternity, the Vigilante pulled the trigger, ending the life of one of the claimed Lookouts. He stared down at the body for a few seconds. He had done it. This was the point of no return, now. He quietly exited the house and returned to his own, begging to lady luck that he had picked the right target. The Lookout's body was brought into the centre of the town the next morning. His pockets were searched. He was a Jester. The Vigilante had shot the Jester. While this wasn't exactly who he had in mind, he breathed a huge sigh of relief. He had not killed an innocent...this time. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

A townie had managed to convince the town that he was the Doctor, but there was one flaw in his story: the Doctor had already been long dead, and it was almost impossible for there to be another Doctor in the town. In addition, the townie had yet to give solid evidence that he was who he said he was; he managed to convince the town entirely on baseless conjecture. The Vigilante caught on to this, and went to work with his revolver. Sure that the townie was lying, he slipped into his house and discovered that the walls were strewn about with various blood-stained knives. "No sane Doctor would hang bloodstained knives from the walls," he thought, as he approached the door to what he assumed was the townie's bedroom. He entered the room to discover the townie sound asleep in his bed. The Vigilante took aim upon his target and fired his revolver at his target's head, the once sleeping townie's body falling limp, now sporting a gaping hole in the forehead. Upon his exit, the Vigilante noticed that there was a medical degree belonging to the townie hanging on his bedroom wall. Fearing for the worst, the Vigilante quickly put it out of his mind and exited the house. The next day, the townie was discovered to have been shot in bed. The Investigator and Sheriff swept the townie's house for evidence, and discovered a travel first aid kit in the townie's living room, the medical degree belonging to the townie, and a medical kit specifically designed for the self-healing of major injuries; all sure-fire signs of a Doctor. Upon hearing this news, the Vigilante, overwhelmed with guilt over what he had done the night before and feeling as if he would do more harm to the town than good, decided to put an end to it all. That night, a gunshot rang from the Vigilante's house... (unregistered contributor)

The mafia had killed his parents. Two innocent lives, melted by a man with the desire to take over the town. The Vigilante decided that enough was enough, and took his old .44 Magnum from his bedside drawer. He was down to his last three bullets. Now it was time for him to get revenge.

The Vigilante decided to lurk in the shadows for a while, in order to gather evidence, so that he does not harm the town or waste any one of his precious shots. Finally, two men were being accused of being Mafia members. The Jailor said that he would jail one of them, and so the Vigilante decided to kill the other.

The next day, it was revealed that the Mafioso and Godfather had been killed. More evidence was dug up, and someone else was accused of being the Witch. Another shot taken, another death of an evil.

Now the Vigilante, down to his last bullet, was about to shoot someone accused of being the last Mafia. He looked inside, and found folders of all kind. He was beginning to think that the person was an Investigator, but something stopped him from going home. The sight of his target, carrying a small pistol. The target must have been the Consigliere, but became the Mafioso after the Consort's death. Now sure that his last target was evil, the Vigilante hopped through the house window and blew his target's head off.

The next morning, the Executioner had searched the target's pockets. He found folders, and concluded that the dead man was the Investigator. The Vigilante hung his head in shame, wanting to kill himself in apology to the innocent he killed. Just then, the Executioner found a small pistol in the deceased's suit pocket. The Vigilante put away all thoughts of suicide, as the pistol was the one he had seen the night before.(Credit to Cptrockets30)

The Vigilante went home angrily, he slammed his door really hard and threw his hat onto the bed. "How dare they fired me?! Are they really insane to let this Town voted those criminal innocent?!" The Vigilante screamed as he balled his fist, he was so angry at the Townspeople who voted the Mafia innocent. Then an idea appeared on his mind: "if they didn't want to lynch them, then it's already decided. I'll take things onto my hands and bring down the hammer of justice to them myself!" He took the pistol which his father gave him when he became a cop, loaded it with the remaining three bullets, and headed out to his target's house.

The Investigator had told the Town that he was either Framer, Vampire, or Jester. So he couldn't be a Town. He took a deep breath, aimed his pistol at the target, and he shot the target. The target fell onto the floor, gone for good. Two bullets left, but the Vigilante was worried; how if he was actually Town? He went his home nervously, and slept for a bit. On the morning, the target's pocket was searched, and he was actually a Vampire. The Vigilante breathed a sigh of relief, but he knew he must kept calm. "This person visited the Bodyguard. She claimed Escort, but she came as a member of the Mafia!" The Sheriff accused the Escort, The Vigilante went again that night. Another shot taken, and the girl was indeed, the Mafia's Consort. One bullet left.

As the day's discussion ended, the Vigilante noticed something weird on the Lookout's pocket. She didn't have any binoculars or something that made her like a Lookout, so he was sure that the Lookout was the Forger. Indeed, the fact that she wasn't Lookout was already proven, she didn't watched anyone, but she was staying home. The Vigilante then decided to shoot her, the Forger hit the floor. No bullets left at all. So, the Vigilante decided to went home and wait until it was morning again, waiting to see if she was a Forger, or worse, indeed the Lookout.

However, as soon as he stepped out of the Forger's house... He saw many dead bodies in front of his old friend, the Veteran's house. He put back his pistol and dashed to the Veteran's house, only to found him leaning against the wall, bleeding. "Hang in there! You're going to make it! Doctor!" The Vigilante shouted, but when he glanced back, he saw the Doctor, lying on the ground. There was no hope. As the Vigilante held the Veteran, he heard the Veteran's last words very carefully. He though back when he met the Veteran for the first time, initially they were not very close due to the paranoia of the Veteran, but soon enough they admired each other, becoming a very close friend. These thought brought tears to Vigilante's eyes, and as he realised the Veteran gone...

The Vigilante held his best friend's dead body on his arms, tears flown down his cheeks and he whispered to him, "thank you for all the time we had together. I wait for the time when we met again..." He wiped his tears, and walked out. The next morning, the Lookout's pocket was searched and her will was found. She was a Lookout. The Vigilante was crushed and filled with guilt. However, a forged will was found in her pocket, so she was indeed the Forger.

All of the guilt on his mind was lifted. Because of the efforts of the Vigilante and the deceased Veteran, the Town was finally free from evildoers. It was a good day, but the Vigilante missed his best friend, the Veteran, and anyone who died by the hands of the Mafia, the Serial Killer, and other evildoers. He knew that their sacrifice wasn't pointless, after all. (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

I stormed into my house and slammed the door hard enough to shake the walls. What was WRONG with everyone? It was already the third night and two people had died. And yet everyone was so freaking STUPID! They all just talked about the most random of things and at the very most argued with each other over what food was the best! It was like no one wanted to try and figure out who was killing everyone! I guess it was time that I should try to do things by myself. I stumbled around the house, searching for something. After a good twenty minutes, I found it under the closet, pushed deep underneath. I had hoped never to use it again... But desperate times call for desperate measures, and I needed to help stop evil from ripping the town in two. I fingered the trigger, thinking hard about how everyone acted the past two days. Almost everyone acted like they were bad, but then again, they were all acting really dumb. But there was this one person... He never participated in the town's pointless arguments, and never seemed to answer anyone's occasional question, whether it was about his favorite color or even his role in the town. Yes, that was who I would go for. I fumbled with the cartridge. Three bullets... That was definitely going to be enough for what I was about to do. I snuck out under the soft glow of the full moon, slowly making my way towards that man's house. On my way I felt a tiny twinge of doubt. Maybe he was just antisocial... Maybe he was an important role and didn't want to be kill- no, I couldn't have second thoughts on these things. My mind was made up and I had to follow through. I looked through the window of his house and there he was, sitting up stiffly in the couch. I closed my eyes. Squeezed. Heard the window glass shatter. A little gasp of shock. A something heavy falling, muffled by something I could not see. Not wanting to see the body, I rushed back home and tried to get what little sleep I could.

We were called out of our homes when the sun rose, like the two days before. Due to such a stressful night, I felt like I could barely keep my eyes open. There were three bodies on the ground in front of us. I knew that amongst them, one was dead because of me. I shivered at the thought and turned away from the person I had killed, instead choosing to focus on the other two bodies on the ground. As expected, one was killed by the serial killer stalking the town, and the other was killed by the mafia, who were cunning and were able to draw attention away from themselves. It was only because of the healing powers of the doctor that only two people were killed before today. I held my breath as the town started to look towards the person I had killed last night. I sincerely hoped that I had made the right decision, but suddenly all my doubts came rushing back. Not everyone likes to talk, he just didn't want the evils to target him, he was a completely innocent person- I shook my head. I was going to find out in a couple moments who I had killed anyways, so there was no need for these thoughts in my head. As the results were announced, I stood there, shocked out of belief. For the first time, the town did not talk about the same meaningless subjects they had talked about the past two days. They shot accusing glances at each other, and suddenly everyone started yelling about how stupid the vigilante was. How he had killed one of the most important roles in the town. How that person had been the most intelligent of us all. How he didn't deserve to live anymore. How they would hound him down for helping the evils come one step closer to destroying the town. Still shocked, I stood there listening to all the insults being thrown out. The world seemed to spin. Had I... Had I really... What had I done?

After what seemed like a lifetime, the sun had finally set. I half walked, half shuffled my way home. I carefully opened the door and closed it gently, then slumped down in my couch. Stared at my trembling hands. Clenched my fists to stop them from moving. Squeezed shut my eyes in an attempt to shut out all the accusing stares I had seen being flung around. But they lingered, still in my mind's eye. I imagined them all being directed towards me. Being bombarded by curses from the town. Tortured by my own teammates. Even the feeling of the rope on my neck. The thoughts kept coming back, slowly draining my energy, until I felt nothing but a cold numbness seeping from my heart. You're just paranoid, I told myself. The town would never do that. They will calm down after today. However, the numbness seemed to drown it all out, and I found myself fingering the trigger once more. I felt another touch of doubt. This wasn't the right way. This was never the right way. There was still so much I could do. But that small little spark was snuffed out like water meeting a candle. The numbness I felt was too much. The last thing I felt was the icy grip of steel on my head and the numbness finally crashing over me like a wave as I squeezed hard, before joining the diseased doctor in death. I had cost both of us our lives. (Credit to Nightmerp)

As a young boy, the Vigilante was addicted to first-person shooters. Whether it be aiming with a revolver, a rifle, or a sniper, he was able to wipe out the opposition. Soon, his family was caught in war, in which his parents both died protecting him. In the process, he was sent to a seemingly peaceful town of Salem, where he grew up in the hands of the Town members. Soon, he heard gunshots. Gunshots from the Veteran’s house. A few more shots, and he saw the Veteran die to the Werewolf who had attacked him. He saw a note, which read, “I have lived my purpose. Wipe out the Mafia for me.”, with a pistol attached to it. The Vigilante, now determined to take out all evildoers, worked together with the Investigator to find evildoers. One night, the Framer went out of the house, with piles of documents meant to frame his target to be a member of the Mafia. As he walked back home, he did not notice the figure hiding in the bush outside his house. When he entered, he heard the creaking of the door, and suddenly, he heard a loud BANG, and his world turned red. The Vigilante sighed and walked back to his house.

(Credits to Razaele)

The Vigilante stomps into his home, and slams the door that it shakes his whole house. But he doesn't even care. He clearly knew the Consigliere's identity, but the Town didn't lynch him.

He attempts to sleep, but his anger gets the better of him. He searches around, and finds his old pistol. He used to be a cop, fired for harsh reasons.

He loads it with his remaining three bullets. He stealthily enters the Consigliere's house, and pulls the trigger. The Consigliere falls dead, and the Vigilante sneaks home.

At day, he realizes he made a grave mistake. He shot the Investigator. Everyone wondered who would want to shoot a confirmed innocent. Night falls, and he picks his gun up again.

He knows who will be next. (Credit to Idelac)

The man grew up in a very political, law-abiding family. He had learned from his father, the bodyguard, how to shoot a gun to protect. In addition, his mother, the sheriff, taught him how to root out even the most discreet of criminals. But the man had a flaw: he hated taking orders and preferred to listen to himself rather than his parents. One night, his mother went out to investigate someone who was acting awfully suspicious, and his dad, per usual, went to go protect the mayor. Neither of his parents came back. The man waited anxiously all night, but no sign of them could be seen. The next morning, the man, fearing the worst, dashed out to the town square to see the deaths being reported. He gasped in pure shock as he saw the lifeless bodies of his mom and dad. He let out a cry of grief, tears flowing down his face. Many looked at him with sympathy, some with empathy. But he had noticed one man who didn't look at him sadly, but a wide grin covered his face. The man hardly noticed it at first, but then knew what he had to do.

He had to avenge his father.

As soon as the day was over, he ran back to his house and grabbed his father's gun. It only had three bullets in it, and he swore to only use those three. He headed to that man's house, the one with the awful smile. He stalked around the house and soon located the man, sleeping soundly in bed. The man took a moment to think. "No, you don't have to do this," he thought. But he needed to avenge his parents, and this was the only way. He took aim as his father had taught him, and a gunshot rang through the air. The man felt some guilt, but then remembered his mother's lifeless body, stabbed almost beyond recognition by a serial killer. He felt better, and went back inside to go to sleep.

The next morning, the deaths were announced. The man stared at the limp body of his victim. As the deaths were read, everyone sighed in relief as they heard that the Godfather was dead. The man felt overjoyed that he had killed the leader of the mafia. That night, he slept soundly, knowing he had enacted justice. If anyone else acted suspicious, he would be the one to take action.

(Credit: TheOnlyREALBeara3333)

Mafia role stories

Blackmailer stories

A child that was never meant to talk throughout his whole life. A child that sits in a corner waiting and listening for any sleight noise in his vicinity. He crouches to hear voices near by. He then hears the voices needed to make his plan go into action. He was born in a family of five with the least talent, looks, and athletic ability. The only ability he had was the ability to find "things." The ability to share things throughout his life was unnecessary. He was outcast, unwanted among the towns people, but he had one thing going for him. You could call this talent, but in all honesty, it was more of a will to find things. The one ability that made him well known in these parts of the area. The ability to find, control, and conquer that the naked eye can not see; the very ability that made him progress through the ranks instead of a dirt poor life. This is the ability to find the information needed to know their most precious thing that they can not share among each other. It could be either past history, scandals, or hidden secrets. Then the ability to control what is needed to help him win; no matter the risk. This allows his true ability to show his conspiring intentions of bestowing upon the hush-hush tactic against his foes. To use whatever dirt needed to make his foes fall upon their knees in silence. This can be continuous for days or as short as he needs it to be. This is the true ability of conquering the foe. The foes that thought that his ability was pointless and useless throughout the town. This one pointless ability will bring upon the destruction needed to change this town with his fellow brethren and sisters in the secret society of the Mafia. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to DarkSeroX)

As a photographer, the Blackmailer was just a simple man, taking pictures of people doing the things they did. Some of these pictures were actually embarrassing pictures that can ruin a person's life and reputation to the Town. The Mafia had found out about the Blackmailer and the photographs he used and they knew that they can use him and his photographs to their advantage of taking over the Town. They had asked the Blackmailer if he had some sort of dirt on anyone that would keep them silent for at least one day and of course, he had some sort of dirt on the person they asked, even the Mayor. They had asked to see the picture and the Blackmailer showed them a picture of the Mayor late at night with the Town Escort. The Mafia knew that they needed the Blackmailer and that night before Mafia had went out to do their business, a yellow envelope laid in front of the Mayor's house with the picture of the Mayor and the Escort, saying: "Keep quiet or I place this on everyone's doorstep tomorrow..." (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to iEsDeath)

He stood there quietly, having a good look at the town's documents. "Whose history was worse than the other? Who has the most information about our members?" Thought the man who was recently recruited by Godfather and welcomed into the family. "I've found the Town Investigator," spoke the Consigliere, "He and his wife divorced earlier this year, he then fell into drug and alcohol abuse a few days later, this will be perfect!" The Blackmailer then walked away from the meeting point, holding a few magazines, some scissors, an envelope, and a smile on his face. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to PyThOnRrR)

Filing cabinets fill the home of the Blackmailer. Wall to wall, each one marked with a year and a letter. He sits quietly at his desk, looking over the newspaper in the light of his desk lamp. He receives a note from his client and opens it: on it, nothing but a name. He closes the note and walks to open the drawer in question, choosing from hundreds of copies the folder he wants. Inside are the most intimate details of that person's life: bank account information, childhood friends... the deepest, darkest secret that will ruin that person's name and life. The Blackmailer returns to his desk, copies the information down, and sends it off to his target, before he returns to his reading. Inside the letter, three simple words spell out everything that needs to be known: "Silence is Golden". (credit to Ace2369)

The family were aware of the Jester's identity. He had called himself an Investigator the day before, and because of the Blackmailer's actions the night before, the real Investigator couldn't say anything about it, even after declaring himself an Investigator the day before that. The only reason both were alive still, was because the town failed to make a majority vote against one of the two. The Blackmailer compiled another summary of some of the nastiest secrets the Jester had hidden. He made copies of each one, working tirelessly through the night. When he was finally done, he sealed it all in a large, anonymous envelope along with one last sheet of paper reading "These will be exposed, if you utter a word today." and he then sent the envelope off to the Jester's home. Morning broke over the town, and the Investigator was found dead. It turned out he had been shot by the Vigilante, who had taken a chance. Immediately, the Vigilante revealed himself, apologizing repeatedly to the town, before they turned their attention to the Jester, who had called himself Investigator too. The Jester, remembering the warning he had received from the Blackmailer was unable to say anything, even after numerous accusations from the town. Due to his sudden silence, the town put him on trial, where he still refused to say anything. The town quickly voted guilty, save for one or two abstaining along with the family. The last thing the Jester said before he was lynched was "I am blackmailed." and then his life was cut short. As soon as the town realized his role however, a wave of panic and chaos washed over those who had voted guilty. The Blackmailer had gotten the Jester lynched, and now the Jester had a healthy number of guilty town voters to pick from. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

A former mayor who was trusted by the town, the Blackmailer lead the town well until being threatened by the mafia at gunpoint one night. The mafia shoved rifles towards her and threatened death unless she shared the information that she knew. The mayor reluctantly agreed as the Janitor, Disguiser, and Forger began working on her fake death. The next day, all the town was saddened by the death of their beloved mayor, except for the focused Spy who knew what was going on. However, the Mafia didn’t have to worry about the Spy letting out any information, as the Blackmailer had already told the Spy that if he didn’t stay quiet then she’d let out personal information he told her when she was mayor. (Credit to Mudkip755).

Ever since she was a child, the Blackmailer already had a rough time. She was never allowed to talk with anyone, even when she tried, most people kept ignoring her, the Town people even as far treated her like she never exist in the life. She never asked for it, and every time she always questioned herself, "What have I done? What mistake I did that everyone, including my family always silenced me every time I tried to speak?" Slowly but surely, the Blackmailer's hatred grew towards the Town's people, she would do anything to make the Townies suffered the same fate she ever went through.

Her first attempt was to blackmail her worst rival, the Escort. She always stole everyone's attention from the Blackmailer, and even pretended to care about the Blackmailer so she can bullied her. One night, she was sitting in front of her computer's desk. She found out that the Escort was actually had going onto plastic surgery after a horrible incident which ruined hed face. A grin formed on the Blackmailer's face, she then printed those information, including the Escort's original face photo. After that, she sealed them into a white envelope and put it on the Escort's doorstep. The attempt was a huge success, then she started to blackmail everyone, from the Jailor, Investigator, Sheriff, many of them were silenced due to her; a satisfying smile appeared on the Blackmailer's face every time the blackmailed person was accused.

Five nights later, when she was looking for the embarrassing past of the Townies, her door was forced open. A man with silky white hair and black suit came in, with another male who carried a machine gun and a magnifying glass. She immediately realized that the man was Godfather, with his Mafioso and Consigliere. "I've realized that some of the Town's people were so silence during the day. I believe it was your doing, right?" The Godfather asked her, his eyes were filled with intense malice that the Blackmailer's legs were froze. "Yes, it was my doing. I hate them so much for silencing me when I was a child, and now it is the time for them to feel the same pain as I did."

The Godfather smiled at her, "How about you submit to us? And use your perfect blackmailing skill, to make them suffer like you did? As long as I'm here, I'll be sure to grant your wish." She smiled so happily, listening to the Godfather's words and agreed on the offer. The Blackmailer could finally have a revenge on the Town with her new Mafia family, the only one who treated her like she exist and always let her spoke anything she wished to. (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

The Blackmailer spent more time inside of the Town's library than anywhere else. He knew no one came there because apparently, the books were "boring". But it was not the books that the Blackmailer was looking for. Slipping behind a normally closed door that only he had the knowledge of, he found himself in a long, narrow, dark room filled with cabinets. Whistling as he strolled through the rows of documents. His fingers picked at the dusty folders, remained untouched for so long, as he tried to find anything interesting. And with patience only he could have, the patience he had learned to have after all those painful, long, childhood years, he searched the big piles of documents belonging to the Town's Sheriff. Flipping through the pages, he carefully wrote down everything that the Sheriff might find humiliating. He cheated on his wife two years ago. He spent time with prostitutes from the time he was but a young teenager. He had tortured an innocent man during one of his interrogations. A slow smile spread across the Blackmailer's face as he reread his parchment. Deciding this would work, he stuffed it into a yellowed envelope and hurried out of the library, heading towards the Sheriff's house, placing the envelope at his door.

"One word and I tell." the letter read. Attached was all the dirty deeds the Sheriff had done.

The next day, the Sheriff was looking around nervously. He had found a member of the Mafia, and was ready to share. But he knew that all those things he had done years ago would be revealed if he talked. Gulping, he opened his mouth to speak, debating whether he should risk it, but in the shadows, he could see a man putting a single finger to his lips.

Shhhhhh... (Credit to Moonlightpetal (talk) 00:03, June 11, 2017 (UTC))

The Blackmailer enters the library, and he searches around for any dark secrets any townie hid. It takes him a while, but he finds a photo of the Jailor executing a townie, even though he already had killed an innocent.

He steals the picture and puts it in an envelope. He knew that the Jailor will destroy the photo, so he made spares. Finally, he puts it down on the Jailor's porch.

Next day, the Jailor reads it. "I know your darkest secret. I'll put this on everyone's doorstep tomorrow. And don't even think about destroying this. I've got spares." The Jailor is shocked at the final bit of the letter.

"But I won't tell if you shut up." (Credit to Idelac)

The blackmailer was a lover of silence. He could never do anything at noisy places. He dislike parties, activities, and every morning when they were trying to figure out who the mafia was. They kept on arguing and he kept on missing things, and every night, he still didn't get any comfort. As a spy previously, he had to go everywhere to find out where the mafia went. He could only pick up the tiniest details of one house, because he couldn't hear any of the talking. He decided he would move. Where though? Nowhere. The middle of nowhere. He would live in the forest, where it would be quiet

As he was walking away, he fell into a hole. A hooded figure looked into the hole. "Nice tactic jailor. Never thought about holes" The spy said. "But I'm not the jailor". The spy immediately recognized that he was the leader of the mafia. His life was going to end right now. "I don't want to harm you, I just want you. You will have all the quiet you want." The godfather said. "What must I do?" All you have to do, is spy each night, see what embarrassing things people do, and shut someone up. You already have spy practice, so you will do well. I bet you already have info, so why don't you make that investigator quiet tonight. He knows who our mafioso is." "Consider it done" The spy, no, blackmailer said to the godfather. (Credit to somthing268)

Consigliere stories

The man grew up in the town as an average kid with an average childhood and an average education. The same monotonous routine of his daily life was simple day after day until he decided on a goal to finally strive for. He decided to become a private Investigator like on the detective shows his parents would occasionally watch. In his young adult years he had followed around a man he revered as the best Investigator in town who had subdued numerous criminals and psychopaths in his career. By following the Investigator, he slowly built up a well of knowledge in how to properly find information and people's secrets. The man rose to the top in popularity as an outstanding detective resolving many cases over his young adult career. At the age of 31, he chose to test himself by attempting to investigate the man he had previously worshiped as his inspiration only to discover the dirty truth. "I just couldn't believe any of it; the lies that created the very foundation of this town, it was all just so... despicable. It had all been covered up. The Sheriff, Jailor, and even the Mayor had all hidden what this Investigator had did in order to protect the so-called justice of this filthy place." He then turned to the only people in the town who probably knew this truth alongside him: the people revered as pure evil, the Mafia. With his expertise in the field of investigation, he tracked down the Godfather and asked him one simple request, "Help me destroy this town." (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to CerealSpiller)

The Godfather's right hand man, who can gather dirt better than the Investigator himself. Once an Investigator himself, the law was too muddy for him. Either they were the best for them, or the worst, not to mention the pay was awful. But when he joined the Mafia, it all became much clearer. They were either with us or against us, clear cut and dry, not to mention the pay and the connections. When he was an Investigator, it was all jokes about how he couldn't tell an Arsonist from a Transporter, but not now. He commands respect wherever he goes, and no one dare disrespect him. If they did the Mafia would soon have their number, and nothing good comes from that. The Mafia's own private eye, along with his brother the Blackmailer, both could get the dirt and could silence a target... forever. An Investigator gone wrong, an integral part of a good Mafia team. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to williamthered)

My master, the Godfather, had suspicions about someone Spying on the Mafia's conversations. As the Consigliere, the stealthiest and most intelligent of the Mafia, the Godfather ordered me to investigate. That night, I went to one of the suspects' houses and watched his every move. I learned from his actions that he was a Bodyguard. However, the next evening, he was having a conversation with another man. I overheard their talk and realized that the other man was feeding the Bodyguard the Mafia's plans! I knew immediately that he was the Spy, so I went back to the Mafia to report my information and, to my surprise, found the Godfather lying motionless on the ground. The Mafia was harmless without the Godfather, so I took his gun and became a makeshift Mafioso. I shot the Spy the next night, and the Mafia's secrets remained classified. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to AlexK864)

The Investigator clenched his fists as he stalks away from the Town, furious that nobody believed his claims. Nobody ever listens to him! He slammed the door of his house, only to be greeted by the whole mafia. Tired and upset, he crosses his arms and stares at the Godfather. "Are you here to kill me?" He huffs, not even caring if he had died tonight. The Godfather's chilling smile pierced through his skin. "No...You see, not everyone appreciates your skill to notice the fine, intricate details as an Investigator. Why not put your skills to actual use, and come be a Consigliere?" The Investigator's frown reversed. "You mean it?" The former Consigliere stepped forward and placed his files into the new Consigliere's hands. "The Godfather never lies." He joked, before turning away and leaving the mysteries to the Consigliere. (credit to FlamingCatzIce)

As a high-level and blacklisted member of the FBI, the Consigliere uses his power of deduction to find out the role of a particular person. The Mafia (being as resourceful as they are) have paid off a detective of the town to conceal and withhold valuable information revealing it only to the mafia. With the mafia's resources and the detective's unnatural ability to evaluate minor details and form it into a solid deduction about the role of the individual, the detective is forged into the Consigliere of the mafia. Having free will of who he decides to investigate, the mafia still have him on a tight leash. You see, when one becomes a part of the mafia, there is no going back. That is, if you value your family... (unregistered contributors)

A lone man in a large leather jacket and a fedora that conceals his face silently prowls the night. He tips his hat to a Doctor that is visiting another house in preperation for an attacker. He approaches a nearby house and carefully peers through the window. Noticing no one is home, he gets out a lockpick and silently opens the door, slinking his way through the house hiding behind furniture and walls. He then notices a small trapdoor leading down to a basement, with shouting and banter inside. He climbs down the ladder into an underground jail and sees the town Jailor about to execute the Serial Killer responsible for the death of the Mafia's Consort and the town Mayor. He makes his way back to the Godfather with his new-found information. The Jailor will not make it through the night. (credit to Squiddington)

A private investigator works for the worlds largest and best crime investigation group. The best of the best of the group is tasked with finding who has been killing off the town members. He stumbles upon who he thinks is the Godfather of the mafia. The Godfather knows that by now the man would have found out by now. Wanting only the best of the best he forces the investigator to join the mafia for the ultimate form of protection. The investigator, being as good as he is at his job, quickly rises through the ranks by pointing out the arsonist, sheriff, and jailor. The Godfather then grants the investigator the title of 'Consigliere' for outing the identity of the mafia's most dangerous foes. (unregistered contributor)

Every night after the meeting with the mafia, the Consigliere silenty stalks his victim, eerily watching behind a tree or a bush, ready to jot down important details as the victim can't help but feel as if being prey. At the end of the night, the consigliere has finally figured out the role of the said person, which discussed with the mafia, and often leads to the victim's demise. (unregistered contributor)

A former Investigator gone corrupt, the Consigliere gets information in any way possible to discover a person's role. He returns to the mafia after discovering who the Jailor really is, and smiles when he watches the Godfather slit his throat. He investigates more people, one by one, until the mafia have succeeded in their duties and killed anyone who would not submit. (credit to Verdamuso)

Graduating the top of his forensics school, the man who would become the Consigliere became renowned and admired for his impeccable skill. Unlike his classmates, the Consigliere's next-level deduction and original methods allowed him to learn everything about his quarry in a single night. Jealous of his classmate's success, the Investigator used his own skills to dig up the Consigliere's darkest secret, his relationship to the criminal underground. Being denounced and shamed by all who once adored him, the Consigliere now knew his purpose in his shattered life, to bring ruin to the investigator, the Town, and all who opposed his newly-embraced Family. (unregistered contributor)

The Consigliere rifled through file after file on his target, learning everything he could about the person's identity. Being able to get past any barrier that withheld information on his target, he dug deeper and deeper that night. Finally, he found something of significant interest. An old archived FBI file of his target, including his position at the bureau as well as the details of said position. There was no two ways about it. His target was a Bodyguard! Not only that, but one who had most likely been protecting the Doctor and Investigator. He quickly packed up all the information he had now and stored it in his pocket for safe-keeping. The next morning, as the town gathered around to talk about the latest deaths that day - the Jailor and the Lookout - the Consigliere looked to his immediate right where the Godfather stood, leaned closer and whispered in his ear: "The person I checked last night is a Bodyguard." and then the Consigliere stepped away again. The Godfather showed little reaction, not even looking to the Consigliere, but he gave a very slow nod, indicating he had heard and understood the information. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

He looked down at the Doctor from the edge of his nose. "What do you do in this town?" He muttered malevolently. "Err... I... I'm a Lookout, you see..." He just let loose his role. The Consigliere picked up a skull on top of a set of drawers. "Oh... It's... Fake." The "Lookout" stuttered. "Fake, yes. Well, you seem to be in order. Good bye, and good luck." He slinked out of the house. The Lookout gulped. The Consigliere met up with The Godfather. "He's very frightened of me. He's a Lookout." The Godfather nodded. "Mafioso! Here!" The Godfather turned his head towards the lookouts house. "End him." The Mafioso nodded. (credit to Runtoastrun)

"P-Please!", begged the blindfolded man, struggling against the chair his wrists and ankles were bound to. "Please, I'm not looking for any trouble, I'll tell you anything you want!". The Consigliere flicked his lighter, holding the rusty old switchblade in the flames. He had been very careful not to give away his identity, but he made sure his captive had seen the knife.

"Shame. You've found it."

"Please!", the man begged again. "I-I'm nobody important, please let me go! I just want to live!"

The Consigliere snickered a little to himself, holding the knife an inch from his throat, so he could feel the heat from it. "I'm a very busy man, and I'm sure you are, too. I'd go so far as to say I know you're very, *very* busy". He tutted a little. "Don't you know there have been murders in this town? Someone who 'just wants to live' wouldn't risk going out at night as much as you do, would they? Nor would they have such an impressive collection of surgical equipment in their home. Would they?"

He put the knife to one side for now, opting instead for a pair of pliers. He took a hold of one of the man's fingers. "I'd suggest telling me everything I want to hear, or I might have to get... Unpleasant." (Credit TehMorganator (talk))

An ex-FBI Investigator, the Consigliere knew firsthand that nothing was as freeing as a life of crime. No more reading a person their rights, no more “shoot to injure”, and he could do whatever he wanted, no warrant necessary. The Consigliere walked across the way to his target’s house and pressed himself against the wall of the small shack, watching as the man left to perform their nightly duty before slipping into their house.

Walking into the house, the first thing he noticed was a large collection of documents sitting on a desk. Rifling through them, he realized that each one was a journal entry lamenting the deaths of the town and showing a thirst to defend the townsfolk who yet lived. So this person wants to protect the town, eh? the Consigliere thought, wryly. He chuckled; realizing that that would be as far as an Investigator would be allowed to go without a warrant to search the house. See what shackles the righteous have? The Consigliere snickered to himself as he dug through drawers. Fortunately for him, the Godfather wanted nothing more than results, however he found them. The Consigliere smiled a wicked, satisfied smile. There, in the bottom drawer was a well-worn set of handcuffs, a revolver, and a single overlarge skeleton key. Well, well, well the Consigliere snickered, closing the drawer and turning to go. He recognized that key; he had seen it two nights ago from a frigid jail cell. He remembered the feel of the shackles around his wrists, and it was all he could do not to let out a chilling laugh as he walked out the door. He had found the Jailor. And tomorrow morning, the Town would find the Jailor’s corpse. His family would make sure of that. (Credit to HookshotHotshot)

Among the Mafia, there was an Investigator who was far above than him, he was the Consigliere, Godfather's most trusted right hand man. Formerly an Investigator himself, he was not trusted by the Townspeople due to his intelligence which was more superior. Not to mention that the Investigator, his former best friend, was the one who responsible for the Consigliere's excommunication from the Town.

He grew up in a normal family, his father was a detective,and had a dream for becoming a detective just like his father, so his parents sent him onto a school which could only be entered by smart people. He spent his time reading and studying about how to perfectly determinated who was the culprit. The results were amazing, however, envied of the Consigliere who was smarter, the Investigator spreaded a rumor that the Consigliere was cheating. Since then, he was humiliated everywhere he went, while the Investigator was praised and adored.

Not long after he graduated, the Godfather found him and by that time, the Consigliere was banished from his house as well. He had nothing, no friends, no family, no job, nothing at all. Wished to get back his pride and joy, he joined the Mafia as the Consigliere. There, he had so many friends and praises from the Godfather. He would make sure that his family still intact.

In the morning, the Jailor had died, stabbed by a Serial Killer while the Spy had died from the Mafioso. Most Town people immediately suspected the "Retributionist" as the Serial Killer, but the "Retributionist" promised that he would revive the Jailor. When the dusk greeted, the Consigliere slipped onto the "Retributionist"'s house. There was no one in the house, so he knew that the "Retributionist" was lying. Inside, he found that there were many bloody knives, saws, syringes of liquids, poisons,and bloody gloves. The Town may be fooled, but not the Consigliere.

The next day, he announced that the Retributionist was either Doctor/Disguiser/Serial Killer, mimicking the Investigator's finding. The Retributionist was lynched, and his role was revealed as the Serial Killer. Now, the time for the Consigliere's revenge was near. He had found out who was the Investigator, his former best friend. The Godfather gladly ordered the Mafioso to kill the Investigator. Surely enough, not long after that, a loud gunshot rang from the Investigator's house.

A smirk spread across the Consigliere's face, and tomorrow morning, the Investigator was found dead, but neither his will nor his role was revealed. This was the Consigliere's work, to found out who was the important roles of the Town and let the Mafioso kill them, thus keeping his family out of the spot light. (Credit to Playful Trickster 101. Idea credit to HAWAIIANPikachu)

A woman knocked on the sheriff's door, a knife tucked into her belt. He opened the door."What is it?" he asked. "I know that you have evidence on who is the mafia" she responded "Don't tell anyone this information, or else." The sheriff smirked " Or else what? I can tell anyone I want! You can't stop me!" "Oh yeah?" she retorted. " How 'bout if you say anything about the mafia, I will tell everyone about your affair." The sheriff's face grew pale "You wouldn't dare.." "And to top it off, you can say goodbye to your little friend!" She smiled wickedly holding a knife to a golden retriever,the sheriff's dog. "Ok, ok! I won't say anything! I swear!" The woman smiled coyly. "Good." (Credit to xXGemstarXx)

The consigliere walked into a room. The room was dark... He searched the room. No one. He found no clues. "Gee golly!" He yelled out, the godfather was short-tempered and the consigliere was worried. He hated to disappoint the Godfather. Suddenly, the owner of the house walked in. They reeked of disease, mask of Plague. This was Pestilence, Horseman of Apocalypse. "Oh. Flummery," the consigliere spoke under his breath and he was out in a flash. (Credit to Matthew D-elf)

Death. It's the only thing certain in Salem. Whether it's by the gallows, the mafias bullet, the jailer's execution, or the serial killer's knife, there was no escaping it. That was why the consigliere joined the mafia. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. He wouldn't fit in with the coven, and everyone else is just so... crazy. The other investigator actually enjoys working for the town. It's no wonder he confuses the sheriff with the poisoner. The consigliere was working late in the night. He was sent by the Godfather to check out a suspect. It was a gloomy night, with the full moon shining bright. God. Salem looks even uglier at night. He arrived at the house of suspect John Hathorne. He took out his magnifying glass and looked for clues. The blood would suggest that the target is a doctor, but that probably wasn't the case. A disorganized, beat up house suggests strong feelings of rage. An executioner perhaps? No. That wouldn't explain all the blood. He then stumbled upon a box. A small one, concealed within a cabinet. It was full of fingers. Bloody trinkets, severed using a blade. The consigliere frowned, and wrote, "John Hathorne-Serial Killer," in his notebook. His work there was done. (Credit to KingofHoundooms)

He used to be an Investigator, better than all the others. He was able to determine exactly who was innocent and who was guilty. It was almost as if he was the Sheriff.

The Mafia saw that he had potential, and the Godfather hunted him down. The Investigator feared for his life, wanting to escape, but the other Mafia members had already surrounded the house. The Godfather speaks. "You seem to be the best out of all the Investigators. We're always searching for people like you."

The Investigator was about to reject, but he suddenly remembered what would happen if he does so. He hesitantly accepts, and the Godfather is pleased with the recruit.

This is the tale of the Consigliere. (Credit to Idelac)

A sweet little girl trots up to the doorstep of their mark's house, giving the door a sharp knock while wearing a gentle smile.

There was something... trustworthy about this little girl. She will meet with you in the night, and ask you who you are, putting on an act of simply being a curious little thing who wants to learn. Even the most malevolent of roles, those that have every business keeping themselves hidden, can't help but let loose about everything they are to this oh-so-trustworthy little girl. A head tilt, widened eyes and a slightly opened mouth, she pulled out all the stops in making herself look like nothing more than a curious little sweetie.

Surely, someone like her couldn't be using her talents for evil... right?

The man grew up in his father's home- the town's beloved sheriff. He enjoyed learning from his father, and eventually even outgrew his father's wisdom. But then, an investigator turned on him. The boy watched in horror as his father was put on trial. He did his best to defend himself, but to no avail. The town executed his poor, innocent father. The boy ran home, tears streaming down his face. Little did the town know how big a mistake it made. The boy cried himself to sleep that night, unable to get much rest. All he could think of was his father, how much he wished for revenge and what he wouldn't give to have him back. The next day, he conjured up ideas to avenge his father. And that's when the Godfather heard of the boy. He sought him out, and once he found him, the Godfather offered the young man a job. The boy hesitated, thinking of what his father would want, but he let his desires outweigh his father's. Now, the boy is the most skilled investigator in town, working alongside the Godfather to kill those who oppose him. Or, perhaps he seeks out the people that opposed his father. (Credit to TheOnlyREALBeara3333)

Consort stories

No one should have to manipulate people on the whim of a higher power, but then again, no one would want to, either. A beautiful and unfortunate young woman had lost everything. She had nothing - no job, no home, no family or friends to turn to, not even hope - but eventually found salvation in the world of organized crime. Though reluctant, the Consort felt she was a respected member of the Mafia. Unknown to her, she was just being used as the Mafia's residential Femme Fatale. Much to the Consort's chagrin, her role in the Mafia stuck with her, and she was too far into the whole ordeal to back out. As the sands of time flew forth, the Consort began to embrace her position, and, over time, executed her missions with confidence, tact, and prestige. In the end, she had it all: respect, power, and most importantly, the love and trust of the Godfather. All she had left to fear in the world was the pedestal upon which her own execution could commence, and the cold blade of a Serial Killer. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to Cyllage)

The thing that hurt the most was her face. Her smile, that fake, plastic smile. Anyone at the party that was paying attention could tell it wasn't genuine. With a body liked hers however, men rarely payed much attention to what was going on above the neckline. Appearances were important though, and the cost of failure, too high. Her mark for the night was engaging with some old school friends. The smell of cheap Bourbon, the loud laughs and telling of the same dull stories annoyed her. However, in her line of work, business and pleasure rarely mingled together. After she was introduced to each friend, (and my dear lord, this man knew almost everyone in town,) she flashed that smile to each and then resumed her role as arm candy, which suited her just fine. The target and his friends were keeping busy with one another and there was no way the Sheriff was going to make his stakeout tonight. Mission accomplished. She spotted her contact from across the room, looking at her questioningly. She looked at her target and gave the signal. Placing an arm on his shoulder, and a kiss on the cheek. She didn't see the handler leave but already knew the Sheriff would be dead in a couple of days. Men give away so much when they are happy and drunk, even their own lives. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to Furril)

The Consort silently slip out from under the sheet and onto the fuzzy carpet. She slipped her panties back on and turned to look back at the bed. The Vigilante was out of breath and staring up at the ceiling. The Consort dug her toes into the carpet in an attempt to restore feeling into her numb body. That man was quite the animal, she thought to herself. She eyed her bra but decided to leave it off as she needed to keep him entertained for the entire night. She kept her foot steps light as she moved to the window. She stared out into the dark night and began to look around. Then she spied the Mafioso standing in the shadows with his signature dark jacket. She smiled to him to let him know he was in the clear and blew him a kiss. He smiled back and caught it. She watched as he turned and left to complete his objective. She sighed. He was the only man she had ever loved. She'd do anything to protect him. Even trash like this. The Consort smiled again as she thought of their future. One day he will take the position of Godfather and she would be right there with him. But for now there was work to be down. She tossed her panties next to her bra and began crawling to the grinning Vigilante. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to InsaneSmile)

A twin sister separated at birth, the Consort is the most beautiful woman you've ever seen. Her greatest emotion is desire, which emboldens her to enter the criminal underground of the Town of Salem. As the Godfather's left hand, she uses her amazing beauty to enchant anyone she is told to; keeping them from doing their job. Her lust for adventure gives her confidence but she is wary to step foot near the house of the man with the knives. (credit to Ace2369)

The Consort is a poor woman with two kids and a dream. Left by her husband who married the Escort, she was forced to steal food and money. She once was caught by the Godfather, but dazzled by her beauty he asked her to join the family providing protection for the kids on one condition: work as a Consort and risk your life to stop the Investigator from finding the family of the Mafia. (credit to tiffanyclarke123)

The Consort stepped up to the front door of the Investigator's house and knocked. The Investigator answered at last looking disgruntled, until he noticed the Consort, at which point he smiled. He asked the Consort if she had anything to report, except his inaccuracy was calling the Consort an Escort. The Consort just giggled and let herself in, asking the Investigator who he was investigating tonight. The Investigator showed her the files he had pulled up and the Consort instantly recognized the person. The Investigator was looking at the Godfather. If she let him continue, he'd know. The Consort quickly sat on the desk with the files and snatched up a bottle of whiskey from the desk, offering it to the Investigator. As tempted as he was, the Investigator declined at first, until the Consort insisted they enjoy a drink. Finally, the Investigator gave in, knowing this tease wouldn't let him work until he did. They enjoyed a drink, and the Consort downed a couple more, encouraging the Investigator to be a sport. As the Investigator focused more on the tipsy Consort, his mind was less focused on the files on the desk. Before they knew it, morning was coming and only then, the Investigator realized he hadn't gotten any work done. He decided he'd just come back to it tomorrow night instead. As the town came to the courtyard and inspected the now-dead Sheriff, the Lookout asked if anybody had any leads. The Investigator responded saying he got distracted last night, leaving it at that. That night, the Consort went to the Godfather, revealing that the Investigator was onto him and she needed to distract him again tonight. The Godfather instantly agreed, and the Consort returned to the Investigator's house. The Investigator was happy to see her again, but insisted he really had to work again. The Consort had a load of tricks up her sleeve and very quickly persuaded the Investigator to let her in again. The same files were on the desk, he was investigating the Godfather again. The Consort sat on the desk again, but before she could offer a drink, the door to the Investigator's house was forced open. It was the Mafioso, and before the Investigator could react, the Mafioso already had two bullets in the Investigator's chest. The Consort got off the desk and sashayed over to the Mafioso, blowing the Investigator a kiss. "I'm the Consort silly, not the Escort." she giggles, and the Consort and Mafioso turned and left the Investigator to bleed to death, while they returned to the Godfather, arm in arm. The Godfather's identity was again protected...for now. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

The Consort is a beautiful woman who's graceful dances win the applause of nearly everyone in Salem. Yet they cannot impress her sister the escort. For years the Consort heavily envied the Escort's talent, beauty, and smile, She cannot stand being number 2. While the Escort invited her sister to join her, each night the Town Sheriff or Lookout's praise for the Escort, angered the Consort even more, so she harshly refused and said to have left the town for good. The Godfather overheard the Consort's jealousy and offered her a position in his organization where she could gain revenge on her dear sister. (Credit to Anna the Merchant)

The Godfather shook his head angrily at the Mafioso. "Why didn't you kill him? He is good at detecting people like us!" The Mafioso seemed terrified. "Don't get mad, but I saw this girl. She was pretty..." His mouth started to drool. "Please tell me you didn't go with the Escort?" The Godfather somehow made himself look madder. "Ok... I didn't go with the Escort." He smiled hopefully. "THIS ISN'T A JOKE! You are... Hold on... We need one for ourselves. Like a... Corrupted Escort." The Godfather smiled complacently. "How about her sister?" The Framer suggested. "Yes. She was never quite the same as her sister. Call her. She can be our... Consort." The Godfather agreed. "Sounds fine with me." The Disguiser agreed. That was that. (credit to Runtoastrun)

She buried her sadness deep inside her eyes and danced gracefully, amused anyone who looked at her, She was the Consort, a dancer who worked for the most feared organization, the Mafia. She would use her beauty and charmed the others, distracting them and when necessary, she led them to their death by the hands of the Mafioso. After all, she had devoted herself and her life for the Mafia whom she considered as the saviour, yet unknown to her, her Godafther only used her distractions skill to get his revenge on the Town. But, she herself also held a strong resentment towards the Townpeople.

As the Town Escort's twin sister, she was a beautiful girl much like her sister. However, the Town praised the Escort more and it caused a jealously inside the Consort's heart. Whenever the Escort tried to invite her to the Town's party, she refused and shouted to the Escort that she hated her, despite being her twin. Until finally, when she was about to be proposed by her lover, the lover made the marriage failed and instead chose to married the Escort instead. Her heart felt like being sliced by a knife. Broken, sad, angry, and envy mixed to her, she fell into despair and decided to end her life.

When she was about to jump off the bridge, the Godfather stopped her. He was dazzled by her beauty, wondering why such a beautiful girl like her wanted to commit suicide, and asked her why. The Consort, not aware who he was, fell onto her knees and cried in anguish, felt sorry to her, the Godfather brought her to his mansion. When she arrived there, all the Mafia members welcomed her. She told them that her life had been crushed due to her twin sister, and she really hated, no, she wanted the Escort to dead. The Blackmailer, she told the Consort that all Mafia members have suffered the same pain she did and comforted her. After a long sobbing and crying, she fell asleep and the Forger lent her room for her.

While she was sleeping, the Mafia member discussed about the Consort. The Blackmailer and the Forger persuaded the Godfather to accept her, the rest of them also asked for her acceptances. Of course, the Godfather wished her to take her as a Mafia member since her beauty dazzled him. After a long sleep, the Consort was invited to the Mafia's dining hall. There she was accepted and everyone cheered for their new sister, the Consort, but the happiest one were the Blackmailer, the Forger, and the Godfather themselves. The order from the Godfather was simple: distract the Sheriff and the Investigator who wanted the Mafia to be eradicated.

She executed her first mission without any fear and regrets, as the Sheriff and the Investigator was sucessfully distracted. She knew that they would died someday from the Mafia, but this was her duty to keep her family intact. Of course, the Godfather told her that she shouldn't dare to step into the lawn of the man with knives, as she would be killed when she tried to charm him. She gracefully danced for the death of the Townspeople, who were stupid enough to let down their guard. (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

The escort walked to the house next door hers. Lately she noticed that people had been gathering at that house every night. "More people to distract, More Money!" She thought. She knocked on the door. A man dressed in black answered the door. "Oh, it's her." he said. "Send her in." another voice replied. Grabbed by the strap of her dress, she was pulled inside. The door slammed shut and a knife was held to her neck. "What do you want from me?" "You." A man dressed in a tuxedo replied. " You have been distracting many people, including my men." he said. "In fact, I should kill you right now! But you have a powerful skill of distracting people. So I have I deal for you. You can refuse the deal and die, or you can work for me and have this" He dropped a small bag, heavy with money. " So what will it be?" The escort took a deep breath. She knew that she had to submit to the mafia or she would die. Not to mention, she did need the money. But she had a gut feeling to not accept this position and to die because it was wrong and sinful. Finally, she had made her decision. "Well?" he asked. In a weary voice, the escort answered. "I will submit to the mafia." "Good" the man responded, "I am known as the Godfather. And you are going to be called the Consort. Distract the investigator! NOW!" "Yes sir." she timidly responded and walked quickly to the investigator's house, but instead of her usual spontaneous, flirty spirit showing in her every step, her heart sank, filling up with guilt in every step. (Credit to xXGemstarXx)

An Escort gets ready to put on another show. Little does she know what she's in for. As she walks up to a neighbor's home, she knocks on the door as usual. But then someone pulls her inside and knocks her out.

When she comes to, the Mafia surrounds her. The Godfather steps forward. He speaks clearly, each word filling the Escort's heart with fear. "You've made a mistake, sweetheart. I would kill you here and now. But I've heard that you dance for some good cash. Why not join us? You'll get a greater income."

What could the Escort do? She loved dancing, and loved money, but she did not want to be a part of the Mafia. The Godfather speaks again. "I think you know what happens next if you refuse..." This makes the Escort panic and accepts. The Godfather gives her a new title.

She is now the Consort. (Credit to Idelac)

Disguiser stories

There once was a girl who liked to play pretend. Everyday she got out her dolls, the fake teacups, and the imaginary friends. No one thinks twice when a little girl plays pretend. It was only a matter of time before the Mafia found her. She became the Disguiser, anyone who the town trusts is killed, their place taken by her. Now the girl gets out her make up and latex, morphing her face until it is a perfect replica of who the Mafia killed the same night. Then, she takes her place among the town taking the victim's name and talking for the benefit of the Mafia. With the trust of the town placed on her, it's too easy manipulating the town to do as the Mafia pleases now. The citizens were never expecting a Disguiser to take their place, and when they find out of the trick that was played, the Disguiser has already found a new skin to talk in. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to Konekoa97)

Once a kind and gentle Doctor, the Disguiser was the most prominent Doctor in the Town of Salem. Healing any bump or scratch, he was renowned for his skill. Soon, he would fall on hard times. A sudden emergence of other Doctors, and even Bodyguards, would make his practice null. He got no work. He was struggling to scrape by. On a dark night, he heard his door being broken in. He didn't even have the energy to scream. He knew it was over. The Godfather stood before him, knife in hand. He only smiled. "I don't have much, but..if you'll take me in, I know how to do plastic surgery. I can help you." The Godfather was intrigued, unsure. He took the Disguiser on a test run, asking him to prove his worth to the Mafia. The Godfather entered a home, killed the inhabitant, and the Disguiser went in after. He emerged a new..woman. She had found her home now. She knew what her calling was. Killing the ones who had taken her role. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to justlyra)

The Disguiser had just figured out what the Godfather desired for him to do. He would enter the house of his neighbor, and do his job, bringing along the issued Mafioso. The Mafioso would take out the focused man with his trusty weapon, and the Disguiser was pretty self-evident in his opinion. He had studied the man's social characteristics and such the day before. "Alright, so you go in, do your thing, and make it snappy. I need some time before the rest of the town arises," said the master of trickery. The Mafioso gave a quick nod, and the door of the Townie was suddenly busted down. A quick shot rang out, no one else noticing, too caught up in the night, ignoring the screams. "So...that's done for. Hope the will doesn't reveal me." The 'slippery chameleon' took a glance at the bloody body. "Let's see what he has in here," he'd ask, nudging toward the wooden closet. He'd open in with a small creak, and saw the dead man's wardrobe. The Disguiser chose a fitting pair of pants, along with a belted hat, and a trench coat with a shirt underneath. Nobody could mistake him now, as he peered in the mirror. The sun started to rise, the Mafioso had returned to his homestead to catch a few blinks of sleep. The Disguiser cleverly picked up the body and laid it outside his own door. The next morning, the town became no more suspicious of their newly disguised member. Yet as the day went on, someone cared to notice the will lying next to the man outside a doorstep. At that moment, they wondered why the names were switched. "I-I assure you, I am the Doctor you seek," said the Disguiser. They then asked for proof, he made some up, who he healed, and what night. Their eyes became squinted, a sign of disbelief. Next thing you know, trial had come for the undercover Disguiser. "I've given my evidence, why must you hang me?" The town gave forth many shakes of heads, and guilty votes. "I'm innocent!", the last lie the fallen Disguiser uttered. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to funnyknight24)

A woman steps out of her office into the streets of Salem. She waves goodbye to the doorman and makes it home safely. Her mother and father come over and celebrate her twenty fifth birthday, surprising her with a cake and a card. The mother pulls her daughter aside and asks her if she's feeling okay. The daughter says she's fine, just feeling a little under the weather and the mother gives her a kiss goodbye. She steps into her room as her parents prepare to leave and hears her mother say that she is going to stay a while. Suddenly the door to the woman's room breaks open and a man steps in holding a gun. She recognizes him as a known Mafioso and screams for her mother to help, but her mother just stands in the doorway and pulls off the wig and skin-grafted mask she is wearing; revealing herself as a thin and sweaty man. The Disguiser listens to the woman's voice as she pleads for mercy, rehearsing his next great act. (credit to Ace2369)

The disguiser slinked through the darkness. He watched the dimly-lit hut on the outskirts of the town. He heard a shriek and a muffled gunshot coming from inside the hut. The front door swung open. The Mafioso stepped out of the hut. He looked at the disguiser, and nodded. The disguiser nodded back, and made his way into the hut as the Mafioso hurried away. He walked over to the limp corpse on the floor. A large bullet hole was permanently imprinted into her forehead. The disguiser smiled evilly as he watched the blood drain out of her head. Tonight he was a man working for the Mafia. Tomorrow, he'll be the town's most valuable escort. (credit to LittleMissFanGirl14)

The Disguiser hides himself in a bush and waits outside the Vigilante's house. This was the house designated for a hit by a family, but he wasn't doing the dirty work. No no, someone else was doing that. And a few minutes later, his mafia partner arrived. The Godfather. After a quick whispering question as to why the Godfather was doing this, the Godfather simply answered that the Escort found the Mafioso, causing the Disguiser to roll his eyes. At any rate, they both sneaked into the house and found the Vigilante at a desk, cleaning his revolver. The Godfather stepped forward carefully, sneaking up on the Vigilante until a creaky floorboard betrayed him. The Vigilante spun around, readying his revolver but the Godfather was faster. His bullet hit the Vigilante's revolver, knocking it out of his hands, which the Disguiser quickly swooped on and stole. The Vigilante, now disarmed backed away from the mafia duo, stammering. The Disguiser paid close attention to his voice while the Godfather taunted the Vigilante. As the stammering turned to pleads, the Godfather waited there for a few seconds, until the Disguiser spoke up. He made his voice sound exactly like the Vigilante, at which point the Godfather fired, his next bullet planted perfectly between the Vigilante's eyes. After the Vigilante hit the floor, the Godfather nodded to the Disguiser, who then rushed to the Vigilante's room and got changed into some of the Vigilante's clothes, bringing his own back down. He repeated his voice to the Godfather, sounding and looking exactly like the Vigilante. The Godfather smiled and simply motioned to the dead Vigilante, before turning and taking his leave. The Disguiser undressed the Vigilante, hiding the clothes and then re-dressed the Vigilante in the Disguiser's old clothes. Once he was done, the Disguiser tested his new voice a few more times to get used to the Vigilante's voice. Then he dragged the body of the Vigilante into the street. As far as the town were concerned, the Disguiser was the Vigilante. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

The town woke up in pandemonium. The town was crowded around a dead body. It was a young man who claimed Investigator. A man close to him picked up a letter in his pocket. "Lisa the Escort" This caused even more confusion. A woman at the back yelled "Good Riddance!" This caused many of the town to look at her. "People like that shouldn't be in this town. It's disgusting." That night, she went to the Godfathers house. "How did you even get a costume of him?" The Framer asked her. "I know a guy" She replied. "Don't bring suspicions to yourself, Disguiser." The Godfather warned her. "Message received!" She answered. (credit to Runtoastrun)

It wasn't long until night time took over the town. It was time for everyone to perform what they did best. It was not long until the Mafia began to initiate their plans: executing, seducing, investigating. One of them, however, had a different ability. They had been carefully studying the moves and habits of their neighbor, to the point where they could emulate their exact personality and actions. The Disguiser was undetectable, even to the highly skilled Investigator, who if they gazed through the window of their humble abode, would see the Disguiser as if they were looking at the very person they imitated. Even if they are annihilated by other means, they keep that exact same costume. The same face as if they were still acting from beyond the grave. Fooling the entire town into thinking that they may actually be one of their own. And so, the chaos continues, with the entire town still not knowing just how the Disguiser can act like someone so flawlessly and almost perfectly. Maybe, however, it's better kept that way. (Credit to Qmanthegamer)

In the beginning, she was an actress who had a promising start. She could take any role that was given to her and not only could she perfect it, she was it. She was a prodigy and received critical acclaim for her ability! However, tragedy struck and a nasty rumor involving her and the Director swept Salem Studios. It wasn't true, yet it became so bad they were eventually fired so the studio could save face. Their day in the spotlight was over...or so it seems?

Bitter, for her wrongful termination, her quest for vengeance led them to the Mafia, who planned to put their acting skills to a more...deceptive use. As it turn's out, Salem was full of varied roles which she could play as. The demented town Jester. The beautiful and sexy Escort. At one point, they were even called to play the role of the steely Jailor. Regardless of the difficulty, the Actress, now known as the Disguiser, hardly ever complained. After all, she played her part so well, that even the eagled eye Investigator was fooled.

Though, life wasn't completely perfect. While her imitations can fool for a day or two, she can only bluff for so long until someone called her out and she was at death's door. She shuddered as she remembered how not too long ago her guise was nearly up as the Sheriff merciless interrogation saw through her in minutes and, if not for the peacekeeper's dirty secret on the rocks, they would have been lynched. She had just received word she was to play the role of the wise and mysterious Medium who claimed to speak with the dead. As she prepared her costume for the night she couldn't help but give a vengeful smirk, life was once again her stage and once all the competition was removed she would be in the spotlight. Forever. \(credit to Spikeman2.0)

The Disguiser tells that she knows who the Jailor is, and that the Mafia needs to save the Janitor. She brings out her makeup and follows the Mafioso to the Jailor's home.

After the Mafioso kills the Jailor and rescues the Janitor, they both leave the Disguiser to do what she's meant to do. They don't call her the Disguiser for no reason.

She replicates her entire body to make it look exactly alike to the corpse. She puts on the Jailor's clothes, adjusts her voice, and now she's done.

She has replaced the Jailor. (Credit to Idelac)

Her story may have come to an untimely end, but her fight for her family didn't.

"Her role... was Jailor."

Immediately, the town went into a frenzy. Among laments of the Jailor's death, one person was shocked. They knew for a fact they were the only one who had access to the jail cells...

What they didn't see was the teenage girl sneaking about last night, under the Consigliere's direction. By the time she'd left with what she needed, she had the Serial Killer's knife in her back.

Ha. Just as she'd planned.

It didn't take long for the suspicion to kick up, and with the true Jailor unable to safely claim, the girl couldn't help a chuckle from her place beyond the grave. In life and in death, tearing this wretched town apart- that was her only goal.

(Credit to Oofouch (talk) 10:28, October 31, 2019 (UTC))

Forger stories

As a small time attorney the Lawyer specialized in writing wills for his clients. But as his gambling debts grew he required more money than he could legally make. And thus he began to alter his deceased client's wills to have a portion of their wealth distribute to various charity. These "charities" were just part of a shell game that increases the Lawyer's bank account. No one noticed until the Consigliere's father passed away, who just so happened to be a client of the Lawyer's. Due to his high levels of intelligence and his ability to read people he saw through the scheme. Furious at trickery displayed by the Lawyer, the Consigliere demanded he be killed. But the Godfather looked at this with a level head and saw a plethora of potential. One phone call from the Godfather, and the Lawyer became the Forger. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to InsaneSmile)

As a little kid, the Forger had found his secret talents in writing and copying. In their teenage years, the others in town found a use in him for forging signatures and the like. Valuing his talent and mastering it, the Forger kept it as a secret side business and as a skill to utilize in order to help himself in situations which requires his ability. Upon getting a job at the local town business, the Forger found use in business Forgery. Crime after crime, the Forger built himself a reputation for Forgery, and the Mafia sought out to recruit him for their crime sprees. The Mafia convinced the Forger to live a life of crime among their ranks and so he became a member of the Mafia. To this day, the Forger has been forging documents to clean the Mafia's and his own crime slate in the town of Salem. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to Tealer)

The Godfather had found out about his childhood rival moving back to town, and was quite disturbed with the fact. He had always ranted at the nightly meetings of how he dreamed of eliminating his rival, but the kid had moved out of town before the Godfather had come to power. It was a wonder how the rival's life had changed, and why he had returned. The cause of his return became quickly evident.

The rival revealed as Mayor within days upon his arrival, told the town he was determined to rid the town of evil. This strengthened the Godfather's desire to exterminate the Mayor, as he acted as if the evil wasn't in him. The night after he revealed, the Godfather took me to the Mayor's house and snuck us in. He told me to study the handwriting of the newfound Mayor and write out a will while he did the dirty work. I found a desk in the dark and used the moonlight to shed light upon his papers. After a while, the Godfather returned to me, asking how far I'd come. He had a napkin with blood in his hand, a dripping knife in the other, and a satisfied look on his face. It took me a few more minutes, but the gears started clicking. Almost as if programmed into me, I copied his handwriting, writing a will out to support us "As the Mayor, I know we should trust..."

We left, excited for the following day, knowing we'd succeed. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to TheToxicPencil)

A recruit that was drafted by the army, you and your squad were sent into battle. Led into an urban center by your captain, you were ambushed by enemy troops. Your squad eliminated and you crippling wounded, you quickly wrote down in the dead captain's journal that the squad discovered valuable intel on people, actions, and weapons in hopes that the army would come rescue you. The army did, but with causalities, and when they discovered that you had nothing, they threw you in jail and planned to execute you for treason. The day before the execution, the Mafioso lead an escape plan and allowed you to escape. Brought before the Godfather, he decided to give you a place in the family as long as you used your talents. Your choice was easy. (credit to Arckas)

Once, the Forger worked in the morgue. He goes to the body of the dead townie and swaps his will to make his enemies seem confused. (credit to tiffanyclarke123)

A bearded man in a black trenchcoat sits in his office, filled with scattered papers of the previous victims that attempted to spill the secrets of the Mafia. The Godfather is planning to kill a well known Sheriff and has asked him to write fake evidence, and put it in place of the Sheriff's will. As the Godfather leaves his office, the man grins and writes down with near-perfect handwriting, the "evidence"... The next morning, the will has been read to the town, and another innocent man has been hung. The town stares in horror because of what they done, while the Forger turns his head and forces a quiet chuckle, knowing there is one less problem for the Mafia to deal with... (credit to Squiddington)

The Forger sits in his cramped office, a dim lamp the only illumination in the room. A yellowed paper is in front of him- the will of one of the Mafioso's victims. He examines the paper closely: it's filled with info about the Godfather. He smiles, picks up his bright red pen, and begins to improvise. (unregistered contributor)

As a small time attorney the Lawyer specialized in writing wills for his clients. But as his gambling debts grew he required more money than he could legally make. And thus he began to alter his deceased client's wills to have a portion of their wealth distribute to various charity. These "charities" were just part of a shell game that increases the Lawyer's bank account. No one noticed until the Consigliere's father passed away, who just so happened to be a client of the Lawyer's. Due to his high levels of intelligence and his ability to read people he saw through the scheme. Instead of anger he was thoroughly impressed with the Lawyer's cleverness. One phone call to the Godfather, and the Lawyer became the Forger. (unregistered contributor)

Sitting alone in the office at his desk, the was then humane spell-checker for the Mayor was reviewing the New Year's Speech that was ready for tomorrow afternoon. Gad, he has awful handwriting. All filled with complete guff as usual, such as unemployment, 50% deals at the Superstore, and a general round-up of how normal Salem was the previous year. You hear someone entering, but you pay no notice until they tap you on the shoulder - it's your friends, the Consort and the Framer. The Consort suggests that they all go and hang at the Consigliere's place, taking the Mayor's speech along for a "quick revision". The next day, the Mayor finds himself in the middle of talking about how the Janitor is the best cleaner in town, and shortly afterwards finds himself being shot by the Vigilante for being a traitor to the town. It seems like the new Forger's work is done, and with a reward from the Godfather, he heads off home. (credit to Tempestral/

Originally working as a censor woman in WW2, the Forger was recruited by MI6 due to her degree in graphology to analyse handwriting. She learnt the truth behind many politicians' secrets, including the truth behind the Watergate scandal, where Air Force One was going every day, and the most personal love letters between the Mayor and [censored]. One day, she was forced to forge a letter that bypassed all laws for a nuclear strike on Cuba to be permitted by the President, but she was going on holiday there with her family at the same time. She screwed up the paper in a rage, and ran away from all the secrecy - to the Town of Salem. It was so backwards that there was no way she would be found again. A few days later, she was recruited by the mafia for her talents, and readily agreed to forge fake wills due to her anger at the "good" side of the world. Anway, isn't writing letters a ladylike thing to do? (credit to Victoriouswizard)

The schoolteacher sits at his desk, grading his student's homework with a red marker. That night he is kidnapped by the Godfather. He is given a will from one of the Mafioso's targets. He tells the Forger to "improvise" upon it. Knowing he will be executed otherwise, the man does the task. The Godfather unbinds him, if he promises to be a part of the family. The teacher agrees. (credit to Bkfootball)

The Forger gets a message from his doorstep. "Cotton Mather" He understands completely. Behind the letter is a scroll reading suspicions on his best pal, The Framer. He spends the next 5 minutes understanding how her handwriting is done. He then starts to write. After an hour of carefully wording his will, he visits The Godfather and hands him the letter. The Godfather reads through it, smiling from time to time. He then hands it to the Mafioso. "Kill Cotton and make sure she has this will with her." The Mafioso nods and rushes off. "Thanks buddy, you always have my back." The Framer replied. (Credit To Runtoastrun)

“That must mean that Sarah Good is the disguiser!” yelled the terrified sheriff.

“I am nothing more than a vigilante trying to protect our town!” the horrified woman screamed back, but there was no point in arguing. The escort had died the previous night, and her last will claimed that SHE was Sarah Good.

“Let’s lynch Sarah, she’s obviously mafia!” yelled the Godfather with a slight smile.

“Yeah!” the rest of Salem responded. The poor vigilante was put on trial, and since she didn’t really have anything to prove that she was vigilante despite the fact that she was, everyone voted guilty.

Once she was revealed as truly being vigilante, the town was horrified.

“Why would the escort lie to us?!” exclaimed the shocked Townies. Everyone was so confused!

But the Forger wasn’t puzzled at all. It was just another average day, changing the last wills of the mafia’s targets to frame the people that stood in her and the rest of the mafia’s way. (Credit to Mudkip755).

"So that's who are Investigator is, huh?" The Consigliere nodded and walked away. The Forger now had a taxing job, writing a new will. She studied his handwriting, his spelling, everything about his writing. Soon she would destroy that will of his.

Days Later, the fake will was complete, a perfect forgery. Now there was one last job to do. After the poor Investigator was dead she sneaked into his home mere hours before dawn. She took the original will and slipped it into her jacket pocket and left her own. She dashed to the river and shredded the will.

"How dare you! You've been killing innocent citizens for weeks! Your evil is over!" The town now believed an innocent man was a cold, calculated killer. Any defence was useless now the innocent citizen was going to be hung tonight. The Forger was then ready to start again, her new target was ready: the town's Sheriff. The cycle continues. (Credit toRedja)

The forger took a good look at the investigator's will. N1: Jeff - Bodyguard Godfather Arsonist N2: Bob - Framer Vampire Jester N3: James - Sheriff Executioner Werewolf N4: Alex - Vigilante Veteran Mafioso "Nope" said the forger and replaced it with a new sheet of paper: Investigator U GUYS R DUM (credit to MatthewD-elf

The Forger follows the Mafioso to the Investigator's home. The Mafioso takes a good clean headshot, and the Forger goes over to the body for any signs of wills.

The Investigator had the roles of each Mafia member's role. The Forger replaces the text, and she dashes over to the lake and destroys the will.

The Town notices the Investigator has died, and the Sheriff goes to read the will, but his reaction was priceless as he read the only sentence on the "will".

"The Forger was here." (Credit to Idelac)

Framer stories

"I've found evidence linking her to the Mafia!" the venerable Sheriff declared as he pointed to the confused Medium. He then pulled out a handful of crumpled notes, detailing the locations of shady out-of-town meetings at night and written in blood-red ink while starting his 'death to the Mafia' spiel. The Medium tried to defend herself to the best of her abilities, claiming that one would have to be an abject fool to think that those notes could correlate to the Mafia, but fortunately (or unfortunately, in the Medium's case), the Sheriff's years of experience led him to believe that he really had genuine info. He led the Medium's execution, and then realized as she breathed her last... she was framed. Her last will held not her words of dedication to the Mafia... just the words of the deceased townsfolk. The Framer noted the irony in the Sheriff's spiel with his fellow Mafia comrades while the rest of the town turned a blind eye to the incognito Mafia, and one of the brave citizens shouted out loud to jail and execute the Sheriff for his mistake. As the meeting for the day concluded and almost everyone went back to their homes, the Framer congratulated himself on what he had accomplished. Who knew where a few old documents could get you? (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to Juuhazan)

You sneak up behind the mark and give him a quick tap on the head with your hammer. You dislike physical violence, but in cases such as this it must be done. You take a sample of the now unconscious man's fingerprints and then immediately get to work. First is his medical degree; that's got to go. You hide it on his person and replace it with a blood oath to the Godfather - falsified, of course. You splatter the blood reserves he keeps around on his knives and place them conspicuously on the table. You hope it's the same plasma type as the guy the Godfather wanted axed tonight. You disorganize the building, throwing papers everywhere, opening drawers, placing incriminating evidence everywhere. As you leave his residence, you see a man in an exaggerated cowboy hat peer in through the window and gasp. You smile, your job done here. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to Sarcostep)

"I told you! I don't know how those files got there!" the townie screamed, shocked that the Sheriff would think that she was a member of the Mafia. "Shut up. You're clearly part of the Mafia." the Sheriff growled as he strolled out, thinking he had another "villain" that was ready to be lynched the following morning. Yet, He wasn't aware of one person... the Framer. He couldn't help but laugh as he watched the scene unfold. Those files never belonged that townie, but to him. Once the worried Townie went to bed, he quickly picked up those files and went stormed out. Tonight was a perfect night, which lead to the lynching of an Escort who had kept their Godfather distracted. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to KittyKnight)

A man sneaks into the house of a suspected Mafioso with a black briefcase. He gets down to business right away, planting weapons all over the unsuspecting victim's house. Before the rise of the sun, he leaves before anyone can ever realize he was there.

When the sun rises the next morning, all of the town awakens after a night of rest. Everyone except the Sheriff, who has been busy all night interrogating the suspect. He points his finger at the suspect, and says "Lynch her."

The suspect pleads that she is just a medium, but the Sheriff is convinced that all of that is an act. The suspect is quickly executed. Various occult items fall out her pockets, revealing her true role, Medium. The Town's eyes turn to the Sheriff: the Framer's next target. (unregistered contributor)

A fabrication expert, the Framer is the master of incrimination. Using their vast criminal information network, the Framer plants incriminating evidence upon any target of their choosing; causing even the most deductive Investigators to stop and consider whether they can trust their investigative skills. (credit to Ace2369)

The members of the Town stare at the gallows, all horrified at what they had just mistakenly done. The Sheriff swings in the air by his neck lifelessly, betrayed by those he swore to protect. You see, when people talk too much, they need to be either silenced, discredited or eliminated. In this case, the Framer took her time planting just the right amount of "evidence" in just the right places so that an Investigator could eventually stumble upon it and expose that "liar" claiming to be a Sheriff. Sobbing and anger fills the air as the sun starts to set; the Town members head home with their heads down and their hearts heavy for their mistake. As the Mafioso passes the Framer, she respectfully nods her head in thanks for the Framer's work which resulted in the Sheriff getting hung. Without her, the Mafioso would be swinging in the Sheriff's place due to the Sheriff calling her out the day before. The Framer smiles as she walks home, and shortly after begins to forge more "evidence" to keep her Family out of the spotlight. (credit to Aurum Nummus)

The Framer heard the call of the Godfather and got out his pen. With the speed only a master of his trade could muster, the Framer drew up false incriminating documents and placed them in his target's house. Led by the Town's Investigatives, the Town continued to lynch person-after-person who had appeared as mafia, but mysteriously, not a single person was. A few days later, standing on the corpses of a town that killed itself, the Framer laughed. (unregistered contributor)

The Framer checked his pockets, making sure he had the forged documents. He did. And it was time to put them to good use. It was still rather early in the evening. This was important for the Framer, as he had to plant the documents there as soon as possible, in case any of the town investigative roles decided to check this house as well. Lockpicking the back door of the Lookout's house, he sneaked inside, looking for a place to leave the documents. He couldn't put them anywhere too obvious, or they wouldn't be very convincing. He carefully took himself down into the basement. This was where just about every town member hid information about their role. He picked a desk and lay the documents on there, rolled up with the exception of one which was half-done, to make it look like it was still in the process of being forged. He carefully placed a pen next to the half-done document and exited the house, closing the back door behind him. He'd done his job, now he just had to hope the town investigative did theirs. The next morning, the Investigator stepped up and declared that he had found forged documents in the Lookout's house. The town started talking and the accused Lookout tried to defend himself as best as he could, despite the evidence against him. The Sheriff said he'd double-check that night and the town disbanded. The Godfather sent the Mafioso to take care of the Investigator, while the Framer returned to the Lookout's house with a fresh set of forged documents, leaving them in exactly the same place for the Sheriff to find. The next morning, the Investigator and Lookout were both found dead. The Investigator was shot by the Mafioso, and the Lookout was executed by the Jailor. The Framer smirked to himself briefly. The framing was a success, and the Sheriff would join the Investigator very soon. (credit to The Nightmare Tank)

The Framer before his Mafia days had a rival who kept bragging about great he is at his job. Tired of being out shined and pushed around, one night the Framer forged evidence to make his rival look like he was a member Mafia. The next morning the Sheriff stood up saying "He is Mafia, lynch him now!" The rival pleaded not be lynched, but the town ignored him and lynched him. That night the Godfather sent the Consigliere to find the person who framed the lynched man. When the Consigliere found the Framer, the Godfather busted into the Framer's house. The Framer asked "Is this my last night?" "No, this is night you will remember for the rest of your life." Said the Godfather. "The night you join the family with your excellent framing skills". (credit to Crazyzombie168)

The Framer's life had been cut short. A clever Vigilante had shot the Framer in the second night. But the Framer's life was not over. It had just begun. One night, the Framer spoke with the Medium. "Framer, you know who the Mafia are," said the Medium "so you might as well just tell me who they are." The Framer didn't want to betray the mafia. Yet he told the Medium the identities of the Mafioso and Godfather. That same night, the mafia killed the Medium. The Medium's last will contained everything the Framer had told the Medium. Convinced that the Medium wouldn't lie, the Major voted to lynch the Godfather. The Godfather was lynched, but it turns out that they were the Jailor, not the Godfather. It was only then that everyone realized that the Medium's will was false. And it had all been because of the Framer's lies. For the town, it was far too late. The mafia killed everyone, one by one, until the town became outnumbered... (-Anonymous Contributor)

Waiting slowly and quietly until his target went from their house, The Framer checked his suitcase. Forged documents, crime scene kits, blood red ink, and pistols, were all in check. During the day's discussion, a Doctor was suspected as the Member of the Mafia, but the Doctor immediately defended himself, and before the day ended, the Sheriff and the Investigator told the Town that they'd check him. Before the Framer executed his mission, the Godfather messaged him, told him to frame the Doctor, and to be careful out there. The Framer replied the message with a yes, and closed his cellphone.

Not long after that, the Doctor went out. Looking around in case of Lookout, he immediately went to the Doctor's house. He then began to do his job, first, he put the pistols onto the Doctor's drawer, and usually, all investigative persons would always checked all rooms of the target's house. With these knowledge, he put those forged documents on the Doctor's private work room. He splattered the blood onto the Doctor's warehouse, as to made sure that the Doctor obviously a Member of the Mafia. Before he left, he put a paper with the words, "The Mafia sent their regards" on the wall, and immediately left.

The next morning, the Medium has been killed by a Vigilante who had taken a chance, and the Retributionist had been shot by the Mafioso. With their findings, the Sheriff and the Investigator accused the Doctor. "He is the member of the Mafia! I checked his house last night!" Both pointed their fingers at the Doctor, who screamed, "How many times I have to told you all that I am the Doctor?! I'm not a member of Mafia!" The Sheriff immediately took out all of his findings, and the Town has decided to put him onto a trial.

"I didn't even know why all of those documents and pistols were in my place! Please let me go!" The Doctor tried to defend himself really hard, but all of the Town voted guilty. As the Doctor breathed his last, his role was revealed as indeed, the Doctor of the Town. The Sheriff and the Investigator were very shocked, all of the Town screamed in panic; sadness, anger, despair, all of those emotions could be seen on the Townpeople's faces. But the Framer smirked, yes he smirked as the Doctor's body swinging slowly on the gallows. He had got rid of the Doctor who kept healing the Sheriff.

And soon enough, The Sheriff and The Investigator found themselves dead in the morning. This was all the scenario that the Framer wrote, with the Town's elimination as the climax... (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

The Framer can fool anyone who tries to find any Mafia members. Last night, he knew his job was a success. The Sheriff and Investigator were working together to reveal the Mafia.

Next day, the duo accuses the framed victim. She is hung, and they realize something was not right. The Medium was framed, and the Framer laughed to himself.

The next night, the Mafioso kills the revealed Investigator, and the town lynches the Sheriff for making a mistake. The Framer knew that his job was done.

"Don't trust everything you hear, fool." (Credit to Idelac)

Godfather stories

The Godfather leans back in his chair, a cigar puffing out amongst his accomplices. "So? Any idea who should fall tonight?" The Consigliere speaks up. "The man on 5th Avenue, the one with the limp. He's our Investigator. He's the one we should take out." The Godfather nods his head slowly, and then glances towards the two men sitting on his right. One's hands are scarred, burned by the acid he uses. The other has a revolver strapped to his waste. Both men glance at each other, and then look back towards the Godfather. "Then it's done," the Godfather says, removing the cigar from his mouth and pressing its end into the small portrait of the Investigator. He spends the rest of the night staring over the table of the remaining portraits, when suddenly a knock is heard at his door. He stands up, and covers the portraits and paperwork. He opens the door, and there stands the Sheriff. Known as a well established businessman, he shakes the Sheriff's hand and sends him on his way. He goes back to his chair. Gunshots ring out at 5th Avenue, and a smile spreads across the Godfather's face. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to blackcrow70)

"Let's get to work."

He saw a group of people, outlined against the night sky. Talking, quietly, but with force and conviction in their hushed voices. One, a man in heavy black armor, green glowing goggles and a large shield, another, a beautiful, slim bodied woman, long straight brown hair reaching down to her slender waist. And the final, a man with Medium, short black hair sticking straight up. They were speaking of what to do in the night. The man in armor asking who to blackmail, the woman, discussing in a sweet, seductive voice who to "distract" on this cold night. And the final, looking over at him, simply said "Who we killing, boss?"

"Boss", yes, that was him. A tall middle-aged man, dark short hair slicked back, looking as clean as his tidy black suit and red tie. He smiled slyly, pulling out a thick cigar and shiny metal lighter. Lighting the cigar, he put it in the corner of his mouth, not breaking his smile, and said in a deep, commanding voice, "Anyone who won't submit to us." (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to TheWillAffect)

The Godfather has always been a part of this town. Even in his humble beginnings as an overlooked orphan, when noone payed any attention to him. Growing up on the streets he had an uncharacteristically unassuming and non-threatening nature – he did not believe in threats. But beneath this facade he slowly accumulated a hidden empire and became king of the underworld. After years of clever maneuvering, his grip on this town was stronger than any other member of the community. But the new Mayor and Sherriff were on to his operation, even if they did not suspect him personally. They stirred the townies into a panicked rebellion against the Mafia. However, the Godfather was not so easily subdued. He has been the target of countless attacks over the years and he survived them all. With the help of his trusted Consilgiere he would seek out those town members who did not yield to the Mafia. And if they could not be reasoned with, they could certainly be made to sleep with the fishes... (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to Erzberge)

Stepping from the shadows, only one man can make even the most war hardened Veteran and maniac driven Serial Killer quake in their boots. The Godfather is the head of the criminal organization known as the Mafia. He leads his Family with an iron fist, stamping out anyone that won't submit to his authority. His hands can stay clean thanks to the Mafioso, but that doesn't mean the Godfather is afraid to do his own dirty work. (unregistered contributor)

The Godfather wasn't always a wicked man, for a long time he was a welcome member of the town in his youth. He and the Mayor were playmates in their childhood, but a disagreement lead to a bitter rivalry that exists to this day. The young man (Godfather) was known to be an up and coming town member who was generally loved and respected, and had a very good chance of being elected Mayor of the town. His rival (The Mayor) seethed in anger seeing this, as his campaigns were failing to win over the town members. The Mayor hired the Spy, Investigator and Sheriff to dig up some dirt on him, but they failed to find anything damning. They eventually fabricated damning evidence that horrified and disgusted the town, leading to the banishment of the young man. The young man was angry, betrayed by those he loved and cared for, and promised to get revenge on every single one of them for believing his corrupt rival over him. The Mafia at the time noticed the potential of this young man, and brought him in as a Mafioso to let him use his anger for the gain of the Family. As time went on, the original Godfather became very sick, and with his dying breath, he appointed the young man as the new Godfather because of his talents. Brimming with a sense of darkness in his heart and a lust for revenge, the young man became the new head of the Family, and returned to his home town with his new-found Family backing him to kill those who turned him into a hard-hearted criminal, and more specifically, the corrupt Mayor. (credit to Aurum Nummus)

The Godfather looks up at the Mafioso from his chair, then back at the pictures on the desk. Pictures of their target for the night. No words are exchanged between the two, but the Mafioso already knows what the Godfather wants: Kill this person and make sure they don't squeak a word about the mafia's identity. The Mafioso nods sharply and walks out of the Godfather's house. The Godfather sits back and treats himself to a glass of whiskey. He remembered a time when he was in the Mafioso's shoes, asking the Godfather who was next and being given a target. Now here he was, top of the ladder of organized crime and with his own Mafioso at his command. He looked out to the street. The Mafioso was almost at the target's house, before a woman stopped him, taking his attention. The Godfather scowled. The Escort had found the Mafioso. He got up, opened the front door, and stared out at the two. Across the way, he sees tonight's target open his door and do the same, looking at the Mafioso and the Escort. Then he draws a revolver and a shot rings out. The Godfather watches as his Mafioso is shot dead by the Vigilante, rage building inside him. The Escort spits on the Mafioso's body and walks off, while the Vigilante starts dragging the body into the centre of town. The Godfather steps out, closing the door behind him and sneaks up to the Vigilante, who stares down at the dead Mafioso. The Vigilante is grinning broadly, still unaware of the Godfather's presence who draws his own personal pistol. "The mafia is weakening!" the Vigilante exclaims triumphantly to nobody. The Godfather shakes his head and adds onto the Vigilante's statement, raising his pistol to the Vigilante. "They also pay back instantly." and the Vigilante barely has a chance to turn around before the Godfather pulls the trigger, avenging his Mafioso. As for the Escort? Well when the sun rises and the Vigilante's body is checked, one note is found, covered in the Vigilante's blood: "You're next, my dear." (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

A corrupted Mayor, a King of Hearts who orders executions left and right, the Godfather is something to be feared. He sits in the shadows, so forbidding even his underlings tremble as they report to him. He smiles as the Medium's throat is slit ear to ear, he grins as the Jester is gutted, entrails hung up like grotesque wallpaper. A heavy aura of fear surrounds him; he basks in it, revels in it, the terror of the helpless townspeople is what he aims for. It's why he's chosen to become a master of espionage instead of etiquette. It is far better to be feared than loved, yes? (unregistered contributor)

He worked from shadow, leading the most feared organization due to their criminal doings, or known as the Mafia. Surely enough, the Townspeople was so scared of this man with the iron fists, as he used violent method to conquer the Salem. Yes, he was known as the Godfather, the leader among the men. He had only one desire: to kill everyone who wouldn't submit to the Mafia, including the gullible Townies, the Neutral killers, and everyone who got in the way. His subordinates feared him and kneeled before him, but the Godfather wasn't always fearful, as he cared about them more than everyone else, in his own ways, of course.

He and the Mayor had a very bitter relationships; too bitter to be swallowed and tasted. Since the elections, he held a strong resentment towards the Mayor due to the fraud of the Mayor when the election begun; the Mayor bribed all Town to voted for him. He wanted revenge, he wanted to see this Town destroyed, but he was powerless back then, until the old Godfather found him and took him under his wing as a Mafioso. When the Godfather was dying, he decided to follow his footsteps and came with a very big plans. BIG plans.

The new Godfather started to looking for the people who were mistreated and excommunicated by the Town . From the Mafioso who lived in poverty and banished from the Town, the Blackmailer who wasn't allowed to talk by anyone, the Consort whose life had been broken due to failed marriage but her beauty dazzled the Godfather, The Consigliere who was excommunicated due to the Town's Investigator, the Framer who was labelled as a criminal due to being incriminated, the Forger who was a poor lawyer, the Disguiser who was a generous person who got everything taken from him, and the Janitor who was an abused custodian. He took them all under his wings and promised them that The Town would suffer like them, but twice more painful.

Every night, the plan went smooth and one of the Town members suffered each night. The Godfather would sent his Mafioso to do this dirty work, but didn't mean he was afraid to get his hands dirty. One night, a Vigilante had shot the Consort and his Mafioso. Rain poured as the Vigilante looked at the Mafioso's dead body, a grin spread across the Vigilante's face. "Justice is served... And the Mafia won't cause the trouble again," the Vigilante said it out loudly, not noticing the sound of a reloaded pistol behind him. "The Mafia won't waver with one member, or even two member's death." The Godfather spoke with a sovereign tone as he pulled the trigger and shot the Vigilante twice, making it painful as the Vigilante did to his Consort and Mafioso.

He knew this wasn't the time to be grieving for his killed family members, so he decided to do the killing himself. After all, he was a Mafioso and had the killing talent to begin with. The Town would suffer and perished, with the Mafia rule them all. The Godfather will assured that. (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

The Godfather is a simple town member's worst nightmare. Well, simple town members. The Jailor was a thread, the Veteran was also a threat, and there were more that could cripple him. The Godfather make sure things were going smoothly for his team.

But the moment came where the Mayor had revealed himself to the whole town, it became a war against the Mayor. "Wherever you are, Mafia, you won't stand a chance. I order protective custody". The Mayor kept handing orders around, and lynched the Serial Killer. The Godfather looks at the Mayor as the sun sets. "You end" He murmured.

The Godfather had a simple team of five: Himself, the corrupted investigator known as the Consigliere, the beautiful dancer known as the Consort, the Blackmailer, who knew everyone's deepest secrets, and the hit man he trusted the most, the Mafioso. "It's time we strike, Mafia. Let's get started". The Consigliere speaks up. "The man next door to the Mayor is the Sheriff. I think we should kill the Sheriff". The Godfather and Mafioso both loaded their guns. One of them could be seduced by the Escort tonight. The Blackmailer is writing down on a letter. "I'm keeping the Mayor shut. That way, he can't command anyone". The Consort starts heading for the Sheriff's house. Erotic sounds come a few minutes later. The Consigliere head for a house that had pictures of the Sheriff crossed through red X's.

The Godfather and Mafioso wait as everyone finishes their tasks. "It's your turn, my underdog. Drip blood". The Mafioso heads out for the Sheriff's house. He then looks at the Consort almost naked. The Sheriff had passed out on the floor. The Mafioso points his gun at him. "Good night". The last sound he heard was a gunshot. The Mafioso peeks through the Mayor's window, sitting down in a sad mood. He looks at the Blackmailer. He nods at the Mafioso. The Mafioso nods back. The Mafioso carries the Consort back to her house. (Credit to GhostyGuy619)

The man looked out the window at the rapidly setting sun, spreading its rosy colours across the sky. The night would not be as nice, however, as he and his elite members carried out his orders, and the town fell to their knees. There was a soft knock on the door, and he slipped the documents under his desk before opening it. The Consigliere and the Mafioso greeted him under the guise of darkness.

"Sir." It was a customary greeting, but he waved it aside, impatient as always.

"I found the Sheriff. He's the one who lives in the house opposite our Mafioso, the small red brick one." The Godfather raised an eyebrow.

"Call the Janitor. Make sure he is dead by tomorrow morning."

There were a lot of mutterings and 'yes sirs', and 'it will be done sir'. He closed the door quietly after they left, and went back to his desk, where he pulled out the rolls of paper. He never told anyone what these actually were for, of course. He kept that to himself. They were sheets full of data, information about each town member from before the whole incident occurred.

"Now," he said quietly to himself. "Who to kill next?" (Credit to II Finale II (talk) 11:31, April 21, 2017 (UTC))

“Ring! Ring!” the mayor’s phone rang. “We suspect that number 7 is a member of the mafia! Should we proceed to lynch him? We are very sure, we will not let you down!” the mayor with his last straw decided to go according to the plan. The next day, they lynch him, his role was the transporter. The mayor finally gave up; “Stupid town! Never can get anything done! I would rather be part of the mafia if this goes on!”. That night, the mayor trudged back home and sat on his seat. As the mayor sat on the chair, he became crooked, he realised that with all his filthy money, he could help the mafia and possibly become their leader! Just at the moment, a member of the mafia busted into his house, and aimed the AK right into the mayor’s head. The mayor raised his hands and told the mafioso: “Stop! I can help you. With all my money, I can get you more items and give you an upgrade!” Slowly, the mafioso started tilting his gun downwards. He reluctantly answered: “Fine, follow me.” The mayor aka the new godfather took large wide strides and thought: “Finally, I’m out of the losing side!”

(Credits to SkilledJon)

Penniless, homeless, shunned by the town. These were a few words to describe John Hawthorne, before that one fateful night in that cold, damp alley. Trying desperately to get some sleep, out of the corner of his eye, John spotted a small silver revolver. He had planned to start a criminal empire since the town started treating him like trash. But first he needed to take care of all the sleazy rat-b****rds in the town. The next day, the sheriff made a horrible discovery. "MURDERER! MURDERER!" he cried. He had discovered the baker's dead body lying in his home. John quickly realized his mistake: he needed someone to do the dirty work. "Time to get hiring" he muttered to himself as he walked down the empty cobbled streets.,

Formerly the Mayor, he tried his hardest to get the Serial Killer dead. But the Town wouldn't listen to him. They just did nothing while the Serial Killer did his business.

He had to flee from the Serial Killer, and he was enraged that nobody listened to him. He decided to bring destruction, rather than stopping it.

He knew that he needed recruits and a town to destroy. And he knew that Salem was the best place to go. It was full of useless citizens, just like the town he had previously led.

And so begins the Godfather's quest. (Credit to Idelac)

"So many years have passed, so much blood shed." This was a thought in the Godfather's mind as he pondered over his past. Decades ago, he was an active and robust youth, who joined the military but had to retire early on due to a limp he suffered. Despite that, however he still had the resolve to protect the Town and eradicate the evils, and so began working as a Bodyguard. His thoughts only changed when he saw daily the hordes of accusations flying back and forth, and innocent souls departing from the mortal world as that menacing Mayor incited the Town to lynch, only to later find that the lynched had done no crime. That was when he decided that this was it. Grabbing his gun which uptil now he had used for the Town, he slowly went towards the Jailor's house. Yes, it was the same Jailor who had so many times killed innocents at his own "discretion". The next day, the Jailor's dead body was found, and with it a Death Note that said "The Mafia is here." And the Mafia was indeed there.

Now the Godfather has grown old and the Mafia has gotten 3 new members. The killing is usually done by his deputy, the Mafioso, who is informed by the cunning Consigliere, and the diligent Janitor makes sure to leave no trace behind, though that does not mean that the Godfather has lost his skill, and can fend for himself against most attacks, and, if necessary, can also kill like he used to in the early days of the Mafia. In the eyes of the Town however, the Godfather remains an experienced Bodyguard, who is sort out for protection, and is a good friend of the ever-afraid Mayor. (Credits to King.Armaan.1)

———— Justin knocked on tom’s door.The door creeks open “ah,you showed up!”.“why wouldn’t I” says Justin.“Well,what are we waiting for?let’s go get some nice cold beverages!” said Tom leaving his house.They walk a few minutes in silence.“I’v been Thinking about Jaden,and Father a lot more than usual recently”said Justin.Tom hesitated a little bit before saying.“Don’t worry about that,it’s all in the past now”.“Tom,I wish i could believe you but...”,Justin stoped suddenly “you...killed jaden and...”Tom cut him off saying “Listen,father was a crooked man,he deserved to die,but jaden...he betrayed us...”.“NO!you betrayed us!after we overthrew father,we decided you would be the new mayor,but you became nervous about jaden exposing us,so you killed him!”Justin screamed.“so today...I kill you!”.Justin pulled out a knife and stabbed Tom.Tom staggered to the floor while gasping for breath and croaking.Tom lay in a pool of blood,motionless.Justin pulled out his cigar and threw it on tom’s dead body,then stopped out the cigar.Justin left Tom dead in the streets.(credits to Wereiswolf)

To the people that opposed her, the Godfather is a cruel, commanding presence, willing to stop at nothing to get her way. While that is true, to an extent, there's a reason the Mafia is also known as "the family".

With her inability to bear offspring of her own, her Mafia are like the children she never got to have, and she loves them more than anything. All of them, lost souls who had nowhere to go, taken in and given a chance at paying back this horrible town for all it'd done to them.

No mother with a heart will roll over and allow her children to suffer. The tears she weeps for those who fall to the noose, or the Vigilante's bullet, or the Serial Killer's blade, only strengthen her resolve to make this town pay for harming her Family.

She is the Godfather. The most loyal ally you've ever had, or your worst nightmare.

(credit to Oofouch (talk) 01:00, November 19, 2019 (UTC))

Janitor stories

The Janitor is just a lowly schoolhouse custodian. He takes the abuse of the townspeople's children, the taunts and the bullying. The Janitor is used to it. Any scrap of food left on the cafeteria table is slipped into his pocket, for his pay is meager, and food is a necessity of life, is it not? This has been his life for as long as he can remember. But, as he lay in bed one night, contemplating what he shall do, his door is broken in half. In walks a large and rather intimidating man. He soon realizes he is The Godfather. Fearing for his life, he begs for mercy. The Godfather only laughs, until he realizes who he is going to kill. A plan forms in his head. The Janitor has the skillset to clean anything...even a dead body, wiping away any trace of a will or clues to what a lowly townsperson's role is. The Janitor is offered a choice. Use his skills for the good of the Mafia, or die. Anyone in their right mind would choose correctly. He grabs his mop, and his bucket, and follows The Godfather outside. Revenge is sweet, but not dirty. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to justlyra)

He gets the call at three past midnight. "We need a clean-up, bring extra spray, this one was messy. I'll send ya the address." A gruff man on the other end says quickly, hanging up before the sleepy man can even reply. He mutters a few curses to himself before getting out of bed. He knows he should not be surprised they called him this late, but some part of him still wishes the other Mafia members realized that a guy has to sleep at some point. He worries not about looks, it is not like the dead are going to judge him if he has bed head. All he does is simply slip on his shoes, don a black trench coat and hat, grab his special supplies, and head out to the address sent to him. They were right, this one was a messy kill. "Must've been a newbie, the experts ain't this sloppy." The poor woman was riddled with bullet holes, blood sprayed every which way. The Janitor is quick yet meticulous with his work. The body is easy enough to get rid of, this is what the garbage bag was for; the blood is another matter. Still, nothing all that complicated for an expert. The body is gone, the blood is gone, and no trace is left of who the woman was, nor the person who erased her. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to HOM3STUCK413)

"Could he leave more of a mess?" the Janitor grumbles as he surveys the scene. Mangled corpse? Obvious signs of a struggle? Blood everywhere? Check, check, check. With the lye already heated up, it's a simple matter to haul the body over to his house and gently lower it into the liquid. Then, the true work begins. Back in the victim's house, every piece of furniture is examined and thrown onto the lawn and every blood splatter is meticulously scrubbed away.

Finally, the Janitor turns to the last will of the poor soul. Nothing special, only a blunt list of actions. Yet his eyes linger on the top- "John Hawthorne, Doctor." Ah, to be a Doctor again! Examinations, autopsies, vivisections... In the medical field, the Janitor was an expert, nay, a prodigy. The sudden loss of his license crushed him as he was relegated to the role of custodian. Thus, the Janitor turned to the one group that could give him the same thrill. After all, the Mafia always needs someone to clean up.

Tearing his gaze from a reminder of the past, the Janitor crumples the last will and chucks it onto the pile of furniture outside. A smattering of gasoline and a single match feed the hungry flame. In the morning, the Town would awaken to an empty house with a scorched lawn. John Hawthorne's body and will would never be found, nor his role determined. Another successful cleaning. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to nighthawk101)

A former Town of Salem medical examiner, fired because of his relation to the criminal underground and forced to take work as a custodian, the Janitor takes his ironically named job very seriously. After the dirty work of the Mafioso and Godfather, the Janitor removes all traces of the body's former identity; disposing of wills and any leads to the victim's occupation. (unregistered contributor)

Revenge is wonderful; the Janitor whistles happily as he cleans the bloody corpse of the Town's Head Doctor who fired him from the job he loved. The Mafia promised vengeance when the Town's Political Board forced him out, and the Godfather fulfilled his promise. Working beside his best friend, the Disguiser applies the last of the necessary makeup to become the now deceased Doctor while the Janitor mops up the last of the blood and tosses a heavy bag filled with remains over his shoulder. The Disguiser looks at the Janitor and says in the Doctor's voice: “You clean up rather well.” The Janitor grins, and says back to him: “So do you, Doc.” (credit to Aurum Nummus)

The Janitor and the Mafioso stared down at the dead body of the Jailor. The Mafioso had done his job, now the Janitor had to do his. The Mafioso gives him a little wave and walks out of the jail while the Janitor gets to work. The Janitor scrubs the blood off the floor and walls, and then starts working on the Jailor's body. He cleans out the bloodstains with some powerful cleaning agents and then starts searching the Jailor's pockets. What's this? A log indicating who the Jailor jailed on what night, and what role they claimed? The Mafioso and the Framer were both on this log, having both been jailed. Oh no no, the town couldn't see this. The Janitor pocketed the document and continued searching the Jailor. Ah, keys to the jail! Also worth hiding. If there was any piece of evidence implying the Jailor's role, it was up to the Janitor to destroy it. He searched the rest of the jail, finding small documents verifying the Jailor's identity and pocketed them all. This was all information the town couldn't be permitted to know. Once he was done, he took his leave with the jail keys and all the evidence and returned to his home. There, he buried the jail keys in his fireplace, lit up the fireplace and started throwing the Jailor's log and evidence of his role into the fire, burning it all. This was information the town didn't need to know and were better off not knowing. By the time all the evidence had been destroyed, morning was rising over the town and the Janitor got up and went to the courtyard, where the Jailor's body was. The Executioner searched his pockets, taking longer than usual, which was making the town restless. Finally, he stopped and when the Lookout asked why, he simply replied "There's absolutely no evidence of this man's role. No logs, no documents, nothing." which caused the town to start whispering to each other with uncertainty, some suspecting Investigator while others suspected a simple Jester. That day, the Sheriff stepped forward and claimed to have found a mafia member. The town put the man on trial, much to the man's denial and he was lynched. The Framer had been at the man's house the night before. The lynched town member was revealed to be the Doctor. The Sheriff quickly begged for the Jailor to protect him tonight, but the Janitor knew the Jailor was already dead. That night, he told the Godfather this information, and the Godfather sent the Mafioso and Janitor after the Sheriff. The Janitor smirked, picking up his equipment again and getting it ready to clean the Sheriff. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

The housekeeper wasn't getting enough money. He barely had enough for his kids. He was desperate. He would do anything. Problem was, he spent his whole life cleaning. What use would that do? During his nightly work, he knocked on doors, asking for any tips, saying he was a bit low on money. He got nothing. Nothing whatsoever. Then he knocked on the Godfather's door. He went in and cleaned the house. Then he told him his position. "Really? What are you good at?" The Godfather raised his eyebrows. "THe problem is, all I can do is clean." He sat there looking at the ground. "Well, if you're REALLY desperate, I can get you some money. IF, and only if, you clean the bodies that we kill." The Godfather looked at him. "Well... How much, I'm really desperate?" The Godfather smiled and showed him a small stack of cash. The housekeepers jaw dropped. "Well, you know what? Yes! This was it. He was a Janitor. (Credit to Runtoastrun)

The custodian was staring at the ceiling, thinking what he should do so his family didn't suffer and live in poverty. But what could he do other than cleaning? The Townspeople's taunt and abuse were like his daily snacks that he craved, yet he did his best to keep the Town clean. However, one night he was fired and his family barely even got anything to be eaten everyday. He thought himself as a failure, worthless scum that deserve to die.

One day, someone sent him a letter, the Janitor had ho idea, but the person who wrote a letter showed him the address and his name. He spotted a stamp of red rose, and a pistol, but he brushed it off. When he arrived, the man who sent him the letter and his "family" welcomed him as a housekeeper. The paid went very well, he got so much money from his master and his family could eat everyday. As the Blackmailer spotted her cleaned room, she put her finger and noticed there were no dust at all, so she told the Godfather.

After a month of working at his master's house, the Godfather told the custodian that his mansion was the Mansion of the Mafia. "My Blackmailer had told me about how flawless your cleaning was. No dust or dirt left at all. So... Will you willing to join us as a member of the Mafia? We can give you the riches that Town couldn't give," Told the Godfather to the Janitor. Initially, he wanted to deny his offer, but thinking about his family and life, he agreed to join so his family didn't suffer anymore.

The Consigliere had found out the Town's Investigator, and the Godfather had ordered him to clean the Investigator. After the Mafioso shot him, he started the work, first he took all the things that related to investigation work; magnifying glass, binoculars, notepad, fingerprint collectors, investigation files, and his last will. He put them into a trash bag and cleaned the walls and floors with some powerful acids. It took a bit long before the blood completely gone, but the time was worth spending. Afterwards, he lit his fireplace and tossed all of the belongings, engulfing them into ashes. All traces and bloodstains were gone, the Janitor patted himself on the back.

On the next day, the Executioner searched the Investigator's pocket and house, but nothing was found. However, the Town didn't realise that they already lack of Investigator, and soon they would lack of Sheriff and Jailor as well. Only the Janitor and the Mafia would know what information they held, which the Town would never know and better off not knowing. (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

He thought that this is his life, forever. The Mafia calls him to clean the crime scene at the Mayor's home. Luckily, he didn't reveal himself. He is the Janitor.

He takes the body and dumps it in the garbage bag. Then he grabs his trusty mop and removes all the blood. He takes all traces of his role away, including his last will.

"At least I've only got enough supplies for only three cleanings," He thought to himself. "I'm getting really sick of this job the Mafia gave me."

At day, the town has no clue on what the Mayor was. (Credit to Idelac)

Mafioso stories

Obey. That was the only word he understood. Though he may seem like your average everyday townie, the story behind his grin is a grim, horrible and ghastly tale. That man is only known as the Mafioso. He dreams of only one thing; a brighter future for his whole family. Especially for his beloved Godfather. Just to achieve that dream, he will murder anyone his Godfather wishes. Whether it be the Mayor that once stood in the Godfather's way, an Investigator who tracked down the Arsonist or even a Werewolf who killed the Survivor that promised to stand by his side... he just doesn't care. So long as anyone who opposes him is dead, or submitting to the Mafia. But... what if the Godfather was killed? Well... let's just say a replacement is already waiting. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to KittyKnight)

There was a satisfying crunch as the Mafioso's fist connected with the Doctor's chin. The Doctor stumbled backwards as several teeth fell from his mouth. The Mafioso advanced on the Doctor, throwing him into the next room. The Doctor stood hurriedly before searching frantically for a knife. He swung wildly at the Mafioso, who ducked under the attack and grabbed the Doctor's arm, wrenching it backwards. The Doctor started screaming as the Mafioso broke his arm. The Doctor fell to the floor, crying in pain. The Mafioso slowly pulled out a knife from his belt. The screams stopped pretty quickly after that. The Mafioso looked out from behind a curtain for any onlookers, noticing the Framer slipping away from his target's home. The Mafioso inspected his suit, noticing it was spotted with blood. He sighed in disgust. He decided to go back to his house for a change of attire. As day began to approach, the Mafioso searched for the Sheriff to declare there had been a murder. The Town began to gather and the Mafioso was surprised to discover that the Godfather had been killed by the Jailor. He felt no misery as the Sheriff looked over the Godfather's body. The Sheriff dragged away the body of the man who had brought him into the gritty underworld of Salem, yet the Mafioso felt no despair. As the Investigator revealed that the Framer's target was a member of the Mafia, the Framer slowly approached the Mafioso. 'This is a disaster.' He whispered to the Mafioso. The Mafioso murmured something inaudible whilst the Town dragged the Framer's target to the gallows. The man yelled out that he wasn't part of the Mafia as the noose was tightened around his neck. 'What shall we do?' Whispered the Framer. The Mafioso felt a grin spread across his face, realising this what he had always wanted. 'I will lead us to riches, my friend.' (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to bearprey)

There are big plans for this town. BIG plans. He didn't know what they were, and he didn't wanna know. Ideas, plans, that was for the Don and the bosses. To be honest, it reminded him of his tour in the army. Those war movies? Forget about it. they're a bunch of garbage. When his unit wasn't on the march or shooting some village to pieces, he was on his ass most of the day, every day. Drawing a paycheck, killing time and waiting. Until orders come down from on high. Then it's grab your guns, grab your tools, do the job and do it well. Things are different now, better food, better work, better clothes, and better company. Like those men he served with, these mobsters are his family, his brothers. A small part of him doesn't like having to go after civvies in the night, but the boss says that we need this town, all of it, for the families survival. If the townies are too dumb to leave, then it's survival of the fittest. The Godfather knows best and the family is everything. EVERYTHING. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to Furril)

An up-and-coming star in the mafia, the Mafioso does everything in their power to impress his Godfather. Raised on the streets, the Mafioso breaks kneecaps and dirt-naps anyone that stands against the Family. He is the right hand of the Godfather and will take his place should the family lose its head. (unregistered contributor)

By day, he is just a simple part of the town, trying to lynch the evil-doers. But at night, he sneakes out to visit the Godfather. The Godfather gives him the orders. He gladly does it. Tip-toeing out, he stealthly walks to his targets house and assassinates him. He drags out the body to the town center, leaving a death note clenched in the targets hand, then returns to his own house. At morning, he calls out the sheriff and, between fake sobs, tells him that he found this man with a death note in hand. As he hands the death note to the sheriff, he can hardly contain the smirk on his face. But...what's this? Someone is accusing the Godfather of treason! Despite his efforts, the Godfather is hung. As the Framer meets up with him, the Framer asks who will lead them. Putting on a bold smile, he says two words. "I will." (unregistered contributor)

The Mafioso looks at his collection of weaponry, picking one that looks right for the job tonight. The Godfather had tasked him with eliminating a nosy town member tonight. The Mafioso was only too happy to oblige, and so now here he sat in his basement, studying each weapon and deciding which one should get the job done as he needs. He finally picks one, a lightweight pistol but with enough kick to get the job done. He looks to the Godfather's house, seeing him watching the Mafioso through a window. They nod to each other and the Mafioso sets off for the target's house. He opens the door slowly, creeping inside and closing it behind him. There were numerous knives lying on the counter. One of them was stained with blood, from what the Mafioso could see. As he laid eyes on that knife, his skin began to crawl. Was this the Serial Killer? Did the Godfather send him after someone more evil than him? The Mafioso shook his head and concentrated. No. The Godfather sent him here to do a job. Regardless of who it is, he had to do it. He promised loyalty to the family and the Godfather. He crept further into the house and as he was about to sneak into the basement, he heard the door open again. It was the occupant. The Mafioso waited until the occupant walked into the kitchen, breathing a heavy sigh and wiping beads of sweat from his brow. The Mafioso saw his chance, aimed carefully from the shadows, and fired. The shot connected with the other man and the Mafioso quickly turned tail and fled from the house, not sure whether or not he had actually killed him. That morning, the body was found in the courtyard...but so was the Godfather's. It was revealed the Godfather had been executed by the Jailor and the person the Mafioso shot was actually the Doctor. That same day, the Investigator spoke up, accusing the Mafioso. The Investigator had found the Mafioso's weapon collection! The Mafioso quickly claimed that the Investigator was an Executioner, and invited the Sheriff to check him tonight to confirm. That night, sure as promised, the Sheriff barged his way into the Mafioso's home and started interrogating him with a brutal third degree. Normally, the Mafioso would have caved under the pressure and admitted to being a member of the family, but there was something different about how he felt tonight. He felt cool, calm and collected despite seeing the Godfather's body before him just hours ago. The Sheriff started investigating the Mafioso's home. As much as he really didn't want to admit it, there was genuinely nothing suspicious he could find on the Mafioso. Reluctantly, he left the Mafioso's home to report his inability to find anything dodgy. The Mafioso smiled to himself and started to pick his target for the night, exactly as the Godfather used to. He was now in the Godfather's shoes. (Credit to The Nightmare Tank)

The Godfather was very intimidating. However, intimidation wasn't enough. He needed some helpers. He knocked on doors. He didn't know what he was looking for exactly, but when he saw a fitting person, he would take them. Then, he found someone. He knocked vigorously. The Godfather got answered by a young, shaking man. "Err... Hi..." The Godfather looked at him bitterly. "May I come in?" "Of course, make yourself at home!" The Godfather walked in sat down. "Listen closely. I need someone to help kill the town. We will rule it." "I'm sorry?" The man looked utterly shocked. "You will help me with this mission. Whoever I ask you to kill, whoever I ask you to visit, you must must follow my lead." The Godfather was now smiling. "Well... What about my family... My friends... I..." He looked like he was about to cry. "You will follow my commands. You may even get promoted. Your family may survive, if you work well enough." His smile widened. "What if I say no?" The Godfather stopped smiling. "I will tell the town you're a killer. I'm good at persuasion." "I..." The man tried to think of something, but he was stuck. "That settles it. Don't think about telling anyone about this. Or your family won't be here to stay much longer." The Godfather seemed pleased. He walked out of the house silently. The man stood there. He had to do what he had to do. (Credit To Runtoastrun)

The Mafioso was a trusted Vigilante; the entire town trusted him, until the Godfather offered him so much more. Thanks to the Disguiser, he was able to make people seem as if he was new. The Godfather had ordered him to eliminate another town member. He bowed down then immediately left the room. He slowly approached the house of the victim, and aimed his gun right on the middle of his forehead. Before the victim could react, a loud bang was heard. The Mayor unhappily announced another murder had occurred. The Mafioso nonchalantly smiled as the victim was revealed to be his old pal, Vigilante. (Credit to AzureSemptember)

Love. Hope. Fear. Compassion. One man knew none of those things. All he knew was the order from the Godfather, the light of his cigar, and the flash of a bullet. He was the Mafioso. A man bred to kill. To serve. And ultimately, to die. All for the Mafia. He would step into his target's home, sit on their bed, and wait. Wait while his finger itched for the trigger. The door opened. The Jailor walked in. The Mafioso walked out. The Consigliere's info was right. He walked back to his home, ready to see the Godfather's smiling face as he completed his job. But no smiling face was there. That morning, two bodies lay on the ground in Salem. A man with keys at his side, and a man with a crisp tuxedo, white rose in the pocket. The Mafioso bent down and took the flower. "I did it Papa. I did what you asked." The Mafioso noticed the white rose had an imperfection, a hint of red. Of blood. "I will make you proud papa. I will make this town mine." He tucked the flower into his pocket. It was time to get to work. (credit to StormySeasSinkShips)

The right-hand man steps into the basement. There are his fellow Mafia members, including his leader, the Godfather. He listens to every word he speaks.

"Mafioso. Our Consigliere knows who the Mayor is. You know what to do. I'll call the Janitor." The Mafioso works his way to the top, hoping to become the best.

The next day, their operation has been successful. At day, someone initiates a random lynch on the Godfather. He defended himself the best he can, to no avail. In the shadows, the Mafioso is filled with rage.

"I will take your place, father." (Credit to Idelac)

He was a young Vigilante, troubled by the ever-increasing amounts of evils in the Town. As if they were not already enough, now the so-called "Godfather" had also made his entry. The Vigilante waited for many days, and finally found out who the Godfather was. Knowing him to be a cunning man who could manipulate the Town, the Vigilante decided to not inform the Town on this, as he would be hailed their hero anyway when he disposed off the Godfather. As he broke his way into the Godfather's residence, he found no one in the house. Barely he had taken two steps when he felt a strong grip on his arm, disarming him from the gun. "You had come to kill me here, hadn't you Vigilante," said a voice, "but for what? If you think I am doing this only to increase the chaos in the Town like that psychotic Serial Killer, you are wrong. I also used to be a young, energetic man who served this Town, but this Town wants no one to serve it. Do you not see every day innocent people losing their lives in the Town Square? Just because someone has a "hunch" that they are an evildoer? I have made the Mafia so that we can eradicate these so-called "good" Townies. You are a witness of all I have said like myself, and I invite you to join me as my deputy, my Mafioso."

The shaken Vigilante, without saying a word, left the Godfather's house. A few days later, the Sheriff's dead body would be found with a Death note, saying "The Godfather is not alone." He had made his decision. He would eradicate all the Godfather order him to, not caring whether he loses his life for that, although the Town still knew him as a Vigilante. And would the Godfather die before him, he would grab the reins of the Mafia. (Credits to King.Armaan.1)

Neutral role stories

Amnesiac stories

At the graveyard past the meadows of Salem, amidst the broken gravestones and drooping willow trees, a man strolls along a path every day. Nobody knows him or whatever he came here for, and he knows nobody - not even himself. Past the narrow path, he looks down to each crumbling slab of rock, at the worn names and chiselled last words from people whose faces he's never known. His clothes are ragged as his memories are shattered, and sometimes he imagines himself lying in the graveyard, under a different face, under a different name that wasn't written on him. And one night, under the round moon, he stumbles over one fresh gravestone that wasn't there the night before. Sifting aside the dirt, he reads a name and smiles at a jolt across his mind. He knows where he left off, and it's time for him to get back down to business. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to Alzar)

In the cemetery, a lone man walks around, looking at the headstones, thinking very hard. Ever since the man fell from a ladder on his head, he forgot EVERYTHING about himself, and no matter how hard he tries to remember, he can't. So now he spends his night wandering the graveyard, looking at the headstones, wondering who he was. He stops at a headstone of a random dead person. He doesn't bother looking at the headstone, for it would remind him that they had a life, and knew everything from their past before they passed. He just stared at the rugged gray cement, with the name, Giles Corey, etched into the surface. He began thinking about how cool Giles was, with his funny jokes and helping nature. I miss him, he thought to himself. Maybe you knew who I was befor-. It all came back that instant. The Amnesiac remembered who he was before, what he did, his family, everything. He yelled in excitement, running back to the town, wanting to tell everyone that his memory was back. In the morning, when he announced his memory was back, no one had the heart to tell him that he had mistaken all the events of his life with the life of Giles Corey, the man who had died the other day protecting the Doctor from the Serial Killer. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to ProjectRysa)

She'd been living like this, without a memory, for years now. They said she'd lost her memory after an explosion, but that was all they knew. They didn't know her name, who she was, why'd she'd been at the place of the explosion - she was a Jane Doe. It haunted her. She wanted to know who she was - craved to know, but wherever she looked, there weren't any answers. She was sitting in a café when it happened. This was something she'd do every week; she'd buy a newspaper and walk over to her favourite café. There she'd order some toast and coffee. Combing through the obituaries, she'd search for any clues of who she'd been before the explosion. The idea that reading about what other people had been would bring her any closer to her identity might seem futile, but it was all she had. No one alive in this town could give her any clues of who she was, so maybe, she figured, the dead could. Reading the obituaries in silence, one of them caught her eye. Her breath hitched and she could feel her heart beating faster; yes, yes! She remembered! (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to Norling)

After an exploding shrapnel accident, the once-glorious Amnesiac lacks anything but a shadow of his former life. As the town and mafia fall prey to death after death, as the people slowly dwindle down in numbers, the Amnesiac visits the graveyard one night and stares blankly at a tombstone. Suddenly, the Amnesiac's eyes widen. He remembers. (credit to Swedishlemon)

When the vigilante was walking through the Town of Salem, he was attacked by a member of the mafia and fell unconscious. Luckily, the doctor cam in time to save him. Though he woke up will no memory of who he was and how he got there. When the doctor let him free to go, one shady women asked if he can come with her. She told the vigilante that he was a mafioso and he needs to help the mafia. The consort and now mafioso worked together because of one forgetful mistake by the amnesiac. (Credit to Mineawesome)

You were recently realized from a near by hospital. Upon waking up you realize you don't remember anything and the doctors tell you your name. Your doctors thought it best to just send you home with your friends to help you recover from the amnesia. You may not know what you are doing, but it is up to you to decide your path. (credit to Hiphoplog)

A person wanders the Salem graveyard during midnight, staring at tombstones of people that have fallen victim to the Mafia. He experiences flashes and glimpses of his past life as he reads the inscriptions on the stone slabs. Before he makes his way off back to his home, he notices a tombstone of the Serial Killer that was lynched recently. As he stares at it, the glimpses become more intense and more graphic. Then he suddenly snaps his view right in front of him, his eye twitching and his mouth slowly quivering into a sickly grin. He knows his true purpose. (credit to Squiddington)

There once were two Serial Killers who worked together to eliminate the Town and Mafia. One night, one Serial Killer decided to kill the Mayor. The other warned him of a Bodyguard, yet he still decided to do it. He silently approached the Mayor's house with a knife, the Bodyguard attacked. The Serial Killer stabbed him before he could shoot, but the Bodyguard's gun landed on his head, causing amnesia. He lived for several days as an Amnesiac while the other Serial Killer insisted he was a Serial Killer too. Eventually the Sheriff got suspicious and called out the Serial Killer, leading to his demise. That night the Amnesiac visited the graveyard, and found himself looking at the Serial Killers grave. He suddenly remembered his past, and retrieved his old knife. He began to finish the rest of the Town and Mafia continuing his work. The Town had noticed the footprints near the grave, and wondered, "Who is the new Serial Killer?" (credit to gaugamer237)

After 3 years in the Salem Hospital, the Amnesiac is released from the psychiatric ward to remember where she lived. She had remembered living in the Town of Salem. Once in her dusty home, She writes notes to herself trying to remember what she did for a job. The first day back, The framer was lynched by the investigator for working against the town. Fuzzy memories flash past her as she tries to remember, But she was not a framer working for the mafia. Another day passed of attempted remembrance of job, she had saw the investigator dead in front of their house. Later, the serial killer was lynched when the sheriff pointed him out. More fuzzy memories had appeared, just more broad. That night, she had visited the serial killer's house, let herself in, and looked around. The serial killer had a collection of knifes. Seeing these knifes flashed memories stronger than the flashes from seeing the framer's death. She knew her purpose now. To continue her work as a Serial Killer before the Bodyguard incident. (credit to Setpep)

It was around midnight, a simple Lookout was in his house, getting ready for bed. He heard something coming from outside, he walked to the door, and saw a shadow of a person, he approached the shadow, but didn't see anything, the person snuck up on him from behind, and hit him on the ground, they struggled, until the other man stabbed him in his head. Months later, the Lookout wakes up in the hospital of Salem. One of the doctors looked at him, "He's alive!" says the doctor, the other doctors enter the room, "W-What happened?" asked the Lookout, "You were attacked. We still don't know by who. You had serious head injuries, you're very lucky you're alive." says the doctor. After recovering, he gets sent back home, he still doesn't remember anything from his past life, everything that happened that night, was just a vague memory, "Who am I?" he asked himself. One day he walked through the Salem graveyard, and saw the grave of a jester, "Am I a jester?" he asked himself, memories flash by, "No, no, I can't remember anything about a jester..." he says, he sees a serial killer's grave, he walks towards it, suddenly he remembers what happened that night, this dead serial killer was the same one who attacked him so many months ago. Suddenly he remembers who he is, "I am the lookout." he said, and he walks away from the grave. (Credit to Thibo1102)

The Investigator swiftly went in to his target's house at night, the man had called him out, claiming he was the lookout and that he had visited the Sheriff the night he died. Half the town had believed the fool, only the real Lookout, the Veteran and Doctor knew he was innocent. As he turned on his lamp, he found what he had expected. The person's basement were lined with false documents, too many for a Framer to put in before he came. He wrote the man down as the Framer. And left. However, once he came home, he saw a Vigilante, his revolver aimed at his head. the Vigilante shot him, but the Doctor, one of the people on his side, quickly came to his aid. But the shot had given him amnesia, when he came out to the circle, he didn't remember anything, not even getting healed by the Doctor when the Vigilante shot him. Or finding the Framer. He became an Amnesiac. There was another Investigator who said that the man who he investigated the night he got shot by the Vigilante was the Framer, the executioner was still alive, and the town believed he was the executioner, and lynched him. Despite his defenses. That night, the Investigator, now an amnesiac. Wandered the graves at night. He looked at the sheriff's grave. Memories flashed by. But he didn't remember anything about being a sheriff. His memories tampered with him as he went by grave after grave, until his sight rested on the Investigator's grave. Memories flashed by, becoming more and more graphic. And then he remembered his true self. "I am the Investigator" He said aloud to no one, then walked to his house. Once he returned home he gathered his old information, seeing who the Framer was. When dawn streamed into the town, the town was excited to see the Mafioso, killed by the Veterean, and the Godfather, executed by the Jailor, dead. One man didn't look enthusiastic about it at all, the same person he investigated the night he got shot. He raised his finger towards the Framer, now the Mafioso, ready to accuse him. (unregistered contributor)

A man strolls through the graveyard of Town Of Salem. No one knows who this man is, not even himself. He moved to this town trying to remember who he once was. He stared at all of the graves looking at the people's names and their roles in the town. They all seemed to distance. Far off from what he thought he was. He had no idea what he was but he figured he would know if he saw it. Every day was the same- Town accuses someone, they lynch them. Every night was the same- He took a walk and looks at graves. One day this will be different. The man would always think to himself. One day I will remember who I was- who I am, and I will show the town not to kill an innocent town member but instead I will find the mafia. I will find them by myself, and I will kill them. The next day as he passed through the graveyard he spotted a grave he never saw before. The dirt was just recently put back down. ‘William Hobbs: He was a great man, an investigator. He killed the blackmailer. May he rest in peace.’ He read, suddenly in a second the man remembered everything. He remembered how he was also an investigator. He remembered everyone he had looked at, and he heard his past self say something that stuck to his mind. “We have some work to do.” (Credit to Squirtlesmind)

Who is John Hawthorne?

To the Town of Salem, he used to be a loyal protector who is willing to protect the others, a parent figure and mentor for Samuel, and a best friend for Ann, Samuel, and Mary. Sadly, the John Hawthorne they knew had gone. He is nobody for them, he is just a empty husk of the old John Hawthorne, with no job, no memories, nothing.

Everyone remembers what he used to be, but he doesn't remember everything about him, all thanks to a mistake done by the Vigilante. He mistakes John as the Godfather, and decides to shot him. He is shot in the head and goes into a comatose state for three months. After a long sleep, John wakes up in Ann's clinic, confused with how he ended up here. "What happened... And where am I...?" He looks at Ann and Samuel, but he can't recall what are their names. Ann, with her always calm and serene tone, speaks "you were shot by a Vigilante, but you are safe right now John. Do you remember anything?"

John can only shakes his head.

Frustrated, Samuel goes out angrily and blames himself for what happened to his precious mentor. After a week, John goes home, and lives as the Amnesiac. He always asks to himself, "Who am I?" as he wants to remember what he is before the Vigilante incident. The morning after the day he is allowed to go home, he sees two things that caused fuzzy memories to come in his mind: the crying and grieving Ann Rose, holding Samuel's dead body, and also the body of Steve, the pyromaniac with a bullet wound on his head. Her crying echoes bitterly in the morning, making John remembers more and more, but he still can't recall who he is.

Only that night, when he visited the graveyard, he remembers everything. He stands in front of the grave of Steve, reading his name and occupation. "No, I can't possibly be the pyromaniac who wants to burn everybody..." Shaking his head, he goes to the grave of Samuel, which engraved, "Here lies Samuel Parris. He died with honour, protecting this Town from the Arsonist. He is the Bodyguard of this Town. May he rest in peace." As he finishes reading the words, a shock pain attacks his head, but he endures it and holds his head.

"I... I am the Bodyguard... I am the mentor of Samuel, and also a friend of Ann and Mary." He releases the hold on his head, and takes the revolver that belongs to Samuel, he cleans it with great care and looks at the grave of his pupil. "Rest in peace now, my child. I'll finish the job myself. Ann will be okay from now on." He walks away from the grave with solemn expression, saddened with the death of his pupil. But sadness is the thing that always be with him. For the rest of his life.

Who is John Hawthorne? You know who he is now... (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

He does not remember his name. In fact, he does not remember anything. His memories are gone, completely, after being tragically injured. He spends his days in his house, which he does not recognize, tracing patterns on the walls, trying to make sense of what all the pictures and strange papers must mean. He is an Amnesiac.

One day, he stumbles upon a graveyard, tucked away at the back of the Town, with moss-lined gravestones in which names were engraved. There is no one here except for him. His footsteps make crunching sounds as he crushes dry grass. He inspects each gravestone, admiring the details, tracing the names, the eulogies, and the handwritten cards held to the ground by stones and sticks. Before long, he is visiting the cemetery every day, walking, looking, but so far, no remembering. In his delusional mind, he belonged here. One of the many names carved into the gravestones were his own. So slowly, he checks each gravestone, every single one, until he comes across the final one. There is no fancy eulogy, no pretty designs embed into the rock. No flowers left to remember the dead person, only sticks and stones, and scratches across the stone as if the person's family and friends were taking their anger out on the grave, and maybe perhaps the dead. But suddenly, the Amnesiac closes his eyes as memories overtake him. He digs through the dirt, coming across a faded wooden box with iron reinforcements. Opening the case eagerly, he reaches in and grabs his tools.

And suddenly, he understands what they mean. (Credit to Moonlightpetal (talk))

The graveyard's gate creaks open. A mental patient steps through. In a fight, he was hit on the head, and lost every last memory he had. He tries his hardest to remember, and this is his only lead. He is the Amnesiac.

He saw particular gravestones for as long as he could remember. Looking around, he can't remember what his role was. But he sees a fresh gravestone that wasn't there yesterday.

Inspecting the gravestone, he reads the name of the lost soul, its last words, and, most importantly, its role. The name and last words were of no concern to him, but the role... "Lookout" seemed so familiar.

He thinks what he would be if he was like the Lookout. Thinking this thought, he experiences a flashback, unlike any he had ever experienced. And that is when his eyes are opened.

"That's right! I remember!" (Credit to Idelac)

An emptiness plagued her.

She had no place. No idea who she was, no idea how she got here, no idea where she belonged. There was only a name, and emptiness where any other memories were supposed to be. In her head, in her heart, she had nothing.

She felt at peace in the graveyard. She couldn't explain why- you'd think in a town of death, you'd want some respite from it, not reminders- but something about these people, these lives, these roles, all reminded her of... something. As more bodies hit the ground every day, as more evildoers and innocents alike were left to hang, something was stirring inside her. Something faintly familiar. Something she wasn't used to.



Her gaze locks on the newest headstone, her eyes wide, as she gasps. Something was stirring in her, and she started giggling like a small child. The emptiness was gone, for the first time in forever...

She knew who she was.

Arsonist stories

"Good luck." A subtle saying typically used in a way to instill a false sense of innocence in someone. Seeming to be a kind gesture towards the other people in the town. But to him, it was nothing more than a veiled threat, thrown out loudly and with a devilish smile. He only said it, because he knew they would need it... Once the night came, his fun began. Walking slowly, proudly, a puff in his chest and a spring in his step. Visiting other's houses, brandishing a gas can, emptying it on their houses, whistling and smiling. Letting loose a single, satisfied word once his can was empty. "Doused." Three nights later, 2 people had been hung to death, the town Sheriff and a Jester, who was likely to take another's soul this coming night, the town was in paranoia, people claiming others were evil, angrily calling those who did not agree "Idiots" or saying the rather popular phrase "Stupid town". But to him, it was just fading into the noise of birds chirping, water rushing, and far, within his mind, the screams of people burning. The night forced everyone into their homes, but he only had one word on his mind, and let it loose from his ash stained lips. "Ignite." The screams in his mind, were suddenly very, very, real. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to TheWillEffect)

He has vivid memories of his life as a child. His first memory is that of watching fireworks when he was three. When he was five, his parents caught him playing with matches. They did not notice the smell of the gasoline. When he was seven, his house burned down. The fire department tracked the source to his bedroom. They could not figure out who might have started it. When he was eight, his parents were found charred in the woods. No suspects were found. When he was nine, the orphanage he was in burned down. The fire department could not find a cause. When he was eleven, his foster home burned down, killing both his foster parents. The fire department tracked the source to his foster parents' room. The list went on. But here he was now, at age 47, living fairly peacefully in Salem. Then, one day, he got an idea: why not throw gasoline on someone, as a practical joke? He decided to do so that night, but to not tell his victim. The next night, he noticed that his gasoline can had leaked all the way back to his house. He wondered what would happen if he lit the end. He watched the flame slowly make its way to the house of his victim - and burn him! He smiled to himself and thought, I like this way of life. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to Anonymous0726)

The light of the fire coming from a lit match shined in the darkness of the night, which was accompanied by the glittering stars of the background. The smell of gasoline filled the air inside the small room that the Arsonist found in a house, as well as a window that would allow him to jump, stealthily, out and into fresh air. He smiled as he watched the fire.

The fire was flickering in the darkness, and it reminded him of... well, fire. He tilted his head, as if he was admiring the fire, which, well, he was. After all, such a simple element would lead to the death of thousands. He smiled an insane smile, instead of a calm smile, and dropped the match. He immediately ran out of the room, through the window, before the match even fell onto the puddle of gasoline that he left there a few nights before.

Almost immediately, the house behind him went up in flames, and the screams of a poor, unsuspecting soul cried out in agony as they died. He watched as the fire spread to the second house, which belonged to another unsuspecting soul. The Arsonist smiled as he saw his victims' houses go up in flames, and as he heard the screams of people as they slowly burned to death. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to DayNight)

Lurking within the shadows of Salem lies a tortured soul. Hoarding gallons of fuel used in fire-breathing stunts from his failed circus performing career, the Arsonist's mind only remembers the murderer who killed his entire circus. His psyche broken, the Arsonist lights a match in one hand and carries a fuel tank in the other. He is ready to act upon his shattered morality's view of what's right. (unregistered contributor)

The Arsonist caresses the match flame with his finger, licking his lips as he looks around. His eyes are filled with insanity. The houses, wet with gas, twinkle dully in the moonlight. He debates internally, his sanity quickly eroding to a mere nub as the night passes. As the sun begins to peek over the horizon, he breaks before his insanity. He drops the match and steps back in one fluid motion, starting to giggle. The match seems to fall in slow motion, flickering, guttering-but not going out. The flames leap up, hungrily devouring the gas. He roars with the fire, cackles as it crackles; the smoke and fire paints the sky red in the coming dawn, silhouetting the lone man watching the town burn. (credit to SOURCECODE01)

The Arsonist, an insane asylum patient, is a pyromaniac driven by his burning passion of setting everything on fire. Carrying a fuel tank in one hand and a matchstick in the other, the Arsonist douses a person's house in gasoline, and then when he deems it the right time, lights his doused targets up, and as he watches their houses go in flames, he grins and makes his way back to his house, until the final morning comes, where everyone has gone up in ashes. The Arsonist's work here is done. (unregistered contributor)

Inside the charred remains of a burnt-down building, sits a crying man. His family is no-where to be found after the blazing wreck, and his mind is driving him insane at the thought of seeing his family perish in the flames. A spark lights open a nearby match, next to the man. His mind is now broken, the sight of the burning match snaps his burning anger. He gets up, grabs the fuel tank and matches that the Arsonist left behind, and stalks the shadows of Salem, burning down any house in his wake to "avenge" his family in his own way... (credit to Squiddington)

Lurking within the shadows of Salem lies a tortured and unhappy soul. Once a talented circus performer, he retired and has become a famous businessman dealing with fire, and being able to solve any arsonist case. A few years later, he meets a young woman. She is a Witch, and seeks revenge for her brother arsonist that he killed. Using her charms, she makes him fall in love with her and eventually gets married. One night, she controls him, and makes sure he is conscious to remember everything. Forcing him to get a fuel tank and a match, he burns her. After her death, he finds a letter she wrote to him that explained everything. Heartbroken and shunned, he vows to stay loyal to her, and heads off with his old circus equipment to become the one and only feared Arsonist. (unregistered contributor)

A rich, comfortable family lived in the biggest house in the circle. No one had a house as big as them. The littlest of them, didn't like it. He said it was too big. Then, one day, it wasn't there. He and his big sister, showed up. Their parents were in the house when they left. They looked at the remains. His sister rushed to the house across the street. She took him over there so he didn't have to look at the horrendous monstrosity of a wreck was on the property. She cried with all her might. She gave 100% everyday, and today seemed to be a 0%. His sister left him at the neighbors and committed suicide. He remembered leaving the neighbors' house and looking at his house, which was just a pile of ashes. He was adopted, then ran away again. He hated everything. He hated his mom. His dad. His sister. Fire burned in his heart. His mind was unruly. he had to get rid of it. All the anger. All of the hate..... (unregistered contributor)

The Arsonist used to be a low-life volunteer firefighter. He hated fire, and he wanted the world ridden of it. He absolutely hated it, with all his heart. He would carry at least a gallon of water everywhere he went, in paranoia that fire would consume his location. Everyone mocked him for his fear of fire, but he didn't care. He just didn't. But one day, one man would take it too far. the Jester would burn down his house. It would be the ultimate crime to get him lynched. But, to no avail. The man put the fire out. But after that, he realized he couldn't take his fear of fire anymore. He couldn't let everything lead up to this. He would confront his fears of fire, without a fire hose at hand. He then, and only then, would he realize how fire looked so beautiful. He was fascinated. His life made a huge turnaround, he thought. He thought, with the world consumed with fire, everyone could see its beauty. He would place a gas can in someone's house every night, and use a fine mechanism he made to ignite them all using an old radio he repaired. When he turned on Station 46 FM... all hell broke loose. (credit to Octometaknight)

A small child skipped through the woods. He smiled and glanced at the large vast tangle of trees and bushes before him. As he reached the deep part of the forest, he saw a woman. The woman was approaching a shack hidden in the woods- the spy's shack. The boy watched the woman creep in through a nearby window, and approach the unsuspecting spy. He saw her light a single match, and toss it on the spy. The spy screamed in agony as the fire burned her skin. The woman quickly darted out of the house through the front door. The little boy gasped. He's never seen someone die like that before. The woman spotted the young boy and smiled at him. She asked him if he liked fire. The boy shrugged. The woman lit a match. She held in front of the boy's face. The boy stared at it. The fire was really pretty. The woman promised the boy anything he wanted in the world if she would join her and become her successor should she pass. The boy nodded enthusiastically. He agreed to be her successor. He promised the woman he would make the town burn. (credit to LittleMissFanGirl14)

WE HAVE TO FIND HIM! Shouted the frightened towns people, they were of course talking about the arsonist, but why did this once peaceful town seem so intent on finding this man, it was because during the darkness of night he had stealthy visited all their homes and covered them in gasoline, they knew their time was fleeting and that he was essentially a ticking time bomb leading towards their inevitable fate, but what terrible fate could this be, they all knew the answer to that, they were all going to burn, all except for one, but who is this one person, none of them have the faintest idea and as they all argue amongst themselves, he feigns fear of the arsonist, but this is all a ruse for he is the one that controls the flames, he is misleading the town and they don't know what to do, in their paranoia they vote to lynch a random town member, he must be the arsonist they all think, it has to be him, if it isn't then they are all doomed, when on trial he pleads that he is not the arsonist and that he is the only one who can stop him, the town doesn't believe him and out of desperation hang him, they read his will which revealed him to be the jailor and it pointed out who the arsonist was and that he had planned to lock him up and execute him, what have they done they all thought, the man was telling the truth, he could have stopped him from killing them all, but they killed him instead, with his identity revealed the arsonist dropped the mask of sanity to reveal his madness, he laughs at them, he thanked them for killing the one who had threatened his plan, finding it hilarious that they are such fools, now they know who he is they can stop him! But as the sun sets he vanishes into the night, he had slipped right through their hands, the town members go back into their homes empty handed, they know they will die tonight as they have lost their one chance to stop him. Deep into the night they all watch in horror as the arsonist steps out from the shadows, his face lit up by the match he held in his hand as a twisted smile formed on his face, with the flames reflected in his eyes revealing his soul, he walked into town with his instrument of terror and spoke only one word, "burn" he dropped the match and watched as the fire broke off into separate trails, all racing to every house but his own, the towns people screamed in pain, their bodies twisting and melting, being consumed by the fire, but unlike them he did not scream, he only laughed, a laugh of joy mixed with insanity. The next morning no one walked out of their homes, no one except for him, for he had completed his goal, to cleanse this town with fire, as he looked upon his masterpiece he spoke out loud "now time to cleanse the world". (Credit to MattBab4)

The Arsonist was just a regular kid, who wanted to become a chef one day. However, after the day he was controlled by a Witch, it seemed like he had gotten a curse. Whenever he would try to light a match, the match would not set on fire, no matter how hard he tried. Soon, this curse drove him crazy. Of course he loved fire, but the only thing hindering him from using it was those darn matchs made by the Townspeople.

The Arsonist is misunderstood by most people; they think he is trying to burn everyone alive, but that is not the truth. the reality is the fact that the Arsonist only wants to try and burn the town because of their poor match quality. But the reason why not only town members die, but everyone dies, is because his curse with matches has driven him insane; he thinks that even owning a match is a crime! Unfortunately, it seems that everybody in Salem owned matches. So at night, he carries his gasoline can and his lighter and drenches a random person's house with gas. He believes that the only way to get even with those darn matches is by destroying them with their on creation: fire. After he gets a substantial amount of match-bearing townies covered in gas, he makes a trail of oil to a single area. And then, he takes out his lighter.

Now the Vigilante is trying to make a last effort to try and make the Arsonist stop. The Vigilante rushes out of his house without even having his coat on. He hastily points his pistol at the Arsonist and takes a shot, and prays that it hits the Arsonist so the townies all can breathe a sigh of relief. but it doesn't. The Arsonist swiftly moves backward, and the bullet harmlessly strikes the pavement. The Vigilante reloads, in a valiant effort to save the town, but he knows he is too late. The Arsonist calmly bends down, and ignites the gas. Lines of fire rush out in all directions, and the Vigilante shoots a bullet in pure frustration. As the burning victims scream, the bullet lands on an unsuspecting doctor who is trying to heal a crippled townie. The doctor falls to the ground and dies. The Vigilante, overwhelmed with grief, shoots himself for letting the entire town down. The Arsonist has finished his task.

But don't let the evil side of the Arsonist make you think that he is a badguy. The Arsonist, completing another one of his goals, has become a succesful chef. Now he makes five-star meals, which are only served to the very few customers willing to go to his restaurant. The rest of the townies are scared to go there because of the giant sign outside that says, "The Arsonist's Restaurant". They don't know how much good food they're missing out on. But there's a very important tip, though. If you do decide to go to his restaurant, whatever you do, DON'T mention anything about matches around him or he WILL incinerate you. itshme

The sunrise this morning was beautiful.

As the sun peaked over the eastern hills, it cascaded an intense scarlet light onto the town. The whole town was caught in a glamour of red and orange and yellow, and the horizon burned so vividly it almost blackened my eyes! I'm really not much of a morning person, but I think it was worth it this one time. For the first time in years, I really found the town of Salem beautiful.

Ah, Salem.

My home, although much of the time I find myself wishing it was not. For so many years it had been so boring, until it all exploded into a hellhole of senseless voting, accusations, and lynchings. I really wasn't much one for it, especially since it meant getting up early every single morning.

That's not even taking into account all that has been lost! For example, yesterday an innocent, albeit curious, citizen was put to the noose. She had been hanging around houses at night, seeing who came in and who went out. Noble-hearted, but foolish.

Although, I suppose some good has come of the lynchings. A few members of the mafia have fallen under the town's idea of justice.

But the more I try to convince myself that the "democratic process" is the best way to get rid of the mafia, the more I fail. Too risky, by far. The mafia would all perish in one night if the people of Salem were wise enough to see the possibilities. The way the town is going about it now, they will simply dismember themselves and let the mafia pick apart the remaining pieces.

Oh well. I don't even know why I'm bothering to write about the possibilities.

After all, I've already made them all real.

I've put an end to the Salem's problems! It was hard, yes, but worth it to not have to get up early. Oh, and no more of that senseless voting! No more have to die to the town's skewed perception of justice. And, above all, Salem has been ridded of the mafia. No more have to die to the scum that stalked the streets and forced the citizens inside their homes.

Yes, this is the last time I will have to wake up early. I don't know why I even bothered seeing if anybody would show up at the town square. I knew nobody would show up. And sure enough, I walked into Salem's meeting point this morning and found that nobody joined me. So, I sat beneath the tyrannical noose that had claimed so many unfairly, and watched the morning light.

The sunrise was beautiful, as I already wrote. But the flames consuming the town, and with it the mafia, helped a bit, I suppose. (credit to Alchevexxed)

The arsonist sighed, staring at the houses. It was midnight, and he could hear the people killing each other. And later, he would hear screams. He knew. He had doused everyone, and pretended he too had doused himself. How silly for the town to believe he was a transporter. Maybe it was true, the rumor that most towns were dumb, and it was by sheer luck they would "win" the game. He lit a match, staring at the houses around him once again. There was one person's house who he had not doused. He decided he wasn't worth bothering about. He glanced at the match, and dropped it onto the trail of gasoline he had left, connecting to almost every house, but two. He could hear many screams. Many, many screams. He could also hear fire burning. Oh, to see fire burn once again..

In the morning, the Serial Killer held a terrified face as he knew what fate had been sealed for him. Despite that, he tried not to show it. The arsonist just chuckled, waiting it to once again become night. (Credit to JaneIsDerpish.)

This man had been fascinated by fire and heat all his life. Anything that emitted extreme heat and light fascinated him. Whether a lightbulb, a stove, or a matchstick, anything like this would entrance him. One day, he burned down his family home. At this point, the military had caught wind of him. They enlisted him, with the promise that he could play with fire all the time.

After the war, he returned to his hometown, Salem. He still wanted to burn and kill. But he had saved some things that he had been given during the war. A bulletproof vest, gas mask, and a flare gun. But he had also stockpiled gasoline, matches and sticks. All to satisfy his urges to burn.

That night, the town looked especially bright. Because they had all been doused in gasoline. The Arsonist then aimed his flare gun at a nearby house and pulled the trigger. The orange streak roared across the street and hit the house, lighting it on fire. The fire then rushed to every other house in the town, eventually consuming the whole town. And in the shadows, one man watched from the porch of his home. This man had burned everything. Killed everyone.

The next morning, no one walked the streets except for the Arsonist. Burned corpses and charred wreckage littered the smoking paved pathways.(Credit to Cptrockets30)

At an age of 3, this guy has been an audience of a live fire where his parents died. Stunned. Scared. Fear. Sadness. Devastated. That's his state. A fire started at his house because of the filthy mayor wanting their land-- a big land. Seeking for revenge, he met a witch who's willing to help him. Blinded with the angriness and loneliness, he accepted the witch's offer and got a bottle full of gas, a match and of course, a wicked smile.

After 15 years, A village was destroyed and all the people were killed including the mayor. Its a big fire that even the firemen cant put out. While the people from the other villages are panicking, there's a guy sitting on the branch of a tree wearing a big grin and having lots of black things in his face. The Arsonist. (Credit to Anonymous Wiki User)

A young man loves anything burning. He wants to see fire. He wants to see flames.

At the age of 14, he was a young boy who liked to vandalize via fire. He then grew with it. He ended up getting pyromania. His laugh got more despicable and evil. Soon enough, he wanted PEOPLE to burn.

Claiming to be a protector, he hides a gasoline can he stole from the Transporter, and a match. He wants to see a perfectly made town turn into a pile of ashes that he could play in. Night after night, he would go to a house, and smear it in gasoline. He knew the moment would come soon.

He watches as the townspeople accuse one another. The Executioner who wanted the Spy dead was guns blazing. The Sheriff who found a Forger, and a Jester trying to look suspicious accusing the Escort of a Consort. Well everyone has grudges. The man thought, as he reeks of gasoline, once again.

Tonight was the night. The Arsonist was ready. He put a trail of gasoline from his doused victims to a tree. He lights a match. "Light 'em up". Tossing the match, he watches as the trail goes to his victims. He kneels on his two knees, laughing like a psychopath. (Credit to GhostyGuy619)

2 years ago... A man watched in horror as everything he cared about went up into flames. Letters from deceased friends, ideas for a new book, his loyal best friend gone. He swore that he would get revenge for the people who did this. He would make everyone feel the same pain he once felt. (Credit to xXGemstarXx)

He had always admired fire. The way it warmed his cold fingers, the way it lit up so brightly, a beacon to all. Yet one touch with wood or gasoline, it turned into a monster, rampaging its way through the Town, burning, burning, burning. In his mind, he could see it happening. He could hear the yelling, the cries for help as the townsfolk's mounds of wood was devoured by the fire. And finally, after years of mindless wandering, playing with matches, he had a goal.

His gasoline can held in his hand, he sets off towards the first house. Dumping the smooth, oily, liquid, he feels happy, happier than he ever had. Whispering a silent "Goodnight!" he sets off towards home.

It has been a few days later. The man has not washed, slept, or even eaten. All he cares about is his precious fire, HIS fire, that would soon come alive. Every time he doused his victims, he could see it so clearly. A burning fire, red, orange, and blue, would leap from house to house, devouring each one mercilessly, before the entire Town would fall into ashes. So he keeps going, until he know it is time. Bringing out a single match, he watches the tiny flame dance to life, flickering in the darkness.

"Get them." he whispers to it, the flame reflecting in his eyes.

The flame obeyed. (Credit to Moonlightpetal (talk))

Once there was a boy. He was called John Hawthorne. One day he and his friends went camping. They found a good spot and went to sleep. That night at twelve o'clock he was sitting near the camp. He calmly watched his friends burn. After that he had a new interest. He burned his toys,curtains,even his own bed and then...he ultimately burned his own house. Then he started burning others. After that day there was no John Hawthorne. There was only...The Arsonist (credit to luksushotelli)

As soon as dawn gripped Salem and the Arsonist drowsily awoke, he knew something was amiss. The scent lingering in the air had been previously present, but had evidently intensified. It was a smell he knew all too well. He had been D O U S E D. In the red light of the morning, he examined his house, scrutinising every inch to separate the unsuspecting drops of rain from the deadly gasoline. This would take hours to remove, he thought, maybe missing out on D O U S I N G another potential victim. Oh well, as long as he himself didn't suffer the awful fate he gave his own innocent victims.

He remained indoors throughout the day, not risking anyone catching a whiff of the gasoline he was D O U S E D in. Night had to fall before he had a chance to clean the gasoline off himself, hoping that he was not making a terrible mistake through doing so. As he scrubbed at the exterior of his house, a quick movement across the square caught his attention. Curious, he dropped his utensils and padded quietly down his rickety ladder, landing on the soft dirt surrounding his isolated house.

As he approached the house closest to the glimpsed movement, he halted. There was the smell again. This poor house had been D O U S E D. He flinched backwards in shock - and just in time too- as the house erupted in a wave of burning flames. A noise came from behind him, and he whipped around, squinting through the darkness. He spotted a small, crouched figure, partially hidden around the corner of a neighbouring house, staring at him while cowering in the shadows. Curiosity drew the Arsonist toward the now trapped figure. They had nowhere to run, nor to hide. Another potential victim.

But something stopped the Arsonist's burning desire to douse the fearful figure. In the dim light produced by the incinerating house he could see the outline of a gas mask, not unlike his own, but instead upon the face of a small child. The other Arsonist. One that no-one could possibly suspect. (credit to Slothcloth)

He gets up, ready for his night routine. He takes a can of gasoline. He steps out of his humble abode, getting ready to douse one last person.

The Arsonist stealthily jumps behind the house and dumps his gasoline on the back of the house, and on the roof. He knows where to put the gasoline so it won't be noticed.

At day, the Jester has been hung. The Town enters into panic, but that's not all the danger they're in. The night forces everyone into their homes.

The Arsonist decides to end it all. Making a path of gasoline to each doused house, he ignites the gasoline, each igniting a flame to each one.

What's left of Salem? Now you know. (Credit to Idelac)

The townspeople were awoken in the middle of the night to a faint glow in a cul-de-sac on the far side of town. Alarm bells rang, screams were heard, and a loud, agonized, bellowing cry emanated from the front of the house as a young boy watched the home that he had grown up in, lived in, discovered himself in, and felt the safest in collapse in front of his eyes, engulfed by that terrible, ravenous demon that could be sated by nothing.

Nothing was recovered from the house...not even the boy's soul.

He grew up alone; adults found him to be strange, peers found him to be scary. He didn't think himself to be either of those things; he just wanted to forgive that demon who had taken everything from him.

He would spend hours on end staring at the fireplace in the orphanage that was supposed to be his new home before his caretaker silenced the fire to signal the start of the night. But before she would, he would have endless silent conversations with it. From afar, it seemed as if he was looking into nothing, but he was really having deep discussions with his new friend, telling it everything he knew about himself and teaching it how to be in control of its hunger. The fire told him stories too, stories about how the mayor of the town was reading the newspaper and chewing on a cigar the night his home went up in flames.

The people his age told him the fire was his fault. The fire told him it was theirs. After all, no one had come to save his house in time. No one had tried to run inside and save his family and himself from the flames.

Only the fire was there when the boy was in need of something, anything to hold on to. And now, the fire reminds him that if it can't feed, it will die. The fire was there for him; now he must be there for the fire. And he knows exactly who will feed it.

The townspeople were awoken in the middle of the night to a faint glow in the center of town. Alarm bells rang, screams were heard, and a loud, agonized, bellowing cry emanated from inside the house as the mayor scrambled down the hallway, opening one door, then another, shrieking with fright as a wooden beam encased with fire fell behind him, coughing out his lungs as an unwanted guest caused them to balloon and contract, burning his hands on ornate, metal doorknobs and hinges (items he spent a good fortune on), collapsing again and again as smoke burned his eyes and nose, and sobbing with panic and fear as he found himself trapped by a terrible, ravenous demon that could be sated by nothing.

A good two blocks away, the Arsonist grinned, knowing the mayor was just the beginning. (Credit to Slugkitty)

Executioner stories

The Investigator walks into an old ramshackle house, he had received a lead on this person which he didn't want to ignore. He was glad he didn't. There were pictures everywhere, and all of them were of the same person, with red painted X's going through their face. This person clearly had a problem, perhaps it was an enemy, or maybe just a poor soul targeted by this insane lunatic. All of the accusations made sense now. Every time the suspicion was placed on the poor nurse this... Executioner made sure the whole town was convinced they were guilty. No wonder the Executioner was so upset when the town realized they had been tricked, and voted the target innocent. The Investigator sat down and tried to make sense of what could drive someone to target just an innocent nurse. He racked his brain, perhaps it was a long time ago when the nurse accused him... but obviously this obsession was going way further than that.

No one knows why the Executioner targets you, but their silver tongues will try their hardest to get you lynched, whatever the cost may be. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to Konekoa97)

The man was sat in his chair, remembering the moment the noose tightened around his rival's neck. Bitter enemies from childhood, their hatred for each other had only grown with every year. The ripples of violence across the Town has given him the perfect opportunity to dispose of the man he hated most. But as he thought of his victim's last moments, he began to realise the gravity of his actions. Had it been worth it? The man's face began to twitch as his victim stopped in his head. The Executioner stood from his chair as the sun rose, bringing with it more dead. His mind struggled to comprehend the thought of going outside and facing the judgement of the town. He watched as the Sheriff dragged out another body from within a house. Something snapped inside the Executioner's mind. He pushed open the door and stepped outside, ready for whatever was coming next. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to bearprey)

"Father.." He whispers, the horror striking his eyes as his father is hung in front of his eyes; in front of the entire town. The town smiles and talks to one another happily, thinking that they were finally free from the Mafia. But they were wrong. His gaze burns over to the man in the corner who caused this. It was the all friendly, non-suspecting townsman; at least on the outside. The townsman was an old man, but he was wise and well believed. Him and his son claimed that his father was a murderer, killing everyone in the town at night. But he knew, deep in his heart, that he was innocent. Every night since, a raging fire of hatred has swelled up inside him, growing after each person the old man lynched. After he lynched one, and another person was murdered, he would lynch another for no reason, with no evidence; And the town believed him. Soon, he was the only one from his family left. He was no doubt going to be killed sooner or later. But he would get his revenge before his time was up, and the world would know it was him. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to vannahfoxx)

Emboldened by personal prejudice or a long ingrained blood feud, the Executioner holds a grudge. They seethe with rage at seeing their target breathe and does everything in their power to see them hung before the Town. However, their mind can be broken by the sight of his target dead at the hands of another. Uncertain on how to proceed a normal life not fueled by revenge, he will transform into a Jester as penance for his failure to act. (unregistered contributor)

The Executioner lived a normal life. Then his son was kidnapped and had a ransom that cost a lot more than he can have. It was called murdering a man just for his own son. If he fails, the son dies. When the target doesn't specifically get lynched, he will suicide out of grief just to see his poor boy. (credit to tiffanyclarke123)

Years ago, one man crossed the Executioner. The Executioner begged for money, but the man just scoffed. But years later, the Executioner still remembers. That's why he has joined the Town of Salem. To most, hes just a simple man trying to survive. But at night, he stalks his prey. But then, at daybreak, he charges to the man, and accuses him of plotting against the Town. The man insists he is just a mere Doctor, and that the Executioner is crazy. Speaking loudly, the Executioner begins insisting that his target has committed the crimes. As a group forms around them, more and more people step up, saying that the "doctor" might have killed fellow townsmen. Holding back a grin, the Executioner puts out the idea to hang the man. Many agree. The man is hanged, and thus another person's life has been claimed by the Executioner. (unregistered contributor)

He came out of the school and walked home. He was alone. The Mafia killed his mom, and the Witch crazed his dad. He didn't do school too well, especially with the bullies. There was this one boy. He came to him everyday and threatened to lynch him when the time came. Both of the boys grew older, and didn't seem to see each other much. Then, one day, when they were older, the bully then threatened the boy again. The boy had a grudge. A grudge that would be a fight amongst the bloods for centuries again. He needed revenge..... (unregistered contributor)

A man who bought the power of lynching to the town, this particular person rules the gallows with a rod of iron. While the town uses the rope for lynching evil-doers, the Executioner sees one particular towns-member that stands out from the crowd. His target. His infinite rage can only be fed by seeing his target hanging lifeless before the town. However, if one such killer happens to interfere with the death of the Executioners target, he breaks into insanity, becoming a Jester and thus, becoming his own target. (credit to Squiddington)

The Executioner was an obsessed hunter. He carried a hunting rifle everywhere he went, and took his job very seriously. He was so alert and comfortable that not even a man with knives or weaponry could harm him under his skillful cloak. He learned how to preform taxidermy and was always on the prowl for some new beast to take down. However, one day, his obsession with hunting took him too far; He wanted a rug, with the skin and hair of a human. But not just any human; one specific human, the one with the softest and most insulated skin. He had genius plans; Since it would be a crime to bust into someone's house and kill them, and since the skin would be rotten if not removed immediately, he would tell lies to get the owner of his desired skin lynched by hanging. Then, during the night, he could collect the skin, to show off how obsessive he was. But, should he fail to collect his skin, should it rot on the floor in blood, the Executioner would try to get himself lynched, so that he can try to get the skin again in the afterlife. (credit to Octometaknight)

Hungry, desperate, cold. These were the three last things he could feel. Laughed at by the mayor, ridiculed by the doctor, malnourished by the sheriff and tortured by the jailor; he was about to pass on. Collapsing on the driveway in front of a house, he made the dustbins fall over. “What was that?” asked the Godfather. “Probably the spy.” the mafioso answered. The consigliere was sent to investigate. Returning with the unconscious man, he exclaimed that he was a survivor, the one ridiculed by the town. The mafia woke him up and fearful, he whispered “What do you want?” The mafia told him to eat, and that they would help him get revenge on the town he once looked up to. They asked him who he hated and he just said “Them. But most of all, that doctor.” The mafia agreed to give him a never-ending supply of bulletproof vests so he could get the doctor killed. The next day, there were photos of the doctor dead in different ways, all up on his wall, but the one he went for was the one where he was on the gallows. “Alright.” he said. “Let’s get down to business.”

Five months later, the investigator walked into the old, ramshackle house; he had received a lead on this person which he didn’t want to ignore. He was glad he didn’t. There were pictures everywhere, and all of them were of the same person, hung on the gallows with red painted X’s going through their eyes. This person clearly had a problem, perhaps it was an enemy, or maybe just a poor soul targeted by this insane lunatic. Every accusation made sense now. Every time the suspicion was placed on the poor doctor this... “Executioner” made sure the whole town was convinced of their guilt. No wonder he was so upset when the town realized they had been tricked, and voted him innocent. The investigator sat down and tried to make sense of how this person could target a fantastic and awesome doctor. He searched his mind for any logic as to why he might be obsessed with his death. Perhaps it started last month, when the doc’ accused him of conspiracy. But no, this thing had obviously gone on longer than that. Much longer. (Credit to TheMightyEagle; Science_Gamer on Reddit)

The Executioner had a scarring past with a lot of people, maybe one day he'd wake up and think poorly of the Medium, or the Sheriff, he'd claim to be a Sheriff, or an Investigator, or maybe even a Vigilante if he was that desperate. No matter the case, he'd claim something, and provide a fake will to match what he'd say. That day, when he'd finally get them up there, on the stand, and they claimed that he was "an executioner, trying to get me killed!" he'd scoff and say "Look at him! He's trying to say that I'm a lowly executioner! How dare you say that to me, the Sheriff of all things!" The town would listen to what he'd say, because they thought he was the Sheriff, and when his target was lynched, he'd laugh and say "I can't believe it! You actually fell for it!" He'd go back to his house and sleep soundly, knowing he got someone he hated killed. Later that night, the SK would come in and try to stab him, but would find out, he was immune.

You ever wonder WHY the Executioner becomes a Jester if his target is killed at night? It's because he becomes scarred after that point, his plan failed, and then has to be lynched for it to right. After all, when the Executioner is in town, SOMEONE is going to be lynched no matter what, whether or not it's him or his target, someone is getting lynched. (Credit to Bowserishere and also,

The Executioner was a powerful man. He was strong, and not a force to be messed with. But the past of the Executioner was not clear to all. Maybe his past involved why he hated this particilar person? but nobody had noticed until the Executioner had the chance. on the day after the first kills of the medium and Vigilante, the Executioner lumbered over to his "Target" and claimed he was the sheriff, and that his "Target" was a dangerous mafioso, waiting to be given orders. however, the town saw through his lies. the mafia came to his house the next night, but in actual fact, the Executioner had been Challanging How strong he was with the Jester, his best friend. The Executioner came home, and he saw. His "Target", the investigator, had been killed by the Man who plays with knives. The Executioner Went Home a sorrowed man, and the Jester came over to Help him get back with his life. the Executioner then realised what to do. He, along with the Jester, tried to get themselves Lynched. As they all say, Never mess with the Tricking Claimer. (Credit to Rocketlauncher22)

Revenge was really strong: it could motivate someone to be a better person to hummiliate that person, or worse, motivated them to kill the person they hold grudge against. But for the Executioner, the second option suited him the best, as he wished for someone he hated to die, executed publicly by the one they hold dear the most. That was the thing he wanted to see on their face, the face of despair and the mouth screaming for innocence like a lamb towards a slaughter.

When he was a teenager, he wasn't allowed to play outside as his parents didn't want him to see what happened there: the Town lynching. His father was a Vigilante who brought justice for the Town, he admired him, he wished to be someone like his father. One day, he accidentally saw his father, hung by the Town he worked for. That was when he realised his world had broken down to pieces. He then noticed one man grinned at his dead body, thinking the Town finally freed from the Mafia.

He clenched his fist, and as the old man died, his son took the place. The Executioner still held revenge against him and his family, even after years went by. He stood on the Town's meeting, eyeeing the dead body of the Escort, mauled by a Werewolf and the Doctor who brutally murdered by the Mafia and the Serial Killer. He would make sure that the Investigator got lynched no matter what the cost. A sick grin spread across the Executioner's face, it was time for the Investigator to pay.

"The man who claimed Investigator was actually a Mafioso! I am the Sheriff and he came as a member of the Mafia!" The Executioner shouted, pointing his "findings". "I am the Investigator! How dare you called me a filthy Consigliere?!" The Investigator defended himself when the Godfather interrupted, "I also saw him shot the Doctor last night! I am the Lookout!" No matter what defense he shouted, the Investigator was put onto a trial with the Executioner's lead.

"Lynch the Mafia!" He shouted as the Town voted guilty on the Investigator, and the noose finally tightening on his neck, hanging him on his neck just like the Executioner's father. The Executioner let out a bitter laugh as the Town shocked, finding that they just lynched someone who was indeed a Town and they cursed themselves as they just lynched one of their kind. When the night had just begun, he was sitting below the gallows where the Investigator got lynched.

He looked at the night sky, with a sparkly eyes and a sad smile on his face, "They let me fooled their own to lynched that Investigator. It'll be better if they just straightly put in the gallows instead of hearing his defense first. What a half-hearted people..." He then held his right hand towards the sky as rain fell slowly. "Father.. I've ended those people with my own hands... Now you can finally rest in peace and our family won't suffer like you again!" He continued those sentences with tears streaming on his face and a loud laugh that echoed bitterly towards the night... (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

A young boy had grown up having a strong hatred against another boy. He wanted his rival DEAD. In the town of Salem, he had tried to get his rival lynched. He wanted to see his rival die. He hated his rival that much. However, he couldn't convince the town to lynch his rival. So, one day, he had claimed to be the town's investigator and claimed that his rival was part of the Mafia. The real Mafia sided with him, as he could cover up the Mafia's identities. But then, the serial killer had actually believed the executioner. The serial killer found the executioner's target as a threat. That night, the serial killer took out his knife and stabbed the executioner's rival many times. The next day, the town found the executioner's rival dead in their home. The executioner was shocked. He found his rival's bloody corpse. His mission to witness his rival's death had failed. Now, he felt like he was useless now. The executioner's rival had been the investigator, leaving the executioner's claim false. The executioner didn't care anymore. He just wanted to die, but at the same time, didn't. He then pretended to admit that he was a member of the Mafia. He had hoped to get lynched. The town believed him. He was happy and sad at the same time. Then, the failed executioner was dead. Once the executioner was revealed, one person felt horrible. They felt guilty to vote to lynch the executioner. Then, the man filled with guilt took a knife from the kitchen and stabbed himself. He couldn't live on with the guilt haunting him forever. (Credit to Puppup6789)

As a young boy, he had problems with his mind; he had autism. He never understood why people would accuse him as an evil in almost any town that he went to. He would just act confused as he did not understand what they were saying. Almost every single town that he lived in had expelled him from that town. Finally, as a last despair, he came to the last town, the Town of Salem. At first, it seemed peaceful, no one was accusing him. Except, he saw someone from the past town. Every single vision from the last expels made him more angry, more resentful. He made it such that he will get that man lynched no matter what. That was his life goal, it’s do or die. The next day, he exclaimed, acting blur, to the town: “I investigated him, however, there was no role I could conclude, what does this mean?” One by one, everyone voted him up. Everyone accused him of being the juggernaut. Soon, he was voted up for conspiracy against the town. On his defense, he claimed that he was a veteran, wishing that he did not need to reveal as the mayor. Soon, the votes were revealed: “9 voted guilty”. As he was getting lynched, he finally revealed: “I am the true mayor.” The executioner laughed at the hanging body, in victory, in happiness.

(Credits to SkilledJon)

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't get his target lynched. All his false investigations were for nothing, as he managed to defend himself every single time.

This "Executioner" went for one last effort. He decided to frame the Vigilante. He saw a Serial Killer kill the Escort, so the Executioner made a false death note and wrote that the Vigilante could not die at night.

The Sheriff sees this death note, and puts him on the stand again. The Vigilante uses his defense methods again, this time, it didn't work. Everyone believed the death note, but hope turned to confidence as he was revealed as a true Vigilante.

The Executioner had finally achieved his goal. (Credit to Idelac)

Jester stories

The jester had a traumatic life. First his parents had died during the war, an then he was forced to fight in it. He had been on the tip of sanity from the start. The blood pouring everywhere was horrible, the red is still visible every time his eyes. After the first lynch he had snapped. After going insane the town took away any dangerous objects from his cottage. He only had one way to get killed, get lynched. A witch had one day controlled the janitor to clean the God father, so when there was no signs of other being a godfather the Jester took his chance, yelling. "I'm the god father!". He said pretending to surrender. Therefore he was lynched. Everyone gasped, as they knew what they had done wrong. The Jester hadn't realized that wasn't the end, He decided to have a little more fun as the first guilty vote committed suicide. (credit to pearlblushing)

A scarring past is how the Jester became to be, born in the town of Salem. Once the Jester became an adult, the Jester was sent away from being conscripted as a soldier to fight in a bloody war. After years in the battlefield, the sight of his fellow soldiers dying, and along with the war experience had left him paranoid. The Jester's paranoia never went away and remained with him for years after when he was sent back to his hometown, Salem. Everyday, the Jester experienced his traumatic memories of the battlefield, and twisted envisions that everyone in town is out to kill him. The memories of the traumatic experience and the fear that comes with it, makes it hard for the Jester to bear to live, and would rather accept to be killed and be liberated from himself, than to live with his paranoia, making him become a target wanting to be lynched. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to Tealer)

She'd been born with a curse. At every waking hour demons whispered in her ears, telling her to do things, terrible things. In the beginning she was strong, she resisted their words. But then one day a town member turned up dead. The next day another one. The members of the town kept dying, always at night, always when she was sleeping. Ready to controlled by any demon who wished to do harm. She tried staying awake, but ultimately she always fell asleep, and the next day a new body were always found. One day, the town charged a man with the murder of her victims. Silently she stood by as they lynched him. He turned out to be innocent, of course. The guilt drove her mad - not only was she a murderer, she was turning the members of the town against each other! The next day she confessed her crime to everyone who would listen. Immediately they brought her to the town square and executed her. 'The town is safe', were her final words. But next day another town member died. Again the town had executed an innocent person. One man, who'd driven for the execution of the cursed one the most, ended his life out of guilt. He were the only town member she'd caused the death of. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to Norling)

Crouched by his bedside, the maniac rocks back and forth. Wild, uncut hair and vicious self inflicted cuts covered his face. Every subtle noise of the mysterious dawn jolted the lunatic, his pupils dilated as he held is breath shakily searching the room for anything that could destroy his master plan. As the sun rose over Salem, no words came from the house apart from quiet hi-pitched laughter and disturbing cries. The door creaked open and out walked the pale, twitching psychopath. He scanned his surroundings. No one suspects a thing. Suspiciously he chuckled into his palms, peering through his fingers. Among the high pitched noises one phrase could be heard. "Lynch me....Lynch Lynch Lynch me hehehehe". Suddenly someone whispered into his ear, all noises and breathing halted as sweat dripped down his restless face. "You take the blame". The malevolent figure walked away. It was the Godfather; an offer to work with the Jester was now in place. Smiling, he looked down at the floor in a trance. "Lynch time....Lynch time". (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to MattayDank)

Before the miracles of modern medicine, mentally ill people lived among the population, but were shunned by society. The Jester suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and untreated hallucinations and delusions have taken over, leading him to believe people are out to get him. Because of his delusions and conspiracy theories, he may vote against the revealed Mayor, pretend to be someone he's not, imagine seeing someone where they weren't, or just act totally insane in social situations. At this stage, he is not afraid of death. In fact, ending his suffering is more appealing than living in fear, but he wants to die on his own terms. (uncredited)

A body slumps in the dust, surrounded by a shocked circle of onlookers. The Sheriff is dead. Suddenly, a high cackle rings out. They turn and see a lone man, laughing and grinning with what seems to be pride. The town becomes angry at this man who mocks their loss. After a short-lived debate, he swings from the rope, still giggling at them all, using his very last words to taunt them. That night, a capering figure appears once more, shadow dancing like flames as he moves. He laughs, spittle flying from his mouth. His giggles echo under the doors, waking the town from its slumber. The next morning, another body lies in the dust, a gun in his hand and a bullet in his head. (Credit to SOURCECODE01)

The docs open the cold door handle, thinking about what they were going to do with the crazed patient. They walk in, and the patient starts weeping. The doctors ask him: what's wrong with you?, for he was too tired for doing anything else. He was suffering from severe schizophrenia and major hallucinations. He started calling and begging to God. "Jesus, let me in! LET ME IN!" The doctors gave him some pills, not for his schizophrenia, but for his back pain. He was quite old, but he knew of things that could never be solved. The crazed patient then breaks through the door, the doctors not even stopping him from going, and he escapes. He yells through the streets of the town, begging for someone to kill him, but then he had an idea. If he looked suspicious, people might kill him. Even though dying was a lifelong dream, he found love. He said his goodbyes everyday, and one day it was needed. His children were just like him, and they were feared, for some evils were covered up, and the jesters were looking suspicious. Jesters die, rejoice, and pick a target, any target. They have been remembered and still roam Salem in search of the thirst of death they need to quench. (unregistered contributor)

He was once a happy comedian that performed for the town and more specifically, the Mayor, he has since been fired from his job. Over the years, insanity and suicide have grown into his mind. The only thing to truly "cure" him is to relieve him from life, but not by the hands of others, but by his own terms. But as a penalty to the town for destroying the job he's only good at, he will choose a single member of Salem and continuously haunt them until they put themselves out of their misery, as his last "comedic act" to offer for the town. (credit to Squiddington)

Before the miracles of modern medicine, mentally ill people lived among the population, but were shunned by society. The Jester suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and untreated hallucinations, meaning he is nuts and is willing to do anything to die. At this stage, he is not afraid of death. In fact, ending his suffering is more appealing than living in fear, but he wants to die on his own terms. (unregistered contributor)

Jobless, broken and insane; the Jester is a sad soul that resides in Salem. With the new age of technology, Jesters are no longer everyone's favorite comedian. Deep depression causes the Jester to seek death and he will only be satisfied if the people he once entertained are the ones doing the lynching. Upon the hanging of this sad soul, a Town member responsible for his death takes their own life out of guilt. (credit to Ace2369)

The Jester used to be the most hilarious of all comedians; he would tell jokes that would laugh your heart out and slap your knees to the thickest. He took great pleasure in telling jokes and making them up; it was his job, after all, and was honor roll. He would make money that rivaled what the Mayor would print up. One day, he was planning for his next comedy show when something snapped. He thought; "What would be the absolute BEST thing to make people laugh? What would NO ONE DO?". As he thought to himself, he finally got it: He would convince everyone he was a criminal. He thought it would be hilarious. He would think everyone would laugh and slap their knees even more than before! He would join the Town of Salem, where he would commit this act he would think funny; But, he was lynched at guillotine. Everyone was extremely saddened to see their favorite comedian go. One of the voters who voted in favor of his death, he would commit suicide in faith, because he needed to tell him how funny he was, but could only tell him in the afterlife. But, hey, it's just a joke. And that's all the Jester cares about. (credit to Octometaknight)

The jester twitched in his cell. Ever since he was put into the mental hospital, it seemed like everyone was out to get him. He has never been the same since the incident. He didn't mean to kill his friend, he didn't have any clue that he had dropped his pocket knife during their race. He didn't mean for his friend to fall behind and trip, only to land flat on the knife. He didn't want to be accused of murder and stuck in this sadist and enclosed mental hospital. The jester looked up as he heard a sound. His cell opening. They were letting him go. But he didn't want to go. He just wanted to die. The guilt was eating him alive. But now there's only one way to get his wish: get lynched. And he was going to do everything in his power to make that happen. (Credit to LittleMissFanGirl14)

In the last light of the evening, men and women watch with narrowed eyes as a pale old man wrapped in childlike garments hobbles onto the podium steps, and stands there twitching and smirking as a noose is tied round his neck. His crimes? Lying about who he is, taunting other town members and voting against revealed townies. A woman steps forward and asks for his role, yet the delusional elder doesn't respond. If anyone listened closer, they may have heard giggling, but instead, the townsfolk swiftly lose their temper, and decide him guilty. “Lynch him” the women spits and the floor gives way to claim another victim, or perhaps, it doesn't. As realization and horror dawn on the guilty voters' faces, the jester grins like a lunatic and raises a trembling bony finger, passing judgment on each of them, before he erupts into flames, and disappears, his echoing cackle in the wind. Panic rises throughout the town as the guilty voters skulk home, uttering shaky prayers in whispers, each carrying a gut feeling that they may not wake up the next day. (Credit to justanormalcat)

Everyone berates the Jester for having some mental disorder, or that his head is just in the wrong place. Morality is not where the Jester lies… it’s the audience that matters. What’s a better way to get everyone’s attention by acting suspicious? Especially in these times? Nothing.

He knew not to overdo it either. There being a maniacal joker residing in Salem has long been known, but his name… that was what hid in the shadows. He didn’t need to actually do criminal deeds to become the enemy, he just had to build the facade. Even if he wanted to be hanged, he wanted there to be a reason for their guilt. Should he actually break the law, then the Town would just be doing their job lynching him.

He had exacted his plan the night before. This time, Salem wasn’t doing particularly the best clearing out its criminal scum. All he needed was a mischievous whisper here or there, brandished into the wrong ears. Then he would get the attention he longed for.

And at his dying breath he laughed a chortle reminiscent of a madman, something every citizen in the town thought he was after that day. The Jester was strange in the way he worked. Somehow his spirit had found a way back into the world of the living, something only usually achievable by powerful mystics who seance from beyond. But he didn’t use this time to be an asset to the town…

The Jester walked over to the judgment box of the previous day, where he flipped through each vote… and he found the first guilty vote, name atop it. He would visit their dreams tonight, twisting them into horrific nightmares, watching as a figure from outside of their home as they jolt awake, laughing the same echoing bellow they boomed out upon death. “Come join the fun!” he yelled out, as the victim shot themselves right in the head.

Never play along with the trick of a Jester… or else the joke will be on you. (Credit to ZathusTheMageV).

He had enough. He had enough with all of the problems he went through all his life. He just sit on his bed, all night and all day, giggling nonstop and at some time he let out a loud laugh. Razor blade scars shown on both his wrist, meant that he was already attempted suicide many times. People pitied him, his sanity has long gone for good, but The Jester was considered those acts like a prank, or some good old funny stories you usually look at the newspaper. He was beyond salvation, and for him, only death was the thing that could save him. He wanted to be executed publicly.

The Jester was once like us, a human with sanity. However, abuse from the Townspeople, living in the slums with no food to be eaten everyday, being one of human trafficking victims, made into a slave on a cruel big house, he was pushed over the edge of his sanity, and finally killed his owner with a knife. Filled with guilt and joy at the same time, he did nothing but one thing: Laugh. He was sentenced to put in a asylum. However, his conditions just going worse and worse, so he was sent back onto his hometown: The Salem.

Among the Townspeople, he was a normal person tried to conceal his lunatic personality. He had came with a great idea, a twisted one. And his plan was started, that night, the Jailor had tossed him onto a pitiful jail cell. Ah... The memories of his asylum day rolled in his mind. "What's your role in this mess?" The Jailor asked with a sovereign tone, with the Jester said, "I am the Doctor of this Town." The Jailor put his hand onto the pistol, but he was too eager to execute him. That was a big mistake, before he could react, a Serial Killer stabbed the Jailor, finishing him off.

"He was the Serial Killer! The Jailor had jailed him and died from the Serial Killer!" The Townspeople yelled, pointing finger at the Jester, who countered them by saying the Serial Killer got lucky. To no avail, he was put into a trial and all the Town voted him with guilty. However, as the rope tighten around the neck of the Jester, he let out a loud laugh. A laugh mixed with insanity and happiness. The stool beneath him was pulled and he drawn his final breath. Panic and chaos spread across the Town when the Jester was revealed.

That night, the Jester's soul raised from the graveyard. He checked the Judgement box, and saw who voted him guilty first. "John Hathorne" was writen on the paper, the Jester smirked, he visited John that night, drew him insane with the guilt. John couldn't handle the guilt, so he took a pistol and shot himself, the last thing he heard was "let's have some fun in the afterlife!" This was all the great act and a masterpiece the Jester ever performed in his life.

The Jester had enough. He had enough with all of his pranks and the insane performances he performed in his life... (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

Once upon a time, there was a family. They lived together, loved each other, and did normal family things. They weren't the richest, but they weren't the poorest, and they had a nice home with nice rooms for everyone in the family.

Once upon a time, there was a killer.

One day, their stories met. The parents were killed, and one little boy survived. He let the people take him away, and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited. Then, he had a new family.

They were nice to him, and he could tell they loved him. They weren't the richest, but they weren't the poorest, and they lived in a nice little home with nice little rooms for everyone.

Once upon a time, there was a killer.

The boy never had a family again.

Many years later, the boy is now a man. The man is starving, not for food, but for something else, something he couldn't place his finger on for many years, but now has managed to identify. He wants love, he wants a family, and the only way he can think of getting these things is to join his family he had all those years ago. But, he doesn't want to die silently, dragged into the shadows by Death like so many others. He wants to laugh at the world one last time, to curse it for all its horrors, before strangling and joining his loved ones.

And what better place to do it than in the wonderful town of Salem, where there are always killers everywhere? (Credit to KittenCandy)

Ready. Aim. Fire. The body fell to the ground as the Vigilante breathed a sigh of relief. The Serial Killer would terrorize this town no more.

As the sun rose on Salem the next day, the town was in a panic. The Doctor was found dead last night. Killed at the hands of a Vigilante.

That night, as he put the muzzle of his gun to his head, a thought crossed his mind.

He didn't deserve just any death, no.

He deserved to be executed by a town who believes that he is evil.

After all, he thought, he is evil. He killed an innocent. (credit to Maidori Waifurin (talk) 21:24, May 25, 2017 (UTC))

The jester was once an ordinary girl. Then,one night,while walking home by herself one night after spending the night at her friend's house,she was kidnapped by the mafia. The mafia brutally raped her. The torture was painful and lasted for over a year,before the mafia was wiped by the hands of the town's sheriff and vigilante. Unfortunately,the godfather escaped from the town unharmed. The girl was sent for treatment at the doctor's place.

Still,although she was physically well,she was mentally scarred. The rapes,the insults had taken a toll on the girl. Many a times, she wanted to end it all,though she was comforted by the townies. Then one day,the dead body of the town's bodyguard was found in the town square. The death note beside it read "The mafia is back".

The townies were scared,but the girl was traumatized. Memories of her getting raped flashed into the innocent girl's mind. She did not want the mafia to kidnap her again and forcefully rape her...and neither did she ever thought of getting shot in the back in the dead of the night by the mafia. She will get her own revenge,someway,somehow... (credit to:Anonymous)

All through my life, I had been an outcast. A misfit. Someone who was always ignored, or pushed around on occasion. Someone who was teased, bullied, the laughing stock of the town. Someone who wanted revenge. Revenge on all that had wronged her. To pay them back for how they had treated her all these years. These were the thoughts running through my head as I lay on my bed, dreading the day to come. I pulled the blanket over myself, covered my head with a pillow, and after what seemed like hours, I finally fell into a restless sleep.

I dreamed. Were they dreams, or were they nightmares? I could barely tell the difference these days between what was horrific and what was normal. Eyes stared at me from every direction in the stifling darkness. The sound of laughter drifted towards me, growing louder and louder as the eyes seemed to close in on me. I wanted to run, but I seemed frozen, unable to move a limb. Then came the shoving. Invisible hands pushed me through the dark. Still barely able to move, I stumbled along, glowing eyes following my every movement, and miraculously I never fell down. I felt the ground change underneath me, from the bumpy bricks that always surrounded the town to... no. I knew exactly where I was being led to. The smooth cement under my feet told it all. I struggled, trying to get away, but the hands pushing me were too strong. The eyes stared back at me coldly. The laughter stopped. Hands jerked me upwards onto something made of wood, and a rope suddenly appeared around my neck, rubbing against me almost tauntingly. There was no escape now. I glanced around wildly, but all I could see was the eternal darkness and the glowing eyes fixated on my face, never blinking. Never wavering even the slightest bit. Whatever surface supported my weight was kicked out from underneath me and I dropped down, choking on the rope that held me aloft. Then it snapped and I fell down in an endless spiral, leaving the menacing eyes behind...

I shot up in a cold sweat. I slowly took in my surroundings. The old, familiar wooden walls, meaningless pictures hanging from them all... I was in my bedroom again. It was only a dream, I told myself, just a dream. But there was a nagging feeling inside me that told me it was not just a dream, but something else. Maybe a glimpse into the future. I shook my head. My mind was going astray again. It was nothing but a dream. I changed into my normal clothes, and ate a meager breakfast. The clouds were grey and covered the entire sky, so I put on my rain jacket. Better safe than sorry. Then, I headed out the door. The day went by pretty normally at first. Normal for me, that is. I wandered around the town, picking up some change that someone had dropped, and pickpocketed some rich guy that passed by. After all, I needed it more than they did, who were careless enough to lose money. There was a crowd gathering around the gallows, but I wasn't bothered to go check it out. I hate crowds anyways, although their voices were getting louder than usual for the town.

I looked down an alley I was passing by and caught a glimpse of something shining in the murky darkness. I stopped. Maybe it was a bit of change, one or two dollars worth. I went over to go take a look, and was disappointed. It was just a tin can that caught the light of a small ray of sunlight that managed to penetrate the overcast sky. Sighing, I turned around, ready to leave the relatively dark place. It was then that I realized my mistake. I cursed softly. Had I not just a couple weeks ago make a mental reminder not to go into dark alleyways no matter what? Well, I was about to face the consequence of my actions again. I crossed my arms. "What do you want Danforth?" I spat out. "Here to use me as your punching bag again?" The man that stood in the entrance of the alley laughed. "Punching bag? Oh Betty, from wherever did you get that idea?" he scoffed. Oh, how I wanted to punch that smirk right off his face... But he was always too strong for me. Every time. I've learned over the years to just go along with it, but sometimes he was just plain infuriating.

"To tell the truth," Danforth continued, "I was looking for you. You see, there's a murderer on the loose. Abigail Hobbs was killed last night, and you were the only one who didn't show up at the meeting in the town center." Ha, "town center". It was literally a circle in the middle of the town with a smaller circle of cement in the center with the gallows in the middle. No matter what you wanted to call it, it was still a sort of depressing place. I grew sober for a moment. It was where both my parents had lost their lives. I barely heard Danforth's next words to me until he suddenly jerked me along with him as he marched towards the center of the town. Momentarily startled, I decided to just go with it like I had done countless years past, and I soon found myself on the same stool that I had felt in my dream. I laughed bitterly. So it was a warning after all... I looked around me. The town was filled with people I had known all my life, those that had done me wrong. Those that were so willing to accuse me for something they knew I had not done. The same cold eyes from my dream. Something inside of me snapped, and I kept laughing, harder and harder. Looking slightly worried now, Thomas Danforth asked for a vote of who thought me guilty of killing my friend. The only one who had ever stood by my side and laughed alongside me whenever we could. Hastily, hands shot up, and it was unanimous. Danforth looped the rope around my neck and asked me for any last words. Now laughing almost uncontrollably, I managed to scream out, "YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!", to no one in particular, and then Danforth kicked the stool out from under me.

This time the rope was unforgiving and did not snap, and soon I found myself hovering outside my now-limp body, swinging with the breeze that had started to blow through the town. But I didn't care. Night fell and I floated over to Thomas Danforth's house, the biggest tormentor of my life. Yes, the others were bad, but he was the worst. I cackled as I filled his mind with mind, twisting his thoughts like thread on a spool. I knew that he was now facing the full force of what he had done to me as I swam through his dreams, like the shadow that never goes away. I knew when he couldn't take it anymore. The next day, he joined me in hell as he was announced to have shot himself in his sleep over the guilt of killing me. Now I could rest peacefully, as I had gotten my revenge at last. (Credit to Nightmerp (talk) 05:11, November 14, 2017 (UTC))

The Vigilante barges into the Consigliere's house, and shoots him mercilessly. Justice had been served, at last, he thought, as the Mafia's numbers has decreased.

But he finds out that his target was the Investigator. At night, he slumps back home, and gets ready to apologize for taking an innocent soul. But something snapped.

He didn't want to just die, no. He wanted to be lynched, to have justice served again. A plan formulates in his head, and is ready to join the Investigator in death.

He admits to shooting the Investigator. Everyone sees him as a villain, and puts him on the stand almost instantly. He's relieved to know his plan was in action. Everyone votes guilty, and when his true role is revealed, everyone panics.

The Jester is ready for one last kill. (Credit to Idelac)

The town is quiet tonight. That's what the Mayor notices as he reclines in his leather armchair and looks over his notes. He had revealed himself to his fellow Townies this afternoon, accusing the man who had been silent ever since the bodies began to pile up. The man hadn't been who the town was looking for, but it doesn't matter. With one more number out of the way, it would become harder and harder for this parasite that had embedded itself into the town of Salem to stay hidden.

The clack of footsteps outside reassures the Mayor that he can rest easy tonight. The doctor might resent him, but the Bodyguard remains loyal to his cause.

But something doesn't feel right. He scratches his head with the butt of his cigar and looks over his notes again. Is he leaving something out?

No. All of his notes and logs are meticulous. All the information gathered from the loyal members of the Town are in chronological order. It can't be that.

Then he thinks back to the afternoon trial, to the man who the town condemned to death. He hadn't reacted to being accused. He didn't say a word on trial. At the time, the Mayor assumed that he had been too overwhelmed with guilt to defend himself. But...

When he had been declared guilty, when he was staring at the noose that would end his life...he didn't flinch. In fact, when the noose was tightened around his neck, the Mayor could have sworn that he was smiling.

Smiling? Why had he been smiling?

His thoughts are put to the side when he hears a creak in the otherwise silent house. His head snaps to the door, and he feels something travel down his spine as his eyes strain to see any figure or form in the inky darkness. Something in his mind tells him not to look, to turn away and go back to his notes, to get up and close the door...but his eyes refuse to move.

A silhouette, black on black, silently watches the Mayor. The Mayor stares back.

Then it moves, and the Mayor stands abruptly, heading for the door and slamming it shut. He sighs, his knuckles turning white as they grasp the doorknob tightly. Whatever was out, he tells himself. Nothing was out there. He is most likely exhausted, worried, scared for his life...

Besides, nothing can pass the Bodyguard that dutifully stands outside.

It is late, the Mayor decides. He will go to bed now. Being exhausted only harms his mind, something that has to be kept clear if he is to help his town eradicate the parasites that make it impure.

He heads for the restroom to wash off his face and any lingering stress. He closes the door behind him, turns on the faucet...

...and freezes as he remembers the man he accused.

How could he forget? They had gone to school together. He had always been on top, while the pitiful man had been the target for some bullies and forgotten by others.

What had the Mayor done to him on Graduation Day? He cannot remember, but he knows it would come to him shortly.

He looks up at the mirror, then fumbles with the knob of the sink as he shakily turns it off, takes a step backward, feels a thin line of sweat racing to his chin, and turns to run out of the restroom.

Blind fear carries the Mayor out of the house as he thunders down the steps, grabs his keys that ring furiously in his hands, throws open the door and shoves the Bodyguard aside, running down the street in nothing but a red robe, screaming for help but chased by nothing, sobbing, begging, doing anything and everything to get away from what he has done...

He stumbles on a rock and falls down, down, down into a ditch. Panic and weeds alike tickle him senseless as he stands up, stumbling around blindly like a drunk. He lashes out with his words and his hands, no longer scared but angry, angry that his friend cannot forgive him for what he had done years ago. He yells out, yelling to his guilt to leave him alone, that he is a changed man, that he is only trying to help the town.

He begins to choke on nothing, and, scratching at his throat, finds a rope bound tightly around his neck--the same rope that had taken the life of the one he betrayed so many years ago. His eyes meet the eyes of a deranged man, a man that exudes hate and insanity and revenge.

Nothing can escape guilt. Nothing can escape wrongdoing.

Nothing can escape the Jester.

(Credit to Slugkitty)

Death. Death. Death. It's always death. That's the only way here in Salem, and it disgusted them like nothing else did.

As the rest of the town bickered and accused one another, as one poor soul was left to hang, they said nothing. They had nothing to say, after all. No words to spare for this barbaric town. And as the sun set and everyone retreated into the shadows to do god only knows what, they waited a few moments longer, gaze lingering over the empty center square where, no doubt, some people would not be making it tomorrow.

Death was the only way.

Death was the only way.

Death was the only way.

No. That's it. They couldn't take it anymore. They just couldn't.

So everyone wants everyone dead, do they? Fine. They'll play your game. Your game of endless paranoia, endless hatred, endless lies, endless accusations, endless death. They'll play along, oh yes, they will.

And once you make your wrong move, oh, they'll show you the error of your ways.

They will make you regret.

(Credit to Oofouch (talk) 05:21, October 2, 2019 (UTC))

Serial Killer stories

During the day he shakes hands, and makes friends, claiming to be the town's best Doctor. But in the night he slowly wanders home through the streets of Salem to his humble abode. When he arrives, he pulls out a large knife and cleans it with the greatest of care, a piece of equipment for his patients, or for his victims? Little does this innocent (not really) town know that this person has been striking fear into their hearts for several nights, for in the day he acts as if he wishes to help, but in the night, he preys upon the weak and using his worn weapon; slowly makes one unlucky soul of the town suffer each night. He is their nightmare, he is a Serial Killer. "Who is next" this fiend thinks to himself, for only he truly knows who is next, each night, every citizen is left wondering what will happen. He finally decides to attack an elderly man known for his wise words throughout Salem. As he exits his home, he quickly, but quietly walks to the poor soul's house, hoping not to be seen. Finally, he arrives, and knocks on the elderly man's door. The man opens the door with a great warmness, inviting this killer inside. The instant he walks in and the door becomes shut, he pulls the overused weapon from inside his coat and pounces upon the man, taking him to the ground as a twisted smile forms across his face. He then slowly raises the large knife and drives it into the man's chest, laughing as he does so. After what little of a struggle the wise man put up is over, the fiend washes himself off, and returns to his home in the night for what little rest he can get before going back to his charade the next morning. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to Psycogger)

A man sits calmly in a jail cell, framed by moonlight pouring in from a tiny window near the top of the room. A harsh voice at the bars catches his attention, yet he does not stir. The voice speaks of the many deaths recently- both the Town and the Mafia have lost members, and the killer is still in the night. The man smiles assuredly at the voice, and it seems to grow softer in relief. It asks him his thoughts, and he tells it of a woman, surely she must be the killer. The voice sighs, and a hand motions the man forward. As keys jangle near the lock, the man moves to meet them. The Jailor frees his prisoner, and the prisoner thanks him with a knife. Daylight begins to stream through the jail as blood runs over the man's hands. The Serial Killer walks free. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to shiilo)

"Oh, he is such a nice guy." This was one of the most frequent things said about the man who lived in the small house at the end of Smithy Road. Always quiet and wellspoken. Always polite. And yet, no one knew him very well. He had no hobbies they knew of, he kept mostly to himself and seemed to have no close friends among the town members. Had any of them watched the man more closely, they might have noticed a few strange things about him. For example, he often went on a little stroll in the middle of the night. He also owned four large freezers, which he kept in his basement. Even more odd, they had locks on them. And if any of the town members had followed the man on one of his nightly strolls, they would have been likely to see a completely different man, a man behind the pleasant mask he showed to gullible town's folk in the sunlight. But of course none of them did. No one suspected him at all. He was safe. And he could continue his work. Oh yes, he had a mission. He would cleanse this town one by one. And when his grand work of art was finished and this town finally purified, he would be free and could finally rest. Finally be at peace. The man smiled contentedly as he donned his cloak and headed out into the night. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to Erzberger)

The helpless tortured mind of the serial killer is one we do not have the will nor the bravery to enter. He is a skilled assassin cunning and roughened by his mental health and the blade he fell upon. He plans to depose of all who dare defy him under any circumstance in the most twisted of ways. It is clear you don't want to be on the bad side of one of the most wicked, insane, people who lives in Salem. He kills his friends, family, and finally the town. The brothers and sisters he once shared time with slips under the bloody path of the tortured mind that one smiled upon him. Revisited as he drags his unfortunate victim onto the cobble streets covered by the night. Unrelenting force and almost impossible to stop, the Serial Killer is a threat at large to both Mafia and Town. (unregistered contributor)

In the Salem Penitentiary, a hopelessly depraved soul sits in a dark corner of his solitary confinement cell. This person has been accused of murder in every degree and has been sentenced to death row. A master artist with a blade, the Serial Killer, is a dangerous foe to both Town and Mafia, but coming events call for desperate measures. A note is slipped under his cell door with a key, a knife, and a letter that reads "The Family sends its regards." The Serial Killer slips out of their solitary confinement cell that night. With a grim smile, the Serial Killer begins their gruesome work, one person at a time. (credit to Ace2369)

The Serial Killer was once a surgeon, exiled from his position for his “experiments” on living people. He now resides in the town, putting on a facade of sanity during the day. He seethes underneath, barely able to keep from striking down the townspeople. At night, that mask slips to reveal the broken mind inside. He stalks out each night, taking with him only his scalpel. One by one, house by house, he performs his experiments. Night after night, house by house. (Credit to SOURCECODE01)

Once a normal child, the serial killer sat alone in the dark. She cried and cried. Wondering when will I be pretty? The town members mocked her for wearing unique clothes, often dressed in almost men like clothes. Her hair was never in a fancy updo like the rest of the kids. The escort was the worst because of her beauty she would torment the young girl the most. On a cold winter night, joking teenagers came into her room and wrote profanity and insults on the young girls mirror.. Something snapped in the young girls dark heart. Instead of crying like she use to, she smiled. Her smile stretched across her face. The escort and the rest of the teenagers were terrified. They thought she was insane. The serial killer walked up to the mirror and smashed it, her smile still very large, went up to the kids, and slashed their necks. Every night, the serial killer murders a town member for revenge. Every dark night she does so, the serial killer puts on deep red lipstick, made from the her previous victim. While she applies her lipstick she wonders... Am I pretty yet? (unregistered contributor)

A young girl was being tormented by bullies every day. One day the newly elected mayor came over to her and told her "Your so stupid we might as well put you in an asylum for stupidity and ugliness along with my old rival,". He did just that and she was in the same cell in an asylum with the soon-to-be Godfather. the Godfather rambled on about revenge and a "Family". She listened to him and her mind twisted. When they were let out everyone was an adult and she wasn't remembered at all. She wanted revenge on everyone and be free, not under the Godfather's orders and not to join his family. She seeked out anyone, including the one who got her into this and slit their throat. Then she smiled and left a bloody note decides their will. She refused to be alive with anyone except her fellow crazed ones such as the witches. (unregistered contributor)

After being released from the Salem Asylum after being 'Claimed' to be no longer Insane, the lost soul goes home, and rests. He wakes up the next day, and shows his evil eyes as he looks at the other victims as they look around in fear. At night, he grabs his knife, and heads out, sensing danger from every corner. He sees an Escort, a Bodyguard, a Jailor, and a person sitting on his porch. He runs towards the mysterious figure outside of a small cage. He pins him down, and one minute later, the figure stops moving. The Serial Killer is out to get his revenge, one by one; making sure his victims suffer a great pain before they head to the afterlife. (unregistered contributor)

"I'm not insane!" shouts the simple man. The Doctor jots these notes down and said "I'm not saying your insane, just the thoughts of murder is inhumane." The voices in the simple man is overpowering the Doctor though, The thoughts are telling him to murder the Doctor, then leave all of this behind. Ignoring the Doctor's voice, The simple man looks for a weapon to kill the Doctor, since the voices are pounding his head. He sees the scalpel on the side table. The simple man says to the Doctor,"I am not insane. I AM NOT INSANE!" and jumps for the scalpel. The Doctor, an excellent psychologist, knows what this means. Terrified of the man now, jumps up and runs for the door. The man, faster than the Doctor, stabs the Doctor and drops the scalpel. He had just murdered, a bad deed, but this stopped the voices in his head. the newborn Serial Killer knows his existence now. To murder is a bad deed, but a good deed to him, since the voices are reappearing every night. For vengeance of being accused of being insane. He grabs the scalpel, rubs the blood off, and walks out of the room feeling happier than he has ever felt. He will kill again, The voices are starting to returning.... (credit to Setpep)

Walking to give some crazy his next meal, the Jailor sneaks some bits of bread off of the plate. He slowly unlocks the door. But, little to his knowledge, this prisoner hid the last knife for his meal in his pocket. The Jailor, unaware of this threat, walks in a sets down the trey. In a split second, the jailor lay dead on the ground, stabbed by one of his own tools. Licking the bloodied knife, the prisoner walks out of cell, locking the jailor's body in of the cell he was sentenced to rot in. Now it was his time. He swore vengeance on the town before he was sent to jail. Every Town member will fall and anyone else that is unlucky enough to be around him. Toying with all the other prisoners before finally leaving them all to a fate of starvation he starts his path of murder. This now Serial Killer will end this town, or so he thought. The night he arrived in town, a beautiful woman tried to distract him, ending in her death. The morning following, everyone was aware of him, and everyone knew it was him. The woman left a note of her actions that night. Being walked to the noose, he tries to convince the town, but only to his dismay. (Credit to GabrielCapone)

It was night 2 in Salem, when Jenna, a citizen, came home at nearly 4:00 AM. She jogged to her room and took her jacket off, revealing the blood stains on her shirt. "You did it again," she whispered, starting to cry. She took a deep breath. "It's okay, it's going to be okay. At 7:00 AM, only 12 of the 14 people came out of their houses. One person was killed the first night, by Jenna, and one of the two killed night 2 were killed by her. The man next to Jenna's victim picked up her will. He read, "Julie the Lookout, night 1, watched #3, visited by Jenna." He looked up at her. "#3 was killed night one! You're the serial killer!" She responded in a worried way, "No I didn't. It was a coincidence surely." When it was time to vote, nearly everybody voted to send her up. When she was sent up, her defense was, "Julie was lying, she just didn't like me. Why would you trust somebody who wouldn't announce this?" During the voting, none of the 11 people abstained. She was surprised to see that all 11 votes were guilty. She was given her final words, and she says, "I know the one-man Mafia. Good luck." She was hung, and her will was announced. The same man who figured out that she was the serial killer read her will. "The one-man Mafia member is Old Man Jenkins. Yeah right. There's no way we can trust her." Several more nights passed, and two people remained, Old Man Jenkins, and the same man before. It was Day 7, and night was approaching, after the two lynched his only ally. "She was right," the man whispered, looking at the old man, a few houses down. "Good night son," Jenkins yelled with a crazy smile. The next morning, blood was found on the ground on the man's sidewalk. The one-man Mafia killed the entire town. Not David Brown

Never go out after dark and always keep your doors locked, this is what the town did, for they were being hunted, hunted by the serial killer of the town of Salem, but why was he hunting them, none of them knew the answer, all they knew is that they were going to have to stop him or they were all going to die, no one is a bigger threat then him, not even the mafia, the mafia was a group of organised crime but the serial killer was something else entirely, what order could there be in all this senseless killing, but little do they know he isn't just a psychopath, he's a psychopath with a plan, his targets may seem random but there is order within the chaos, he targets those who pose the biggest threat to him, the sheriff or investigator that could find him, the jailor who could lock him up and kill him, the doctor who kept healing his targets or the medium (who he decides to kill on the first night) who could relay the information his unfortunate victims had on him to the town, no matter who it was, if they stood in his way, he decided they wouldn't be able to stand any longer, all the could do is lie down, in their graves, the town is terrified of them, the spy who has been secretly listening to the mafia at night says that they know they will die if they can't stop him, the serial killer lies his way through the day for he knows that is when he is at his most vulnerable, if the town were to find out they would have him hung immediately, but he is as skilled with his words as he is with his knives, and with all those who could discover his secret dead, he knew that the town didn't stand a chance, the sun, his greatest enemy, was going down, everyone went back into their homes, but for him it was only a temporary stop for him, he had work to do, he picks up his knife covered in blood, he sharpened it before he left, he wanted to make sure he could plunge it right into his victims heart (or any other vital organ he deemed necessary) in a single stab, after he had finished improving his already lethal weapon, he took it and wandered into the night, oh how he loved the night, it was his friend, it was his brother, it was his partner in crime, his only ally in this crazy life of his is the darkness, he was born in darkness and what others had learned to fear, he learned to take advantage of, through the night he wanders to a a townies house, he sneaks in and sees a man sleeping in bed, he looks at him and thinks "there is no point in killing him like this he would die before feeling any pain" so he wakes the man up and says "run" the man sees the serial killer holding the knife to him, he runs for his life, only fear is going through his mind, he knows that he is no match for the serial killer during the night, no one was, he ran for the door but it was locked and he couldn't find the key, he tried the windows but still no luck, the serial killer wasn't giving him a chance to escape, he was giving him a chance to entertain him, the serial killer may be mentally unstable, but he is smart, after the serial killer has had his fun, he corners his victim, he takes his knife and slits his throat, watching his victim choke on his own blood, he licks the blood off the knife, savouring the taste of his victim, while letting him watch him do this, the man falls to the floor, choking and violently twitching, the serial killer smiles psychotically and laughs uncontrollably, for it is during the death of others, that he is truly alive, when the last fragments of life escape the man the serial killer decides instead of hiding the body like most killers would do, he would drag it to the middle of town and leave it hanging with a death note next to it for all to see in the morning, the sun arises and the town look in horror and shock at one of their fallen brothers, the serial killer pretends to know nothing about the death, and just to taunt them he takes the note that he wrote and reads it out loud "this is just the beginning, soon you will all die, your time is almost up, tick tock, your time is almost up" the killing continues and the serial killer continues to avoid the town, he has killed almost all the town, only him, the veteran and the godfather remain, he tricks the godfather into voting against the townie, they hang him and the serial killer reveals his true self, the godfather knowing he is no match for the man that killed his entire mafia, surrenders to him, the serial killer walks up to him, puts his knife against his neck and says, "murder is such a beautiful thing, I would be taking that away from the world by killing you, instead I want you to go, go and tell all who you find that I am coming for them, and there is nothing left to stop me". (Credit to MattBab4)

The night was one of bone-chilling cold. The wispy wind of Salem nipped at his nose, and the soft glow of the moon provided the needed guidance through the darkness. The man stood almost alone in the courtyard, his only company his work. And what good work it was. He had to position his art just right, lest it's beauty be lost. He chuckled to himself, grinning ear to ear. He was finally done. He cleaned his tools, and walked back to his house. That morning, the townspeople awoke and sleepily shambled outside for their daily meeting. The corpse was standing, supported by rebar that had been crudely implaned in the victim. The people were unnerved. But none could be more scared than the mayor. The body was pointing at the mayor's house with a bloody note saying "Our Next Exibition."

Oh, how he couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces...

The first beams of daylight signaled everyone out of their homes, only to find the poor Medium - all mangled up, with blade wounds and blood mottling the fragile corpse. All that was left was a red-stained death note, taunting the town... As accusations were thrown left and right, the Serial Killer kept his calm. He'd been to countless towns much like this one, leaving behind dead bodies as he went - two of which were none other than his parents. Nobody suspected a thing. When moonlight suddenly struck, the town decided to return to their households and fall into the safe embrace of slumber. Finally, the serial killer was free to do as he pleased. He brandished his knife quickly, and approached the quiet home of the Investigator, when suddenly a voice called out his name. The killer turned around to find the beautiful Escort - her smile so fake, he could almost taste it.

"Hey there," the Escort began, voice seductive like silk. "I was hoping for some action tonight, and I thought maybe... you'd want to go back to my place for some sugar?" A cheap pick-up line, no doubt, but then the Serial Killer recalled the afternoon when he saw the Escort looking at him suspiciously, not as a lover - but a murderer. He knew what he had to do. He looked to the left - not a soul in sight. He looked the other way - no witness, except for the midnight air that blew freely. The Escort's expression changed from seductive to frightened as the culprit uncovered both a gleaming knife and a twisted grin.

"That's exactly why I'm here, to give the town exactly what it desires...", the Serial Killer smiled even wider. "A little bit of action."

After he was done mutilating the helpless Escort, he cleaned his blade and left behind a note sending his deepest condolences. Then, he slipped into the swiftness of the shadows that so guided his every slice.

Oh, how he couldn't wait to see the looks on their faces... (Credit to bluecap981)

Although, she was ranked even worse than the mafia, the mafia swerved around trying to kill her. They knew she was immune and wanted to turn this very town they wanted control over into a place for HER kind. Serial Killers. All around the globe he had gotten letters from his mafia that he told to go to other towns had only reported back once, they were filled with grim statement and the smell of gas or had faint traces of blood. He knew that the Serial Killer wouldn't target him or his family. Atleast he though so. At night Luna, the town serial killer killed the mafia's janitor, making the disguiser useless. They had a forger too, but he had been killed the day before. Luna knew she had to kill the mafia. She loved her role. One night she came across a witch after she told the serial killer: "I know who you are... If you help me i'll help you". She promised the witch something. Something she DESIRED. To see her sisters, The perfect twins, the Escort and Consort, Suffer. They had taunted her, Teased her, and stole the only thing she loved. Her cat. Luna had gotten the escort killed a few days ago, but she was cleaned and disguised. So she stole Emily's (the witch) cat back after brutally killing the consort. She had found the survivor, who was almost teamed with the arsonist. but Luna was a master of persuasion and now had two reliable friends... In the night she found out that the godfather was here own brother. She didn't care though, and revealed in her death note that, "Jake is the Godfather. If you want to live, kill him immediately!" and that same day Jake was lynched and Luna faked being sad when the noose tightened, and angry when he showed up as Godfather. Now Natasha knew what it felt like. To kill. She was a vigilante once, but had shot the town Bodyguard. She somehow didn't feel any guilt and asked Luna if she could spare a knife. luckily, There was no Spy in the town. So the now two serial killer sisters, Emily the witch, Lucky the magic cat and Aaron the Survivor started to go and they killed all except the mafioso-turned Godfather and lynched him. Then they turned the town arso into a hanging man the next day and changed the town quickly into a Serial Killers dream town. Along with plenty of room for witches and survivors. Soon they focused onto a bigger task. Making a country for themselves.

The Serial Killer had once served in the armed forces as a skilled combat medic. After the war, he left the army and returned home to his parents in the town of Salem. The only memory of the war he kept with him was a rather large combat knife, to remind him of his deeds and to never do evil again. His father was a Medium who helped solve crimes by magically talking to the dead and asking for clues, and his mother was a Witch. Not the bad kind who controls or curses others for their own evil motives, but one who casted spells of protection and healing. Two good, helpful magicians with only the desire of helping the town, with an ex-soldier, now a renowned Doctor, as their dear child. The family of three lived happily. Until the Witch Trials of Salem began.

Magicians were being executed left, right and centre, with no one caring about whether they did good or evil. The Trials claimed many practitioners, including the Doctor's parents. From then on, the Doctor turned Serial Killer decided to purge those who had called for the unjust deaths of his parents and the rest of their fellow helpful magicians. He took out the old Bowie knife and kissed it, before stowing his weapon in a backpack, along with the surgical kit given to him at the same time as the knife.

Since then, the Serial Killer lives two very different lives at the same time. In the day, he heals and helps; in the night, he stabs, kills and causes death. The town does not know who is doing this, but he strikes fear into their hearts, fear that he will cause the death of someone every night.(Credit to Cptrockets30)

Every monster was not born, but they were made. That quote seemed to be true, especially to him. He was born into a normal family, where he lived happily with his parents until their death, which was caused by car accident. Ever since then, he had such a large hole inside his heart. People that used to be nice to him now betrayed him and bullied him; from taunting, revealing his secrets, abused him, up to the point they tortured him. He head no choice since he always screamed for help, but no one ever wanted to. As the long torture went, he no longer cried, but he grinned every time they tortured him, seemed to enjoyed them.

"A trash like you shouldn't be alive." One of his torturer took a Bowie knife and raised it at him. As he looked at his reflection, his sanity snapped and he began to laugh; a laugh mixed with insanity and joy. Before the torturer about to kill him, he managed to get off of the chain that restrained him and beaten them, before finally took the knife... And stabbed them repeatedly until they were died. As a finishing touches of his masterpiece, he burned the house where he was tortured and left the Town.

He was demanded to be worse than the Mafia, but the Townie never be able to find him. He lived with two different faces every night and day. In the day, he acted like a kind Doctor who wished to help the others, but in the night, he made every single of the Town suffered to their death. He refused to teamed up with anyone, except for fellow insane person like Witch, Survivor, Executioner, and his fellow psychotic one. He would make sure that everyone else would suffer the same fate like he did in the past. There was no turning back. (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

"There's nothing wrong with me." "I'm perfectly normal." These words are the words that the serial killer grew up hearing. When he was just 5, his parents were killed, and since the town he lived in didn't have an orphanage, or any nice people up for adoption, he was raised in an asylum. All his life the only thing he dreamed of was escape. The asylum was very dirty, with cruel doctors and tiny cells, it was enough to drive him insane. One day, when he was 14, the doctor came for a check up. When he wasn't looking, the serial killer took a knife from the doctor, and brutally stabbed him. Admiring his power, he went on to slowly kill the staff one by one day by day until the inmates were the only ones left. He finally escaped, and fled to several nearby towns, killing their residents not only for fun, but for revenge for his terrible childhood, which got to the point where he became one of the most wanted. Until he finally found a safe haven in the corrupt and deadly town known as Salem. Now, at 26 years old, the serial killer finally found a home, and everyday when he saw his victims lying lifelessly on the ground, it was hard for him to hide his smile. (Credit to KingofHoundooms)

The crazed man moved to Salem a year ago under a false name and a false identity. But he brought a medical license to prove himself as a doctor. But the towns people didn't know that this man was a serial killer that had already struck several towns with his brutality. He knew if he moved in and then started killing he would be cast suspicion on him and lynched. So he befriended the town and gained their trust. But after a year, his time is back, after all, he has a collection he needs to grow. So this night, a few days after the most resent resident moved in he struck again after one year. He went down to his basement and went to his secret room he kept hidden all this time. And he entered. He looked around and found his prized possession. His beloved knife. The one that is long, and meant for death. He also brought a heavy jacket and new clothes to keep his normal ones clean. In his jacket he hides all his tools for his victims. And then he grabs his hood. After all, no one can see his face. He walks out of his house swiftly under the cover of darkness. And he snuck into the sheriff's home. He breathed a sigh of relief and snickered. He walked to this poor souls room where they slept peacefully. He made sure they were there. But he does love a good hunt. He locked all the windows and doors so he could not escape. And finally he walked into the mans room. He wake him with a gunshot through the ceiling. And as the man scrambled in fear he told him "I do love a good hunt" it was the time for his killing to resume. He chased the man around the house laughing as the man screamed in terror. Until he finally pinned the man down and plunged the knife into his chest. He collected his trophy, the mans heart. A special organ meant for pumping blood. It always fascinated him and he takes it from every victim he kills. And lastly he brings the mans corpse outside with a bloody night saying "you know I move from town to town, this one is new and I can't wait to add to my collection" and he walked home. When the town wakes they see the sheriffs dead body and this serial killer runs up to the body covering his insanity through tears and regret he didn't get to the sheriffs house. The town wept with him while on the inside he felt the glee he felt every time he killed in any town. And this town was going to die like the rest. Soon those screams he so loved and missed appeared every night until only he was left. (Credit to Garabic)

He runned. He just had been distracted for a while, so he killed that escort. But the last will revealed something that just the vigilante knew, so he tried to shoot the serial killer, but he managed to scape. He runned until he tripped and fell. He became the amnesiac. When he returned to Salem, his town. He was just in time to see a serial killer lynching. And he remembered it all. Even today, he still roams the town of salem, killing and spreading terror, trying to find that old vigilante to get his revenge. Little does matter it, because of the vigilante being dead long time ago. He tell everyone on the town he is the doctor. On the night he wakes up, and enters a random house to kill everyone, searching for a chance to kill a man killed long time ago.(Credit to DeadLock)

The wolf howled, signaling the end of the first day. Most of the town was silent, in fear of what was about to happen at night. I turned the doorknob and entered my home, getting ready for the moon to rise into the air. I had received a PHD in medicine and it was up to me and another doctor somewhere in this messed up town to do our best to save people from the mafia. However, when I sat down to clean my surgery knife, something that had happened a couple months back flashed through my thoughts. It was brief, but in my mind, it seemed to last a lifetime. I rubbed my temple, struggling to break out of the memory. That day, I had gone to one of my colleagues to get a mental health check-up. I had been concerned by the fact that my memory was frequently getting fragmented, and I had trouble remembering what I had done the previous day. A few nerve-wracking hours later, he told me that there was something in my brain that was slowly eating it away bit by bit. What happened next... it was too painful to remember. I shook my head, trying to clear these thoughts. Why were they coming back? But the memory grew more insistent, and it all came rushing back.

The sudden feeling of anger. The hoarse scream that escaped my lips. The icy feeling of steel in my hand. His screams mixing with mine as life slowly bled out of him. The sharp metallic tang of blood filling the air. The dark realization that I had enjoyed every second of it. After that day, I ran away. Ran away from everything I knew, only bringing a set of medicine and surgery tools to try and make a living somewhere else. But still, the blood seemed to linger... especially more so as I set foot into this god-forsaken town called Salem. The still-sane part of my mind called me towards it to help people... But now I could feel it again. The part in my half-destroyed brain that had taken control of me that fateful day. I moaned, trying in vain to shake the feeling from myself, but it was too late. I could feel myself grasping the knife. Feel myself turning the doorknob, stepping out into the cold night air. Feel a sharp pain in my shoulder from someone shooting me under the cover of the darkness and almost automatically fixing it up. Feel a maniacal smile spreading across my lips, stalking the houses of Salem in search of my next victim. (Credit to Nightmerp)

At night, he pretends to be the Doctor, despite the actual Doctor being dead a long time ago. He enters a house at night and promises the owner that he will heal them, provided they were attacked.

But while the unsuspecting victim's back is turned, something jumps behind him and drives a surgical knife through his back. When he turned around, he saw the Serial Killer, and fell to the ground, dead.

The Serial Killer washes his clothes off, writes on a piece of paper, and puts it next to the dead body. The Serial Killer laughs maniacally as he leaves the house. The Sheriff reads the "death note" the next day.

"The Mafia is not your only killer." (Credit to Idelac)

[Intro]: The wonderful world of Salem is a mystical place, full of very good people, also very evil people. Some are there for the money, some are there for genocide, and some are there to take back what was rightfully theirs. But we'll focus on one person in the Town of Salem who is not like the rest. That person is the Serial Killer.

The Serial Killer during the day claims to be the best doctor. He can mend any injury, heal any wound. But at night, he's a well-oiled killing machine, wanting to kill all, no matter status, threat, or kindness. He creeps to a person's house each night to "protect" them. Is he sincere with his claim?

All tremble in fear. Who may be next? Is it me? Only the Serial Killer ever truly knows who's next.

But what happens when he's caught? How will he defend himself? Will he even be caught? You'll find out.

[Target #1]: The Serial Killer knocks on the door to an odd-looking house. He decided that the odd ones should be killed first, a smile creeping on his face.

"May I help you?" a woman asked. She had a peculiar look to her, a look that's hard to place. She looked like a regular woman, the kind you would expect to find in a family picture, with a husband and a couple of children.

"I am the Doctor." the Serial Killer said. "May I come in?"

The woman hesitated. She obviously didn't want visitors. Why? "Sure, why not. Come on inside."

To the Serial Killer's delight, he had made it inside.

The Serial Killer walked into the house. It was very... strange. Knick-knacks here, knick-knacks there, and an assortment of bottles of liquid and powder. What were these used for?

"Oh yes, I forgot to set up my supplies." the Serial Killer said. "Be right back."

He went back to the front door, and next to it he laid an assortment of different tools of the trade for Doctors. But there was one thing bizarre about the collection. A worn out dagger, with brown stains on it, which appear as blood. Why would this be here? Amputation?

He came back into the room. But the lady was nowhere in sight. Where could she be?

"Ma'am... You still al-, home?" the Serial Killer called, a smile crossing his face from the mistake.

"Coming!" the woman's voice responded. Moments later she came out of the room. She looked a bit paler like she exerted herself. Why was that?

"What were you doing?" the Serial Killer asked, suspicious.

"I was... cleaning the basement!" the woman responded, looking for excuses. "Yes, I have to reach to sweep the... don't worry about it. It took the wind out of me!"

"I have a hard time believing that..." the Serial Killer exclaimed.

"Well then," the woman replied, "you don't have to believe me, but I'm telling the truth.

Looking at the woman, then the bottles of substances and ingredients, the Serial Killer thought, 'Now or never, I have to kill her NOW. Otherwise, she may poison me, and then I'm dead.'

As she turned away, the Serial Killer raced to the front to grab the worn dagger, sped into the other room and lunged.

The Serial Killer was flung back by a mysterious barrier.

"Who... Who are you?!" the Serial Killer gasped, eyes crazy.

"Oh, so you are against the Town, I say?" the woman said. "I'm the Witch, and with me, we can win together!"

"But I don't want you to win..." the Serial Killer hissed, "I want you to die. Everyone must die."

"Oh well, suit yourself." the Witch exclaimed. "Work with me or not, someday you will do my bidding."

Racing out of the door, clumsily putting away his doctor supplies, he bolted to his house.

What he didn't realize is that the worn dagger he uses accidentally fell to the floor.


The Investigator is taking a nightly stroll when he sees a worn dagger laying on the ground.

"My, my, my, who could this be?" the Investigator asked himself. He thought of bringing it home with him, but he already knew who it belonged to.

The Serial Killer.

He decided to run an experiment. He would see if the Serial Killer took this back. He would be watching to see who picked it up.

'You genius!' The Investigator thought happily, 'this is a truly genius plan.'

[Target #2]: The Serial Killer knocks on the door to a man's house.

He had left the dagger on the place that the Investigator because he wasn't dumb. It was a trap.

The man is known for his chalice, political leadership, and caution, and is very good at his job, though no one really knows what role he plays in the Town. He looks about in his sixties, with an interesting looking hat, a tall hat with a red stripe, a blue suit with dark blue stripes and jeans. He had his slippers on for comfort.

The elderly man doesn't realize that this will be his last night alive.

"How may I be of service?" the elderly man asked, clearly busy with something. But what?

"I am the Doctor, and I am here to protect you." said the Serial Killer. "May I come in?"

"Of course, would you like a refreshment?" the elderly man asked politely.

"Yes, I would like that." the Serial Killer replied.

The elderly walked away while the Serial Killer readied his equipment for his doctor duty. Is it for that purpose though?

The elderly man came back moments later with a teapot of tea and some cups.

"Come and sit." the elderly man invited, pouring tea into the Serial Killer's cup. "Care for a sugar cube?"

The Serial Killer nodded his head, and a sugar cube was put into his cup. But something strange happened while that was being done...

The Serial Killer saw images of... not good things, to be frank. He imagined himself stabbing this kind elderly man in the hand, into the heart, imagining the heart get sliced, and other incomprehensible things, layering over one another, giving the Serial Killer a massive headache.

Then, as fast as it started, it stopped.

"Something wrong?" asked the elderly man, confused and worried.

"Yes, I am fine." the Serial Killer responded. "So, where were we?"

"Well, we haven't got to have a conversation at all." the elderly man replied. "So, you are the best doctor in Salem I've heard, correct?"

"Yes, I have been told that." the Serial Killer replied, sipping on his tea, which was a bit too hot, but bearable.

"Well, I guess I'll trust you with this secret then."

The Serial Killer's curiosity peaked. What could this secret be?

"If you are truly a doctor," the elderly man continued. "I believe this secret can hopefully help out all the good people of Salem, and bring down all the evildoers! I am the Mayor of Salem."

The Serial Killer's killer instincts kicked in. He was in front of the one person that could tear him down. He was in front of the one person that could end his career, even his life. This is the one person who was the top priority for killing right now.

"Excuse me for a moment," the Serial Killer said anxiously, really trying to keep his cool before the Mayor could do anything about his strange behavior, "I must go to the men's room."

He raced out of the room to the supplies laid out by the front door and grabbed a pair of scissors because the peculiar looking knife with dark brown blood stains on it was absent. He needed to plan his next attack, but it was too late to think of a strategy.

The Mayor was right behind him.

"I say," the Mayor said, confused, "what are you do-?"

Before the Mayor could react, the Serial Killer lunged at him, stabbing him in the neck. A crooked smile on his face. A smile that you have when you did something wrong, but are happy about it anyway. It's a smile of someone truly evil. It's the smile of a Serial Killer.

"What..." the Mayor sputtered, but it was too late.

The Mayor lay on his floor...


"I will have to clean myself off." the Serial Killer said, crooked smile still on his face. "Might as well use his bath. Not like the Mayor's going to use it!" He laughed. Not a good, jolly laugh.

He cleaned himself in the bath, clothes on went home and tried to get as much sleep as he could before the daily charade began.

[Target #3]: Ready for another target, the Serial Killer heads to another house. He thinks that the person in that house may be a danger to him, so he must take him out. Not that it mattered if this person was, he would kill them anyways. He smiled.

The Serial Killer watched to see if the Investigator would grab his knife to research.

Turns out, the Investigator did.

Racing across the trial center, he lunged at the Investigator with a pair of scissors and stabbed him in the back. The pair of scissors that he used on the Mayor.

"How... Did you know about my..." the Investigator sputtered. But, as for the Mayor, it was too late.

The Investigator laid on the ground.


Not saying a word, but a smile on his face, he grabbed the worn dagger and went to his target's house.

He knocked on his target's door.

"Not having company!" a low male voice yelled.

"I am the Doctor." the Serial Killer called back. "Can I please come i-?"

"Take one step into my house and I'll blast your head off." the man responded.

A little bewildered, the Serial Killer thought. He's probably dangerous to him, but why so anxious? And why would he shoot a good guy with a gun?

Well, he had to take him out anyways.

Looking around the house to see if any windows were open, he saw one on the other side of the house. He crawled in it to see a kitchen.

This kitchen looked like most kitchens looked, even the Serial Killer's. It had an oven, a cauldron, a table, ingredients, and other assortments.

But where was the man?

Creeping out of the kitchen, he saw the man, looking around anxiously, as if he saw anyone, he would kill them.

The Serial Killer hid behind the table. He didn't get a good look, but he knew that he had his black hair slicked back and he wore a leather vest.

And he had a shotgun in his hand.

The Serial Killer has to be fast if he wants to kill him. He would pounce before the Veteran could shoot him.





He ran in the room and pounced the Veteran. The Veteran shot, but missed the Serial Killer. The Serial Killer stabbed the Veteran in the neck.

"How... did you..." the Veteran sputtered. But it was too late.

The Veteran laid on the ground.


[The Jailor]: On his way to his next victim, the Serial Killer strode confidently. He had come so far, and he wasn't even suspected... was he? No, probably not.

He was just to his next victim's house when a deep man's voice sounded behind him.

He handcuffed the Serial Killer.

"You're coming with me."

He was walked into the Jailor's house and thrown into the only jail cell. Three feet by three feet, it was made with boring gray bricks and it was cramped.

"So," the Jailor said, "Who are you?"

"I am the Doctor," the Serial Killer lied, "And you are?"

"As you may have guessed by now, I am the Jailor." the Jailor replied. "How can I be sure to trust you?"

"Because I am a very talented doctor, and I have helped many people." the Serial Killer exclaimed with pride.

"Reports say otherwise." the Jailor said matter-of-factly. "Reports say that you haven't visited anyone to 'help' them. Reports also say that they may have seen you stabbing someone in the Trial Center last night, and the Investigator was found dead the next day with a stab wound in him. Is this correct?"

"And your reports are?" the Serial Killer asked.

"Other jailed suspects that are now confirmed to me." the Jailor replied.

"Well, believe what you want, but I'm actually the Doctor." the Serial Killer exclaimed.

"I can't say I fully trust you," the Jailor said, "but I'll let you go for now."

On a little piece of paper, the Jailor wrote 'The Doctor, seems fine to me, but a li-'.

That's all he got to write.

The Serial Killer quickly grabbed his favorite worn dagger and lunged at the Jailor, blindsighting him and spattering the paper in blood.

"You... deceiver...!" the Jailor sputtered. But it was too late.

The Jailor laid on the floor.


"I got to get out of here fast!" the Serial Killer thought aloud.

So the Serial Killer ran out of the jail and raced to his house. For once, the Serial Killer didn't have a smile on his face.

[The Sentence]: "Doctor, you are on trial for conspiracy against the Town. What's your defense?"

The Serial Killer stood on the gallows, on trial for the crimes he has committed. Will he be lynched, or will he be let go?

"I am the Doctor, though." the Serial Killer lied. "I have been healing people since the first day."

"The Town may decide on the Doctor's fate." the man called.

"All the evidence stacks up." the Investigator exclaimed. He was retributed by the Retributionist last night, and he will not disappoint. "Who did you heal? No one. Who says that they saw you at their house that is alive? No one. Who did I glimpse when I got killed? YOU! I vote guilty!"

The majority of the Town agreed. Some abstained. The Witch, though, didn't look comfortable with the predicament.

"The Town has decided." the man called. "You are guilty of conspiracy against the Town. You will now face death. Any last words?"

"I hope you all die!" the Serial Killer growled. "I hope you all die and go to hell, where you all belong!"

The stool was kicked back.

The Serial Killer fell.

The Serial Killer's neck snapped.

And that was the end of the Serial Killer. (Credits to JBoy Advance).

As a child, I wanted to stay occupied. My parents won't allow me to do that, they were busy doctors, helping people from Certain death. But one fine day, That I still remember with all my life, and am glad that It came, although, gladness ain't possible for me anymore, I saw my father's First aid kit, and saw, a beautiful glowing scalpel,and as I swung it, blood came out. My surprise knew no bounds, but, for some reason I'm grateful for, a huge surge of glee emerged. My parents were doctors, and because of that, everyone expected me to become one too. I was great at biology, not only because my parents expected me to be, but I was also interested in it. After getting my Medical degree I hit my first tragedy. My mother died. She was 89, and she died on her birthday. My father was very upset, to such degree he started to sob and cry all day long. In short, he'd hit depression. Because of the pain, he died. The town wailed, but unbeknownst to them, to them all, it was me, who was commanded to kill him. But, then, soon after, I felt a tingling in my spine, to do it again. To be commanded to kill someone again. I ignored it. There was no way I was doing it again. I felt really bad for doing it in the first place, now, I didn't start killing people at first, but I got the truth after some time. The truth on how my mother died. And no, she didn't die of age as I was told. The mayor had hired some goons to poison my dear mother, because she had seen him with the escort. My mother threatened the mayor that she will tell the mayor's wife, but she never got to do that. Instead, she got poisoned. In fact, the mafia and almost everyone other than 2 people were in the plot. I...I didn't know how angry I got that day. I felt like nothing mattered. This stupid town, just because of a stupid affair let my parents die, I wasn't going to do anything this town told me now. Everyone, Other than 2 people had been lying to me for years. I just didn't care anymore. That's when I discarded all my emotional sentiment for this town and went on a Rage.... a cold rage to kill everyone other than those living in house 14 and 13 respectively, as I didn't want to kill innocents who hadn't been in the plot at all. And now is the perfect time, when the town is worried about the mafia and the Vampires, That is when I will instill a new fear into the town. The very fear of the... Serial Killer. (credits to Switzerlandball1815)

As a young boy, he was fairly normal, minus his anger issues that only flared up a few times per year. However, one day, at the age of 13, he had enough of all of it. The constant arguments at home, the wild shouting, dying grunts of those hanged, corpses scattered on the streets, crime happening on almost every day... He started the venting with simple things. At first it was no more than a bird. Then came the fox who wandered on their backyard. It started with a few per year, but his "habit" was almost monthly after 2 full years. It wasn't a tough job. But something clicked. He wanted, no, HAD to continue, or his inner urges, his suppressed thoughts... They wouldn't stop. Next was the local Investigator. He had been considering his family suspicious recently. The sun went down as the boy, now 16 years old, sneaked into the man's house. He was sitting at a desk, his balding hair and his wrinkled face surprisingly noticeable by the faint candlelight. He carefully grabbed a letter opener from the dining room... and SLASH. The next day, they found the Investigator, dead from a powerful cut at his neck. The boy hardly managed to hide the fact that he was behind his death. The town, strangely, decided not to hang him, but send him to a prison near one of the bigger towns of the area.

The jail cell was dark. The former boy, now 23, had forged the plan for his great escape. Using a rusted piece of metal he managed to break off of a chair, a small bit of rope that he got from the gallows nearby, and a fine slab of wood he managed to get by pickpocketing a carpenter while he was visiting his imprisoned father, he got to work. Tying the wood and the metal together with the rope, he began slashing at the bars with unbridled rage. Eventually, he accomplished two things. Not only were the weak, rusted bars broken at multiple places now, but he also had a strong, rusted knife in hand.

They all thought he would end up a mistake buried away within rusting metal and tight, claustrophobic walls. Little did they know, he was back again, and with a fury burning even stronger than before.

(credits to MetallicApples (talk))

Survivor stories

Haunted from his past, the Survivor locks himself into a room and just wishes to survive. The Survivor was once a responsible Bodyguard, who protected the Mayor from everything. Until that one fateful day the Bodyguard was foolish enough to get distracted by a beautiful Consort who dazzled him with her seductive moves. Unfortunately, the next day, the Mayor had died. Then, the Mafia went on a rampage, destroying everyone in their path. Only one man from the Salem Massacre had survived: the Bodyguard. Ever since that day, the Bodyguard has confined himself to only his mind, where he beat himself up over the fact that he could of prevented all of this from happening, if it wasn't for that Consort. To this day, he keeps 4 bulletproof vests to use that represent each person or party that played a role in the massacre. 1 for the town, who died in the attack. 1 for the Mafia, who lead the attack. 1 for the abandoned souls that didn't ally themselves with anyone. And the final one for himself, to remind him of that day where he saved himself, and not the Mayor. The Survivor's mind is clouded with all these thoughts, but one thing is clear for him. He must survive. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to calcaldeds)

As a child, I always stayed inside. I always disliked the outdoors, and I just loved staying inside and playing board games with my brother and sister (and occasionally playing video games, but back then we only had Pong and stuff). That was until my brother went outside for a day to see his friends from school. He was found in the woods with a knife in his chest. We learned that a Serial Killer found, and killed him. I vowed that day, to stay inside and avoid the outdoors, so I can survive. I became a Survivor. When my parents heard about the Investigators in the Town of Salem, we moved there, so we could help find who killed my brother. I grew up in the Town and became an adult, and I didn't go outside very much. Then, the Mafia came. One night, I heard from my sister that someone was lying on the ground, with a bullet in their chest. I start to become panicked. I calmed myself down, as I remembered, when my brother died, I made four bullet proof vests in case something like this happened. I realized, I will stay inside, and do anything I can to survive. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to Swagmaster2014)

Her heart was racing and her hands were cold and sweaty. The man in front of her was smiling. It wasn't a nice smile, and it was made all the worse by the ominous gun in his hand. So this is how she would die. She'd left her home at fifteen; her father was a drunk and her mother was dead. After that she drifted for a while. The homeless in Salem were nice, and protected her as if she was their daughter. When she eventually got tired of Salem they gave her all the money and wisdom they had. One of them, an old crone claiming to be a Witch, gave her four pearls. 'You're a Survivor,' she said. 'Protect these, and they'll protect you'. She'd assumed that the old woman was crazy - everyone knows there's no such thing as magic. She traveled the world for years, experiencing all the adventures she could find. More than once she was close to death, and more than once she avoided it. She was happy, even when she was chased by criminals in back alleys. Then one day she got a letter. You're father is sick, it said. Please come home. She hadn't seen him in almost twenty years, and she didn't ever want to see him again. Despite that she returned home to Salem. The whole way there she kept thinking it was a mistake, and it turns out she was right. She'd barely set a foot in the town before she'd gotten into more trouble than she could handle; a gun pointed at her head. She clenched her hands in her pockets, the cool pearls in her hands. Still smiling the man pressed the trigger and the gun fired. Then, just before the bullet was about to hit her, it bounced back. The man screamed as the bullet teared into his leg. The woman only stayed surprised for a second, then she was running towards the man and wrestling him to the ground. She survived, she's a Survivor; that's what she does. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to Norling)

Raised on the streets of Salem, the Survivor went to war with all of his brothers when he came of age. Twelve years, nine months, and twenty-six days later he would return, alone, after being rescued from the prisoner camp that he had been kept in. He doesn't speak of what happened in the camp. He has lost touch with all of the ones he loved and has entered a self imposed exile. Whether it be because of grief or guilt, one thing is clear though. The one thought that kept him alive for all of those years at the hands of his abusive captors is the only thing keeping him alive in the Town of Salem: survival. (credit to Ace2369)

The Survivor has become a poor and lonely soul after he went to war. He fought mercilessly along his friends, but has now returned alone, sad, and lost all touch of happiness. Now survival is the only thing that matters in his mind, and he brought home the vests of his friends that he lost during combat. Remember this, every shot to a Survivors vest is a reminder to him of what happened to his comrades. (credit to Squiddington)

The Survivor was an apathetic archaeologist who loved exploring ancient tombs and discover new treasures amongst the world. He loved nothing more than to dig up a treasure chest or discover a new way of creating things from ancient grafts. On his travels, he reached the town of Salem to see the science of the witch trials, but ended up becoming part of the town himself, and was in mortal danger. He knew that at any cost he needed his artifacts to reach civilization to create new breakthroughs in science, art, and architecture for the good of mankind itself. He stockpiled bulletproof vests, and he would trust anyone; even the man with the knives; to get his knowledge and ancient treasures out of the town. If only he knew that he was caught in the tedious war between the Town and the horrible evils that plague it. (credit to Octometaknight)

The survivor used to be a high ranking officer in the Navy, however one fateful day the entire fleet of ships were sunk by underwater homing missiles. She could have tried to stay and steer her own ship and crew to safety, but she dived overboard, seeing as she had been a champion swimmer. However the years had gone by and she was no longer the swimmer she thought to be, and she woke up on the shores of Salem Town. Having fogotten the events onboard, she was only left with a rock hard desire to live at all costs, even if it meant pilfering bulletproof vests from the bodyguard.

The Survivor liked to think himself a helpful fellow. He stated immediately once the morning arose that he was a Survivor and that he would help the town. The town, of course, had their misgivings and threatened to vote him, but a few kind souls had mercy on him. The next night, the Survivor was both transported and attacked by the Mafia. Luckily, his vest protected him, not to mention the aid of a Doctor. The next few days went by; Mafia members were lynched, as was an unlucky Werewolf, and the helpful Survivor ran out of vests. Then, the last day came. It was the Transporter, the Survivor, the Jester, the last Mafia member, and the Doctor. For reasons that still remain unexplained, the town decided to give the Jester her rightful win. So she was lynched, and she swore to haunt the last Mafia member... only, their plans went awry. The next day, the town awoke to see the Mafia member dead... as well as the unluckily transported Survivor. (credit to TotallyNotAWerewolf)

He finally takes his bulletproof vest, paranoid that he was going to die tonight. The "Survivor" just wants to live, and he will do everything possible. He took four bulletproof vests when he fought in the war, but he never used them.

He gets ready as somebody enters the front door. The Survivor runs away, but the Mafioso shoots him. The bulletproof vest had actually done its job.

He keeps doing this until there's only one vest left. The Vigilante has died, and he could no longer take any more killings. Taking the Vigilante's gun and his vest, he feels something familiar.

He feels the spirit of war. (Credit to Idelac)

Survive, whatever it takes. They won't die like the others.

Death all around has a way of taking its toll on a person. The Vigilante wanted to meet spilled blood with more spilled blood, loading their gun with a sharp aim and hoping to goodness they weren't taking an innocent life. The Serial Killer decided that if you couldn't beat them, the better option was to join them, getting more blood spilled on their blade every day. The Godfather took advantage of the dire situation, leading their family through the chaos and hoping to come out on top.

But for the Survivor, there was nothing. Nothing except determination.

Survive, whatever it takes. They won't die like the others.

With their mind shattered, their morals went with it. Though they're far too squeamish to do any killing themselves, and they had a nasty habit of ruining their bulletproof vests by sweating too much in their nervousness. they don't care who they have to work with. The Town that believes they are in the right, the Mafia who wants to rule with an iron fist, even the crazed Serial Killer whose intentions were known to nobody but themselves.

Survive, whatever it takes. They won't die like the others.

(Credit: Oofouch (talk) 05:51, October 8, 2019 (UTC))

Werewolf stories

Rain pours down and lightning flashes through the sky as a nerdy teenage boy pushes open a wire gate to a dark trail, surrounded by trees. He held his books close to his chest, glancing around for danger. The boy hears footsteps behind him and spins around, but sees nothing but darkness. Turning around again, he bumps into three tall teenagers staring down at the nerdy boy. They throw him to the ground, and throw his backpack and books across the wet grass. The boy wails for them to stop, but they don't listen. They kick him over and over, until one of them pulls him up by the shirt. He felt blood dripping down his face as he was thrown back towards the fence. His body was filled with fear, but rage as well, and as he wiped the blood off of his face, he noticed his hand was covered in a thick layer of hair. The boy glanced up at the sky and the full moon was caught in his gaze, and he let out a loud howl. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to vannahfoxx)

An innocent man is casually strolling from a long, tiring day of work to his house so he can be home in time for dinner. The moon suddenly peeks out from behind a massive skyscraper. When the shimmering light of the full moon beams down on his face, he transforms from a kind, gentle being to a vicious monster. His hands begin to enlarge, followed by his arms, legs, and then the rest of his body. His suit is torn to shreds, and long, brown fur swiftly sprouts from his skin. The Werewolf is hungry, and flesh is the only thing that will satisfy his craving. He lets out a shrieking howl, and bursts into the nearest house. He mauls every being in sight, showing no mercy. After this rampage, the Werewolf reverts back to his human form. He goes to sleep and resumes his normal life the next day, completely oblivious to the horrors that transpired the previous night. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to AlexK864)

It's a dark, rainy night. The town is adjourned, awaiting in their houses or performing their good or evil nightly duties. A lone man sits in his house, shaking violently. Fur appears on his arms and face, as sharp teeth push through his gums. In a few seconds, the man no longer stands, in his place a hideous beast. He hears a couple people heading through his door, and awaits in the shadows. His friend, the Doctor, has come to heal him, while his enemy, the Mafioso, has come to shoot him. The Werewolf shows no mercy to friend or foe, mauling all who stepped into his territory. After feasting, he drags the mangled corpses to the town center for all to fear. His fearsome cry echoes into the sky. As the sun rises over the emptier town, his monstrous features give way to human sorrow. (unregistered contributor)

The Werewolf was nothing more than a simple man who was given the curse of shape shifting into a hideous beast every Full Moon. Every other night, he seems to the Sheriff as an innocent town member. Yet he was abandoned and forgotten by those he loved. And when the full moon rises, he has no control over himself. Turning into the werewolf, he pillages one's house, mauling anyone who dares encounter him. Relentless and a terror to anyone whom he pays a visit to, the Werewolf can only be taken out by a merciless Bodyguard watching over his target or a Veteran who dares raise his gun at any man, or beast that approaches him. After waking up the next morning, with no memory of the past night's events, the man was shocked to see the maimed bodies of those he had mauled the preceding night. Prowling and purging the streets and alleyways of Salem, the Werewolf returns back to his human form, until the next Full Moon presents itself. (unregistered contributor)

The shadow silhouetted by the moon is not one of earthly presence. It is one of blood and terror. of massive bone and strong sinew, of barely contained rage. It howls once, shaking the walls of the town houses, waking the townspeople. The Werewolf then descends upon the town. The townspeople cower in their beds, praying that they will not hear the awful sound of splintering wood. The mere sight of another person sends the Werewolf into further bloodlust. He is unstoppable, for none dare stand in his way. Only the stone-cold Veteran, gun loaded with silver bullets, or the oath-bound Bodyguard dares to lift a weapon against this nightmare. The next morning, when the sun shines upon his slaughter, he slips back in among the townspeople, his mask of timidity back in place. He dares not prowl again until the full moon restores his strength and power. (Credit to SOURCECODE01)

The Werewolf was born into a rich and noble family. He was spoiled and loved nothing better to abuse a certain guard of his. One day as he continued harassing the guard, the guard lost his cool and turned into a raging werewolf, tackling the boy. He was killed shortly after, but not before he had cursed the Werewolf with the same shape-changing rage he had. Because of that, his family fled to the Town of Salem, fearful of his powers. The Werewolf was left, abandoned and alone whilst by himself. A few years later, he comes to the Town of Salem, where his family lived and had forgotten the child they left. But he had not forgotten. He waited patiently for the full moon to rise, and that night went on a rampage at his family's house, killing everyone there. But that was not enough. He was still furious- furious at the people who lived with his family for all those years. So he stayed there, acting like a simple, innocent town member to everyone he encountered. Then every full moon he transformed into his Werewolf form and took his anger out on the town, rampaging in someone's home, killing everyone he saw,and eating their dead bodies too. Eventually he cooled down as the people he hated all died and a new generation took over, and he calmed down, making peace with them. However he could not just throw away all that anger as if it was nothing. So every full moon he transformed, completely unaware of what he was doing. He would visit houses, clawing the occupants to death. Then the next morning he would wake up and see what he had done. He grew cold, and stayed in alleys during the day, somewhere where he wouldn't harm anyone. But every full moon he still went around the town, killing the unsuspecting victims, where the only people that could stop him was the heartless Veteran,the merciless Bodyguard or if he accidentally kills himself. (credit to ElStar4Ever)

Once a man of luxury, the Werewolf's life took a turn for the worse after a mysterious beast struck him down with a bite. Three nights later, he viciously tore open the throats of a man and all who had visited him. Now the Werewolf desperately tries to control his vicious urges, the beast being driven by the very thing the Werewolf had thought to protect those around him; solitude. (credit to Who will teach Stevie?!)

The Werewolf was once a man of ordinary life, as he walked the streets of Salem and lynching those that were deemed guilty by the local Investigators. However, that ended when a large, silent beast stalked him during the night and almost ended his life by brutally mauling him, spreading the curse of the Werewolf. Now, as every Full Moon presents itself, he transforms into an unstoppable killing machine, only fueled with rage and bloodlust, as he mercilessly and mindlessly mauls any victims that dare visit him or his target. Be it a revealed Mayor, or the sociopathic men wielding butcher knives or fuel tanks and matches, he spares no one...(credit to Squiddington)

At a young age, he lost his parents to the Witch trials. Known only as one tainted with inhuman blood, he was cast out into the jungle, where he was found and raised by wolves. While living among the beasts for years, he became a predator, Prey was hunted in the pack, friends and foes were made during his childhood and teenage years. It all ended on the night of a full moon, when the humans invaded the jungle. Wood was chopped and burned, friends and foes were slaughtered, while the weak were forced to flee the jungle. His home and his family stolen from him a second time, rage overtook him; it gave him the strength to rip the furless' meat from their bones with nails and teeth. Many furless died that night to the one henceforth known as Werewolf, a human turned beast said to be covered in fur when the moon is full. Pretending to be one of the attacked by tearing his own flesh, he joined Salem to remind the furless murderers of the full moon night in the jungle. (credit to Ulithemuli)

The Werewolf was born into a life of luxury. Like a magnet, wealth and prosperity flocked to his family name, and by the time he became an adult he was on the path to a happy, comfortable life. But, late one evening, when he was out tampering in the garden, a wild beast emerged from the woods and began chasing him. He fled as fast as he could, but the creature soon had him in its claws and had bitten him. The change was almost immediate, and that night the full moon coaxed him into a hideous bestial form of fur, claws, and gnashing teeth. His family was horrified by what he had become, and after he wept himself to sleep that night, they fled to a new home, hoping to leave their monstrosity of a son behind. When he discovered this, the Werewolf, now in his human form, seethed with anger, but knew there was little he, a gentle and diminutive man, could do. That is, until two nights later, when the full moon mysteriously rose once again. His wild veins filled with rage, the Werewolf hunted down his family and tore them to pieces, along with the neighbors who had come to pay them a visit. Since that day, he has stalked the streets of Salem, with each full moon unleashing his fury on all who dare reject him. (credit to Booglock)

A lonely 25 year old sits alone in the alley where town members taunt at her, beats her, and threatens to stab her if she moves from the alley. One night she started wallowing because of her poor life, but all of a sudden, someone is a mask sees her and stares at her, he was holding a knife, he starts to laugh evilly and starts running towards her, she looks at the full moon and becomes angry al, of a sudden. Before she knew it she turned into a beast! She grabbed the masked person and threw him at the wall, and started mauling him, he screamed, but was killed in process. A doctor saw what had happen and runs to the person, but the werewolf mauled the doctor also. She threw them in the center of the town, she was enjoying this, but the sun rised as the moon disappeared. She turned back into a innocent 25 year old. (unregistered contributor)

The Sheriff sat back in his home, looking over the dozens of files he kept in his desk. A certain paper caught his eye, and he looked over it again. He chuckled as he remembered entering the house of the mild-mannered man next door and interrogating him. A loner was what the man had said he was, and that could mean many things, but the Sheriff decided to turn his gaze to the ongoing threat of the Mafia and ignore the quiet man. The man's pale eyes bothered him, but why was what he did not know. As soon as he began to put the files away, however, a blood-curdling howl rang in his ears, as did the sound of wood splintering. With a cry, he turned his gaze to the window, catching a glimpse of his attacker. A gasp of horror escaped his lips; those were those same pale eyes of the mild-mannered man. He lunged for his will and began to write furiously... only to realize that it was far too late. (credit to TotallyNotAWerewolf)

The werewolf, as a loner, had no hope for his life. A terrible wizard who was hated by most of salem had told him about his full-moon fate. However, the werewolf seems to make the most of it and attack as many people as possible, just to spare the witches and survivors that had promised to not try to kill thy. He tries to stay away from suspicion by claiming Survivor and it works. Though, his mortal enemies can get the best of him on a non-fullmoon night. (author wants to stay anonymous) The werewolf was just a regular townie at first. But on one night, he was just relaxing in his house when a Witch barged through the front door. With her powerful magic crystals she sent a beam for

th toward the werewolf, attempting to control him. Just then, a janitor came in through the door and accidentally tripped, dumping his cleaning acid all over the Witch's crystals. The crystal beam turned red and the Witch lost control of the werewolf. The red crystal beam made a magical transformation, making a genetic mutation that turns him into a werewolf every full moon. itshme

I ran through the dark and deserted streets of Salem, the cloak covering my body. I had to get away before my curse claimed another life. I hadn't asked to be bitten, hadn't asked to be turned, but now every full moon, I will change, morphing into a beast... Suddenly, I see a man walking towards me. He walks slowly, as if he has all the time in the world. A psycho smile is spread across his face, and I can see the glimpse of his knife in his hand. I know this is the Serial Killer that the whole town wants to destroy. He comes closer to me, his blade shining in the moonlight...and I lunge, animal-like, and attack him, growing long claws that rip into his skin. The cloak falls off my body as I morph into a Werewolf and attack the man who came to kill me. I am one of the only creatures strong against to stand against some of these people. I am one of the only creatures who could kill a killer at night like this... I didn't ask for this, but it may save my life many times over. (Anonymous author)

She was innocent. She was innocent. Thats what she wanted to belive. She just wanted to be a lookout. Thats what she wanted. But sho couln't have it, as she was born a werewolf. It was 1:00 am, it was a full moon, and She transformed. The doctor, mafioso and serial killer. all dead in front of her house. The next full moon the jailor put her in the terrible prison cell. She turned to her form and striked the jailor, as well as killing everyone that visited her. the vigilante and sheriff was left with her. the vigilante accidentaly forgot to put in his vote of lynching, and the werewolf survived to the next full moon, where she killed both of them with a single strike. (Credit to Rocketlauncher22)

He wasn't fully aware that he was a beast in the skin of a man, but the Townpeople were so scared of this beast, or known as the Werewolf. Taking a gaze at the full moon, the man's eyes glowed red. He never wanted to become a monster, he just wanted to live as a normal Townie. But ever since that day, he cursed himself and regretted that day happened, changed his life.

Back when he was a teenager, he was a son of a noble and respected family. He was a kind and gentle child, everyone loved him and adored him. However, on his seventeenth birthday, his family was killed by a Werewolf. He was the sole survivor, and as the Werewolf attacked him, he couldn't do anything about it. He was dying, and as he knew he would die, he closed his eyes. The Werewolf killed him, but not before it placed a curse onto him.

He found himself awoke on the Doctor's place. He had no memories of his family, only left with the memories when he was attacked. The Doctor said that he managed to be alive, but he wasn't aware of the curse. When he finished his thought about his past, rage suddenly filled him, he transformed onto a massive beast, covered with grey fur and had a razor sharp claws.

The Werewolf went on rampage at the Godfather's house, killing the Godfather, Investigator, and Lookout. It tossed their already numb body on the Town's square with a brute force, and let out a loud howl. But as the full moon disappeared into the light of the dawn, he returned back onto his kind and gentle human form. He watched in horror as he saw the three dead bodies, unaware that he was the one who responsible for their deaths.

Every full moon night, he transformed onto a massive beast and went on rampage at his victim's house, killing anyone who visited his victim. The only person who could stop this massive beast were the loyal Bodyguard, sacrificing his life to protect his target, and the paranoid Veteran who was brave enough to raise his gun at this massive beast. (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

Vampire stories

She had never envisioned her life like this, and she never asked for it. One night, many moons ago she was bit. Merely a Lookout at the time, she became much more ever since. To some it would be a blessing, to some a curse, she hadn't decided yet. But she knew it was a full moon, and she knew that meant she needed to feast. Skulking through the Salem alleyways, the Vampire stumbled across the Escort, paying a visit to a nearby home. The Vampire felt bad for her, but she must feed. She lunged out at the Escort, reaching her prey before it even knew what was going on. Sucking the life out of her, she left the mangled, lifeless corpse in the alley. The Werewolf's howl could be heard in a nearby home, but that didn't concern her. She was really on the Lookout for the Vampire Hunter, who reeked of garlic. He would be carrying his stakes and holy water, as the Vampires would be active this full moon, but it was for naught. The Hunter was too late to save the Escort, so soon enough he'd have another problem to worry about. She morphed into a bat and took off into the air, looking down on the town below. As the faint beams of the sun began to peek out, she looked down upon all the residents of Salem, her soon to be meals. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to williamthered)

Lightning flashes across the night sky as rain pours heavily down on an ancient tomb. In this tomb lies the Vampire. A young explorer comes to this tomb searching to see if the villagers fears are true. Opening the door to the tomb, he carefully descends down the wet and slippery floor. Suddenly, his flashlight goes out. Still determined, he descends. Slipping on a rock on his way down, he crashes into a coffin. He gets up, and carefully opens the cover of the coffin. Inside lays the Vampire. As he comes closer to examine this monster, the Vampire, wakes up and bites him. Fully rejuvenated, the Vampire goes out to find their next target. (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to TimeAce)

No one knew how the vampire was born. Legend has that a nurse cautiously paces towards the room of a newly brought in out-patient, still wondering if the psychologist has given a proper diagnosis yet. She grips the door handle, uncertain if she's prepared to face him, after all that's been rumoured about what lies inside this room. The door swings open, startling the nurse. The psychologist steps out, his face down, looking at his clipboard. Slightly relieved, the nurse asks if the patient is doing fine, or if he's sick. The psychologist pauses, raises his head, and smiles. Blood was dripping down his mouth and face onto his clothes. With a raspy breath, the final words the nurse ever hears is spoken. "You are the one who is sick." (credit to NinjaScore)

Prepare yourself to sleep soundly tonight, the Investigator thought. With him working with the Jailor to cross-reference all the information they had, he is convinced that he found the Framer. They made a plan to lynch the Framer and execute the accused Godfather tonight. This meant that the town's investigations should be more clear from now on. Without a second thought, he accused the Framer of being,well, a Framer. After giving his evidence (keeping the Jailor anonymous, of course), they hung the accused framer on a whim. He gave no defense, which worried a few, but the Investigator was determined to lynch the evildoer. His will told the words of a Jester, but his role told the tale of a much different person, one that struck nausea and fear into all who witnessed the lynching.


The funny thing is that the Investigator wanted to sleep soundly tonight. But now, he stayed awake, eyes wider than ever before. But you know what they say.

Some questions ought to be left unanswered.

(credit to VeneraSurvivalGuid101)

A nurse uneasily approaches the room of the so-called 'vampire', wondering if the psychologist has given a proper diagnosis. Suddenly, the door opens, and the psychologist steps out. The nurse asks if the vampire man is insane. "No need to worry madame," The psychologist pauses, baring his own fangs. "He's quite sane. You are the one who is sick." He mutters, before lunging forward. (credit to Who will teach Stevie?!)

The Vampire lurks through the streets of Salem, a hungry grin on his face. He stealthily sneaks through the alleyways, looking for the fastest way to his next meal. Finding the house of his target, he slips through the door and charges into their bedroom. He hears a scream and savors the look of pure horror on his victims face- before he drinks. (credit to RatRiddled)

The Vampire was a woman who believed in the work of a religious belief. She was part of a pact of Masons; she believed, looked up to her Mason Leader. She was a deep believer. She thought she knew everything from her leader and her beliefs. Hopeless was she when she found she was terribly wrong. One day, a Mason came to a meeting almost completely burnt and soaked in bloody fumes. He was definitely burnt by an Arsonist. The ignorant Mason lay down by his side, and when she reached down to touch him... He exploded into shards of bone fragments and entrails. The Mason was completely covered. Unknowingly, she ran to the nearest water source, the magical Holy Fountain outside the Mason meeting building, and tried to soak herself to get the stuff off... but when she jumped in, the blood and entrails infused with her. A scream came out, and all the other Masons rushed over panicking to the oddly tall woman. She didn't know what was going on... but instinct quickly took over. All the Masons were dead in at least a few seconds... and she bathed them in the Holy Fountain. The new squadron of Vampires, lead by that very woman, roam everywhere. She would maraud everywhere, drinking the blood of everyone she saw. Eventually she ended up in Salem, where she faced a new threat: the Vampire Hunter. (credit to Octometaknight)

Under suspicion from the town, the mayor has no choice but to reveal himself. He understands this is likely a death sentence, and returns to his home pardoned that night, with information on the town. He prays that a bodyguard will protect him… and when he hears a knock at his door he hesitantly opens it. A vampire sinks his teeth into the mayor’s throat, and he collapses. The next morning, nobody notices that the mayor’s gotten a bit paler… and that he’s grinning from ear to ear. (Credit to VesperLord)

The Vampire used to be nothing more than an average Escort. She role blocked people who were suspicious,and if no kills happened then she’d call them out. However, one night she changed into a horrifying monster with no apparent cause; she grew long, sharp fangs, started to crave blood, and turned completely pale. Terrified, she knew that she had to get people to be like her, so she wouldn’t feel lonely. So, the next day, the Town was lacking not only an Escort, but a Doctor too. (Credit to Mudkip755).

She was a little girl sitting on the couch playing with soft toys, untill she woke up the next morning she was fine, but that morning she figured out she was put up for adoption. She was terrified, she begged and cried to her mother to not ever let her go. But... she didn't. The next evening as she stab the far end of the piece of steak sawing it after, then chewing it over to the hole beneath her throat, the phone was ringing, so her mother picked it up "Hello there. What do you want?" Said her mother "Yeah, yeah good, she's here, you can pick her up tommorow" Said her mother again. The girl was terrified, she ran off into her room, closed the door terrified, screaming, bursting into tears "Hey! You get back here and finish your dinner, Okay! I put alot of effort into making my dinners!" Said her mother "O, O... Ok. Okay *Sobb* F. F... Fine then." Said the girl. She grabbed the plate and through it outside the window "Get into your room now! Early bed time tonight!" Said her mother. She woke up the next day already in a car, She found the most wikid witch in Salem driving the car, soon to find out that she was the one who was adopting her. She was petrified, soon to find out she was actually quite nice (To her atleast) Years later she became a doctor, raised by the witch who taught her that the majority of town is evil. After a year or so the witch was murdered by the girl's mother. The sherrif came to investigate, she told them it was her mother but they know she hates her so much so they don't belive her. Luckily for her, her mother doesn't know she's on her track. She knows the witch made mind controll potions, and she knew they were purple, so she mixes a few potions together hoping they will become the same purple colour. She mixed the potions and got the same coloured potion. She was certain she could mind controll her mother now, all she needed to do is pour it into her mothers the next night. So the following night she poured it in her mouth, She mind controlled her for a second or two, but when she continued it, something went terribly wrong. Her mothers teeth grown sharp,she woke up a few minutes after. Her mother was something else, she ran after her daughter. The daughter knew she was dead, but she was somehow alive, so the following day her mother told her that her daughters only survival chances is with eachother, and they're both most feed on others blood because they're vampires. So she thought the town was evil and you feel hungry, and your mother tells you that thats your only food source, the blood. She tries it on a mafia by accident, killing them, they have a grudge against vampires now only because of her, that continues down the generations of mafia and vampires as there are more vampires and mafia, they still to this day have wars. (Credit to Charliep2).

On the day, the Vampire was a normal Townie. He was a kind and young handsome man who the females adored so much. However in the night, he showed his true nature; a blood lust monster who could find nothing to quenched his thirst other than consuming the blood of human. He knew that he didn't wish to live by consuming his friends, but he had no choice. It was all eat or be eaten for him.

He still remembered that he was a Vigilante back then, however he stopped after he shot a Townie and was bitten. He didn't feel anymore guilt, instead he enjoyed it. The Vampire visited the house of the Medium, his former friend. He knocked the door, and the Medium greeted him with the warmest greeting, happy to see her friend.

When she closed the door, the Vampire hugged her. The Medium wondered what's going on with him, but he just said that he was glad to see her. The Vampire's fangs grew and he sank those sharp fangs onto the Medium's neck, sucking the blood out of her, before he put the corpse on her couch and kissed her forehead. "Farewell, my friend..." The Vampire whispered to her, and immediately left her house.

The next morning, the Transporter had been killed by Mafia and the Bodyguard died protecting the Mayor, taking down the Serial Killer with him. No one knew what happened to the Medium as she was alive, but she did aware that she had become a blood lust monster similar to her old friend... (Credit to Playful Trickster 101)

She woke up with a sudden gasp. Had she slept for so long that she had fallen off the bed? No, she remembered suddenly, tracing her fingers along the small puncture wounds on her neck. She had been bitten. Getting off from the ground where shy lay, her bloodstained nightgown weighing her down, she stood up and groaned. Her skin, once bright and healthy-looking, was now pale and sickly. Her mind wandered off to when he had bitten her, his sharp teeth sinking into her neck, as all the warmth left her body. She flicked a tongue over her on front teeth, now as sharp as knives. "Hello, my friend. We must feed." a hoarse voice said as the man slipped from behind her. As he uttered these words, a deep hunger filled her, a lust for blood she couldn't understand. "Yes." she agreed. She needed blood. She craved it. She wouldn't survive without it. Now, she was a Vampire.

Witch stories

As a young child, the Witch was used to being bullied. Everywhere she went, she was made fun of. Whether it was her abnormally large nose, her off-shade green skin, or just the fact that she carried a broom around wherever she went. The town had completely shunned her. She was banished to the far forests, left to her own devices..and her own magic. Throughout years of being completely alone, she had studied magic day and night, and, with the help of her black cat as a lab rat of sorts, she had learned to make people do whatever she pleased! With her newfound talent, she moved back into the town, taking up home under the guise of a regular townsperson. The Witch vowed to take revenge on everyone that had ever bullied her. That meant working with those who some may consider evil. To her, they were just allies...allies in the war on taking down the Town of Salem. (Creative Writing Stories 1st place, credit to justlyra)

'To someone who knows the hidden ways of this world, everyone and everything is as easy to read as an open book. To be honest, she never wanted it to be like this. Her ancestors hated the church for it's bigotry, but they loved the nature and everything in it. The New World was rich indeed. Her kind used to be seen as healers, shamen of the natural world looked to with respect for their wisdom and knowledge. Until fanatics started condemning them. Those so called holy men made up demons and devils and claimed that her kind formed pacts with them. It was all lies to cover up their own sins. You would have thought this town would have learned their lesson all those years ago with the trials. But the Mayors wife, she believed that she walked with God. The wife accused her of controlling her husband when his eyes started watching other women. The wife got the town to turn against her, and she was told to leave the town proper or swing from a Oak branch. But no, she will NOT leave. The bones of her grandmothers are in this earth, and part of her will always live here. If they wanted to accuse her of using such magic, then she shall. All it takes is a little thing, some cut hair, nail clippings. People are so careless with their leavings. She already settled up with the wife, directing a killer to end her miserable life, and now she was going to get even with the town that allowed it to happen... (Creative Writing Stories 2nd place, credit to Furril)

A young man walks through the town on a dreary, cloud-filled night. His purpose unknown, he plods on, burning the midnight oil. As he nears his destination, a woman crosses his path, face obscured by a wide-brimmed hat. He greets her with a warm smile, and a friendly wave. As he begins to lower his arm and continue on his way, his wrist fractures and contorts. The man cries out in agony, no longer able to control his own limbs; it is as if he is a marionette subjugated by an unseen puppeteer. He looks back at the woman and sees sickly red light emanating from her eyes, illuminating her cracked, dry skin and wicked grin. His mind quickly leaves him, and the pain ceases. He becomes hollow, vacant. He is now an unwilling servant at the woman's command. She will not kill him, no. He will wake up tomorrow and tell everyone what he has seen. She will use him and others like him to turn the town into a grave, one corpse at a time. Allies of Salem beware, for this is the vow of the Witch. (Creative Writing Stories 3rd place, credit to wrathandhavoc)

The town banished the Witches many years ago, hanging them from the gallows and watching them burn to ashes. The witch wants revenge, and will do whatever it takes to see the town go down in a mist of blood. No one knows for sure where the Witches come from. They are a group of few who have read the old books written in languages long forgotten to the men of today. A book of forbidden secrets, the secrets to the minds of men. Secluded in their house tonight, silently whispering the names of Salem. Witchcraft. The magic worms it's way into the victim's mind like a worm, a mental parasite. The victim cannot scream when they feel it self burrow into their psyche. Their eyes are forced shut my a force they cannot see. (unregistered contributor)

She waits. In her simple, inconspicuous hut, the Witch waits. She watches, looking for the one she knows won't fight: the man who plays with knives, who already has so many voices telling him what to do that he wouldn't mind another. The tortured soul whose screams she hears every time the moon is at its highest, roundest point as he turns into a howling abomination of nature. The old man, sitting in his chair smiling a secret smile that his underlings know means another death will occur. She drowns them in her power, forcing them to let go and serve her, only her. Because she is the Witch. Doesn't she deserve to make use of her powers? (Unregistered contributor)

The witch was born into a cult of healers, but couldn't master the art of saving people and so they didn't accept her. So she took a different path after meeting a WereWolf who convinced her to work with him and control people so they could live peacefully. Shortly after the Witch met the arsonist who told her he only doused normal town members. Every night she takes all of her rage and binds someone to do her bidding for her, even if it is getting the bodyguard to give bullet proof vests to the survivor. (unregistered contributor)

The first Witch was just experimenting one day, and the magic came to her. She felt.... Power. She could dominate, in her own way of course. She could control minds, which she did for good and bad, either way benefiting her. Salem found out, and she was hung, but she survived. She had the true power of a witch. She was banished to Lucian Forest and she never came to the town. Although she wasn't there, she could still do her magic. And if she needed to, she would kill. Some took after her, in secret of course, and they all met in Lucian Forest at midnight. Then Salem found out about some of them, and they tried a new execution. They were going to burn them. The witches endured flames more extreme than any Arsonist. The chain of witches is vague now, but every time someone is controlled, she sends a message. And the message always ends with, "Let's face it. I dominate." To this very day, people continue her evil magic and Salem still has their sanity. (unregistered contributor)

The Witch. An experienced sorceress with knowledge of the darkest magic known to man. She can bend minds of anyone of her choosing. She can control the Godfather to make quick work of any target that wrongs her. She can control the Vigilante to end the life of any innocent - possibly his own. She is a force to be reckoned with, even Veterans fear the presence of a Witch in the town... (credit to Squiddington)

The witch is a long forgotten and rarely feared soul who lurks in the outside of town, banished and hidden away for their crimes of controlling townies against their will. Fueled by their rage for being exiled, they will creep into even the house of the man with the knives and control him to pander to the Witches every whim. With their iron will and dark magic, the Witch will stop at nothing to ensure everyone who has wronged them will die. (unregistered contributor)

The witch takes a smoke out of her golden Kiseru pipe, before suddenly vanishing in a cloud of golden butterflies. The witch is a dangerous person, although the town -- fools, in her opinion -- don't quite understand the dangerous magic she holds. She was born with an interesting power; the power to use magic, although she couldn't use it during the day.

The serial killer, on his way to kill somebody, suddenly stopped, widening his eyes in surprise. Infront of him appeared a swarm of golden butterflies which, once disappearing, revealed a golden-haired woman holding a Kiseru pipe - it was none other than the witch. "Come now, remember. Remember how you are my furniture - my servant." the witch chanted. The serial killer forcefully opened his mouth against his will, controlled by the witch, and suddenly, out of the witch's Kiseru pipe came out a small butterfly, which beautifully floated into the serial killer's mouth. Ofcourse, the serial killer had never truly been the witch's servant. However, he had been controlled by the witch before, and was, infact, looking for the witch, trying to kill her. The witch cackled, disappearing back into her house in a swarm of golden butterflies.

It was almost morning; the serial killer found himself having dragged the corpse of the investigator for everyone to see, and having left a deathnote saying, "The Witch sends her regards.". Widening his eyes, the Serial Killer found himself coughing out a small, glittering golden butterfly, and realizes that he had been, once again, controlled by the witch. He rushed towards his house, the clock hitting 6AM soon after and everyone leaving their houses, the killer doing the same thing as if nothing had even happened.

But the lookout had seen it. ...He had seen how the Serial Killer crazily murdered the investigator out of his free will, and, before even realizing it, the Serial Killer had found himself on the stand, accused of having murdered the investigator like the psychopath he was. "Guilty!" most of the town shouted. "Kill... the...... Witc---..." the Serial Killer whispered to himself, trying to warn the town about the witch, but not even being able to complete his sentence. No one had heard it; the witch had gotten the Serial Killer lynched and the investigator killed. (credit to ~~Frederika~Bernkastel~~)

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