The Daily Brew is an activity-based reward system. It allows players to receive shop items without paying based on how often they log into the game. Upon logging into the game, the Daily Brew may be found at the top of the screen, between the Settings and Referral Codes buttons.

Players will receive twenty Merit Points from the Daily Brew every 23 hours (forty on Double-Merit weekends and for players who own the coven expansion) from when the player has last added a free potion into the cauldron. Players who have linked their account to the Steam version of the game will receive double the amount of Merit Points. If you miss a day, you will not have to start over; however, you will not progress toward the reward that day.

The potions have a set order in which they appear, being: Eye of Newt - Spider Legs - Poison Nettle - Unicorn Tears - Bat Wings - Dragon Blood - Award potion

Upon adding the seventh free potion, the player is given a random reward. The reward given will always be an item which is obtainable through the shop by using Town Points or Merit Points. Exclusive items, such as the Grim Reaper and Steambot3000, for example, are not obtainable through the Daily Brew.

Players may affect the type of reward which they will receive by spending Town Points, adding a special potion to the cauldron. For example, a legendary potion will guarantee a reward valued at 2000 Town Points or more. If the player already owns all items in a category, the game will not allow the player to add a potion to that specific category. However, these Town Point potions do not count as an extra potion for the reward. Price are 250 Town Points for a Skin or Pet, 150 for a house, 500 for a death animation, and 1000 for a legendary potion.

A cackling noise (similar to the one used for the Accursed Taunt) will be played if the player is on the home page when the cauldron becomes available. You hear a Witch laugh if you are in a lobby when the cauldron becomes available.

It should be noted that exiting the Daily Brew right before your award is given results in your brew restarting and no reward. This may be a bug.

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