Please be aware while some of this page is serious, for the most part it's totally a joke.

The developers of Town of Salem ensured that the game can still be fun in the graveyard. You can talk with dead buddies, contact the Medium, and even cheer for your team as they die one by one. But let's face it --death is boring! As your team approaches imminent loss, how do you keep your hopes up?

The Talking Dead Edit

Whether hanged or murdered, as the Sheriff or lowly Bodyguard, you can stay active in the afterlife. Before you curse out those who killed you and leave in a huff of dismay, find a way to contribute to the community deathpool by informing or predicting. Preparing for a revival could be helpful, as well.

Informing Edit

  • If the Medium is still alive, you can give them information to announce or write down.
  • The Town Investigative roles (Investigator, Sheriff, Lookout, Spy) usually have the most valuable information when they die, especially if they are killed later in the game.
  • Town roles such as the Escort and Jailor may share critical facts in the graveyard as well.
  • Killing roles such as the Mafioso and Serial Killer may choose to help the Town! Before they leave the game, ask them if anyone they attacked had Night Immunity. Be careful... they may lie to you.
  • Executioners might tell the Medium who their target was. This might also be a lie, so be just as careful when dealing with them as you would be with killing roles.

If informing is done efficiently, the Medium should be able to offer pertinent knowledge dead or alive. With all the facts written in their Last Will and a seance in their hands, the Town has a helpful ally. In the event that the Medium has an early death, sharing information can still prove useful. Who knows, there may be a Retributionist in the Town! You can also decide to not rage-quit and actually be useful in the event of a Retributionist.

Predicting Edit

  • Out of hard facts? Start watching for suspicious activity as you rot to bones.
  • Reference the chat log to see who voted innocent or guilty in trials.
  • See if anyone has claimed multiple roles or has framed an innocent player.
  • Watch out for patterns: Who is the first to speak each day? Who is not talking? Who has a lot of blank space around their name in the directory?
  • If you don't feel like doing the work, just shout out a guess as to who you think is guilty!
  • Pay attention to the voting process and the end result to see who voted for a Mafia lynching. There is a high chance (but not guaranteed) that those people who cast votes for the now-dead members of the Mafia are not members of the Mafia.

Preparing Edit

  • If you die early in the game as an important Town role and are playing in a game that has or may have a Retributionist, you may want to set up your Last Will in order to be able to take names and roles quickly. If you are revived, ask for all roles to be whispered to you, since you are a confirmed Townie. Listing all the numbers of the remaining players, along with the remaining possible role types will help you organize and determine who is faking. Obviously how you organize your Last Will is up to you, but a horizontal arrangement with all numbers is an effective setup.

Graveyard Games Edit

Sure, the game is not turning out in your favor -- you died, the Medium is dead -- but does this really mean eternal suffering? No!

If the Medium is dead but has not used their seance, you can help by advising them who and when to seance, and feed them information for when they seance.

If the Medium has no seances, here are some entertaining things to do after meeting your doom:

Call Them Out Edit

Nothing's better than a fresh dose of dead commentary. RIP them apart!

  • Release your inner sideline cheerleader and chant for your team (or your friends)!
  • Call the man a liar even though nobody can hear you: Your feelings will definitely reach the living for sure!
  • Rant about how the Town is unintelligent. If you are a member of the Mafia, rant about the Mafia. If you are a Neutral Benign role, rant about everyone. If you died on night one, rant about RNG! = Bad sportsmanship don't do this.
  • Great defense statement? Why not give it a "10/10"? "10/10 would lynch again" is a favorite.
  • Prepare a soliloquy for the end of the game. (Be sure to type it quickly or everyone will have left.)
  • Someone important is killed: "NOOOOO" is a pretty effective catharsis. If you are evil, the time has come to feast on Townie tears and laugh evilly.
  • Become an announcer and make commentaries on everything the Town says or does.
  • Rage at a specific person. If they are dead too, even better. Channel your rage onto chat and rant and rave until your keyboard breaks. = Bad sportsmanship
  • Spoooooooky Medium seance: If the Town has little chance to win and you know your killer, haunt them as a ghost!
  • As a member of the Mafia, troll gullible Townies into thinking someone is a member of the Mafia, and watch as they soon find out they are instead Town. Time to laugh maniacally!
  • Saw a god awful Serial Killer get lynched? Point out their mistakes!

Bad Boys Edit

It's like the Sharks and the Jets all over again ...with ghosts.

  • If you are the first member of the Mafia to die, have a little fun and ruin some dreams by announcing the Mafia's target each night. This is unbelievably fun, you have no idea.
  • You can also do a similar game with "bad luck tokens". When people correctly guess who will be killed this night, you give them one.
  • If you are a Blackmailer, tell everyone what the living are whispering about if there is no Medium.
  • Often times there is no reason to stay if you have lost, but...
    • NOTE: It is highly recommended that you do not give the Medium other Mafia roles. Because you can still win if a member of the Mafia survives, you can be hurting your own chances, and the chances of the other player. In All Any, where there can be four members of the Mafia and it makes no sense to reveal the other three.
    • It is sometimes considered gamethrowing to rat out the other members.
    • However, some members of the Mafia will pretend to give out their fellow members of the Mafia, in order to trick the Medium and help the Mafia win.
    • You can also mess with the Medium, giving "hints" that says who will be framed or who are not members of the Mafia. i.e, "Betty Parris will not be framed." This is nice to do with many people still alive because they're not that useful and if a gullible Medium believes you, they will receive false information. These "hints" can be true or false, but do make them mostly false if you feel you're just giving out information.

The More, The Merrier Edit

A mob of rowdy Townies enclosed in a graveyard just got wilder.

  • Relationships: This is the best time to make a new death-buddy. If someone helped you out before your untimely death, welcome them to the graveyard as your sibling. Maybe even exchange users for friend requests at the end of the game if you like and trust them that much.
  • What's Cooking, Ma?: Begin 'offering' food items around. Brains are popular among the living dead, but a good cook can improvise.
  • Passion Can: If someone starts using caps-lock, let the warfare begin. Capitalize everything you say, and call them out. i.e, "WHY ARE WE SHOUTING?!"
  • The Alphabet: With a large group of people, you can announce your goal to make your way down to "z" without repeats. If you win, take a screenshot.
  • Relationships 2: Is there a "Santa Claus" in your game? Do a bit of role-playing!
  • Pointless Tallyman: For fun, begin attributing points to Townies who say smart things. When they die, give them their total. (Let's hope that it's not a negative number)
  • Rapping: Try and perform the Town of Salem rap by Minx and Boyinaband.
  • Welcoming: Say, "Welcome to Hell!", "Welcome to Heaven!", or "Welcome to the dead!" to other people who die. Some people like, "Welcome to the afterlife! The hot tub is in the pit of eternal suffering"
  • Wait: Wait out the game. Players are not supposed to leave the game unless they have a zero percent chance of winning. If you are a Townie and there is a chance of a Retributionist or Medium, you may want to stick around.
  • Attack: In asterisks, draw a weapon on someone and use it against them. (i.e, Thomas Danforth: *draws sword and stabs Kanye West*, followed by Kanye West: *shoots Betty Parris*)
  • Counseling: Some players might be sad or a tad mad. Unleash your inner psychiatrist and give them professional help!
  • Karma!: Pray, hope or reveal who killed you, then laugh in their face!
  • Rock Paper Scissors: Play a friendly game of rock, paper, scissors with your dead friends!
  • Rave Parties: Why not hold a party? After all, why shouldn't the dead drink?
  • Emoticon Wars: Because you want to just throw Lenny Faces around, don't you? Make sure you do not spam the chat as that is not allowed whether you are dead or alive.
  • Role-play with your name: Is your name "Arsonist Hunter" and did you die from an Arsonist? Why not express how ironic the situation was?
  • International Phone Call: Ask the dead people where you are from and what hour they are. You might be surprised by meeting fellow people from the same country as you.
  • Work out the Mafia: Do you have a notepad? Write down 1-15, get rid of the dead numbers, add in the confirmed Townies and figure out the members of the Mafia from there!
  • Actually be serious: Playing a really tense game and you just don't want to lose? Dead Medium? Discuss about who are members of the Mafia but unlike the above, talk about it with your friends and this time, get your friend Medium to go get the seance and win... from the dead.
  • Game Show: Host a little game of any genre you like with your dead friends, like Hangman and more!
  • Weddings: Have a Priest in your game? Help them by making people get married. Lawful marriage indeed.
  • The Teacher: Behave like you are a teacher and ask other dead players to solve a problem (like 3*6=?) If they give you an answer, give them the grade they deserve!
  • Living Another Life: If you can, role-play with someone! Tell them what you would do and who would you vote on if you were still alive!
  • Rant: Know who the members of the Mafia are but nobody is listening? Try yelling at everyone to get them to know who the members of the Mafia are! However, don't spam doing it, as it is against the rules, as stated above.
  • Suggest songs: Tell people some of your favourite songs to listen to while you play the game! Even though they will probably not listen to it, it is a great way to start a conversation whilst the game is finishing!
  • Other games: Ask people if they have played other games. You may be surprised with what you get.
  • Hangman: Play a little game of hangman to pass the time.
  • SpOoKy: Legitimately pretend to be a ghost. Haunt someone for absolutely no reason even though they have no idea what you just said.
  • Craziness: Say random things in the chat to make other people laugh. Try not to go too far by posting inappropriate stuff or you might be banned.
  • Who am I?: If you were cleaned or you visited medusa, mess around with the other dead by giving them fake roles! If there is a medium, mess around with them, feeding them fake info! However, it can go wrong if the medium is gullible and believes you.
  • Who killed me? Legitimately try to work out a murder mystery. Plot twist: it's your own. You and all your dead friends who are still in the game try to figure out who you all died to. If you're right, congrats, because you are a postmortem detective.
  • Virtual Battle: If your role involves a weapon, draw it on an enemy! A fun way to express your hatred on your killer.
  • Host your own Sitcom! Play the laugh track as if your life depends on it (which it certainly doesn't since you're dead). Whenever a player makes a joke, milk it to death! Make sure that everyone can enjoy your family fun primetime show.
  • Celebrity Chef: Host a cooking show! Describe to your dead friends what you're cooking and how you're cooking it! Make sure to pre-prepare an example meal. Human flesh (preferably adept players') and brains are popular ingredients!
  • Perfect Match: Two dead pals you think would make a perfect couple? Ship them! Make sure all the dead Townies feel the love.
  • Perfect Match 2: Host your own version of the old tv show! Make sure your eligible, unwilling bachelor gets the unwilling woman he deserves.
  • Salesman: Sell your fellow corpses some items! Make it sound as good as possible, and make sure your unreasonable price sounds cheap as heck! Roombas, kettles, knives and pets, anything you think your Townies will want!
  • Five Stars Indeed: Host a Restaurant for the dead! Present them your menu and have them select a couple items from it. Give them a wide variety of appetizers, entrees, and even drinks to choose from. Then, once the meal is over, reveal your outrageous prices!
  • Narration: Talk constantly about what happens in the game as if anybody can hear what you are saying! Just say stuff like 'John Hathorne has voted up Ann Hibbins'
  • Rant: Just go on a large rant about how bad the town/mafia/players are and comment on how good you are. Totally modest.
  • Leave: What most people do when they die. Just press escape and click leave game.
  • Rage: The best thing you can do when you are dead. Open your window, grab your PC or laptop, and just yeet it out. Usually has the same effect as leaving.

This list is unfinished. Please add your favorite graveyard past-times!