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Multiple deaths may occur during a Night

In Town of Salem, "death" is the removal of a character from the game, either at night by a killing role, being lynched by the Town during the Day, or leaving the game, which is shown as "committing suicide". In all cases, the player who has been "killed" will have their Last Will be revealed to the Town if they have one (Your Last Will will NOT be shown to the Town if you were Cleaned by a Janitor, Stoned by a Medusa, forged by a Forger, or killed from visiting a Serial Killer as a roleblocking role). Certain roles may also leave a Death Note for the town to read upon their death,

  • If you die, you will join the graveyard, where you are unable to talk to anyone alive (Besides living Mediums). However, you may continue to speak with anyone else sent to the graveyard during both Day and Night.
  • When a player dies, blood drips down from the top of their screen (unless they are lynched), and a tombstone appears on their role card. You are also unable to edit your Last Will or Death Note to change the view that other players see it as after you die. You are considered dead the moment the "You have died!" message appears.

Death at Day[]

Players that die during the Day are lynched (voted to be killed by the other members of the Town). Once someone has been voted guilty, they die the moment their Last Words timer expires. Death by lynching cannot be prevented in any way if they have been voted guilty, your role's defense does not matter.

Death at Night[]

You died!

There are many causes of death at Night. In most cases, the person died to some sort of nocturnal killing role like a Godfather/Mafioso, Potion Master, Serial Killer, Werewolf, or Vigilante. Depending on who a player visits at Night, they may also die to roles like Veteran, Crusader, Ambusher, or Medusa. Most causes of death at Night can be prevented by a Doctor healing the player on the Night they were attacked.

  • The method of killing you at Night (such as from a member of the Mafia or a Serial Killer) is shown, along with the final message underneath all other messages: "You have died!".

Basic Defense[]

List of Roles with or can get/grant Basic Defense

Serial Killer
Survivor/Bodyguard (When using a Vest)
Witch (One time use automatic defense)
Coven Leader (When holding the Necronomicon)
Veteran (When on Alert)
Vampire Hunter (Only against Vampires)

Powerful Defense[]

  • No roles automatically begin with Powerful Defense; rather, the defense can only be given to other players by protective roles, meaning all Town Protectives, a Jailor, the Potion Master, or a Guardian Angel.
    • A Doctor, Jailor, Crusader, Potion Master or Guardian Angel will give the target Powerful Defense regardless of what the target is attacked by and it will prevent all total attacks against that player. However, a Bodyguard and Trapper will only give their target Powerful Defense if their target is directly attacked by another player and will only give that Powerful Defense against that single attack. This means multiple attacks on a player will not be prevented by those two roles. Both roles also cannot protect the player if their target dies due to whoever they visit; meaning if their target was attacked by a role with Rampage, a Crusader/Ambusher or is a Veteran/Medusa using their ability, they cannot prevent their death.
List of Roles with or can get/grant Powerful Defense

Any role protected by any of the following roles:
Bodyguard (One direct attack)
Trapper (One direct attack)
Potion Master (When healing)
Guardian Angel (also protects target from the Jailor and the Arsonist)
Doctor (When self-healing)

Invincible Defense[]

  • Players that have Invincible Defense can survive all attacks at Night. The only way they can be killed is by being hanged in the Day or leaving the game.

Basic Attack[]

  • Players that have Basic Attack can kill roles with no Defense. Roles that start with Basic Defense or gain any other form of defense though other means cannot be killed for that Night.
List of Roles with or can acquire a Basic attack

Vampire Hunter
Vampire (When attacking, not converting)
Serial Killer
Coven Leader (With Necronomicon)
Hex Master (With Necronomicon)
Potion Master
Necromancer (With Necronomicon or by using Basic-attack corpses)

Powerful Attack[]

  • Roles that have a Powerful attack can kill any roles with Basic defense or lower. No role starts with Powerful Defense, rather only Town Protectives, a Potion Master using a heal potion, or a Guardian Angel can give other players Powerful defense for the Night. This means all attacks using a Powerful attack will kill a player unless they are protected by another player or, in the case of Invincible Defense, are Pestilence.
List of Roles with or can acquire a Powerful attack

Veteran (While on Alert)
Juggernaut (Before 3rd kill)
Necromancer (Using Powerful-attack based corpses)

Unstoppable Attack[]

List of Roles with or can get Unstoppable Attack

Jester (Haunting after lynch)
Hex Master (After hexing the final non-Coven member)
Necromancer (Using Unstoppable-attack based corpses)
Juggernaut (Fully powered up)


Suicide means that the player left the game at some point (unless they are a Vigilante that shot a Town member, or were haunted by a Jester).

The icon that appears in the player list and graveyard next to a player that has disconnected

This is usually frowned upon, especially when players with roles deemed particularly useful (such as Mayor, Doctor, and especially Jailor) leave. If a Vigilante shoots a Townie and they die, the Vigilante will be forced to commit suicide (without quitting the game). Additionally, a Jester that got lynched can choose to haunt a living person who voted guilty or abstained on them, which will be described as committing suicide from guilt, or haunted, rather than being killed.

  • Leaving the game produces a message saying: "He/She apparently committed suicide."
  • Dying from shooting a Townie produces the message: "He/She died from guilt."
  • Dying from lynching the Jester produces the message: "He/She died from guilt over lynching the Jester."

Notifications of Death[]

Most notifications of death outside the Coven Expansion. The exceptions are: "They were killed by a Veteran.", "They were a killed by a Bodyguard.", "They died guarding someone.", "They were staked by a Vampire Hunter.", "They were bitten by a Vampire.", and "They were killed by an Ambusher.".

Depending on the circumstances of death, several different messages will appear whilst the dead are announced to the Town. There are three different message categories which appear; who has died, the amount of ways they have died, and how many roles participated in their killing.

  • Note that if a player is executed, only the Jailor and other Unstoppable-level attacks will appear (such as an Arsonist ignition). Any role with a Powerful attack or lower won't have their death notification appear, since the attack is neglected via jail. The only exception to this is if a Poisoner poisoned them the Night prior.

Possible Notifications[]

List of all possible Death Notifications sorted by order of them:

Death Notifications 
  • They apparently committed suicide.
    • A player who left the game.
  • They also died from guilt.
  • They were also executed by the Jailor.
  • They were also killed by a member of the Mafia.
  • They were also killed by a Bodyguard.
  • They were also stabbed by a Serial Killer.
  • They were also shot by a Vigilante.
  • They were also incinerated by an Arsonist.
  • They also died guarding someone.
    • A Bodyguard who targeted the same person as a killing role.
  • They were also mauled by a Werewolf.
  • They were also staked by a Vampire Hunter.
  • They also died from guilt over lynching the Jester.
  • They were also killed by a Veteran.
  • They were also bitten by a Vampire.
    • Any player who is unable to be converted into a Vampire (such as a member of the Mafia or a Pirate) or when the Vampire faction bites a target when 4 or more Vampires are alive.
  • They were also killed by an Ambusher.
Death Notifications in the Coven Expansion