The Death Animations in Town of Salem appear whenever an Avatar gets lynched, and appears after the Last Words period has ended. They are a part of the "Customization Options" found in the game, along with other things such as Scrolls or character skins. The player can choose whatever death animation they want, should they have obtained it or bought it.

NOTE: GIF converted animations are not perfect and some are missing side-animations.
All animations for avatars may be viewed on the Avatars article.

Default Animation Edit

This is the default animation that every player has access to.

Premium AnimationsEdit

These are the animations that you can buy from the in-game store using Points. As of right now, there are currently 7 Premium Animations that can be purchased.

Unique AnimationsEdit

These are the animations which appear for specific Avatars.


  • The Blast off animation is based on the Dragon Ball series.
  • When using the Jester skin and Burned At The Stake animation, the Jester skin smiles and cackles as they burn. When using the default hanging animation and the Witch skin, Witch will burn and dissapear at the end of the animation.These are the only known unique animations that can be created by pairing a skin with a death animation.
  • Any avatar's accessories that are worn with the Burned at the Stake animation will appear in the character's ashes.
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