There once was a girl who liked to play pretend. Every day she got out her dolls, the fake teacups, and the imaginary friends. No one thinks twice when a little girl plays pretend. It was only a matter of time before the Mafia found her. She became the Disguiser: if anyone who the town trusts is killed, their place is taken by her. Now the girl gets out her make up and latex, morphing her face until it is a perfect replica of who the Mafia killed the same night. Then, she takes her place among the town, taking the victim's name and talking for the benefit of the Mafia. With the trust of the town placed on her, it's too easy manipulating the town to do as the Mafia pleases now. The citizens were never expecting a Disguiser to take their place, and when they find out of the trick that was played, the Disguiser has already found a new skin to talk in. (credit)


  • You may disguise as a living target, which makes you appear as that person's role should you die that night or the following day.
    • The Sheriff will not be fooled by a Disguiser's disguise; the Sheriff will see the Disguiser as a suspicious person, no matter which role the Disguiser disguises as.
    • An Investigator will see your investigative result as the investigative result of the specific role you disguise as. For instance, disguising yourself as a Sheriff will change your investigative results to that of the Sheriff for the night.
  • You have an unlimited amount of disguises.
    • You will not receive a message confirming your disguise has succeeded.
    • You will not receive a message stating which role you have disguised as.
    • You can disguise as Unique Roles and roles with Defense.
    • You cannot disguise as a target that has been jailed.
    • The disguised target does not need to die in order to disguise as them.
    • The disguised target does not get a notification about being visited by a Disguiser.
  • If the Disguiser dies while appearing as a Town role, a Retributionist will see an option to revive the Disguiser. If the Retributionist attempts to revive the Disguiser, the Disguiser will not be brought back to life. The Disguiser will receive no notification about someone attempting to revive him. The Retributionist will receive no notification about the revival failing but the Retributionist should be able to notice that the target wasn't revived. The Retributionist will not lose their resurrection.
  • If a Vigilante shoots the Disguiser while the Disguiser appears as a Town role, the Vigilante will not die of guilt. The Vigilante will be able to shoot immediately the following night which makes it obvious the person he shot was a Disguiser.
  • If a Disguiser visits a Veteran who is on alert, the Disguiser will die, appearing as a "Veteran", but it will be obvious there is a Disguiser since it would otherwise be impossible for a Veteran to die from themselves as Veterans cannot visit and the role is unique.
  • If an Amnesiac selects to remember as a Disguiser who had died as a disguised role, the Amnesiac will not remember the role the Disguiser disguises as, and will remember that they are a Disguiser. It is publicly announced to the Town.
  • If a Disguiser disguises as a Town Unique Role and dies, an Amnesiac will not see a button beside the Disguiser's name.
  • The Disguiser remains in the Mafia box even after dying. In BlankMediaGames' Twitch stream on November 2nd, it was stated that this is intentional. The reason for this is so the Mafia doesn't somehow forget who their fellow Disguiser is.
  • If a Janitor ends up targeting a Disguiser who has disguised, the Janitor will not be fooled. The Janitor will see the Disguiser as a Disguiser.
  • If a Consigliere ends up targeting a Disguiser who has disguised, the Consigliere will not be fooled, either. The Consigliere will see the Disguiser as a Disguiser.
  • If you are doused/hexed and you disguised as someone, you still appear under the Arsonist's/Hex Master's investigative result to the Investigator.
  • If you were promoted to a Mafioso the night you disguised and are lynched the next day, you will appear as a Mafioso in the graveyard.


Deciding to DisguiseEdit

  • In the beginning, if you decide to disguise, you should stick to one person. This will prevent the Spy from gathering information on who is not Mafia by your visits.
    • This is a double risk, however, as it not only carries the risk of that person dying to a Neutral Killing role (when there is one), but also potentially being called out by a Spy. Thus, your biggest friend here is a Consigliere, as they can pinpoint who the target is and allow you to disguise as needed.
  • Later in the game, as more roles are known, you might be able to disguise as more people.
  • If the Investigator is dead, it is still smart to disguise; if you are killed, you will appear as the role you disguised as.
  • Disguising as a role with Defense and then dying at night to roles that only have a Basic Attack will make it extremely obvious that you are a Disguiser. If you feel that an evil role might attack you at night, do not disguise as a role which has Defense.
  • Beware of Veterans who are baiting. Disguising as one will reveal you died (as a Veteran to a Veteran), and thus reveal you as a Disguiser.
  • If you disguise as a Vampire, the Vampires will know that you are a Disguiser once you die. One of them may end up outing you in their will, at which point everyone will know you are a Disguiser.
  • If you can't think of a role or don't know which role you disguised as, fake being Away From Keyboard (AFK). You will be killed, but you will deceive the Town. You might be reported for gamethrowing, but you won't be banned, since you did it with the intention to help your team.
  • A strategy you can use is to disguise as whoever the Mafia kill each night. Once that person dies, their role will be revealed in the graveyard unless they were cleaned. You can use this to quickly write a fake will if you are accused of being suspicious. If you are lynched, there are more chances the Town will be fooled by your disguise.
    • However, this can be risky should you and the Mafia Killing be killed by a Veteran or a Werewolf, or the role that you disguised as was unique.
  • While claiming Doctor or Spy might seem dumb, your visits can cover them up for you. If a Jailor asks for Town Protective and a Lookout on them, you can either claim to be a Doctor that was visiting your target to heal them, or a Spy who was bugging the Jailor, and the Lookout can cover it up for you.
    • Of course, if there is an actual Spy in game, things can take a bad turn, so make sure there is either no Spy or there is much commotion during the day to cloud up your claim.

Working with a ForgerEdit

  • If the town knows there's a Forger in the game, you can randomly disguise and pretend your will was forged. It might be smart to write something like "This will has been forged. :)" However, you might need to have a will prepared in case you are asked for a role and/or will.
  • You can also use a Forger to help you 'confirm' your claim, they can forge a role like the Investigator's Last Will and put you as what you had most previously disguised as.

Working with a JanitorEdit

  • If you kill the person you disguise as, the upside is that your claim space for that one night is more open; you will not appear as an evil role. However, after subsequent nights, you will still be a Disguiser, so if you are investigated again you will be discovered.

Working with a ConsigliereEdit

  • As you cannot tell what role you are disguising as, a Consigliere can help by finding Town roles that aren't important enough to kill but have investigative results full of Town roles for you to disguise as.
  • If your Consigliere finds an important Town role, like a Doctor, for example, and you feel you are likely to die, disguising as them then dying will reveal you as a Doctor, and make it easier to lynch the Doctor. This works the same way for Bodyguard.
  • Disguising as a person the Consigliere has just investigated will make it less likely a Spy will think a Consigliere is in the game, deflecting away from your Consigliere. However, this may not work with more experienced players, seeing them may realize there is a Consigliere/Disguiser combo.

Working with a BlackmailerEdit

  • You can work with the Blackmailer by disguising the same person as the Blackmailer blackmails. Make sure to keep consistent on the same person. This way, you can take up a claimspace with claiming any role while the person that is blackmailed will not be able to do anything against it. This will also throw suspicion on the blackmailed person.

Working with Town InvestigativeEdit


  • As a Disguiser, you are unusual in that a major part of your role only works when you die; you have the ability to show the last role you disguised as on death, whether you die at night or are lynched. This will appear both in the death report and in the graveyard. Taking full advantage of this often requires planning ahead.
  • To be fully convincing, you will need a Last Will appropriate to your role, which requires that you know the role of the person you're targeting. This allows you to do things like produce fake Sheriff Last Wills implicating Townies. Be cautious; however; if you're wrong about the role of the person you target (or if you're role blocked the night you die), the Town may be able to make deductions from your Last Will with the knowledge that it's probably fake, e.g. clearing anyone you claimed to be a member of the Mafia.
  • If you can't write a good Last Will, just leave it blank; the Town might assume you were lazy, careless, or forged.
  • Disguising as a Jester and then being hanged will make it obvious you are a Disguiser, as the Town should've gotten a message that said: The jester will get his revenge from the grave!
    • Disguising as a Retributionist when you die will also make it obvious you are a Disguiser if a Townie is revived later on in the game. It won't make a difference if you die the same day they are revived, since Retributionist is easy to confirm.
  • Whether you have a valid or fake Last Will, you can try to lie to a Medium, pretending to be a Townie. Smart Mediums will be suspicious of you if you didn't have a useful Last Will, but you can get around this by leaving a blank Last Will and claiming you were forged. If you do claim that you were forged, it may be a smart idea to write a fake will during the day to give to any potential Mediums the next night.
  • If you've successfully identified someone's role and are disguising as them, you can claim their role publicly; provided you have a decent fake Last Will, if they try to counter-claim you and you get lynched, they're likely to be lynched themselves immediately afterwards - or, better yet, shot by a Vigilante or executed by a Jailor, which will severely hurt the Town. However, remember that no matter how convincing you are, you will still appear as a member of the Mafia to the Sheriff.
  • When you die, any surviving members of the Mafia should immediately check who you visited the night before; your death will unambiguously reveal that person's role to the Mafia.
  • Even if you don't know what role you are, you should still claim. Not claiming a role on trial is considered gamethrowing, and if you're lynched and seen as a Townie member, some players will think you are gamethrowing and will report you.
    • Of course, you will not be banned since you are a member of the Mafia and not a Townie, but it is still recommended idea in general to claim a role to avoid death.

Dealing with DisguisersEdit

  • When a Disguiser dies, they show the role they disguised as in the graveyard; this can fool Mediums and can lead to confusion over which roles are still alive. There are; however, a few ways to handle it.
    • The biggest weakness of this ability is that they need to know the role they disguised as in order to leave a valid Last Will. Therefore, if someone dies without a Last Will or with a Last Will that doesn't indicate their role, they may actually have been a Disguiser. (Alternatively, of course, they may have been the victim of a Forger.)
    • If a Veteran appears to die to a Veteran, it will be made obvious they are a Disguiser since Veterans are Unique, non-visiting roles and cannot visit others or kill themselves.
    • If a Werewolf appears to die to a Werewolf attack, they were a Disguiser. Werewolves cannot die to their own attacks. Furthermore, in this situation, the Disguiser must have visited the Werewolf on the night they died, and the Werewolf either stayed home or visited the Disguiser directly. Take note of whoever died to the Werewolf that night; if any of their wills say they visited someone other than the Disguiser when there is no Witch, that person is almost certainly the actual Werewolf.
    • If any role that is not a member of the Mafia, a member of the Coven, a Witch, a Juggernaut, a Pirate, or a  Guardian Angel dies to a Vampire bite, they are a Disguiser; only those roles die to Vampire bites.
      • Do note that this doesn't apply if the Vampire faction has 4 members.
    • If a role that has Defense dies to an attack that does not pierce it, they are a Disguiser; however, note that there is a bug which can sometimes make other causes of death to appear for a genuine target that has Defense as long as at least one attack against them pierces their Defense. If none of their causes of death pierced their role's Defense and they died anyway, they were actually a Disguiser.
    • If you get a message that an Amnesiac has remembered that they are a Disguiser, then one of the dead people in the graveyard was definitely a Disguiser.
    • If you lynch someone who appears to be a Jester, but do not receive the message saying they will get revenge, they were a Disguiser.
    • If a Vigilante kills an apparent Townie with no consequences, then their target was a Disguiser. However, note that a Vigilante can be saved from committing suicide after killing a genuine Townie if a Vampire bit him on the same night that he fired his gun.
    • If two people with the same non-visiting role die to a Werewolf on the same night, one of them was a Disguiser visiting the other (and that other one was the Werewolf's actual target.)
    • Currently, a Retributionist who attempts to revive a Disguiser who died disguised as a Townie will fail. This may change at some point in the future.
  • Lookout - If you notice your target visiting people but then later on realize that your target has died and appears as a non-visiting role, immediately tell the Town as you have just found a Disguiser successfully disguise themselves in the graveyard.
  • Sheriff - You have the biggest advantage when it comes to handling Disguisers, as your investigations will overlook the Disguiser's disguises. For example, even if a Disguiser disguises as a Lookout, an Investigator may be fooled, but you will not. However, you may still be fooled by a Framer who may use this to the Mafia's advantage.
  • Investigator - You can no longer rely on concrete evidence to rule out the Disguiser. Instead, you must rely heavily on strategy to find it. Your best shot is to investigate a target more than once, in case they might change the roles. However, a Disguiser can bypass this, as the Mafia may be unwilling to kill the Disguiser's target. Thus, you are the weakest when trying to find a Disguiser.
  • Spy - Look for patterns. Is a target being consistently targeted without the target dying? There is probably a Disguiser at work, but could also be a Blackmailer, Consort, or Framer.
  • Escort - You alone cannot figure out a Disguiser, but an Investigator will greatly appreciate your help by role blocking the Disguiser.

Trivia Edit

  • Prior to Version 1.5.9, a Disguiser would trade bodies, names, and placement on the Village, but not Last Wills. This caused some great confusion and was very easy to bypass (by writing your name in your will), and some people used this ability to get other people banned.

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