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There are currently four factions in Town of Salem: Town, Mafia, Neutral, and one Coven Expansion faction, Coven.

With an exception of Neutral roles, all members of the same faction have the same goal and win condition. Both Mafia and Coven have the win condition as "Kill anyone that will not submit to the Mafia/Kill all who would oppose the Coven", whereas the Town win condition is simply "Lynch every criminal and evildoer".

Town RoleIcon TownWins.png[]


  • The Town is the most common, largest, and most frequently seen faction in Town of Salem. The Town serves as the "good" side of the game.

What makes them unique?[]

  • In the majority of Game Modes, the Town starts the game with the most available members, usually consisting of 8-9 Townies.
  • Due to their large starting majority, they can easily control who is voted up and lynched during the Day.
  • The Town Killing roles are the only roles in the game that are limited to attacking 3 Nights per game (excluding the Vampire Hunter). The Jailor and Vigilante are severely reprimanded upon killing another Town member, and often cannot win the game on their own, requiring the assistance of other Town members to lynch their opposition during the day.
  • The Town Protective roles exist to delay and often kill visiting (and usually attacking) roles and save their target in the process. However, no Town Protective role specifically targets evil roles directly in their defense, and are susceptible to accidental kills such as a Vigilante being killed by a Bodyguard or a Crusader killing a passive Lookout. Thus, their usage must be kept track of to avoid unnecessary deaths among one another.
  • The Town Investigative roles, the largest investigative alignment in the game, serve to weed out the good and bad between the town members and deduce possible suspects. Often, their results are exact in determination, and in the early game, are often foolproof. However, the Mafia, Coven, and a few Neutrals can manipulate their results, often bringing attention towards innocent allies or completely negating results entirely.
  • The Town Support roles provide the ability for the Town to directly inhibit and confuse evil roles, associate with (and use) deceased Townies for information, and grant them more power during the day. As the second-largest alignment in the Town, the Town Support roles give the Town the time and information they need in order to reveal the identities of their opposition and coerce their fellow members into hanging them with a majority.

Mafia RoleIcon Godfather.png[]


  • The Mafia are seen as the primary "evil" faction, being usually the second largest faction when compared to other factions.

What makes them unique?[]

  • The Mafia, along with Coven and Vampires, are the only three factions able to talk to their fellow faction members during the Night. They are also the only factions who know who their faction members are from the very first moment of the game. They are, most of the time, an informed minority
  • The Mafia are unique to other factions for their high amount of Mafia Deception roles, which are usually able to directly counter Town Investigative roles and conceal or change information in ways that would benefit the Mafia. However, while Mafia are able to change information, they are also able to prevent it. With roles such as Blackmailer, who is able to stop a person from speaking during the Day as well as gather information from whispers, or Consort, who is able to stop a player from using their selected ability during the Night.
  • Unlike the other factions, the Mafia can only attack 1-2 players per Night depending on whether or not they have an Ambusher. All Mafia Killing roles have a mere Basic Attack, meaning they will need to use their deception prowess to direct the Town into lynching night immune roles.
  • Special to this faction are the promotion mechanics, Should the Godfather die, the existing Mafioso will be promoted to the Godfather. If all the kill capable Mafia roles have died, a remaining member of the Mafia will be promoted to a Mafioso to continue the killings.

Coven RoleIcon CovenLeader.png[]


  • The Coven are seen as the secondary "evil" faction of Town of Salem, specifically in the Coven Expansion. They are the typically the second largest faction when compared to Town and Neutral roles. They are seen to use stereotypical magical abilities, seemingly inspired by pop culture or fairy tails, such as potions used by the Potion Master or Stone Gazes used by Medusa.

What makes them unique?[]

  • The Coven, along with Mafia and Vampires, are the only three factions able to talk to their fellow faction members during the Night. They are also the only factions who know who their faction members are from the very first moment of the game. They are, most of the time, an informed minority.
  • The Coven are unique to most other factions for containing the most special variant attacking roles, rather than attacking roles that kill somebody by directly visiting somebody. The only exception to this would be Poisoner, who is able to directly visit them one Night and watch them die the next Night. Examples of special variant attacking roles on the Coven would be: Medusa, who is similar to the Veteran, as they kill players who visit them on a Night when they use a Stone Gaze, or Hex Master, who kills all Townies once every non-Coven player is Hexed.
    • The Coven has the ability to kill 3 or more players per Night, unlike the Mafia who can only kill one player per Night (possibly 2 if there's an Ambusher).
  • Only the Potion Master and the Poisoner are able to directly attack without the Necronomicon, and unlike the Mafia, ALL of their kills aren't anonymous, meaning they can be discovered very easily by role blockers, especially the Jailor. The Necronomicon only protects the Coven from the prying eye of the Sheriff, meaning they will need to kill off the Town quickly before they are found.

Neutral RoleIcon NeutralWins.png[]


  • Neutral roles, instead of really being part of any faction, serve as the basis for certain Neutral alignments, which all usually act in different ways.


Neutral Benign[]

  • Neutral Benign roles, as the name suggests are typically "Benign", which defines as "of a mild type or character that does not threaten health or life". (reference) This is in most cases true, as Neutral Benign typically start out as being neutral towards all players until the game progresses or their win condition is threatened.

Neutral Killing[]

  • Neutral Killings are unique to most other factions in a way that their role consists around their stats or attack. For example, Juggernaut becomes more powerful the more people he kills. The Werewolf can rampage one home, attacking not only the target, but also all players who visited that target.

Neutral Evil[]

Neutral Chaos[]

  • Vampires serve to eliminate the "confirmed" status most Townies strive to achieve, converting them into members of their own and making anyone appear as a suspect. Vampires also know who each other are, and can communicate together during the night.
  • The Plaguebearer acts more in relation to a Neutral Killing role, requiring the infection of all town members in order to turn into Pestilence, an un-killable, nearly unstoppable, rampaging night killer that can only be offed by a lynch during the day.
  • The Pirate acts in their own intentions, requiring two dueling victories in order to win the game. Upon that achievement, they serve to act as a Neutral Evil, capable of winning with anyone, but they also retain the ability to duel (and possibly kill) more people, leading to them either becoming an ally to one certain faction or possibly choosing to stay completely neutral at their own risk.