As a small time attorney, the Lawyer specialized in writing wills for his clients. But as his gambling debts grew, he required more money than he could legally make. And thus he began to alter his deceased client's wills to have a portion of their wealth distributed to various charity. These "charities" were just part of a shell game that increases the Lawyer's bank account. No one noticed until the Consigliere's father passed away, who just so happened to be a client of the Lawyer's. Due to his high levels of intelligence and his ability to read people, he saw through the scheme. Furious at trickery displayed by the Lawyer, the Consigliere demanded he be killed. But the Godfather looked at this with a level head and saw a plethora of potential. One phone call from the Godfather, and the Lawyer became the Forger. (credit)


  • Your forgery and Last Will are two separate notes.
    • Choose a target at night to edit your forgery. You can deselect your target to keep it for another night, or change targets.
    • If a Janitor cleans your target, your forgery will not appear, since the Janitor hides their Cleaned targets' Last Wills.
    • If two Forgers select the same target, then the Forger who selected first will have their forged Last Will shown.
    • Your forgery will not reset, even if you forge successfully.
    • Your forgery will succeed as long as your target dies in any way.
    • If your target does not die or a Witch forces you to select a target which didn't die, you will lose a forgery.
    • If you forge successfully on someone, but did not write anything including no spaces, their Last Will is removed.
  • A Spy or a Lookout can witness your visits.


  • After running out of forgeries, you are still useful to the Mafia, either as a vote or becoming a Mafioso later.
  • You also may allow the Godfather or Mafioso to out you as Mafia and "confirm" themselves as Town.
  • If someone that the Mafia will kill but they have produced their will and accused a Mafia member, forge their will to look exactly how they wrote it. Change the result they got into a more believable result so your Mafia member can get off scot-free. Be wary that a Spy can bust your efforts if they look closely.

Who to ForgeEdit

  • Anyone who may have important information against the Mafia in their Last Will is a good target: Similar to the Janitor, this information will never reach the public, unless there is a Medium. Even then, some Mediums won't realize or recognize this information.
    • However, unlike a Janitor, if you forge someone's Last Will, you do not get their real Last Will, and the Mafia also loses that information, which might have been useful to find a Neutral Killing role. Remember this if you have both a Janitor and a Forger and have a target with dangerous info.
  • Try to pick players whose role you know. Your forgery will be more believable if you put your target's role at the top of the Last Will (along with their name). This makes you very effective alongside a Consigliere.
  • If someone called out one of your Mafia companions, you can forge their Last Will and make the Town believe it was a bluff.
  • If you don't know any priority targets, consider how many forgeries you have left and how many more you might need:
    • Early in the game, few people will have acquired dangerous information, so your forgery may be pointless.
    • Keep at least 1 or 2 forgeries in case someone appears to have dangerous information, how little it may be.
    • Don't hoard your forgeries for too long; when you get killed, your remaining forgeries are wasted.
    • Make sure to pay attention to what roles people claim as that may help you forge false info.

What to WriteEdit

  • Try to prepare your forgery at least a night in advance. It may be helpful to copy and paste a generic Last Will that you wrote ahead of time on your own Last Will, then add some key details. You can only edit it during the night, which gives you little time to make it as believable as possible.
  • If you know your target's role, customize your forgery's visit list accordingly (e.g. an Investigator's Last Will should contain hints at other people's roles).
  • If an important Townie reveals their will to the Town in an effort to get one of your own Mafia members lynched, but the Town focuses on lynching someone else, write down exactly the correct order their will follows if the Mafia can easily kill and forge them. If you need time, write the fake will in your own Last Will to prepare. If there is incriminating evidence against a Mafia member, such as an Investigator finding a different result than one claimed, change that result to match the role that the Mafia member claimed. It can also work with a Sheriff. This works especially well if the target who is forged has been confirmed, as one look at the "unchanged" will shows that the claimed role fits in the investigative results. Often, such a minor change can have a large effect, since anyone viewing the will can't know if they were forged, and it allows your Mafia member to escape some heat. Unless there is a Spy who noticed a double visit or a Medium who revealed the forgery, you pretty much get off scot free. A good example would follow like this:


N1: John Hathorne: Lookout, Forger, Witch

N2: Giles Corey: Bodyguard, Godfather, or Arsonist

Giles Corey is the Mafia member who claimed Sheriff, so you would modify the will to appear exactly as shown, but change the result to Sheriff, Executioner, or Werewolf. Another example, such as a Sheriff will, is this:


N1: John Hathorne: Seems innocent

N2: Ann Sears: Not Suspicious

N3: Giles Corey: Suspicious

You change the "Suspicious" part to "Seems innocent" to follow the order written to look less suspicious.

  • You can prepare your forgeries on the day time BUT beware of a Town Investigative role or a confirmed Vigilante. They may suspect you for being too quiet at day time.
  • Don't copy and paste your fake Last Will after you have finished your forgery. This is the most common mistake as Forger, and it will make the Mafia member you tried to make look innocent instead look suspicious.
  • If you believe your target is an important role, like a Jailor, consider writing, "Going A.F.K (Away From Keyboard) when I die, don't revive me, Retributionist". Of course, an experienced Retributionist will notice the forgery and revive them anyway, but it can be useful to try - just in case the Retributionist in your game isn't very experienced.
  • If you don't know your target's role, you can try one of the following:
    • Write fake nightly visits. The majority of roles have a night ability, so the false information can confuse the Town.
    • Explicitly frame someone as being evil (any role that the Town must kill). Even without evidence, you may get this person lynched or shot.
    • If your target whispered with someone, fake the contents of those whispers in your forgery. You can manipulate suspicion on their whisper companion this way.
    • If you aren't sure you can make the forgery believable or don't have enough time, leave the forgery blank or almost blank. Many players don't keep a proper Last Will, the Town will believe that was the case. (This will probably not work with very active players.)
    • Blanking out their Last Will can be a good idea if they have not revealed their Last Will in the chat, as you will erase all information in said Last Will. This is extremely useful if the Last Will belongs to the Sheriff or the Investigator, and if they have a lot of dangerous info, the Town will lose a lot of information. However, it usually becomes obvious that you were involved, and the Town may suspect any Lookout claims.
    • If you have a Consigliere that tells you the role of the soon-to-be deceased, the forgery becomes much more convincing, but usually will only work with non-Town Investigative roles, or people will wonder why a Spy, Lookout, or Investigator has no information 5 nights in the game.

What to Claim Edit

Dealing with an Investigator or Sheriff: If you are ever accused of being a member of the Mafia, it will most likely come from one of these roles. While you don't have much to defend yourself, there are a few options you have to deflect suspicion off of yourself.

  • Claim a role that fits with your investigations result: You can claim to be a Lookout and provide a fake Last Will to prove your innocence. If it fits in the role list, your chances of surviving on trial will be higher.
  • Claim you were transported. This is another obvious way out, but it can work if there aren't a lot of dead Town Support roles. If there is a confirmed Transporter, and you get called out for it, you will have no chance of surviving past that point, unless you somehow manage to convince the Town there is another Transporter.
  • Claim your accuser is lying. This will only work early in the game, and if you only have one accuser. Using this tactic with something else, however, is more effective. Claiming your accuser is an Executioner, or better yet, a member of the Mafia, and delaying as to not be lynched can work massively in your favor. If you are investigated or interrogated, you can even claim to be framed or one of the roles in your investigation result so the suspicion on you fades.
  • Attract the Town's attention. This is the most dangerous move you can do in the day time. If an unconfirmed Investigator starts accusing you, you can rally the Town into thinking the Investigator is an Executioner. However, you do NOT want to get the Investigator killed, or the Town will immediately know you are a member of the Mafia. You want to try to get "known" suspicion on the Investigator, enough so the Town leaves the Investigator alone, until the Mafia kill enough people that the Investigator can be lynched to gain majority. This tactic works if it's early in the game, or if there is a known Neutral Evil role.
  • Claim you were framed. If you're being accused by a Sheriff, and there's no Investigator, claim framed. Nobody can contest you except for a Spy. In the case a Spy does contest you, you either need to claim the Spy is a Blackmailer causing a mis-lynch, or the Spy is an Executioner taking advantage of the situation.

Dealing with a Role Call: These are often just before you reach majority, so the longevity of your claim isn't as much of a concern. These can also happen early on.

  • Claim outside your investigative results. If it's near the end and your team has killed the Town Investigatives, feel free to claim anything. Claiming something with no Mafia in it's investigative results or which's Mafia isn't possible in the game is one of your best shots. For example Sheriff has no Mafia in it's results.
  • Claim inside your results. If you want to play it safe, you can claim Lookout. This can help you with a hidden Town Investigative
  • Claim it's too early. In early on Role Calls, you can claim it's too early to do so. If you do this in a late game Role Call, you'll become suspicious. Keep your eye on the number of players when claiming "Too Early".

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