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As a small time attorney, the Lawyer specialized in writing wills for her clients. But as her gambling debts grew, she required more money than she could legally make. The solution? She began to alter her deceased client's wills to have a portion of their wealth distributed to various charity. These "charities" were just part of a shell game that increased the Lawyer's bank account, wiping out her debt. No one noticed until the Consigliere's father passed away, who just so happened to be a client of the Lawyer's. Due to his high levels of intelligence and his ability to read people, he saw through the scheme. Furious at trickery displayed by the Lawyer, the Consigliere demanded she be killed. But the Godfather looked at this with a level head and saw a plethora of potential. One phone call from the Godfather later, the Lawyer became the Forger. (credit)


Forger's Last Will GUI when forging a player.

  • You may choose a non-Mafia target to forge each Night, replacing their Last Will and role shown in the graveyard with your selection. A Transporter or Witch/Coven Leader can change your target.
    • You have two forgeries.
      • If you visit a jailed player, you will not lose a forgery.
      • If your target does not die the same Night you target them or a Witch/Coven Leader forces you to select a target, you will lose a forgery.
    • Your target has to die in any way the same Night you forge them in order for your forgery to take effect.
      • You can visit and successfully forge players who disconnected (left the game).
    • Your forgery and your own Last Will are two separate notes.
  • If you successfully forge someone, but did not type any character (excluding spaces) in their Last Will, their Last Will is removed.
  • If a Forger and Janitor visit the same target that successfully died, your forgery will not appear, since they will appear as Cleaned.
    • If a Forger and Janitor visit the same target that successfully died, the Janitor will still know the true role of their target and their Last Will.
  • If the Medusa visits your target or your target visits the Stone Gazing Medusa and dies, your forgery will not appear, since they will appear as Stoned.
  • If two or more Forgers visit the same target that successfully died, then the Forger who selected first will have their forged Last Will and role shown.
  • The Retributionist or Necromancer will use the true role of their target.
    • The Retributionist will be unable to use the corpse of a non-visiting or non-Town forged role, even if their true role is a Town visiting role.
    • The Necromancer will be unable to use the corpse of a non-visiting forged role, even if their true role is a visiting role.
    • A Trapper who witnesses a forged corpse visiting will see the true role of the corpse.
  • If your target is an Escort, Consort, Jailor, or Pirate that dies from visiting a non-Cautious Serial Killer, their Last Will will still be shown as bloody, however you will change their role.
  • If the Night ends without you saving your forgery, their role will default to Forger.
    • If you save your forgery and do not select a role, their role will default to Ambusher.
  • In Town Traitor, if you forge the Town Traitor that successfully dies, their role will always show in red text in the graveyard.
  • A Spy, Lookout, or Tracker can witness your visits. A Spy can only determine who you visited, not your identity.


  • After running out of forgeries, you are still useful to the Mafia, either as a vote or becoming a Mafioso later.
  • Considering the investigative results of Forger, another viable strategy would be to claim Lookout and out a member of Mafia or Neutral Killing to "confirm" yourself as Town, this is easier to pull off with a Consigliere on Mafia, as you will be able to find Neutral Killings easier.
  • If someone that the Mafia will kill but have produced their Last Will and accused a Mafia member, forge their Last Will to look exactly how they wrote it. Change the result so it gets the Mafia member off scot-free. Be wary that a Spy can bust your efforts.
  • Forging someone as a Unique Role (besides Mayor) such as a Veteran, can get the real Veteran lynched.
  • If someone hasn't talked after Day 2, and there is no Blackmailer, or the Blackmailer hasn't been revealed, you can forge them as a Sheriff. In their Last Will you can put someone as suspicious, and that they were blackmailed. This can cause Town to mislynch, but it may also confirm the existence of a Forger in the process.
  • A similar strategy is to claim Vampire Hunter. On Day 2, you can forge someone as Vampire, and modify their Last Will to a Sheriff's. Forge their Last Will and put someone as suspicious, and make it appear as if they raged and quit when they got bitten (if they left the game). This helps confirm yourself as Vampire Hunter, and may cause a mislynch.

Who to Forge[]

  • Anyone who may have important information against the Mafia in their Last Will is a good target: Similar to the Janitor, this information will never reach the public, unless there is a Medium. Even then, some Mediums won't realize or recognize this information.
    • However, unlike a Janitor, if you forge someone's Last Will and role, you do not get their real Last Will and role, and the Mafia also loses that information, which might have been useful to find a Neutral Killing role. Remember this if you have both a Janitor and a Forger and have a target with dangerous info.
  • If someone called out one of your Mafia companions, you can forge their Last Will and their role to something like a Jester to make the Town believe it was a bluff.
  • If there are any known Amnesiacs, forge someone as a Townie. If the Amnesiac reveals themselves, stating that they will remember your forged role, but becomes an evil role instead, they are very likely to get lynched.
    • If a Transporter was involved and got a Mafia member killed (since both the kill and forge are transported), this can result in a new Mafia member getting lynched.
  • If you don't know any priority targets, consider how many forgeries you have left and how many more you might need:
    • Early in the game, few people will have acquired dangerous information, so your forgery may be pointless unless you want to deny claimspace for the Town.
    • Keep at least 1 forgery in case someone appears to have dangerous information, how little it may be.
    • Don't hoard your forgeries for too long; if you die or get promoted, your remaining forgeries are wasted.

What to Write[]

  • Try to prepare your forgery at least a Night in advance. It may be helpful to copy and paste a generic Last Will that you wrote ahead of time on your Notes, then add some key details. You can only edit your forged Last Will during the Night, which gives you little time to make it as believable as possible.
  • Customize your forgery's visit list according to the role you change them to (e.g. an Investigator's Last Will should contain hints at other people's roles.)
  • If an important Townie reveals their Last Will to the Town in an effort to get one of your own Mafia members lynched, but the Town focuses on lynching someone else, write down exactly the correct order their Last Will follows if the Mafia can easily kill and forge them. If you need time, write the fake Last Will in your own Last Will to prepare. If there is incriminating evidence against a Mafia member, such as an Investigator finding a different result than one claimed, change that result to match the role that the Mafia member claimed. It can also work with a Sheriff. This works especially well if the target who is forged has been confirmed, as one look at the "unchanged" Last Will shows that the claimed role fits in the investigative results. Often, such a minor change can have a large effect, since anyone viewing the Last Will can't know if they were forged, and it allows your Mafia member to escape some heat. Unless there is a Spy who noticed a double visit or a Medium who revealed the forgery, you pretty much get off scot-free. Some good examples would follow like this:
  • You can prepare your forgeries at any time during of the Day or Night, BUT beware of a Town Investigative role or a confirmed Vigilante. They may suspect you for being too quiet for too long.
  • If there is a Retributionist in the game, you can forge a Vigilante as a Town Protective role to trick the Retributionist into accidentally killing a key role like a Mayor, Jailor, or a confirmed Townie. This strategy also works with Necromancers.
  • Don't copy and paste your fake Last Will after you have finished your forgery. This is the most common mistake as Forger, and it will make the Mafia member you tried to make look innocent instead look suspicious. However, you can use this to frame another player.
  • If you don't know your target's role, and don't know what to forge them as, you can try one of the following:
    • Write fake nightly visits. The majority of roles have a Night ability, so the false information can confuse the Town.
    • Explicitly frame someone as being evil (any role that the Town must kill). Even without evidence, you may get this person lynched or shot.
    • If your target whispered with someone, fake the contents of those whispers in your forgery. You can manipulate suspicion on their whisper companion this way. If you have a Blackmailer, it's even better as you may get someone's role from the whisper and make your forgery more convincing.
    • If you aren't sure you can make the forgery believable or don't have enough time, leave the forgery blank or almost blank. Many players don't keep a proper Last Will, the Town will believe that was the case.
    • Blanking out their Last Will can be a good idea if they have not revealed their Last Will in the chat, as you will erase all information in said Last Will. This is extremely useful if the Last Will belongs to the Sheriff or the Investigator, and if they have a lot of dangerous info, the Town will lose a lot of information. However, it usually becomes obvious that a Forger was involved, and the Town may suspect any Lookout claims.
    • You can make a fake Last Will for any player who the Mafia hasn't killed to make it look like they are the Forger who accidentally put their real Last Will this will usually frame them as the Forger and can usually get them lynched.
    • If you have a Consigliere that tells you the role of the soon-to-be deceased, the forgery becomes much more convincing, but usually will only work with non-Town Investigative roles, people will wonder why a Spy, Lookout, or Investigator has no information several Nights in the game, so this works better with a Blackmailer, as they can tell you the contents of someone's Last Will in whispers if they reveal it and allow you to forge as needed.
    • If the role list of your game has an Any slot, then you can forge someone as a Vampire or Vampire Hunter to throw suspicion on confirmed Townies even if Vampires aren't in the game.
    • If you're playing in a game where Coven roles are possible, you can forge someone on Night 2 as a Coven Leader/Potion Master who found an evil role to frame another player. The main downside is that this will confirm your existence to the Coven (if they exist).
    • You can forge them as a Mafioso. In Game Modes such as Ranked or Ranked Practice where there is a guaranteed Mafioso + Godfather combo, provided the real Mafioso doesn't die before the Godfather, you can trick any Escorts in the game into randomly roleblocking since the "Mafioso" is dead. If played correctly, this can disrupt the Town by a large margin and may even cause the Escorts to get lynched under suspicion of being Consorts.
    • You can try forging them as a Jester. This works well in Game Modes such as Ranked or Ranked Practice, because there can only be an Executioner, and it might help the Mafia in the long run if the actual Jester gets lynched, and important roles such as Jailor and Mayor vote guilty, thinking that the Jester is already dead. This works well even if there is no Jester, because that means that Executioners will most likely side with you for helping them. This also works if you forge them as a Witch.
    • You can also forge them as an Executioner (Although this will confirm the existence of a Forger if it's a Mafia kill). You can forge someone as an Executioner and write that their target was a certain Townie in order to frame them as Mafioso. Even better if the Townie you framed happens to be the real Executioner's target.
    • If a player has just left the game, then you can reliably forge them as a role with defense without the Town questioning it (Unless there's a Spy).
    • You have an easier time claiming Transporter, since you can forge players as members of the Mafia. However, some smart Townies may notice they weren't transported and call you out, so this works better with a Hypnotist working alongside you.

Forging Specific Roles[]

  • Sheriff: Forging a Sheriff is always a good idea since you can confirm your own members of the Mafia or frame someone as being seen as suspicious.
  • Investigator: If a member of the Mafia is claiming outside of their own Investigative results, forge the Last Will of an Investigator to make them look like the role they are claiming or that someone else is claiming outside of their own Investigative results.
  • Lookout: You can forge a Lookout Last Will to cover up Mafia visits, claim that a member of the Mafia visited someone they are claiming they did, or to claim an innocent townie visited a player the Night they died or someone who they didn't visit to cause a mis-lynch on them.
  • Tracker: Same idea as Lookout.
  • Spy: You can forge to cover up Mafia visits, you should also claim that members of the Mafia were visited by the Mafia and put a caption saying "Not Mafia, Visited by Maf:" so people think that the Mafia members are innocent, since Mafia are likely not able to visit another member of Mafia, this is a very effective way to make them look confirmed if you can pull it off.
  • Jailor: If there is a role that can't be claimed anymore, say someone claimed this role, even if they claim another role they will be seen as even more suspicious. You can also claim that someone who said they were jailed wasn't, or if a member of the Mafia needs to claim a different role than the one they said to the Jailor.
  • Psychic: You should replace the mention of any members of the Mafia in an evil vision with any other player. Psychic Last Wills are very long and most Townies won't realize any changes in one.
  • Vigilante: You can claim that they shot a target with defense. Since no Town roles generally have defense this can get a mis-lynch on the target, this is especially great if the Vigilante dies from guilt upon shooting a Townie since people won't think the Last Will is forged since it wasn't a Mafia kill.
  • Escort: If you have a solo Mafia Killing, you can forge an Escort Last Will to make it look like they roleblocked them. add a notice saying "anyone I have roleblocked is likely not a Mafia Killing role" so people are more likely to notice this, and also for extra confirmability.
  • Mayor: Usually, Mayor Last Wills include claims. thus you should say that an innocent Townie claimed a role that isn't possible anymore, people are obviously trusting of a Mayor and you can get a mis-lynch on that player relatively effectively.
    • Be sure you don't change the role if the Mayor has revealed, set it to Mayor to avoid confirming your existence.
  • Medium: Since it is the only role that gains information before the end of the Night. forging their Last Will and saying fake information like a dead Sheriff found an innocent Townie as suspicious, a Cleaned target having a different role than what their real role is or just that the dead players think that someone is evil can be very effective.
  • Retributionist: Forging the Last Will of a Retributionist and using almost any strategy mentioned before can work and people will be less suspicious of a Forger. You can have a Blackmailer blackmail the Retributionist or say that they were blackmailed since a good Retributionist would share this info with other players.
  • Executioner: If they have left the game, an effective strategy is to forge their and claim that their target is a member of the Mafia, since an Executioners target is always a Townie, you can confirm that they are innocent when they really aren't, this also means that the Executioner can't attest to whether or not this is true even if there is a Medium.
    • You can forge anyone who left the game to appear as an Executioner who's "target" is a Mafia member.
      • Your existence however, may be confirmed if they left Day 1 almost immediately, since they could not possibly have time to write a Last Will.
    • DO NOT forge someone who the Mafia killed as an Executioner and make their Last Will say that their target was a member of the Mafia. The Executioner has Basic Defense, making them immune to the Mafia's attack, so most Townies will be able to put together that they were forged, exposing the member of the Mafia that you put in their Last Will.
      • You can alternatively do this to cause a mislynch by forging the person the Mafia kills Night 1 as an Executioner and claiming that a random person who isn't a Mafia member is their target, although remember that this uses one of your forgeries, and also exposes the fact that you exist.
  • Witch: If they are going to be killed at Night and you fear they might have the names of the Mafia in their Last Will, forge their Last Will so that the Mafia aren't completely outed, alternatively, list Townies as members of the Mafia or the Neutral Killing to try to get them lynched.
  • Vampire: A risky but very effective strategy is to forge a Vampires Last Will to make it look like they have a record of who they have bitten. This is a strangely common mistake by many beginner players and can get anyone mentioned in that Last Will lynched or shot.

What to Claim[]

If you are ever accused of being a member of the Mafia, it will most likely come from one of these roles. While you don't have much to defend yourself, there are a few options you have to deflect suspicion off of yourself.

  • Claim a role that fits with your investigation results: You can claim to be a Lookout and provide a fake Last Will to prove your innocence. If it fits in the role list, your chances of surviving on trial will be higher. If you have a member of the Mafia claiming to be a visiting role, you can use them to try to confirm them and yourself. If there is a confirmed Escort or Transporter, or even better, a Consort or Consigliere claiming Escort or Investigator you can use their visits for your fake Last Will so its not just filled with "No Visits".
  • Claim you were transported. This is another obvious way out, but it can work if there aren't a lot of dead roles. If there's a confirmed Transporter and you get called out for it, you will have no chance of surviving past that point, unless you somehow manage to convince the there is another Transporter or that they're lying. However, you have some wiggle room if you had forged a Mafia kill as a member of the Mafia the previous Night or two.
  • Claim your accuser is lying. This will only work early in the game, and if you only have one accuser. Claiming your accuser is an Evil role, or better yet, a member of the Mafia, and delaying as to not be lynched can work massively in your favor. If you are investigated or interrogated, you can even claim to be framed or one of the roles in your investigation result so the suspicion on you fades.

Dealing with a Role Call: These are often just before you reach a majority of the roles, so the longevity of your claim isn't as much of a concern. These can also happen early on.

  • Claim outside your investigative results. If it's near the end and your team has killed the enemies, feel free to claim anything. Claiming something with a non-suspicious investigative results is one of your best shots.
  • Claim inside your results. If you want to play it safe, you can claim to be a Lookout using the strategies above.

Roles Not To Forge[]

While funny to see pop up, all you really do by forging a target as one of these roles is confirm with certainty the existence of a Forger in the game. Only do this if you know that your team will win the following Day.



  • 3.3.2
    • Fixed issue when Forger was promoted to Mafioso that could result in a disconnection.
  • 3.3.1
    • Copying and pasting should now work in forged Last Wills on the web version.
    • Fixed issue where roles that were forged as and died as Medium saw "Seance" buttons during the Day.
    • Fixed issue where you could forge players as invalid roles. These included alignments such as Any, Random Mafia and Neutral Benign, as well as Stoned and en-US:GUI_ROLE_201 (which would show up as Stoned).
  • 3.3.0
    • Forger can now select a role to forge as.
    • Forger now only has 2 uses instead of 3.
    • The Forger's role icon has been changed. Old one was Achievement Forger.png.
    • Added Forger's circled role icon (RoleIcon Forger Circled.png).
  • 1.2.0
    • Introduced.