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RoleIcon Medusa Circled.png Some of the images on Getting Started have been Stoned by Medusa. If possible, replace the images with better quality ones. 

New to the game? This is an overview of how to get started with playing Town of Salem and what you need to know for the basics of the game!

Starting the Game - What you should do

You need an account, which will work for the forum and the game, but not this wiki. If you want to make an account for this wiki, you can create one for free! (No longer accurate)

You can log in from your browser here.

If you have bought the game from Steam, Steam is suggested because it is more stable and it's advertisement free. You can also buy Web Premium which will also get rid of ads and give you other bonuses too!

Once in a while, an offer comes up for a very short amount of time. It offers many things for a very large discount, so it is highly encouraged to purchase it if you can. Even the Juggernaut scroll, a scroll that cannot be bought through the store, is available in most of these packages! (Bundles)

Main Menu - What it looks like

Image Description
Unity Play Button.png
Here you can start a new game. See next section for more info!
Unity Settings.png
Settings: Here you may view your friends, notifications, your ranked profile and Elo/Ranking, music/sound settings, or choose to log out of your account or close the game.
Unity Friends.png
Here you can see your complete friends list! You will see how many friends you have online and whether they are playing or not. You may add any friends with their IGN in the upper-right corner or select any friends you have to send them a message.
Unity Notifications.png
Here you will see whether or not you have any friend requests or game invitations.
Unity Sound Effects.png
Here you may choose to mute the in-game sound effects.
Unity Music Icon.png
Here you may choose to mute the in-game music.
Customization Options: Here you can change your avatar, pet, house, map, death animation, Lobby icon, and equip scrolls. Scrolls increase your chances of getting a role, and everything else is cosmetic.
Daily Brew: Here you can earn prizes every 7 days you log in, such as avatars, taunts, scrolls and more!
Unity Shop.png
Shop: Here you can buy custom avatars, houses, pets, scrolls, and more with Merit Points, which you can earn by playing and finishing games. You can also spend Town Points, which is an exclusive currency used to buy certain special items only obtainable by purchasing them directly or by purchasing bundles with real currency.
Here you may view your total used and unused referral codes that you may give out to your friends to allow them to play 5 free games. You may also purchase scrolls, taunts, name changes, and other premium bonuses here.
Unity Achievements.png
Achievements: Here you can see a list of achievements you can earn in-game. Each one is worth Merit Points which you can use in the Shop to buy items you can use in the game!
Unity Statistics.png
Here you can view your statistics for certain actions for every role! You can view how many people you shot as a Veteran, how many times you died to a Serial Killer as an Escort or Consort, and much more!

Starting a New Game (Lobby)

A Custom Setup in the Custom game mode.

You can either:

  • Choose a game mode and press "Join Lobby" or
  • Press "Create a Party", and you will then enter a lobby and be able to chat with the other players; their usernames will be listed on the top left. (invite some friends) You then choose a game mode from the upper right corner and then press "Start" to join a lobby for that gamemode with your friends.

If you chose Custom Mode, the first person to join the lobby will be the Host (it could even be you). The host sets up the game for everyone by choosing which Roles should be in the game. There is a big list of Custom Setups in this wiki! (Classic Setups, Coven Expansion Setups)

During your first few games, It's recommended to play on the game mode Classic because it is a gamemode made for beginners. After you think you got a handle on that, you can then move on to other modes such as Custom, Dracula's Palace, Rainbow and Game_Modes#All_Any. However, it's also recommended that you play Custom so you can learn all the roles. After you have gotten the hang of the game you can try out Ranked Practice. It is a gamemode used by players to either play in a balanced and more competitive environment or warm up for Ranked. After 50 games, where 10 of which are Ranked Practice, you get to play Ranked, and by now, you will have known about most of the roles, so have fun!

Before the Game

You can pick your name. It can be different for each game and doesn't have to be the same as your login name. Even your name can matter in Town of Salem! (See the Strategies page for more.) You can set a default name in your customization options. You can see other players and their names when they "join the Town." (e.g.: Deodat Lawson has joined the Town.)

After you picked your name, you will randomly receive a role. If you own any scrolls and have them equipped, you chances of getting that/those role(s) are increase by tenfold! However, it is not guaranteed that you will get that role. (Note: Scrolls do not work in Ranked. This is to ensure that no one can get any possible advantages.)

During the Game

You will see a short description of your role on the top right of the screen. Some roles are more complex than others; you can read up on mechanics and strategies for your role on the wiki! You will also see your role's role card from the beginning of the game. It will also cover the mechanics of the role and its goals. You can also turn on Tips, which is a function where the game gives you tips on how to play your role properly. (Also see Tips and Tricks for some more info)

Every game lasts several in-game Days which have several phases.

When you die, that does not always mean you lose! You should check the goal and victory conditions of your role before you leave. If your win conditions have not been met and you are a member of a faction (not a Neutral role), there is still a chance that your faction could win.

To whisper to a certain player privately, type /w or /whisper or /pm (player's name or number), or click the number of the player you want to whisper to and click the "Whisper" icon. This will paste this command where you may type.

  • In a game with players that have similar names, make sure you type exactly the name of the player you want to whisper and not another player.
  • These can be seen by Blackmailers though, so be careful. (See Strategies page for more)
  • Revealed Mayors cannot send or receive whispers.

On the Screen

Image Description
Edit or save changes to your Last Will. Your Last Will will be revealed to everyone when you die, unless you are Cleaned by a Janitor or Stoned by a Medusa. Additionally, a Forger may modify your Last Will, or a Serial Killer may bloodify your Last Will (if you are a role blocking role). All players have a Last Will.
Edit or save changes to your Death Note. Your Death Note will be revealed to everyone when the player you attacked dies. This button is only available if you are a Mafia Killing, Neutral Killing, any member of the Coven, a Pirate, or the Jailor. Note that the Jailor has a different Death Note layout, where you can only choose between 6 options!
Edit or save changes to your Notes. Your Notes will never be revealed and can only be seen by you. It is like your own personal diary - keep track of who claimed what, who you think is suspicious, and anything else that might come in handy! All players have Notes.
Open the message log. This log, in which you can scroll up or down, displays all in-game chat and messages, starting from "Choosing Names" all the way till the end of the game. If you die, this will also show dead messages since when you died. You can also filter the message log so you can highlight messages sent by a certain player, or even show messages only from that player!
Check your Victory conditions. For example, if you are a Doctor, you win with the Town and Survivors, must kill the Mafia, Vampires, Arsonists, Serial Killers, Werewolves, Witches, Coven, Plaguebearers, Pestilence, and Juggernauts, and may spare anyone else.
Minimize a tab (Graveyard, Role List, or Role Card).

Player window

The player window appears on the lower right corner of your screen, besides player names. Whether a button appears depends on your role and the current phase.

Vote Player - Unity.pngCancel Vote Player - Unity.png During the Voting phase, vote or cancel your vote for a living player to be put on trial. You cannot vote for yourself. You also cannot vote for a player that is currently protected by a Guardian Angel.
Whisper Player - Unity.png Whisper a player to send them a message that only you and the whispered player will see. Typing "/w", "/whisper", or "/pm" in the chat will work too. Blackmailers will be able to read whispers too. Everyone else will see it as "Player 1 is whispering to Player 2.", unless you are playing in Lovers Mode, where Lovers whispering eachother is completely hidden.
Taunt Player - Unity.png Taunt a player to make people laugh. Taunts are cosmetic items and do not affect gameplay. If a dead player uses a taunt, only other dead players and the taunted target will see the taunt.
Ignore Player - Unity.pngUnignore Player - Unity.png Ignore a player to stop seeing their messages. Typing "/ignore" and the alternative "/unignore" in the chat will work too. It is recommended to ignore a player if they are spamming.
Report Player - Unity.png Report a player for rule-breaking behavior. See this page for more info.
Last Will Player - Unity.pngNo Last Will Player - Unity.png Read a dead player's Last Will.
Death Note Player - Unity.png Read a dead player's Death Note.
Guard Player - Unity.png During the Night, use your night ability on a certain player. The targets you can choose depends on your role. The Transporter, Retributionist, Disguiser, Witch, Coven Leader, and Necromancer need to select two targets. This button won't display if you have no Night ability, or you cannot use your ability on that Night (e.g. Vigilante on Night 1 or Werewolf on non-Full Moon Night). The image is an example of the button a Bodyguard clicks in order to guard someone for the Night.

After the Game

When the game ends, you will see a victory message. Anyone who hasn't left the game yet can now chat, dead or alive!

When you decide to return to the lobby, you will see a screen showing you the usernames of everyone who played and their roles. Their username, in-game name, and role will be in a certain font color depending on their current status.

Color Description
White The user is currently in the end-game lobby.
Grey The user is still in the match.
Red The user has left the end-game lobby and the match.

Have fun!