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The Graveyard is a recollection of dead players throughout the game. The player's name, along with their role, will appear there in the order they died. When a player dies, the cause(s) of their death will be announced and placed in the chat, and then in the Graveyard. However, there are attributes to this Graveyard that makes it crucial for the game. The Graveyard is important in game modes such as Ranked and Ranked Practice because it helps narrow down claim space and makes it easier to find and lynch evildoers, and see what roles are still alive. You can also click on a dead player's role to see their Last Will and Death Note if one is left behind. Every time a player dies, their names are added to the Graveyard immediately after death, including lynching or leaving the game.

A Graveyard with no players

On the Web and Steam versions, it is located on the upper-left corner of the screen and can be minimized. On the mobile version, tapping on the tab with the tombstone icon will show up the Graveyard.

Roles that interact with the Graveyard[]