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The sun had set already. The people of the Town moved along the paths and streets of a lamp-lit Salem after the town's afternoon meeting. One figure, his hand moving to turn the doorknob to his house, had suddenly found himself in a blindfold and handcuffs. With no chance of resistance, he was hauled away under the cover of darkness. He would not be in his bed that night, nor out doing his duty. Instead, he would find himself tossed into a pitiful jail cell. Stone walls, a small cot, and a bucket were the only material inside.

After a long and dreadful wait, the barred window of the cell's only metal door let through a voice in a sovereign tone. "What is your role in this mess?" The figure, alone in the cell, sweats and looks from the cell door back up towards the bars. The voice sounds again, compelling and potent in its ultimatum, "Make your claim, or you will die here."

Handcuffed and nervous, he calls out, "I-I'm the Doctor! I was only trying to help someone!" It didn't work. He could hear the sound of a gun being taken out of its holster. The sovereign voice of the Jailor sounds again. "...I had a visit from the Doc' yesterday." The door opens. A pistol points at the cuffed figure inside the cell.

"It wasn't you." (credit)


Death message received when the Jailor jails and does not execute a Serial Killer.

Jailing a target

An example of a Jailor Death Note

Jailor Execute icon

Jail a target for the upcoming Night by clicking on the "RoleIcon Jailor.png Jail" button next to the player's names on the player list during the Day.

  • All outsider visitors are notified that their target was jailed and their ability will fail; however, they still visit their target. The jailee will not be notified of any of these visits except for attackers, being transported, being role blocked, or being blackmailed.
  • A Bodyguard visiting your target will not retaliate if the target is attacked.
  • If you jail a Serial Killer (that isn't Cautious), Werewolf (during a Full Moon Night), or Pestilence and don't execute them, they will attack you even if they leave the game. A Bodyguard can save you from both an attacking Serial Killer and a Werewolf.
    • If you do execute a Serial Killer or a Werewolf, they will not attack you.
    • If a jailed Serial Killer attacks you, you will receive a different message: "You were killed by the Serial Killer you jailed."
      • There is an achievement you receive the first time you jail but do not execute an incautious Serial Killer.
    • Jailing Pestilence will give you a different message: "You jailed Pestilence and were obliterated. Flummery!". This occurs whether you execute them or not as your attack cannot kill Pestilence.
  • If a dead Medium seances you, you will listen and talk to both the Medium and the other player at the same time. The jailee cannot hear the Medium but can see your end of the conversation. If a dead Medium seances the jailee, the jailee will likewise listen and talk to both you and Medium. You will not see the Medium's messages but can see the jailee's end of the conversation.
  • Whoever you have jailed will still be able to hear anyone they can usually hear at Night; Vampires and members of the Mafia or Coven will hear their respective chats, a Vampire Hunter will still hear the Vampires they listen in to, and a Medium will still be able to hear the dead. However, the other Mafia, Coven, Vampires, or the dead will not be able to see the jailee's messages.
    • If you are a Traitor Jailor and jail a player, the Mafia will hear you and you will hear them along with the jailee. The Mafia, however, will not hear the jailee (also applies for a Coven Jailor).
  • If a Mafia, Vampire, or Coven member is jailed, the rest of their team will see that they were jailed, as a message will appear stating: "(Player) was hauled off to jail".
    • If you are a Traitor Jailor, the Mafia will receive this notification even if you don't jail a Mafia member. (also applies for a Coven Jailor).

Executing a target

Execute your prisoner by using the Night ability button. You have three executions.

  • You cannot execute your target on the first Night.
  • If you decide to execute, your prisoner will receive the notification "The jailor has decided to execute you.".
  • If you cancel your execution, your prisoner will receive the notification "The jailor has changed his mind.".
  • You are unable to execute your target if you are role-blocked by an Escort, Consort, or Pirate.
  • If a Witch/Coven Leader controls you into targeting someone other than your prisoner, you will be unable to execute them.
    • If they control you into your target, however, you are forced to execute them, unless it is the first Night.
  • If you execute a Townie, a message ("You have slain a town member so you can't attack again.") will be shown to you every time you jail a person. You will lose your remaining executions as well.
    • If you are a Traitor Jailor, you will never lose your executions unless you use all 3 of them (also applies for a Coven Jailor).
  • If you execute your jailee and a Guardian Angel watches over them, your execution will fail and you will lose one execution. The same occurs if you jail Pestilence, though in this case you will be dead.
    • If a Serial Killer (non-Cautious) or Werewolf on a Full Moon manages to live your execution (meaning you were role-blocked, controlled away from your target, or your target was protected by a Guardian Angel), they will still kill you.
  • You have a Death Note that can explain why you executed your jailed person based on their claim and actions. The reasons are below:
    • No reason specified.
    • They are known to be an evildoer.
    • Their confession was contradictory.
    • They are possessed and talking nonsense.
    • They are too quiet or won't respond to questioning.
    • They are an outsider that might turn against us.
    • I'm using my own discretion.
  • You are able to place a check mark on any of these reasons. By default, "No reason specified" will be checked, and it is impossible to have all of them un-checked.


  • Keep track of your jailed targets in your Last Will and write their names in your Last Will before the Night begins. If you jail the Werewolf during a Full Moon Night and die, the Town will be able to know the Werewolf's possible identity. This also applies to Pestilence.
  • Avoid jailing other Jailor claims if they claimed Day 1. Serial Killers may claim Jailor Night one to have the Jailor jail them, with the Jailor unable to execute them. This strategy is however extremely risky for the Serial Killer, as they will more likely be called out immediately. However, feel free to execute them the next Night.
  • Write down any claimed roles in your Last Will immediately before the Night ends, in case you die that Night.
  • If you reveal yourself, make sure that any Town roles that can protect you are doing so, since you are the highest priority target for nearly all evils. This includes Doctors and Bodyguards protecting you, as well as indirect methods such as a Transporter moving you (which makes you difficult to hit) and a Lookout watching you to find who visits you. If anyone else claims to be the Jailor, they are lying since your role is unique, so jail and execute them without having to reveal or risk being haunted by a Jester.
  • Take a neutral stance on your prisoner, do not be too trusting, but do not be too eager to execute. Stay level-headed, and don't make rash decisions. Try to be polite -- an unhappy prisoner may be overly defensive and angry. If you don't execute an evil role, not only do they live for a Night but now the Town may believe they have some credibility because the Jailor believed them. Even worse, you may die from a Serial Killer or a Werewolf. However, killing a Townie will result in the loss of all your remaining executions and your effectiveness as Jailor. Keep yourself composed, and make rational decisions based on fact.
  • Collect information from everyone, as this can help find true info for Townies and sort out people who are evil, thus allowing you to execute them. Try jailing whisperers, talkative people, or anyone looking suspicious.
  • When you jail someone, make sure to ask for their role. If the jailed target claims a role, ask for their Last Will unless it's Night 1. You will collect information from an Investigator, Sheriff or Spy and can immediately find fake Transporter, Escort, or Lookout claims if they claim they moved or role blocked you or one of your jailed targets. Your target will be notified when you decide to execute them. Executing first can make many evil roles panic and give wrong information. Have all the information you can, no matter what role they claim. Most evil roles will have a role with somewhat credible information in their Last Will. However, the information may be something you know to be false. Execute all of these people.
  • Consider using a code word in the event of a Medium claim. Every Night you jail a player, tell them a code word unless they claim Medium. Once a player you previously jailed is killed, they can tell any living Mediums what the code word was, instantly confirming the Medium and outing all other Medium claims as evil.
    • Of course, this strategy can be flawed, if both the dead player and the Medium claim are Mafia, Coven, or Vampires, they could have discussed the code on a Night they weren't jailed.
  • Keep track of Mafia Killing. If no one is killed, there is a chance your target is a kill-capable member of the Mafia. Beware that if the Mafia have both a Mafioso and a Godfather alive, you will be unable to prevent them from killing by jailing either one of them. However, if you have jailed the Mafioso, their Death Note will change from the Mafioso's to the Godfather's, which you can use as evidence to out the Mafioso. Many times, the Mafia will not kill in order to have the Jailor believe that the last person they had jailed is a killing role so that the Jailor would re-jail and execute or lynch that prisoner.
  • If you execute someone, be sure to mark down the specified reason in your Death Note, and optionally include it in your Last Will.
  • If the Mayor reveals themselves, you can jail them in case a Serial Killer, Arsonist, or the Mafia targets them, since a revealed Mayor is a high priority to those roles due to the increased voting power. Note that if you both are revealed, a Witch could force you to execute the Mayor, or you might just be killed instead. On the other hand, you could instead have a Bodyguard or Crusader for the Mayor. Trapper is also acceptable, but because their Traps take time to build and can be triggered by anyone, it is less optimal. Also note that Doctors cannot heal a revealed Mayor.
    • You may want to consider revealing yourself to the Mayor, or any other confirmed Town roles that you trust. This is especially useful if you can reveal yourself to a Confirmed Town Investigative role, so that during the Day you can communicate via whispers and together figure out who to jail and execute without the Town or any evils interfering. However, do not use this strategy on anyone who you are not certain is Town, as you may well be selling your identity any evil role that would benefit from you dying.
      • However, remember that the Mayor cannot be whispered to, so be careful about telling the Mayor your role or try revealing to them before they reveal. You can also reveal yourself to the Mayor while jailing them, protecting them and baiting an evil role into wasting a kill.
    • If you have had someone who claimed that they were a Town Protective aside from Doctor and a revealed Mayor dies, feel free to jail them out of suspicion. You have a good chance to have jailed an evil role.
  • You are not Control Immune or Role block Immune. Never state who you are if there is a Witch/Coven Leader or Consort in game.
  • The Jailor can act as a protective role, as their prisoner is granted Powerful Defense. The Jailor can use this to the Town's advantage by jailing those who need to be protected, such as a revealed Mayor.
    • This Powerful Defense will not protect the Jailed player from being killed by a Bodyguard's counter-attack if they are a Serial Killer or Werewolf and you don't execute them.
    • Remember that a Witch/Coven Leader can control you into executing the Mayor and throwing the game a whole different direction.
  • Do not execute someone solely for claiming a role a previous target claimed. Doing so is a good way to not only kill a Townie, but also to lose your remaining executions which makes you not much of a threat to anyone you jail. Rather, have a confirmed Town Investigative role investigate both targets. Execute the one who has lied. Remember - it's okay to defer executions! Keep in mind that if you jail two people and they both claim the same role, the first person isn't always telling the truth!
  • There is no such thing as a confirmed Executioner or Jester (with the extremely rare exception of one who has been investigated by a confirmed Investigator, while Disguiser, Framer, Vampire, Hex Master, Sheriff, Werewolf, and Poisoner do not fit into the role list) You should strongly consider executing any Neutral Evil claims you see, as the Godfather, Coven Leader, or any Neutral Killing role will often try to claim to be an Executioner to explain their Basic Defense. Remember that these roles are evil; they have goals that directly interfere with the Town's.
  • If there is anyone claiming to be a successful Executioner and you are playing a mode with a few evil roles, such as Ranked, execute them that Night. They may be an evil faking an Executioner after randomly accusing and lynching someone and being lucky seeing they are Town, or they could actually be a successful Executioner. Either way, you remove an evil role or an Executioner, which has Basic Defense and can side with evils.
  • Be wary of people who claim Neutral roles, as these can be an evil role. However, keep in mind that they could be telling the truth. Survivors sometimes betray the Town, so keep this in mind. However, if you execute a role like a Survivor, you may have wasted an execution that could have been used against a member of the Mafia or the Coven.
  • Never say what your targets have claimed during the Day because you will attract unwanted attention by the evil roles.
  • Mafia and evil Neutral roles tend to claim Town roles that are easy to fake, such as Doctor, Bodyguard or Sheriff. This goes for everyone you jail, but always ask for their wills.
  • If you manage to jail the only Mafia Killing role while you know other Mafia roles exist, you should keep them alive, continually jailing them, while the Town safely finds the remaining members of the Mafia. Do not use this if there is a Neutral Killing role, since they can kill you at any time. Keep in mind that a Witch may have teamed up with the Mafia and they might know who the Mafia Killing role is and could easily force you to execute the Mafia Killing role before everyone finds the remaining members of the Mafia.
  • One tactic is to hit the execute button at the start of the interrogation to put more pressure on their targets and then release the execute button if the target has satisfied your tests. You should not use this tactic if you have a low-end computer prone to freezing as you will not be able to take back your decision for the rest of the Night, risking the loss of all your executions.
  • Sometimes, you might want to be cautious about what you write in your Last Will; reporting claims for important roles like Town Killings and Investigators could expose them to the Mafia. Generally, though, you should write as much as possible, since preserving information will help the Town more than it helps the Mafia.
    • Some Jailors like to put in their Last Will the alignment their prisoners claimed instead of the role. This has no real advantages because if they actually are evil, they take more claim space from you. However, the exception to this is Town Killing. This helps prevent a Witch from controlling the Vigilante to shoot a Townie with no risk because now they could visit a Veteran and be killed. Since Town Killing roles occupy the same role slot and have the same Investigator results, this doesn't change the information you give to the Town too much.
  • If you jail someone who claims to be an Escort, consider telling them who you've jailed (but not the roles they've claimed, unless you trust them completely), and of course, seize the list of who they've role-blocked. Since you're both role-blockers, this lets you narrow down who to jail to prevent the Mafia from killing. If the Escort is actually an evil role, most likely a Consort, the list of who you've jailed is generally not hugely useful to them.
  • On Day 1 (or any Day with no leads), jail someone you think might be killed that Night based on their name or actions. You can gather information, while also possibly protecting someone.
  • TwoPercentSkimm's "Aggressive Jailor" tactic may work, as it forces someone to claim or else face death. (For those unaware, immediately ask for role and count down from 3 to 1, hitting the execute button immediately after you say 1. You can still change your mind however.)
    • Be careful, however, as you may end up executing an innocent Townie or find yourself on the wrong end of a Serial Killer or Werewolf's stick should you fall for their claim.
      • To avoid this, keep a list of claims in your Last Will. Look for claims that don't make sense (such as multiple unique Townies)
  • A good way of finding out if someone is evil is telling them you are a random person's name. If they die by Mafia, they are most likely evil. This can backfire if the random person you claimed to be is actually a member of the Mafia.
    • A similar tactic for Investigator and Sheriff claims is to act like you are suspicious (claiming that you think {your username} is suspicious) and asking them to investigate them the next Night for proof. 2 Nights later, if they have not already posted their results, jail them again and ask for results. If these results are not accurate, execute.
  • If your target claims to be a Town Protective role, it's a good idea to tell them your name and order them to protect you every Night, threatening to have them lynched via your Last Will if you die. The only way this can be exploited is if the Town Protective claim is a member of the Mafia that has a Forger or Janitor. They can kill you without revealing that you should have been protected.
  • There is no reason to keep any non-Town role claims alive except for Amnesiac. This includes Survivor claims. You would need an Investigator to investigate them, or you could eliminate the non-Town roles and save the Investigator a precious Night. However, keep in mind some Survivor claims are actual Survivors trying to make sure they live, so you could be killing off a potential ally. This doesn't prevent them from siding with an evil faction, however.
    • However, keep in mind that Amnesiacs can remember evil roles, but you can jail and execute them quickly once they've remembered an evil role.
    • Also keep in mind that other Neutral roles, such as the aforementioned Survivor and the Jester role, might be considered a waste of an execution. It would be wise to take into account the pros and cons of executing these Neutral roles and act accordingly to your current situation.
  • In All Any or Coven All Any, be wary of Mayor claims if there is a Serial Killer or a Werewolf on a Full Moon Night. Often, these roles will claim to be Town roles that you would be very hesitant to execute, allowing them to kill you that Night instead. This especially applies later in the game, when a Mayor should have revealed and a Spy should have shared their information. It is still not generally worth executing them; if they actually are telling the truth, you lose an important Townie and your executions. Always keep your Last Will updated just in case.
  • If you know who the Serial Killer is but you have run out of executions, choosing whether or not to jail them becomes difficult. In jailing them, you will most likely die but will protect other Town for an extra Night. In not jailing them, you leave them loose to kill someone else, possibly even you.
  • Unlike most roles, you can freely focus on people who are talkative Day 1, since you won't die if they're a Veteran trying to bait people in; this can both protect talkative Townies who are targeted by the Mafia and can let you press evil roles who are pretending to be a Veteran to deflect attention.
  • If there is a revealed Mayor and you have revealed yourself as the Jailor, consider saying something along the lines of, "I'll jail the Mayor tonight." but jail a different player. This could keep them safe while you interrogate other players.
    • However, if there is more than one member of the Mafia still alive, this could be dangerous (especially if both the Godfather and Mafioso are still alive), as they will be notified that one of their teammates was jailed instead of the Mayor and may attack them anyways.
      • In this case, it is optimal to have a Bodyguard or Crusader stay on the Mayor. Trapper is also usable but is less optimal, as Traps take time to build and can be triggered by anyone.
  • If someone claims to be the Veteran in jail, has not made said claim publicly yet, and has not shot anyone yet, you might want to put them as Vigilante in your Last Will with their permission. If you die and people see the Vigilante claim, many evil roles will attack them, so the Veteran can kill them with their alert the next Night. If you did this, the Veteran should continue on with their claim of being a Vigilante to prevent suspicion until they shoot and kill someone.
  • Although your status as the most powerful member of the Town may make you want to conceal your role as much as possible, it's often valuable for you to reveal at a key moment, especially late in the game when it seems like it's the Town's last chance to win.
    • Because it's unique, talks to people at Night, and can easily execute anyone who claims it falsely, Jailor is almost impossible to fake. Town members will almost always believe you without question, and you can easily prove it if anyone doubts you.
    • It is common for Jailors to reveal themselves on the first Day, and this strategy has its benefits and its drawbacks. This is known as the Jailor Meta and is common in the middle levels of Ranked.
    • Late in the game, you have a huge amount of information from the people you've jailed, which you can rapidly put together with the rest of the Last Will to determine who to lynch/execute.
    • Your list of claims from your prisoners can pressure people into revealing their roles or help confirm certain Townies. Plus, you are essentially a confirmed Town since claiming Jailor will usually have the claimer executed (unless there's a Consort or Witch), and the Town won't hesitate to follow your lead. Use the trials during the Day to gain more claims from roles and don't hesitate to execute any claim that feels suspicious or is a confirmed evil.
      • If there are Town Protective claims, you can publicly order them to protect you. If you are killed, they will be outed as a fake and should be lynched. However, a Consort can role-block them to put pressure on them the next Day.
      • If you've jailed a Bodyguard, Vigilante, or Veteran claim, say you are someone else. If that person shows up dead the next Day, you know they were a fake. Be careful, because if they're Mafia, Vampire, or Coven and you claim you are one of their teammates, they'll know you're a liar.
      • When putting together a plan, consider who (and how many) people could be lying to you. Your goal should be to find a set of commands you can give to the Town that will collectively leave the fake claims with no viable options.
    • If the role list has a limited amount of a specific Alignments, and more people claim roles that fit into said Alignment (ie. 3 people claim Sheriff), this does NOT mean the last person that claimed a role in said Alignment is guilty. Instead, you should take into consideration what info they have revealed so far. Jail the person that has revealed the least amount of information, and try to obtain some more information out of them.
  • Once you run out of executions, your remaining abilities can be used either as a role block or as protection for a revealed Mayor. This can help town by protecting a revealed Mayor or by keeping a Mafia Killing at bay. This can also be used to find the last Mafia Killing: if the Mafia doesn't kill one Night, its possible the person you jailed was the last Mafia Killing. This is mostly useless for Neutral Killing, however, as Serial Killers will attack you, Werewolves will attack you if they can, Arsonists will usually choose not to ignite anyway, and you'll be Doused from jailing them. Juggernauts are an exception, as it is usually safe to jail them.
  • If somebody is unresponsive, it might be a good idea to simply write it down in your Last Will that the player wasn’t talking rather than executing them. The next Day, take note of what happened during the Night and how they react to being jailed, if they even react at all. This can help you make the choice of whether or not to jail them again.

Suspicious Claims

  • Pay attention to the Investigator list; many evils will claim the corresponding good roles on their list in case an Investigator reveals their result.
  • Doctor is a common claim for Serial Killers and Potion Masters due to it fitting in their investigative result. If someone claims this, be sure to try and get a trusted Sheriff to investigate them and help you out if you're suspicious of either claim.
  • Bodyguard is commonly claimed by the Godfather as well as the Arsonist because it fits into their investigative result, and also helps them explain their immunity with their one vest.
  • Vigilante is a common claim from the Mafioso because it fits into their investigative result and allows them to accuse others of immunity.
  • A Mafioso will sometimes also claim Veteran, which likewise fits their result; the claim is occasionally used by Jester (or by anyone who has clearly been caught in a lie while claiming a valuable role) to explain their behavior. Some evils may be more reluctant to claim Veteran due to its uniqueness, but you can't depend on this.
  • Jester is a popular claim for evils. You should kill any Jester claims you see, unless executing said Jester results in you not having enough executions later on.
  • Consorts will often claim Escort. Few other roles are likely to do so, as Escorts are easily confirmable. If there is a Spy, check the Mafia visits. If they align with your prisoner's will, they are more likely evil. Keep in mind of competent Disguisers as they can hide Mafia visits.
  • Consiglieres will usually claim Investigator. Be suspicious of an 'Investigator' who only catches non-Mafia. An 'Investigator' who knows a non-Mafia target's exact role is almost certainly a Consigliere. They could also be a Jester faking, but you should still execute.
  • Hypnotists are tough due to their results being legitimate and only somewhat disprovable by Spies. They usually claim Doctor, Transporter, or Escort. Refer to the role list in order to catch them, and keep track of all wills given to you.
  • Sheriff, Medium, Lookout, Doctor, and Investigator are all important roles that are easy to fake and are thus very commonly claimed by evils. Ask for their Last Wills, and write it down in yours.
  • Executioner is also a common claim for evils. They are hoping that the Jailor or the town would ignore them because the Neutral Evil would less likely reveal themselves. You should also kill any Executioner claims as well.

You shouldn't kill all of these claims since you only have 3 executions, but if someone claims one of these roles, keep an eye on them throughout the game.



ToS Unity Being Jailed

Animation upon being jailed


ToS Unity Being Released From Jail

Animation upon being released from jail

  • If you are killed by the Serial Killer on the first Night, there is only a ~52% chance that you have jailed them. Of course, everyone will know whether you jailed them or not, as your Last Will will be covered in blood if you did.
  • Prior to Version A.0.1.8, the Jailor was not a unique role.
  • Prior to Version 2.0, Jailors had Death Notes in the same form as any other killing role. This allowed them to be easily confirmed by revealing who they are in their Death Note.
  • Prior to Version 2.10, Jailors had no Death Note. They are now the only Town Killing role with a Death Note and the only role with a different style of Death Note.
  • There is currently a bug where a dead player can still receive a message of them being hauled off to jail.
  • According to a poll made by Naru2008, the Jailor is the most loved role in Town of Salem which had 541 votes, the main reasoning because they can lead the Town to victory.
  • The Jailor is considered the most powerful Town role. It is the only Town role with a Unstoppable Attack as well as being the only role in the entire game which can override role block immunity and stop almost all visits on a target.
  • The Jailor is one of four roles that have a Day ability, the other being the Mayor, Pirate and a dead Medium.
  • The Jailor is one of the two Town roles that can talk at night, the other being a Medium.
  • The Jailor is essentially a combination of all the Town sub-alignments; Town Investigative (with it's ability to talk at night), Town Killing, (killing ability) Town Protective (giving Powerful Defense), and Town Support (role blocking).
  • If your prisoner did not die, and you chose to execute them, you were possibly role-blocked or controlled off your target. You will know if this happens.
    • In the Coven Expansion, your prisoner could have been protected by a Guardian Angel. You will know if this happens the next day.
      • Your prisoner could have also been Pestilence. You will also know if this happens, since the Jailor receives a special message upon being killed by a Pestilence in jail.
        • There was a bug where if Jailor jailed Pestilence, their cause of death would appear to be obliterated by Pestilence twice.


  • The Jailor is the only role in the game that is present in all non-Coven Expansion game modes, excluding All Any.