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The Lookout knew that all of the Mafia scum and even some of the out-of-Town maniacs preferred to work in night's mask of darkness, so sure that their deeds would be unseen by the sleeping citizens of Salem. Fortunately for the hapless townies, the Lookout sneaks through the town night after night, repeatedly attempting to catch a criminal red-handed. A former night watchman, he decided that the best way to keep an eye on the criminals of Salem was to beat them at their own game.

Under the Mayor's orders, he slips seamlessly into his environment to keep a watchful eye on his slumbering neighbours for any unexpected visitors, all while keeping the attention to himself as low as possible. And tonight, his diligence has paid off: the next day, the Town beauty was found cruelly assaulted and stabbed to death by the Serial Killer at large.

Just as the Town erupts into chaos as suspicion falls onto the Escort's last client, the Lookout silences them all before putting out his findings. With his leads, the Town moves to lynch the Escort's lone visitor while he attempts in vain to denounce the Lookout as a member of the Mafia. As the suspicious visitor draws his last breath, a bloody dagger wrapped in a parchment falls out of his robes.

The Town breathes a collective sigh of relief, and the Lookout feels elated for just a moment before he slips back to his home much earlier than everyone else. In his usual focused demeanour, he watches the Town once again from the shadows. (credit)


  • You may watch a person each Night to see who visits them.
    • You will only be able to recognize up to three specific people who visit your target.
    • You will know if more than three people visited your target, but will be unable to identify them.
      • The three people you are able to recognize are selected at random.
  • You can see visits made (or forced by a Witch/Coven Leader or Disguiser) by:
    • Any role that can choose a living target at Night. But not those that can only target themselves, even if they are witched (Survivors and Veterans).
    • Despite not actually visiting, some roles will be detectable by the Lookout if a Witch controls them. They include: Mediums, Jesters, Jailors, Retributionists, Amnesiacs and the Werewolf on non Full Moon Nights. This is because these roles still technically "visit" in their own ways, like an Amnesiac visiting a dead target or a dead Medium visiting someone who's alive to séance them. You cannot detect roles such as Executioner or Mayor if they are witched, because they have no way of visiting (Unless a Disguiser interferes).
    • If a Jester/Pirate haunts/duels your target, you will see them visiting your target.
    • Any role that visits targets two players in one Night, like a Transporter/Disguiser will show up visiting one of their targets.
  • If you watch the Jailor and they are attacked by the Serial Killer or Werewolf they jailed but did not execute, you will not see the name of the killer. (In the Werewolf case, you will die due to the rampaging attack).
  • You will be shot by a Veteran on alert if you choose to watch them at Night.
  • You will be stoned by a gazing Medusa if you choose to watch them at Night.
  • You will be obliterated by Pestilence if you choose to watch them or their target at Night.
  • You will die from a Werewolf if whoever you're watching is attacked by one. However, you will most likely know who the Werewolf is, which is useful to a Medium if there is one.
    • In addition, any role that only kills visitors like a Crusader or Ambusher can kill you, but you can still identify them (especially in the case of an Ambusher).
  • You will not see yourself visiting your target, but other Lookouts will, and you will see them.
  • You will not see the following roles visit your target (unless a Witch/Coven Leader or Disguiser interferes):


  • As a Lookout, most people won't believe your claim right away because Lookout is a common Executioner (and other evil roles) claim. Therefore, it is CRUCIAL to keep an updated Last Will.
  • As a Lookout, it's important to keep track of what's going on during the Day to spot out potential targets for the Town to lynch, namely the Mafia, Vampires, or any possible Neutral Killings.
  • A good idea if you don't have anyone you think will be targeted is to look at player names, a lot of people will target names that stick out.
  • While they are generally more likely to get attacked, it is not a good idea to watch people who seem loud and annoying, as they could be a Veteran baiting evil roles. Additionally, if it is a Full Moon Night, you might die from the Werewolf because they generally attack loud targets.
  • Since experienced players know that Lookouts will most likely hang around names that stick out, it might not be a bad idea to watch someone whose name doesn't stick out very much like "Jonathan Corwin" or "Betty Parris".
  • If someone visited your target at Night but said that your target does not die, you should not be too quick when telling everyone who visited since the visitor could be a fellow Townie such as a Doctor, Sheriff, Bodyguard, or Investigator.
  • If your target mentions that they were attacked, but only one person visited them, they could be an immune role lying to seem innocent to the Town. Likewise, if your target is killed and they only had one visitor, either that visitor is a killing role or the target had visited a Serial Killer or Werewolf (if they were an Escort, Consort, or Pirate) that Night. If your target is alive but doesn't mention being role blocked, jailed, etc; the person who visited them might be a passive role, such as a Framer or Sheriff.
  • Keep track of who visited who and if that person says something during the Day, such as, "I was blackmailed yesterday." This way you will know what role the person who visited was.
  • If you are watching a target who has Defense get attacked, they might say nothing about it the next Day. For example, Arsonists, Serial Killers and Godfathers rarely expose that they were attacked during the Night, so be careful and try to deduct who could be bad or good when reviewing someone's visitors.
  • It is important to watch a revealed Mayor, for several reasons:
    • First, this protects them. Any accusations you make against their killer will probably be believed since it's logical for a Lookout to watch a revealed Mayor; if you don't watch the Mayor and they die, your Lookout claim is unlikely to be believed. This will also allow you to identify the culprit if the Mayor is blackmailed by a Blackmailer or bitten by a Vampire. You can determine if the Mayor was bitten last Night by attempting to whisper to them.
    • Second, Mayors tend to attract a lot of visitors; this allows you to identify other Lookouts, Bodyguards, and Transporters If the Mayor is not blackmailed, killed, or turned into a Vampire (all of which tend to be obvious in one way or another), then it is fairly unlikely that any of their visitors that Night were evil since the other Mafia roles have little reason to visit them.
    • This information on who visited the Mayor may allow you to confirm your own role later on (but be cautious about revealing it unnecessarily, since it could potentially out a high-value role like the Bodyguard or the Jailor).
    • Be careful though, the Werewolf normally targets the Mayor because of how many people visits them. The Mafia may target the Mayor if they have a Disguiser or Ambusher and they know you're the only protection left for the Mayor.
  • If you are watching someone several Nights in a row and you see the same person visiting them, you might have found a Doctor or Bodyguard. Try to avoid saying this to the Town to avoid the Mafia from attacking you. If your target claimed that they were attacked and saved, try to deduct who the attacker could have been by viewing their other visitors. If they are silent, though, they could also be blackmailed, so you should ask them to talk to find out.
  • If you see your target visiting themselves, there are only a few options for what their role could be:
    • They could be a Transporter that transported themselves with someone else. Technically, you will have been redirected to the other target, but since the Transporter visits both targets, you'll still see them as a visit themselves.
    • They could be a member of the Mafia who was Disguised as your target. Additionally, if they were killed by Mafia, the person you saw was likely the Disguised Mafia killer.
    • Finally, while a Witch or Transporter could make someone not on the above list self-target, in that case you would see the Witch or Transporter as a second visitor.
    • Therefore, if you see someone self-target as their only visitor, you have either watched a Transporter or a Mafia member disguised as them.
  • Witches and Disguisers may be your worst enemy, so keep in mind if there are any of them in the game. For example, just because you saw someone visiting someone else on non-Full Moon Night doesn't mean that they are not the Werewolf, as the Werewolf will visit the target selected by the Witch, and the Disguiser can make it appear that the Werewolf visited the target.
  • Consider visiting someone who has been blackmailed twice (or more) in a row. The Blackmailer will likely return to the same player to blackmail them again the next Night, and if the same person is blackmailed again the next Day, you can confirm whoever visited them as a Blackmailer. Note that this may not work if more than three people visit the blackmailed victim.
  • Sometimes, when an important role asks to be watched, you may do it if there's a high chance of them being attacked. But if they ask openly for it, then some killing roles will be scared off of attacking the said important role, leaving you free to watch others. However, this is a risky thing to do.
  • If you identify a Mafia Killing role and need to make the Town listen to you, one easy way to do so is to ask that a Jailor or Escort target them. While this hinges on the Town having those roles, it costs them very little to check out one lead, so most of them will be happy to oblige. Most of the time, keeping a Mafia Killing role blocked or jailed is more effective than hanging them anyway, since it renders the entire Mafia unable to kill. Note that this is generally ineffective if there's more than 1 Mafia Killing or the Mafia Killing role was Disguised.
  • An Investigator may suspect you of being a Forger, Witch/Coven Leader, or even a Juggernaut once he checks you out. Prepare your Last Will or any other piece of proof to try and prove yourself as a Lookout if they start asking or accusing you.
  • Your results can be very effective when paired with a Spy.
    • If a Spy sees a Mafia or Coven visit to a person on the same Night you're watching them, one of the people you saw visiting them must be a member of the Mafia or Coven.
    • Conversely, if a Spy doesn't see any Mafia or Coven visits to someone you watched, anyone who visited them that Night is definitely not a member of the Mafia or Coven respectively. Occasionally, this can be used to catch evils by process of elimination.
  • If your target is visited on the same Night that killing role kills someone else, then whoever visited them is definitely not that killer. However, remember that a member of the Mafia may become the killer after the fact if the current one dies.
  • For the most part, Mafia members cannot visit Mafia.
    • This has an important implication for you: Most of the time, when you see one person visiting another, at least one of the two must be non-Mafia; if either one is confirmed as Mafia, then you know the other isn't.
    • There is some risk that Mafia members can be forced to visit each other by a Witch, but the chance is low.
    • Note that a Transporter cannot cause problems here - your visit will also be transported, so you still know that any visitors you see tried to target your original target; absent a Witch, it's still impossible for both your intended target and any visitors you see to be Mafia.
    • A Disguiser can be an issue, since they can visit their own Mafia. If a Disguiser is killed, the people you see them visit could be a member of the Mafia; however, they could still be the Disguiser's second target.
  • Your ability is less disrupted by Transporters than other Town Investigatives.
    • First, if your intended target is transported, you will probably see the Transporter as a visitor (since they visit both targets).
    • Second, since both you and all other visitors are transported, you'll still see everyone who intended to visit your original target - they'll end up at your new target along with you.
    • Of course, you still have to worry about Transporters when interpreting what happened the next morning - if the person you tried to target ends up dead, but they were transported, then you won't have seen who killed them.


  • Prior to Version 3.2.5, Lookouts could identity all visitors to their chosen target, rather than only 3.


  • 3.3.0
    • The Disguiser can now fool a Lookout.
    • The Custom Lobby role summary for Lookout has been updated to include a reference about the limit of identifying 3 players.
  • 3.2.5
    • Lookout now only identifies 3 of the visits, which are chosen randomly. The Lookout will know if more than 3 visits occurred.
    • Added message "More people visited your target but you couldn't identify them.".
    • The Lookout's role icon has been changed. Old one was Achievement Lookout.png.
    • Added Lookout's circled role icon (RoleIcon Lookout Circled.png).
  • Town of Salem Release
    • Introduced.