Obey. That was the only word he understood. Though he may seem like your average everyday townie, the story behind his grin is a grim, horrible and ghastly tale. That man is only known as the Mafioso. He dreams of only one thing; a brighter future for his whole family, especially for his beloved Godfather. Just to achieve that dream, he will murder anyone his Godfather wishes. Whether it be the Mayor that once stood in the Godfather's way, an Investigator who tracked down the Arsonist, or even a Werewolf who killed the Survivor that promised to stand by his side... he just doesn't care. Anyone who isn't on his side is deemed an enemy to the Mafia. But... what if the Godfather was killed? Well... let's just say a replacement is already waiting. (credit)


  • Each night, you can pick one person to vote to kill; however, if there is a Godfather and they pick someone else, their decision will override yours, and you will attack their target instead.
  • Regardless of whether there is a Godfather or not, and regardless of their actions, you will do the actual killing, provided that you are alive and not role-blocked. This has the following implications; whoever does the actual killing will:
    • Be visible to a Lookout who watches the target.
    • Be killed by a Bodyguard, Werewolf, Stone Gazing Medusa, or alerting Veteran at that location.
    • Receive an immunity message if the target is immune. Note that if the Mafioso does the attacking, the Godfather will not receive an immunity message for ordering an attack on an immune target.
    • Leave their Death Note behind for the Town to see in the morning.
  • If you are role blocked (or if you die, or if there is no Mafioso), the Godfather will perform the kill personally and will be subject to all of the above instead.
  • If the Godfather dies during the game, you will be promoted to Godfather, rendering Basic defense, Bite Immunity, and Detection Immunity. You cannot become the Godfather if there was none at the beginning of the game.
  • If you die and there is no living Godfather, any last Random Mafia will become the new Mafioso. If there are multiple Random Mafia, whoever joined the lobby first will become the new Mafioso.
  •  If a Witch or Coven Leader controls you, you will still attack the target of the Godfather.  This is because the Mafioso only VOTE for who to kill, allowing the Godfather vote to overrides it, and those killing Godfather target.
Godfather picks a target No Godfather / Role blocked / Does not pick a target
Mafioso picks a target Mafioso attacks Godfather's target Mafioso attacks their own target
Mafioso does not pick a target Mafioso attacks Godfather's target no attack
no Mafioso /
Role blocked
Godfather attacks their own target no attack

Strategy Edit

  • As the Mafioso, your job is to kill anyone who would oppose the Mafia without being caught.
  • If the Godfather dies, you will become the new leader of the Mafia. So, if it appears that Godfather will die or be lynched soon, you should start to take control.
  • If there is no Godfather, you will lead the Mafia instead. Do not take coordination for granted.
  • Communication with the Godfather is of utmost importance. You should alert the Godfather the next night if your target was immune in order to avoid the Godfather repeatedly ordering you to attack the same target if you think the target has natural immunity. If the target was likely a Townie who got healed, talk it out with the Godfather to see if it's worth attacking the same target again.
  • Both you and the Godfather should always choose a target. If one of you are role blocked, the other will attack instead.
  • Death Notes can be important to discuss with the Godfather, as it is the Mafioso that gets left at the feet of the target, and not the Godfather. Death Notes revealing who is Night Immune may help the Mafia, and possibly the Town, in lynching a Neutral Evil or Neutral Killing role. You can also call out someone for being immune when they aren't in hopes that the Town lynches them.
  • If the Godfather is jailed, make sure to attack that night to throw suspicion off of him. Nothing screams, "Mafia!" more than no deaths when someone is jailed.
  • If no Mafia Killing roles are able to attack (jailed, away from the keyboard, etc.) claim that you were attacked and that you were healed or keep a pattern that follows the night that no member of the Mafia attacked.
    • Alternatively, once or twice in a game, you may want to not attack for one night, as this will bring suspicion onto whoever was jailed/role blocked, and can even have them lynched if they claim a role like Vigilante or Veteran. This will work even better farther into the game if a Jailor or Escort is still alive, but this trick will usually only work once if the Town discovers that the player is innocent. Be careful; the downside to this trick is that you're slowing down your killing and giving the Town Investigative roles more time to catch you, so only do it if you're confident the confusion it will cause is worth it. You can also do this and claim that someone is immune in your Death Note when you didn't even attack them.
  • With a Death Note, try a different personality than how you usually type to throw off suspicion. If possible, mimic another person's personality and typing. (Spelling errors you wouldn't usually make, poor grammar if you use good grammar normally, etc.)
    • Another option is to not leave a Death Note at all, so if someone is role blocked, nobody looks suspicious. It also has the advantage of not revealing anything in the Death Notes themselves.
  • Remember that if you are jailed or role blocked, the Godfather's Death Note will be shown when the target is killed, not yours. If your Death Notes are different in some distinct fashion, or if you don't normally change your Death Note, this can tip whoever role blocked you off to the fact that you're the Mafioso. You can avoid this by using the same Death Note as the Godfather, by both leaving it blank, or by constantly varying it.
  • In general, if there is no Godfather, your main responsibility is leading the Mafia. If there is a Godfather, then work with them along with the rest of your Mafia team.
  • A risky strategy - on Night 1, write in your Death Note "<your name> is immune!" Smart Townies will recognize that the Mafioso could not have known that Night 1, and therefore be more inclined to believe you are Town.
    • Of course, this may have the opposite effect and draw unwanted attention to yourself. Consider using this to deflect suspicion onto other players.
  • Since games require at least one Mafioso or Godfather for the rest of the Mafia to function, you are somewhat of a disposable role. If there are three other Mafia, consider going aggressive if you need to try to take down a certain target.
  • Executioner is actually a fantastic claim as mafioso. If you attempt to push someone really hard on Day 2, and they end up being town, you can claim that you got your Executioner win, and usually, the rest of the town will leave you alone. However, this does come with the included risk of hypothetically pushing a member of the Coven or a Neutral role, which would make it clear that you are not in fact the executioner, so this strategy works even better with a role like Consigliere working alongside you.

Role Killing Priority Edit

In the Town, you are the main enemy. You will most likely not be sided with over a Neutral Killing if a Townie or Survivor is forced to pick between you and them in a 1 v 1 v 1 situation. Therefore, you need to know which people to kill.

The Jailor Edit

This role can kill all of the Mafia, including the Godfather unless there are four of you. This also role blocks you, making it potentially the most dangerous role to face. The Jailor will also be very hard to lynch, and can sometimes attract the attention of Town Protective roles, Lookouts, Transporters, and roles that Rampage. Be careful of killing this role and other Town Investigative roles as the might out your claim, or make your claim look suspicious. 

Escorts and Pirates Edit

They can either call you out or paralyze the Mafia. A Pirate is far less dangerous as they can side with you, but if they want to side with another role they could potentially call you out as a sign of alliance.

The Mayor Edit

If kept until late game, this role can potentially turn the tides on the whole Mafia by countering "Mafia Majority". Try to take them out before it's too late.

Vigilantes Edit

These roles have the power to take out the vast majority of the Mafia in one fatal swoop. They are rather dangerous, but you can manage to trick them into killing themselves by hitting a Townie.

Transporters Edit

They have the capability of making you attack one of your own Mafia members, and can easily protect themselves. They will also win against you in a 1v1 situation.

Neutral Killing roles Edit

These roles can also take out the Mafia. Keep them in until they start to kill the Mafia members. Taking out one of these roles can false confirm the accuser as Town. They can be valuable to double the kills per night and Neutral Killing roles will most likely attack enemies to the Mafia. All Neutral Killing roles minus the Juggernaut (before their second kill) have defense that the Mafia can't 'break'.

Vampires and the Coven Edit

These are your main enemies in a battle for supremacy over the Town, and have a team to fall back on. They can also take out huge chunks of the Mafia, so take them out. Keep the balance though, as too many Townies can always spell trouble. These are easier to face in a Kingmaker situation, and so are less dangerous than Neutral Killing.

Town Investigatives Edit

These roles can catch you red handed. The Sheriff may be valuable enough for mislynches if you have a Framer, but they can catch the Mafia anyways so it's best to kill them off. Investigators can trap you in a box if asked to claim, so target them early.

Town Protectives Edit

These roles can stop you from killing higher priority targets, or potentially kill you. Take them out if you think they're on an important role.

Other Town Edit

These are either lethal or harmless depending on intelligence and information. You need them dead to win.

Neutral Benign and Neutral Evil Edit

These aren't so dangerous, but they can side against you. Always keep this in mind. For Coven users, the Guardian Angel may be the only exception, as their target can be an enemy. 

Claiming a Town Role Edit

Your investigative results are either VigilanteVeteran, MafiosoPirate, or Ambusher.

Veteran Edit

  • Veteran is a unique role; if there's a Veteran in your game, they'll likely call you out as soon as you try to claim it, and if they die you'll be immediately exposed. On the other hand, the dangers of claiming make it much more convincing if you're willing to take the risk, and you're less likely to be visited out of fear of being shot.
  • If you claim to be the Veteran, be wary of recording in your fake Last Will that you used alerts unless you are relatively certain that no one visited you. Having no alerts in your Last Will looks very sketchy, but claiming to have alerted when someone claims to have visited you is almost certain death. Claiming you are going for the Not Paranoid (win without going alert all game) Achievement for the Veteran might work, but this leaves you possibly vulnerable to rival Town roles coming to kill you. Some players may say that keeping a Last Will as a Veteran is not important because you do not actually gather information, or to 'not reveal whether the Veteran used their alerts yet', but they may want to see if any players visited you on a night that you may have alerted.
  • Overall, you generally might be better off not claiming Veteran, unless you have a Janitor and a Consigliere on your team and you time your attack just right as long as they have yet to say who they are.
    • Careful, Lookouts can catch you doing this, though.
    • This plan will automatically fail as long as at least one person outed who the real Veteran is in their will
      • Only claim Veteran as a last resort when all else fails.

Vigilante Edit

  • Vigilante is your easiest claim, though if there's someone acting like a Jester or otherwise obviously evil, the Town might expect you to shoot them. And since it is very well known for a Mafioso to claim Vigilante, you might be lynched or executed by a Jailor.
  • If you have no Godfather, claiming to be a Vigilante can be dangerous, since an Escort and the Jailor will know that that claim indicates a possible Mafioso and will likely try role blocking you. Claiming Veteran might discourage Escorts, but won't discourage the Jailor. In that situation, you should avoid claiming if at all possible, and may want to claim outside your Investigator results if necessary.
  • If you plan to or already have claimed to be a Vigilante, you should at least write a fake Last Will to support your claim. Keep writing each day that you have not shot anyone. Putting in some other info as to why you did not shoot that correlates to actions that happened in the course of the game will make this will much more believable. If a Vigilante has shot an evil role, but did not claim it, make sure to kill, clean/forge them and use their success to "Confirm" yourself as Town. This could backfire with a Medium however, and the real Vigilante would normally call out their shooting to confirm themselves.
  • A major problem for Vigilante claims is the fact that the Town may ask you to shoot someone, and failing to do so may result in being lynched. A way around this is to claim you did indeed shoot this person, and they were immune. Hope they have Basic Defence to ensure your prolonged existence

Other Roles Edit

  • Claiming inside your investigative results is usually a bad way to play, and other strategies may need to be adopted. Although dangerous if it backfires, you can claim something such as a Sheriff and throw the Random Mafia under the bus (if none of Town Investigative roles are Investigator) and thus be considered a "confirmed Townie". And in this way, you will gain the Town's trust. Before when you write in your Last Will the names of your fellow Mafia members, so the Town will believe you more and let you live, tell your Mafia friends to prepare their Wills and a role to claim, and experienced players will claim a better role that may help the Mafia more. One such example would be Investigator (Consigliere's cover), Escort or Executioner (Remember to say who your target is, bonus points if it's another Mafia member). However, this may be seen as gamethrowing, and should be discussed with the other Mafia. This strategy is called bussing.


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