Town of Salem is a game with many roles and alignments, so multiple people may use their own ideas and create a role that could possibly be added into the game! If you want to make an idea, see these tips first to get a general sense on how you might want to make it. These rules are not mandatory to be followed, but serve as a general consensus for a guideline in roles to avoid making.

Please post all role ideas in the Wiki's Forum. You can find it by heading up to the "Explore" tab and hitting "Forum" at the bottom.

General Guidelines

Here's a list of what you should generally try to avoid in your role. (Note: These are not "rules", they are guidelines. If your role includes one of the following, don't panic! It doesn't make your role a bad role. These are simply qualities that tend to result in unpleasant situations.)

  • Role Dependency - Any role that requires another role to be in the game or be useful. This often results in games where your created role gets screwed over because of the actions of another role, which often leads to frustration. It also often leads to hardcounters (i.e. Vampire Hunter, which can cause problems in its own right. If your role is of the latter case (cannot be useful without another role), then it becomes exposed to many situations where it becomes useless.
  • Hardcounters - Any role that exists purely to counter another role. This is not always a bad idea, because certain roles are extremely powerful (to the point of being overpowered) and may need a hardcounter to remain balanced. The problem lies within roles being created to counter a role that doesn't need a counter (i.e. Arsonist), which is unnecessary and leads to creating more balance issues than it does solve them.
  • Slightly Changed Role - Any role that is extremely similar to an existing one. Unless the new role is of a different faction, if the already-existing role is unbalanced (whether too strong or not strong enough), it can end up either filling said faction with too many powerful roles or clogging it with weaker ones, both of which serve no purpose in game balance.
  • Independent Mafia Killing - Any Mafia Killing role that kills on its own unrestricted, giving Mafia two kills in one night. Generally, this results in the Mafia whittling down the Town too fast for the Town to lynch them before evil roles gain majority.
  • Buddy Role - Any role that requires another specific person to survive to win. This leaves your role vulnerable to gamethrowers, and also leads to frustration if the player behind the buddy role makes a bad decision that costs you the game. However, this can be averted by changing the win condition of your role should the buddy role die (i.e. Guardian Angel changing into a Survivor).
  • Town Role with Defense - Any Town role that has permanent Basic (or more) Defense. This is generally unnecessary because the Town already has Town Protective roles to prevent deaths in addition to starting off as the majority, and adding in roles that don't need to be protected can cripple the Mafia's or Coven's chances at killing the Town quickly enough to win.
  • Self-Confirming Town - Any role that can confirm itself as innocent easily. This can lead to said role asking for a claim from everyone, and lynching those whose claims don't line up. In conjunction with Town Killing roles, this essentially negates the need for Town Investigative roles and makes it unreasonably more difficult for evil roles to win. However, this can be averted by having an evil counterpart that can easily "confirm" itself as this role, because then evil roles have a valid reason not to claim to your revealed role.
  • Evil Retributionist - Any role that can revive Neutral, Mafia and/or Coven roles. Since roles are revealed when a player dies, reviving an evil role will simply result in them being lynched the next day. While it can be used in conjunction with a kill to snatch majority from the Town and catch them off-guard, this is better accomplished via different methods of killing.
  • RNG Role - Any role that depends on random chance. Town of Salem already possesses elements of luck and would preferably attempt to maintain a universal layer of skill-based gameplay, and adding the element of luck will likely frustrate a lot of players.
  • Visitor - Any role that has a win condition involving visiting other people (one example of a bad win condition would be "Visit 6 Townies"). This only tends to be a problem if visiting is the only thing your role can do, because it often leads to very stale and boring gameplay. If your role has an interestingly unique ability or combination of abilities and attributes, then this might not end up as a problem!
  • Survivor Rehash - Any Neutral Benign role whose only goal is to survive to the end of the game. This is once again only a problem if your role lacks purpose and remains passive throughout the games.
  • Non-Evil Neutral Evil - Any Neutral Evil role that cannot win with the Mafia or (other) Neutral Killing roles, or do not negatively affect the Town or possess a goal that encourages them to inconvenience and harm the Town. This defeats the point of being a Neutral Evil role - you're meant to be problematic to the Town, not an ally!
  • Non-Benign Neutral Benign - Any Neutral Benign that kills. This defeats the point of being "benign".
  • Omniscient Town Killing - Any Town Killing role that can only kill evil roles, and cannot kill Townies. This removes skill from the equation entirely, and essentially gives the Town one or more free kills at no risk. Town Killing roles must always have a downside, as they tend to be fairly powerful.
  • Omniscient Neutral Killing - These are roles that can only kill Town, Mafia or Coven. This is a bad idea for slightly devaluing the importance of carefully selecting your targets and being unnecessary due to the very low likelihood of attacking other neutrals as a Neutral Killing. It also renders them helpless against Neutral Chaos roles.
  • Limited Neutral Killing/Suicide Bomber - Any Neutral Killing role that has a limited number of kills or commits suicide. Neutral Killing roles have the goal of eliminating all opposing factions, of which there are usually at least two, and they almost always have to do it alone. They should not be limited - their goal is hard enough - and killing themselves essentially means they lose the game by using their ability.
  • Negative Utility - Any role that hurts its faction more than it helps it. If you want to make a role that hurts a specific faction, then make it part of an opposing faction!
  • Breaking the Trial System - Any role that can mess with the process of reporting players, such as the Pre-1.5 Disguiser. Note: This stipulation is referring to the system of reporting players, NOT lynching players.
  • Poorly Explained Role - This is less to do with the role itself, and more to do with how your idea is portrayed. Be thorough and give reviewers all the information they need to accurately review your role.
  • No Plagiarism - Any roles that are from a different series (i.e. Jabberwocky as a new Neutral Killing role). We don't want BMG getting sued. They used ideas from other games, but made them unique.
  • Neutral Killing Roleblockers - Any Neutral Killing that prevents other factions from killing. Neutral Killing roles actually tend to depend on the Mafia or Coven being a threat to the Town, which draws attention away from said Neutral Killing. If these two factions are no longer a threat, the Town can focus on the Neutral Killing instead, or simply lynch the rest of the evil roles while they can't do anything back.
  • Lovers - Any role that makes two people life-bound to each other, so that if one player dies the other dies as well. This can lead to unnecessary gamethrowing against ones own faction. The Lovers Mode gamemode however fits for this purpose.
  • Rivals - Similarly to the Lovers role, this is unnecessary because it once again forces gamethrowing against ones own faction.
  • Fully Automated Role - Any roles that automatically perform their actions without any player input. One example would be an Arsonist whose targets instantly die after dousing 3 people and is forced to pick targets sequentially from the top of the list. This takes the whole "gameplay" element out of Town of Salem.

Specific Roles to Avoid

  • Firefighter - This role is an Arsonist hardcounter, and would be an omniscient role as it can only specifically conflict with the Arsonist, along with being role-dependent.
  • Werewolf Hunter - Essentially the Firefighter of Werewolves.
  • Cupid - A role that makes two people 'fall in love', which is unnecessary.
  • Hobo - This role is a Survivor, but has to visit other people's houses. This is an example of stale gameplay.
  • Hangman - Any role that takes away the noose during the day. This is only really a problem if they can do it more than once.
  • Plague Doctor - A role that can cure one person per night from the plague. This is a hardcounter to the Plaguebearer and generally functions as a much weaker Vampire Hunter as it can only cure plague, like the Vampire Hunter can only stake Vampires.
  • Announcer - This role changes the "killed by a member of the Mafia" message into another role's message (such as "shot by a Vigilante"). This is underpowered as the Town can easily figure out that a message was changed if the Mafia "failed to kill". Additionally, the kill message generally has no use in helping the Town determine who the Mafia are.
  • Inspector - A Town Investigative that can choose to inspect a player at night and receive a group of alignments that the player could be (ex: "Your target could be a Town Killing, Mafia Killing, or Neutral Killing"). This role is weak when compared to the Investigator, which receives 3-5 roles. The Inspector can also have its results work directly with those of the Investigator (the "Doctor, Disguiser, Serial Killer, or Potion Master" result and a "Town Killing, Mafia Killing, or Neutral Killing" result instantly reveals that the target is a Serial Killer); this changes the Inspector into an overpowered role as most players can have their role confirmed instantly.

Role Suggestion: Formatting

Give your role name, alignment, abilities/attributes, win conditions/goal, attack and defense stats, and Investigative Results. Lore is unnecessary, although welcomed. You can use the {{Roleidea}} command to bring this up.



Lore: (optional)



Unique Role:

Priority: (Optional)



Mechanics: (How It Works)

-Investigative Results-





Wins With:

Must Kill:

Anything Else:

Purpose/Reason: (Optional) While not mandatory by any means, it is a big help to show the reason of the role's creation.

Making Investigative Results

One of the things that are always troubling to make is investigative results. It is generally a good idea to make your investigative results based off of already existing ones, because otherwise you would have to rewrite a good portion - if not all - of the investigation table.

A common pattern between investigation results is that roles in the same result either counter each other or are extremely similar in nature.

Try to keep investigative results balanced between factions. One Town result, one Mafia result, one Coven result and one Neutral result is often a good idea. However, do keep in mind that having multiple Town results in your role's selection potentially gives it more options to claim! Remember that Coven roles only appear in the Coven DLC.

Investigator, Consigliere, Mayor, Tracker, Plaguebearer - Similar roles in nature with three Town, one Mafia, and a Neutral Chaos, each role able to claim any of the latter.

Doctor, Disguiser, Serial Killer, Potion Master - A Town role and a Mafia role, with a Neutral Killing and a Coven member.

Bodyguard, Godfather, Arsonist, Crusader - Very unconfirmable roles that each can deal massive damage to a single faction.

Sheriff, Executioner, Werewolf, Poisoner - A powerful Town role, but with major claim drawbacks and risks upon exposure.

Lookout, Forger, Witch/Coven Leader - Good claimspace for more-secretive roles.

Medium, Janitor, Retributionist, Necromancer, Trapper - Easily claimable roles that are hard to confirm, minus the Retributionist.

Survivor, Vampire Hunter, Amnesiac, Medusa, Psychic - Usually for Neutral Benign roles or those without much effect on factions.

Framer, Vampire, Jester, Hex Master - An all-evil list conflicting multiple factions and usually serving as the result for framed targets.

These general patterns are important to learn from and are crucial to interactions between your role and other pre-existing roles.

Notes for Roles in Specific Alignments

Town Roles

Currently, Town has the most wins, and so creating a Town role should mainly consist of finding something that adds variety and tweaks the balance of Town's win-rate without being a negative utility.

Town Protective

  • The most you should do in terms of defense is give it one "Self-Vest", like the Doctor or Bodyguard.
  • It should also protect Townies, rather than bring retribution on killers. There's a reason this alignment is called Town Protective, and not Town Vengeance.

Town Investigative

  • Remember, we already have many roles in this alignment (6, which is the most in the game, tied with the Coven Evil alignment). This gives the Town plenty of ways to find evil roles, so keep this in mind when balancing your idea.

Town Killing

  • Remember to avoid omniscience.
  • The ability to supplement the Town's lynching power with an extra kill is a powerful ability. Make sure to keep your idea balanced!
    • Vigilante and Veteran are two powerful Town Killing roles, but they come at the risk of killing Townies. Perhaps you could use this as inspiration for balancing your own role.

Mafia Roles

  • The Mafia are pretty balanced when compared with Neutrals, but compared with Town, this faction is generally underpowered. Try and make roles that nerf Town, but not Neutrals.

Mafia Killing

  • Make sure that it doesn't lend the Mafia more killing power than it should have. The Town still needs to be able to find a few evil roles before they all die out.

Mafia Deception

  • Excellent alignment to make roles for!

Mafia Support

  • Excellent alignment to make roles for!

Neutral Roles

Neutral roles generally struggle to win, especially the Neutral Killing roles. If you want to make a role in this faction, be creative, and make sure not to limit its ability to complete its already-hard-enough goal.

Neutral Benign

  • These roles should be completely neutral to any factions and have their own goals to follow. They can join in other factions as a part of their role, or sometimes limit what factions may do based on their own goals. Neutral Benign roles should not be able to kill any other players directly. Benign roles should be able to win with anyone by themselves.

Neutral Evil

  • Neutral Evil roles are supposed to harm the Town in general. They also do not directly kill another player without meeting a requirement, completing their goal, or using their ability which results in a player dying if a circumstance is met. All Neutral Evil roles should be able to win with evils and preferably not Townies.

Neutral Killing

  • Neutral Killing roles should not be able to win with other Neutral Killing roles.
  • These roles should generally have at least Basic defense or the ability to gain it.
  • Make sure to note that you must make this role have the ability to kill on demand or though different ways. Making the role rely on visiting roles or through actions of the Town may cause some delay on kills, unless the delay is required for it to not be too overpowered.
  • Most Neutral Killing roles should be seen as "suspicious" to the Sheriff.

Neutral Chaos

  • Neutral Chaos roles are intended to cause disorder within the town. Most roles in this category focus on their own goals, like a Neutral Evil or Neutral Benign, but have the ability to kill if the opportunity is presented. Roles in this category however should not be able to kill each and every night unless very specific requirements are met, making the role unique from a Neutral Killing. The Pirate, for instance, requires them to win a duel against their target, which can kill them if they aren't protected. Vampires harm all factions and spread undetected, and the Plaguebearer requires each town member to become infected for their ability to start taking effect.
  • Roles that kill and end up switching sides because of it should go here.

Coven Roles

  • It's generally a good idea to build your role around the Necronomicon, not change it just to fit your role. Bear in mind that the purpose of the Necronomicon is to either create a method for the role to maintain 1 KPN (Kill per Night) or support their current method of killing to attain a better degree of consistency in carrying out 1 KPN.
  • Necronomicon reworks should have a separate thread on the Rework board. However, if you really want to tie-in your new Necronomicon with your current role idea, make sure you account for the other Coven roles as well.
  • Coven roles should always have the ability to kill in some form without the Necronomicon, whether directly or indirectly.

Reviewing a Role Idea

This is a good basic format to stick to. Quote the original post and put your responses in bold.


Comment on the name. Suggest a better name if you can think of one. Some role creators don't know what to name their role. If this is the case, help them out!


Whether or not you think this alignment fits the role.


Whether or not you think these abilities are or aren't balanced. Give your reasoning. Suggest tweaks if necessary.


Whether or not you think these attributes are appropriate. Give your reasoning. Suggest tweaks if necessary.


Whether or not you think these mechanics work with the game. Give your reasoning. Suggest tweaks if necessary.


Does this make sense? Is it balanced?


Do you think these results are both logical and balanced? If not, state your reasoning and suggest a better result.


Comment on the flavour text, or suggest flavour text if not already provided.

Wins with/Must kill

Does this role have an appropriate win condition?

End with a paragraph summing up your review. Suggest ideas on how to improve the role, and make sure your tone is critical instead of insulting. Do not tell the creator that their role has been "rejected", as this is not true - you must always leave room for them to improve.


Note - Read this before commenting

Please do NOT post role ideas in the comments below. That is not what they are for. If you have an idea, please put it in its correct board in the wiki's forums. It will hopefully be reviewed shortly after posting.

Once again, please avoid posting role ideas in the comment section below.

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