A blind old woman sits deadly still on an armchair, brushing a finger over the raised dots printed on the pages of her book.

An esteemed Medium, forced to quit the job due to vision problems. A normal introduction, yet from then on, the Town began labeling her with a moniker she would covertly despise: the “crazy lady”. Neighbors would complain about eerie hissing noises coming from inside her house late at night. Whisperings would link the woman to a number of disappearances which only began to surface after her arrival. Rumors would pop up claiming that the missing looked exactly like the terrifying marble statues on her garden, unwillingly protecting her abode. She knew someone would go out of their way again to approach her and uncloak the arising suspicion surrounding the circumstances.

The blunt Sheriff was standing on her porch, impatient and eager to ask a few questions. He was smart, he was concise, and his interrogations quickly led him to an undisputable conclusion: she was a member of that cult of witches, the Coven. A threat to tell the Town was all the Medusa could take. Unveiling a head of snakes and a monstrous visage, she forcefully gripped the Sheriff’s face in her cold, bony hands and glared into the helpless man’s soul. The enraged Medusa unleashed upon him all the pain she had ever went through, from a wretched birth, to the curse of Athena, up to now, a laughingstock shunned by society. Faltering not her immobilizing gaze until the once-famed deputy was now nothing more than a new addition to the Gorgon’s assortment of figurines.

A blind old woman sits deadly still on an armchair. Dare you look her in the eyes, and suffer a same fate?

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  • You may choose to Stone Gaze all visitors at your home each night. All visitors are dealt a Powerful attack, and their role and will is cleared from everyone, including you.
    • They will be shown as Stoned in the graveyard.
      • However, if a Janitor cleans a Stoned target, the target will show as Cleaned instead. The Janitor will receive the role and Last Will in this case.
  • You may only Stone Gaze three times, but with the Necronomicon, it will be an infinite number of times.
  • With the Necronomicon, you may visit players, stoning them and dealing a Powerful Attack.

Strategy Edit

  • Like the Veteran, the Medusa relies on visits to get kills before she gets the Necronomicon. Refer to the Veteran page on how to make the most of this ability.
    • Unlike the Veteran, however, you should note that you still need to avoid being recognized as the killer afterwards. This can be a problem if you bait people since players may look back and try to figure out who the Stoned players might have visited and why.
    • Using your Stone Gaze does not give you any type of Defense, so you will be killed if a killing role visits you. However, they will be Stoned as well.
  • The Necronomicon allows you to visit people and turn them to stone. Use this to kill enemy night immune roles like the Godfather, and other Neutral Killing roles.
  • The Coven Leader can force people to visit you, allowing you to kill reliably prior to obtaining the Necronomicon.
    • An added advantage to this is that the Coven Leader learns the role of the person they're sending to their doom, allowing a member of the Coven to use it as claim-space.
    • Remember, however, that you do not gain Defense when using your Stone Gaze, so they need to be careful to avoid directing potential killers to you.
  • Considering the fact you can Stone Gaze specific people with the Necronomicon an umlimited number of times, consider gazing the first three nights.
  • You can be role-blocked. This prevents your gaze from taking effect on the role-blocker, and anyone can safely kill you.
  • Your ability to visit once you have the Necronomicon can sometimes be used to frame other Townies as the Medusa; if everyone knows who someone is visiting on a particular night, stoning the visitor might make people think the person they visited was the Medusa.
  • You can ask for the Town Protective to visit you on day one (this usually doesn't attract killing roles), and you might kill the Town Investigative (like the Lookout) or the Town Support (like the Transporter). If you were jailed, claim you were Veteran baiting, that you're Retributionist, or that you're Mayor. Alternatively, you can just claim you didn't want to die night 1.
    • Using this strategy, it might also be good idea to claim Psychic on day 2 and give a fake result. Not only does it fit into your investigative result, it's also easy to fake and usually believed by the town. After this, you can ask for Town Protective roles to protect you the next night, at which point you will be able to kill them easily. Be cautious when using this strategy though, as smart townies might call you out for medusa baiting, especially if multiple people end up stoned the next night.
  • Claiming to be poisoned might lead some potential Doctors into you.
  • Do not ask the Potion Master to heal you if you are stone gazing as the Potion Master will die to your Stone Gaze.

Dealing With Medusas Edit

  • Dealing with the Medusa is very similar to dealing with a Veteran, but unlike the Veteran, the Medusa is a target to the Town as well. When someone is Stoned, look back to see who they might have visited; that person could be the Medusa.
  • Additionally, a Medium can determine who Stoned people visited.
  • However, it is important to remember that once the Medusa has the Necronomicon, they can visit offensively; after the Coven has the Necronomicon, you can't automatically conclude that the person a stoning victim visited was the Medusa unless you're certain the Necronomicon is held by someone else.
  • Remember that a Medusa only has 3 Stone Gazes, so if you have to investigate or kill them, you have a good chance of catching them unprotected after 2-3 nights.
  • Taunting yourself can be really helpful as killing roles may assume you are being attacked and not waste a night and it often attracts Town Protective. Doing this too much may lead people to believe you are evil, however.
  • If you get stoned before the Necronomicon is held by a player, don't leave the game. As long as you weren't controlled, there is a good chance the person you visited was a Medusa who Stone Gazed that night. It's recommended you taunt them during the Discussion phase so that you can give the Town a hint of who the Medusa is.

Trivia Edit

  • The Medusa is the only Coven role that can directly kill a Neutral Killing role other than the Hex Master.
  • Despite being a Coven member, the Medusa can still stone other Coven roles.
  • The Medusa is the only Coven role other than the Coven Leader guaranteed in Ranked.
  • If the Medusa is being dueled by the Pirate while having the Necronomicon, they can still choose to gaze, however there will be no effect.

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