A Rather Cool Username

aka Awesome Bunny Rabbit AKA ARCU

  • I live in An Alien Planet
  • I was born on December 25
  • I am Prefer not to say

Names I Use In Town of Salem!Edit

  • Random Town
  • Lynch Jesters
  • Pillow Face
  • Cool Person
  • Harry Potter
  • (Insert Number Here) is Mafia
  • Pencil Face
  • Mobile Player
  • Orange (For Fruit Theme)
  • Leodat Dawson
  • Petty Barris
  • Pamuel Sarris
  • First
  • Kitchen Table (Tribute to the person who made Town of Salem IRL 4)
  • Iron Man 
  • Thanos
  • Lynch One
  • Bad Mayo
  • Why
  • Pikachu

Achievements IRL!Edit

-Found TOS 5/4/2016

-Got A Piano Trophy

-Stood Up To Bullying-3/3/19

TOS Username:Edit

====CuteButDeadly (Make sure to friend me)  ====

Achievements-(In Game)

  1. Won once as Serial Killer with the help of a Witch and another fellow Serial Killer,that turned out to be my friend!
  2. Someone called me a hacker-(Is that even a achievement)
  3. Won as a Werewolf by tricking the town to believeing I was a Sheriff.
  4. Won as Solo Survior
  5. Met Skimm in game but I had to leave.
  6. Won as Solo Mafia in All Any!
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