• I live in Someplace, Somewhere
  • I was born on January 31
  • My occupation is Doing nothing with my life
  • I am a cat.

Summary of messages on this message wall (totally not stolen from Rasen, nope).

  1. Automated welcome message from someone on the wiki I've never interacted with elsewhere.
  2. A good almost two years later, Yami finds me in the pregame lobby and exposes me for all the world to see.
  3. DIEZOMBIES begs me to review his role (Magician NC) and we have some Throne of Lies roleplay for some reason.
  4. Truly inspirational discussion about the answer to the mathematical equation 1+1.
  5. NapstabookInfinity asking why I have a GD pfp and the replies turning into a GD discussion.
  6. TheInterestedDoge verbally assaults me.
  7. Eggythe9000th brings up a medical concern about a male individual, and I offer some sound advice. Then he brings up a confectionery made by his mother. I ponder this for the rest of my ToS Wiki career.
  8. Thread Retributionist proves that he is a stalker and I do not call the police for some reason.
  9. Eggythe9000th tries desperately to get the ninth entry on my message wall greeting with a meme question that's as funny as a Ugandan Knuckles meme in 2019.
  10. Good tenth message, a 1K edit congratulations from our good friend Eggy! :3
  11. Vietnam flashbacks to when I broke Potion Master's page.
  12. Pointless Thread Ret post BEGONE
  13. It's everyone's favorite doggo back again asking me what my favorite meme is. Discussion is stirred in my mind. I answer.
  14. Pointless Thread Ret post BEGONE.
  15. Eggy nominated me for TOTM :O
  16. Spy is bad but not as bad as TID's vision.
  17. Eggy shares his birthday that is on his profile. Okay. Thanks. This calendar is coming along nicely, got the majority of people's birthdays and not sure who else I need. TID doesn't get presents >:(
  18. Jdnow asks about shiptoasts. I don't meddle with such commoner trash.
  19. Beef about birthday calendars starts wit Rubik.
  20. 1,234 edits is incoming. This is 1,233. I wonder what 1,234 will be..
  21. This roleplay is going too far, but I like it.
  22. Reality has been long gone at this point.
  23. Mockery
  24. Oh look, a YouTube video I can't view on my school-owned Chromebook because it's blocked! Gonna forget to watch it for weeks now.
  25. I am appalled that TID waited so long to ask me how to spell fruit, so I decline his survey.
  26. Eggy tries to nominate me for ToTM again but I am too self-pitying to allow it.
  27. Ragequitting
  28. am embarass about win rate 3:
  29. What is Eggy rambling about today? Even I don't know!
  30. TID has nice flair. Sadly the left emoji seems to not want to load on my compooter.
  31. Penove is a liar and a thief.
  32. Dang.
  33. The result of me forcibly making ARCU say hi to me.
  34. I have a sim now...?
  35. Dang 2: Electric Boogaloo
  36. Thanks for the compliments on the summary I totally didn't deserve :)
  37. Unfortunately, Jdnow wanted to start a Dang 3, but I was too busy not checking the wiki to continue it.
  38. ARCU's attempt to check up on me. It worked.
  39. I-- wha-- huh?
  40. We back.
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