aka Jdxtreme

  • I live in A plains biome
  • I was born on August 24
  • My occupation is Professional Crafter/Miner, admin for the DRRP wiki, and B-Crat/Founder for the Kingdom Succession Wiki.
  • I am Male
  • Bio Say bye to your kneecaps if you do the stupid jdd thing. Btw, I'm the founder and currently sole administrator for the Kingdom Succession Wiki.
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Challenge no great

Can take down

The best of the best

Two realms

Few mentions

But outcast both travelers

And trouble stirs

people banned from my wallEdit

  • themayor123-spamming-banned forever
  • any inb4/ooga sock-ban evasion-banned forever
  • any slantyslayer sock-ban evasion-banned forever
  • Thread ret-spamming-banned forever

stuff banned from my wallEdit

  • spam
  • calling me an alt of saxtremegaming
  • DRRP wiki plugs(you are more than welcome to do that on the drrp wiki. not here.)

message historyEdit

  1. autowelcome
  2. jamie points out that it was sax who vandalized my wall. i thanked him.
  3. sax makes a shitpost. it starts getting called a vet bait. i close it because it spams my notifications.
  4. sax makes a spampost
  5. rasen makes a spampost
  6. sax tells me the amount of alts he has. i warn him with a little something.
  7. eggy pranks me. i close the message.
  8. eggy calls me out for breaking game rules. funny that i used to do that.
  9. sax makes a ToTM ad. i close it
  10. sax makes another ToTM ad. i warn him and ban ToTM vote ads on my wall
  11. doge posts a weird thing i’ll never find out. mayor later revives it
  12. doge relays a message to me from sax. i still don’t know what it’s supposed to be.
  13. mayor does his thing
  14. mayor tells me that a few days old isnt a revive. only jumps in and says that it’s frowned upon to post something that hasn’t recived a post in 5 days at least.
  15. mayor says he’s gonna try to hack into my account. he never succeeded.
  16. eggy asks me if i want a sprite cranberry. i of course want it. he still have yet to give it.
  17. thread ret comments on the fact that the picture on my profile shows his accomplishment more than mine. i somewhat agree.
  18. doge asks me why i’m still a new editor
  19. mainly same as the last one. but foxy asks it. and zed says that i need 5 article edits to remove it.
  20. sax asks why i was active at that time
  21. eggy compliments my PFP. thx eggy!
  22. betima gives me a diamond sword. i have since hung that sword right here on my wall. Since the snapshot, it's been upgraded to Netherite.
  23. eggy calls me sax’s alt. which i hate
  24. eggy posts a survey
  25. sax calls me out for being active so early one day. i tell him to suffer the cuteness of the pokémon sword/shield starters. i tell him that there was a pokémon direct that day at 9 where i am. gob says that i live in an altered reality. i remind him that time zones exist.
  26. enlay posts about a thread he made.
  27. eggy makes a spampost. i blow up the truck
  28. doge asks me what my favorite meme is. i said idk.
  29. eggy calls me sax’s alt yet again
  30. eggy says that the word poop on his last message was in base64
  31. osonic calls me sax’s alt. jokes on him. he vandalized my profile and got banned.
  32. hypno asks me how to ban someone. you’re asking the wrong guy when you have the wrong permissions.
  33. sax posts a link to FNaFVR:HW.
  34. asew asks me when my birthday is(spoiler alet, it’s august 24th)
  35. asew posts a survey
  36. eggy tells me to calm down in the yami cap rp. i apologize. enlay later revives this
  37. sax tells me to quote something
  38. tid asks me to spell a simple word-fruit
  39. enlay comments on the fact that i have eggy banned. idk why
  40. enlay invites me to another one of his threads
  41. enlay says the reason he made #39 is because he hates eggy
  42. betima posts an earrape
  43. eggy reminds me not to make fun of banned users (i called enlay's opinion of eggy(a very mean person that deserves harrasment) trash by posting a gif of a savage yami riku ghost) rubrik backs him
  44. sax wants to know my winrate
  45. enlay stuff
  46. eggy asks me to remove weird chain shit-DA RETURN. i give him a nope
  47. TID gives me a sandwich. i ate it
  48. eggy asks me to stop farming edits and repeats #46.
  49. TID spam. CLOSE! BEGONE!
  50. eggy asks me my main in smash. its mii swordfighter with the 1-1-1-1 setup. eggy yells at me for double posting, even though i made a valid bump. i asked zed if the bump was valid to confirm, and sure enough, it was. it later turns into a conversation about smash
  51. a rather cool username says hi
  53. i am fully convinced that a rather cool username is gonna become a spammer
  54. bojavan requests me to make a sim version of him in sims 4. and he also asks me to go buy sims 4 pets if i dont have it. i have sims 3 pets. close enough.
  55. penove posts a kirby video
  56. penove wants me to make him a sim. ok, dedede CC time?
  57. enlay posts an invite
  58. ok enlay. you've made your point
  59. eggy, we are not opposite gender young adult sims. neither do we have a 100% love meter with each other. so dont ask if you wanna woohoo.
  60. enlay the thief
  61. Archer has it coming for him..............
  62. 3k? nah. rubik says im sondz's alt. but the problem is that sondz is a donkey. excuse me wtf rubik?
  63. doge, that was a brilliant shitpost.
  64. its my birthday
  65. eggy's a silly goose
  66. sime... why?
  67. another ad from enlay
  68. betima comits jddddd
  69. im active on drrp and disc enlay.
  70. Anon, i don't know who you are, i don't know what you want, but i will find you, and yeet you.
  71. what message #71?
  72. sax needs some help
  73. eggy comited jdd, he ded
  74. i need a pfp for november and december 
  75. flair mockup
  76. rasen must explode
  77. rasen big horse
  78. rasen is confoosed
  79. bye enlay!
  80. eggy what
  81. bobija screeching. what?
  82. Bova, no. that's not it.
  83. Prince Andor thought I didn't know about SCP. Likely because of that contract that bova was given
  84. Denrii what
  85. between Jd, Jdxtreme, and Jdnow, i don't have a personal prefrence of what you call me. just makesure ther's only one d in there.
  86. Gotem
  87. Bruh. Just use discord. It prevents the problem of threadpeaking
  88. so discord widget no workee
  89. Thread ret pretending to be mayor
  90. Thread ret again.
  92. another thread ret shitpost
  93. Thread ret again.
  94. this is your last warning thread ret
  95. yet another thread ret shitpost
  96. coven ranked? sign me up!
  97. what

ill send you to the nether if you call me JDnow or JD. and i personally will come for you if you do that stupid jddddddddddddd meme.

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