aka GodOfEverything

  • I live in Hell
  • I was born on May 21
  • My occupation is ToS Expert
  • I am A God


Welcome to my wall, where a lot of things can apparently happen. Feel free to post whatever you want but there's a few rules:

1) No memes: Alright I'll loosen up a bit with this one since Ugandan Knuckles is dead.

2) No Spamming: Unless you are me. (Who said this was a democracy?)

3) No Posting Links To Random Websites: Links are allowed but restricted to wikia. You may use download links.

4) No Controversial/Political Info: This is not a place to state random politics shit that no one cares about. Strictly not allowed unless you're me.

5) No talking in all caps or usage of several consecutive exclamation marks.

People banned from my wall:


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