The Mobile Version of Town of Salem was released on October 14th at 15:25 pm CDT time. It features new icons for all roles in-game, a new GUI style, and a new bundle called Mobile Premium. This version is also called the Unity Port for ToS.

The Mobile Version is cross-platform, meaning that it can be played with PC and Steam players along with fellow Mobile players. This is unlike the old Mobile app, which had a server dedicated only to itself.

Known Bugs and Problems Edit

Ranked was previously closed but has been reopened for the time being.

Playing a Ranked Practice game to its full will still count, but a visual glitch prevents this from counting up on mobile. On a browser or steam, it shows up.

A bug/glitch in the system's files allowed players to add more than 6 of any non-unique role in Custom. This means that, in Custom, you can have a list that has over 7 Serial Killers, despite the standard limit being 6.

Players are currently having an issue where they cannot buy Coven on mobile, but developers are working on it.

There are still many quality and sprite issues, but developers are working on them.

There are still many UI problems where you would be able to “do” things that aren’t supposed to be normally done (controlling a dead person as Witch, but the action won’t register).

Many players are also experiencing many connectivity issues where the game would automatically kick you out of the game, or the game wouldn’t display a “disconnected” sign and would appear as if the game had stopped functioning.

Mobile Premium  Edit


The Phone-ix pet.

The Mobile Premium bundle rewards you with 2000 Town Points, the Phone-ix pet, removal of third-party ads, and the ability to buy Coven through mobile (if you haven’t bought it yet). It costs $5.00, and by including Coven another $5.00, totalling up to $10.00 to play Coven on mobile, the same price of Web Premium.

Images Edit


Full list of ToS mobile icons.

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