The Necronomicon is an ability enhancer that is given to members of the Coven at the start of  of Night 3. The Coven Leader will always receive the Necronomicon first if one exists in the game. Other members of the Coven will receive it if the Coven Leader dies. (The order of transition is Coven Leader, Necromancer, Hex Master, Potion Master, Medusa, Poisoner [but as of now this order is unconfirmed]. The order does not follow by who joined the lobby first [also unconfirmed].)

Members of the Coven holding the Necronomicon will gain Detection Immunity from the Sheriff.
Necronomicon Pet 3

The Necronomicon as a pet.

Effects Edit

Role Effect
Coven Leader The Coven Leader now has Basic defense and deals a Basic attack to their first target.
Hex Master

The Hex Master will now deal a Basic attack to each future hexed target, and hexes are now Astral. Hexes will still be placed on immune targets as without the Necronomicon.

Poisoner The Poisoner's poison can no longer be cured by a Doctor or Potion Master (A Guardian Angel's purge will still register as stopping poison).
Necromancer The Necromancer can now indirectly deal a Basic attack to their second target by selecting themself as their first target. They still maintain their normal ability.
Potion Master The Potion Master's potions no longer have a cooldown, which means they can be used every night.
Medusa The Medusa can now directly visit a player to turn them to stone instead of attacking anyone who visits them. They also now have unlimited Stone Gazes.

Trivia Edit

  • The Coven used to receive the Necronomicon on Night 4, but this was moved to Night 3 to balance the game properly.