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RoleIcon CovenLeader Circled.png This page describes content that can only be accessed in the Coven Expansion.

The Necronomicon is an ability enhancer that is given to members of the Coven at the start of Night 3. The Coven Leader will always receive the Necronomicon first if there is a Coven Leader in the game. A Medusa will not receive the Necronomicon unless they are the only Coven member alive. Other members of the Coven will receive it if the Coven Leader dies. The Necronomicon is given to the other Coven members in a select order. An Amnesiac who remembered the Coven Leader role will receive the Necronomicon once the current wielder dies.

The icon that displays next to the Necronomicon holder in the player list

The purpose of the Necronomicon is to give the one holding it the ability to kill every Night. Some Necronomicon kills are given to support roles that otherwise rely on outside roles or situations to kill, for instance giving the Necromancer ghouls to use or giving the Coven Leader a killing ability.

The Necronomicon is similar to the Mafia's promotion mechanics. However, the Necronomicon's purpose is to be a boost to the Coven, granting the holder the ability to kill every Night, but the purpose of promotion mechanics in the Mafia is to ensure that the Mafia can still kill. The Necronomicon also does not change a Coven member's role, meaning that the Coven will keep their existing abilities with the Necronomicon while a Random Mafia member will lose their existing abilities upon becoming a Mafioso.

The member of the Coven holding the Necronomicon will gain Detection Immunity, meaning they will appear as "seems innocent" to a Sheriff instead of "suspicious".

The Necronomicon as a pet.


Role Effect
Coven Leader
RoleIcon CovenLeader.png
The Coven Leader now has Basic Defense and deals a Basic Attack to their first target.
Hex Master
RoleIcon HexMaster.png

The Hex Master now deals an Astral Basic Attack to each future Hexed target. Targets with defense will still be Hexed.

RoleIcon Poisoner.png
The Poisoner's Poison can no longer be cured by a Doctor or Potion Master. A Guardian Angel, however, will still purge Poison.
RoleIcon Necromancer.png
The Necromancer can now indirectly deal a Basic Attack to their second target by selecting themselves as the first target.
Potion Master
RoleIcon PotionMaster.png
The Potion Master's potions no longer have a cooldown, which means they can be used every Night.
RoleIcon Medusa.png
The Medusa can now directly visit a player to turn them to stone instead of attacking anyone who visits them.


  • The Coven used to receive the Necronomicon on Night 4, but this was moved to Night 3 to balance the game properly.
  • The Necronomicon can be bought as a special pet in the store.