Neutral Benign is the group of people in the Town who are capable of winning with anyone. Because of this, they can become kingmakers on the right occasion - for example, when both factions know each other's identities but need an extra vote to lynch any of their opponents.

Neutral Benign roles often face a lot of persecution from the Town because it is easy for evil roles to fake being one of them. Instances of a Survivor or once in a while an Amnesiac being shot by a Vigilante, executed by a Jailor, or lynched by the Town are common due to posing somewhat of a threat. 

A Neutral Benign role should remind the Town that these hostile actions do have an opportunity cost, however minor; that the wasted execution method could have been saved for an actual evil-doer, that the Town had just wasted their time. If any Neutral Benign role manages to survive halfway through, they should be careful of how they act and who they vote for, because if you seem dangerous, hostile or seem to not side with a certain faction to either the Town or Mafia, as well as any Neutral Killing roles, they will likely kill you out of fear.

Remember to never say who you plan on winning with if you are playing as a Neutral Benign, because if you lock-in on one faction, opposing roles will most likely have no problem with killing you. Neutral Benign roles are often pressurized by a larger faction to side with them. Neutral Benign roles should also be very careful when they state who they want to support out loud, as other opposing existing factions might come and kill you out of pure fear and hatred almost instantly after. However, a Neutral Benign role such as Guardian Angel might be left alone since they can win and try to complete their goal even from the grave. Plus, they don't affect factions majorly and the roles, such as Guardian Angels, are hard to get rid of completely.

Below is a list of all Neutral Benign roles:

Neutral BenignEdit

Role Name Role Description


Remember who you were by selecting a graveyard role. You can not select anyone who was cleaned by a Janitor, turned to stone by a Medusa, or is a unique Town role. Complete that role's objective to win. If you are attacked on the same night you remember, you still die as an Amnesiac no matter what role you attempted to remember yourself as.
Survivor Put on a bulletproof vest at night. You have four vests, each one giving you Basic Defense. Survive the whole game to win, even through a draw.
Guardian Angel Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

Keep your target alive for the whole game to win. You can protect your target twice the entire game, giving them temporary Powerful Defense. You can still protect your target even if you are dead. Protecting your target prevents them from being lynched the next day.

Protecting your target purges them, removing any negative effects such as douses or hexes.

If your target is killed at night, you will become a Survivor with no vests. If this happens, you must survive to win.

Trivia Edit

  • The Amnesiac is the only Neutral role without a Victory message. This is because an Amnesiac must win as their remembered role, not as themselves.
  • If an Amnesiac remembers any role on a night that they are attacked, they will fail to remember the role and die. This means that they will lose the game, as they did not remember a role. Because of this, it's important to remember a role fast before the Amnesiac dies.

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