The Neutral Chaos is a selective group of people within the Town that have a main goal: cause chaos. Each role has separate goals that vary on their mission, and every one of them can be a major threat to all factions. Vampires, for instance, can easily spread undetected and wipe out the Coven or Mafia and diminish the Town with their own majority. However, Neutral Killing is their main rival due to them being immune to anything from a Vampire. Pirates have their own goals. Wanting to plunder players, they can cause easy conflict being able to block their targets from using their actions, while at the same time being able to kill them easily with a simple structure. Even after completing their goal, they can easily kill other foes who may pose a threat to them, while staying completely benign on which faction they choose overall.

However, one role stands out: the Plaguebearer. The Plaguebearer's ability is to infect others and withstand Basic attacks. Their goal is to infect the entire town and evolve to their other form, which is Pestilence. In this form, the player can attack anyone they choose with a rampage ability. The immunity to all forms of attack surely means terror to all. However, those with the ability to protect their simple targets can ward off the Pestilence for hopefully long enough to determine their identity and bring them down with the only option the Town has: lynching. The noose is one thing all evils, especially the most chaotic ones, all fear.

With the exception of Plaguebearer and Pestilence, Neutral Chaos roles are able to win with Town, since Pirate wins regardless as long as they got 2 plunders and Vampires can convert townies and win with them, so its always a good idea to weigh your options, a Neutral Chaos is always a powerful ally and a terrifying enemy.

Role Name Role Description

Convert others to Vampires at night. If you bite any member of the Mafia that isn't the Godfather or any member of the Coven besides the Coven Leader with the Necronomicon (Immune roles), they will die and you will be able to bite again the next night. You must wait one night after a successful conversion to bite again. Win by killing or converting all Town members, Mafia, Coven, Neutral Killing roles, and the Plaguebearer/Pestilence.

There can only be 4 vampires maximum. If the Vampires bite while they have 4 members, they will deal a Basic attack to their target regardless of who they are.

Pirate Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

Choose a player to plunder each night, role-blocking them at the start. You will be given three options to attack with, while your target gets to choose between three defensive options. If you successfully plunder your target, you will deal a Powerful Attack to them. Failing to plunder a Serial Killer or a Werewolf on a Full Moon night will force either one to kill you instead. Win by plundering 2 players.

Plaguebearer Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

You may choose to infect a player with the plague each night. You have Basic Defense. The plague spreads by visiting other people; if one player catches it, they can pass it on to others. Once all players are infected, you will become the Pestilence. Win by transforming into Pestilence and then satisfying Pestilence's win condition.

Pestilence Exclusive to the Coven expansion only.

You may choose to rampage at a player's house each night. You have a Powerful Attack and an Invincible Defense. You will kill all visitors to yourself, and you can not be roleblocked or controlled. You can only die by lynching or committing suicide. Win by killing all Town members, Mafia, Coven, Neutral Killing roles, and Vampires.

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