Eye of newt? Pah! Newts weren’t even that common around here. People always saw witches as women with pointy hats riding broomsticks, stirring the most outlandish of ingredients into their fabled cauldrons. But those were all fairytales. A true witch could make miracles out of anything.

From a young age, the bartender of the local pub had a penchant for mixing things. Whether it be milk and berries to make a smoothie, or cyanide and bait to make rat poison, she could make just about anything. As she progressed in age, more and more people came to try her concoctions. Even in her small town riddled with crime, she found solace in mixing the best beverages she could for her clients. But it wasn’t enough.

She was bored. People knew her, yes, and she was well-paid, but… it didn’t satisfy her. She knew she could do better than this. Eventually, she decided to mix more… interesting things. One such mixture was a salve, a special lotion that could heal almost any wound. It proved its merit when a maniac had stabbed the local doctor. Lathering it on the wounds, she watched as his frail body restored its cells and gave him breath.

Another was a truth serum of sorts – it flooded the consumer with the urge to spill their secrets. Whether it be an embarrassing moment or a heinous crime, they simply couldn’t resist telling the bartender exactly who they were. Although… “bartender” wasn’t enough to describe this girl anymore. She was much, much more now.

The last of her “special” drinks was even more special than the others. Instead of making her targets talk, she could silence them forever. That boy who’d bullied her as a child? They found him dead in his bed, an empty vial in his hand. The teacher she hated all her life? Slumped over his desk, a strange green fluid staining his shirt.

She wasn’t bored anymore.

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Mechanics Edit

  • The Potion Master can select between three potions to use at night: a healing potion, a revealing potion, and an attacking potion. Each of the potions has a three-day cool-down.
    • The healing potion will heal your target. The healing will be identical to a Doctor's; it provides Powerful defense and cures poison. If your target is attacked on the night you heal them, they will receive the same notification as they would if they were attacked when a Doctor is healing them. You, however, won't receive a notification if they are attacked.
    • The revealing potion will tell you your target's exact role. You will receive the same investigative results as a Consigliere, Coven Leader, or Witch would.
    • The attacking potion will deal a Basic attack to your target.
  • With the Necronomicon, the cool-downs for the potions are removed.
  • You can heal fellow Coven members, but you cannot heal yourself. You cannot choose to use an investigate or attack potion on your fellow Coven members or yourself.
  • A Potion Master can cure poison, but when they do it will have the message "You were attacked but someone nursed you back to health!" to the target INSTEAD of "You were cured of poison!" This may be a bug, however be careful if you are trying to act confirmed as a smart townie could call you out.

Strategy Edit

  • Normally, it is better to use a revealing potion instead of a healing or killing potion at the beginning of the game. Doing so can give you vital information about your enemies and keeps the fact that there is a Potion Master in the game a secret (like all other Coven roles, the rest of the Town will know exactly what role someone died to). It also makes you slightly better informed when you use your killing potion the next night, along with giving you time to locate any Town Protectives that may take you down if you attack someone. Along with this, it makes less room for mistakes in your decisions. 
  • When you have the Necronomicon, it might be a good idea to use a revealing potion two nights in a row, and then use a killing potion on the third night. This way, the rest of the Town will not know that you have the Necronomicon, which could make the Town panic that another Coven role has it instead, and start focusing on finding another Coven role. 
  • Use your killing potions in compliment with your revealing potions. This allows you to take out high priority targets like a Sheriff or the Mafioso.
  • Your healing potion is a powerful weapon to negate the attacks of Town Protectives. Cooperating with other Coven roles is essential before you heal them. The other Coven members may decide to attack a specific target, knowing you would back them up with a Powerful defense. This is more useful when the attacking Coven member targets someone with Town Protectives on their side. If possible, you can work with another Coven member to "confirm" yourself as a role such as the Doctor
  • When choosing who to heal, focus on whatever Coven member you think is most likely to be attacked. If you're unsure who will be attacked, you should protect whoever is most valuable - a Poisoner is important in the early game, the Necromancer is valuable if they have corpses worth using, while a Hex Master who has almost everyone hexed can be vital to protecting to ensure they live until their hex goes off. The Medusa and Coven Leader can protect themselves, and thus are generally a lower priority.
    • On that note, unless you feel like you think your team can carry the rest of the game, do not heal a Medusa. Their Stone Gaze will still kill you.
      • This is only useful if you want to deliberately sell yourself out as not a Coven member, and is generally not worth it, considering your role is not revealed to the Town, and your team loses a member.
  • If you inherit the Necronomicon, use the revealing potion on others to find their exact role, and paste their investigative results into chat (after claiming to be the Investigator) to attempt to lynch them. Be careful, because lynching a Townie could result in you losing your credibility. Gain the help of others by assisting roles such as Survivor or Guardian Angel, as this will be a major help towards the end of the game. Once everybody believes you are the Investigator, start killing off the non-Coven (preferably the Mafia first) until you win.
    • In addition to that, a smart Spy will notice the correlation between your "findings" and the Coven's visits, outing you and confirming themselves in the process, so a strategy is to change the order of your results.  For example, if you found someone as a member of the Mafia night 1, you can put this as your results for a later night; however, a Lookout watching you will see that your Last Will does not correlate to your visits.
  • You are essentially a mix of the Doctor, the Consigliere, and the Mafioso. Refer to these roles' specific pages for strategies you could adopt into your own strategy.
  • Do not claim Doctor if there is a Poisoner. You would be expected to heal their victim each night, and you would be discovered when you can't heal every target.
    • Claiming Doctor with the Necronomicon is plausible, but will be a waste of both the Potion Master and the Poisoner as the Potion Master would only be able to heal the Poisoner's attacks.
      • A way around this is to have one of your team claim Poisoned and pretend to heal them while instead attacking a Townie. However, you could be outed by a Spy or Lookout who will see no visitors.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Public Test Realm, Potion Master was a part of the scrapped Coven Support alignment, and the only role described as such.
  • There used to be a bug that could generate two Potion Masters when selecting roles from the Any alignment, happening most often in Coven All Any.
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