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RoleIcon CovenLeader Circled.png This page describes content that can only be accessed in the Coven Expansion.

She opens her eyes, gleaming with a faint orange glow of the candle, and uncovers a deck of cards securely hidden within the folds of her robe. A deep breath, and she shuffles them with a vague sense of expertise, or rather, a sense of total familiarity. Memories of her dying mother passing on both the set and the authority to undertake the mystical career alone, would forever echo in her head as she prepares to do the job she was solely trained for.

The Psychic murmurs a short prayer, and brushes the cards face-down in a line. Facing down, her gaze lies upon them, all embellished with a crimson arabesque design, each representing a specific villager residing in Salem. The Red Tarots were the manifestations of the negative traits living within each of the townsfolk. With her fingers carefully resting above the cards, she picks three, the energy of which burned strongest at the present hour. Flipping the trio over, she studies carefully their contents, and proceeds to infer the possible individual, or individuals, blackened with a heart of darkness.

Ares, the God of War. It represented the trigger-happy Veteran, post-traumatic from his distant battles. The Judge of Power. It was a card representing their highest-ranking official, the Mayor. A swift aura of complete realization empowered her, yet she was now forced to comprehend the risks she needed to take. Gripping the last tarot of Hellfire in her hand, to accuse someone in their Town was to put herself to the possibility of being called a fraud, or even death. But to die, she concluded, has to happen to someone, if they ever wished for justice to prevail in their village. (credit)


  • On odd-numbered Nights, you will get three names, at least one of which is evil. On even-numbered Nights, you will get two names, at least one of which is good.
  • If you are jailed or roleblocked, you will not receive a vision.
  • If you are controlled by a Coven Leader, they will receive a vision you would have otherwise received.
Psychic Result Possible Roles
Appears as 'good' in visions All Townies (including the Town Traitor)
Neutral Benign
Appears as 'evil' in visions All members of the Mafia
All members of the Coven
Neutral Killing
Neutral Chaos
Neutral Evil


  • Reveal early on and ask for a Crusader on you. Often a Crusader will do as asked if they are smart, and you can easily start helping the Town rat out suspicious people.
  • Generally, the Psychic relies on the whole Town to be useful. Having fellow Town Investigative roles can help the Psychic even further by gaining information about the roles that are potentially evil.
  • Writing confirmed Townies in your Last Will may seem like a good idea, but remember that when your Last Will is revealed, it potentially makes them a target for killers.
  • Calling someone out as evil early on is generally not a good idea. One, you could end up guessing wrong and getting an innocent Townie lynched. Two, people could think you are an Executioner and ignore you. Three, a Psychic is a high-priority target for the Mafia so you will likely be dead within a few Nights.
    • However, if it is Night 3, a person has appeared twice, and one or two other people on those two visions have died, it is likely they are evil. Call them out, or whisper it to a confirmed Townie.
    • If there is a Medusa, the Town will often not believe a late Psychic claim, so you may want to claim Day 1 or 2, especially if there are other Psychic claims.
  • Narrow down your pool of suspects. Two of the given potential evil roles may be good, and their death may confirm their innocence.
  • If you receive an evil vision and find one of the players to be evil, the remaining two players are still more likely than average to be evil. This is because the player that was found to be evil could have been evil by coincidence, and was not the player referred to as the evil one out of the three. The same thing applies with good visions.
    • When receiving a vision on the first Night, there is a 27% chance of only one of the players being evil, a 54% chance of two of the players being evil, and a 19% chance of all of them being evil.
  • If the Town has no information that confirms a player as an evil role, consider voting those that appear on the odd Night vision. You are not compelled to lynch them, but forcing them to claim is a very effective strategy.  
  • A Jester will appear as evil in your vision. This means that you should be warier when deciding which people in your odd Night vision should be lynched.

Playing against Psychics[]

  • Since a Psychic claim is easy to fake, claiming Lookout or Tracker and saying that the Psychic visited them is a potential way to get rid of a trustworthy Townie.
    • If a Psychic claim has themselves in a vision, they are likely a Jester faking it or another evil role.
    • As a Disguiser, you can ask a Lookout to watch you while you disguise yourself as the Psychic. Any Lookouts watching you will see the "Psychic" visiting you and will proceed to call out the Psychic without needing to accuse them yourself.
  • Simply pointing out that the Psychic could be Medusa can have them lynched. This works better if an actual Medusa Stoned someone previously.
  • As a Consort, you can take away most of the Psychic's effectiveness by role-blocking them on odd-numbered Nights.


  • If you are the among the last 3 players in a game alive on an odd Night, you will receive a message saying "The town is too small to accurately find an evildoer!"
    • You'll also get this message when the last evil remaining is the Town Traitor.
  • If no other Townies or Neutral Benigns are alive, you will receive a message, "The town is too evil to find anyone good!" on an even Night.
  • Ongoing bug that allows Psychic to see a controlled message twice.


  • 3.2.5
    • Psychic now receives evil visions on odd-numbered Nights and good visions on even-numbered Nights.
  • 3.2.3
    • Fixed Psychic description in game and lobby.
  • 3.2.0
    • Fixed Psychic description in lobby.
    • The Psychic's role icon has been changed. Old one was Achievement Psychic.png.
    • Added Psychic's circled role icon (RoleIcon Psychic Circled.png).
    • Witch is no longer in visions.
    • Introduced.