The Public Test Realm is an area that players use to test out any new mechanics before they are added to the actual game by BlankMediaGames. It uses an old version of your account updated to whatever is included in the PTR, so you may see some scrolls that have already been used or points already spent. The realm functions exactly like the regular game, however, the player count is low and finding games is harder. However, you are able to test out any new mechanic that may be added to the game by BMG without restriction. When the Public Test Realm is closed off from the public, creating a failed connection or other message, it means that BlankMediaGames is currently working on changes that don't need to be interfered with.

Is it currently possible to access the PTR, and where can I find it?

Currently, the PTR is open! You can see current new features that are planned to be added. The link to the PTR can be found here:


Do items and Points collected from the PTR transfer over to the regular game?

  • No. Nothing bought or spent, collected, or used will not transfer over to the original game. This includes any scrolls purchased, achievements earned, or leaderboard statistics.

Where will I be able to find players to test out any new roles or strategies at?

  • The main area would be Custom Mode, as in that area the roles subject to change can be accessed and tested. In other areas, players are scarce, so filling up a lobby might take a considerable amount of time.

Why can't I enter the PTR?

  • This is because it is currently closed off from the public for BlankMediaGames to work on fixing bugs or adding new additions privately.
  • Your connection may be offline or taking a while to load.
  • If your account is new, the PTR might not recognize the account. The staff will sync the live version to the PTR version, but this takes a fair amount of time to do and as a result is not done often.

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