As darkness falls, a young boy walks home hand-in-hand with his mother. The Medium gently tucks her son in to bed. The boy drifts off to sleep. The only noises heard that night were a knock at the door and a faint scream.

Awakening the next day, the innocent child stares in anguish at the body of the woman who raised and loved him. As tears fall from his face, he calls out, hoping to wake up from this nightmare. Receiving no relief to this pain, the weeping boy staggers into the town square to share the horrific news. Returning home that night, the broken boy collapses onto his bed. Falling asleep, the boy looks up at the stars and wishes and prays to be with his mother again.

As the sun rises on Salem the next day, a young boy walks into town hand-in-hand with his mother.

Mechanics Edit

  • The Retributionist is a unique role; there can never be more than one in a match. It also means that an Amnesiac cannot remember the Retributionist.

Reviving a target Edit

  • You can revive a Townie during the night phase. The restrictions are:
    • Your target has to be a Townie.
    • Your target has not left the game. Other forms of Suicide do not restrict you.
    • Your target has died before the current night, e.g. was lynched this day or died the previous night.
    • They were not cleaned by a Janitor.
    • They were not stoned by Medusa.
  • Your target will be resurrected even if you are killed the same night.
  • You will not use your resurrection if a Witch forces you to visit any target.
  • If you select to revive a Townie who has not left the game and has not been cleaned by a Janitor, and that person is not brought back to life the next day, then you can assume that they are a Disguiser, since a Disguiser who has disguised as a Town role cannot be brought back to life. The Retributionist will see an option to revive the Disguiser, but the Disguiser will receive no notification about someone attempting to revive him. The Retributionist will receive no notification about the revival failing, but should be able to notice that the target wasn't revived. The Retributionist will not lose their resurrection.

After reviving your target Edit

  • All players will see a message when your target has been revived.
    • All players who have their sound effect settings on will hear the noise of revival during morning death announcements.
  • Your target will be revived in the same state before they died:
    • If your target was doused by an Arsonist, they will no longer be doused. (Bug)
    • If your target was hexed by a Hex Master, they will remain hexed.
    • If they had used an ability before their death, they do not refresh their abilities, such as if a Jailor had executed a Townie, they are not able to execute again.


  • Overall, the Retributionist's role comes down to figuring out when to revive and who to revive. If you revive someone too early, you might miss reviving a more important role like Jailor later on; however, if you revive too late, the Town might already be screwed and they won't be able to do anything. Waiting too long may also run the risk of getting killed without reviving anyone, which makes the Retributionist a high-risk high-reward role.
  • Try to avoid revealing your role before you've revived someone. A Consort or Witch can prevent you from reviving; given your abilities' high impact, revealing makes you very likely to get role blocked and killed the next night.
  • You could try and bait evils to visit you the night you revive someone; which can waste a kill by the evildoers. However, you might still want to stay alive, because having any confirmed Town is useful.
  • However, if there are no Consorts or Witches, it may be beneficial to state your role as the Retributionist the night before you revive someone. This will stop Townies such as Jailors and Escorts from stopping you to revive an important Town role and stop said role from leaving the game. This is crucial if the Town is going to lose if this role is not revived. However, if you do not revive someone the night you claim you are a Retributionist, the Town may think you are lying and may lynch you the next day. If you do resurrect said person, this ensures that the Town will not waste precious nights investigating, role blocking, jailing, or any other crucial action on you. Then, you will have two confirmed Townies, therefore increasing your chances of winning.
  • One decent strategy is to claim to be a Survivor early in the game. This can at least buy you some time to avoid being killed at night by evil roles, which allows you an opportunity to resurrect someone important. However, the down side is that you may be busted by an Investigator who will probably call you out for being a Janitor, shot by a Vigilante who suspects you're evil, transported into danger by a Transporter, or lynched by a Town that refuses to accept your late revelation as the Retributionist. Be careful as this this strategy cannot be used in any of the Normal gamemodes.
  • Since your role is unique, it usually isn't difficult to confirm immediately after performing a revival (if anyone has doubts, just ask if anyone is willing to contest your claim; a real Retributionist who has already used their revival has no reason not to do so.)
  • You can reveal yourself to the Town by whispering to your resurrection target immediately when the day starts. Other players will not expect your target to be revived and therefore cannot whisper earlier than you (except if you are a very slow typer, in which case you could start the message in the text box at night "/w (player name) I revived you" and send it once it reaches day. Once night ends, before the screen turns to day, you can whisper). Even if you get targeted, it won't harm the Town much since you already used your resurrection; and most of the time, the evils are more likely to target the person you revived (who most likely has a useful ability) over you.
  • Resurrecting someone has several benefits that aren't immediately obvious. The revived character will be a confirmed Townie, so they can immediately relay any important information from the dead with no chance of being disbelieved; provided the Medium had revealed themselves to them, they can also unambiguously confirm the actual Medium, a role that is otherwise sometimes difficult to confirm. The newly revived person can also announce any roles cleaned by a Janitor. You will also be confirmed as well if you immediately whisper the player, resulting in a total of 2 players confirmed.
  • Remember that whoever you revive, they'll be able to bring back information from the dead in a confirmed manner; therefore, if a Lookout dies on the night when they witnessed a killing, or if an Escort or Jailor dies to the Serial Killer, it can be useful to revive someone immediately to learn what they saw.
  • Once you have revived someone and confirmed yourself, you can act like a Mayor, aggressively asking people for role claims and lynching those who do not claim. This increases the chance of you getting killed, which wastes a kill on you since you have no night ability. Even if you don't get attacked, you can still do this and lynch suspicious role claims.

Who to ReviveEdit

  • It's important to revive someone before you die; generally speaking, you should revive anyone who seems like they might be even slightly useful as soon as possible, since the benefit of confirming a Town and setting back the Mafia for a night is worth more than the risk of waiting a bit for a better role that might not die before you do. This is especially true in All Any, where the better role you're waiting for might not even exist.
  • Keep track of the size of the Mafia, and try to be aware of when the Town is at risk of losing its majority. If you think that it's likely to happen, you need to revive someone immediately, regardless of their role. Reviving also has the benefit of immediately producing two confirmed Town roles (both you and the person you revived); depending on the situation, this can produce a confirmed Townie voting block large enough to simply go down the list and lynch everyone who isn't confirmed faster than the Mafia can kill you.
  • The Jailor, as the most powerful Town role, is considered by many players to be the obvious choice if available. If they can identify the Mafia Killing role, they can stall the Mafia indefinitely or even wrap up the game entirely on their own through executions; but if they can't, remember that they will die quickly unless there's a Bodyguard to protect them. Given their power, reviving a Jailor is usually an obvious enough choice that you can expect to come under suspicion if you reveal as a Retributionist when there's a dead Jailor you hadn't revived.
  • If the Town appears to be outnumbered, revive the Mayor! While the Mayor will almost certainly die the next night, if the correct person was lynched then you significantly increase the Town's chance of victory. Also, a Town Protective or a Transporter will protect the Mayor if either one is alive.
  • Transporters are a good choice in general and especially in the late game, since they can protect themselves and are more powerful when most roles are known.
  • Reviving a dead Town Protective can work, since they can use their item that grants them Night Immunity the night after they are revived to avoid being killed if they have not used it yet. Additionally, a confirmed Bodyguard or Doctor can bring you close to a powerful Bodyguard/Doctor or Doctor/Doctor pairing. However, unlike a Transporter, they cannot protect themselves indefinitely.
  • Resurrecting a Veteran can be useful if you feel that the Town has no Town Protective roles alive, since they are capable of protecting themselves and can therefore serve as a confirmed Townie which evils will be reluctant to attack. Only do this near the end of the game and if they died early, so they'll likely have alerts left and can force surviving evil roles into dangerous guessing games in the last few nights. Unfortunately, this will force the Veteran also into the guessing game, and unlike most evil roles, you don't get unlimited shots.
  • Escorts, although seemingly not that powerful, can be great to revive if you think you know who the Arsonist or Godfather is, as they can both confirm for the Town who is evil and stop Townies from dying at night. If there appears to be no Medium and the Escort has role blocked the Serial Killer or Werewolf (but did not leave a Last Will as to who they had role blocked/couldn't edit their Last Will in time) it might be a smart idea to revive them to get the Serial Killer/Werewolf lynched. Even if they had not actually role blocked the Serial Killer they can still say whether they had role blocked them or they killed the Escort directly.
  • Resurrect a Vigilante only if the Town is fairly certain of an evil role. That way, they will be useful before they most likely die that night.Be careful since resurrecting a Vigilante is dangerous if there is a Witch, because the Witch can control them to kill Townies, potentially costing both the Vigilante and Town lives.
  • Generally speaking, Town Investigative roles are worth a bit less, because they both can't protect themselves and are unlikely to make a big difference late in the game (when most roles are known); the Spy, Medium, Investigator, or Sheriff are roles you might consider delaying on unless there's an immediate need. Reviving an Investigator or Sheriff early on can make a bit more sense, especially if you think there's a Town Protective capable of covering them. If an Investigator or Sheriff's Last Will was forged, or if their Last Will says they were investigating someone important on the night they died, you might want to revive them, since they will bring back useful information.
  • Likewise, if a Lookout's Last Will says that they were watching someone who was killed on the night they died, it might be worth bringing them back (although you could also bring back anyone else and hope that the Lookout told them who the killer was). It would also be useful to bring back a Lookout if there is a revealed Mayor and there is a Doctor, as you could start a chain of the doctor reviving the Lookout and the Lookout watching the Mayor, which could ensure that the Mayor does not get attacked and that the Lookout would not die.
  • If the Town doubts your Retributionist claim, revive someone immediately if you can, regardless of their role to prove your innocence. This is especially true if there is a Janitor, as the Town may accuse you of being the Janitor.

Trivia Edit

  • If you attempt to resurrect a Townie who had just left the game, you will receive a message stating you are unable to.
  • If you are killed, you will still see the numbers and names of any dead Townies on the names list.
  • A somewhat popular theme is to announce the "Retributionist Curse" if a Retributionist is killed on the first night.
  • Although it may have been fixed, if you can revive a cleaned or stoned target report it with a screenshot here.
  • There was a bug where a Vampire Hunter could not be revived as the game stated it was a unique role, despite it not being a unique role.
  • Retributionist is getting changed in an update soon. 

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