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A handful of Scrolls

Scrolls are items in the game that can be obtained or purchased, which give players a 10x higher chance of getting a certain role. They do not increase the odds of a role appearing in a match, but rather the odds of the player receiving that role if the game does decide that the scroll's role will be included. The scroll will disappear if you receive the role on the scroll if you used it. If you didn't get said role, you can use the scroll again. Scrolls may be used in all game modes except for Ranked. This is to ensure that no one can obtain any possible advantage.


The Role Selection Wheel

In a game of 15 players, the wheel animation which appears before the start of the game will cycle through all possible roles in the given role list, which may be up to 35 (most often seen in Ranked Practice/Ranked), and in the Coven Expansion, there may be up to 49. The system randomly decides which roles will appear from the given role list. The wheel will show you the probability of receiving a role if that role is in the role list generated by the system.

In a game of 15 players, everyone usually has a chance of 1/15 (7%) of receiving a specific role, as displayed by the wheel. If someone is using a scroll for a certain role which is possible in the role list, that player will have "10x odds". That means they will have a 10/24 (42%) chance of receiving that role, while everyone else will have a 1/24 (4.2%) chance. If two people are using the same scroll, they will both have a 10/33 (30%) chance of receiving that role, while everyone else will have a 1/33 (3%) chance. More people that use the same scroll will keep decreasing the odds of others getting it, but they will have a less chance of getting it themselves due to more people equipping the scroll.

If a certain role has a lower chance for you to roll it, that is an indication of other players' scrolls. This percentage may also change if there are fewer players in the game. The percentage would be much higher due to fewer people, and it increases your odds of said role. 


The player may only hold up to 30 of each scroll at a time (with the exception of buying in-game bundles that can cause the numbers to go over the max). Scrolls may also be obtained by using real-life currency to purchase an in-game bundle which often include 3 of every scroll. These bundles only appear once per day.

The Scroll Shop

  • Enter the Customization Options menu.
  • On the right side of the screen, click on the scroll icon which has a green cross on it.
  • In the new menu that pops up, you may select up to 3 scrolls to equip.
  • Lastly, select the "Equip" button to officially equip the

    The Equipping Scroll menu

  • If you receive the role from an equipped scroll, the scroll will vanish. Otherwise, you will keep the scroll for as long as it takes for you to use it unless you decide to unequip that scroll. If you have more than one scroll and you receive the role, only one will vanish and all remaining scrolls will stay equipped.

Lesser Scrolls

Lesser scrolls are scrolls that were rewarded to beta testers and Kickstarter backers (although some may be found in promotional bundles). They give a player a slightly higher chance of getting the desired role, as opposed to regular scrolls giving the player a much higher chance. Lesser Scrolls give players a x2 chance, compared to regular scrolls which give a x10 chance. They can be equipped like any other scrolls but aren't as potent. Like regular scrolls, lesser scrolls cannot be stacked.

Kickstarter History

The concept of Scrolls was first mentioned on the Steam/Mobile Kickstarter as a stretch goal for the project if the funding exceeded $45,000. The Scroll system was officially confirmed on October 18th, 2014, when the Kickstarter ended and the goal was met. All Kickstarter backers have received a code to receive 25 of each role's scroll. They will continue to receive scrolls for newer roles that will come out.

Backers may redeem their code by entering the shop, selecting the "Redeem Code" button, and submitting their code.


  • As of now, it takes exactly 300,000 Town Points to purchase all 30 of every Scroll without Merit Points. It sums up to approximately $1,154 USD based on the currency's root value (260 Town Points equals $1 USD).