Town of Salem Wiki

Town of Salem is a game that requires both strategy and communication between both players and factions, so there are many different techniques players can use to help them win the game. Below are some tips and tricks that are helpful to use, and a guide on how to catch other players in their lies. These include late game strategies, outsmarting, acting, and a guideline on how to play as specific roles.

Writing a Last Will

The Last Will is one of the most informational aspects of the game other than the Death Note. The ability to record every action with no way to disprove it, especially if it's a Townie who had the Last Will, can be a major game changer. However, newer users may not recognize or even use the Last Will due to it not having much effect early game or seemlingly much use. Many players seem to ignore a Townie's Last Will, even if important information was given. There is no correct way to write a Last Will, but a similar tactic is used, going like this:

(Role / Name+Role)

Optional overall, as name and role is revealed on death. A Janitor doesn't affect this.

N1: Targeted John Hathorne
N2: Targeted Deodat Lawson
N3: Targeted Giles Corey

Note that it is also possible to refer to player numbers (1-15) instead of full names. This usually happens when the names are too long or cause ambiguity. Some players think this is lazy and a sign of being scum, though.

Information from results on each Night is put down. The space below the nights recorded is usually fed with information on other topics or results/thoughts. Some roles don't have Night abilities, so they may set up their Last Will to keep track of claims, Random Town members, or all of the player's roles. An example of this would be the Mayor, who does not have a Night ability and only has the one option to reveal, which isn't necessary for a Last Will as it is announced to everyone. In a classic Ranked game, their Last Will may look like this:

John Proctor the Mayor
TI - John Hathorne - Spy
TI - ?
TP - Ann Hibbins - Bodyguard
TS - Me - Mayor
TK- ?
RT1 - Deodat Lawson - Escort
RT2 - ?
RT3 - ?

Suspicious people: Giles Corey, Cotton Mather, Edward Bishop

Some players may think that it is useless to keep track of every single Night as a Vigilante or Veteran, as you can only use your Night ability 3 times. In that case, a Vigilante's Last Will may look like this:

B1 - 3 n2
B2 - 6 n3, immune
B3 -

(The 'B' stands for 'Bullet', but one can replace the B with whatever they like.)

The Veteran also might write a will like this:

Mary Eastey Veteran
A= Alert
A1: n1 (3x vis, 1x attacked)

Roles with larger/more results

A few roles, such as noticeably the Spy and Investigator, can have a large chunk of information. Throwing the results together can be mashed up and hard to read, but the Spy can have their bug ability results on one side and visits on the other. However, it takes more space. They may separate their information like this:

Bugged [Name]:
Mafia/Coven visits [Also put as MV or CV]:

These are able to work well considering only two spaces and not entire sides are taken. The Investigator can keep information as the normal Last Will way, but sometimes results with 4 or more can block a lot of space. Abbreviations may be used (such as Sher/Exe/WW/Poi or Vig/Vet/Maf/Amb/Pir). In Classic, the three results usually can be fit onto one line.

Late Game Strategies

In the last few nights of the game, some normal tactics don't work. To win, players need to think differently. Usually, this is when there are about 6 players left.


  • When there are only a few people left, priorities change. Normally, hanging the Serial Killer is a good move. However, with only a few people, it could lose the game for the Town. If there are 3 members of the Mafia left, the Mafia will beat the Town as they have the majority. In this situation, the Town needs to try to hang the Mafia or hope the Serial Killer will kill the Mafia for them. However, this circumstance is ideal for the Serial Killer.
  • Roles have different powers late in the game, too. An Investigator is more helpful late in the game as there are less remaining roles which cause investigation results to be more precise. Additionally, during late game, an Escort can role block the Godfather indefinitely, force a tie, and provide undeniable proof who is in the Mafia. At the beginning of the game, though, the Escort can only role block people and most likely get killed by the Serial Killer.
    • The Framer generally can't do much in the late game. Usually, the Investigator and Sheriff are dead and framing won't affect anyone. It's better to do nothing, especially in the case of a possible Veteran going on alert, but remember, you could have a chance of becoming a Mafioso if the last Mafia Killing role is killed. 
  • Usually, when there are three people left, everyone knows what roles are left. If the game isn't over, there is usually a Townie, a member of the Mafia, and a Neutral left. As a member of the Mafia, it's almost always a bad move in situations such as this to hang the Townie. If the Townie dies and a Serial Killer is left, the Mafia automatically loses via the Stalemate Detector. If you are Serial Killer, hanging anyone will work, except if the Townie is a Veteran or a Jailor. If the Townie can't kill in this situation, the Townie usually gets to decide who wins.
  • When there's a Jester in late game and there's doubt as to who the Jester is, it may be good to claim to be a Jester if you are Town and ask, "Who is the last Townie?" If the Jester catches on, he will claim to be the last Townie and get hanged. This can sometimes kill a Godfather or a Serial Killer and allow the remaining Townies to win.
  • It's also important not to give up when the possibility of winning exists. Even if the Mafia have to attack the Serial Killer and the Serial Killer has to attack the Godfather on the same Night, it's still worth holding out.


  • Depending on the role list, there's usually a lot more doubt about each player's role, or even if that role is in the game. This generally makes stalling the best tactic. If you need to, using arguments such as: "There is an Any slot," can stall enough time. Generally, stalling works in the Mafia's favor, especially when they have more than one player alive. Acting like a Jester can be more effective as well, although custom players generally know the game better. A lousy acting job will not work well.
  • When there's an Arsonist in the late game, it's important to remember when he ignited someone. If they haven't ignited recently, then they are threat number one. Several people could be doused, and they could win the next Night. If they have ignited recently, they can't kill anyone for 2 nights, and they can only kill one person. It's more important to take down the Serial Killer, or the Mafia if there's more than one. The Mafia would want to kill important Town roles such as the Vigilante, Jailor or Veteran.
  • The Transporter can really take advantage of mind-games in this mode. They can transport any member of the Mafia/Serial Killer/Arsonist to attack who they want if they can predict them. They can also even reveal their existence and choose to transport themselves with another target. If that target is a well-known immune role, the Transporter is in a strong position. The only reason to attack the immune role is to predict the Transporter's mind games. Otherwise, the attacking player forgot the target was immune and made a bad decision that turned out to be lucky.
    • To combat the Transporter, it's best to ignore their mind games completely. Attack targets that they do not acknowledge, or even better, hang them. If the Mafia has majority if there's an active Transporter, it's safer not to attack at all or have the Ambusher ambush them since they do not attack other Mafia members. The Mafia Killing attacking other members of the Mafia because of a Transporter can cost them the game.
  • If there is more than one Doctor and you somehow find out who each of them are, you can create a combination that can make all confirmed Doctors immune at Night. All you have to do is decide who is healing who. However, this can take lots of communication. For example, A, B, and C are Doctors: A will heal B, B will heal C, and C will heal A.
  • Witches become a lot more valuable late game, especially if the evils are taking over the Town. The Witch can publicly claim and choose a side, reducing the chances that they will be killed at Night. Be careful of this, though, if you choose one evil faction over the other, the opposing evil faction may decide to kill you because you are of no use to them.

All Any

  • In All Any, almost nobody is 100% sure what everyone's roles are. Ridiculous things like 5 Mediums are possible, so almost any claim can work. It's important to know what people think about different claims. An Investigator claim will seem unlikely if the player hasn't talked much during the game. A Medium or Sheriff claim can seem unlikely, as many evil roles claim to be these roles. Due to the suspicious investigative result of Bodyguard, Godfather, or Arsonist, claiming to be a Bodyguard may also be seen with a grain of salt and lead to the lynching of the player, especially if there happens to be an active Arsonist.
    • Claiming to be a Jester is a mixed issue. Some people might say, "A Jester would never claim to be a Jester themselves!" and then hang you. Conversely, it will scare some people. It's more effective to act like you want to get lynched but never actually say, "I want to get lynched!" or, "I'm a Jester." Provide a role, but mix a mistake in your explanation such as, "I'm a Vigilante. I shot someone Night 1.", "I'm Medium. I spoke to the dead Night 1." Generally making various people angry works too; however, it has to be done in such a way that people hang you, but not think you are a Jester. Make sure you are not so rude as to be reported.
  • One of the most crucial aspects of late game in All Any is establishing how many members of the Mafia are alive. The only way the Town can know this for sure is if a Spy manages to see all members of the Mafia visit someone on the same Night and shares this information with the Townies. In the lack of a possible Spy, the Mafia is free to use deception and confuse the Townies about the Mafia. If there's one Godfather and no other Mafia roles, write a Death Note laughing at the amount of Mafia, and vice versa. However, if all but one Mafia have died by the start of a late game, it's sometimes beneficial to lay low and withhold from attacking for a few nights. That may trick Townies into thinking all the Mafia are gone and focusing their efforts on other evil factions. Sometimes, just one extra Night is enough, especially if you established yourself as a trustworthy Townie before for example, a Consort masking as an Escort or a Consigliere masking as an Investigator). This also works if a Forger forges Mafia deaths.
    • The Town, in turn, should always expect the worst and never trust rumors saying there is no Mafia. As a matter of fact, players who want the Town to believe the Mafia is gone are usually a part of the Mafia themselves. In general, the Mafia should always take advantage of the idea that they usually have an overwhelming majority. It can cause people to give up prematurely. This is of course unless 4 Mafia members are dead.
  • Two Town Support roles become much more viable in a late game: the Transporter and the Escort. The Transporter is able to make the Mafia kill themselves through swapping targets, and an Escort can indefinitely role block a Mafia Killing role to prevent deaths. Due to their increased importance, there are certain tactics and tricks to give one side an advantage.
    • With an active Transporter, the Mafia may take a Night or two to observe the situation and figure out the Transporter's patterns. Most Transporters either save their own skin or guard an important Town role such as the Mayor or the Jailor. Not knowing who the members of the Mafia are, they often choose random people as their secondary targets. After observing, the Mafia may accurately predict who the next Transporter targets will be. This is especially important in an equally balanced situation (3x3 or 2x2) where one wrong guess may lead to the Town losing.
    • As for Escorts, they usually don't have any way of confirming whether their target is a Mafia Killing role, or if the Mafia hit an immune/didn't attack at all. If that happens, the Mafia would be wise to fool the Escort. If an unimportant member of the Mafia (for example, a Framer) was role blocked and the Mafia happened not to kill that Night, abstain from killing the next Night. This will make Escorts think they found a Mafia Killing role. Be careful with this, though, because if the old Mafia Killing dies, then your unimportant member could be promoted and be role blocked every Night, The same thing applies if the Escort role blocked a Townie. In an equally balanced situation, (see above) this can be the deciding factor, otherwise, you may end up with a draw as the Mafia wouldn't be able to kill or lynch anyone.
    • When playing against someone who claims or is acting like a Jester, it might actually be a good idea to lynch them if the Jailor or Vigilante are unable to deal with them. Sometimes the person claiming Jester will actually be an evil role.

Outsmarting Roles

There are several different strategies that can be used to try and outsmart certain roles in the Town of Salem. Below are several strategies for outsmarting some roles:


  • Sometimes, Godfathers will pretend to be successful or unsuccessful Executioner in order to explain their Night Immunity. For this reason, it's important to kill anyone who seems like an Executioner. However, this is not very common, and it mostly depends on the situation. You should mostly just try to prove that Executioner wrong, before lynching them or their "target".


  • If an Amnesiac is jailed and needs to claim a role, they will need to remember their role as a Town and will be forced to help the Townies. If they remember that they are a member of the Mafia (or any Neutral Killing), their identity would be revealed immediately and would likely be executed by the Jailor. However, remember that there can be more than one Amnesiac, so a different Amnesiac may have remembered that evil role.


  • Because an Arsonist can douse anyone without them knowing, they are able to lie and claim doused when an Investigator calls them out, but upon igniting, the Town will instantly know who the Arsonist is.


  • Having them reveal their target is a profit since an Executioner's target is always a Townie unless they were converted to a Vampire


  • A Jester often gives false information to win the game, so do not trust what they say (for example: revealing they're a Jailor after all Town Killing roles were revealed).


  • If Mayor reveals themselves, Bodyguards, Lookouts or the Jailor will try to protect them, so be careful. However, a revealed Mayor cannot be protected by a Doctor. Keep that in mind, and don't try to kill a Doctor when there is a revealed Mayor in-game. 
  • If Mayor reveals themselves, they cannot be whispered to, and therefore is vulnerable.

Serial Killer



"Acting" as a certain player can have several advantages.

Acting like a newbie:

  • This is a great strategy for survival, especially if you are a Townie. Act like a player who is new to the game. For even better results, act like a bad Jester or Executioner. To make yourself look more convincing, give yourself the default avatar, home, and name. If all goes well, the Mafia will ignore you, since you won't be harmful to them, and the Neutral Killing roles will likely do the same. The only downside is, of course, the Town. If a Vigilante or Jailor decides to kill you, you severely hurt the Town's chances to win, possibly causing irreparable damage. Note that this is unlikely to work in Ranked, as you must have played several games to be in Ranked.
  • If you are evil, and you seem new, it might help you if you try to mislynch a player or make a "mistake", using the fact that you're "obviously new". For example, seeming clueless at what's going on and ignoring all the important details that could be used against you and distracting the Town.

Acting annoying:

  • Act very loud and annoying - but not too annoying, or someone will kill you at Night. The Mafia tends to target players who are smarter or players who have been going undercover, so if you do the opposite, you will hopefully be left alone. Make sure you do not spam or harass others, as it is breaking the rules and can get you reported.

Acting AFK

  • Say early on that you are going to be AFK for some reason, and then stay silent for the rest of the game, or possibly pretend to be back later. This works particularly well when you are an Arsonist, as you can douse and people will think it isn't you. This strategy fails, however, if there is a Lookout. Also, if you are jailed then you will certainly be executed for not claiming a role.

Town Roles: Strategies


  • It can be beneficial to simply not role block as an Escort, because chances are high that you will be role blocking members of the Town. Only role blocking people who are highly suspicious is a good way to make sure you don't accidentally hinder members of the Town. However, some evil roles pose as an Escort and miss out on some nights roleblocking. It might be better as a real Escort to roleblock to confirm yourself, and to make sure your activity doesn't look suspicious.


  • Revealing as Mayor is a risky move because it makes you unable to be healed by the Doctor and you can't be whispered to. A good strategy with Mayor is to pretend to be a regular Townie, usually, one that can provide no harm to the Mafia and killing roles, so they avoid you. Reveal only when you need to, and if you are forced to reveal by the Town, then make sure to maximize the time you have left before someone decides to kill you. If there is a known Bodyguard in game, it will most likely be safer for you to reveal. Some people choose to reveal Day one, just to confirm themselves earlier to lead the Town if they are confident in their capabilities.
  • You may pretend to be a Jester. The evil killing roles want to focus and eliminate the roles which are threats. If you are voted to go on trial, you may then reveal yourself as the Mayor. This strategy is risky though, as there is potential for a Vigilante or Jailor to execute you, which would damage the Town's chances of winning.


  • Scum Reading and the Numbers Game- Scum reading is very important when playing as the Vigilante, considering that you don't want to shoot a member of the Town and kill yourself. But at the same time, you don't want to be completely useless. It is often beneficial to shoot people not based off of any negative evidence, but because of scum reading and playing the Scum Reading and the Numbers Game.
  • You can safely shoot anyone who says 'lynch me' or anything similar. Townies would never do this unless they are throwing the game.

Mafia Roles: Strategies


  • Most people when they have the role, Blackmailer, most of the time they blackmail a random person. When they do this they might accidentally blackmail a Witch and definitely reveal that there's a Blackmailer. If you want to claim Spy, do not blackmail someone unless you are sure that he or she is a treat to Mafia. Keep a Spy will and don't blackmail someone without a reason. Try not to reveal that there's a Blackmailer in the game, people will stop whispering.


  • If you investigate someone and they come up as Coven or an evil Neutral role, don't automatically claim they're evil. Instead, pretend to be an Investigator and post an accurate result of the player you investigated that the Investigator would have. Watch for Spies if you do not have a Disguiser however.


  • It can be beneficial to simply not claim Escort as Consort if you plan on role blocking confirmed members of the Town. Since an actual Escort would be role blocking people who are highly suspicious, role blocking Town members like a Jailor will raise suspicion against you if you claim Escort.
  • If you suspect the Mafia's next target is a Bodyguard or Doctor using their self protections, role blocking them will prevent them from using their self protections and ensure they die to Mafia.


  • If you are playing in Classic All-Any, there's a good way to confuse Town as a Disguiser. By disguising your fellow Mafia as a confirmed Town that is not Veteran every Night, Town might think they are just another Townie. If a Sheriff saw you as "suspicious", either because you didn't disguise yourself or you disguised as another role that shows up as "suspicious", you can claim that you were Framed by a Framer. If you are trying this strategy, try not to blow your cover.
  • If by luck, an Investigator has investigated you or another Mafia member while disguised, do not panic. Months after the mobile release, the developers of the game changed Investigator. Disguises will manipulate Investigator's results. If they have mistaken you or another Mafia member as a Townie, claim the Town role/tell the Mafia member in whispers to claim the Town role that's on their result and fool the rest of the Town to think that you are/another Mafia member is also a Townie.


  • It is sometimes recommended to not forge Night 1 to check for Spies who can discredit your forgeries. If you plan on forging Night 1, have a Disguiser disguise you or the killing Mafia to prevent a Spy from calling out your forgery.
  • A player who has left the game is a prime target for you, as you have more freedom in what role you can forge someone as (e.g Godfather, Executioner).


  • A good strategy as the Godfather is to copy the Death Note of the Mafioso and vice versa. This way, if the Mafioso is role blocked or jailed, no one will know that the person role blocked or jailed is the Mafioso because the Death Note will still be the same.
  • Claiming to be an Executioner that has won the game and will side with the Town is an effective strategy, but most people will kill Executioners anyway. Be careful while doing this.


  • Most people claim Medium when they are Janitor, but half of the time they get caught. If you are trying to claim Medium as Janitor (or any Evil role), every Night but Night 1, say "Hi dead" (or something similar), it might make your teammate confused, but it will lower your suspicious as Janitor after you clean someone, especially if you are jailed by the Jailor.


  • Remember to always select a target (preferably the Godfather's target if there's an active Janitor/Forger) to ensure the Mafia still kills someone if the Godfather is role blocked.

Neutral Roles: Strategies


  • One of the best strategies with Amnesiac is to not remember a role until a faction appears to be clearly winning. This way you can be sure that you are making the right choice when you remember a role. However, if you can remember Survivor, do that and announce your role the next Day. It will highly decrease the chances of you being attacked.
  • Tell the Town and Jailor which role you will choose to prove yourself as an Amnesiac. However, this may get you killed by other killing roles.
  • Not remembering a role will NEVER win the game for you, so if you feel as if you are going to die the next Night or in the near future, it is a good idea to just remember a role to the faction you think will win. A small chance at victory is better than no chance at all. 


  • Remember that you win with anyone, so if a Consigliere/Potion Master finds you, it is not necessarily a bad idea to help the Mafia/Coven find other evil players or even Town members.
  • Most people who are Survivor likes to claim on Day 1, but most of the time they get attacked at Night 1. If you want to save up your vests or get the Not Afraid Survivor achievement, the best way just stay quiet for the first two Days to avoid attention. If you're on trial, tell the town to let an Investigator investigate you to confirm that you are an Survivor.
  • When you side with any evil roles, you get lynched. If you want to reveal yourself to avoid any Werewolf, Arsonist, Poisoner, or any attack from other roles that your vest cannot protect, just don't vote. Whenever someone is on trial, say "I'm a Survivor, I am not going to vote" or something similar, people will know that you have not decided to side with anyone yet.
  • In All Any Coven game mode, it's best to claim Guardian Angel Day 1. No one will be willing to kill you unless they are rude.
    • This strategy will not work if an Investigator visits you, you will be likely suspected as Medusa (players often doesn't visit anyone who talks on Day 1 because it could be a Veteran baiting). If someone disconnects the game on Day 1 or Night 1, it's a good idea to tell everyone that your target left altering claiming Guardian Angel in early Day 2 so everyone could see.


  • It is a good idea to tell people you're a Jester because they'll think you're a member of the Mafia or other evil roles trying to get away with telling them you're a Jester, but watch out for Vigilante who might shoot you.
  • Don't talk, it will raise your suspicion as Arsonist or any evil roles that are trying to stay hidden. Watch out for any killing role, they might attack you randomly or they think you are just an evil who's against them. When you're on trial, if you stay quiet for the entire time they might actually think you are A.F.K. When this happens, say something that almost all evils do when they went too quiet, "Oh sorry. I was A.F.K., what happened while I was gone?", "Why me?" or something similar because no one will come back at the right time when you are about to be lynched.
  • If you are able to survive until late game, do not claim unless you are on trial or someone asks you for a claim. Claim one of the suspicious roles such as Medium, there's a very low chance that the rest of the players that are alive will believe you to be a Medium.


  • It might always be a good idea to claim Sheriff on Day 2 and out your target. If you are going to claim Sheriff, wait until a few Days later, and state your target shows up suspicious while you have a fake will with a handful of confirmed Town roles in the early nights (before the Day the Town claim was confirmed).
    • It will also be helpful to claim Sheriff if there's a Sheriff claiming someone shows up suspicious, frame the same target as them. However, this plan will backfire if the other Sheriff claim is another Executioner or a Jester framing someone.
  • If you are attacked, it's likely that you will be suspected as a Neutral Killing. A skilled player wouldn't lynch a Neutral Killing early in the game since Neutral Killing also kill Town roles to lower the number of players, Vampires will be different since they want to convert Townies, but they don't have Death Note to tell Town you are immune to basic attack. If Mafia or Serial Killer didn't write a Death Note about you being immune, it might be a better idea to wait for you to become a Jester after your target dies and hope you will be lynched.
  • If a Witch/Coven Leader, Potion Master or Consigliere found you, work with them to lynch your target, Coven and Mafia always need extra votes to gain majority. For Witches, working with them this way can assist a Blackmailer in finding the Witch.


  • It is possible to abuse a Vigilante by making them shoot a Townie that has revealed themselves; this would help the Witch taking a step forward in winning.
  • If you know an Investigator, control them to keep your identity safe.
  • If you know a Godfather, make them kill other players of your choice. Of course, don't make them kill randomly, because your Mafioso teammate could run into the Veteran or Town Protectives. Even worse, the Godfather or Mafioso could kill their own members! However, if you know the Mafioso, they will still attack the Godfather's target, if there is one.
  • If you find a Doctor or Bodyguard make them protect you if you lost your barrier or if you still have your barrier protect another ally who is not Night immune like the Mafioso or Vampire.
  • If you want to claim a good role, never claim Lookout, claiming Lookout can raise your suspicion as Witch and you cannot predict who else visited your target's target. A good role to claim is Investigator, by claiming Investigator you will able to know your target's role, but do not write which Night you visited them, mix up your data with the nights to avoid anyone to think that you are a Witch. Another role to claim is Sheriff, by claiming Sheriff, you know who's suspicious and who isn't, mix up your data with nights too to avoid possible lynches. If an Investigator finds you, you can claim you were transported that Night, if a Sheriff finds you, you can claim that you might have been Framed by a Framer (since Witches appear as innocent), but if a Lookout finds you were controlling someone, there is no way you can avoid this.


  • Not dousing the first Night as an Arsonist is generally a bad idea; it generally wastes time. However, it is also possible to lay low and ignite at the end of the game, which can catch players off guard.
  • With the Arsonist, try to douse as many people as you possibly can before igniting. If a major role reveals, then don't douse them if there is still the possibility of a Lookout who might realize you're the Arsonist.

Serial Killer

  • With Serial Killer, you generally want to kill 1 person each Night. Not killing on any particular Night is basically just wasting a Night and this significantly lowers your chance of winning. There are exceptions to this, however.
    • If you are jailed by a Jailor, give a credible claim and evidence to back it up, use your cautious ability, and even use the strategy below if needed. If you decide to kill the Jailor who has jailed you, there is a significant risk that you'll be called out as the Serial Killer by anyone who visited you on the Night you were jailed, or by any Mediums. Since Spies cannot determine if you visited someone, you can claim to be attacked in jail, or claim that "the Serial Killer hit an immune".
  • A very risky strategy for Serial Killer is this: claim to be a Doctor, act like a regular townie, try to be as helpful as possible, do not kill anyone at all until there is 2 or 3 people left, and proceed to win the game. If you do decide to use this strategy, make sure that you tell everyone something like "since there are no Werewolf or Serial Killer kills, there must be an Arsonist in the game" to make sure that the suspicion that a Serial Killer might be in the game never occurs. In the late game, always pressure people into voting a random scapegoat with "we need to find the Arsonist, he might have us all doused already!" This strategy also depends on luck, as if you are investigated by a Sheriff, it's game over.


  • It might be a good idea to claim that you are the Pirate after you get your first plunder, especially if you killed an evil player. That way, the Town may be hesitant to lynch you since you win with everyone after you plunder twice.

Guardian Angel

  • If your target dies early and you didn't protect them at all, it may be a good idea to wait until the late game to mention that you've turned into a Survivor. If you claim that you've turned into a Survivor too early, people may become suspicious of you.
  • On the other hand, if there is an investigative role, players will realize you are telling the truth.

Coven Roles: Strategies

Coven Leader

  • You automatically gain the Necronomicon on Night 3, so if there is a Medusa in the game and you are controlling players into her gaze, you can still do this, as you can open claim space for you and the Coven, or kill more passive killers like an Arsonist or Plaguebearer.

Hex Master


  • Remember to only reanimate killing/protective roles if necessary, as your reanimated targets are one time use only.


  • If a certain player is likely going to die the next Night or in the near future, do not waste a poison on them. Poison someone who is not talkative or is a confirmed Townie.

Potion Master

  • You should generally use your reveal potion over your attacking potion to find roles and keep your role's existence a secret. Use your healing potion if you think one of your teammates are going to be attacked or you suspect there's a Bodyguard/Trap/Crusader on a certain target.