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The Summer Solstice Writing Event took place in June 2015 to find permanent backstories for the role pages on the Town of Salem Wiki.

Before the event, Town of Salem players would often come to the wiki and replace the current story with their own. Since there is no official backstory, these changes were made and reverted quite often. Eventually, the Custom Stories page was created to collect all role stories ever written for a role page, and to encourage new authors to put their new stories on that page instead. Eventually, the contest was held to find permanent backstories.

These stories are written by Town of Salem players, not professional authors. Therefore, they may be edited for spelling, grammar and sentence structure. To preserve the original story, adding lines to or removing parts from the story is not permitted. Editing sentences to severely change their content or replacing too many words is also not permitted.



1st Place- isrlygood 

The BodyGuard was struggling to make a living, and with the new dangers of a Serial Killer and the mafia and he being one of the few town members that have a gun he decided that he could make a quick buck or two protecting people, it would be a dangerous job... but it was better than starving. Now he was making a living on patrolling peoples homes for protection in exchange for money, it paid well and so far on every night he had in the past their was no need for protection, was a good deal for him at least. It was like every other night he had experienced, 1:00 AM, just standing at the side of the house, listening and watching for any strange occurrences, however, this night would be his last. He heard a fast and loud opening of the door and sound of running footsteps, the BodyGuard rushed into the house, pulled out his gun, yelled “Freeze!” at the Mafioso going into the target's room, the Mafioso turned around and shot the BodyGuard, the BodyGuard, falling, shot the mafioso three times, he felt truly happy at this time, despite the intense pain, he helped a fellow town member from the mafia, the BodyGuard stopped caring about the money and he did his services for free later as time went on, he liked the idea of helping the town, now he had finally completed his goal, he closed his eyes, with a smile.

2nd Place- InsaneSmile 

The Bodyguard shifted his cigarette from one corner of his mouth to the other and placed his kevlar vest over his undershirt. He was certainly going to need it tonight, he thought. He carefully set the smoldering cigarette in an ashtray as he strapped the vest tight. It had a few dents in it from previous close encounters. He tucked the cigarette back into the corner of his mouth and grabbed his white dress shirt and began to button it. "Gonna be one hell of a night," he chuckled to himself, "one for the record books for sure." He took an extended drag before grabbing his suit jacket. His mother always did say he looked good in pinstripe. But this was going to run smoothly, he told himself. His target and him had discussed the protection plan in depth. No way a single assailant could get him, and that's something the Bodyguard was willing to bet his life on. After checking his pistol he slide it into his jacket pocket. He picked the comb off his dresser and made some minor last minute adjustments to his balding hair. He placed it down and stared into the mirror. He could see his age finally catching up with him as his eyes drifted to his favorite thing on his dresser. He picked up the framed picture of his deceased wife and gave it a quick kiss before putting it back down. He extinguished the cigarette into the ashtray with one hand as he put on his sunglasses with the other. He grabbed the tacked-up picture of the Mayor and walked out of the door.

3rd Place- wrathfulweasel

Two years before… It was a wet and stormy night. Two members of the Mafia were huddled in a dark alley. The Godfather was jailed, while the other members were framing, distracting, and blackmailing. As the shivering Mafia in the alleyway attempted to discuss their plans, there was a CLICK! Then a BAM! The Janitor slid down the wall he was leaning against, unconscious. The blood mixed with the growing puddles of rainwater. There was then another distant BANG! of a gun, and suddenly, it was only the Mafioso, huddled in a dark corner of an alley. The next day, the Godfather showed up dead in front of his cottage, executed by the Jailor. It was only the Mafioso left, who was utterly horrified and wished to be forgiven for his sinister deeds. He was sentenced to jail for two years. Present Day... Released from jail, the Mafioso is now part of the town. Wishing to utilize his old skills, he became a Bodyguard and so every night, he would protect his fellow town members from death, at the risk of his own life.


1st Place- Kiyosen

With many years of training with surgical precision and bio-medical research as a combat medic, the Doctor is an innovative surgeon skilled in healing even the most traumatic of injuries in just a single night. When he retired into a humble life as Salem's local physician, the Mayor immediately accuses the Doctor for possible association with witchcraft due to his miraculous ability to heal himself in critical condition and banishes him out of fear that the Doctor is secretly planting a curse on the his patients. As he is forced into exile, he swore to never heal the Mayor for his corrupt accusations. Years later, rumors of murder in Salem were spreading and the Doctor now swears to come back to Salem and secretly check up on potential targets of murder, even if it costs him his life. However, he is aware of other rumors of an Arsonist incinerating people, which he cannot save because the fire would burn the victims' vital organs before he can heal them and that the flammable gas used cannot be washed off in any way.

2nd Place- Anonymous0726 

Most people would shy away from cutting open other humans to help them as a profession. But the Doctor does not. He was first drafted into the Vietnam War, but he was against killing. Although he was given an option to stay out of the war, he decided to offer his skills as a trauma doctor. He saw many kinds of terrible wounds, but he could heal just about all kinds. He had but one weakness—burn wounds. When the war was over, he went back to his hometown of Salem. When he learned that there were murderers on the loose, he decided to make secret house calls every night so that he can perhaps save some of his fellow town members. However, when the Arsonist shows his face, the Doctor realizes that he was still at a loss for the burn wounds he inflicted. And when the Mayor formally reveals himself, the Doctor refuses to help him for political reasons involving his support of the Vietnam War. But when he saves other town members from certain death, the entire town congratulates him on a job well done.

3rd Place- BonnieMcKee 

His first-aid kit dangled from his lanky fingers as he ran to his destination, the full moon beating down on his head. Time was of the essence. The town Doctor wasn’t prepared for what he saw inside of the broken-down grey house. He kicked open the door, exhausted from his healing duties. His father was a Serial Killer, but he had taken a different interest in knives. 

The house reeked of blood and…the Doctor sniffed. It smelled like dogs. He cautiously stepped further into the house, only to see a man splayed out on the floor. Layed out on a table next to the man were three tattered vests; three signs of a Survivor. The man looked around the room, confused and slightly scared. He set his kit down next to the twitching man, not daring to look at the almost-corpse; after he had gotten his tools out, though, he was forced to. 

The man’s torso and legs had been torn open by a Werewolf. He grabs the needle and string from his kit and swallows down bile, ready to sew together the remains of this death-fearing man. This was the Doctor’s job; he had to heal and then lurk in the shadows.


1st place- Moonbird

Red cloth slips off of the Escort’s shoulder as she tiptoes through the door. Her silk dress is but a blanket, wrapped around her body like a towel toga. Her bare feet sink in the cream carpet as she peers into his bedroom, windows with sills of glimmering gold, scarlet wallpaper encrusted with polished rubies, down mattresses bursting with feathers—a far cry from the crumbling brick orphanage she grew up in, where ivy crept up the foot of her bed as she slept on a tattered cot. A lone knife sits on his bedside table and a gun is mounted above his head; under it, a plaque proudly declaring 100-0-0. She scoffs and her plump lips upturn. All this wealth and pride, yet not a single penny for the poor who hunch over in their tents, the children wrapped in cold beached uniforms, those huddled around meager fires. Yet her scorn will be gone when he wakes, and he’ll find an angel blessed with high cheekbones and ginger hair that cascades down the center of her back. She stands there until he opens his top drawer with a single finger. A dollar slips over its wooden lip and, the remnants of her grudge melting away, she walks to his bed without a hint of apprehension. Tonight it’s a Godfather, tomorrow the uptight Mayor, the next the coarse Survivor—money speaks in this town of chaos and the Escort is all too willing to listen.

2nd place- BonnieMcKee 

Her high heels clicked on the pavement of Salem, her stride confident. A fur coat and fire-red lipstick gave her her trademark look. In the depths of the darkness stood a stranger, a deranged fellow with several stains of red on his shirt. She took caution, and reminded herself of the mace in her purse, then stepped forward. The sway of her hips and her alluring step didn’t get the attention of the lurking man, but she ventured further to tap on his shoulder. “A hundred for a night, Mister Lonelyhearts.” He did not turn to her, the streetlight somewhat illuminating his face; all she could see was a grin that looked like it could curl to his ears.

“It’s a good offer,” she says, trying to act coy; after working as an underling of the Mafia’s very own Godfather for several years, she was talented in the art of seduction. She had learned the ropes a long time ago when a previous Consort taught her; she decided to strip a little in the middle of that very street. 

The man soon turned to her, and the wanted poster that she saw earlier flashed through her brain. The psychopathic trademark grin and the stained clothing only led to one thing. Before she could put her skimpy top back on, the Serial Killer she tried to distract whirled and ended her life.


1st place- WCHpon3 

Working as an undercover genius underneath the sheriff, the investigator sets off on his quest to bring the mafia and the serial killer to justice. Hiding behind a voice filter, he searches the night for clues towards the end of the dark days, alone, just how he has always preferred.  However, it seems that his time was short lived, for he never had enough evidence to convict the doctor of being the serial killer. He had, that night, spied a large knife left all on its lonesome, on a worn wooden workbench. The janitor had cleaned up so many bodies that he had no idea if the serial killer was dead or not. Eventually, he went in with all guns blazing, putting his luck on the line, accusing the doctor of being a serial killer, to no avail. They lynched him, and the investigator was surprisingly quiet after that.


1st place- Eldresh 

The sun had set. People moved along the paths and roads of the nighttime streets. One figure, his hand moving to turn the doorknob and enter a house, found himself in handcuffs and hauled away under the cover of darkness. He would not be in his bed that night, nor out doing his duty. Instead he would find himself tossed into a small jail cell with stone walls and a barred window above a locked door. A voice comes through the bars, in a sovereign tone, "what is your role in this mess?" The figure, alone in the cell, sweats and looks from the cell door back up towards the bars. The voice sounds again, compelling and potent in its ultimatum, "claim your role or you will die."

Handcuffed and nervous, he calls out, "I'm the doctor! I was only trying to help someone."

It didn't work. He could hear the sound of a gun being taken out of its holster and cocked. The sovereign voice of The Jailor sounds again, "you know. I had a visit from the doc' yesterday. It wasn't you." The door opened. The pistol aimed. The cuffed figure never saw the light of day.

2nd place- Anonymous0726 

The day has just ended, and the night has just begun. A voice whispers to the man, “Come with me.” “Hey, let go of me. Who are you anyways?” “You are under arrest. I am the Jailor. You need not know me by name. I know who you are, but I must know what you are.” They talk throughout the night, and the person answers all of the questions straightforward. The Jailor, finding no fault in him, releases him the following morning. The following evening and night, the cycle repeats. But this person will not tell the Jailor what he is. The Jailor threatens to execute him, but the man refuses to comply. Somewhat reluctantly, the Jailor leads the man to his private chopping block, where he ties down the man. With one swift motion, he chops of the man’s head. In the morning, the town searches the man’s house and determines the man is a Serial Killer. The Jailor pats himself on the back, congratulating himself on a job well done.

3rd place- chitownmvp01 

After hearing news that the Mafia killed the other guard at the town jail, the other guard need to step up his game and use the jail wisely. He decided to name himself the “Jailor.” However, he needed the Mayor’s permission first. The Mayor agreed to allow him to be the “Jailor,” but he is only allowed to jail one person each night, can only execute up to three people in total and he will lose his executing privileges if a town member happens to be executed. In addition, the Jailor was not allowed to execute on the first night as the Mayor believed that a night one execution would be too risky in terms of executing a town member. The Jailor was excited to jail his first prisoner. He first asked for his role and the prisoner claimed doctor. He was not able to execute since it was night 1. The Jailor did not have a reason to execute his prisoner either. However, sadly, he found himself dead, and before he blacked out for good, he wrote down the name of the prisoner, what role he claimed, and that if I jail a Serial Killer and choose not to execute him, he attacks me. The entire town saw the Jailor’s last will the next morning and the Serial Killer was lynched that day.


1st place- Juuhazan 

He knew that virtually all of the Mafia scum and some of the out-of-town maniacs preferred to work in night's mask of darkness, so sure that their deeds would be unseen by the sleeping citizens of Salem. Fortunately for the hapless townies, the Lookout works the graveyard shift night after night, repeatedly attempting to catch them red-handed. A former night watchman, he decided that the best way to keep an eye on the criminals of Salem was to beat them at their own game, so he slips seamlessly into the environment, keeping a watchful eye on his slumbering neighbors for any unexpected visitors, all while keeping attention to himself as low as possible. And tonight, his diligence paid off: the next day, his target is found dead in the town square, the town beauty cruelly stabbed to death by the Serial Killer at large. Just as the town erupts into chaos as suspicion falls onto the Escort's last client, the Lookout silences them all before putting out his findings. With his leads, town moves to lynch the Escort's lone visitor despite denouncing the Lookout and vainly trying to defend himself. And as he draws his last breath, a bloodied dagger wrapped in a parchment fall out, defending his actions in a way only a psycho could. The Town breathes a collective sigh of relief, and the Lookout feels elated for just a moment before he slips back into his usual focused demeanor, and into the shadows.

2nd place- Aliria 

The Lookout stands by the wall of the recently revealed Mayor’s house, holding a cup to his ear. It may be silly looking, but it’s effective. Listening carefully, he hears talking. Not the sound of a fight, but it could still be suspicious. The door creaks open, and the young man flattens himself against the wall of the house, almost invisible. A young woman walks out, smiling. He recognizes her as the woman who claimed to be the Medium just that morning. What could the Medium be doing with the Mayor? She must have been lying. 

The next morning, the Lookout shares his findings. The Mayor says nothing, and quickly votes against her. The rest of the town votes against the so-called Medium as well, and all vote guilty. She yells at the town, fist claiming the Lookout is maf, then claiming to be the Jester. The Lookout grins, proud of himself, as the woman is revealed to be the Blackmailer.


1st place- axlorg89 

The elderly man sat up and continued to read the hate mail from the delinquents. All with one message, and that message promising death. The Mayor took this as a grain of salt. Death, BAH! They were just kids that hated his policies and rules that, in fact, kept them safe. Kept them safe from what? Why, the dreaded ruffians in fact. Those conniving killers were a pain in his run but he knew that they were afraid of his power. Such threats would not get to him. In fact, it would only strengthen his resolve to better secure the town. He knew he had support, from the day he would reveal himself as mayor, he knew he would have the town behind him. Until then, he'd led those no gooder's laugh at the Mayor's 'cowardice'. No, he wasn't a coward. He was simply waiting for the right time, and when that time came, he knew that those who opposed town would tremble. Oh how we would savor victory.

2nd place- EdmundMcGaben 

As election time started, there was two contestants. The newly chosen Mayor, and the former Godfather. There were riots of course, and two different groups. One group voted for Mayor, the other group voted for the Godfather. But after it gone too far, groups started killing each other. Little do they know, election results was hidden for the good of the town. Both groups were disappointed that they couldnt learn who was elected. One night, mayor secretly entered into the rooms where elections where made, and he saw that he was elected and also saw the badge. Taking it with himself, Godfather also entered the room after him. After seeing that he wasnt elected, he was angry. By that moment, mayor always blamed himself for the mafia corrupting the town.

3rd place- chitownmvp01 

One day, the Mayor woke up. He thought that something was off within the town. After he got dressed and ate breakfast, he walked around Salem, examining for any issues within the town. After walking around for about an hour, the Mayor found a blood-filled note hanging on the door of someone’s house. It said, “Beware, we are coming to kill you too.” The Mayor quickly deduced from the note that the Mafia are hiding within the town limits. He needed to take action quickly. The faster the Mafia get eliminated, the better. Sprinting to the church, the Mayor rang the bell and shouted, “Everybody! Go to the town hall immediately!” When he arrived at the town hall, he encountered 13 confused faces, anxious to know what was going on. The Mayor came up to the podium and revealed. “I am the Mayor!” he yelled. “I have found evidence that the Mafia are among us! We must kill them quickly before they kill all of us! Please come into my office one by one to tell me your role! Everybody must do this! If you do not, you are hampering our efforts and I will not hesitate to get you lynched!”


1st place- HOM3STUCK413

She waits until night, then grabs out her crystal ball. The magic words are spoken, foreign to others but oh so familiar to her. The opaque ball clears, now translucent in nature. The town has called her foolish many times for messing with “fake magic”, but they know not of its true properties. Words from the souls of the dearly departed appear. She shifts through their own personal conversations to find the one talking to her. A sheriff had found on his last night a member of the mafia, but had been too late to write it in a will. They say dead men tell no tales, but that is not true for the Medium. She tells her fellow townspeople next day of the sheriff’s final confession. The mafia member is hanged, the townspeople cheer, but this victory did not come without a price. She is shot the next night, no doubt by the revenge-seeking mafia. Her life is over, but her job is not. In one final act, she seances a trusted member of the living, and shares what final information the dead hold.

2nd place- BonnieMcKee

The Medium was not a buxom, soulful woman with beads around her neck, but just a regular Townie that walked among the rest. Raised in a family of Pagans, the medium knew nothing but otherworldly experiences and spirituality. After the latest lynching, the medium shut the door behind them, careful not to disturb the order of the things she had around the house; it was important.

She grabbed five candlesticks and stood them in a circle, ready to begin the process. The death of their latest Townie struck them all by surprise, but what got them even more was the fact that nothing of theirs was to be found. The Medium lit the candles and began to chant. Whispers surrounded her, and soon enough, they were clear enough to hear. Scared that the dawn of the next day would come before she could finish, she immediately asks the last will and testament of the mysterious victim. 

“A Janitor has cleaned me,” the dead man explained. “I’m the Sheriff, and the man posing as a Retributionist is a Werewolf!” The Medium tries to listen, but the sun began to rise and the voices became more and more faint. She scribbles the information onto her last will, ready to confront the town with the dead man’s identity.

3rd place- Tashi-Cat

Night falls as the medium lights a single candle centered on the wooden table. She makes herself comfortable in the chair and picks up her quill she already bought along with the parchment and ink well, before she asks any spirits to make their presence known by flickering the orange flame from the candle. At first there is no response so she repeats her request. Finally there is a flicker; she asks if they were the latest victim of the mafia’s murderous tendencies, tapping once for yes and twice for no. One tap: that means the spirit in the medium’s company was the sheriff who visited their killer but never had the chance to confirm their role or their name. She instructs the apparition to possess her hand and write the name of the killer. The spirit obliges as the medium watches the supernatural being reveal the name of their executioner one letter at a time. However, she suddenly slumps forward. While the Godfather pulls the knife from the medium’s lifeless corpse, the janitor eradicates any evidence of her occupation and their boss’ name on the parchment.

The next morning one of the town’s people hears a disembodied voice reveal the name of the Godfather. They pipe up in hopes that the other residents believe such a wild accusation. No matter how much the Godfather tries to defend themselves with lies, the towns folk decides to imprison them for the night.

Luckily they lynched a serial killer a few days before and since then one person died by the mafia’s hand every night. Those who remained alive yesterday were present today, no one died. The spirit of the medium watched the town hang the Godfather, before she vanished into the afterlife with the knowledge that the town could at least avenge her, the poor unfortunate sheriff and many others who died by their hand.


1st place-  BraveVesperia

As darkness falls, a young boy walks home hand-in-hand with his mother. The medium gently tucks her son in to bed. The boy drifts off to sleep. The only noises heard that night were a knock at the door and a faint scream. 

Awakening the next day, the innocent child stares in anguish at the body of the woman who raised and loved him. As tears fall from his face, he calls out, hoping to wake up from this nightmare. Receiving no relief to this pain, the weeping boy staggers into the town square to share the horrific news. Returning home that night, the broken boy collapses onto his bed. Falling asleep, the boy looks up at the stars and wishes and prays to be with his mother again.

As the sun rises on Salem the next day, a young boy walks into town hand-in-hand with his mother.

2nd place- HOM3STUCK413

She paces her room in frustration, who to chose who to chose. Who was the most valuable, and who could be valuable again? She hated having to measure her friends life to a mere amount of worth, they were all close to her. Alas, she could only bring one back from the dead. A wand given to her long ago by a kind wizard. Only one use, but a powerful use indeed. She sighs and tries once again to size up her friends. The sun is rising, she knows she must choose quickly. As the first golden rays of the sun appear on the horizon, she rushes to the graveyard, wand in hand, heart racing, her decision made. A doctor who had helped the town tremendously, but had not thought to help himself. She kneels down by his grave and bows her head. “You were a noble doctor, may you have life once more.” She points the wand at the doctor’s grave, white light streaming from the wand and into the body below. She leaves as quickly as she came, returning to her house as the town, plus a doctor back from beyond, rise for the day.

3rd place- Norling

The night is dark and cold, and she is sure a murderer lurks in every shadow. In one hand she holds the key to the morgue, which she stole this morning, in the other she clutches her silver dagger. With shaking hands she unlocks the door, throwing anxious glances over her shoulder. Finally the rusty lock moves. Within seconds she can open the door, rush inside, and then close it behind her. It’s dark there but she doesn’t dare to turn on the light. Instead she fumbles her way down the corridor, until she reaches the room where the bodies are stored. It’s cold in there, which is no surprise. Usually, only one or two of the metal tables have somebody lying on them, but tonight almost all are occupied. She walks among them, checking the tags tied to their toes, until she finds the right one. She pulls back the white blanket covering the body and is greeted by a familiar face. ‘Hello friend,’ she whispers, and then pushes the dagger into the bodies chest. The silver dagger glows with a bright light for a few seconds. When the light disappears it’s gone. ‘Welcome back.’ Her friend opens their eyes.


1st place-  Santa07

The old west was wild, but it never prepared the sheriff for what he had to face. On the run from the mafia, the battle-hardened sheriff knew his only escape was to fly far away from his homeland, and start a new life in the quiet town of Salem. But as he took the long journey by road to this town, the mafia were constantly on his trail. He soon realised that his own business should’ve stayed his own, because the mafia began to kill an innocent town member each night in an effort to weed him out of hiding. But the sheriff stood his ground, and knew that surrendering was no option - he had to fight them, and find these evil-doers through the gruelling interrogations he performed each night.

2nd place- SuperBlondie

The softly snickering shadows that snuck along the streets had always haunted the Sheriff, even as a child. Years on the force apprehending small-time criminals had earned him the respect and trust of the townspeople. He was the face of the law, someone the townspeople could trust and the Mafia could target; Investigators could smell the Sheriff’s thirst for justice from miles away. Prowling the alleyways in the dark of night, the Sheriff learned how to tell if one of his good citizens was really a good citizen or if they were suspicious. Though very few criminals escaped his grasp, he was very easily tricked by his headstrong personality and a Framer’s deceitful expertise. When voted to power alongside the Mayor, the Sheriff knew the time had come to finally catch the only two criminals to evade him, the Arsonist and the Godfather.

3rd place- WingedGolem

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be a cop, just like my father. Law enforcement has always run in the family. As a child, I remember the late nights of Dad coming home and talking to us at the dinner table. "Son, it's my job to keep the streets clean and safe, so you and the good folks in Salem can live their lives without fear." My father took pride in his work, and I took pride that my dad was the one who wore the badge. Dad was good at his job. Too good. When the Mafia started feeling the pressure after he found one of their men, the Godfather took a hit out for him. I remember the day the town found him shot on the street in the town square. Everybody pointed fingers, but we all knew the culprits. On that day, the town lost a hero who stood tall for what was right. On that day, I swore a vow to my father to continue his work. 

It has become my job to protect Salem from the bad guys who walk these streets. I won't rest until the town is safe for the next generation. The badge that my father wore now sits proud against my chest. There is no mercy for people who try to hurt the innocent citizens. This is my town now.


1st place- wrathfulweasel

Swift as the wind, the ex-ninja ran through the streets of Salem, entering a black forest. He dashed through the woods, graceful as a cheetah, until he saw a light ahead. He slowed down and expertly hid in a tree, silent as a thought. With the aid of his acute sense of hearing, he listened to the Mafia members discussing their future plans of terror and murder. The Spy clenched his hands, knowing that he could kill a man in thirty five different ways… but he couldn’t. This was a group of armed men, and he was merely a weaponless man with some knowledge on killing. No- it would be better to let the town know who the perpetrators are, so that they could dispose of them instead. In the daytime, those who he expected to die were lying on the ground, dispatched, in front of their houses. The Spy walked around, listening to everybody talk, knowing what everyone was whispering about. Using this information, he was able to judge who sounded like who… and who was part of the Mafia.

2nd place-  axlorg89

Being a spy was the biggest blessing and curse ever. At first, it had been fun, especially when somebody revealed a secret. The next thing the Spy knew, he was trying to block out the noise because he just wanted some good night sleep. BUT NOOOOO, THE MAFIA HAD TO TALK SO FREAKING LOUD AT NIGHT. It was amazing that nobody else could hear it because the spy was sure that they've been talking on the other side of his house. The spy hated these loud noisemakers and just wanted a restful sleep so he vowed that he would make sure that they tremble in fear for disturbing his nights. So the Spy did some investing of his own, paying attention to what they talked about and who they visited. It wasn't until one of them slipped up and called other by their names did the spy knew he had them. Not only one of them, but the most loudest of them all. The next day, the Spy had successfully claimed his role to the town and lynched the mafia. It got better, the doctor said he would be behind him that night to make sure he wouldn't get attacked, but the best news for the spy was that no one made a peep that night. For once, the spy had slept peacefully.

3rd place- calcaldeds

The Town of Salem was once a glorious city. That is, until the mafia struck. Now, deep in the forests in the outskirts of Salem, there are sounds coming from within. Making sure they were alone, the mafia plan out their next moves. They decide to go after the most threatening targets, the sheriff and the investigator. However, little do they know, there was someone else that night. Someone who wasn’t invited. Someone who the mafia dread. The figure dashes away from sight right after the meeting finishes. The spy has infiltrated and received info about the mafia’s targets. The spy was one of the most renowned figures in Salem. He was always the one to accuse the people, and most of the time, he was right. However, this one particular day, the spy made a fatal mistake. He accused the mayor and he got shamed. After this foolish act, no one ever heard from him. That is, until recently. The spy went into hiding, deciding to redeem himself and make sure he made no more mistakes. The spy underwent rigorous stealth and speed training to become who he is today. And now, he has been reborn. The spy rushes back to Salem, prepared to tell the village what he heard. However, what the spy doesn’t realize is that the mafia know someone is always listening.


1st place- moonbird

The Transporter is obsessed with inventions, gears, oil, and springs. Her nights are whittled away by fantastical ideas and what-ifs, has-bes and will-beens. Experiments involving carriages and hot air balloons produce steam powered chariots, which she forces upon prospect customers. Lamps hang from rotting wooden posts strew across the village, interlinked by a web of wires that wrap around every doorframe and gutter. She often mumbles to herself as she passes by the bakery, drawing attention from the local Investigators and Consiglieres. What could this Salem belle be planning for the innocent baker? When they discover her identity as a Transporter, they may think that she’s the pyromaniac who lit up City Hall, or perhaps their investigations will go awry and she will be revealed as a Witch—who better to burn at the Salem stake than a sorceress who thickens the air with a filmy black smog? But there’s always a chance that she will continue to evade capture by riding in her unique chariot, yet will leave behind a trail of bodies, mafia, jester, and town alike.

2nd place-  Tealer

The transporter had a love of cars early on, and would go on to love it all the way into adulthood. Growing up in a town as a child without transportation means and the wish to do good for his town, the transporter vowed to be the first to introduce transportation means into his beloved town. Now an adult, and in need of a job in order to make cash, the transporter has opened a transporting business. One tragic day, in the middle of a transporting job for a town client, an evildoer caught up with the transporter and killed his client. That scarring moment led the transporter to solidify his goal in becoming a town supporter. To this day, he made it his mission to safely deliver his clients. His business became one in town, where he supports fellow town members, attempts to trick any bad guy to attack themselves, and wants to help them make quick getaways from evildoers.

3rd place- PotatoPatrick

He was once a simple street racer. Never strived for wealth or power. All he wanted was to drive without any restraint. Somehow news of him reached the Godfathers ears and his whole life took a turn. The mafia told him he would just be the getaway driver and in exchange he can get all the cars he wants and drive as fast as he can. Everything went smoothly for a while. He would drive and would not think of what the others were doing. It was just him and the open road. But then one night he got distracted. While he was waiting in his car an escort caught his eye. Never in his life has he seen such beauty. He instantly fell in love, but his night of passion was cut short. Turns out his mafia brethren were in a crazy old veteran’s house and they would have needed his help. His foolishness caused the death of a mafioso and a disguiser. The Godfather wasn’t happy. The next day appointed he appointed the driver as the new mafioso and sent him to kill the escort. He had no choice… He had to do it… When the morning came he got to his senses and swore he would never love nor kill again. He would try to get the mafia to kill each other by switching people around at night. His plan only works every once in a while, but he does not care for the lives of others. The only thing on his mind is REVENGE!


1st place- axlorg89

The Veteran laughed in the darkness. Afraid of the dark, no way. Afraid of the monsters in the bed? The man with his hand on trigger of a gun laughed nervously. He wasn't scared of anything he had told himself. Sure he was a past war time hero, but he was so used to ambushes and life threatening situations that it made the man simply neurotic. His heart pulsed with ever sound that was made and just a simply shadow would make him pull the trigger. Yes, he was this scared of death. How could he not, seeing so many die in horrible ways. All he knew from being kidnapped and miraculously escaping his enemies was that there was no mercy. His thoughts suddenly stopped at the sound of a door creaking open. Sweat began to show on his face as the steps started to become louder as it headed his way. Heart pounding like crazy, he lifted the gun up to the door. Suddenly the door opened and he pulled the trigger. The stranger had dropped and so had his sense of worry. It was done. It was over.

2nd place- Erzberger

The pain in his knee flared up again. The Veteran scowled at it. He didn´t mind the pain, but he could have done without the memories it brought. The cursed Battle of Barrow Hill. He shuddered. So many people died that day. Yes, they had won ultimately, but the price for victory had been high. The Veteran had seen friend after friend fall to gunshots or explosions, unable to save them. After the war he had settled in a small town called Salem to find some peace, but it wasn´t meant to be. Lately town members have been disappearing, sometimes found brutally murdered in their homes. “Human nature never changes”, thought the Veteran. He knew the shape of the world, knew how it worked. But he´d be damned if he accepted it without a fight. Jaw clenched he dismantled and cleaned his old rifle. A fine piece of craftsmanship from years gone by. Old as it was, it still packed a punch. “And so do I”, thought the Veteran. “Sooner or later they´ll come for me. And when they do, I´ll be ready.” With a satisfying clicking sound he put the last piece of the rifle back together.

3rd place- williamthered

He runs through it again in his head. He was only 18 when he was drafted into the war, no man, no he was a boy, should have to go through that. He given a gun and a direction, and was sent off. Supposedly a mindless killing machine, but it’s not that simple. When the war finally ended, after watching both friends and enemies die slowly and painfully in front of him, he was the same. Nobody would be the same after going through what he’s seen. Yet, according to the government, he was ready to just go back to society. He wakes up screaming in a cold sweat, and reaches for the .44 revolver in his nightstand, just in time to hear the door creak open. BAM! He shoots and the person in the doorway staggers before falling, and quickly another comes through the doorway, BAM! A second shot rings out, and another figure comes through the door, again he shoots, BAM! No matter how many he shoots down, they just keep coming. Only when he’s out of bullets do the figures stop coming. When the sun creeps out from behind the clouds, the Veteran finally moves from his bed, and he hasn’t slept all night. He checks the bodies, to see he’s killed the Mafioso, Disguiser, and Janitor. But he also got the Sheriff, Investigator, and the Transporter. He can’t tell if he’s done more good or bad, but he doesn’t care. He just knows that there will be more sleepless nights in Salem.


1st place- TheDetectiveL

An ex-police officer is enraged by the increase of crime on the streets of his town. While he was fired for his violent and rash methods, he has a strong sense of justice. As the death toll in the town rises, his anger only grows as he finds the criminal's identity is obvious. That night, he makes his final, heavy decision. If the law won't take down this fiend, he'll have to do it himself. He fishes his pistol out of the end table beside his bed, loading it with two bullets. One to kill, and one for backup. He usually didn't miss, but it paid to be cautious. Using the shadow of the night as his disguise, he sneaks into his suspect's house to find them cleaning a bloody knife. I knew it, he thought, his lips curling in disgust at the sight. Letting out a quiet, steady breath, he raised his gun and pulled the trigger. His suspect hit the floor, all signs of life disappearing from their body. Pleased with the results, the man slips back into his home and climbs into his bed. He sleeps soundly, feeling as if a heavy weight had been lifted from his shoulders. The following morning, a panicked frenzy meets him in the square. The doctor had been discovered dead in their home after doing surgery on a wounded patient. Nausea washes over him. The doctor. He had killed the doctor. Self-preservation pins his lips together during the day, and misery drags his feet back home that night. He finds his gun resting on the end table, just where he had left it after slaying an innocent soul. The weight returns, crashing down on him heavier than before. One bullet left.

2nd place- williamthered

The Vigilante was a simple man at first, he was running for mayor, and had a nice family and kids. But when he began to crack down on organized crime, his family was murdered as a direct threat to him. Ever since then he’s realized the legal system was a joke. The Jailor would murder a town member and get killed by the Serial Killer, the Sheriff couldn’t tell the difference between the head of the crime family or a Lookout, and the Investigator can’t tell the difference between a Serial Killer and a Doctor! Even the position he once vied for was corrupt and dangerous, not to mention oft held by imbeciles. Now he’s taken the law into his own hands, willing to kill for it. But, sometimes he hinders the town more than the law. If he kills someone that is part of the town, even an idiotic Sheriff doesn’t deserve to die. Just last night he shot the Investigator and he can’t deal with the guilt. He ended the life of a law-abiding citizen in the name of justice. Now there is only one way to give those he’s killed justice, taking his own life. He has the own weapon for himself, and now, haunted by the ghost of his victim, he’s too guilty to carry one. I’m sorry. BANG!

3rd place-  BloodOfInk

Taking the law into your hands hadn't been the plan. No, not at first. As the sheriff's right hand man, you were sure that you would bring members of The Family to justice. Serial Killers, Werewolves, Witches. No person or creature against the town would escape you or the sheriff's watchful eye. Gun always at the ready, you were more than ready to rid the town of evil. Until one day, when left at the office alone, you found it. A large envelope with the sheriff's name on it, stuffed to the brim with cash. Your stomach plummeted when you recognized The Family's insignia gracing the seal. Dropping your badge on the desk, you walk away from that life, promising yourself that you would do whatever it takes to deliver true justice to the town of Salem, your trusty gun at your side.

Vampire hunter

1st place-  isrlygood

The Vampire Hunter was a normal person like everybody else, there were always rumors of Vampires, he did not believe in them, later in in the year he heard of people acting strange, being incredibly sensitive to light, he then started hearing about disappearances and then actually about vampires taking over towns, obviously no he knew they were real, there were so many towns people, good people, taken their lives by force and making their lives into a race for who get’s blood and who doesn’t. “if this continues there will be more vampires than they can feed on, all the people on earth will be vampires and starve to death” he said to himself. Others have tried to kill vampires with normal guns, they failed. he studied the history of vampires, their weaknesses and strengths, he packed up and moved from his home, and traveled to towns that were overtaken by vampires, armed with bag of garlic, holy water, a wooden stake, a silver knife, he was going to end the vampire bloodline, before it was too late.

2nd place- mitchellbeast

When you were a small child, your father was the town Vigilante, and always got his target. One night, there was a knock on your door. This being strange, your father put you underneath the bed and grabbed his gun. As soon as he opened the door, the person grabbed him and flung him against the wall. He bit into his neck with his two pointy teeth, and drank the blood spewing from it. Your father, with the little of the strength you had left, he grabbed his gun and hit the monster upside the head with the back of it. The monster quickly fled, but your father was in extreme pain. His gun fell to the ground, and his teeth started getting longer, and his bright blue eyes were getting darker. He said to you, ”Son, save your old man… It’s time you protect this town, go straight to the sheriff and tell him there’s a vampire,” and handed you his gun. As tears began to fall from both of your eyes, he lifted the barrel to his head. You pulled the trigger, and the gunshot woke the whole town. The run to your house, finding you crying next to your father’s body. You looked up, and noticed who the monster was, as he was grinning from ear to ear. You told no one, and decided to take things into your own hands.

3rd place- wrathfulweasel

At last, he had finally gotten it. He held it up, hands trembling and eyes fiery with the urge to kill. In his hands was a long-awaited silver bullet. It was gleaming, ready to take the life of a Vampire. The Vampire Hunter planned to avenge his weasel, which was cruelly and mercilessly torn apart by a Vampire. A Vampire. Merely thinking of them makes the Vampire Hunter want to shatter something. The Vampire Hunter would never get that brutal image of his weasel out of his head for the rest of his life. As the Vampire Hunter lowered his hands, something flashed at the corner of his eyes. Clutching the bullet with his sweaty hands, his head immediately swiveled in that direction. Nothing. Slowly, quietly, he loaded his gun with the special bullet. He had one bullet. One chance. And this was his chance. He would kill the vampire tonight. He cocked his gun, ready to kill.


1st place- blackcrow70 

The Godfather leans back in his chair, a cigar puffing out amongst his accomplices. "So? Any idea who should fall tonight?" The consigliere speaks up. "The man on 5th Avenue, the one with the limp. He's our Investigator. He's the one we should take out." The Godfather nods his head slowly, and then glances towards the two men sitting on his right. One's hands are scarred, burned by the acid he uses. The other has a revolver strapped to his waste. Both men glance at each other, and then look back towards the Godfather. "Then it's done," the Godfather says, removing the cigar from his mouth and pressing its end into the small portrait of the Investigator. He spends the rest of the night staring over the table of the remaining portraits, when suddenly a knock is heard at his door. He stands up, and covers the portraits and paperwork. He opens the door, and there stands the Sheriff. Known as a well established businessman, he shakes the sheriff's hand and sends him on his way. He goes back to his chair. Gunshots ring out at 5th Avenue, and a smile spreads across the Godfather's face.

2nd place- TheWillAffect 

"Let's get to work"

He saw a group of people, outlined against the night sky. Talking, quietly, but with force and conviction in their hushed voices. One, a man in heavy black armor, green glowing goggles and a large shield, another, a beautiful, slim bodied woman, long straight brown hair reaching down to her slender waist. And the final, a man with medium, short black hair sticking straight up. They were speaking of what to do in the night. The man in armor asking who to blackmail, the woman, discussing in a sweet, seductive voice who to "distract" on this cold night. And the final, looking over at him, simply said "Who we killing, boss?"

"Boss", yes, that was him. A tall middle-aged man, dark short hair slicked back, looking as clean as his tidy black suit and red tie. He smiled slyly, pulling out a thick cigar and shiny metal lighter. Lighting the cigar, he put it in the corner of his mouth, not breaking his smile, and said in a deep, commanding voice, "Anyone who won't submit to us."

3rd place- Erzberge

The Godfather has always been a part of this town. Even in his humble beginnings as an overlooked orphan, when noone payed any attention to him. Growing up on the streets he had an uncharacteristically unassuming and non-threatening nature – he did not believe in threats. But beneath this facade he slowly accumulated a hidden empire and became king of the underworld. After years of clever maneuvering, his grip on this town was stronger than any other member of the community. But the new Mayor and Sherriff were on to his operation, even if they did not suspect him personally. They stirred the townies into a panicked rebellion against the Mafia. However, the Godfather was not so easily subdued. He has been the target of countless attacks over the years and he survived them all. With the help of his trusted Consilgiere he would seek out those town members who did not yield to the Mafia. And if they could not be reasoned with, they could certainly be made to sleep with the fishes…


1st place- DarkSeroX 

A child that was never meant to talk throughout his whole life. A child that sits in a corner waiting and listening for any sleight noise in his vicinity. He crouches to hear voices near by. He then hears the voices needed to make his plan go into action. He was born in a family of five with the least talent, looks, and athletic ability. The only ability he had was the ability to find "things." The ability to share things throughout his life was unnecessary. He was outcast, unwanted among the towns people, but he had one thing going for him. You could call this talent, but in all honesty, it was more of a will to find things. The one ability that made him well known in these parts of the area. The ability to find, control, and conquer that the naked eye can not see; the very ability that made him progress through the ranks instead of a dirt poor life. This is the ability to find the information needed to know their most precious thing that they can not share among each other. It could be either past history, scandals, or hidden secrets. Then the ability to control what is needed to help him win; no matter the risk. This allows his true ability to show his conspiring intentions of bestowing upon the hush-hush tactic against his foes. To use whatever dirt needed to make his foes fall upon their knees in silence. This can be continuous for days or as short as he needs it to be. This is the true ability of conquering the foe. The foes that thought that his ability was pointless and useless throughout the town. This one pointless ability will bring upon the destruction needed to change this town with his fellow brethren and sisters in the secret society of the Mafia.

2nd place- iEsDeath 

As a photographer, the Blackmailer was just a simple man, taking pictures of people doing the things they did. Some of these pictures were actually embarrassing pictures that can ruin a person’s life and reputation to the Town. The Mafia had found out about the Blackmailer and the photographs he used and they knew that they can use him and his photographs to their advantage of taking over the Town. They had asked the Blackmailer if he had some sort of dirt on anyone that would keep them silent for at least one day and of course, he had some sort of dirt on the person they asked, even the Mayor. They had asked to see the picture and the Blackmailer showed them a picture of the Mayor late at night with the Town Escort. The Mafia knew that they needed the Blackmailer and that night before Mafia had went out to do their business, a yellow envelope laid in front of the Mayor’s house with the picture of the Mayor and the Escort, saying: “Keep quiet or I place this on everyone’s doorstep tomorrow…”

3rd place- PyThOnRrR

He stood there quietly, having a good look at the town's documents. "Who's history was worse than the other? Who has the most information about our members?" Thought the man who was recently recruited by Godfather and welcomed into the family. "I've found the Town Investigator," spoke the consigliere, "He and his wife divorced earlier this year, he then fell into drug and alchohol abuse a few days later, this will be perfect!" The blackmailer then walked away from the meetup point, holding a few magazines, some scissors, an envelope, and a smile on his face.


1st place- CerealSpiller 

The man grew up in the town as an average kid with an average childhood and an average education. The same monotonous routine of his daily life was simple day after day until he decided on a goal to finally strive for. He decided to become a private investigator like on the detective shows his parents would occasionally watch. In his young adult years he had followed around a man he revered as the best investigator in town who had subdued numerous criminals and psychopaths in his career. By following the investigator, he slowly built up a well of knowledge in how to properly find information and people’s secrets. The man rose to the top in popularity as an outstanding detective resolving many cases over his young adult career. At the age of 31, he chose to test himself by attempting to investigate the man he had previously worshiped as his inspiration only to discover the dirty truth. “I just couldn’t believe any of it; the lies that created the very foundation of this town, it was all just so… despicable. It had all been covered up. The sheriff, jailor, and even the Mayor had all hidden what this investigator had did in order to protect the so-called justice of this filthy place.” He then turned to the only people in the town who probably knew this truth alongside him: the people revered as pure evil, the mafia. With his expertise in the field of investigation, he tracked down the Godfather and asked him one simple request, “Help me destroy this town.”

2nd place- williamthered 

The Godfather’s right hand man, who can gather dirt better than the investigator himself. Once an investigator himself, the law was too muddy for him. Either they were the best for them, or the worst, not to mention the pay was awful. But when he joined the mafia, it all became much clearer. They were either with us or against us, clear cut and dry, not to mention the pay and the connections. When he was an investigator, it was all jokes about how he couldn’t tell an Arsonist from a Transporter, but not now. He commands respect wherever he goes, and no one dare disrespect him. If they did the mafia would soon have their number, and nothing good comes from that. The mafia’s own private eye, along with his brother the Blackmailer, both could get the dirt and could silence a target… forever. An Investigator gone wrong, an integral part of a good mafia team.

3rd place- AlexK864

My master, the godfather, had suspicions about someone spying on the Mafia's conversations. As the Consigliere, the stealthiest and most intelligent of the Mafia, the godfather ordered me to investigate. That night, I went to one of the suspects' houses and watched his every move. I learned from his actions that he was a bodyguard. However, the next evening, he was having a conversation with another man. I overheard their talk and realized that the other man was feeding the bodyguard the Mafia's plans! I knew immediately that he was the spy, so I went back to the Mafia to report my information and, to my surprise, found the godfather lying motionless on the ground. The Mafia was harmless without the godfather, so I took his gun and became a makeshift Mafioso. I shot the spy the next night, and the Mafia's secrets remained classified.


1st place- Cyllage 

No one should have to manipulate people on the whim of a higher power, but then again, no one would want to, either. A beautiful and unfortunate young woman had lost everything. She had nothing - no job, no home, no family or friends to turn to, not even hope - but eventually found salvation in the world of organized crime. Though reluctant, the Consort felt she was a respected member of the Mafia. Unknown to her, she was just being used as the Mafia's residential Femme Fatale. Much to the Consort's chagrin, her role in the mafia stuck with her, and she was too far into the whole ordeal to back out. As the sands of time flew forth, the Consort began to embrace her position, and, over time, executed her missions with confidence, tact, and prestige. In the end, she had it all: respect, power, and most importantly, the love and trust of the Godfather. All she had left to fear in the world was the pedestal upon which her own execution could commence, and the cold blade of a Serial Killer.

2nd place- Furril 

The thing that hurt the most was her face. Her smile, that fake, plastic smile. Anyone at the party that was paying attention could tell it wasn't genuine. With a body liked hers however, men rarely payed much attention to what was going on above the neckline. Appearances were important though, and the cost of failure, too high. Her mark for the night was engaging with some old school friends. The smell of cheap Bourbon, the loud laughs and telling of the same dull stories annoyed her. However, in her line of work, business and pleasure rarely mingled together. After she was introduced to each friend, (and my dear lord, this man knew almost everyone in town,) she flashed that smile to each and then resumed her role as arm candy, which suited her just fine. The target and his friends were keeping busy with one another and there was no way the Sheriff was going to make his stakeout tonight. Mission accomplished. She spotted her contact from across the room, looking at her questioningly. She looked at her target and gave the signal. Placing an arm on his shoulder, and a kiss on the cheek. She didn't see the handler leave but already knew the Sheriff would be dead in a couple of days. Men give away so much when they are happy and drunk, even their own lives.

3rd place- InsaneSmile

The Consort silently slip out from under the sheet and onto the fuzzy carpet. She slipped her panties back on and turned to look back at the bed. The Vigilante was out of breath and staring up at the ceiling. The Consort dug her toes into the carpet in an attempt to restore feeling into her numb body. That man was quite the animal, she thought to herself. She eyed her bra but decided to leave it off as she needed to keep him entertained for the entire night. She kept her foot steps light as she moved to the window. She stared out into the dark night and began to look around. Then she spied the Mafioso standing in the shadows with his signature dark jacket. She smiled to him to let him know he was in the clear and blew him a kiss. He smiled back and caught it. She watched as he turned and left to complete his objective. She sighed. He was the only man she had ever loved. She'd do anything to protect him. Even trash like this. The Consort smiled again as she thought of their future. One day he will take the position of Godfather and she would be right there with him. But for now there was work to be down. She tossed her panties next to her bra and began crawling to the grinning Vigilante.


1st place- Konekoa97 

There once was a girl who liked to play pretend. Everyday she got out her dolls, the fake teacups, and the imaginary friends. No one thinks twice when a little girl plays pretend. It was only a matter of time before the mafia found her. She became the disguiser, anyone who the town trusts is killed, their place taken by her. Now the girl gets out her make up and latex, morphing her face until it is a perfect replica of who the mafia killed the same night. Then, she takes her place among the town taking the victim's name and talking for the benefit of the mafia. With the trust of the town placed on her, it's too easy manipulating the town to do as the mafia pleases now. The citizens were never expecting a disguiser to take their place, and when they find out of the trick that was played, the disguiser has already found a new skin to talk in.

2nd place- justlyra 

Once a kind and gentle Doctor, the Disguiser was the most prominent doctor in the Town of Salem. Healing any bump or scratch, he was renowned for his skill. Soon, he would fall on hard times. A sudden emergence of other Doctors, and even Bodyguards, would make his practice null. He got no work. He was struggling to scrape by. On a dark night, he heard his door being broken in. He didn’t even have the energy to scream. He knew it was over. The Godfather stood before him, knife in hand. He only smiled. “I don’t have much, but..if you’ll take me in, I know how to do plastic surgery. I can help you.” The Godfather was intrigued, unsure. He took the Disguiser on a test run, asking him to prove his worth to the Mafia. The Godfather entered a home, killed the inhabitant, and the Disguiser went in after. He emerged a new..woman. She had found her home now. She knew what her calling was. Killing the ones who had taken her role.

3rd place- funnyknight24

The Disguiser had just figured out what the Godfather desired for him to do. He would enter the house of his neighbor, and do his job, bringing along the issued Mafioso. The Mafioso would take out the focused man with his trusty weapon, and the Disguiser was pretty self-evident in his opinion. He had studied the man's social characteristics and such the day before. "Alright, so you go in, do your thing, and make it snappy. I need some time before the rest of the town arises," said the master of trickery. The Mafioso gave a quick nod, and the door of the Townie was suddenly busted down. A quick shot rang out, no one else noticing, too caught up in the night, ignoring the screams. "So...that's done for. Hope the will doesn't reveal me." The 'slippery chameleon' took a glance at the bloody body. "Let's see what he has in here," he'd ask, nudging toward the wooden closet. He'd open in with a small creak, and saw the dead man's wardrobe. The Disguiser chose a fitting pair of pants, along with a belted hat, and a trench coat with a shirt underneath. Nobody could mistake him now, as he peered in the mirror. The sun started to rise, the Mafioso had returned to his homestead to catch a few blinks of sleep. The Disguiser cleverly picked up the body and laid it outside his own door. The next morning, the town became no more suspicious of their newly disguised member. Yet as the day went on, someone cared to notice the will lying next to the man outside a doorstep. At that moment, they wondered why the names were switched. "I-I assure you, I am the Doctor you seek," said the Disguiser. They then asked for proof, he made some up, who he healed, and what night. Their eyes became squinted, a sign of disbelief. Next thing you know, trial had come for the undercover Disguiser. "I've given my evidence, why must you hang me?" The town gave forth many shakes of heads, and guilty votes. "I'm innocent!", the last lie the fallen Disguiser uttered.


1st place- Juuhazan 

"I've found evidence linking her to the Mafia!" 

the venerable Sheriff declared as he pointed to the confused Medium. He then pulled out a handful of crumpled notes, detailing the locations of shady out-of-town meetings at night and written in blood-red ink while starting his 'death to the Mafia' spiel. The Medium tried to defend herself to the best of her abilities, claiming that one would have to be an abject fool to think that those notes could correlate to the Mafia, but fortunately (or unfortunately, in the Medium's case), the Sheriff's years of experience led him to believe that he really had genuine info. He led the Medium's execution, and then realized as she breathed her last... she was framed. Her last will held not her words of dedication to the Mafia... just the words of the deceased townsfolk. The Framer noted the irony in the Sheriff's spiel with his fellow Mafia comrades while the rest of the town turned a blind eye to the incognito Mafia, and one of the brave citizens shouted out loud to jail and execute the Sheriff for his mistake. As the meeting for the day concluded and almost everyone went back to their homes, the Framer congratulated himself on what he had accomplished. Who knew where a few old documents could get you?

2nd place-  Sarcostep 

You sneak up behind the mark and give him a quick tap on the head with your hammer. You dislike physical violence, but in cases such as this it must be done. You take a sample of the now unconscious man’s fingerprints and then immediately get to work. First is his medical degree; that’s got to go. You hide it on his person and replace it with a blood oath to the Godfather - falsified, of course. You splatter the blood reserves he keeps around on his knives and place them conspicuously on the table. You hope it’s the same plasma type as the guy the Godfather wanted axed tonight.  You disorganize the building, throwing papers everywhere, opening drawers, placing incriminating evidence everywhere. As you leave his residence, you see a man in an exaggerated cowboy hat peer in through the window and gasp. You smile, your job done here.

3rd place- KittyKnight

"I Told You! I Don't Know How Those Files Got There!" The Townie Screamed, shocked that the Sheriff would think that she was a member of the Mafia. "Shut Up. Your Clearly Part of the Mafia." the Sheriff growled as he strolled out, thinking he had another "villain" that was ready to be lynched the following morning. Yet, He wasn't aware of one person... The Framer. He couldn't help but laugh as he watched the scene unfold. Those files never belonged that townie, but to him. Once the worried Townie went to bed, he quickly picked up those files and went stormed out. Tonight was a perfect night, Which lead Up to the lynching of an Escort who had kept their Godfather distracted.


1st place- justlyra 

The Janitor is just a lowly schoolhouse custodian. He takes the abuse of the townspeople’s children, the taunts and the bullying. The Janitor is used to it. Any scrap of food left on the cafeteria table is slipped into his pocket, for his pay is meager, and food is a necessity of life, is it not? This has been his life for as long as he can remember. But, as he lay in bed one night, contemplating what he shall do, his door is broken in half. In walks a large and rather intimidating man. He soon realizes he is The Godfather. Fearing for his life, he begs for mercy. The Godfather only laughs, until he realizes who he is going to kill. A plan forms in his head. The Janitor has the skillset to clean anything…even a dead body, wiping away any trace of a will or clues to what a lowly townsperson’s role is. The Janitor is offered a choice. Use his skills for the good of the Mafia, or die. Anyone in their right mind would choose correctly. He grabs his mop, and his bucket, and follows The Godfather outside. Revenge is sweet, but not dirty.

2nd place- HOM3STUCK413

He gets the call at three past midnight. “We need a clean-up, bring extra spray, this one was messy. I'll send ya the address.” A gruff man on the other end says quickly, hanging up before the sleepy man can even reply. He mutters a few curses to himself before getting out of bed. He knows he should not be surprised they called him this late, but some part of him still wishes the other mafia members realized that a guy has to sleep at some point. He worries not about looks, it is not like the dead are going to judge him if he has bed head. All he does is simply slip on his shoes, don a black trench coat and hat, grab his special supplies, and head out to the address sent to him. They were right, this one was a messy kill. "Must've been a newbie, the experts ain't this sloppy." The poor woman was riddled with bullet holes, blood sprayed every which way. The Janitor is quick yet meticulous with his work. The body is easy enough to get rid of, this is what the garbage bag was for; the blood is another matter. Still, nothing all that complicated for an expert. The body is gone, the blood is gone, and no trace is left of who the woman was, nor the person who erased her.

3rd place- nighthawk101

“Could he leave more of a mess?” the Janitor grumbles as he surveys the scene. Mangled corpse? Obvious signs of a struggle? Blood everywhere? Check, check, check. With the lye already heated up, it's a simple matter to haul the body over to his house and gently lower it into the liquid. Then, the true work begins. Back in the victim's house, every piece of furniture is examined and thrown onto the lawn and every blood splatter is meticulously scrubbed away. 

Finally, the Janitor turns to the last will of the poor soul. Nothing special, only a blunt list of actions. Yet his eyes linger on the top- “John Hawthorne, Doctor.” Ah, to be a Doctor again! Examinations, autopsies, vivisections... In the medical field, the Janitor was an expert, nay, a prodigy. The sudden loss of his license crushed him as he was relegated to the role of custodian. Thus, the Janitor turned to the one group that could give him the same thrill. After all, the Mafia always needs someone to clean up.

Tearing his gaze from a reminder of the past, the Janitor crumples the last will and chucks it onto the pile of furniture outside. A smattering of gasoline and a single match feed the hungry flame. In the morning, the Town would awaken to an empty house with a scorched lawn. John Hawthorne's body and will would never be found, nor his role determined. Another successful cleaning.


1st place- KittyKnight 

Obey. That was the only word he understood. Though he may seem like your average everyday townie, the story behind his grin is a grim, horrible and ghastly tale. That man is only known as The Mafioso. He dreams of only one thing; a brighter future for his whole family. Especially for his beloved Godfather. Just to achieve that dream, he will murder anyone his godfather wishes. Whether it be the mayor that once stood in the godfather's way, an investigator who tracked down the arsonist or even a werewolf who killed the survivor that promised to stand by his side... He just doesn't care. So long as anyone who opposes him is dead, or submitting or the mafia. But.... What if the Godfather was killed? Well... Lets just say there is a replacement there already waiting.

2nd place-  bearprey

There was a satisfying crunch as the Mafioso's fist connected with the Doctor's chin. The Doctor stumbled backwards as several teeth fell from his mouth. The Mafioso advanced on the Doctor, throwing him into the next room. The Doctor stood hurriedly before searching frantically for a knife. He swung wildly at the Mafioso, who ducked under the attack and grabbed the Doctor's arm, wrenching it backwards. The Doctor started screaming as the Mafioso broke his arm. The Doctor fell to the floor, crying in pain. The Mafioso slowly pulled out a knife from his belt. The screams stopped pretty quickly after that. The Mafioso looked out from behind a curtain for any onlookers, noticing the Framer slipping away from his target's home. The Mafioso inspected his suit, noticing it was spotted with blood. He sighed in disgust. He decided to go back to his house for a change of attire. As day began to approach, the Mafioso searched for the Sheriff to declare there had been a murder. The Town began to gather and the Mafioso was surprised to discover that the Godfather had been killed by the Jailor. He felt no misery as the Sheriff looked over the Godfather's body. The Sheriff dragged away the body of the man who had brought him into the gritty underworld of Salem, yet the Mafioso felt no despair. As the Investigator revealed that the Framer's target was a member of the Mafia, the Framer slowly approached the Mafioso. 'This is a disaster.' He whispered to the Mafioso. The Mafioso murmured something inaudible whilst the Town dragged the Framer's target to the gallows. The man yelled out that he wasn't part of the Mafia as the noose was tightened around his neck. 'What shall we do?' Whispered the Framer. The Mafioso felt a grin spread across his face, realising this what he had always wanted. 'I will lead us to riches, my friend.'

3rd place-  Furril

There are big plans for this town. BIG plans. He didn't know what they were, and he didn't wanna know. Ideas, plans, that was for the Don and the bosses. To be honest, it reminded him of his tour in the army. Those war movies? Forget about it. they're a bunch of garbage. When his unit wasn't on the march or shooting some village to pieces, he was on his ass most of the day, every day. Drawing a paycheck, killing time and waiting. Until orders come down from on high. Then it's grab your guns, grab your tools, do the job and do it well. Things are different now, better food, better work, better clothes, and better company. Like those men he served with, these mobsters are his family, his brothers. A small part of him doesn't like having to go after civvies in the night, but the boss says that we need this town, all of it, for the families survival. If the townies are too dumb to leave, then it's survival of the fittest. The Godfather knows best and the family is everything. EVERYTHING.


1st place- InsaneSmile

As a small time attorney the Lawyer specialized in writing wills for his clients. But as his gambling debts grew he required more money than he could legally make. And thus he began to alter his deceased client's wills to have a portion of their wealth distribute to various charity. These "charities" were just part of a shell game that increases the Lawyer's bank account. No one noticed until the Consigliere's father passed away, who just so happened to be a client of the Lawyer's. Due to his high levels of intelligence and his ability to read people he saw through the scheme. Furious at trickery displayed by the Lawyer, the Consigliere demanded he be killed. But the Godfather looked at this with a level head and saw a plethora of potential. One phone call from the Godfather, and the Lawyer became the Forger.

2nd place- Tealer

As a little kid, the forger had found his secret talents in writing and copying. In their teenage years, the others in town found a use in him for forging signatures and the like. Valuing his talent and mastering it, the forger kept it as a secret side business and as a skill to utilize in order to help himself in situations which requires his ability. Upon getting a job at the local town business, the forger found use in business forgery. Crime after crime, the forger built himself a reputation for forgery, and the mafia sought out to recruit him for their crime sprees. The mafia convinced the forger to live a life of crime among their ranks and so he became a member of the mafia. To this day, the forger has been forging documents to clean the mafia’s and his own crime slate in the town of Salem.

3rd place- TheToxicPencil

The Godfather had found out about his childhood rival moving back to town, and was quite disturbed with the fact. He had always ranted at the nightly meetings of how he dreamed of eliminating his rival, but the kid had moved out of town before the Godfather had come to power. It was a wonder how the rival's life had changed, and why he had returned. The cause of his return became quickly evident.

The rival revealed as mayor within days upon his arrival, told the town he was determined to rid the town of evil. This strengthened the Godfather's desire to exterminate the mayor, as he acted as if the evil wasn't in him. The night after he revealed, the Godfather took me to the mayor's house and snuck us in. He told me to study the handwriting of the newfound mayor and write out a will while he did the dirty work. I found a desk in the dark and used the moonlight to shed light upon his papers. After a while, the Godfather returned to me, asking how far I'd come. He had a napkin with blood in his hand, a dripping knife in the other, and a satisfied look on his face. It took me a few more minutes, but the gears started clicking. Almost as if programmed into me, I copied his handwriting, writing a will out to support us "As the Mayor, I know we should trust..."

We left, excited for the following day, knowing we'd succeed.


1st place- Alzar

At the graveyard past the meadows of Salem, amidst the broken gravestones and drooping willow trees, a man strolls along a path every day. Nobody knows him or whatever he came here for, and he knows nobody— not even himself. Past the narrow path, he looks down to each crumbling slab of rock, at the worn names and chiselled last words from people whose faces he’s never known. His clothes are ragged as his memories are shattered, and sometimes he imagines himself lying in the graveyard, under a different face, under a different name that wasn’t written on him. And one night, under the round moon, he stumbles over one fresh gravestone that wasn’t there the night before. Sifting aside the dirt, he reads a name and smiles at a jolt across his mind. He knows where he left off, and it’s time for him to get back down to business.

2nd place- ProjectRysa

In the cemetery, a lone man walks around, looking at the headstones, thinking very hard. Ever since the man fell from a ladder on his head, he forgot EVERYTHING about himself, and no matter how hard he tries to remember, he can’t. So now he spends his night wandering the graveyard, looking at the headstones, wondering who he was. He stops at a headstone of a random dead person. He doesn’t bother looking at the headstone, for it would remind him that they had a life, and knew everything from their past before they passed. He just stared at the rugged gray cement, with the name, Giles Corey, etched into the surface. He began thinking about how cool Giles was, with his funny jokes and helping nature. I miss him, he thought to himself. Maybe you knew who I was befor-. It all came back that instant. The amnesiac remembered who he was before, what he did, his family, everything. He yelled in excitement, running back to the town, wanting to tell everyone that his memory was back. In the morning, when he announced his memory was back, no one had the heart to tell him that he had mistaken all the events of his life with the life of Giles Corey, the man who had died the other day protecting the doctor from the serial killer.

3rd place- Norling

She’d been living like this, without a memory, for years now. They said she’d lost her memory after an explosion, but that was all they knew. They didn’t know her name, who she was, why’d she’d been at the place of the explosion - she was a Jane Doe. It haunted her. She wanted to know who she was - craved to know, but wherever she looked, there weren’t any answers. She was sitting in a café when it happened. This was something she’d do every week; she’d buy a newspaper and walk over to her favourite café. There she'd order some toast and coffee. Combing through the obituaries, she'd search for any clues of who she'd been before the explosion. The idea that reading about what other people had been would bring her any closer to her identity might seem futile, but it was all she had. No one alive in this town could give her any clues of who she was, so maybe, she figured, the dead could. Reading the obituaries in silence, one of them caught her eye. Her breath hitched and she could feel her heart beating faster; yes, yes! She remembered!


1st place- TheWillEffect

"Good luck"

A subtle saying typically used in a way to instill a false sense of innocence in someone. Seeming to be a kind gesture towards the other people in the town. But to him, it was nothing more than a veiled threat, thrown out loudly and with a devilish smile. He only said it, because he knew they would need it…

Once the night came, his fun began. Walking slowly, proudly, a puff in his chest and a spring in his step. Visiting other's houses, brandishing a gas can, emptying it on their houses, whistling and smiling. Letting loose a single, satisfied word once his can was empty. "Doused"

3 nights later, 2 people had been hung to death, the town sheriff and a Jester, who was likely to take another's soul this coming night, the town was in paranoia, people claiming others were evil, angrily calling those who did not agree "Idiots" or saying the rather popular phrase "Stupid town". But to him, it was just fading into the noise of birds chirping, water rushing, and far, within his mind, the screams of people burning. The night forced everyone into their homes, but he only had one word on his mind, and let it loose from his ash stained lips. "Ignite"

The screams in his mind, were suddenly very, very, real.

2nd place- Anonymous0726

He has vivid memories of his life as a child. His first memory is that of watching fireworks when he was three. When he was five, his parents caught him playing with matches. They did not notice the smell of the gasoline. When he was seven, his house burned down. The fire department tracked the source to his bedroom. They could not figure out who might have started it. When he was eight, his parents were found charred in the woods. No suspects were found. When he was nine, the orphanage he was in burned down. The fire department could not find a cause. When he was eleven, his foster home burned down, killing both his foster parents. The fire department tracked the source to his foster parents’ room. The list went on. But here he was now, at age 47, living fairly peacefully in Salem. Then, one day, he got an idea: why not throw gasoline on someone, as a practical joke? He decided to do so that night, but to not tell his victim. The next night, he noticed that his gasoline can had leaked all the way back to his house. He wondered what would happen if he lit the end. He watched the flame slowly make its way to the house of his victim—and burn him! He smiled to himself and thought, I like this way of life.

3rd place- DayNight

The light of the fire coming from a lit match shined in the darkness of the night, which was accompanied by the glittering stars of the background. The smell of gasoline filled the air inside the small room that the Arsonist found in a house, as well as a window that would allow him to jump, stealthily, out and into fresh air. He smiled as he watched the fire.

The fire was flickering in the darkness, and it reminded him of... well, fire. He tilted his head, as if he was admiring the fire, which, well, he was. After all, such a simple element would lead to the death of thousands. He smiled an insane smile, instead of a calm smile, and dropped the match. He immediately ran out of the room, through the window, before the match even fell onto the puddle of gasoline that he left there a few nights before.

Almost immediately, the house behind him went up in flames, and the screams of a poor, unsuspecting soul cried out in agony as they died. He watched as the fire spread to the second house, which belonged to another unsuspecting soul. The Arsonist smiled as he saw his victims' houses go up in flames, and as he heard the screams of people as they slowly burned to death.


1st place- Konekoa97

The investigator walks into an old ramshackle house, he had received a lead on this person which he didn’t want to ignore. He was glad he didn’t. There were pictures everywhere, and all of them were of the same person, with red painted X’s going through their face. This person clearly had a problem, perhaps it was an enemy, or maybe just a poor soul targeted by this insane lunatic. All of the accusations made sense now. Every time the suspicion was placed on the poor nurse this… executioner made sure the whole town was convinced they were guilty. No wonder the executioner was so upset when the town realized they had been tricked, and voted the target innocent. The investigator sat down and tried to make sense of what could drive someone to target just an innocent nurse. He racked his brain, perhaps it was a long time ago when the nurse accused him… but obviously this obsession was going way further than that.

No one knows why the executioner targets you, but their silver tongues will try their hardest to get you lynched, whatever the cost may be.

2nd place- bearprey

The man was sat in his chair, remembering the moment the noose tightened around his rival's neck. Bitter enemies from childhood, their hatred for each other had only grown with every year. The ripples of violence across the Town has given him the perfect opportunity to dispose of the man he hated most. But as he thought of his victim's last moments, he began to realise the gravity of his actions. Had it been worth it? The man's face began to twitch as his victim stopped in his head. The executioner stood from his chair as the sun rose, bringing with it more dead. His mind struggled to comprehend the thought of going outside and facing the judgement of the town. He watched as the sheriff dragged out another body from within a house. Something snapped inside the executioner's mind. He pushed open the door and stepped outside, ready for whatever was coming next.

3rd place- vannahfoxx

“Father..” He whispers, the horror striking his eyes as his father is hung in front of his eyes; in front of the entire town. The town smiles and talks to one another happily, thinking that they were finally free from the mafia. But they were wrong. His gaze burns over to the man in the corner who caused this. It was the all friendly, non-suspecting townsman; at least on the outside. The townsman was an old man, but he was wise and well believed. Him and his son claimed that his father was a murderer, killing everyone in the town at night. But he knew, deep in his heart, that he was innocent. Every night since, a raging fire of hatred has swelled up inside him, growing after each person the old man lynched. After he lynched one, and another person was murdered, he would lynch another for no reason, with no evidence; And the town believed him. Soon, he was the only one from his family left. He was no doubt going to be killed sooner or later. But he would get his revenge before his time was up, and the world would know it was him.


1st place- Tealer

A scarring past is how the jester became to be, born in the town of Salem. Once the jester became an adult, the jester was sent away from being conscripted as a soldier to fight in a bloody war. After years in the battlefield, the sight of his fellow soldiers dying, and along with the war experience had left him paranoid. The jester’s paranoia never went away and remained with him for years after when he was sent back to his hometown, Salem. Everyday, the jester experienced his traumatic memories of the battlefield, and twisted envisions that everyone in town is out to kill him. The memories of the traumatic experience and the fear that comes with it, makes it hard for the jester to bear to live, and would rather accept to be killed and be liberated from himself, than to live with his paranoia, making him become a target wanting to be lynched.

2nd place- Norling

She’d been born with a curse. At every waking hour demons whispered in her ears, telling her to do things, terrible things. In the beginning she was strong, she resisted their words. But then one day a town member turned up dead. The next day another one. The members of the town kept dying, always at night, always when she was sleeping. Ready to controlled by any demon who wished to do harm. She tried staying awake, but ultimately she always fell asleep, and the next day a new body were always found. One day, the town charged a man with the murder of her victims. Silently she stood by as they lynched him. He turned out to be innocent, of course. The guilt drove her mad - not only was she a murderer, she was turning the members of the town against each other! The next day she confessed her crime to everyone who would listen. Immediately they brought her to the town square and executed her. 'The town is safe', were her final words. But next day another town member died. Again the town had executed an innocent person. One man, who’d driven for the execution of the cursed one the most, ended his life out of guilt. He were the only town member she'd caused the death of.

3rd place- MattayDank

Crouched by his bedside, the maniac rocks back and forth. Wild, uncut hair and vicious self inflicted cuts covered his face. Every subtle noise of the mysterious dawn jolted the lunatic, his pupils dilated as he held is breath shakily searching the room for anything that could destroy his master plan. As the sun rose over Salem, no words came from the house apart from quiet hi-pitched laughter and disturbing cries. The door creaked open and out walked the pale, twitching psychopath. He scanned his surroundings. No one suspects a thing. Suspiciously he chuckled into his palms, peering through his fingers. Among the high pitched noises one phrase could be heard. "Lynch me....Lynch Lynch Lynch me hehehehe". Suddenly someone whispered into his ear, all noises and breathing halted as sweat dripped down his restless face. "You take the blame". The malevolent figure walked away. It was the Godfather; an offer to work with the jester was now in place. Smiling, he looked down at the floor in a trance. "Lynch time....Lynch time".

Serial Killer

1st place- Psycogger

During the day he shakes hands, and makes friends, claiming to be the town’s best doctor. But in the night he slowly wanders home through the streets of Salem to his humble abode. When he arrives, he pulls out a large knife and cleans it with the greatest of care, a piece of equipment for his patients, or for his victims? Little does this innocent (not really) town know that this person has been striking fear into their hearts for several nights, for in the day he acts as if he wishes to help, but in the night, he preys upon the weak and using his worn weapon; slowly makes one unlucky soul of the town suffer each night. He is their nightmare, he is a Serial Killer. “Who is next” this fiend thinks to himself, for only he truly knows who is next, each night, every citizen is left wondering what will happen. He finally decides to attack an elderly man known for his wise words throughout Salem. As he exits his home, he quickly, but quietly walks to the poor soul’s house, hoping not to be seen. Finally, he arrives, and knocks on the elderly man’s door. The man opens the door with a great warmness, inviting this killer inside. The instant he walks in and the door becomes shut, he pulls the overused weapon from inside his coat and pounces upon the man, taking him to the ground as a twisted smile forms across his face. He then slowly raises the large knife and drives it into the man’s chest, laughing as he does so. After what little of a struggle the wise man put up is over, the fiend washes himself off, and returns to his home in the night for what little rest he can get before going back to his charade the next morning.

2nd place- shiilo

A man sits calmly in a jail cell, framed by moonlight pouring in from a tiny window near the top of the room. A harsh voice at the bars catches his attention, yet he does not stir. The voice speaks of the many deaths recently- both the Town and the Mafia have lost members, and the killer is still in the night. The man smiles assuredly at the voice, and it seems to grow softer in relief. It asks him his thoughts, and he tells it of a woman, surely she must be the killer. The voice sighs, and a hand motions the man forward. As keys jangle near the lock, the man moves to meet them. The Jailor frees his prisoner, and the prisoner thanks him with a knife. Daylight begins to stream through the jail as blood runs over the man's hands. The Serial Killer walks free.

3rd place- Erzberger

“Oh, he is such a nice guy.” This was one of the most frequent things said about the man who lived in the small house at the end of Smithy Road. Always quiet and wellspoken. Always polite. And yet, no one knew him very well. He had no hobbies they knew of, he kept mostly to himself and seemed to have no close friends among the town members. Had any of them watched the man more closely, they might have noticed a few strange things about him. For example, he often went on a little stroll in the middle of the night. He also owned four large freezers, which he kept in his basement. Even more odd, they had locks on them.  And if any of the town members had followed the man on one of his nightly strolls, they would have been likely to see a completely different man, a man behind the pleasant mask he showed to gullible town’s folk in the sunlight. But of course none of them did. No one suspected him at all. He was safe. And he could continue his work. Oh yes, he had a mission. He would cleanse this town one by one. And when his grand work of art was finished and this town finally purified, he would be free and could finally rest. Finally be at peace. The man smiled contentedly as he donned his cloak and headed out into the night.


1st place- calcaldeds

Haunted from his past, the survivor locks himself into a room and just wishes to survive. The survivor was once a responsible bodyguard, who protected the mayor from everything. Until that one fateful day the bodyguard was foolish enough to get distracted by a beautiful consort who dazzled him with her seductive moves. Unfortunately, the next day, the mayor had died. Then, the mafia went on a rampage, destroying everyone in their path. Only one man from the Salem Massacre had survived: the bodyguard. Ever since that day, the bodyguard has confined himself to only his mind, where he beat himself up over the fact that he could of prevented all of this from happening, if it wasn’t for that consort. To this day, he keeps 4 bulletproof vests to use that represent each person or party that played a role in the massacre. 1 for the town, who died in the attack. 1 for the mafia, who lead the attack. 1 for the abandoned souls that didn’t ally themselves with anyone. And the final one for himself, to remind him of that day where he saved himself, and not the mayor. The survivor’s mind is clouded with all these thoughts, but one thing is clear for him. He must survive.

2nd place- Swagmaster2014

As a child, I always stayed inside. I always disliked the outdoors, and I just loved staying inside and playing board games with my brother and sister (and occasionally playing video games, but back then we only had Pong and stuff). That was until my brother went outside for a day to see his friends from school. He was found in the woods with a knife in his chest. We learned that a serial killer found, and killed him. I vowed that day, to stay inside and avoid the outdoors, so I can survive. I became a Survivor. When my parents heard about the investigators in the Town of Salem, we moved there, so we could help find who killed my brother. I grew up in the Town and became an adult, and I didn't go outside very much. Then, the mafia came. One night, I heard from my sister that someone was lying on the ground, with a bullet in their chest. I start to become panicked. I calmed myself down, as I remembered, when my brother died, I made four bullet proof vests in case something like this happened. I realized, I will stay inside, and do anything I can to survive.

3rd place- Norling

Her heart was racing and her hands were cold and sweaty. The man in front of her was smiling. It wasn’t a nice smile, and it was made all the worse by the ominous gun in his hand. So this is how she would die. She’d left her home at fifteen; her father was a drunk and her mother was dead. After that she drifted for a while. The homeless in Salem were nice, and protected her as if she was their daughter. When she eventually got tired of Salem they gave her all the money and wisdom they had. One of them, an old crone claiming to be a witch, gave her four pearls. ‘You’re a survivor,' she said. ‘Protect these, and they’ll protect you'. She'd assumed that the old woman was crazy - everyone knows there’s no such thing as magic. She travelled the world for years, experiencing all the adventures she could find. More than once she was close to death, and more than once she avoided it. She was happy, even when she was chased by criminals in back alleys. Then one day she got a letter. You’re father is sick, it said. Please come home. She hadn’t seen him in almost twenty years, and she didn’t ever want to see him again. Despite that she returned home to Salem. The whole way there she kept thinking it was a mistake, and it turns out she was right. She’d barely set a foot in the town before she’d gotten into more trouble than she could handle; a gun pointed at her head. She clenched her hands in her pockets, the cool pearls in her hands. Still smiling the man pressed the trigger and the gun fired. Then, just before the bullet was about to hit her, it bounced back. The man screamed as the bullet teared into his leg. The woman only stayed surprised for a second, then she was running towards the man and wrestling him to the ground. She survived, she’s a survivor; that’s what she does.


1st place- justlyra

As a young child, the Witch was used to being bullied. Everywhere she went, she was made fun of. Whether it was her abnormally large nose, her off-shade green skin, or just the fact that she carried a broom around wherever she went. The town had completely shunned her. She was banished to the far forests, left to her own devices..and her own magic. Throughout years of being completely alone, she had studied magic day and night, and, with the help of her black cat as a lab rat of sorts, she had learned to make people do whatever she pleased! With her newfound talent, she moved back into the town, taking up home under the guise of a regular townsperson. The Witch vowed to take revenge on everyone that had ever bullied her. That meant working with those who some may consider evil. To her, they were just allies…allies in the war on taking down the Town of Salem.

2nd place- Furril

To someone who knows the hidden ways of this world, everyone and everything is as easy to read as an open book. To be honest, she never wanted it to be like this. Her ancestors hated the church for it's bigotry, but they loved the nature and everything in it. The New World was rich indeed. Her kind used to be seen as healers, shamen of the natural world looked to with respect for their wisdom and knowledge. Until fanatics started condemning them. Those so called holy men made up demons and devils and claimed that her kind formed pacts with them. It was all lies to cover up their own sins. You would have thought this town would have learned their lesson all those years ago with the trials. But the Mayors wife, she believed that she walked with God. The wife accused her of controlling her husband when his eyes started watching other women. The wife got the town to turn against her, and she was told to leave the town proper or swing from a Oak branch. But no, she will NOT leave. The bones of her grandmothers are in this earth, and part of her will always live here. If they wanted to accuse her of using such magic, then she shall. All it takes is a little thing, some cut hair, nail clippings. People are so careless with their leavings. She already settled up with the wife, directing a killer to end her miserable life, and now she was going to get even with the town that allowed it to happen..

3rd place- wrathandhavoc

A young man walks through the town on a dreary, cloud-filled night. His purpose unknown, he plods on, burning the midnight oil. As he nears his destination, a woman crosses his path, face obscured by a wide-brimmed hat. He greets her with a warm smile, and a friendly wave. As he begins to lower his arm and continue on his way, his wrist fractures and contorts. The man cries out in agony, no longer able to control his own limbs; it is as if he is a marionette subjugated by an unseen puppeteer. He looks back at the woman and sees sickly red light emanating from her eyes, illuminating her cracked, dry skin and wicked grin. His mind quickly leaves him, and the pain ceases. He becomes hollow, vacant. He is now an unwilling servant at the woman’s command. She will not kill him, no. He will wake up tomorrow and tell everyone what he has seen. She will use him and others like him to turn the town into a grave, one corpse at a time. Allies of Salem beware, for this is the vow of the Witch.


1st place- vannahfoxx

Rain pours down and lightning flashes through the sky as a nerdy teenage boy pushes open a wire gate to a dark trail, surrounded by trees. He held his books close to his chest, glancing around for danger. The boy hears footsteps behind him and spins around, but sees nothing but darkness. Turning around again, he bumps into three tall teenagers staring down at the nerdy boy. They throw him to the ground, and throw his backpack and books across the wet grass. The boy wails for them to stop, but they don’t listen. They kick him over and over, until one of them pulls him up by the shirt. He felt blood dripping down his face as he was thrown back towards the fence. His body was filled with fear, but rage as well, and as he wiped the blood off of his face, he noticed his hand was covered in a thick layer of hair. The boy glanced up at the sky and the full moon was caught in his gaze, and he let out a loud howl.

2nd place- AlexK864

An innocent man is casually strolling from a long, tiring day of work to his house so he can be home in time for dinner. The moon suddenly peeks out from behind a massive skyscraper. When the shimmering light of the full moon beams down on his face, he transforms from a kind, gentle being to a vicious monster. His hands begin to enlarge, followed by his arms, legs, and then the rest of his body. His suit is torn to shreds, and long, brown fur swiftly sprouts from his skin. The werewolf is hungry, and flesh is the only thing that will satisfy his craving. He lets out a shrieking howl, and bursts into the nearest house. He mauls every being in sight, showing no mercy. After this rampage, the werewolf reverts back to his human form. He goes to sleep and resumes his normal life the next day, completely oblivious to the horrors that transpired the previous night.


1st place-  williamthered

She had never envisioned her life like this, and she never asked for it. One night, many moons ago she was bit. Merely a lookout at the time, she became much more ever since. To some it would be a blessing, to some a curse, she hadn’t decided yet. But she knew it was a full moon, and she knew that meant she needed to feast. Skulking through the Salem alleyways, the Vampire stumbled across the Escort, paying a visit to a nearby home. The Vampire felt bad for her, but she must feed. She lunged out at the Escort, reaching her prey before it even knew what was going on. Sucking the life out of her, she left the mangled, lifeless corpse in the alley. The Werewolf’s howl could be heard in a nearby home, but that didn’t concern her. She was really on the lookout for the Vampire Hunter, who reeked of garlic. He would be carrying his stakes and holy water, as the Vampires would be active this full moon, but it was for naught. The Hunter was too late to save the Escort, so soon enough he’d have another problem to worry about. She morphed into a bat and took off into the air, looking down on the town below. As the faint beams of the sun began to peek out, she looked down upon all the residents of Salem, her soon to be meals.

2nd place- TimeAce

Lightning flashes across the night sky as rain pours heavily down on an ancient tomb. In this tomb lies the Vampire. A young explorer comes to this tomb searching to see if the villagers fears are true. Opening the door to the tomb, he carefully descends down the wet and slippery floor. Suddenly, his flashlight goes out. Still determined, he descends. Slipping on a rock on his way down, he crashes into a coffin. He gets up, and carefully opens the cover of the coffin. Inside lays the Vampire. As he comes closer to examine this monster, the Vampire, wakes up and bites him. Fully rejuvenated, the Vampire goes out to find their next target.