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    Name: Lawyer

    Alignment: Town Investigative

    Unique: No

    Attack: None

    Defense: None


    -Chose a player to examine their will

    -You may only examine 4 wills

    Sheriff: You cannot find evidence of wrongdoing. Your target seems innocent

    Investigator: Lookout, Forger, Witch, Lawyer

    Consigliere/Witch: Your target examines wills. They must be a Lawyer!

    This is meant to be a Town version of the Forger

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      Sorry for not doing review properly. I linked you a role with similar concept. There are some slight differences, but generally the idea is still there. See how people responded to it. Don't revive it :)

      Errr... why Town Forger? I don't see your point there. Mind explaining?

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    • Didn't know that existed. I posted this because I thought Town should have a new way to gather information, that's really it

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    • XD It's normal not knowing a role idea existed. That's way we don't simply call anyone plagiarize for having similar idea without solid evidence. I mean yours is still a good try though.

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    • I like this idea :D i'd put things like

      [n1]-[n1]of jimmy hos will-He says that billy is sus [n2]-[n1] of Tommys will-He was protecting jimmy he says [n3]-[n2] of Bob ross' will- billy could be vig,vet,mafioso,pirate or ambusher,

      one thing i wanna ask ?, do they get to look at cleaned wills or dead people wills ?. like if a janitor cleans a person but they are still alive does their will not show up for that night ?. 

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    • They only get to look at a cleaned will if the person is alive.  If they are cleaned that night, you can still see the will. This also works for Medusa

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    • This autoconfirms unfortunately

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    • I imagine phoenix wright saying objection while reading this lol

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    • How did you find a thread this old

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    • Sorry, folks.


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