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    Sound breaker ( mafia support )

    You are a skilled man who makes people unable to hear.

    Goal : kill everyone who would oppose the mafia.

    Abilities :

    - visit a player to break their ears.

    Atributes :

    - you can talk with your fellow mafia at night.

    - you can choose a player to break their ears.

    - your target will get a feedback *your ears were hurt. You cant hear.*

    - your target wont be able to see people's chats the next day, but they can still say something and be seen by people. This makes your target only miss information on the day.

    - they can see

    mayor's reveal.

    - they can still vote other player and see who people voted.

    - their ears will recover again at night.

    - if there is no capable of mafia killing role, you will turn to mafioso.

    Investigator results : doctor diguiser serialkiller potion master or sound breaker.

    Sheriff results : your target is suspicious.

    Consigliere results : your target makes people unable to hear. They must be the sound breaker.

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    • This role is reversed blackmailer

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    • uh why is there consig results if its mafia? lol

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