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    Revive - thanks Rasen, how did I not see that :/
    12:09, July 9, 2019

    1) Unique

    2) Only send a transportation message to the first target.

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    • unique, yes, definetely. 

      I also like the one-trans message, yet I do see issues with it, so heres my bulletpoints:

      • This can provide great claim space for the Hypnotist, and make Transporter a harder to believe claim.
      • This can make Transporter a harder to believe claim.
        • This is a good thing, because so many of the TS are easily proven: Ret has to revive once, Mayor has to reveal, Medium not so much, but rets help the medium, Escort has to rb (yet consort is also there), and Transporter just has to keep a good will.
      • However, this can also screw town up more, making is so much more frustrating. Already all visiting townies- especially TI, excluding Spy somewhat-  have important things all messed up. I got lynched one time because a stubborn Trans refused to come out and confirm i got my results as an Investigator changed. Only seeing one message- the first target- would only be even more mean to the town. Which is exactly what Mafia/Coven/Neutrals need.

      Overall, I see these as nerfs to town in a harmless way, so I approve of these quite a bit. You may need to put reasoning in there, like how I did, to confirm. There are a few things I would like clarification on, though:

      • Will the Lookouts be able to see the Transporter visit Target 2?
      • Would it be more important to show Target 1 first, then Target 2? (thats probably a yes)

      there were a few more, but i forget them (rip)

      other than that,


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    • Trans is not Astral, LO will see Trans visit both and Tracker will see two visits.

      Yeah, there'd be some kind of messaging like 

      "You have decided to transport [x] tonight."

      "You have decided to swap [x] with [y] tonight."

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    • ok

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    • Added the topic of this thread so it will appear on the Transporter page.

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    • Honestly I don't know why Transporter isn't unique.

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    • It almost seems like it's setup for there to be a mafia Transporter, and yet..

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    • uh that was a 5 month revive?

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