• Name: Counter Assassin

    Alignment: Town protective

    Attack: Powerful

    Defense: None

    Unique Role: No

    Abilities: At night guard someone and provided them with a basic defence, if they are attacked you will seek out and kill the attacker the following night.

    Attributes: None 

    Mechanics: Choose a target at night to guard giving them basic defence, for example player A. If player A is attacked by player B with a basic attack then A will survive and B will be notified that their target's defence was too strong. A will also be told that they were defended by a Counter Assassin.

    The following night however you will not have the oppotunity to choose another target to defend, instead you will deal a powerful attack to player B. If you are roleblocked on the night you would attack, the target dies beforehand or you fail to kill your target then you will not attempt again and will return to guarding players.

    You will not be made aware of who it is you will attack but on the night of your attack, your target will be notified that a Counter Assassin is coming for them and they can try to make the arangements to survive the night.

    You will be hit by rampage attacks at your target's house and if so you will not be able to counter (unless you were healed by a doctor).

    -Investigative Results-

    Sheriff: Your target is not suspicious 

    Investigator: Lookout, Forger, Witch or Counter Assassin

    Consigliere/Witch: Your target seeks to take out attackers on their client, they must be a Counter Assassin

    Goal: Lynch all criminal and evildoers

    Wins With: Standard for town

    Must Kill: Standard for town


    There are not many oppotunities for TPs but I think this is a good one. While this role obviously has the advantage of not dying when its target is attacked and (unlike the doctor) being able to attack back, it is disadvantaged by being a slower killer and not having a protective vest. Staying in the shadows will be useful so that enemy consorts dont prevent your attacks. It will also add another layer of gameplay since it may be a strategy for evils to request to be jailed if they are worried about CAs in order to avoid being hit - you of course can scum read this and work out that they are the attacker.

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    • This role is a better Bodyguard. It confirms itself to its target when it protects (while surviving) and has an unlimited amount of kills. The only thing that makes this worse than the Bodyguard is that it cannot protect against the Werewolf, Pestilence (Coven only), or a Juggernaut (Coven only). Too powerful.

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    • first of all, you forgot a comma at "If you are roleblocked on the night you would attack, the target dies beforehand or you fail to kill your target then you will not attempt again and will return to guarding players." this makes it seem like if your target is roleblocked then they will either die beforehand or you fail to kill them and you will not attempt again. i think that's an oxford comma, but if it isn't i dont wanna be yelled at . . .

      Ok, so for the actual role:

      This role starts off like bodyguard, protect them and kill them, except you DON'T DIE. the only downsides are that you can't self vest and you kill them the next night. Overpowered.

      Verdict: Needs work. I think all this role really needs is to stop being a TP, turn it into a TK and make it so it doesn't protect, just kill. That, or give it limited uses. Do one of these and i think i might actually really like this role.

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    • How about this.

      It's an assasin. What it does is kill.

      Make it so that you choose to "stake out" someone's place. Whenever an evil finishes killing the victim, you come out and kill them.

      Assasins are known to have low regard for other people's lives, and thus would let them kill the townie before killing the evil itself.

      Overall a good idea though, sorta like a "no u".

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    • What happens with a arsonist

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    • isnt this kind of like crus but less op?

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