• I really do remember being crusader early on and killing everyone who visited my target in a given night. Others have independently reported remembering the same experience, but there are people who claim this was never the way crusader worked. Am I being gaslit or am I actually crazy?

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    • Mandela Effect

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    • Nay. If it did, we would have had (more) threads on the official forums complaining about the role. If the Crusader could do that, then the role would be made unique. However, it was never unique. Looking through old bug reports, there weren't valid reports of a Crusader killing multiple people.

      With that said, when the expansion was only available in the Public Test Realm, there was a bug where a Crusader wouldn't be notified if their target was attacked. This may have caused confusion like "Oh, is there another Crusader?" and/or "I must have killed multiple people!"

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