• Name:  Surgeon

    AlignmentTown Support

    Introduction: You are an outcast that secretely brings back dead bodies to life

    Attack: None

    Defense: None

    Unique Role: Yes

    Priority: 2 (Night Ability)


    • During the Day, you may target up to two players, if they have died the night you have targetted them you will begin to work on their body
    • During the Night, you wiil work on their body if you have successfully guessed who died, 

    Mechanics pt 1.: (How the Ability Works)

    • If the "guessed" target was killed you will work on their body
    • You will need two nights  to be able to revive the body, if you were visited by a Non-Town Aligned Role while working on a body you will not progress your ability (Astral visits do not count)
    • After successfully reviving someone you gain a token, you will be able to now work on a body without the need of guessing who dies however you consume the token


    • There is no limit on how many players you can revive
    • You cannot work on a "Lynched" body
    • You can have a max of 2 tokens at any time


    • The dead player will not know if you were working on their body, and you will know if someone evil visits you while working on the body
    • You can work on 2 bodies at maximum at any time
    • Once a player has been revived, everyone recieves a message saying that they were brought back, and the first attack that they will recieve after returning back is converted into Powerful if the attack was Basic, and Unstoppable on the second attack

    Mechanics pt 2.:


    -Investigative Results-

    Sheriff: Your target is Suspicious.

    Investigator: Medium/Surgeon/Janitor/Necromancer/Trapper or Medium/Retributionist/Janitor/Necromancer/Trapper/Surgeon

    Consigliere/Witch: Your target is an outcast to society with a dark background.They must be the Surgeon!

    Goal: Same as Town

    Wins With: Same as Town

    Must Kill: Same as Town


    • Player X was brought back to life by a Surgeon!
    • You need to work on Player X and/or Player Y (Z amount of times) before bringing back
    • You were visited by someone malicious so you had to cease your progress!
    • Your body became too weak, you have died! (After bringing back and being attacked)

    Small Lore: (WIP)

    Discussion: (WIP)

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