• Role: Briber

    Alignment: Mafia (Support)

    Description: You like to exploit the attractiveness of money and use it to get your way.

    Attack: None

    Defense: None

    Goal: Kill anyone who will not submit to the mafia

    Abilities: At night, choose one target to bribe


    - When you bribe someone, they will accept your money, and lose their vote the next day. - The target will not know you bribed them

    - When they attempt to vote, the trial will state that they voted against someone, however, it won't register it as a true vote. This is to prevent easily finding this role. However if let's say there needs to be 8 votes, and the trial system says 8 people voted on this person, the registered won't count and people will start to realize there's a briber.

    - You cannot bribe a revealed mayor

    - Bribing a Pirate will instead give them a free plunder where they deal a Powerful attack to you. (To prevent random bribing, although this role is rare)

    - You cannot bribe the same person twice

    - If a Bodyguard is protecting a player that you bribe, your bribery will fail.


    - This is useful for late game where if you have 4 mafia members vs 5 townies, you can bribe one person so that town wouldn't have enough votes to vote any confirmed mafia members. 

    - You can work with the pirate promising that you'll give a free blunder (although most people can just say what defense they will choose)

    - Bribing can also help when it comes to split votes, if a bribed person votes your mafia member, it may not register


    When choosing: You have decided to bribe [player] tonight!


    - Your bribe was successful and [player] has given up their vote.

    - You target was not interested in your bribery (mayor, pirate, or target protected by bg)

    - (Pirate's death message when they kill you)

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