• Name: Grave keeper

    Alignment: Mafia Deception

    Abilities: everynight you may choose someone and change how it apears they die and you may choose to change what role a person apears as when they die(maybe limited to 3 uses?)

    Attributes: normal maf stuff

    Investigator: Medium, JanitorRetributionist, Necromancer, Trapper, or a Grave keeper

    Sheriff: Suspicous(yeah theres more but who cares?)

    Exact: Your target malforms dead bodies and their injuries, they must be a gravekeeper!

    Mechanics:  let's say some time around n3 or 4 mafia decides to attack someone random and yesterday he claimed to be Crusader on Jailor or something, The Grave keeper changes how the dead person looks and pears to die from Mafioso to Crusader. suddenly his claim is more believeable or if not they throw shade at several certain claims strengthening mafia, and if a Forger is there it becomes a powercouple

    Reason: to make bad roles less bad, and anouncer is generally considered bad. I hope this makes it less so.


    the normal 1 5 10 and 25 ones

    Dead right mate: make someone apear as their own role and be killed by the right thing(Except mafia)

    Makes no sense:  Make a revealed Mayor apear as anything else

    Even in death you can be useful: Make a dead mafia role apear as their town counterpart, and have an actual town of that role be lynched.

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    • One reason for me why Announcer is generally considered bad is that well it's a bit too situational, The only kill you can control is the Mafia Kill while others are based on RNG by scumreading, and even if you do hide the Non-Mafia kills it's generally called out like let's say Player X claims to be poisoned with a confirmed Poisoner presence, they die the next day and appears to be killed by Vigilante, why?, Player X is acting suspicious, they originally got shot by a Vigilante but you replaced it with Mafioso, Vigilante claims and says that the guy was "Grave Keeped", yes you could claim that as Mafia but having no second mafia kill just makes it suspicious

      Role Name Changing- I will be a bit hesitant here and say it might be too OP unless it's just limited to 1 role name,  reason why is that well you can instantly discredit a lot of TI's and players  Sheriff saying your mafia is suspicious? changed to Jester when dead, Doctor looking confirmed? changed to any Non-Town aligned role when dead, until.. Spy and Medium roll then it's just gg.    We also have a more balanced role already in the game which is Janitor, they have the same goal which is providing more claimspace only reason why it's a bit more on the balanced is well there's no lasting deception, what i mean is that there is no discrediting TI's and players once a person has been cleaned, their role and last will is gone which opens up claimspace for a few nights as it will make someone CC your claim less likely until someone catches on

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    • I don't know if there are similar role ideas here, but I remember watching a YouTube video of a YouTube who shared his mafia role ideas, and he named his the Goon, which does the same thing, but only changes the reason of death, not the role.

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    • yeah this is a decently common role idea but i changed it up so it doesn't suck, because with the base ability it kinda does.

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