• Name: Taxidermist

    Alignment: Mafia Deception

    Summary: You are skilled at making dead things appear alive.

    Unique: Yes

    Attack: None

    Defense: None

    Abilities: At night, you can choose a target to stuff. If your target dies, they will apear alive for one more day, then collaspe the next day. You can only stuff a target three times.


    - You can talk in Mafia chat.

    Mechanics: The "Stuffed" target will show up as alive, but will not be able to vote, talk, or anything like that because they will be dead, just appearing to be alive. The Day after appearing alive, they will rot away. It functions similar to janitor, but keeps the will and role intact. Also, if the stuffed target is lynched and was a jester, they will not get a haunt. Likewise, if the Executioner's target was stuffed and hanged, they would still become jester the night the target was killed and stuffed, not winning. The Guardian Angel would also become Survivor.

    -Investigative Results-

    Investigator: Lookout,Forger,Witch/Coven Leader, Taxidermist

    Sheriff: Your target is suspicious!

    Consigliere/Coven Leader/Potion Master: Your target is a master of stuffing animals of any kind, including humans. They must be a Taxidermist!


    You have decided to stuff [Name].

    [Name] has decided to stuff [Name].

    Their corpse rotted away.

    Ok please review, I have no idea if this was conceived or not, but I think it fits into Mafia Deception because of the fact that if you think somebody dead is alive, that's deception. I also would like reviews to balance it out, since I made it unique because two taxidermists would be very dangerous. I can't tell if it is still overpowered but you guys decide.

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    • I've seen some similar versions this one is the most simpliest so far I think, the one I remember is that it's permanent and even prevents them from talking with the medium,dead players and isn't allowed to be revived., everyone also recieves a notification saying if the guy being pushed up was a "Stuffed" guy

      I think the concept itself it's neat you could make a dead body waste a Lynch and could fake as being "Stuffed" until well.. SPY

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    • Red Spy is in the base!

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    • Did any of you kill a spy on your way in? no. then we have a problem.

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    • And a knife.

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    • Ooh big problem. I've killed plenty of Spies, they're dime-a-dozen back-stabbing scumbags like you! *stabs self with butterfly knife* no offense

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    • If you managed to kill them, I assure you they were not like me. And nothing - nothing! - like the man loose inside this building!

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    • What're you? president of his fanclub?


      that would be your mother.

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    • What the--?

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    • Indeed, and now he's here to F*** us, so listen up boy. Or else pornography staring you mother will be the second wort thing that happens to you today.

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    • Oh!

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    • Gimme that!

      This spy has already breached our defences.

      sentry down! AHHH.

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    • You see what he's done to our colleagues.

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    • and worst of all he could be any one of us...

      Raus raus!

      gasp; NIEN!

      he could be in this very room. he could be you. he could be me, he could even be!....

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    • Whoa, whoa, whoa!

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    • WHAT!? it was obvious,he's the red spy, watch. he'll turn red any second now.

      any....second now, SEE!? red, no wait that's blood.

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    • So, we still have a problem

      big problem, alright who's ready to go find this spy

      Right behind you

      ahh augh AHHH OHHHHH

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    • Love the Tf2 joking :) About the Taxi itself though, this is actually a pretty interesting role writh the unique objective to inhibit as many days of lynching as possible.

      In my opinon though, its underpowered as is. Early in the game, quiet people are unlikely to be lynched (especially if they dont get targeted by TIs, which is more likely because they're town). Late in the game, it may be more apparent there's a Taxidermist and quiet people may be more likely of being correctly read as stuffed. Even if you "faked" being stuffed, you're probably going to be lynched the next day for not rotting away.

      Which is why my suggestion is to allow the Taxidermist to "impersonate" the dead person, by giving the Taxidermist a special chat feature to talk (and maybe even vote) for the stuffed target. Thus, the stuffed target could try to get themselves lynched, making the role a lot more active/interesting and making it like some sort of mafia jester. Talkative people are often easier to lynch. Its a bit more challenging than just being a jester, though, as you have to get lynched the day of; which means that mafia target selection also gets influenced by the 

      You don't have to play it as a jester either. If you kill a confirmed TI such as sheriff and then stuff them, you can get a townie lynched before the corpse rots away, and there will be no indication of whodunit. But in a game where there is a known Taxi, the town could be susp of even confirmed townies sharing investigative results and ask them to wait a day to see if they rot to then follow their lead.

      And if the Taxi's victim can also vote, Taxi is a player that could give mafia an earlier majority.

      This addition would make the Taxi a lot more deceptive and interesting to play, and not as just a 3-use blackmailer who can't see whispers and can only target dead people.

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